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CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action
By Matt O’Donnell

CitiMortgageAngry homeowners have filed a class action lawsuit against CitiMortgage, Inc. alleging the mortgage-and-loan company not only failed to deliver on its promises of providing borrowers with reduced loan payments, but also “financially devastated” them.  


According to the class action lawsuit, CitiMortgage told homeowners that it could help them reduce loan payments by putting them in a trial mortgage modification program, based on the company’s participation in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), that would become permanent if the homeowner made reduced payments during the three-month trial period. However, even though homeowners made the monthly reduced payments that CitiMortgage asked them to make, and complied with the company’s requests for various documents in a timely manner, CitiMortgage allegedly denied homeowners permanent modification plans. This put some homeowners in even bigger financial hardship than when they entered the trial modification, despite doing everything CitiMortgage requested of them.


“Consumers that were rejected from permanent modification plans through no fault of their own should find themselves in no worse position than they entered it. Instead, [CitiMortgage’s] failure to honor its agreements and its misrepresentations and omissions about a program enacted to help homeowners reduce their payments and keep their homes have left Plaintiffs and Class Members financially devastated,” the lawsuit says.  


The CitiMortgage class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons in the United States whose loans have been serviced by CitiMortgage and who, since April 13, 2009 through the resolution of litigation, have complied with their obligation under a trial loan modification program and have not received a permanent modification pursuant to the loan modification agreement and have been harmed because of it.


The lawsuit is seeking, among other things, class certification, restitution and actual damages for injuries suffered by class members. A copy of the CitiMortgage Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.


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Updated September 17th, 2010


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  • Anonymous June 25, 2011

    CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action
    I have the same problems with citimortgage and I want to join the class action lawsuits against them.Please can anyone email the law firms that the fees to join is not so high in Ga.

    • Roy L. Jones January 17, 2014

      CitiMortgage lead me down a path…that lead me to thank that were trying to help…but did not

      • Tammy Conners July 22, 2014

        I have been getting the run around from them for 7 months. I am trying to find emails address’s for someone higher up to complain too. Do you have any?


        • Felice August 8, 2014

          I am going through the same thing. This is so heartbreaking. I have been under loan modification since October 2013 and it does not seem like any relief in sight.

    • dee May 6, 2014

      please email me with how I can get into the class action suit, they put me on so many foreberance plans
      and modifications never came thru for two years I lost my house. please advise thank you

      • Denise July 14, 2014

        Did you get an answer to how to j o in the class action law suit? If so would you tell me.

        • Felice August 8, 2014

          Have anyone received any information in regards to the class action lawsuit? I really want it so bad. I need to be a part of this lawsuit. I have contacted my local news station

    • david May 28, 2014

      you should a letter from citi mortgage, before you do anything, its only given to people who where effected, by hazard insurance company. i know i am receiving around 30k.

      • Steven August 25, 2014

        you are referring to a different class action lawsuit that Citimortgage recently lost.

        This is in refernce to a loan modification program Class Action that is still in the process of going to court. There are no ties to the mortgage insurance class action Citimortgage just settled.

      • Carol October 21, 2014

        Hi David – I did receive paperwork, but lost it during a flood I had. Is there or do you know a way I can receive another copy to file? I know my time is running out soon. Thanks, Carol

      • t November 26, 2014


        How did you find out your payout? Also is yours flood or hazard? I am in the same boat. Thanks.

    • Beverly. Tate July 21, 2014

      I. Have. Had. the. same. Problems. with. Citi mortgage. With. My. Loan. modification. Please. Include. Me. In. The. Lawsuit. Citi mortgage. Act. like. There’ll. Helping. you. When. They. Asked. for. 7,480.00. Then. Told. Me. To. Send. Them. Some. Documents. I. Would. Be able. To. Qualify. For. A. Loan. modification. Program. Which. My. Payments. To reduce. My. Payments. Would. Be. lowed . If. I. Make. My. Payments. On. Time. For. Three. months. I. Could. Be. On. The. Program. Permanently. And. Would. Help. Me. Keep. Up. With. my. Payments. Then. They. Asked. Me. for. More. Documents. And. I. Continue. to. Send. Them. The. same. Documents. Over. and. Over. Again.. only. For. Them. To. Tell. me. I don’t. Qualify. Then. They. Put. me. in. Foreclose. Then. After. Going. Back. and. forth. to. Court. Then. I. Was. Told. me. And. My. Nine. Children. Had. to. Move. They. Said. I may. Qualify. For. Assistance. with. Moving. I don’t. Qualify. For. That. Either. So. Basically. Everything. Being. Spiral. Downward. For. Me and. my. Children. Only. Because. of. God’s. Grace. I’m. Where. I. am. Today. Because. they. don’t. Care. about. People. Well being.

