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As the coronavirus continues to spread, consumers are seeking legal help in its wake. Here is our germ-free guide to the coronavirus outbreak that will be updated continually with the latest in legal news.


COVID-19 Price Gouging

COVID-19 Price Gouging Alleged in eBay Class Action

A class action lawsuit claims eBay is allowing sellers to charge huge markups on products such as face masks during the global pandemic.

“Not only is such gross misconduct unfair and inhumane, it is a criminal offense,” the eBay class action lawsuit states.

According to the plaintiffs, a three-pack of N95 face masks went for close to $600, while one can of Lysol sold for $45.

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Amazon Class Action Alleges Massive Price Increases

An Amazon class action lawsuit claims that prices for household goods have doubled, while other items have increased by more than 1,000 percent.

Pricing for protective equipment, hand sanitizer, cold medicines, disinfectant, pain reliever and even personal care products all have raised in light of the global pandemic, the Amazon class action states.

The plaintiffs say overcharging consumers is not only illegal but it is “contrary to basic human decency.”

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Walmart, Costco Class Action Says Egg Prices Tripled During COVID-19

A class action lawsuit claims Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and other grocers have tripled the price of eggs since the coronavirus outbreak.

egg recall affecting major retailersThe plaintiffs say California law strictly prohibits price gouging when there’s a state of emergency.

“Because the price of eggs have risen more than 180% during the COVID-19 emergency, it is clear that some or all of the defendants have raised their prices to an extent that violates the law,” the egg pricing class action lawsuit asserts.

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Coronavirus Mask Lawsuit Filed Over Price Gouging

A recent lawsuit claims that an eBay user has been selling N95 coronavirus masks for $36 each, when they typically retail for $2.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost alleges that eBay user Donkey476 is essentially charging 1,700 percent more for the coronavirus masks that what is typically paid.

The coronavirus lawsuit states that price gouging during a pandemic threatens public health and violates Ohio state laws.

The AG wants the court to force Donkey476 to relinquish the coronavirus masks and give the PPE to medical workers.

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Amazon Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Coronavirus Price Gouging

A class action lawsuit filed shortly after the coronavirus outbreak accuses Amazon of charging “grossly unconscionable” prices for toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

amazon deliveryPlaintiff Stephanie Armas says Amazon charged her $199 for a two-pack of 1 liter hand sanitizer bottles and $99 for a 36-pack of toilet paper. The Amazon class action claims that charging excessive prices is essentially price gouging as the online retail giant is taking advantage of the public’s fear of the epidemic.

According to the Amazon class action, charging exorbitant prices is not only unfair, it’s illegal when there’s been a state of emergency declaration.

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Alaska Sues Man for Profiting from COVID-19

An Alaska resident is facing a lawsuit after stockpiling thousands of N95 face masks and then selling them for a huge profit to consumers fearful of contracting COVID-19.

The state says Juan Lyle Aune, who has a business called Spazzylab, bought every N95 mask he could find at Home Depot, Spenard Builders Supply and Lowe’s.

At first, the lawsuit claims Aune was selling 20-packs that he purchased for $22 for $60, but by the end of February the price rose to $90.

The coronavirus lawsuit says Aune’s behavior “violates fundamental concepts of fairness.” The state is seeking fines of between $1,000 and $25,000 for each violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act.

In addition, the state wants Aune to return his “unconscionable” profit back to consumers.

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Coronavirus Cures and Preventions

Utah Doctor Faces Fake COVID-19 Cure Lawsuit

A Utah doctor selling a false coronavirus cure is facing litigation from the Department of Justice who state that there is “no recognized cure” for COVID-19.

The fake coronavirus cures sold on are reportedly “silver” products that include “secret” ingredients.

The most popular product is the Silver Solution which is sold for $299.95 and reportedly includes extract from silver wire, water and baking soda.

“All of the Defendants either know or consciously avoid knowing that their promotional statements give consumers the false and fraudulent impression that My Doctor Suggests LLC silver products can be used to prevent or treat COVID-19,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

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Texas Chiropractor Faces Lawsuit After Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

A Texas chiropractor is under federal scrutiny after selling fake coronavirus cures online.

In a recent COVID-19 lawsuit, Dr. Ray L. Nannis is being accused of taking advantage of public fear by offering a homeopathic coronavirus cure for hundreds of dollars.

In online advertisements, Nannis reportedly informs consumers that this is “the best protection” against the virus and in the remote chance that the user contracts COVID-19 their care would be “very very very minimal.”

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Calif. Doctor Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure Kits, Lawsuit Claims

A recently filed lawsuit claims a California doctor is selling fraudulent coronavirus treatment kits for $4,000.

The complaint notes that an undercover FBI agent was able to obtain one of the COVID-19 treatment kits after speaking directly with Dr. Jennings Ryan Staley.

coronavirus tube testing positive after Princess cruise line infectionThe doctor reportedly explained that the kits include hydroxychloroquine (an anti-malaria drug) and azithromycin (antibiotic).

In addition, the doctor allegedly offered the undercover agent other medications. The agent received a package a few days later that included hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, chloroquine, Xanax and Viagra.

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Texas Chiropractor Faces Lawsuit After Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

A Texas chiropractor has been selling homeopathic coronavirus cures despite the government’s insistence that no vaccine or COVID-19 cure exists.

According to a recent lawsuit, Dr. Ray Nannis is charging $95 per dose for a product that is marketed as being about to treat and/or prevent the coronavirus.

The United States government says Nannis is taking advantage of the public who are desperate for a coronavirus cure.

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LA City Attorney Orders COVID-19 At-Home Test Maker To Quit Sales

The Los Angeles City Attorney has halted the sale of at-home COVID-19 test kits being offered online for $39, after reaching a settlement with its retailer.

A lawsuit accused Yikon Genomics of selling the coronavirus test kits despite not having approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The COVID-19 test kits reportedly used a finger stick procedure to find out if the virus could be found in the bloodstream.

According to the City Attorney, the defendant should face $2,500 for every violation of the Business and Professions Code of California.

“Whenever consumers are motivated in part by fears, they are particularly vulnerable to fraudsters, scammers, and ‘snake oil’ hucksters and charlatans who prey on those fears to persuade the consumers to seek ‘cures’, treatments,’ and other protections, such as tests,” the coronavirus test kit class action states.

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Alex Jones Ordered to Stop Selling Coronavirus Cures

The owner of the website InfoWars has been ordered to stop selling a fake coronavirus cure by the New York Attorney General.

Alex Jones reportedly sold supplements such as Superblue toothpaste and Silver Sol on his InfoWars website with marketing claims that the products could “kill the whole SARS-corona family at point-blank range.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James says statements that there’s a coronavirus cure amounts to profiting off of public fears. “As the coronavirus continues to pose serious risks to public health, Alex Jones has spewed outright lies and has profited off of New Yorkers’ anxieties,” James said in the statement.

The silver generator products reportedly sold out quickly at prices upward of $250. According to James, this shows that consumers fell for the false advertising of a coronavirus cure.

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Inovio Sued Over False Coronavirus Vaccine Claims

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is facing a class action lawsuit over claims that the company tricked investors and the public about the creation of a coronavirus vaccine.

Inovio’s stocks rose considerably after the CEO of Inovio went on Fox News and informed nationwide viewers of the coronavirus vaccine.

In addition, the CEO met with President Trump a few weeks later, sticking to the story that Inovio was “able to fully construct our vaccine within three hours […] Our plan is to start [U.S. based COVID-19 trials] in April of this year.”

After this development, Inovio’s stock quadrupled and the company decided to sell $50 million of its stock on the open market beginning on March 9.

Citron Research stepped in and asked the SEC to investigate the claims made by Inovio regarding a coronavirus vaccine.

After that, the company was forced to admit that they didn’t have a coronavirus vaccine but only a “viable approach to address the COVID-19 outbreak.”

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Target Class Action Says Hand Sanitizer May Not Kill COVID-19

A class action lawsuit claims that Target is misrepresenting its store brand hand sanitizer as being able to kill “99.9% germs” and prevent viruses such as the coronavirus.

Woman applying hand sanitizerAccording to the plaintiff, there isn’t scientific evidence to support advertising claims that Target’s hand sanitizer has the ability to prevent viruses.

The Target class action states that the retail giant is aware of the public’s fear of viruses and therefore Target’s “implied misrepresentations that it prevents such diseases and illnesses, drives sales and, as a result, earns profits for the company.”

The plaintiff points to a recent action by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration who sent a warning letter to Purell (competitor of Target’s store brand sanitizer) which stated that there is no evidence that proves “killing or decreasing the number of bacteria or viruses on the skin by a certain magnitude produces a corresponding clinical reduction in infection or disease caused by such bacteria or virus.”

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Televangelist Jim Bakker Faces Lawsuit After Selling Fake ‘Coronavirus Cure’

Televangelist Jim Bakker faces a lawsuit filed by the state of Missouri over claims that he is selling a coronavirus cure on the Jim Bakker Show and on the Jim Bakker Show website.

The so-called coronavirus cure is reportedly sold as Silver Solution, Silver Sol and Optivida Silver Solution. For a $80 to $125 donation, Jim Bakker Show viewers can receive the fake coronavirus cure that is marketed as having the ability to “disrupt foreign elements without disturbing the body’s natural environment.”

According to the coronavirus cure lawsuit, Bakker’s actions violate the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and unfairly targets the elderly.

In addition to the coronavirus lawsuit, Bakker has been sent a cease and desist order from the New York Attorney General’s office and a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA warning letter states that “there are currently no vaccines, potions, lotions, lozenges or other prescription or over-the-counter products available to treat or cure coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).”

Since receiving the warning letter, the coronavirus cure products have been removed from the Jim Bakker Show website.

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Germ-X Class Action Says Sanitizer May Not Prevent Coronavirus

With the spread of the epidemic, consumers are not only hoping for a coronavirus cure, they are also stocking up on basic goods such as cleaning wipes, face masks and hand sanitizer.

A recently filed class action lawsuit claims the maker of Germ-X is falsely marketing its hand sanitizer as being able to reduce the likelihood of being infected with not only the flu but other viruses including the coronavirus.

Plaintiffs Geraldine David, Susan Lara and Theresa Haas say there is no proof that a topical alcohol-based hand sanitizer has the ability to prevent diseases such as the coronavirus.

According to the Germ-X class action, the maker of the product is profiting off of deceptive marketing by taking advantage of the public’s fear of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Fake Coronavirus Cure Website Shut Down by DOJ

The Department of Justice has taken immediate action against an online company offering a fraudulent coronavirus cure.

According to the Justice Department, the website was offering consumers a vaccine kit if they paid a $4.99 shipping fee.

The federal agency says they are very concerned about coronavirus scams and are taking swift action against companies offering any fake cures.

The DOJ has reaffirmed that at this point there is no cure or vaccine for COVID-19 so they are warning the public to beware of fake coronavirus cures.

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Coronavirus Failure to Refund

Ironman Race Class Action Alleges Denied COVID-19 Refunds

Ironman and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon event organizers face a class action lawsuit over claims that would-be participants are owed refunds after the race was canceled.

The plaintiffs claim they spent between $30 to $1,000 for the weekend event, in addition to travel and hotel costs.

“Defendants’ refusal to offer refunds to Plaintiff and members of the class is simply a maneuver by Defendants to maintain revenue and profit, regardless of whether paying customers can actually attend, and participate in, rescheduled or postponed events,” the Ironman race class action lawsuit claims.

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Weight Watchers Class Action Says Members Owed For Workshop Fees

A Weight Watchers customer says she’s owed a membership refund after in-person meetings were canceled due to the coronavirus.

The plaintiff claims she paid for a six-month membership for meetings and workshops before the pandemic caused the weight loss program to shut down.

Due to services being solely provided for online, the WW customer is seeking refunds on behalf of herself and similar Class Members.

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SeaWorld Class Action Says Annual Pass Holders Charged Despite COVID-19

SeaWorld annual pass holders are still being charged monthly membership fees despite the closures of all of its amusement parks, according to a class action lawsuit.

“The sole reason Defendant’s customers pay monthly membership fees is to have access to Defendant’s amusement parks and water parks,” the SeaWorld class action lawsuit states.

Pass holders say they shouldn’t have to keep paying fees when the facilities are not open to the public.

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British Airways Class Action Says Airline Denied COVID-19 Refunds

A British Airways customer claims he is owed money for a flight that was canceled by the airline during the spread of the coronavirus.

British Airways canceled flightsThe would-be passenger says instead of a monetary refund for his $700 ticket, the airline offered him a voucher toward a future flight.

The British Airways class action lawsuit seeks to represent “All persons or entities in the United States who purchased at least one ticket for a British Airways flight that was canceled between Jan. 1, 2020, and the present and who did not receive a refund.”

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24 Hour Fitness Class Action Says Members Steamed Over ‘Improper’ Fees

A 24 Hour Fitness class action lawsuit claims the gym is continuing to charge members monthly fees even though the facilities have been closed since March 16.

The plaintiff did point out that she received a random $20 credit from 24 Hour Fitness, but since she pays $42 per month, this isn’t enough.

“By crediting back less than, or none of, the full amount that Defendant took from Plaintiff and the Class, Defendant was able to keep for itself tens of millions of dollars,” the 24 Hour Fitness class action lawsuit states.

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Cathay Pacific Class Action Says Airline Denied COVID-19 Refunds

A class action lawsuit argues that Cathay Pacific owes airline passengers a refund for all canceled flights.

The plaintiffs claim that instead of a monetary refund, they were offered a voucher with an expiration date of within one year of the original purchase date.

“The future flight credits provide Defendant additional opportunities to charge service, processing, baggage, and other fees that will ensure Defendant additional future profits—while retaining Plaintiffs’ cash in the interim—substantially diminishing any value for Plaintiffs and the putative class,” the Cathay Pacific class action lawsuit states.

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Planet Fitness Class Action Says Members Charged Regardless of COVID-19

A Planet Fitness member has filed a class action lawsuit against the gym over claims that it is still charging monthly fees despite being closed due to the coronavirus.

The plaintiff says he’s reached out to company to get a refund but the phone number provided by Planet Fitness merely states that the gym is closed.

“In connection with the sale of their fitness center memberships, Defendants issue an express warranty that Plaintiff and Class Members would have unlimited access to all fitness center locations,” the Planet Fitness class action lawsuit alleges.

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Allegiant Air Class Action Seeks Refunds, Not Vouchers

An Allegiant passenger says she’s owed a cash refund for her canceled flight despite the airline’s refusal to reimburse its customers.

The Allegiant class action lawsuit cites the airline’s policy that “If a passenger’s scheduled transportation is canceled, or terminated before the passenger has reached his or her final destination as a result of a flight cancellation or omission of a scheduled stop, Carrier will, at the passenger’s option … refund the fare for the unused transportation.”

The plaintiff claims would-be travelers are owed their money back and not a voucher to be used at a future date.

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SeatGeek Class Action Seeks COVID-19 Ticket Refunds

A SeatGeek class action lawsuit claims that the ticket reseller is refusing to refund consumers for canceled events despite its own policy.

“The long-standing SeatGeek Buyer Guarantee promised that if a SeatGeek buyer purchased tickets to any event through SeatGeek, and the event was canceled and not rescheduled, the user would receive a full, money-back refund for their purchase,” the SeatGeek class action lawsuit states.

The ticket holders say a credit for future use less desirable than a cash refund especially during the global pandemic.

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SXSW Class Action Says Fans Owed Refunds

Two would-be SXSW festival attendees have filed a class action lawsuit over claims that event operators denied ticket refunds despite canceling in the midst of the global pandemic.

The plaintiffs say they each spent more than $1,000 to attend the SXSW festival, which is money they could really use during this uncertain time.

However, the class action lawsuit alleges that event organizers are denying all cash refunds and offering ticket holders the option of credits toward a future festival.

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Air Canada Class Action Seeks Flight Refunds

An Air Canada class action lawsuit claims the airline is refusing to offer customers refunds for canceled flights during the coronavirus outbreak.

Air Canada passengers say they are merely offered vouchers for a future flight in breach of the airline’s cancelation policies.

The Air Canada class action lawsuit cites the airline’s policy that provides refunds “due to reasons within Air Canada’s control or required for safety purposes” and if the “passenger experiences a delay of three hours or more, a detail or boarding or cancellation, and refuses alternate travel arrangement.”

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TurnKey Class Action Says Client Deposits Being Kept Despite COVID-19 Closures

TurnKey customers say they are owed refunds for deposits made on rental properties now unavailable due to coronavirus shutdowns.

A TurnKey class action lawsuit claims the vacation rental property management company retroactively changed its refund policy in the wake of the global pandemic.

The previous TurnKey refund policy reportedly provided renters with refunds if the vacation property became unavailable.

However, in March as stay-at-home orders took effect across the nation, TurnKey allegedly sent customers an email that it would no longer be offering refunds, but guests could use their deposits toward a future rental.

Learn more about the TurnKey class action lawsuit here. 

Frontier Airlines Class Action Seeks Ticket Refunds

After requesting a refund for a Frontier Airlines canceled flight, a would-be passenger says she was denied this request and merely offered a voucher.

The coronavirus class action lawsuit claims Frontier canceled numerous flights due to the coronavirus outbreak but is refusing to offer refunds.

“The obligation of airlines to provide refunds, including the ticket price and any optional fee charged for services a passenger is unable to use, does not cease when the flight disruptions are outside of the carrier’s control,” the Frontier Airlines class action lawsuit states.

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ClubCorp Class Action Says Golf Membership Fees Should Be Cancelled

The operator of 200 golf club facilities continues to charge its members despite being closed during the spread of the coronavirus.

ClubCorp reportedly requires membership fees of between $120 to $800 per month. However, ClubCorp members say its “unconscionable” to charge members when the pandemic has forced all of its locations to close.

