Hurricane Ida, Entergy, T-Mobile, Walmart & Gerber
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September Class Action Lawsuits Overview: 

  • Who: Plaintiffs filed class action lawsuits against Entergy, Walmart, Gerber, and T-Mobile last month, among others. 
  • Why: Class action lawsuits were filed for, among other things, alleged violations of health and privacy, and accusations of negligence.
  • Where: Class action lawsuits were filed nationwide in September.

Consumers and companies were faced with challenges both natural and manmade this September, with no shortage of class action lawsuits in-between.  

Hurricane Ida tore through the state of Louisiana, leaving a trail of destruction and class action lawsuits in its wake, while T-Mobile implored a judge to relieve it from an onslaught of complaints following an August data breach. 

Baby products such as diapers and baby food were also put under the microscope, as consumers came to grips with the fact that what they were feeding and clothing their infant children with may not have been as safe as companies claimed. 

Hurricane Ida Causes Storm of Class Actions

Hurricane Ida left its mark on the state of Louisiana after making landfall on Aug. 29 as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 150 mph. Ida brought with her tornados, flash floods, and life-threatening storm surges up and down the coasts of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 

Almost a million Entergy Corp customers lost power in the state of Louisiana, and upset consumers responded by lodging a class action lawsuit against the company

Consumers claimed Entergy was negligent in maintaining the New Orleans portion of its power grid, using what they called a “bubblegum and super glue,” approach to keep the grid in service. 

“Entergy created a system that could not and would not sustain even a hurricane with wind gusts below 100 miles per hour,” the class action states. 

While residents dealt with losing power, a group of 843 nursing home residents from New Orleans faced their own set of challenges after being evacuated into the city’s Waterbury Building. 

Residents alleged they faced “inhumane,” conditions in the building, including having to sleep in wheelchairs, on the floor, or on soaked mattresses while in cramped spaces

A total of seven residents would later die, allegedly on account of the conditions they faced in the building, while more than 12 had to be hospitalized. 

Bob Dean, the nursing home’s owner, reportedly denied any wrongdoing, while claiming that the residents that died were hospice patients who were “on their way out.” 

T-Mobile Faces Slew of Class Action Lawsuits after August Data Breach 

T-Mobile was facing so many complaints from an August data breach that it had to ask a federal judge to pause a proposed class action lawsuit. 

T-Mobile says it is facing more than 30 class action lawsuits in response to the data breach, which potentially exposed the personal and private data of more than 50 million of its customers. 

Without a stay, T-Mobile said it would have to fight each class action lawsuit individually, which it claims would exhaust both it and the courts resources and lead to a risk of conflicting rulings. 

“In the absence of a stay, T-Mobile will be prejudiced because it would be required to expend significant resources litigating in multiple forums, conducting duplicative discovery and motion practice, and facing potentially inconsistent rulings on identical issues,” the company said. 

The breach left customers’ personal information in the hands of hackers, including their names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and social security numbers, among other things. 

Consumers who applied for credit with T-Mobile were left most injured from the data breach, while customers who paid for their service at the end of each month were also affected. 

Baby Product Companies Engage in Negligent Behaviors, Class Actions Allege

Parents of infants across the US are likely now aware of the dangers of consuming toxic heavy metals, after a subcommittee established by the U.S. House of Representatives released a damning report implicating a group of baby food manufacturers. 

Walmart, Gerber, Sprout Foods, and more were named in the report, which determined that the company’s were producing baby food with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals including cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury. 

In the case of Walmart, consumers allege the company knew its Parent’s Choice baby food products contained toxic heavy metals — which plaintiffs allege can cause irreversible brain damage in babies — but simply failed to act. 

“There is no established safe level of toxic heavy metals for babies. Any amount is too much,” Rebecca Abbott, a lead plaintiff in one class action lawsuit against Walmart, said. 

Consumers allege that Gerber, meanwhile, even has policies in place that enable the company to sell baby food with toxic heavy metals

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