    • ruby August 3, 2014

      Please call 334 899-1273

      • Charmaine Racicki August 21, 2014

        Lost my home in 2011….. Citi Bank sold my home…I tried 4 times, to keep my home. NEED MORE INFO 216 650-3796

        • Beverly September 10, 2014

          This happen to my husband and I too. HOW DO WE JOIN!!???

    • Anonymous September 4, 2015

      Did you find out how to become involved in this class actions suit? I went through this with Citibank in 2010 and ended up having to file BK and Is still fighting to get them to release the lien on my home.

  • Anonymous July 2, 2011

    CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action
    I really do not feel like rehashing the horrible memories. I dealt with Citimortgage for 7 months last year in a desperate attempt to have my mortgage modified via HAMP. I was unemployed due to a company lay-off. After over 50 phone calls, letters and fax’s I never even made it as far as a trial period! In the meantime, I had to remit a $1200 mortgage payment. I eventually was in arrears and was only one month from loosing my home. Fortunately, my employer hired me back and I terminated the process.

    Unfortunately, my employer just laid me off again. My only income (when it kicks in) as before, will be unemployment benefits. I sure as hell do not want to re-initate another modification as the stress, phone call waits, mis-information, untruths, loss documents and repeat of my story to over 20 representatives is too overbearing. I’ll probably loose my home this time as I will not reapply.

  • Anonymous July 11, 2011

    CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action
    I really need to join a class action against citi-mortgage due to them “stealing my house”.

  • Anonymous September 6, 2011

    hi i was ‘approved’ for a modification by citim back in 2008, I made all my trial payments but never received the papers. They finally mailed the mod papers a month ago, with a totally difrerent mortgage rate and package, plus interest on the difference over that period I’d been waiting. They’re impossible to deal with. I nearly signed the papers but the amounts looked so wrong, I need some help. Please can you let me know if they’ve done something illegal and I should contest the new amounts and interest? Thanks

    • linda moore February 9, 2014

      Hi I really need help with joining this suit. We are experiencing the same thing and cannot find out how to join the suit. Thank you for your help

  • Anonymous October 4, 2011

    i need to get involved in this class action. please let me know how

  • Anonymous October 25, 2011

    They basically stole 20000 dollars from my husband and I. How do I get involved in this suit. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

  • Anonymous October 27, 2011

    I need to get involved with this lawsuit. basically i was approved then not approved then was told NOT to make a payment until modification went through, then later was told that i had to make all back payments with penalties when I recieved foreclosure papers. I had to file bankruptcy to keep my house.

  • Anonymous November 5, 2011

    We were in the same position went for three paying a set amount then after 3 months they changed our payment for $23.00. Just 3months ago set us up on a payment plan for 8 months to catch up 1 payment then they are saying that that wasn’t right after we were sent a letter stating what was to be done and started taking out the payments from our bank acct. I had a stroke in 2007 and in the gap period where I have 3 medications that cost me over 1000.00 for a month my wife takes care of me and we live on a fixed income they say they can help you then somebody else call and tell you something different. My wife is beginning to have health problems and she don’t have any health insurance and I depend on her to take care of me lost control of my left side and part of my vision. Please these companies must be held accountable for there actions.

    • AJ Ren May 26, 2014

      Crazy! We were told that they did not do repayment plans for anything over 5 months…then, lead us through a modificaiton (which I did not want). We were 3 months behind on payments. I asked if we could do a repayment plan, but was denied. They insisted we do a modification, even though we have already had two through them. They pre-qualified us for the modification, knowing that we would not get it…3 months later, denied because we had 2 already. Now, further in the hole, so much so that we cannot dig ourselves out…and as I type this, I am looking at fees of over 1700.00 for the denied modification — I thought charging for a modification is illegal? Oh, by the way, in Feb. I called and tried to pay the full past due balance, as well as past due fees and attorney fees. They denied my money..yet still kept me going through the “modification”

  • Anonymous November 29, 2011

    Join the club. We made over numerous “modified payments” and regular payments; re-sent documents repeatedly. When temporary payment documentation were sent from them, not in a timely manner, it altered from what was said on the phone. Said payments are not reflected in their documentation.

    We were healthy when this began, the stress has definitely taken a toll. Enough is enough.

  • Anonymous January 25, 2012

    I want to join the class action suit against CitiMortgage also. Because of them, I am losing my home. They really devastated me financially.

  • Anonymous March 8, 2012

    I need to join the class action suit against CitiMortgage. They have denied me for 5yrs to modified my loan. At present they are charging me 11.59% interest. And insist there is nothing they can do. The stress of this whole ordeal has taken on toll on me and my health.

    • Lee Finney July 17, 2014

      I have been going through the same process now for modification of my loan it has been 7 months and I am continuing to send. Documents that they have lost or say have expired. My sister is helping me and she is suffering with health issues over their constant request of documents that I cannot even get. I am only one payment behind 772.00 I now am behind on my loan because they keep adding late charges for this one payment behind to the tune of 3600.00 because they keep delaying the modification. My interest rate is 8.8 % my loan is 93000.00 and my house is worth 25000.00 so I can’t refinance. If anyone on here has found a way to stop the company from stealing from people that are already in distress please post it.