“Defendant is able to unilaterally charge its customers monthly fees without their consent, as it is in possession of its members’ debit and credit card information. Thus, Defendant has made the deliberate decision to bilk its customers out of a monthly membership fee while its members do not have access to Defendant’s private clubs,” the ClubCorp class action lawsuit states.

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American Airlines Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Refunds

American Airlines is being accused of refusing to issue refunds to passengers whose flights were canceled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

An American Airlines customer says he is owed a full monetary refund under the airline’s policy because it was the company that canceled the flight.

The American Airlines class action states that travel vouchers aren’t a proper reimbursement for ticket holders.

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Vivid Seats Class Action Alleges ‘Shameful Response’ To COVID-19

Vivid Seats has retroactively changed its “100% Buyer Guarantee” policy due to the spread of the coronavirus, according to a class action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs say that at first Vivid Seats announced that ticket holders could receive either a refund or a credit if their event was canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, “[q]uietly, and without delivering any corresponding communication to all customers, Vivid Seats reversed course from its prior assurances and suddenly discontinued its longstanding 100% Buyer Guarantee,” the COVID-19 class action lawsuit states.

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Hawaiian Airlines Class Action Says Tickets Should Be Refunded

A Hawaiian Airlines class action lawsuit claims that the coronavirus outbreak forced the airline to cancel flights but then it refused to refund passengers.

The plaintiff says that if she knew Hawaiian Air could cancel flights and not offer refunds, she would never have booked tickets to Maui.

“The obligation of airlines to provide refunds, including the ticket price and any optional fee charged for services a passenger is unable to use, does not cease when the flight disruptions are outside of the carrier’s control (e.g., a result of government restrictions),” the Hawaiian Airlines lawsuit claims.

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Spirit Airlines Class Action Claims Ticket Holders Were Refused Refunds

A class action lawsuit alleges that Spirit Airlines canceled flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic and then refused to refund passengers.

According to the Spirit Airlines class action lawsuit, passengers were denied refunds for their canceled flights and received a voucher instead.

The lawsuit claims that Spirit’s policy is supposed to offer refunds to those whose flights are canceled by the airline.

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MLB Class Action Claims Fans Need COVID-19 Refunds

Baseball fans say they are owed refunds after Major League Baseball canceled its 2020 season due to the coronavirus.

One MLB fan claims to have spent $1,730 for 20 games but since the league has merely “postponed” the games, it is refusing to refund ticket holders.

The MLB class action lawsuit alleges that all fans are owed ticket refunds.

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Ticketmaster Class Action Says Refunds Unfairly Withheld

Ticketmaster is being accused of retroactively altering its refund policy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

A class action lawsuit claims the ticketing company’s prior refund policy stated that it would issue refunds when events were “postponed, rescheduled or cancelled.”

However, after the COVID-19 outbreak, Ticketmaster states that it will only issue monetary refunds for events that are canceled not “indefinitely postponed.”

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Lightning In a Bottle Class Action Says Concertgoers Denied Refunds

Lightning In a Bottle ticket holders want a refund after the music festival canceled its yearly event due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The class action lawsuit states that Lightning In a Bottle’s “no refunds will be granted for any reason” policy is greedy in light of the sweeping global pandemic.

The plaintiffs argue that Lightning In a Bottle’s host Do Lab Inc. is unfairly and illegally denying coronavirus refunds of the 25,000 would-be guests.

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Delta Class Action Claims Passengers Deserve Coronavirus Refunds

Delta passengers say they are owed monetary refunds for canceled flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Delta class action lawsuit, ticket holders claim that the airline unfairly denies requests for refunds and merely offers travel vouchers for canceled flights.

According to the plaintiffs, “Travel vouchers provide little security in this public crisis, particularly where many individual Americans need money now to pay for basics like food and rent, not restrictive, temporary credits towards future travel.”

Learn more about the Delta class action lawsuit here.

Vail Resorts Class Action Says Skiers Owed Refund After COVID-19 Shutdown

A Vail Resorts annual pass holder says he’s owed a refund after the indefinite closure of its ski resorts on March 25, 2020.

The plaintiff reportedly bought a Vail Resorts ski pass for $499 that was valid until June 2020. He claims that by not giving skiers a refund, Vail Resorts is unjustly enriching itself.

“Defendant has not refunded any consumers for their lost mountain resort access,” states the Vail class action lawsuit. “Rather, for annual pass-holders, Defendant has simply deferred all auto-renewal charges and spring deadlines (for those people that did not pre-pay for the entire season).”

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Southwest Airlines Class Action Lawsuit Says Passengers Owed Refunds

A Southwest Airlines class action lawsuit claims customers are owed a refund for flights that were cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The plaintiff says his flight to Cuba was cancelled by Southwest but he was only offered the option of rebooking or receiving travel credits that expire June 30, 2021.

According to the Southwest class action, passengers should be offered a full refund for cancelled flights as stated in the airline’s contract.

Learn more about the Southwest Airlines class action here. 

Six Flags Class Action Claims Fees Charged During COVID-19 Closure

A class action lawsuit claims that Six Flags has been closed since March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic, yet it continues to charge season pass holders.

The plaintiff doesn’t object to the park closures but believes the company should stop charging its customers until locations reopen.

“Plaintiff would not have paid for the membership, or would not have paid for it on the same terms, had he known that he would not have access to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a period of months,” the Six Flags class action lawsuit states.

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Volaris Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Denied COVID-19 Refunds

Low-fare Mexican airline Volaris faces a class action lawsuit over claims that passengers were not refunded when flights were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One traveler states that in addition to not receiving a refund, Volaris passengers were informed that they would have to pay a fee to rebook their cancelled flights.

The plaintiff claims that she was eventually offered a voucher credit to be used between April 6 and July 5, 2020, but if it’s not used between those dates, the credit will expire.

Find out more about the airline failure to refund lawsuit here. 

United Airlines Class Action Alleges Unfair Flight Cancelations

A few Ohio residents want United to give them a full refund after canceling their trip to Paris due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The United Airlines class action claims that the U.S. Department of Transportation asked airlines in April to start providing refunds if the flights were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the plaintiffs say United has only offered travel credits that are good for one year.

Read more about the United class action by clicking here.

Boston Sports Club Class Action Says Members Charged Despite COVID-19 Closures

Boston Sports Club is charging gym members monthly fees despite shutting their facilities in March, according to a class action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs claim this behavior is a violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute and also “constitutes a rather sinister breach of contract in light of the financial strain felt by many of its members during this challenging and unprecedented time in our history as a country.”

The class action seeks to represent all Boston Sports Club members who were charged fees after the gyms closed.

Find out more about this lawsuit here. 

Events and Adventures Class Action Seeks Membership Refunds

A class action lawsuit claims a popular singles club is still charging members monthly fees despite canceling in-person activities due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Events and Adventures California and Adventures Northwest’s customers pay $170 per month to attend group outings and meet other singles in their area, according to the plaintiff.

Now, with all the planned events canceled, members say they are owed a refund.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

United Airlines Class Action Alleges Coronavirus Refund Refusal

A United Airlines class action claims that travelers should get an actual monetary refund for canceled flights due to the coronavirus instead of a mere ticket voucher.

The plaintiff says his flight was canceled by the airline and then when he requested a refund for the purchased tickets, United let him know in writing that his only option was to rebook within one year.

“Travel vouchers provide little security in this public crisis, particularly where many individual Americans need money now to pay for basics like food and rent, not restrictive, temporary credits towards future travel,” the United Air class action states.

Learn more about the United Airlines class action here. 

24 Hour Fitness Class Action Says Members Charged Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

24 Hour Fitness has closed all of its 430 gyms nationwide but continues to charge its members monthly fees, according to a recently filed class action.

The 24 Hour Fitness class action claims that if the company continues to unfairly charge members while it remains closed, it will retain $120 million per month.

New York Sports Club is renowned for its high quality service but may be taking advantage of consumers during the coronavirus outbreak.The plaintiff says the only reason why customers pay for the monthly gym fee is so they have 24 hour access to its equipment and facilities.

The 24 Hour Fitness class action seeks to represent all gym members nationwide who have been charged monthly fees since the company closed its doors.

Find out more about the gym class action here. 

StubHub Class Action Alleges Unlawful COVID-19 Refund Policy

StubHub is unfairly withholding customer refunds for upcoming events that are now canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ticket holders claim that at first, StubHub sent out an email letting customers know that they could get either a refund or a voucher worth 120 percent of their ticket price.

However, days later the company reportedly changed its position and informed ticket holders that they would only be getting credits toward future purchases if the event was canceled.

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New York Sports Club Class Action Says Gym Still Charging Members Despite COVID Closure

New York Sports Club locations have been closed since March 16, but gym members are still being charged upwards of $120 a month, according to a coronavirus class action lawsuit.

The class action states that charging consumers for something they don’t have access to is the “height of corporate greed, lack of empathy and putting profits before people.”

According to a New York Sports Club member, requests to cancel gym memberships are not being honored at this time.

Find out more about the gym closure class action here. 

Comic Con Says Fans Are Owed Coronavirus Refunds

After being forced to cancel Boston’s Comic Con this month due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizer set out to refund all the fans. However, according to a recent lawsuit, this refund effort was thwarted by ticket company GrowTix who reportedly stole the money that was meant to pay back fans.

Outside view of Comic Con in UtahACE Universe Inc. says that in addition to not providing refunds, GrowTix tried to withdraw $2.3 million out of ACE’s bank account. ACE speculates that GrowTix is experiencing “financial peril” and that’s why they are refusing the refunds and holding onto money meant for consumers.

However, “the continued failure to process the refunds expeditiously has and will result in substantial damage to ACE, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in chargeback fees and other related transactional fees avoidable if the Refund Agreement had been followed,” the Comic Con lawsuit states.

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Education First Class Action Says Tour Company Canceled Trips Over COVID, Refuses Refunds

A class action lawsuit claims that Education First canceled student tour trips due to the coronavirus outbreak, but then denied refunds to those who paid in advance.

According to plaintiff Natalia Grabovsky, Education First has an unfair “No Public Health Emergency Cash Refund Clause” which enables them to refuse full refunds and instead offers travel vouchers.

The Education First class action states that high school students and their parents paid upwards of $15,000 for these tours that are now canceled and it’s unlikely they will be rescheduled.

The plaintiff says she was eventually offered a refund but it was $1,000 less than she paid to Education First.

The lawsuit is seeking a full refund for everyone who paid for a high school trip through Education First that was scheduled to depart after Jan. 31, 2020.

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Did you have an event, service or membership canceled, but have yet to receive a refund? Get legal help here.

Coronavirus Impact on Voter Rights

Minnesota Voters Say COVID-19 Voting Practices Are Unfair

Minnesota voters claim that vote-by-mail restrictions will have a negative impact on the next election.

Under current state law, Minnesota residents must have absentee ballots signed by a notary or fellow state resident.

The lawsuit alleges that voters who don’t want to risk casting their ballots in person, will have an unnecessary burden to find a witness.

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COVID-19 Class Action Says Florida’s Vote-by-Mail Guidelines Are Unfair

A class action lawsuit claims Florida voters need a better method of casting their ballots in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit states that during the March 17, 2020 presidential preference primary election, those helping man polling venues experienced a shortage of volunteers and cleaning products.

The plaintiffs want to move to a vote-by-mail system for the next upcoming election but say this method will be hard on the elderly and low-income voters.

“Not only must a mail voter pay for postage to vote, but they also must acquire the postage, which, in this digital age when many people do not keep stamps at home, often requires a trip to the post office or other essential business,” the Florida lawsuit claims.

Read more about this lawsuit here.

Indiana Class Action Requests Vote-by-Mail Option Amidst COVID-19

A class action lawsuit says Indiana voters should have the right to cast their ballots through the mail system instead of in-person due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Indiana voters claim that being forced to vote in-person places residents at a high risk of contracting COVID-19.

According to the class action lawsuit, this request is feasible as the current situation allows voters to vote-by-mail if they are “confined on election day to the voter’s residence because of an illness or injury.”

Find out more about this voting lawsuit by clicking here. 

Oklahoma Voters Call for Less Restrictions During COVID-19

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma say the current restriction on submitting absentee ballots is unfair during the coronavirus outbreak.

A recently filed brief claims the state’s requirement that absentee ballots be notarized is impractical as notaries would have agree to an in-person interaction and do it for free.

The League of Women Voters state that the upcoming election is a critical one, and Oklahoma voters deserve to cast their ballots in a safe and responsible manner.

Find out more about this voting lawsuit here. 

N.C. Lawsuit Claims ExpressVote Machines are Flawed, Could Spread COVID-19

A coronavirus lawsuit alleges that North Carolina’s ExpressVote machines are unreliable and could help further spread the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ExpressVote machines reportedly use a touchscreen which allows voters to cast their ballots. Once voters make their decision, a ballot summary is printed out and from there the card is submitted.

A group of voting organizations claim the machines are defective in recording votes properly. In addition, the plaintiffs say the touchscreens could pass the coronavirus from one voter to the next, as sanitizing the machines could actually damage them.

Find out more about this lawsuit here.  

Illinois COVID-19 Lawsuit Calls for Online Ballot Petitions

Registered Illinois voters say the state’s legal requirement for signatures on ballot petitions is unfair during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the COVID-19 lawsuit, due to the state’s stay at home order, collecting signatures for initiatives is unreasonable in the current situation.

The lawsuit is requesting that Illinois’ voters be able to enter their signatures electronically and cut the number of signature requirements for petitions in half.

Learn more about the voter lawsuit here. 

Coronavirus Class Action Says Ballot Postage Requirement Constitutes Poll Tax

The plaintiffs, who include the organization of the Black Voters Matter Fund, say that African American voters in the state enjoy voting in-person as a way to honor their ancestors who didn’t have that right.
However, now that voting requires postage, those who have financial burdens may not be able to pay for mailing in their ballots.
“This case is about voters who live on a shoestring budget and lack access to resources such as time, money, and transportation that wealthier people take for granted,” the coronavirus voters class action lawsuit states.
Read more about the class action lawsuit here. 

Arizona Voters Say COVID-19 Halts Signature Gathering Efforts

Voters in Arizona claim that the state’s current method for getting initiatives on the ballot by collecting signatures is unfair during the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit states that plaintiffs Healthcare Rising AZ and Arizonans for Fair Elections have had to cease their efforts to collect voters’ signatures due to Arizona’s stay at home order.

Plaintiff and voter Randi Turk says she would be open to signing ballot initiatives but is unable to because of the quarantines and other orders in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Learn more about this voting lawsuit here. 

Wisc. Voters Call for No Witness Signatures During COVID-19

Voters in Wisconsin filed a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief that would remove the requirement to obtain a “witness signature” in order to submit an absentee ballot.

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the absentee voting process.The Wisconsin voters say not only are they at a high risk of being infected with the coronavirus, they also live alone so finding a witness for their ballots is not an option.

The coronavirus lawsuit asks that the Wisconsin Election Commission put an end to the witness signature stipulation until the COVID-19 outbreak subsides.

Read more about Wisconsin’s voters concerns here. 

Voting Groups Say Ohio Coronavirus Law Is Unfair

The League of Women Voters of Ohio and several Ohio residents claim that the new state law that prohibits in-person voting due to the coronavirus is unfair and may stop a lot of citizens from casting their ballots.

House Bill 197 was recently passed and reportedly limits voting options to mail-in only.

Some Ohio residents who planned on voting in-person say they don’t have the resources to print out voting forms and don’t have money to buy stamps.

“The unrealistic and unyielding process H.B. 197 sets forth for mail voting will unduly burden and disenfranchise Plaintiffs,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

Read more by clicking here. 

COVID-19 Impact on Employees

McDonald’s Class Action Says Workers Aren’t Protected From COVID-19

McDonald’s employees working in the Chicago area have filed a coronavirus lawsuit over allegations that they are required to work without protective equipment or hand sanitizer.

The fast food workers further state that they are forced to work close together without a proper amount of gloves or masks.

“Plaintiffs bring this case because, in the face of these severe risks, the steps Defendants are taking to contain COVID-19 are plainly inadequate,” the McDonald’s lawsuit claims. “Defendants have a responsibility to their workers, customers, and the public to ensure that the restaurants do not become a hub for spread of the virus.”

Learn more here. 

United Airlines Class Action Claims Employees Were Denied Payroll Relief

After taking $5 billion from the CARES Act, United Airlines employees are still being required to take unpaid leave, according to a coronavirus lawsuit.

The United workers say the airline made a promise to the federal government not to reduce pay or require unpaid leave before Sept. 30.

However, the lawsuit claims that two weeks after assuring the government that the payroll relief funds would be used “exclusively for the continuation of employee wages, salaries, and benefits” of United employees, workers were told the were required to take 20 unpaid days between May 16 and Sept. 30.

Read more about this lawsuit here. 

Hair Salons in California File Lawsuit Asking to Reopen

Several hair salons in California have joined together to file a lawsuit that seeks the reopening of the industry during the coronavirus outbreak.

The hair stylists claim to have the ability to reopen safely by using coronavirus protective measures with their clients.

The salons and stylists say the government should not have designated them as non-essential businesses.

Find out more about this lawsuit here. 

COVID-19 Lawsuit Claims Waitress Denied Face Mask

A Dallas waitress says her employer is refusing to allow her to work with a face mask in violation of Texas Labor Code and OSHA regulations.

The employee says that without using a face covering she would needlessly be exposed to contracting the coronavirus.

Since the waitress has objected to the lack of personal protective equipment needed for her to work safely, she says she’s been removed from the restaurant’s work schedule.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Quality Sausage Faces Lawsuit After Employee Dies From COVID-19

A Quality Sausage Dallas employee has passed away due to coronavirus complications that could have been prevented, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his family.

The coronavirus lawsuit claims the factory didn’t provide personal protective equipment to workers or impose social distancing methods that have been set to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The plaintiff say that their loved one’s death “could have been prevented, had the company spent a small segment of its $100 million profits to protect its underpaid and overworked employees.”