  • Anonymous March 26, 2012

    please please help us. my wife and i have been told we were in modification , were never in and everything in reps more than 8 contacted us never getting the same story from anyone at citi .we submitted documents no less than 5 times for modification check stubs,list after list of other information to remain in foreclosure.please help us find an attorney with whom we can contact an join in a class action against these incompetent thieves.PLEASE HELP US email is we will lose our home if we have no help. we are running out of time and hope. this has been a nightmare!

  • Anonymous April 3, 2012

    Our house was sold while we were in pre- modifiaction period right after they took the three trial payments. How do I get involve in this class action suite, please help me too.

  • Anonymous April 3, 2012

    My family home was lost due to negligence of citimortgage to modify our loan as promised . They did not offer any reason in fact said they didnt see in the file why they only said it was denied. Prior to this they denied ever receiving documents I sent many times. Citimorgage I live in pure hell because of citimortgage and I want what is due to my family due to bad faith handling of our modification promise. I might add that citi mortgage offered us the modification, we did not ask for it. They stole our home of 21 years. Please someone tell me who is handling these types of lawsuits. Thanks Michlle

    • Karen Harris January 9, 2014

      There was a time I played that same game with Citi Mortgage.

  • Anonymous June 1, 2012

    I eventually was in arrears and was only one month from losing my home. Fortunately, my employer hired me back and I terminated the process. Unfortunately, my employer just laid me off again.

  • Anonymous June 14, 2012

    I worked with CitiMortgage for a Modification and was approved, assigned a Loan Modification Specialist and after speaking with my loan modification specialist Tracy; she said the underwriter did not qualify me for assistance. I was told to sign a Stipulated Special Forbearance Plan Agreement within 5 days. I attempted to contact Tracy immediately within 2 days and she never contacted me back until after the due date. Tracy finally responded to me and I was told that I would still need to return the Agreement even though it was past the Agreement Deadline giving Authority to foreclose. I made the 3 modified Payments of $10 and was foreclosed upon and claimed Chapter 13 to keep my home, Citi contacted me and assigned a new loan modification specialist saying that I would need to fill out the loan modification paperwork all over again. Citi-Mortgage has no intentions of helping any of us and they need to be fined heavily by the government for taking the $45 Billion in TARP bailout.

    • Ora May 31, 2016

      Right On!!!!

  • Anonymous June 27, 2012

    We were told many promises especially about the Deed in Lue program which we decided this would be the best way for us. We followed their guidelines, filed papers, sat and waited until the appropiate time had lapsed for the possible sale or short sale to happen. After which it did not. We were told them by Citimortgage that we did not qualify for the deed in lue program which scratching my head I had no clue why. We were also told in the very beginning that our property did not qualify for any of the FHA mortgage insurance that we had been paying all the time of the loan.

  • Anonymous October 26, 2012

    I will be grateful if someone out there give me the name of the Law Firm that is in process of this law suite, I can be of a great help, I have enough document from City that they ripped me off and devastated my credit and financial situation for after 14 month of try, I HAVE MADE ALL OF MY TRIAL PAYMENT ON TIME BUT THEY DENIED MY AT THE END AND SOLD MY MORTGAGE TO ANOTHER LOAN SHARK COMPANY CALLED VERICREST FINANCIAL. Please Help!!

  • Anonymous October 30, 2012

    I didn’t know until I received foreclosure papers from a law office that my request for a modification had been denied due to not sending additional pay stubs which they supposedly had requested. We had been communicating via email, which I was saving, and have no email from them requesting that information.

  • Anonymous November 21, 2012

    Citi had me on a trial period for 6 months. They decided to add additional;l 300.00 in the the permanent modification.

  • Anonymous November 22, 2012

    I made all three of the trial payments on time and was represented by a law firm and paid them $2100.00 to handle the modification for me. I got the modification papers back only to discover that the fees and charges
    to the orgrinal loan amount where added to the principal balance inflating it way over the current maket value of the property. Now I do not know what to do. Can someone, please help me. I will be facing forclosure again.

    • Christine Tallarico January 17, 2014

      I can not help you, however our story is the same… we were in trial for 9 months & out of no where we received foreclosure papers. The explanation: “part of the process when you’re delinquent”. I waited daily afraid to answer my door, of fear of being put out on the street. My father passed away since & I received a small inheritance 12/12. I immediately hired an attorney, whom was no better, a waste of $3100.00 we were forced to Sign a Modication agreement which is just about impossible to pay, this past Dec 19th 2013. We are sick over this whole mess. we owe now more than when we started & have “0” equity in our home….Citi tacked on 140k to what we originally had left. We are in our 60’s, still here after 28 yrs….are forced to pay this amount & advised by our attorney this is all Citi could do (yeah right) & to Short Sale our home, make NO repairs & get out….Great Advice !
      Still here with our 3 children all born here !!!
      So Sad, so much for their bail-out, where’s OURS ???