Find out more about this lawsuit here.

COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Negligence

A Philadelphia meat processing plant worker has died after contracting the coronavirus, and his family says the responsibility falls onto his employer who refused to provide personal protective equipment.

In addition, the family claims the company didn’t take standard safety precautions by requiring employees to work close together and deterring workers from taking sick leave.

“By choosing profits over safety, JBS demonstrated a reckless disregard to the rights and safety of others,” the wrongful death lawsuit claims.

Learn more about this lawsuit by clicking here.

Florida Unemployment Website is Inadequate, Lawsuit Claims

Florida residents say the state’s unemployment website makes it extremely difficult to file for benefits.

Filed by workers who were laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the lawsuit details the lengths residents have gone through to try to get coronavirus unemployment benefits.

One plaintiff says she was on hold for five hours and was then told that the system was down. Another plaintiff says he’s been on the website every day for a month trying to obtain benefits only to be met with error messages.

Learn more about this unemployment lawsuit here. 

Crew Suing Royal Caribbean Over COVID-19 Failures

Royal Caribbean crew members have filed a class action lawsuit over allegations that the cruise line was negligent in protecting its staff from the coronavirus.

The Royal Caribbean class action lawsuit claims that far from taking social distancing precautions, employees were required to attend massive meetings as well as had the opportunity to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party with more than 1,000 workers in attendance.

Royal Caribbean’s “egregious failure to protect its employees has already resulted in hundreds of positive COVID-19 cases and what is more likely thousands given that there is limited testing being done on its ships,” the Royal Caribbean class action lawsuit states.

Learn more about the employee class action lawsuit here. 

N.Y. Hospital Faces Lawsuit for Subjecting Nurses to COVID-19 Risk

A New York nurses association has filed a lawsuit over claims that RNs aren’t being properly protected against the risk of being infected with COVID-19.

The New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) states that the Montefiore Medical Center doesn’t have enough equipment to cautiously treat coronavirus victims which puts nurses at risk.

In total, the lawsuit alleges that eight NYSNA nurses were infected with COVID-19 while on the job and later died. In addition, about 950 nurses have tested positively for the virus.

Read more about this lawsuit here. 

Hooters Class Action Filed After Employee Coronavirus Layoffs

A class action lawsuit has been filed by former Hooters employees who say they weren’t given 60 days of compensation and benefits as required under federal employment laws after a mass coronavirus layoff.

The Hooters workers claim that they received no advance notice that they were being let go in violation of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

The Hooters class action lawsuit alleges that losing a job with zero warning has had an injurious impact on their lives.

Read more about the Hooters class action lawsuit here.

Trader Joe’s Lawsuit Claims Employee Fired For Complaining About Lack of Gloves

A Kentucky Trader Joe’s employee says he was fired after posting on a private Facebook page that the grocery chain was prohibiting workers from wearing gloves during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plaintiff says Trader Joe’s explicitly informed workers that they could only wear gloves at work if they had a physician’s letter and filed Americans with Disabilities Act paperwork.

The Trader Joe’s lawsuit states that his manager confronted him with screenshots of the Facebook private posts and repeatedly asked him to voluntarily resign. After refusing the request, the plaintiff says one week later he was fired.

Find out more about the Trader Joe’s employee lawsuit here. 

Walmart Faces Lawsuit After Employee Dies From COVID-19

Walmart has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit after one of its Chicago employees died after contracting the coronavirus.

According to the surviving family members, Walmart failed to provide its employees with gloves, masks, and other protective equipment.

In addition, the lawsuit states that Walmart is aware that some of its workers are displaying virus symptoms but doesn’t send them home.

The Walmart lawsuit claims the retail giant’s behavior during the coronavirus outbreak amounts to “willful and wanton misconduct.”

Learn more about the COVID-19 death lawsuit here. 

Lyft and Uber Drivers Working Despite Being Sick, Court Docs Say

Lyft and Uber drivers are still working despite showing symptoms of the coronavirus, according to recently filed affidavits.

The drivers claim that since they are labeled as contractors, they don’t get sick pay and are therefore forced to work because of the needed income.

uber app on smartphone“I do not want to pick up riders who were either coming from or going to risky locations, such as airports or college campuses, while the coronavirus is spreading across the state, but I am afraid to cancel rides because there are not very many ride requests right now and I need the money,” one of the drivers states.

The drivers say that they don’t feel like they have a choice but to continue working and possibly spreading the coronavirus unless the rideshare companies start deeming contractors as employees. The affidavits are seeking emergency injunctions with the two companies.

Read more about the case here. 

Government Workers File COVID-19 Hazard Pay Class Action Lawsuit

A federal employee union has filed a class action lawsuit that seeks hazard pay for those working in jobs that exposes them to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Federation of Government Employees claim they are owed a 25 percent pay increase for being exposed to “virulent biologicals.”

The coronavirus class action tells the story of several federal employees who were forced to work in contact with those who were exposed to the virus while not being offered protective gear or only given gloves.

Find out more about the government workers COVID-19 hazard pay class action here.

Chicago Nurse Allegedly Fired Over Coronavirus Email

A recently fired Chicago nurse says she was let go from Northwestern Medical Hospital for sending out an email to co-workers and supervisors that stated the masks provided to employees by the hospital were not as effective as N95 face masks.

According to the coronavirus lawsuit, hospital staff were told that they could not wear N95 masks even if they had one.

After treating COVID-19 patients for weeks without wearing a N95 mask, the plaintiff informed her supervisors via email that the following day she would be wearing a Particulate Respirator N95 mask to her job.

She was reportedly fired that day. Click here to learn more. 

Alaska Medical Center Urges Employees Not to Strike During Coronavirus

The Alaska Medical Employees Association faces a lawsuit that seeks to stop a planned strike during the coronavirus outbreak.

Employees set to strike include EKG technicians, pharmacists, surgical technicians, lab assistants, nursing assistants, registered nurses, and more.

Plaintiff Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center claims that if the medical staff strike, island residents will face “immediate, irreparable injury.”

The lawsuit urges the federal government along with President Trump to stop the impending strike with a court injunction.

Find out more about the coronavirus medical strike lawsuit here.  

NJ Workers Can’t Get Fired Over Coronavirus Symptoms

New Jersey employees cannot be fired solely because they display coronavirus symptoms, according to a recent guidance from Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal.

If a worker coughs on the job, they still have civil rights and cannot be fired under New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, the office states.

New Jersey businesswoman working at her desk while being sickIn addition to prohibiting unfair firings, the Attorney General also called out East Asian employees who are being targeted at their work by fellow employees and supervisors.

“If you have East Asian heritage and a co-worker repeatedly harasses you by claiming that Asian people caused COVID-19 or calling this ‘the Chinese virus,’ your employer must take reasonable action to stop the harassment if they knew or should have known about it,” Grewal states.

The Attorney General further says that New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits discrimination at hospitals or other medical care facilities. Medical staff cannot prevent those with East Asian heritage from getting the care they need.

Find out more about employees’ rights during the coronavirus pandemic by clicking here. 

Coronavirus Businesses Interruption

Small Businesses Say JPMorgan Chase Rejected COVID-19 Payroll Relief

KPA Promotions & Awards Inc. and Above & Beyond Preschool LLC have filed a class action lawsuit over claims that JPMorgan Chase unfairly denied them payroll relief offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.

The small businesses maintain that they submitted their applications for financial assistance and were told the loans would be distributed on a “first come, first serve” basis.

However, the lawsuit alleges that JPMorgan Chase favored big businesses over small ones when distributing the loans.

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Maine Campgrounds Want To Reopen During Coronavirus

Maine campgrounds claim that the state’s business closure order has negatively impacted the industry in violation of Maine’s Constitution and the Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV in the United States Constitution.

The businesses claim that campgrounds bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the summer camping season between Memorial Day to Columbus Day.

However, the 14-day quarantine has deterred travelers from continuing with vacation plans.

Find out more here.

Kid Boutique Files Travelers Business Interruption Insurance Lawsuit

Travelers insurance has denied a business interruption claim filed by a kid boutique in San Francisco, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Mudpie business owners allegedly had a business insurance claim through Travelers that should have covered this type of company losses. However, they say the company has been denied coverage.

The business “reasonably believed they had comprehensive coverage that would apply to business interruptions under circumstances like these, where they have done everything right to protect their businesses and the public,” the lawsuit claims.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

NJ Restaurant Files Class Action Over Denied Coronavirus Coverage

A New Jersey restaurant claims that they are owed business interruption coverage due to losses experienced by the coronavirus but its insurer has denied the claim.

Benito Ristorante states that they have an “all risk” insurance policy through Indemnity Insurance Company (subsidiary of Chubb LTD) which is supposed to cover “lost business income and extra expenses in the event of an involuntary business interruption.”

However, the restaurant’s claim was denied after the insurer allegedly stated that they would not be covering COVID-19 closures.

Read more here.

Bank of America Class Action Says Wealthiest Clients Got CARES Act Money

Bank of America is being accused of supplying Paycheck Protection Program loans to its wealthiest clients instead of smaller businesses who could really use the funds.

A class action lawsuit claims Bank of America went against the “first-come, first-served” government instructions when distributing PPP loans.

As a result, the Bank of America class action lawsuit states that small businesses have experienced “enormous and potentially irreversible damages.”

Find out more about the case here.

Egg Works Class Action Says Coronavirus Insurance Claim Denied

The owners of a Las Vegas group of family-oriented restaurants say their “all risk” insurance policy through Acuity was illegally denied.

Egg Works reportedly submitted a coronavirus business interruption claim with their insurance provider but it was refused.

“Under the Policy, Plaintiffs have paid substantial premiums to Defendant, and in turn Defendant promised to pay these losses and expenses and are obligated to pay for them,” the Egg Works class action lawsuit states.

Learn more about the business insurance denial lawsuit here. 

Midwest Businesses Class Action Alleges COVID-19 Insurance Denied

A Midwest bakery and tavern have come together to file a business interruption insurance claim denial class action lawsuit.

According to the companies, they not only have special property coverage but also “contamination” coverage.

However, despite having insurance coverage to help with business losses, the companies say Society Insurance has refused to cover their COVID-19 closure impact.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Wells Fargo Class Action Says Small Shops Denied PPP Loans

Small businesses who wanted to receive a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan claim that Wells Fargo improperly processed loans for larger companies instead of on a “first come, first served” basis.

Wells Fargo reportedly didn’t adhere to Small Business Association (SBA) regulations when dolling out coronavirus loans.

“Wells Fargo tried to cultivate public good will and to communicate they were following the law, when in fact the process was rigged so that the banks could maximize origination fees,” the Wells Fargo class action lawsuit claims.

Find out more about this class action lawsuit here. 

Minority-Owned Small Businesses Weren’t Able To Apply For COVID-19 Aid

Minority-owned small businesses claim they weren’t able to get Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act loans because larger businesses received the majority of the funds.

A class action lawsuit alleges that the $350 billion CARES Act fund was supposed to help small businesses but with two different application times, minority-owned and women-owned companies missed out.

“The first wave of applicants, businesses with payroll employees, were given a 14- day window of opportunity to apply for the PPP loans before the funds were exhausted,” alleges the class action lawsuit.

“In contrast, the second group, Nonemployer Businesses, only had a one-day window to apply before the funds were exhausted.”

Read more about this lawsuit here.

Pizzeria Says Insurer Denied COVID-19 Closure Claim

A Florida pizzeria owner claims they have been denied business interruption claims despite having Business Income, Civil Authority, Extra Expense, and Sue and Labor coverage.

The class action lawsuit argues that Lloyd’s insurance underwriters have breached their contract with the pizzeria owners since they’ve paid all premiums and now the insurer is denying coverage.

“By denying coverage for any Business Income losses incurred by Plaintiffs and the other Business Income Breach Class members in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Underwriters has breached its coverage obligations under the policies,” the lawsuit states.

Find out more about this lawsuit by clicking here. 

Bridal Shop Says Coronavirus Business Closure Claim Wrongly Denied

An Ohio bridal boutique has been denied business interruption insurance coverage, according to a class action lawsuit.

The company says they purchased Special Property Coverage through Owners Insurance Company specifically for losses that could develop if they were forced to close their doors.

However, the bridal shop claims that when they attempted to make a claim through their insurance policy, Owners Insurance Company denied it the same day.

Read more about this business closure lawsuit here. 

Movie Theater Owner Wants Insurer To Cover Pandemic Losses

A Texas movie theater owner has file a lawsuit against its business insurer over allegations that it wrongfully rejected a $1 million business interruption insurance claim.

Lloyd’s insurance underwriters who reportedly sold the movie theater a “pandemic event endorsement” policy now say that because the endorsement doesn’t explicitly name COVID-19, they don’t have an obligation to pay it out.

The movie theater owner states that the policy they paid for includes “mutations or variations” of “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-associated coronavirus [SARS-CoV]” so the coronavirus closures should qualify under the pandemic endorsement.

Find out more about this lawsuit by clicking here.

Wells Fargo Class Action Says Bank Only Extends CARES Act Loans To Current Customers

Wells Fargo faces a class action lawsuit over allegations that the bank is favoring existing customers when it comes to offering loans under the CARES Act.

The plaintiff owns a small business that reportedly qualifies for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. However, despite being qualified the small business was not able to obtain a PPP loan from Wells Fargo since it didn’t have a checking account with the financial giant.

The Wells Fargo class action lawsuit states that there’s nothing in the CARES Act instructions that authorizes banks to prioritize current customers.

Read more about this lawsuit here. 

Strip Club Lawsuit Seeks COVID-19 Business Bailout

The owner of several strip clubs claims his small business won’t be receiving federal aid despite feeling the full financial impact of COVID-19 closures.

The strip club lawsuit states that companies offering services deemed as “sexual” are being unfairly denied help from the Paycheck Protection Program under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

According to the strip club owner, this industry is being discriminated against by the U.S. Small Business Administration despite being “fully qualified” to receive government assistance.

Learn more about the strip club lawsuit here. 

Calif. Businesses Say China Caused US $8T in Losses

California small businesses have joined together in filing a business interruption class action lawsuit against China for a minimum of $8 trillion.

According to the coronavirus class action, U.S. businesses have been significantly impacted by having to close their doors due to the novel virus that was largely covered up by the People’s Republic of China.

The lawsuit estimates that more than 1 million small businesses have been required to stop operations and more will inevitably follow as the spread is not yet curbed.

Find out more about this business class action by clicking here.

Bank of America Class Action Claims Unfair COVID-19 Loan Practices

Bank of America is facing a class action lawsuit that accuses the banking giant of favoring businesses who have accounts with them when extending COVID-19 loans.

A small Maryland business claims that it meets all the requirements for obtaining a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program associated with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

However, the company says that since they don’t have a current loan through Bank of America, they’ve been unfairly blocked from applying for financial aid.

“Nothing in the CARES Act authorizes or permits Defendants to pick and choose who would gain access to or benefit from the federally backed lending program,” the Bank of America lawsuit states.

Find out more about the BofA class action by clicking here. 

Coronavirus Class Action Says Small Businesses Suffering Due to COVID-19 Closures

A Pennsylvania small business along with two of its former employees have filed a class action that alleges the governor’s order to close all “inessential” companies violates federal protections.

The owners of Schulmerich Bells say Governor Tom Wolf’s closure order violates the Fifth Amendment because it ordered businesses to close without providing compensation.

The class action claims that the former employees are now out of work for an indefinite length of time.

Find out more about this small business class action lawsuit here. 

Thomas Keller Wants Insurance To Cover Coronavirus Restaurant Shutdown Losses

Two California restaurants owned by chef Thomas Keller have filed a lawsuit against Hartford Fire Insurance over claims that their “all-risk” policies should cover financial losses caused by the coronavirus shutdown.

The COVID-19 lawsuit claims that The French Laundry and Bouchon Bistro have been closed since March 18 and about 300 employees have been temporarily let go.

The restaurants allege that their business interruption insurance policies should cover government-mandated closures which is what has occurred in California.

“Under the policy, insurance is extended to apply to the actual loss of business income sustained and the actual, necessary and reasonable extra expenses incurred when access to the scheduled premises is specifically prohibited by order of civil authority,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

Read more by clicking on this link.

Florida Sports Bar Files Lawsuit Following Insurance Coverage Denial

A Florida sports bar claims its been unfairly denied a business interruption insurance claim by Lloyd’s of London who informed the company that it would not be covering monetary losses that occur due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Time Sports Grill in Tampa states that it carries an “all risks” insurance policy that is valid through June 7, 2020. However, when the restaurant submitted a claim for losses, they reportedly received a claim denial letter.

The company is seeking up to $200,000 in insurance coverage for having to close their doors during the mandatory coronavirus closures.

Learn more about this lawsuit by clicking here. 

New Orleans Restaurant Files Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Lawsuit

A popular New Orleans restaurant has filed a lawsuit over claims that business interruptions following the coronavirus pandemic should be covered by their insurance provider who has offered “all risk” coverage.

Oceana Grill says they’ve been ordered to close their doors early and reduce seating capacity by half which is causing a loss in revenue.

The restaurant claims that insurance provider Lloyd’s of London must honor the terms of their policy and provide financial assistance to make up for having to close their doors during the coronavirus outbreak.

“While some rouge media outlets have called the 2019-2020 coronavirus an exaggerated mass hysteria that will unlikely create significant physical damage, the scientific community, and those personally affected by the virus, recognize the coronavirus as a cause of real physical loss and damage,” Oceana Grill states in their coronavirus lawsuit.

The New Orleans restaurant is asking the court to intervene and require Lloyd’s to cover losses experienced during the virus outbreak.

Read more about the Oceana Grill coronavirus lawsuit by clicking here. 

Tribal Lawsuits Want Casino Closures Covered By Insurance

Oklahoma casinos operated by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations have filed a lawsuit after being denied business interruption insurance claims amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The casino and restaurant owners allegedly have insurance in place for this exact situation. However, the tribes claim that AIG, Lloyd’s of London and other insurers are denying their claims arguing that they only cover “natural disasters.”