      • Roy L. Jones January 17, 2014

        we bail out Citi and others banks …but they feel t he need to help homeowners…Citi has me at interest rate of 14.75…I need help…and I would love to join class action program…

  • Anonymous November 23, 2012

    i also have been having major problems with citimortage . i started on this loan modification process and i have also sent copies after copies of my personal paperwork . made more than 50 calls to them , but something always seems to get lost in the mail . i am a veteran on disabilty . and trying hard to make ends meet . i dont want my house for nothing but truly thought they woul work with me just alttle bit because i have to many health issues to take care of . i am asigned a person to handle my case for me but only get repeated requests for the same paperwork . i to dont sleep atnight worrying about this . would love to join in on some kind of lawsuit . only because they are the most careless people i have ever heard from in my life .

  • Anonymous November 26, 2012

    Looking for an attorney to handle my “loan modification ” all requested paperwork has been sent in time and time again….they kept me on trial payments for 2 years….never getting the loan mod and now they have tacked $10,000 on to the back of my loan and took it from 16 years remaining to 40 years remaining! Can someone please give me a contact? Thank you!

    • Shana Compton March 28, 2016

      They did the exact same thing to me. I had equity in my home, but because they didnt do their due diligence and check on my property taxes to escrow in the year after I purchased it they tried to charge me 2008 taxes, 2009 taxes, and 2010 taxes. I received a letter from them in June 2009 doubling my payment. The same month I had my second brain surgery and got divorced! They added 10,000 on the back of my loan too! I thought I was going through the HAMP modification. I talked to HUD counselor and everything! Can anyone help us?

  • Anonymous November 27, 2012

    We have also been through the same thing with CitiMortage. They had sold our house on the Sheriff’s Auction even though we complied with everything. We were able to prove that but and they needed to Null & Void the foreclosure. However, they still went back and said we owed way more money than possible – forcing us to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Anonymous December 10, 2012

    They done me the same way I western Union then money and they sent it back.They was taking money out of my monthly payments for insurance that I knew nothing about until the State Attorney General contacted me about it.They was to apply it back to the loan but the amount of the loan never went down for 4yrs. I lost my job and so did my wife and I called them and told what happen and we both was getting unemployement checks and can they lower our payment. They said no and that was our problem. We have to move out our home the day after Christmas in 2007.We done a modification before the foreclosure and the interest went up to 11% and Icaught iton the 2nd day of signing the contract. When I called they said it was a done deal.I told them i would file chapter 13 and they told me to go ahead and they will go up again in 6 months.I talked to a lawyer and he told me to walk away because they wont let up.

  • TJ Campbell January 8, 2013

    It is a shame what the banks are doing to homeowners, My servicer is BOA and CityBank NA is my investor, I have tried to get a modification for 5 years, The investor will not modify my loan!!! Now I have to complete a short sale.
    Can no one answer the main question?
    How do we involved in the Class Action?
    Good Luck everyone. We need to stand together!!!

  • Kristina Meyers January 8, 2013

    I fought with Citi, I paid them “trial payments” they never applied to loan. They turned around after and told me there was no way they could modify my loan because of my type of loan. They Sold my house for $50,000 under loan value locked my house down from my access a month before it was legal in court. It was my children’s house only house they knew for 9 years, and Citi couldn’t modify….I am heartbroken.

  • Joy January 10, 2013

    I found a website where you can sign up to participate in a class action law suit if the courts decide to hear it.

    Go to [REDACTED BY MODERATOR – LINK LISTED IS NOT A LEGAL RELATED WEBSITE OR LAW FIRM] and enter your information. It’s the only place I’ve found so far.

  • Ronald Bolin January 15, 2013

    I am currently having Problems with CitiMortgage. We have sent all required information for a loan modification and Citi keeps requesting more material some of which has already been sent several times. How do I get involved in this class action suit?

  • Robert L Koehler III January 16, 2013

    I was working with citi mortgage on modification of my loan due to loseing my job. I applied for hamp program to modify my mortgage. I was told that i would have to enter a mortage forbearance program on a trial period Ihad no other choice so they modified my loan to 416.00 a month. I sent in all the required documents to modify my loan and was told to call back in a month. Called back an was told that i was pre quilfied and to keep makeing my adjusted payments. This went on for a year… i was told that i was guaranteed to receive a modification on my loan and to call back month after month with the same statement. In February after a year and a half of getting the run around, i was told that wells fargo owned my loan and all the prequlified and guaranted to get a modification were off the table.. you see wells fargos rules about modification were different from citi mortgage and according to citi who i found out a year and a half later was managing the account for wells fargo. Wells fargo dosent see unemployment as substantial income, but citi does and that is why i was prequilifed an guaranted to get a modification. I tryed in vain to save my home and got nothing but false hope and broken promises.. how do you not know that your manageing an account for a different bank and disclose this information from you customers??
    I need help if ANYONE has a direction or someone to talk to PLEASE help me.
    Robert koehler