After being forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, the nations say they need the insurance coverage that they paid for.

“As a direct result of this pandemic and infection, the Nation’s Property has been damaged…and cannot be used for its intended purpose,” the tribes state.

Read more about the casino closures lawsuit by clicking here. 

Chicago Bars, Restaurants Challenge Denial of COVID-19 Insurance Coverage

Chicago businesses who have been forced to close their doors have filed a business interruption lawsuit against Society Insurance who has already refused to cover financial losses related to the required coronavirus closures.

Chicago bars, restaurants and movie theaters remain closed due to COVID-19Movie theaters, bars, and restaurants claim that Society Insurance’s policies state that it will cover the cost if the government mandates business closures.

According to the business interruption lawsuit, Society Insurance sent a notice to their customers letting them know that they would not be covering coronavirus related losses because the businesses didn’t suffer a “physical loss.”

The businesses argue that a dangerous virus that forces them to close does in fact constitute a physical loss.

Read more about the business insurance denial lawsuit by clicking here.

Have you made a claim your insurance provider only to be denied business interruption coverage? Get legal help here.

Coronavirus Spread in U.S.

Celebrity Cruise Line Passengers Sue Over COVID-19 Exposure

Two Celebrity cruise line passengers say they were recklessly exposed to COVID-19 on a voyage that didn’t observe social distancing or any other protective measures.

The Celebrity Cruises class action lawsuit claims that due to a lack of caution, 45 passengers contracted the coronavirus and two died, but the numbers could be higher than that.

“There are likely hundreds more positive COVID-19 cases and/or deaths related to the subject voyage given that there was limited and/or non-existent testing performed aboard the vessel and immediately thereafter when passengers disembarked the vessel without proper screening before returning to their home states/countries,” the cruise line lawsuit states.

Learn more by clicking here.

N.Y. Adult Care Facility Class Action Says Poor COVID-19 Care Caused Deaths

A senior care facility in New York is facing class action allegations that the caregivers aren’t doing enough to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Queens Adult Care Center (QACC) and Gefen Senior Care Group house about 350 residents and of those, about 15 have died so far, according to the class action lawsuit.

“Since the coronavirus first made its way into QACC in mid- or late- March 2020, Plaintiffs and the proposed class members have experienced and witnessed QACC’s gross failure to provide the most basic level of care to safeguard their health and safety in the context of a global health pandemic,” the coronavirus class action states.

Read more about this case here. 

Princess Cruise Passengers File COVID-19 Lawsuit

Princess Cruise passengers say they contracted the coronavirus while onboard the ship due to a lack of warning from the cruise line.

The plaintiffs, who claim to be permanently injured from the coronavirus, say that in total more than 700 passengers and crew members ended up infected with COVID-19.

The Princess Cruise lawsuit alleges that the cruise line was negligent and placed income above the health of staff and passengers.

Learn more here. 

Mo. Files Lawsuit Against China Over COVID-19 Pandemic

A coronavirus lawsuit filed against The People’s Republic of China alleges the country is to blame for the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The lawsuit, filed by Missouri’s Secretary of State, claims that China is responsible for the increasing number of deaths due to COVID-19 by a scheme of “deceit, concealment, misfeasance, and inaction.”

“In addition to the toll on human life and health, the pandemic has caused enormous economic disruptions across the United States and in Missouri, with tens of millions of Americans and many thousands of Missourians filing jobless claims,” the COVID-19 lawsuit states.

Find out more by clicking here. 

WHO Class Action Says COVID-19 Was Mishandled

The World Health Organization faces class action claims that it didn’t act quickly enough to warn countries about the coronavirus outbreak.

The WHO lawsuit states that the organization knew about the COVID-19 outbreak in November 2019 but waited until March 11 before confirming it to be a global pandemic.

“Between November 2019 – when the first case of this new virus was first detected until March 11, 2020, when the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the Chinese government and the WHO intentionally mislead the international community, including the named Plaintiffs, about the coronavirus and its devastating medical and economic effects,” the WHO coronavirus outbreak class action lawsuit states.

Read more about this lawsuit by clicking here. 

Princess Cruise Lawsuit Says Negligence Caused Coronavirus Death

A Princess Cruise passenger says the cruise line is responsible for her husband’s coronavirus death.

In a recently filed lawsuit, plaintiff Susan Dorety claims her husband Michael was exposed to COVID-19 aboard the Grand Princess due to the company’s “lackadaisical approach” to the pandemic.

As her husband’s health deteriorated, Susan says she was able to persuade the cruise line to allow Michael to leave the ship and seek medical care, but it was too late and Michael died shortly after.

The couple was celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Find out more about their story by clicking here. 

Medical Workers Say China is Hoarding COVID-19 Supplies

A class action lawsuit claims China has been hoarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and refusing to send coronavirus supplies to the United States.

The plaintiffs are medical workers who allege that the country is intentionally stockpiling the necessary preventative equipment including gloves and masks in their own self interest.

The coronavirus class action states that this hoarding began in January 2020, when China started refusing U.S. companies including 3M and Honeywell from exporting PPE items.

The plaintiffs claim that between Jan. 24 and Feb. 29, China imported 2.5 billion pieces of PPE.

“Thus, just as the world was beginning to see the danger of the upcoming pandemic, China — which already knew it had actively concealed the dangers of the virus from the world — was hoarding the world’s supply of PPE, including gloves, goggles, and masks, through these massive increased purchases,” the COVID-19 class action lawsuit claims.

Learn more about this lawsuit here.

Costa Cruise Class Action Says Co. Responsible for COVID-19 Spread

A cruise passenger says Carnival-owned Costa Cruise took thousands on a 20 day voyage despite having the knowledge that vacationers who just disembarked the vessel were showing symptoms of the coronavirus.

Even worse, the class action lawsuit claims the company did not fully sanitize the ship and then told boarding passengers that they would not be refunded if they chose not to travel.

The plaintiff says the coronavirus outbreak on the cruise ship ended up being so intense that some countries weren’t allowing them to dock.

In addition, the lawsuit states that “Costa concealed information surrounding the coronavirus from passengers by blocking out news channels on stateroom TVs that had previously been available to passengers during the beginning of the cruise.”

Find out more about this cruise ship class action here.  

Coronavirus Class Action Lawsuit Alleges China Hid Virus News

A new coronavirus class action accuses the Republic of China of covering-up information about the novel virus that had the ability to spread worldwide.

China has been accused of covering up the impact of coronavirusAccording to the complaint, China knew its residents were becoming sick with a “new” virus since November 2019 but withheld this information from the World Health Organization (WHO) in its own self-interest.

While being aware of the new virus and allowing continuous travel from China to the United States, the plaintiffs say the Chinese government played a large role in widespread deaths across our nation.

“The Defendants’ conduct has set off an unprecedented world-wide pandemic, which has caused panic, illnesses, deaths, and a global recession financial meltdown that will result in a global recession worse than the great depression,” the coronavirus class action claims.

Read more about the China coronavirus class action here. 

Fox News Faces Lawsuit After Downplaying Coronavirus

Fox News has been hit with a lawsuit which claims the organization circulated inaccurate information about the coronavirus, going as far as calling the pandemic a “hoax” and a “conspiracy.”

As a result of this false reporting, a non-profit out of Washington alleges that Fox viewers didn’t take the necessary precautions needed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Defendants’ campaign of deception led viewers to take unnecessary risks and ignore the dangers of the virus, especially dangers posed to the elderly, immunocompromised, and those with underlying medical conditions,” the Fox News lawsuit states.

However, Lily Fu Claffee who is General Counsel for FOX News Media states that the lawsuit is “Wrong on the facts, frivolous on the law. We will defend vigorously and seek sanctions as appropriate.”

Find out more about the Fox News lawsuit here. 

Princess Cruise Lawsuit Says Co. Hid Coronavirus Risk

A couple still on board a Princess Cruise ship has filed a lawsuit over claims that company failed to protect its passengers from the novel coronavirus.

According to plaintiffs Ronald and Eva W., Princess Cruise knew that one passenger from a previous trip developed coronavirus symptoms and exposed fellow travelers and crew members.

However, the company made the decision to continue to sail with 3,000 passengers, 62 of which were on that previous voyage.

The Princess Cruise lawsuit states that the 62 passengers who were mingling with all the other guests were not tested for the coronavirus until two weeks into the trip.

The plaintiffs say that had they been aware of the COVID-19 risk on the cruise ship, they would have never boarded.

The Princess Cruise lawsuit claims that the plaintiffs are traumatized with fear as they remain confined to their cabin off the coast of San Francisco.

Find out more about the Princess Cruise lawsuit by clicking here. 

Coronavirus Class Action Lawsuit Blames China for Pandemic

The Chinese government did not move fast enough to contain the coronavirus which has now turned into a worldwide pandemic, according to a class action lawsuit.

Five Florida residents are suing the People’s Republic of China along with other governmental agencies over allegations of mishandling the virus that started in December 2019.

The coronavirus class action claims that the Chinese government did not contain the virus, did not report the outbreak in a timely manner, and underreported cases by saying that deaths were because of pneumonia and not the coronavirus.

The plaintiffs are alleging harm in the form of emotional distress, financial injury, lost social contact, and fear.

Read more about the Chinese coronavirus class action here. 

Princess Cruise Lawsuit Alleges COVID-19 Peril

A Princess Cruise lawsuit claims that thousands of passengers were exposed to the coronavirus despite the cruise company being well aware of the risk.

The plaintiffs note that the coronavirus started to become a public fear after 10 case were reportedly discovered on a Princess Cruise Lines ship in Japan.

Princess Cruise Lines shipThe Princess Cruise coronavirus lawsuit claims that the coronavirus outbreak on that ship spread to more than 700 passengers in a short amount of time.

The plaintiffs point to a statement made by the CDC three days before their cruise was to depart which warned that “the rate of new reports of positives new on board [the Diamond Princess], especially among those without symptoms, highlights the high burden of infection on the ship and potential for ongoing risk.”

Despite having a clear warning of the risk of COVID-19, the Princess Cruise Line reportedly decided to sail with 3,000 passengers and placed profits above the safety of the passengers.

Learn more about the Princess Cruise lawsuit by clicking here.

Coronavirus Spread In Jails, Detention Centers

Parents Want Infected Kids Out of Juvenile Detention Centers

A Louisiana parent says her child is being needlessly exposed to the coronavirus while being confined to a juvenile center.

The facility reportedly makes social distancing impossible and doesn’t provide enough soap or sanitizing products.

“Additionally, children in correctional facilities are particularly likely to have preexisting conditions making them medically vulnerable to COVID-19, including asthma, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and the HIV infection,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

The parents want their children to be released to their homes during this global pandemic.

Find out more here.  

Texas Inmates Class Action Alleges Inadequate COVID-19 Protection

Inmates in a Texas geriatric prison say they don’t have proper access to hand sanitizer or hand soap and are left unprotected during the spread of the coronavirus.

The class action was filed by two inmates both over the age of 50 and with underlying medical problems. They say both of these factors makes them more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19.

In addition, the plaintiffs claim that ironically they are tasked with making hand sanitizer that is then sold by the prison but are unable to use the product themselves.

Learn more about the conditions inmates are facing by clicking here.

ICE Detainees Class Action Lawsuit Argues for Coronavirus Release

A class action filed on behalf of ICE detainees claims that immigrants are “literally trapped” in jail while the coronavirus continues to spread.

The plaintiffs allege that they are forced to remain in close proximity to each other without enough toilet paper or soap to adequately prevent becoming infected with COVID-19.

The ICE detainees class action argues that immigrants should be freed briefly with ankle monitors until the pandemic subsides.

Read more about the class action by clicking here. 

Migrant Families Ask for Release Due To COVID-19

Migrant families say “social distancing” is impossible in the detention centers they’re housed in.

social distancing during the coronavirus outbreakIn a recent emergency petition, the families are asking the courts to consider releasing them in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The court document states that these centers not only have shared living, eating and sleeping spaces, they also lack the medical services needed if an outbreak were to occur within the facilities.

The petition is seeking an immediate release of all migrants living in a detention facility.

Learn more about their concerns by clicking on this link.

N.J. Inmates Released To Prevent COVID-19 Spread

Up to 1,000 New Jersey inmates are being released from state jails in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Criminal justice advocates and state prosecutors explain that those being released pose very little threat as they are either convicted of probation violations or low level crimes.

This decision comes as health experts have determined that the virus spreads quickly in small confined spaces.

Released inmates are required to self-quarantine and continue to meet with probation officers via phone or video conferencing.

New Jersey isn’t the only one considering this move, even President Trump says he is looking at freeing federal inmates who are considered nonviolent and elderly.

Find out more about what correctional facilities are doing to stop the spread of the coronavirus by clicking here. 

ICE Detainees Ask For Release Due to Coronavirus Risk

Immigrants at a Washington detention center have filed a class action lawsuit that requests they be temporarily released in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The detainees claim that the facilities where they are housed require them to be in close proximity with each other so social distancing cannot occur.

In addition, the class action lawsuit alleges that some immigrants have serious medical conditions that place them at a life-threatening risk of being infected with the virus.

The coronavirus class action lawsuit states that if they could be released it would help flatten the spread of the virus.

The immigrants claim that if they stay at the detention center they would be at high risk of getting the COVID-19 and there’s a lack of medical equipment or medical care in the facility.

Learn more about the ICE detainees’ class action lawsuit by clicking here. 

Coronavirus Impact on Legal Rights

A coronavirus lawsuit claims that California residents who already receive the maximum amount of food stamps are being unfairly denied emergency food assistance.

The plaintiffs say they each receive about $2 per meal which is the fullest amount offered to an individual on food stamps in California.

However, the coronavirus class action alleges that food prices are up due to the coronavirus so they should qualify for further emergency food help.

Read more here.

Priest Files Coronavirus Shutdown Lawsuit After Being Threatened With Arrest

A Connecticut priest has filed a coronavirus shutdown lawsuit after being threatened with criminal arrest if he held church services.

The priest says that “faith-based” organizations have been unfairly targeted with unreasonable restrictions in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

“Members and attendees and Father [Bernard Paul] Champagne have been stigmatized and subjected to hostile confrontation in that they are threatened with loss of liberty and life if they so much as open their church door let alone enter to pray singularly,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Conn. Citizens Want Gun Permit Process To Open Back Up

Connecticut residents who have filed a lawsuit want state officials to resume fingerprinting services needed to get a gun permit.

The coronavirus lawsuit states that fingerprinting services are still open for other purposes including background checks, but authorities are refusing to take fingerprints needed for gun permits in violation of their right to bear arms.

The plaintiffs are requesting injunctive relief to reopen these services to all those who are seeking firearm permits and certifications.

Find out more about this lawsuit here. 

California Lawsuit Claims Coronavirus Shutdown Is Unlawful

A coronavirus lawsuit filed by California residents alleges that Governor Gavin Newson’s executive order to keep residents at home goes too far.

According to the California stay at home lawsuit, “none of the powers explicitly granted under the California State Emergency Services Act allow Newsom to sequester every Californian within their homes.”

The plaintiffs claim interruptions of big events such as weddings and high school graduation ceremonies.

Read more about this lawsuit here. 

Florida Lawsuit Calls Face Mask Order Unconstitutional

A Florida lawsuit claims the state’s requirement to wear face masks in public, places a burden on residents and may violate Florida laws.

According to the lawsuit, Florida residents can be fined up to $500 and face jail time if they are discovered without a mask in public.

“This motion is brought on an emergency basis because it is continuing in nature and has an immediate and deleterious effect, depriving Plaintiff of rights guaranteed under the Florida Constitution and the United States Constitution,” the coronavirus lawsuit claims.

Read more by clicking here.

Oregon Churches Oppose COVID-19 Worship Regulations

Ten Oregon churches have filed a lawsuit over claims that coronavirus shutdown orders have impeded on religious rights.

Since gatherings of more than 25 people have been completely banned, congregants are “having their rights trampled on with no end in sight.”

The plaintiffs point out that they have been limited to live streaming worship services, but this isn’t enough to fully care for members of their churches.

Read more here. 

Pa. Citizens File COVID-19 Shutdown Class Action Lawsuit

A group of Pennsylvania businesses have filed a lawsuit that claims the state’s coronavirus shutdown order goes too far in only allowing “life sustaining” companies to remain open.

“There is no reasonable or substantial basis between defendants’ orders permitting one business to operate in a county while prohibiting a similar business from operating in an adjacent county (or even within the same county) when both businesses are capable of implementing the same safety precautions, policies and procedures,” the Pennsylvania lawsuit states.

Find out more about this lawsuit here.

Michigan Church Leaders Challenge Forced COVID-19 Closures

Several Michigan church leaders have filed a lawsuit that claims the state’s stay-at-home order infringes on their religious rights.

The churches claim that they have the ability to keep six feet of social distancing in between congregants and will require personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks to be worn.

With this in mind, the plaintiffs say there’s no reason why in-person worship should continue to be banned.

“By prohibiting and punishing Plaintiffs’ gathering for their religious services to exercise their religious conscience and beliefs, Defendant violates Plaintiffs’ First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion,” the lawsuit states.

Find out more about this case here.

Coronavirus Class Action Says Stay-at-Home Order Is Illegal

Washington residents and business owners have filed a class action lawsuit over allegations that the state’s stay-at-home order violates their civil rights.

The lawsuit claims Governor Jay Inslee’s sweeping order to close businesses and have residents stay home created an “unacceptable tyranny” in the state.

“His [Inslee] attempt to assert himself as tyrant has restricted and denied the liberty of all Washingtonians and has violated the civil rights of the discreet class of plaintiffs named herein,” the class action lawsuit claims.

Learn more about this case by clicking here. 

Abortion Ban Challenged in Coronavirus Lawsuit

West Virginia’s sole abortion clinic claims the state ban on abortions during the coronavirus outbreak is not only illegal but it places women at an unnecessary health risk of virus exposure.

The Women’s Health Center of West Virginia state that abortions should not be classified as “inessential” services as requiring women to remain pregnant puts a strain on their emotional wellbeing and forces them to have additional visits to medical facilities.

Find out more about this abortion ban lawsuit by clicking here. 

Calif. Residents Demand End of Stay-At-Home Orders

A recently filed coronavirus lawsuit claims the Governor of California Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order violates both California and the U.S. Constitutions.

The plaintiffs say they wish to protest the overboard executive order and its impact on California residents but they have been denied the right to demonstrate on Capitol grounds.

“Defendants have deprived [the plaintiff] of the opportunity for airing his grievances against the government, including the State’s failure to conduct timely background checks for those wishing to purchase a gun and restrictions on speech activities,” the coronavirus lawsuit states.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Instagramer Files Lawsuit After Police Threaten Her Over COVID-19 Post

A 16-year-old Instagramer has filed a lawsuit against a Wisconsin Sheriff who reportedly threatened to arrest her and her family if she refused to take down a post regarding her coronavirus treatment.

After being treated for COVID-19 symptoms, the teen reportedly posted on Instagram “I am finally home after being hospitalized for a day and a half. I am still on breathing treatment but have beaten the coronavirus. Stay home and be safe.”

However, a Marquette County Sheriff’s Office sergeant allegedly told the teen’s family that he would “start taking people to jail” if the Instagram post wasn’t removed as they could be cited for disorderly conduct.

The family was reportedly informed that the sheriff’s office wanted the message removed because there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in their county at the time.

Read more about this lawsuit here. 

Gun Range Lawsuit Says Coronavirus Closures Violate State Laws

A gun range in Virginia argues that the mandated coronavirus closure of its business as a “nonessential,” violates constitutional rights.

According to the gun range lawsuit, state rights allow protections for shooting ranges to help train new gun owners as well as unorganized militias.

In addition, the lawsuit states that current law enforcement is still using their facility, so it should be kept open to the public.

Learn more about this lawsuit by clicking here. 

Calif. Churches Involved in COVID-19 Legal Action

Two California churches are embroiled in lawsuits as the state has ordered residents to stay at home and avoid large gatherings to curb the growing spread of the coronavirus.

Riverside County has filed a lawsuit against Church Unlimited who reportedly continued to hold in-person church services despite the state’s executive order and the county’s health order. The county claims that violating these orders could cost Church Unlimited daily $1,000 fines.

On the other hand, a church in San Diego County is fighting the ban on holding in-person services by stating that the county’s health order is a direct violation of the constitutional right to free exercise of religion.

The Abiding Place Ministries’ lawsuit states that the congregation believes that “a physical assembly in one place on the Lord’s day is an essential part of their worship, such that failure to assemble is an unconscionable violation of God’s commands.”

Learn more about the stay at home order’s impact on churches by clicking here. 

Courts Shut Down as Coronavirus Spreads

State and federal courts are closing their doors across the nation in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Top Class Actions is keeping track of the status of the court systems so our viewers will have the latest information.

Many of the closures involve postponing trials or excusing jurors over the age of 60 who are at a higher risk.

Thousands of women are suing Johnsonm & Johnson alleghing that its baby powder caused them to develop cancer.Those courthouses who haven’t shut down completely are limiting face-to-face litigation and opting for more telephone or video conferencing.

What does this mean for you? If you are a plaintiff or a defendant in an active case, this means rescheduled hearings and trials.

Top Class Actions viewers following cases and hoping for a settlement payout will have to wait even longer as courts remain closed.

Which courts are closed and for how long? Find out here. 

HHS Lawsuit Says LGBTQ Denied Care During Coronavirus Pandemic

LGBTQ individuals are reportedly at risk of being denied shelter during the coronavirus outbreak after the Department of Health & Human Services issued a notice of non-enforcement of discrimination.

According to a lawsuit filed by several LGBTQ advocacy groups, $500 billion in HHS grants are supposed to be helping homeless youth, kids in foster care and the elderly.

However, since the HHS has decided not to enforce anti-discrimination laws within its program, the LGBTQ community reportedly faces an increased risk of homelessness.

The LGBTQ coronavirus lawsuit points out that kids and teens who come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning have a 120 percent possibility of facing homelessness over their straight peers. Therefore, the impact of not enforcing discrimination laws could be significant on this community during the spread of the coronavirus.

Find out more about the LGBTQ coronavirus lawsuit here. 

Gun Rights Lawsuit Says Coronavirus Closures Violate 2nd Amendment Rights

New Jersey gun shops owners say that the governor’s decision to shut down all non-essential businesses which closed their doors is a clear violation of the second amendment.

In a recent coronavirus lawsuit, the gun shop owners allege that they are getting requests from consumers to buy firearms but they are turning business away due to the Executive Order.

One of the plaintiffs in the case is a New Jersey resident who has never purchased a gun but obtained a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The plaintiff says he was troubled by the quick spread of the virus and wanted a gun in order to defend his family. Due to the closure of gun shops, he is no longer able to buy a firearm.

Find out more about the gun rights lawsuit here. 

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Coronavirus Abortion Ban

Planned Parenthood says Texas’ executive order that prevents scheduled abortions during the coronavirus outbreak violates constitutional rights.

The group argues that by postponing abortions, patients may face a higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus since pregnant women are considered “at risk” when it comes to similar infections like influenza.

In addition, Planned Parenthood claims that forcing women to continue their pregnancies will “impose far greater strains on an already-taxed healthcare system, as prenatal care and delivery involve much greater exhaustion of hospital health care services and PPE (personal protective equipment) than abortions.”

Find out more about the coronavirus abortion ban and what Planned Parenthood is doing to stop it by clicking on this link.

NRA Files Lawsuit Following Coronavirus Gun Store Closures

A recently filed lawsuit claims that gun stores should be allowed to continue operations during the coronavirus outbreak as they are considered “essential.”

The National Rifle Association of America and various gun owners say forcing gun shops to close during the coronavirus not only prevents consumers from protecting their families, it’s also a violation of the Second Amendment.

According to the NRA lawsuit, government officials are taking advantage of public fear to infringe on constitutional gun rights.

Read more about the lawsuit here. 

Coronavirus Impact on Schools

Grand Canyon University Class Action Demands Coronavirus Refunds

Grand Canyon University students say they paid tuition, room and board, and several different fees for the spring 2020 semester and now they deserve a refund since the closure of their campus.

“Even if GCU claims it did not have a choice in cancelling in-person classes, it nevertheless has improperly retained funds for services it is not providing,” the Grand Canyon University class action lawsuit states.

The university reportedly offered students a credit of $260 and $450 for room and board but that fee alone cost the plaintiff $3,500 for the semester.

Find out more here.

Rochester Institute of Technology Class Action Says Students Need Coronavirus Refunds

Rochester Institute of Technology students are owed a tuition refund for the spring 2020 semester, according to a class action lawsuit.

To access campus facilities including laboratories, libraries, in-person classes and extracurriculars, students have to pay about $20,000 per semester.

“The remote learning options are in no way the equivalent of the in-person education putative class members contracted and paid for,” the class action lawsuit states.

Learn more here.

University of San Francisco Class Action Says Students Are Entitled to Refunds

The parent of a University of San Francisco student claims that the private college owes tuition refunds now that classes are no longer held in person in the wake of the coronavirus.

Tuition and fees for in-person instruction are reportedly worth more than online courses, according to the class action lawsuit.

“The fact that USF students paid a higher price for an in-person education than they would have paid for an online education is illustrated clearly by the fact that USF does not maintain an established online program.”

Find out more here.

Students Seek Refund of Harvard University Tuition, Fees

A Harvard University student says she paid $24,000 for the spring 2020 semester and is owed at least some reimbursement now that the campus has closed its doors due to the spread of the global pandemic.

Although the college moved its students to online courses, the plaintiff claims that the “remote learning options are in no way the equivalent of the in-person education that Plaintiff and the putative class members contracted and paid for.”

Read more about this lawsuit here.

Georgetown University Class Action Seeks Campus Closure Refunds

A recent class action lawsuit claims Georgetown University is refusing to provide tuition refunds despite closing its doors for the spring 2020 term.

The Georgetown student who filed the lawsuit says he spent more than $30,000 for the spring semester yet has had “little to no actual, real-time instruction from professors or instructors.”

“Even if Defendant claims it did not have a choice in cancelling in-person classes, it nevertheless has improperly retained funds for services that have diminished in value or are not being provided at all,” the coronavirus class action lawsuit states.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Duke University Students Want Tuition Refunds

A Duke University student is seeking reimbursement for tuition and fees paid for the spring 2020 semester.

The Duke University class action claims that all on-campus activities and classes have been canceled due to the coronavirus but students aren’t being offered their money back.

“Despite sending student home and closing its campus(es), Defendant continues to charge for tuition, fees, and/or room and board as if nothing has changed, continuing to reap the financial benefit of millions of dollars from students,” the Duke University class action lawsuit states.

Read more here.

NYU Students File Class Action Calling for COVID-19 Refunds

An NYU class action lawsuit alleges that students need to be refunded for the spring 2020 semester after the campus closed due to the coronavirus.

A student set to graduate this year claims that by moving all classes online and shutting down campus resources, NYU students are not receiving the benefit of their tuition and fees.

“This indefensible breach is saddling wholly innocent students with mounting debt as a result of having to pay tuition and fees for services they are not receiving and facilities that are not being provided,” the NYU class action lawsuit claims.

Learn more about this lawsuit here. 

Northeastern University Class Action Alleges Students Were Refused Refunds

Students at Northeastern University say they have been denied face-to-face classes due to campus closures during the coronavirus outbreak, yet the college is withholding tuition refunds.

The Northeastern University class action lawsuit claims that online classes are being provided but this is an inferior method of teaching and not what students expected to receive when paying for a private education.

“Mid-way through the Spring 2020 academic term, Defendant ceased providing any in-person instructional opportunities to Plaintiff, along with thousands of other enrolled students, yet retained the entirety of the Spring 2020 tuition monies and facility fees that Plaintiff and the other Class Members paid to Defendant with the expectation of receiving in-person instructional services for the entire academic term,” the Northeastern University lawsuit states.

Read more about this case here. 

USC Grad Student Seeks COVID-19 Tuition Refunds

The USC class action lawsuit claims the university is unfairly keeping student fees and tuition despite being expected to get $19 million in federal aid.
Read more about this lawsuit here.

George Washington University Allegedly Refuses Student Refunds

A George Washington University class action lawsuit claims the private college is failing to provide refunds for tuition and other school fees even though the campus has been closed due to the global pandemic.

The plaintiff, who is father to a George Washington University student, argues that the refunds are an appropriate request as students have lost in-person classes, libraries, student events, technology and teacher interactions.

“Though the reasons for such closures are justified the fact remains that such closures and cancellations present significant loss to Plaintiff and the Class Members,” states the George Washington University class action lawsuit.

Find out more about the GW University class action lawsuit here. 

Barry University Students Call for COVID-19 Reimbursement

A class action lawsuit claims that Barry University is denying tuition refunds despite closing its doors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, students say they are owed housing and meal expenses that were paid in advance of the spring 2020 semester.

Barry University students allege that the tuition costs for the private university allowed them “the opportunity to engage directly with their professors, to meet and share experiences with diverse and accomplished individuals from around the world, to join student clubs, to build professional networks, and to experience the campus environment.”

Now none of that is happening as classes are all online.

Find out more about this lawsuit here. 

Brown University Student Demands Refund After COVID-19 Closures

A Brown University student says he’s owed tuition for the spring semester now that classrooms and dorms have closed due to the global pandemic.

The Brown University class action lawsuit claims that classmates no longer get the in-person interactions with teachers and fellow students now that classes have moved online.

“Defendant wrongfully exercised control over and/or intentionally interfered with the rights of Plaintiff and members of the Class by effectively closing its campus to in-person education and switching to an online-only format, discontinuing paid-for services, and evicting students from campus housing,” the Brown University class action lawsuit states.

“All the while Defendant has unlawfully retained the monies Plaintiff and the Class Members paid Defendant as well as barred Plaintiff from Defendant’s Facilities.”

Read more about the lawsuit here. 

University of Pennsylvania Class Action Says Students Owed Refunds

University of Pennsylvania students are seeking tuition reimbursement now that the campus has closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the University of Pennsylvania class action lawsuit, students pay higher costs for in-person instruction and now that UPenn classes are all online, they are not getting the education they paid for.

“Moreover, the value of any degree issued on the basis of online or pass/fail classes will be diminished for the rest of their lives,” the University of Pennsylvania class action lawsuit states.

Learn more about this college failure to refund class action lawsuit here. 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Students Want Refunds

A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student says she deserves a refund now that classes have moved online and campus facilities are closed.

The lawsuit claims that students apply to the college for its hands-on approach and its services including libraries, computer labs, etc.

“As a result of being moved off campus, Plaintiff no longer has the benefit of the services for which these fees have been paid,” the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute class action lawsuit states.

Find out more about this college refund lawsuit by clicking here. 

Columbia University Class Action Seeks Coronavirus Refunds

A class action lawsuit claims that Columbia University has refused to refund students for spring 2020 tuition and fees despite closing during the global pandemic.

While the plaintiff understands that it was a prudent decision to move students off campus and into online classes during the coronavirus outbreak, the lawsuit claims students should be reimbursed.

“This decision deprived Plaintiff and other members of the Class from recognizing the benefits of in-person instruction, access to campus facilities, student activities, and other benefits and services in exchange for which they had already paid fees and tuition,” the Columbia University class action lawsuit states.

Learn more about this coronavirus lawsuit here. 

Coronavirus Class Action Says Universities Withheld COVID-19 Refunds

California college students are uniting under a pair of class action lawsuits that claim the state’s university system received more than $240 million in coronavirus aid, while students haven’t been offered reimbursement for tuition or fees.

University of California and California State University students say they’ve been forced off campus and into online courses due to the global pandemic.

However, fees related to student services which cost between $850 and $4,200 haven’t been reimbursed despite attendees receiving zero benefits in return.

Learn more about these coronavirus class action lawsuits here. 

Cornell Class Action Says Students Entitled to Refunds

An Ivy League student says she’s owed a tuition refund after Cornell University moved to online courses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plaintiff claims to have spent more than $11,000 for the spring semester at Cornell, but would not have done so if she knew classes wouldn’t be offered in-person.

“Plaintiff seeks, for herself and Class members, Defendant’s disgorgement of the prorated portion of tuition and fees, proportionate to the amount of time that remained in the Spring Semester 2020 when classes moved online and campus services ceased being provided,” the Cornell University class action lawsuit states.

Find out more about this coronavirus class action lawsuit here. 

University of Vermont Students Call for Coronavirus Refunds

University of Vermont students claim the college is keeping tuition, housing costs, and other fees despite being closed due to the coronavirus.

Tuition at the University of Vermont ranges between $16,000 and $41,000 for in-state and out-of-state residents. Fees for room and board reportedly cost $13,000 per year.

The class action lawsuit alleges that moving to online classes and asking students to “return to their homes” and not live on campus is not what they expected when paying the hefty tuition and housing costs.

Learn more about the University of Vermont class action lawsuit here. 

University of Colorado Boulder Class Action Alleges Unfair COVID-19 Tuition

A University of Colorado Boulder student says she’s owe all or even a portion of the tuition and fees paid to the college, now that in-person classes and activities have been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The plaintiff claims that her tuition was paid for the spring 2020 semester but she’s been deprived of the in-person instruction she purchased.

“Through the admission agreement and payment of tuition, Plaintiffs and the Tuition Class members entered into a binding contract with Defendant,” the University of Colorado Boulder class action lawsuit states.

Click here for more information. 

Liberty University Class Action Lawsuit Says Students Owed Housing Refunds

A class action lawsuit claims that Liberty University students are still being charged for spring semester housing despite the school moving to online classes in the midst of coronavirus outbreak.

An anonymous student filed the class action lawsuit against the private Christian college claiming that its decision to leave the campus “technically” open financially injures classmates.

In addition, the Liberty University class action lawsuit argues that students have lost their dining services, student activities and other events that they should be reimbursed for.

Learn more about the Liberty University class action lawsuit here. 

Drexel University Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Tuition Refunds

A Drexel University class action lawsuit claims the private college owes spring 2020 students refunds now that classes have moved online in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The plaintiff says he had to pay $2,405 in fees to access amenities and services including libraries, study rooms, labs, student clubs, student events, and more.

Now that the campus is closed and no longer provides access to these services, the lawsuit claims university students are owed at least a partial refund.

Read more about this article here. 

U of Miami Class Action Lawsuit Requests Student COVID-19 Refunds

A class action lawsuit claims that the University of Miami is not refunding tuition to students despite closing its campus due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A UM student says that while the college is offering online classes these aren’t as beneficial as in-person learning.

In addition, the University of Miami class action states that tuition and fees are also supposed to cover opportunities now closed to students including college activities, student groups, and hands-on training.

Learn more about this school closure lawsuit by clicking here. 

Purdue University Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Student Refunds

A senior undergrad student at Purdue University claims he is owed tuition, housing and other fees since the school has moved to online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Purdue student says he understands why the college made the decision it did to help suppress the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the plaintiff believes Purdue University students are owed a refund since the college is no longer providing housing or meals and online classes aren’t nearly as effective as an in-person education.

Read more about the Purdue University lawsuit here. 

Arizona Universities Class Action Lawsuit Requests COVID Refund

Arizona university students are asking for reimbursement of their room and board fees after dorms have closed during the coronavirus outbreak.

community college students walking campusAccording to a class action lawsuit, more than 100,000 students enrolled in Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona have already paid for their spring 2020 room and board but have not be refunded since the housing has closed.