  • Xiomara Valdes January 17, 2013

    I have been trying to have my loan modified for the last two years, hired a lawyer went to a mediation with Citi, they told me that my loan was going to be extended for an additional 10 years and a reduction of my interest rate since they will not work on the reduction on the principal, my property has lost about 70% of its value and we are stuck. After this we waited several months and got no response, I then proceeded to try again directly with CITI and provided all documents not once or twice three times and they seem to get lost or no one takes care of the file or I was on vacation, in the mean time they keep adding fees towards my loan. Again this month was told the this information was sent to a underwriter LOL I was told that I qualified for a reduction and yet a document was sent indicating that my new mortgage is now 500.00 higher than when I first bought the house, I was asked why I was in hardship I explained that I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had lost my job due to it. After all this they don’t consider my illness ( CURED NOW thank GOD ) a real condition for the lack of payment, also they don’t want to see my doctors and hospital visits because that will be considered bias and favors to me…. what a joke worked all my life to have a home and here this bank doing this to me …. Also what happened with the bail out cash that we all put to save them? Horrible I would like to have some information regarding this so I can be part of the suit….

  • Cynthia January 21, 2013

    We were a homeowner once. We purchced a family own propertyin 1993 it was in my family sence 1943 my husband and I are in construction and when everything fell we did too. Are mortgage holder was JP Mortgage & Chase but some reason Citi Bank forclosed on us after, working on a on going year plus modifacation, they kept loosing my Doc’s, I would Fax them cause they would only want them that way, I would call confirm they would tell me everything is good, I would wait, weeks would go by I would call they would tell me to call back when I did they would tell me they would not have all the Doc’s. I had them fed Ex out paper work I would Fed Ex it back call confirm they would tell me everythings good to wait to here from them I would wait call back was told missing Doc’s do it all over a gain.”Always repeating my self over and over trying to save our home we lived in for 17 years and was owned by my family sence1943.” This went on for a year or so. Finally in NOV 2011 I called to check how my Modifacation was going they said I was going into forcloser but if I was to send them 4500.00 over night it would stop all forcloser prceedings, I asked them to please fed ex papers to lock in their word, and I was told they needed it by the next business day to stop the forcloser, so I ran got cashiers check and was promissed this would stop forcloser and get the modifaction done to wait for the paper work. Well a few weeks went by and on eveing on Dec 12 2011 I call to follow up on my modifacation, and the worst nightmare ever was a Chase rep answers the phone, I ask how my modifacation was comming, then he was very rude laugh’s under his voice and states to me WHAT MODIFACTION YOU HAVE A SALE DATE FOR JAN 17 2012, I tried to explain to him that I just sent money , I said are you sure.. I just worked this all out. He said YOU HAVE TO MOVE!!! And as the Chase Rep was hanging up he said”” NOW YOU HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.”” I was in shock my husband got home from work he looked at me and said,’ have you herd how the modifaction is going?? I was in shock of what I had to tell him all the hard work for 17 years our home was gone. I told him he looked at me and said,’ we’ll I had a wreck on my way home”. At that moment I decided for my kids, we were going to have a merry christmas because my family is mine and no Bank can take that away from me. But they did take my familys home because of their greediness. So look now I just herd about Class action Lawsuit aginst the Banks we had, I would like to join that suit, but dont quite know how. I hope my records are pulled cause we were ran around for 3 years by WA MU to Chase and CITI BANK all bad banks included..Best of Luck to those who win their cases.

  • Cynthia January 21, 2013

    Hello also would like to add when WAMU went Bank Rupt. they sold us off to JP Morgan and chase but right be fore that they were going to work on a modifacation for us. They told us to send 6,000.00 dollars for the modifacation or they couldn’t do it, and I did. at the time did not know it was unlawful for Banks to ask for Money to do modifacation.” Never got our money back.”” Beware of Bank scams.

  • Jackie B. January 26, 2013

    @ #27’s comment, “I fought with Citi, I paid them “trial payments” they never applied to loan. They turned around after and told me there was no way they could modify my loan because of my type of loan.” Same exact thing here except I keep fighting with them … for nearly two years now … and they have not begun foreclosure yet. I am in Texas and I have had it with Citimortgage but don’t know where to go for help.

    • Peter Bables September 24, 2015

      hello Jackie B. we are with Citi as well and living in Texas as well we have some info……please contact me by email:

  • Same Boat January 26, 2013

    Got sent a wonderful letter saying that I qualified for a new load mod program. Saving me $50 a month. It was just a simply lowering of interest rate ( so I thought ). I filled out the application and within a day receive all the paper work.

    I go over the paper work and the new loan modification is for $11,000 more than what I currently owe. Making the monthly payments higher than I am already paying ( clearly). I have took a 70g loan out 9 years ago. I have never missed a payment. Now my interest rate modification turns out to be something more than what I expected and so I call…

    Citi says ” oh dont worry about those numbers they are just estimates and have nothing to do with the true loan at the time of closing, just sign and send as soon as possible.”

    I then took it upon myself to read them back the information in the paper work THEY sent me, and it clearly states that by me signing the paper work and sending it back to them I am agreeing to the numbers.

    She continues no that is not the case with the GFE ( good faith estimate). I then ask why the number cant be correct, or even close to being correct.

    After 5 times calling back within 2 days I was told the say BS over and over. Dont worry about the number just hurry up sign and send. I loved letting them frustrate me until the point I was recorded a conversation and went APE on them.

    I finally reach a male at citimortgage and figured he could handle what I was about to dish out. HE WAS LITTERALLY SHAKING, once I told him how furious I was. I told him that I felt I was being scammed and that after numberous attempts to fix the numbers on my load mod that each time I was told to just sign and send.

    He finally says he was figure it out and call me back later.

    I get a call from citimortgage at 6 pm my time. I answer and its a lady and so I thought it was going to be about fixing CitiMortgage’s mistakes.

    NOPE , this lady actually asked me if I had a minute so she can help me go over the paper work so she could help me hurry up and sign and send. I thought to myself CITI ARE YOU FRIKIN TRYING TO KILL ME.

    I told her how the hell would citi have her call me when I have called 5 times already to complain and get my loan properly modified. She said there was no record of my complaints and that she would help….lol

    I am now on here and honestly afraid to even attempt modifying my load. If I would have signed those papers it would have been one step closer to hell. I have a mental condition as it is. I think that the world should be at the least considerate, honest, and respectful.All American businesses should follow that way of life. But … That is not how America works.

    Each time ( of the 5 or 6 times I spoke to a citi employee) I was told different things when referring to what they were seeing on there computer and what the truth was. I asked one of the ladies how it is possible that there isnt just one file/case for me and if there is how come no one sees it the same?


    Pay attention America:
    The government bails out the bank with our money and then the banks take our homes. Kind of sounds like we are getting backed into a corner and being prepared for slavery!
    Why cant we make up numbers?
    How come people cant just take our homes from the bank?

    Oh because we gave all the power to the government! The government is supposed to serve and protect us, because we pay them taxes. In reality they protect the business because once you are stuck or scammed, helping you, the victims will not help their economy at the present moment.

    Makes me wonder!

  • Jodi February 5, 2013

    My story mirrors everyone I’ve read. I was working fulltime when the nightmare began and actually had to have a friend assist me during the day because I couldn’t sit on hold for 30, 40 minutes and longer. I jumped around like a puppet, doing everything they asked. I have divorce orders giving me the house, I was approved for financing by another company but citi wouldn’t cooperate. I paid money that wasn’t applied, contacted them over and over about removing the ex from the information, faxed, e-mailed and even did the Dodd paperwork. Citi told me “he (ex) sounded like a nice man, I’m sure he’ll help you” – I have an order of protection from this “nice man”. When citi sold my house they locked me out while I was at work, much before the minimum 30 days that the sheriff’s paperwork indicated I had. My kids watched in horror as their things, furniture, etc was loaded into a u-haul and taken away. The bank bought the house back at over a 30K difference and tried to say that is the taxes, etc I owed (all their add-ons), but the 1099 they sent me doesn’t match the numbers on the “sales” paperwork, I’M ENTITLED TO THE OVERBID as is everyone else they did it to, but seems the County I live in may have also gained from my loss. Overbid money is given to the County the sale took place in. WE ALL DESERVE OUR HOMES AND OUR MONEY.

  • Linda February 7, 2013

    Citi Mortgage has put me through the same B.S. Re filing time and time again. Needing documents within days, saying they didnt recieve documents. Sending our $2800 check back saying we were 4 day too late and our home is now in foreclosure unless we could come up with 6 thousand some odd dollars. They dont care that we are stuggling to provide for our families, they are greedy pigs. I would like to join this class action lawsuit, and I hope they get whats coming to them.

  • pat tucker February 9, 2013

    we have for years doing paper work not ever getting the same person finally got something handled after pain staking tries they only modified our loan 100.00 a month but went up over 10 years on the loan we are on ss income and only ask for the help they (citibank) received but added so many other fees and attorney fees that who knows what is what have been hurt with theyre control of all us please!!!

  • greg tucker February 9, 2013

    they crushed me and my family financially and our mental state ..the kids hopes dreams and my marriage as well as my family !! gone ALL . they never would work with me or my family !! help please !!!