Room and board at these universities reportedly range between close to $11,000 to $13,500. Parents and students who are paying for these fees without using the dorms say its “unlawful and unfair” for the Arizona universities to keep these funds.

Learn more about the Arizona universities class action by clicking here. 

COVID-19 Suspends Student Loan Low Interest Rates, Class Action Says

A student loan provider is facing a class action lawsuit after discontinuing its low interest program as the economy suffers due to the coronavirus.

Northstar Education Finance announced its decision to end its program in March 2020 in an alleged violation of its own loan contracts as well as a previous settlement agreement.

The loan repayment plan is called the “T.H.E. Repayment Bonus.” It reportedly gives consumers a lower interest rate if they pay their loans on-time or at least no more than 59 days late.

Find out more about this coronavirus class action here. 

Did your college fail to refund your tuition, room and board, or fees? Get legal help here.

COVID-19 Impact on Homeowners

Mich. Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Leads to Lawsuits

Michigan residents claim that the governor’s stay-at-home order in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is violating their constitutional rights.

In one lawsuit, Michiganders who own more than one residence say they’re not allowed to travel to their cottages despite being located in remote areas of the state.

Another lawsuit seeks the inclusion of motorboat use during the stay-at-home order. The plaintiffs in this case say despite there being exceptions for outdoor physical activities, the stay-at-home order prevents the use of motorized boats.

Find out more about these stay-at-home federal lawsuits by clicking here.

Florida Lawsuit Alleges Private Beach Owners Barred From Using Property

Florida property owners have filed a lawsuit over allegations that they are prevented from using their private beaches in violation of federal law.

The plaintiffs say that all public beaches in Walton County were shut down on April 1, but county officials took this a step further and prohibited private beach owners from basically enjoying their backyards.

The coronavirus lawsuit claims that those patrolling the private beaches warn property owners that they can be fined $500 and face jail time if they set “foot in their own backyards.”

Read more about this lawsuit by clicking here. 

Bank of America Class Action Seeks Foreclosure Hiatus Due To Coronavirus

A class action lawsuit filed by West Virginia homeowners is asking Bank of America to stop foreclosure proceedings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

wells fargo denied home loan modification leading to foreclosureThe plaintiffs are seeking a legal injunction that would require the banking giant to cease home foreclosures during the national and state declared coronavirus emergency.

The Bank of America class action claims the homeowners were victims of predatory lending and obtained a loan that was higher than their property value.

After a number of unfortunate events, the homeowners say Bank of America started the foreclosure process on their home on March 16, 2020.

Read more of their story here. 

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  • Benita F Austin June 1, 2020

    Please add me I truly believe my personal rights have been violated as well as my family. Involuntary imprisonment

  • Tracy Oquinn Walker May 30, 2020

    Please add me to all price gouging Thanks

  • NASHEEKA HOWARD May 29, 2020

    Add me to all

  • Debra Gouveia May 29, 2020

    Add me everything is sky high.

  • Christine Moreno May 28, 2020

    Please add me to Amazon, eBay and Walmart price gouging. It’s ridiculous. I couldn’t believe the prices of not just eggs but meat and everyday personal products I’m disabled and had to do for myself which is fine. But when I was finally able to get to Walmart to get much needed food I had noticed that there were signs on certain products that of course was limiting everyone to one carton of eggs for example which is only fair and I’m totally fine with that. The thing that got me was there were no signs at the time over the hamburger. Seeing as I don’t have anyone that could help me during this time and with only one leg and back and upper respiratory issues I thought I’d get at the very max 2-1lb hamburger rolls. Again, there were no signs around the hamburger. After the fact I thought I should’ve gotten the bigger 5 or 10 lb packaged hamburger. Anyway I was checking myself out and the lady at Walmart that helps anyone who’s checking out , kept coming over to my area and constantly looking in my bags. I’m like okay… I didn’t really know what she was doing as she only did this to me while I was there. After ringing almost everything up the lady cake over a 4th time and actually went looking in my bags and pulled out the hamburger and bacon. (Which I bought 2 different ones cause one is for cooking meals with and the other is for breakfast or sandwiches. ). And she says real nasty that you can only have one. I said there wasn’t any sign over there and I had heard that other stores were starting to limit to two and since I didn’t know when I could get back to any store I thought two was good enough. I’m not a hoarder and getting around is very difficult for me. I felt like I was singled out even though I know I wasn’t. At least I wasn’t the only one but I was the only one while i was there and I was pretty humiliated and being that I didn’t know when I could get more food. I actually only ate two meals that whole week. I was afraid like millions of if or when are we going to be able to get this or that. I just felt the lady really singled me out for whatever reason. I never had issues with the limits on certain things just so others can have the chance to get some for them and their families. Anyway. I’m sorry I’m rambling on and apologize.

  • Larquita Bolton May 26, 2020

    Please add me I truly believe my personal rights have been violated as well as my family. Involuntary imprisonment.


    I guess we can sue whoever we want for anything these days – AWEOME!

  • Antonio Harris May 25, 2020

    Add me

  • Jodie Stinehart May 25, 2020

    I was an employee of a welcome center(partially funded&governed by the states DOT),rest stop during the hight of the pandemic&was dubbed,an essential employee as I was a janitor the rubber gloves always a must for “ppe”. Face masks were not required by the ‘corporation'(state& the private owners)then or prior to the pandemic for any reason,therefore were never furnished. as protocol for personal protection during this time was recommended by almost all involved states&finally at the federal level. Doing a job where there is a high probability of splashing,touching,injesting of or inhaling of; some human organics,why wouldn’t a mask be provided as ppe ,if need be, as even an option always is for OSHA but during this pandemic,mandatory as an essential(&a state DOT)employee. Other state governed essential employees having much less or very little risks of exposure of any kind, we’re issued masks&gloves at minimum for little more than informal social exchanges with the public. Cleaning of&sanitizing toilets,sinks&drains is a very important job,usually held by what? Unimportant people? Feels like it. Like,it must be like…to get s*** on.

  • Dora wilcox May 24, 2020

    I am a essential worker
    Add me

  • Yvonne Washington May 23, 2020

    Appointments cancelled and move in apartment was on hold

  • Beatrice Ducre May 23, 2020

    I am a Uber/Driver I was denied ppp money and small business. Thank God I am receiving unemployment now.

    • Greg Johnson May 24, 2020

      Please add me to Walmart eggs and Costco price gouging

  • Angelica Smith May 22, 2020

    Add me to schools and price gouging

  • Christine Goudin May 22, 2020

    add me to all

  • Robert Goudin May 22, 2020

    add me to all

  • Robert J Goudin May 22, 2020

    add me to all

  • Denise L. May 21, 2020

    Please add me

  • Donna Wolke May 21, 2020

    I was going to be laid off permanently, but because of covid I asked to laid off early. Unemployment in Illinois says I don’t get the $600. Because covid was not the reason. But we still have a stay at home order put in place by our power happy Governor. Please add me.

  • Chadwick Merrell May 20, 2020

    The stress of coronavirus, thought I would receive my stimulas check until child support interested it, totally wrong,now I have to suffer more.defalently not fare.

    • Davina ruiz May 24, 2020

      I totally agree with you on this one I can’t receive mine either because of childsupport arears and I think that’s not fair for us either because this was caused by someone other than our own actions and I feel like every one who lives the the USA should benefit from this stimulus check . Like they promised to everyone else but then if it was not right for the creditors to get their money and that was stop why couldn’t it be like that for child support but if they would of allowed with the creditors there would be a whole lot more people on here mad and trying to file .

  • Norwen May 20, 2020

    I am a senior licing in HUD Independent living building owned and runby Archdiocese of Denver CO, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese corporate organization. When COVID19 regs began, the Public Healh Investigations Dept of Denver County wrongfully labeled all of their independent living sites, including the one inwhich I live, as long term care facilities, as if the sites were assisted living or nursing homes, not the independent living sites designated by HUD. Management did not consult with tenants but implemented draconian measures, including closing downall activities and locking the TV/Community room. They said people could nit have caregivers ir other visitors, thereby depriving us of civil rights based upon age discrimination.

  • cynthia sabatino May 19, 2020

    I want to know how south carolina unemployment is sending emails saying you must go back to work if called from your employer,all unemployment benefits STOP when you get called back. what if i am not comfortable going back.I am a bartender/server being exposed to many tourists who can affect me. I feel threatend by the state taking my unemployment away,that i am entitled to,and threatened by my employer forcing me to return to work or lose my job !

  • Rita M Mills May 19, 2020

    My employment was affected. Please add me to the list.

  • Rita M Mills May 19, 2020

    Please add me to the price gouging list

  • RITA M MILLS May 19, 2020

    Please add me to the list

  • Guadalupe Becerra May 19, 2020

    Please add me to the law suite

  • Guadalupe Becerra May 19, 2020

    I have cancer it’s been hard to go visit my doctor appt at first, then it got me sick with anxiety then dealing my father bad Attitude it got my sicker.
    My son could come with me to visit my doctors appointment.
    It’s been hard to go to market to get supplies because you have to wear the face masks, it got sick that got home and got sick , my blood pressure went down and almost lost conscience all due to the cornavirus lockdown.

  • NATALIE HOUSEY May 19, 2020


  • Tisha Horton May 19, 2020


  • Tammy Hotaling May 18, 2020

    Please add me to every single lawsuit that involves anything to do withcorona VIRUS. Thanks

  • Brian Stinson May 16, 2020

    Add me also

  • David Randall May 15, 2020

    GERM-X Add me please

  • Yvonne M Washington May 14, 2020

    Add me

  • Lisa Jones May 12, 2020


  • megan e Williamson May 12, 2020

    Add me please

  • Jennifer bortz May 11, 2020

    California is being forced to wear mask every where we go. Even though mask do not in any way protect you from this virus or any other virus. First of all the are not fitted. Secondly these mask on work for the provention of TB. Breathing in your own vo2;caused health issues. People like myself who has suffered from the H1N1 Nadal vaccine have breathing problems. It is impossible to brealth. These masks are causes to many health problems. Which is another bonus as far as Newsom and the pharmacal companies are concerned. So now I anable to even go to the grocery store. All my purchase have to be done online. So I’m forced to pay a higher price and shipping charges.just how much do u think a 50 lb bad of dog food cost. Our health is suffering from staying inside.

    Gun shops are closed and we can’t buy ammo. Door to door home burglaries are on the rise in my city. So now we are forced to live in fear. Unable to buy ammo. Our health is deterotisting and we are being price goudged.

  • Traci Herzog May 10, 2020

    Add me please

  • Robert Tarafa May 9, 2020

    we also got raped in the high prices, add us

  • PHYLLIS A KEENE May 9, 2020

    Please add me on class action for the price gouging on eggs. Add me to the TARGET for falsely advertising soap to kill germs. I thought that most everyone that sells hand soaps to kill 99.9 germs such as dial

  • Edward Severns May 9, 2020

    I am still suffering from the price gouging on the price of eggs and so many other foods. Sad but true, prices for food products sky rocketed. Grocers did hot waste time raising the prices for this COVID-19 crisis. Add me

  • Gloria Kilpatrick May 8, 2020

    Add me please to the voter register

  • Gloria Kilpatrick May 8, 2020

    I have been price gouged on eggs at Walmart the last ones I bought were $15 per a flat of 60 eggs we were paying over $4 for an 18 count carton of eggs and almost $3 for a dozen eggs. Please add me to the Walmart lawsuit.

  • Jessica Fetters May 7, 2020

    I was a victim of domestic violence thanks to Governor Tom Wolf and his unconstitutional stay at home order that he KEEPS ON EXTENDING nonetheless. I tried everything in my power to find housing/apartments, etc. However calls were never returned and voicemails all quote ‘we are unable to take your call. Tom Wolf’s stay at home order COVID 19’ blah blah blah. Not even shelters were letting people in blah blah COVID 19. Meanwhile what I feared happened did. Long story short tried my best to find another place (Live with family) because my brother and I don’t get along and he was released from jail. Physically assaulted me not even a week later. Are there any class action lawsuits out there for domestic violence victims as a result of this unconstitutional quarantine? That would be another good class action lawsuit because the cases of domestic violence in the unconstitutional quarantine drastically inclined

  • Marjorie Wills May 6, 2020

    Add me to a few of them

  • SARA LAFRATTE May 6, 2020

    Sexual predator released from Polk county jail Des Moines Iowa and other violent felons as high risk inmates are being held with no bond or high bonds over probation violation charges or non violent charges.

  • MS May 6, 2020

    Add me as well, paid for masks, TP, sanitizer on ebay & Amazon and way overpaid

  • Amy Hewitt May 6, 2020

    Add me to the Amazon price gouging and failure to refund an item

  • Patrick Joseph May 5, 2020

    Add me. My wife went mentally ill from this, my parents were forced inside, and I forced my children outside of their love. My children have become mentally ill from this pandemic. I’ve become mentally ill from this pandemic, depression anxiety and self harm has occurred more than once. I want to sue because this pandemic has viciously disrupted my way of life.

    • Patrick Joseph May 5, 2020

      Self Harm and the harming of others has been done against and to my children due to this pandemic. I witnessed my children become crazy because of this pandemic, to the point that I know people were killed because of it.

  • Amy A FANCHER May 5, 2020

    Add me

  • Sandra L Melgoza May 5, 2020

    Add me

  • Rafael H Melgoza May 5, 2020

    Please add me to the cases.

  • brian mocilnikarr May 1, 2020

    add me, self employed

    • Tiffany LeMond May 2, 2020

      Over 380,000 people have filed for unemployment in Oregon…we have only 2,579 confirmed COVID cases, 104 death for a population of 4.28 million. Sad math there…we are at war with tyranny

  • Annabelle Augustine May 1, 2020

    Amazon price gouged me please add me

  • Kenneth Morris May 1, 2020

    add me.

  • Christine Goudin May 1, 2020

    add me

  • Robert Goudin May 1, 2020

    Please add me,Dems and CNN said it was ok to go out and dont need a mask ,they Lied!Life is disrupted and upside down and driving me crazy!

    • Tiffany LeMond May 2, 2020

      Masks kill…really. Do the homework. They reduce oxygen 20-25% and have caused deaths due to hypoxemia; forces Co2 (carbon dioxide) into lungs which is for plants…not humans; masks contain micro-particles of synthetic fibers & chemicals; most masks are too porous to trap virus particles–kinda like putting a chain-link fence up as a screen door; testing on masks show they increase risks of contamination because they capture all the airborne particulates as you walk, hands contaminate both ways when you take it off, and then it contaminates whatever else it touches; masks are deadly for people with certain medical conditions like heart & lung conditions in particular; masks discriminate against the disabled who cannot communicate without lip reading/facial expressions; CRIMINALS WEAR MASKS–how would you identify an assaulter wearing a mask? Lastly, major health experts/agencies indicate masks should only be worn by those who are ill or caring for the ill. Apparently, we’re at war for our civil liberties being hijacked under the guise of a virus–everybody knows viruses don’t kill. Governments do though

  • margaret nix May 1, 2020

    Fox News, having called the pandemic a “hoax” and a “conspiracy” (stated above), resulted in Fox viewers dismissing the issue as frivolous and not taking precautions necessary to limit the spread of covid 19. This inaction put the rest of us at increased risk of exposure to the virus.

    Sadly, Fox New continues (I heard a broadcast as recently as yesterday) to minimize the dangers of ignoring the recommended guidelines and mandates established to protect citizens from this virus. Calling those of us who continue to stay home, maintain 6 ft from others, wear masks, etc. “fear-mongers,” is reckless and ENCOURAGES their viewers to continue to ignore warnings and recommendations and, therefore, continue to expose us to potential lethal outcomes.

    • Tiffany LeMond May 2, 2020

      Do you homework…the statistics are inaccurate and inflated, created by third-party companies & unverified. To begin with, they say that the counts include “non-verified” COVID & include patients self-reporting symptoms that happen to be side effects of hundreds of illnesses. After extracting real data from state & federal sources tracking hospitalization admissions/vacancies, death counts (99% pre-morbid conditions), get this: Oregon Population 4.28 million, “confirmed COVID” cases 2,579 (that’s 0.06%) with only 104 deaths (nearly 0%). Interestingly, the numbers “projected” as real are much, much higher. Consensus is not science yet that’s what’s supplanting facts. Please wake up.

      • Terry May 2, 2020

        Great comments Tiffany. Keep it up

  • Richard M April 29, 2020

    Please add me. What about us retired couples that derived our financial stability from Stock Market investments. This manufactured, ill managed crisis caused the stock market to go crazy and vast amounts of finances were lost. What do we nee to do to be adequately compensated this major loss? It’s almost like I’ve lost my job and source of income but I won’t get any unemployment payments or PPP. Really sets you back on your heels…
    What are we to do???????

  • Nakia Gourdine April 29, 2020

    Add me cause I’m self employed and everything gotten stripped away….

  • Marina barnes April 28, 2020

    Add me. I’m self employed but don’t qualify for any relief

    • Carmelina M Anastasio May 3, 2020

      Yes u do under pandemic unemployment..

    • Carmelina M Anastasio May 3, 2020

      Pandemic unemployment…u get lots of money now… Google it!!!