  • RBreese February 21, 2013

    Same story different person. We have been dealing with Citi for Home Ownership Preservation for about 10 months. we were trying to be proactive so that we would not get into problems and are just trying to get a interest rate reduction. things never get processed in time they always need the same or different paper work again. Plus the only thing that they have move fast on was to pay property taxes and insurance, which I was paying before. Ask Citi why they did this without a new contract in place, they said it was standard practice and that the loan modification would be done in 30 anyway and then it would be rolled into the loan. Now the only thing that has been accomplished is that my Escrow shortage gets bigger every month and they are. I have had 5 different “Loan Specialist” now and no one is able to get anything done. They are just slowly trying to bleed us to death and then take the house.
    HELP, Were and Who is running the Class action law suit and where do I sign up

  • Dave L. Ramsey MN February 22, 2013

    I now refer to them pleasantly as Shiti-Mortgage. I struggled to get a loan modification. I called them daily for nearly a year. Once I was granted a loan modification it wasn’t the original one that I agreed to. It took too long for the documents to be returned. I was foreclosed on and then they gave me another modification only to keep screwing with me. I received my modification in 2010 and they keep adding foreclosure costs to my loan two years later. They withdrew $5500.00 form my escrow account causing my payment to sky rocket. When I asked for an explaination they told me it was a “Foreclosure Tax”. How can they charge me anything for a foreclosure that happened before the modification? No one can explain this to me. I’ve even gone so far as to file a complaint with the Minnesota State Attorney Generals office. Citi hood winked them too and they couldn’t help me either. How can Citi do what they want with no regulations or consequences on their part? It’s impossible to get any where when you can’t contact the same person twice. Don’t be fooled by the recorded conversation, they don’t do that. A represenative laughed at me when I asked him to pull the recording for proof of a previous conversation. He said “do you really think we record conversations?” as he laughed on the other end of the line. Once you are on the Hamster Wheel you can’t get off.

  • rosetta forrest March 1, 2013

    citi bank is the worst they came to us with a loan modification and said it would save our home we bent over backwards getting them check stubs and what ever they wanted or needed!!they strung us along for months then when I was sick of it I called and the skunk on the other end of the phone said oh no you were denied months ago we are foreclosing in a week unless you can come up with $20 thousand dollars!!! I was so pissed that they continually lied to us on the phone saying how good the modification was going they just needed one more thing then to pull the rug out without any notification!!!so we ended up losing our home!!!

  • sthompson March 1, 2013

    Citi sold my loan 3 days prior to what was to be my last payment of a 6 month trial modification.The new Servicer will not take my final payment, they say they do not have the paperwork from Citimortgage yet. and Citi will not take my payment either. I feel like i am being railroaded into forclosure.

  • Chris Frisella March 5, 2013

    I’ve owned a home since 2003 that has been funded with Citibank. Payments have always been ontime and I can say there hasn’t been any issues with Citibank untill recently. When interests rates dropped I tried refiancing, but couldn’t due to the fact I was upside down in the loan. Oh, well not a big deal I guess since I had a fixed rate at 5.5%. Left things alone and went on with life.
    In September of 2012 my wife and I purchased another home as a primary eventhough I’d use the first one a few times a week due to it being closer to my business. The two homes are 112 miles apart.
    In December 2012 Citibank calls me offering to refinance with them for a lower rate. I told them I’ve tried it in the past with no luck but they said there’s a new program in place for people upside down and who have continously paid on time. I decided to give it a try. The Process went really easy as far as answering the questions and suppling paperwork. Within a couple weeks I was approved and inside a citibank branch signing the final documents.
    Instructions were to skip paying the January payment and first payment would be due Febuary 1st, which I made. I was gone for a couple weeks the beginning of March and didn’t get mail till the later part. When I did check the mail I found 10 letters from Citibank either stating I was late on payments or that the new loan was no longer being honored. This was after all was say and done. On top of that they reported it to the credit B’s which killed my credit.
    I’ve talked to a bunch of Citibank people but no one has any power it seems. They said it was done because our new home was listed as a primary resisdence. Citibank dropped the ball as far as I concerned. They screwed my credit, which is everything, and on top of that completely jacked up someones life who was financially lucky enough to make two house payments. I make payments on time to keep a high credit score. You take that away and now there’s no reason to pay them. The March payment was made but any further payments will halt untill they give me back what was taken.

  • Andrew H March 7, 2013

    Modification “process” has been going on for 3.5 years (!) now with no end in sight. Repeated lies, fabrications, inconsistent instructions and updates. Refuses to answer legitimate questions regarding incorrect information on modification docs. Repeatedly claiming that we didn’t make payments when we have proof, only recourse is to litigate for modification and damages. Citi is not at all interested in keeping people in their homes and is quite obviously too big to manage processes and finances.