  • Melissa April 28, 2020

    Please add me

  • Brenda Wilhelm April 27, 2020

    Add me the American people were told every American will get $1200.
    I didn’t get mine because I have not filed tax return for 6 years reason is irs wont except my return because i dont know my ip pin irs claims I used. Try to get my ip pin is impossible iv been trying for 6 year.
    Also we were told every American will get $1200 . Then they come up with if you filed tax . I tried to file our 2018 and 2019 they were rejected because I didn’t put my ip pin on them .this being the new reason I’m not getting my $1200. The irs should never have been handed our money’s to hand out because what happened was they are so involved in depositing money to past tax payers that the irs has let people trying to file or amend present tax returns to just being ignored because they are tied up with this stimulus bull.
    Also when the people were told about all this millions of dollars for the people they left out telling us the hidden stipulations like i don’t get money if someone claimed me on previous taxes. Or that when you apply for money assistance you don’t qualify if you are a felon or have previous been charged or if your flea in. So everyone that has any legal issues they are not going to help.
    And irs has mailed thousands to wrong addresses and deposits thousands to wrong accounts

    • Carmelina Anastasio May 3, 2020

      Pandemic unemployment Google it…. Your welcome

  • Sunshine April 26, 2020

    Add me

  • paulette ball April 26, 2020

    add me please my husband needed hip surgery first 2 didn’t work they still have not let him have surgery he is in extreame pain can’t walk or do anything. we need help

  • Beverly Clancy April 24, 2020

    please add me

  • Dana A Roberson April 23, 2020

    Please add me

  • Angela Richardson April 22, 2020

    please add me

  • Marjorie Wills April 21, 2020

    I’m on oxygen couldn’t get all my supplies I normally get because they said they had to limit them out due to covid 19

  • beverly p bonner April 21, 2020

    add me

  • Brittany April 21, 2020

    I live in a large apartment complex that the owner/company has always (very inconveniently) only allowed rent to be paid via money order, no other forms of payment. I’ve never been late on rent and have always been a good tenant but this (potentially unethical rule) is across the board. Now comes Covid 19. The landlord knowing I have underlining medical issues and have been faithfully sheltering in place refused to accept my rent through any other (safer) means such as utilizing the many resources available to landlords to allow the virtual collection of rent because they do not want to pay the fee associated with the service. Therefore, they put their tenants health and safety at risk despite requests to please allow alternate forms of payment. I’m fortunate to even have the rent to pay at all , yet, despite that blessing that so many people unfortunately do not have, they refused my accommodation request and forced me to leave my home and risk my life to save them any inconvenience. The night of that day I went to get the rent, I suffered a terrible heart attack and haven’t been the same since.

  • Winnie April 21, 2020

    Please Add me

  • darlene jarratt April 17, 2020

    cant get needed medical testing or even see a doctor, called ambulance thought mother was have a heart problem or worse another stroke, but the ambulance workers did not want to take her to ER because of the virus risk, they told us they thought she was having mini strokes and still could not get her any medical attention, My regular doctor quit his practice in January 2020, the sub doctor has refused to refill my meds I ve been on for years cant even attempt to l;ook for another doctor cause of cov19, need brain pressure tested again and cant get it ordered. If the virus dont kill me the non treatment of my medical issues will, doctor appointments are of a phone call, that amount to nothing at all.

  • Franklin Greer April 16, 2020

    I am considered an essential worker in a union job. Before this pandemic I had never heard the term “essential workers “,and there is nothing in our current contract that covers hazard pay.
    I read about a possible class action suit asking for a 25% increase in hazard pay.
    My employer has determined two dollars an hour is sufficient…?

  • charles caudill April 16, 2020

    Add me Michigan governor violated my constitutional rights. .

  • Jingjing April 14, 2020

    I have high anxieties paranoid to leave home basic life necessary errands. Excessive Weight gain. Mandatory work over time and weekends no time to take care of self. Doubled job duties. No hazard pay. Use personal cell and internet for job work at home. Constant stress as dealing with 50 to 100 calls a day. Unable to have adequate time and training to perform. Constant procedures and protocals to maintain and no real training but expected to be compliant. Double workload without compensation

  • Matilda Ann Laythe April 14, 2020

    I am a personal provider and I have been refused pay by Washington State Community service office and I have been made to work for 2 months with no pay.and I am a contracted caregiver by the State of Washington Department of Disability services but refused pay by the adult services division .

  • Robert J Goudin April 14, 2020

    Add me please

  • Alexis Jose Arichabala April 11, 2020

    My father is an American citizen who passed away on 4/2/20 in Guayaquil Ecuador. He was seriously I’ll for 3 days and I begged the U.S. Embassy in Guayaquil numerous times to send help to my father and they assured me that they would send help and to keep my phone on that they would call me with an update. They never even called me back or responded to my emails. After he passed away they were of no help as well in helping me give my father a proper funeral.
    The data as to the amount of cases in that country are way off showing alot less than the anount that they actually have.

  • Yvonne R Thorpe April 11, 2020

    Oh the company name Viastat/exceede/Wild Blue
    In the state Of Texas.New Mexico.Colorado.

    Vistat is who I am with ..but your lucky waitng in Que up to 63 then the count is slowly.or your on hold waitng to talk to some one for over an hour and they hang up on you.
    And your back waitng again.

  • Yvonne R Thorpe April 11, 2020

    Try our local internet company .Price Gouching .If you don’t matter if you don’t have a landline,cable Tv,or that you live in a rural area using your friends cell phone to reach out to the internet provider that states since its a pandemic No one will be Disconnected.well they lied .everytime I tried to reach out .Cell phone.Via cell phone talking to agent by chat.keep telling me they will turn service back on but doesn’t.and your own Govnor says you won’t be disconnected.but you are..and when you constantly reach filling out an FCC report.and still No one helps .
    Unreal.Yes I have medical issues also.disabled with Rare Blood Cancer.and Yes appointments have been rescheduled.but No way of Communication.because I have No internet .

  • Athanasios Lianos April 10, 2020

    Can we have a class action brought against the CDC and NIH to
    1. Make sure that all COVID victims are accounted properly. My mom died from COVID19 but was never tested.
    2. Publish all statistical data related to COVID19 with the ability to drill through to find out the specific counts at a local hospital level.

    The US mortality rate is under .05%. Yet worldwide the mortality rate is over 2%. Something does not make sense. We cannot be 4x better than the rest of the world particularly when you factor in the delayed response.

    The data capture is wrong and we need to uncover what else is not captured.

  • Ahnisohn M Harmon April 6, 2020

    I work at IKEA warehouse in Westhampton NJ. WHY ARE WE OPEN?…I wrote this to management

    To whom it may concern,

    Please shutdown our location. It is only a matter of time before someone at our location is infected. We have many workers from many different towns. We are going to contribute to the spread of this virus which will also lead to numerous deaths. This is the definition of imminent danger. And for what? Furniture? Make the call to headquarters and tell them people are going to die if we continue to work foolishly. Please do the right thing.

    • AnonAntifaops April 10, 2020

      Contact Democracy Now, Secular Talk, The Intercept, Redacted Tonight, the Rational National, the Humanist Report, the Real News Network, or other such new media sites, on Twitter or YouTube, to have this publicized. This website will don nothing for you.

  • Carol Cappiello April 4, 2020

    Asking for information on a company who is giving employees a dollar raise until the corona virus diminishes and then taking back dollar raise after and wont let the girl claim unemployment when employees from another company came into that gas station with the virus… suppose to get back to her by Monday April 6th 2020. this girl is fatigue has not been back to work don’t know what she can and cant do cant afford to lose her job, also was in the hospital last year because of upper respatory illness. wheels company claims they are essential…dollar raise is not enough where as it is an insult to put a life on the line

  • Top Class Actions March 31, 2020

    UPDATE: The TCA Coronavirus Consumer & Business Rights Class Action Investigation is now open! If you’re rights have been violated due to the Coronavirus pandemic, fill out the form in this article or submit your information here!

    • Rose Rael April 14, 2020

      I suffer from PTSD and this has caused me unn necessary depression and panic.

      • the judge April 21, 2020

        Me to!!

  • MARTHA DANILS March 27, 2020


  • CHARLES MAYFIELD March 26, 2020

    ADD ME

  • Edward Drake March 26, 2020

    Please add me I’ve been a nervous wreck since the covid-19 outbreak

  • Jody davis March 25, 2020

    Add me
    Autistic son
    No supplies
    KEDCIAL EQIPMENT ( innstockplie formexample like ventilators) and other Inactions thatbwillmdirectly cause death of Americans

    It seems to me withholding of life saving equipment also tommesicalnstagfndirevtly endangers not only above regencies groups but all Americans die to spread
    If a medical drnor other citizen withheld life saving actions or equipment they would be criminally charged It’s neglienxlce negligent homicide at the least

    • Jody davis March 25, 2020

      Typos above sorry
      He withheld equipment
      Did not take action timely
      Directly causing ilnesss death stress
      He should
      Only know if he had someone die and someone else withheld equipment to that person. Then he’dnraise hell

  • MELISSA VERBOS March 25, 2020

    I need to speak to a lawyer about being discharged from my doctor after 6 yrs because she spoke with my mother and I was then discharged during the coronavirus leaving me with no Psychiatrist for my addiction and anxiety medication. I feel notonly was i discharged falsely during coronavirus but also that HIPA was violated. Also I was recieving W2 State benefits and my case was closed a week before coronavirus because I had to take my daughter to the doctor and then not even a week later the coronavirus was all over the place. They reinstated my case but for that week or so i was terrified about what i was going to do for my daughter and I and i then was scammed by someone stating that I was approved for a loan and now I’m out over $500

  • Eileen March 25, 2020

    What about airlines that cancel your flight and instead of adhering to their own contract of carriage or the D.O.T. Guidelines that both stipulate passengers whose flights are cancelled have the option for a full refund regardless of the class of service booked, and are only providing travel bank or future flight credit? I am facing this with JetBlue and was informed by a supervisor that the corona virus is an extenuating circumstance that overrides the “regardless of reason” part of the clause indicating I can receive a refund if I don’t want to accept a different flight.

  • Chrisanne Oliver March 24, 2020

    Medical professional are deemed essential and are to remain open, yet several medical offices have canceled the appointments of high risk paitents for at least 3 months. Many of these paitents need life saving surgeries and treatments and already had to wait weeks and months to be seen just to be told they have to wait at least 3 more months! If they even live that long! This us terrifying. What can be done to force these doctors to do their essential duties? The surgon that is supposed to be caring for me has left me uncared for and at high risk of heart attack or stroke for no valid reason. There has been no paients or employees with the virus in the office yet they shut down! My life is important to me and I deserve the care they agreed to provide and they need to be held accountable.

  • Chrisanne Oliver March 24, 2020

    My concern is the many medical offices canceling crucial apointments for no valid reason other than fear. I believe the medical field is concidered an essential business that should be open and keeping the appointments they have scheduled in serious medical cases. I was diagnosed with a 80% blockage in an artery on my aortic arch in Feb 2020 and was refered to a vascular surgon whom I had an appointment with on March 27, 2020. I am at high risk of heart attack or stroke because of this and basically on bedrest until surgon decides best course of action. Yesterday the surgons office calls and cancelled apointment and won’t be rescheduling apointments for 3 months from now! I can not wait that long! My doctor is going to call and stress that I need to be seen now and hopefully get them to see me! My life has been put at more risk because they are refusing to see paitents! No one at their office is sick or been in contact with a covid 19 positive person. They just decided to be cautious at risk to their paitents lives! I deserve to get life saving treatment needed now! Their lack of concern for my life has me terrified that I may die or have a stroke that they can prevent but chose not to! They should be forced to to their job as I do deserve to live. Their actions violate laws and paitents rights and they need to be held accountable! We need excellent representation now.

  • Robert March 24, 2020

    add me please

  • Shcarisse Welch March 24, 2020

    Add me I want to the hospital to get tested they turned me around talking about I look healthy

    • Christina March 24, 2020

      That was correct. Only people who meet certain medical criteria are to be tested. People who just want the test to “make sure” they do not have the virus are putting a strain on the medical system. We cannot keep up. This is why there is a shortage of testing kits.

    • Nicole White March 25, 2020

      I ask my doctor to test me to she told me to wait till I get sick

  • Angela March 23, 2020

    Add me to the list. I can’t find toilet paper or paper towels at any store:( They say not to hoard but when I find some I am going to buy a month supply. All the food is gone too!

    • Daniel J Norman March 24, 2020

      Please start a class action for apartment landlords who allow sick maintenance persons or maintenance persons into persons homes during quarantine.

  • Corrinna March 22, 2020

    I have asthma and my right lung clasped twice on me from pneumonia. I work at essential business. What are my rights if I want to stay home

  • Pixie March 22, 2020

    Senior living in HUD project-based Subsidized Independent Living site. Archdiocese Housing, Inc. and Catholic Charities shut down building with Public Health Investigations of Denver, Colorado and wrongfully called our Independent Living site a Longterm Care Facility. Removed all lobby furnishings, locked all common areas and activities and outings. We pay rent and are not nursing home or assisted living that are normally classified as longterm care facilities. Catholkic Charities hires terrible managers who verbally abuse elderly and disabled. Catholics pretend to be charitable but treat tenants with disrespect.

  • Kim Franklin March 22, 2020

    My son was turned away from the local clinic a few weeks ago because he did not have insurance. He had symptoms.

  • m March 22, 2020

    add me

  • Shirley Reese March 21, 2020

    Add me I got germ x not sick thank s God

  • D. Rowell March 21, 2020

    Add me to your list please. I am a high risk for several chronic medical issues myself and there are no test kits in our area. A few of our local doctors here have actually had to turn down patients that they felt would be tested as positive to this virus. So these people were put right back into the general population to spread the virus to many others here in our county. Test kits and testing have only been available to the bigger cities and county’s at the present time. What about these smaller ones we deserve to be tested also especially since the senior citizens are at a higher risk than most others and we are abiding by the demands for us to remain in our homes to avoid coming into contact with this mess. We have to eat also and the stores here have been depleted of their supplies and can’t tell us when or if they will receive another shipment. This is very nerve racking not knowing what will happen when our food runs out and no testing kits either. So please add me to your list.

  • Vallaree Spires March 21, 2020

    I want to start a class action against California’s illegal coronavirus shelter in place order.

    • Noreen March 24, 2020

      I agree. We are not living in China or Russia. I cannot believe we, the American people have not taken out weapons and begun a revolution. How dare they impose this draconian BS. Has everyone gone mad with fear? Can’t they see the falseness of the fearmonger Fauci? CDC, WHO just want to mandate false flag health concerns when anyone with half a brain can discern that this was their trial run to see if we would go for it. Also, when they do it again, and they will, if they open up the country after this false flag, they now know that they can get away with it. If this happened in the sixties, they would not get away with this garbage. I want to sue the local, state and feds for false imprisonment!

      • Christina March 24, 2020

        Three words:
        Look at Italy

  • lee pittman March 21, 2020

    add me

  • Christopher Mckoy March 21, 2020

    Add Me

  • Michelle March 20, 2020

    Add me

  • Chantel March 20, 2020

    I’m currently getting evicted !
    I can’t find anything legal to give my landlord . Can he do this at this time ?

  • Alta White Lark March 20, 2020

    Add me please

  • Hazel R Urban March 20, 2020

    Co worker tested possitive, I am immunosuppressant and hubby is diabetic. We both have coughs, trouble breathing. I called to schedule for testing, (stonybrook n.y) they said they will call to schedule appt. It’s been 3 days, no call back.
    I emailed cdc, nothing back in 2 days. I contacted my health insurance (oscar) told me I do no meet requirements for testing.
    1) close contact with someone who tested positive
    2) dry cough,
    3) shortness of breath
    4) immuno compromised
    Sounds like I meet criterior
    I am self guaranteeing myself
    Job is not paying me for week off either.

  • JA March 20, 2020

    Multiple doctor cancellations

  • Clint March 20, 2020

    Please add me

  • add me March 20, 2020

    I can’t go to the dentist to get my new dentures to fit right so I am not able to wear them at all. I have no fear of the virus but my dentist office cancelled my appointment because of the virus.

  • Tina Ingram March 20, 2020

    Add me. I can’t go to the doctor and had several appointments trying to find out what has been wrong. With me since October and preventing me from working. I was in physical therapy and they shut it down until further notice and when I get back I will have to start over again from the first time if the insurance company pays for it. I have to homeschool my daughter but I had already paid for private school and they aren’t paying that back. I can’t provide that for her. Not to mention, because I am spending all day trying to teach her, I can’t do my own college classes that I have thousands of dollars in loans for. Please add me to all lawsuits available.

  • Wendy Newman March 20, 2020

    Add me please. I’m high risk for several reasons and been on self isolation for a week now. I’m very scared about contracting this virus!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Shenee Hayward March 20, 2020

    Add me

  • joy darnell March 20, 2020

    add me

  • Patsy Clements March 20, 2020

    When the Coronavirus first got started I went on Amazon to order a box of 10 of the 3M N95 masks for my family for less than $45.00. As the virus progressed, I thought I’d better get a second box, and found that they were now charging 10 times the price, $145.99 for the same number of masks. Couldn’t find hand sanitizer or toilet paper at a price I can afford. I thought I had read that Amazon had stopped the price gouging, apparently not!

    I’m in Mississippi

  • Alfredo Aguilar March 20, 2020

    Add me please

  • CHARLES MAYFIELD March 20, 2020


  • Dawn March 19, 2020

    Add me. I have anxiety bad and low oxygen that im going on Oxygen at night. Asthma

  • charles s March 19, 2020

    add me please

  • Christal Willis March 19, 2020

    I’m a hypochondriac for one so the anxiety is bad, I can’t sleep I’m scared to eat, drink and converse with anyone face to face. I have no grocery, I’m waiting to get paid from my employer. I had my son thinking we was going to Disney world for spring break and he don’t understand the safety concerns. So I’m very heartbroken to be on vacation and scared to enjoy it

    • Carmelina M Anastasio May 3, 2020

      Pandemic unemployment.. Google it

  • Anna Jennett March 19, 2020

    Add me plz

  • Phyllis Saunders March 19, 2020

    Please add me. Thank you.

    • Ed Bickel March 20, 2020

      Add me. Due to the “chinese virus” been taking my temperature, blood pressure frequently and freaking out over each slight symptom. Chinese government has been covering up the truth. Hold them responsible for creating biohazard viruses.

  • PETER LIU March 19, 2020

    Add me

  • Big J March 19, 2020

    Saying add me does nothing people… Yoy have to file yourself when a website becomes live.

  • Traci C. Herzog March 19, 2020

    Please add me also. It seems that the product gives no actual protection.

  • Traci C. Herzog March 19, 2020

    Please add me also.

  • DARLISA HALE March 18, 2020

    Seriously! Do add me please.

  • Beverly Heiman March 18, 2020

    Please add me

  • Iris Childress March 18, 2020

    I stocked it too for myself and my family.And now discover I am left with no protection.

  • Yvette k Driver March 18, 2020

    I was definitely misled. Add me please.

  • Cynthia M HENDRY March 18, 2020

    My husband and I are at-risk seniors. We worried about not having the sanitizer. Then finally got the Germ-X. We thought we were safe! Got the large bottle! Cant believe we were taken!

  • Lawrence Higgins March 18, 2020

    And the germ x doesn’t work what so ever

  • Lawrence Higgins March 18, 2020

    Hello please add me I got this cov19 ugh please

  • Deb Godfredsen March 18, 2020

    Add please

  • Moneekia Hill March 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Renee Smith March 18, 2020

    Please add me. This has been extremely stressful as my husband’s company is still making everyone come to work! They work closely to other people.

  • Latoya R Smith March 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Tea Rose March 18, 2020

    Most of these comments have NOTHING to do with GermX. They did not cause Corona VIrus. Just because you cannot leave or are afraid to leave or can’t get toilet paper, has nothing to do with GermX. So much craziness going on. Get a grip people and quit blaming everything on things or people that have nothing to do with situations. Geez.

  • tara careme March 18, 2020

    pleasee add me im 54 have copd and cant find food any place due to this mess, ive had to go out daily to try and find something to eat and there is nothing left , i m being put at risk going out in public its sad that we have come to this . i dont want to get sick but im so hungry right now just need enough food so i can stay inside and stay safe until this is over.

  • Kathy Timotijevic March 18, 2020

    Please add me. Due to the frenzy caused by the irresponsible reporting by the media and panic buying and hoarding by everyone, my husband and I exposed ourselves many times to people and catching the virus due to the many times we had to venture out to try to find food, water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, etc. This was especially risky as my husband has a compromised immune system and every time I had to go out to find staples for my family to survive, I increased the risk of catching the virus and spreading. Had the Chinese government had more integrity and transparency and accountability, much of this could have been avoided and better managed.

  • Nichole Mendez March 18, 2020

    Add me.

  • L. Lea Wilcox March 18, 2020

    Add me. At 60+ not only being distanced from public, but family and church community, also.

  • Jessica Simmons March 18, 2020

    Add me

  • rodger ault March 18, 2020

    please ad me i cant sleep for fear and am afraid to go out in public as i am 67 and am afraid to contac is causing me extrem stress.

  • Monique Hibbs March 18, 2020

    Please add me. I’m a survivor of a violent crime and suffer with PTSD, Panic Attacks, High Anxiety, Paranoia. This is so scary you for me. I haven’t been able to sleep at all.

  • Sean Ireland March 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Sara sherillo March 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Justin Townsend March 18, 2020

    Add me please

  • Jackie Redburn March 18, 2020

    I had to buy some toilet paper at country mart grocery store and what normally cost me 4.98 a package I had to pay 9.99 for., but I was out and it was the only place that had it due to the coronavirus. Please let me know what I can due because of the price gouging on this product.

  • jane March 18, 2020

    add me

  • Cohardia Palmer Green March 17, 2020

    Please add me

  • Michael Estrada March 17, 2020

    Add me please… I’m stuck in the house fire to this crisis

  • Jacqueline Dawn Harvey March 17, 2020

    I have had chronic bronchitis since childhood.

  • Ricky Valdez March 17, 2020

    Please add me and do all the legwork.

    Kickin’ back

  • Toni Duplantis March 17, 2020

    I have idiopathic angioedema bounding me to my home and local hospitals. My meds are not being filled and if I have a breakout of hives, I could lose my life. No one can fill my prescriptions, my insurance and local pharmacy’s are closing or have closed. No household essentials, no water, no cleaning supplies, no work, no money, can’t pay bills not rent…

  • Leslie Musgrave March 17, 2020

    Please add me I also have high blood pressure and diabetes, neuropathy and I’m really scared and my anxiety and Depression are now really bad and I’m older and at high risk and now I’m staying in the house and can’t go anywhere

  • Leslie Musgrave March 17, 2020

    Please add me to the list, my anxiety is off the wall

  • Cynthia Soujkiasian March 17, 2020

    Please add me! I am also immune compromised. Liver transplant recipient. I am in isolation.

  • TAMMY HORSLEY March 17, 2020

    Add me plz

  • Carol LaPeruta March 17, 2020

    Please add me. I have PTSD, and anxiety I am afraid to go outside. I am disabled and living on a very limited income, groceries and supplies are scarce. I am battling Breast Cancer and my stress level is off the radar.

  • Benjamen Chappelow March 17, 2020

    I have a compromised immune system due to lymphoma and HIV and I have been trying for almost 3 weeks to purchase toilet paper hand sanitizer all the Lysol disinfectant any of the disinfectant sprays to help keep me safe and healthy yet I have been unable to find them and in return I have to keep going out trying to find them exposing myself to potential exposure to the virus when my immune system is compromised I’ve tried to order them online at WalMart delivery in every one of these kind of items say in-store purchase only at the stores are out but yet they tell us to socially stay away from everyone and stay home yet we can’t because we can’t even get the stuff to help keep us healthy I have PTSD and anxiety over this issue I’m it’s just really bad on me I can’t work or sell my stuff and make money so I’m struggling to even eat there’s no food on the shelves at Walmart here in Blue Springs Missouri it’s just ridiculous that we can’t even get a square toilet paper to wipe her butt and there’s no dog food my dogs are going without food it’s just ridiculous please add me

  • Mary Lou Whalen March 17, 2020

    Add me. Got pneuioma bruised lungs from coughing missing 3 wks work commissioned retail sales. Could not be hospitalized due to coronavirus. Housebound loosing income

  • Cynthia Lou healy March 17, 2020

    Please add me. My brother had some health issues with his lungs an liver. He passed away January 15th 2020. Before he passed he was complaining about freezing, was so tired all the time an felt like he couldn’t breathe. I honesty believe he had this virus an it took his life.

  • Kimberly March 17, 2020

    My husband and I do craft shows to make money. They have all been canceled so a loss of income.

  • Cynthia K McGee March 17, 2020

    Please add me to the list I have limited income and food stamps but when I went to buy food there was hardly anything left on the shelves. So my family will be without a lot of food, just havingvery little until stores get more in.

  • Tammy B March 17, 2020

    Add me please. I have PTSD and Anxiety . this has me not wanting to go anywhere. Im not in good health

  • Trina A Hewitt March 17, 2020

    I. Am 53 year old and have chronic illness,and i am very afraid please add me

  • chastity March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Gloria Meredyk March 17, 2020

    My Husband has COPD and Diabetes. This is so scary when we go grocery shopping.

  • leslie ramon March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Carla Ross March 17, 2020

    Please add.

  • Justin Watts March 17, 2020

    Please add me.

    • Lanita Phillips March 17, 2020

      Please add me

  • joseph downs jr March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • kim m velasquez March 17, 2020

    Add me

    • Dorie Harris March 17, 2020

      Add me

  • Krystal russell March 17, 2020

    Plz add me

  • Prakash c Shah March 17, 2020

    add me

    • Catherine Beckner March 17, 2020

      Add me please

  • Monique Sinclair March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Vincent Paul Clark March 17, 2020

    Please add us as well.

    • Richard March 17, 2020

      Add me

  • Maria Outcalt March 17, 2020

    I have an 82 yr dad, who HAS to see his Cardiologist WEEKLY, appointments have been canceled. He has Parkinson’s and Dementia, pharmacy doesn’t have the medication at this moment. How in the heck am I supposed to deal with this???
    Heart Failure, Parkinson’s, Dementia, I have ALL the PROOF in the world on his diagnosis.

  • Randall G Young March 17, 2020

    Add me please

    • Terrie Lashondra Stephanys March 17, 2020

      My name is terrie stephanys and this is really bad for me I have PTSD and anxiety and disc or neural virus thing has really escalated everything I’m paranoid all the time this is ridiculous I feel like the world is ending I’m going to die scary

      • Ruth March 17, 2020

        I suffer from PTSD anxiety (agoraphobiah) and this is making me isolate myself much more. I have 2 children that live with me and all this is not helping me fo what I need to fo for them.

  • Michael boone March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Pamela D Todd March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Malena Cocran March 17, 2020

    Our family is so scared. Please add us.

  • atonia dixon March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Cheryl March 17, 2020

    Please add me!!!

  • Luci Malenky March 17, 2020

    I was in the hospital for unrelated issues and came down with cough, illness and they sent me home two weeks ago and I haven’t recovered! Their response was you can get sick in hospital!

  • Laura March 17, 2020

    Add me

    • Kathryn Larsen March 17, 2020

      Pls. add me.

  • Lille B Harrison March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Madeline Torres March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Lovina Gray March 17, 2020

    Please add me. My family is emotionally terrified my mother is in her 70s and on dialysis. She worried that she may contact the virus. Financial effected. Family stressing. Grandkids on breathing medication. I don’t want to loose my family because of someone else neglect. Count me in.

  • Kristen March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • nik March 17, 2020


  • tamekia thomas March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • christina dieling March 17, 2020

    please add me! my husband has asthma and we have a 1 year old baby.
    i am scared for both of them!

  • Ron Vannoy March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Wendy March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Lee Diaz March 17, 2020

    Please add me. This affected me as well

  • ARTHUR ERLICH March 17, 2020

    add me have a tough time breathing so i have to say in my house

    • Ashley Castillo March 17, 2020

      I have been directly affected by the Coronavirus. I have taken a test and I’m waiting for the test results and I’m 99% sure it will be positive. I traveled last week and a couple days into my trip I started coming down with symptoms. I waited till I got back and went to Urgent Care. I was tested for the flu A and B which came out negative. I don’t know what to do because I-10 was tested for the Coronavirus I told my test results would come back in 2 to 3 days which would have been Sunday or Monday. On my discharge paper from the hospital it doesn’t mention anything about my coronavirus test however I did get a doctor’s note that advised to stay home for 14 days. But nowhere on my discharge paper does it mention anything about the Coronavirus or even the fact that I took a test. Naturally yesterday when I did not hear anything I started to make phone calls to urgent care to inquire about my test. I was given the runaround and told to contact the health department because they are the ones that give me my results. I was back and forth being transferred around the health department for six hours yesterday when they should have been able to be in bed resting because I am very sick. Finally I get in contact with somebody from the health department that advised me they don’t give me the results the facility that took the sample is the ones that provide me with the results. So I then called the urgent Care Center again who told me at that point that they accessed my record and it said it was processing my test results. This morning I called the corporate office of the hospital and stated everything that happened. I got a phone call back 30 minutes later from a nurse from the Urgent Care that advised me my sample was not sent out Thursday when they took it but it was sent out yesterday four days later and now I will have to wait a week to get my test results back. I don’t know what to do or if I should even contact an attorney because I feel like my health is being jeopardized. First my discharge papers from the Urgent Care don’t mention anything about the Coronavirus, that I was even tested for the coronavirus on the paperwork for any instructions I should take if I did have the Coronavirus. The only thing I got was a doctor’s note to hand my employer about being quarantined for 14 days. Then the whole run around yesterday from the Urgent Care Facility lying to me when I should have been able to be in bed resting not trying to chase down my test results because they did not send my sample out when they told me they did. My health is in jeopardy and I feel like the Urgent Care Facility did not care about my health. Can somebody please tell me what I should do?

      • Lilly March 17, 2020

        Yes they should have sent out your test.
        That was poor care on their part.

        Although even if your test came back positive there’s nothing anyone can do at this point.

        Except Treat your symptoms and Quarantine yourself.

        I suggest you contact the Hospital administrative and let them know how poorly your care was handled.

        I hope you feel better soon!
        Just know it won’t always be like this.
        Different yes.

        Best wishes.

  • Michelle Sulak March 17, 2020

    Please add me because I have a compromised immune system and am afraid to go out just to get groceries. Or to even get fresh air. I am so stressed and so is my family

  • ANGELA DAVIS March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Mary E Besasparis March 17, 2020

    Add me please

    • Danielle Bevins March 17, 2020

      Add me

  • Tina Brown March 17, 2020

    Please add me

  • Monica Gonzalez March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • JOANN SPEARS March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Sharon March 17, 2020

    Please add me, this thing have put a huge load on me as well as my family.

    • Kinda Hopkins March 17, 2020

      Add Me because I am Afraid Of this virus I Am alright Sick Now this hit Me and my family

  • Brittney MurphyChavez March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Lisa Brautigam March 17, 2020

    Please add me I have a bad amune system and I am scared to death to go out my nerves are shot I don’t no what I am going to do

  • Ebony Adams March 17, 2020

    The U.S. administration needs to be sued for the delay in getting the American people informed and protected. We heard it was fake news and they had it under control and contained. Seeing the first reports of China our government should have already started enacting protective measures. We are definitely behind in getting to strict measures and it is still not widespread to stop it and keep it from a prolonged situation.

  • Julie Holda March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Debra Knepper March 17, 2020

    Add me please.

  • Wayne Wright March 17, 2020

    I was evicted from a condo I OWN (without due process of law). The Summit County, Colorado, health department issued an order closing all timeshare resorts. I am the deeded OWNER of the next two weeks but not allowed quiet enjoyment of my property for the purpose of self-quarantine.

  • Kathie Diaz March 17, 2020

    I am a 70 year old woman with a severely compromised immune system & caretaker for my 78 year old husband who has heart disease & AFIB. Food & prescriptions have been almost impossible to obtain & all the stress has made us both very ill & we don’t know where to go or what to do. Please add me if I live through this.

  • Melody March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Veronica March 17, 2020

    because of fear and binge shopping I am having a hard time finding distilled water. My husband needs it for his sleep apnea machine. My great nephew needs this water also. people have to keep going out each day to find a little bit of toilet paper here and there . some people can stay home but the bread winner of the family has to go to work, leaving the rest of the family vulnerable to getting the virus as well. Everyone is wondering what will shut down next. will there be enough ventilators for everyone who needs? praying for all.

  • Patricia Patt March 17, 2020

    please add me. i do all my shopping on Amazon. I have been paying over to get what I need for health matters as a high-risk senior.

  • Kim flanders March 17, 2020

    add me and let me know where i need to go to sign up

  • MOJO March 17, 2020

    Where it’s the link for me to sing up to join it?

  • Craig L March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Elizabeth March 17, 2020

    Add me please!

  • Pat Holley March 17, 2020

    Please add me. I am 73 with an underlying medical condition.

  • Natasha March 17, 2020

    Add me. Everything is shut down. My job is gone due to this

    • Carmelina M Anastasio May 3, 2020

      Pandemic unemployment.. Google it

  • Rob Raven March 17, 2020

    Tour Groups need to be investigated. They are keeping the kids money. EF Tours for example do high school trips. They are saying they need to get paid…for what?

  • Jacqui Schaefer March 17, 2020

    Lmao!! Just what I was thinking!

    • Sherry Anderson March 17, 2020

      They didn’t force her to buy the TPaper. Her suing Amazon is just plain stupid – hope it gets thrown to of court.

  • Robert March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Monique Devlin March 17, 2020

    My work has me flying 26 weeks out of a year I had to cancel 22 of my plane trips to different US city’s as will as hotels car rentals for all the conference where call off, I have lost my two week vacation I’ve lost Thousands of dollars. Put me on your list

  • Rosy Pfister March 17, 2020

    add me

  • CATHERINE March 17, 2020


  • Lorraine Karmonocky March 17, 2020

    I was diagnosed with flu like systems on 3/7/2020 by Dr. Smith at Urgent Care located on Hillandale Rd. in Durham, NC. and only given Tusalon Pearls for cough. On 3/12/2020 I woke up even worse with extremely bad sore throat, body aches, severe sinus drainage but no fever or diarhea. I went to Duke South Clinic and saw Dr. Sirhna who order 10 days of Amoxicillin over the counter cough medicine and Coriciden HP no test done to see what I have. It is now March 17, 2020 and I still have cough, sore throat, sinus congestion with very little change also fatigued. Should I request a Corona Virus test as I am 79 years old and I am concerned not only for myself but for my 81 year old spouse and 48 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Lorraine email

  • Pamela Moore March 17, 2020

    I have secondary progressive MS. I had to be placed on a step down steroid because of the amount of stress this has caused me. I can’t even go an try and walk or workout because my gym the YMCA is shut down. I had to cancel my membership and now face the fact I’ll be paying new membership fees plus my monthly fee. How is this right? Being trapped in my home is not my way of life.

  • Charlene Larioz March 17, 2020

    Add me.

  • Joanne Natale March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Mike March 17, 2020

    If somebody paid Amazon all that money she should be sued for stupidity.

  • Tamiko Hawkins March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Katie h Scott March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Jennifer March 17, 2020

    Add me please

  • Tina Baleria March 17, 2020

    Yes this outbreak has caused me to be out of work for 4 weeks or more with a financial hardship, not only that but my 4 daughters are all out of school having myself to home school them till this get’s better.

    • Robin Robson March 17, 2020

      Yes, airlines, not allowing for ticket and hotel cancellations with complete loss of expenditure. This after a declared pandemic by the CDC, and limitations on public gatherings. The trip we want to cancel is not till the last week in May.

  • Lou Lou Goss March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Roy Wilhelm March 17, 2020

    Add me

  • Roy Wilhelm March 17, 2020

    Headaches due to stress. China is a child with nukes. Constantly messing up.

  • Woo S Ho March 17, 2020

    Please add me
    Thank you

    • Meghan Castillo March 17, 2020

      Please add me. I am currently waiting for my test results and have been very sick for a week.

  • Colleen Dalli March 17, 2020

    add me

  • Barbara Gutierrez March 17, 2020

    Please add me.

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