  • Barb March 14, 2013

    I was in the middle of the modification process when in the middle of a conversation with their rep, advising me to send an update of our bank statements- said oh my God. Your home was already foreclosed and is now owned by the bank. !!!! Weeks and months of sending information, hundreds of calls to the modification dept.-was turned down then they said no problem, your income has changed lets restart the modification program…I asked about the forecloser processor and they said bot to worry that the forecloser was stopped because we were in modification process. I continue to ask about it and they would say don’t worry this won’t happen as long as you are in the modification process…to the reps surprise and my shock, my family home was taken away and we were given less than two weeks to vacate. That home was in our family since 1969 and in one swoop…it was taken away because one department didn’t communicate with the other and an attorneys’ office (which was exposed in fraudulant practices) -All the months of sending in paperwork and hundreds of calls…still didn’t stop loosing the house.

  • W Carter March 18, 2013

    A friend of mine received a letter stating because of this lawsuit, her entire mortgage owed $50 + thousand has been forgiven therefore she no longer owes any on her mortgage. She has a zero balance. This absolutely makes me want to freaken vomit since I make my mortgage payments on time. The rest of us hardworking and paying citzens will now pay for her and everyone else. DISGUSTING!

  • D.Green March 19, 2013

    CitiMortgage foreclosed on my house after desperately trying to work out arrangements to refinance it. My parents purchased the house in 1976 with a second on it. After my father passed away in 2003, I purchased the house because my mother could no longer manage it on her SSA check. I’d like more info on the class action lawsuit against them. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH SUCH DISTRESS AND DEVASTATION AS THAT!!!

  • Robert March 19, 2013

    In response to Citimortgage’s settlement information on their website I had inquired and completed the paperwok because my property is in negative equity but i am current on the payments. The rep from citi assigned to my case did not read the paperwork i sent and assumed i was in foreclosure. When I told him this was a second home in florida he gave me a number to call to refinance and when I call they will have my file. Why couldn’t he just refer the file to them, I asked and argued about he had no answer. I expected to receive a call from somone that knows my situation based on the paperwork and who whould know the best option. Instead they are giving me the runaround.

  • Greg March 20, 2013

    After reading all these complaints , I am glad I’m not alone! Go back to 3/11 when I realized that my 5.87 %was lot higher than they were offering others. I have not been late with a mortgage payment for close to 12 years ( Citi the last 6), and thought the would rewards good customers , NOPE. I just retired and my income was gonna be about 20% less so I agreed as they said to be late for 3 months and they can start modification procedures. What a joke! Just like everyone else here, they kept asking for info they already recieved several times via fax and mail. Then I was assigned a new case manager. What a dummy . Ms Murdoch her name was.Never told me new paperwork was needed as she said it was mailed to me. I asked was it sent to property address or mailing address. She replied, “why would we sent it to mailing address?” That where I get my mail ! ( I moved to Florida, propery was in Ct.) Forward now to 5/12 after my credit was getting beat up ( was over 800), they started foreclosure ( incuring me costs with my HOA)when I finally get approved for modification. I make the first 3 good faith test payments and the modification gets done in 8/12. They send me papers to sign and notorized, did that without fail, even though payments were more and they only gave me 5%, well knew something was wrong so i called them ( which is always an endeavor, no ones calls you back or emails you , was told its ” company policy” not to email costomers back even though they put an email on all paperwork! So I get ahold of someone else , and they realize they made a mistake and will be sending new paperwork out, get those all notarized and mailed back out and finally good right? Wrong! Fast forward to 1/13 and I get a notice in mail that I owe 17,000 and house will be going back into foreclosure proceedings! I call them ask for explaination and the realize they made a mistake and never ” booked” the new mortgage !! At this point I’m still sending them in payments ( more than I was suppose to) as I didn’t want credit totally ruined. So now I’m waiting on my 1099 statement of the interest I paid as I have to get my taxes done. This wasnt send by Feb 1st (isn’t that the law? )They inform me because it was never booked , they just never bothered to send me one. At this point I get a “supervisor ” Caroyln. Nothing but lied and said things were mailed ( again to wrong address even after a specifically said to mailing address, she assured me it had, it wasn’t! ) So now ask to speak to her boss and I now get Steve. he seemed helpful and sent me new paperwork ( finally right at 3.5%)in which I promptly returned and he took next payment ,3/13 ,over the phone. 2 weeks later, I look and it says I’m still behind ! I call him and he tells me it still wasn’t booked yet! How long could it take??? Now this whole time I’m asking for my 1099 form which he says he will give me number for their “tax dept”. I call it and it just send me back to CS and the next guy says they have no tax dept! Get Steve back on phone and he tells me he talked to them and it will be mailed next week . Well when it doesn’t come in the next week I send him an email and he responds they aren’t going to send it out until it books which he say will be done tomorrow ! Another lie from Citi ! So I’m still waiting on both mortgage to be booked and forms to be sent. I have never dealt with such clowns at a company before like this! I would love to be part of any class action lawsuit as they really hurt my credit and purposely try to get customers to lose their homes. Does anyone know the email address do anyone at the top of the food chain at Citi to make a formal,complaint? I kept all paperwork and email in relation to this case. I will be looking for a new mortgage with another company soon as they book it. Feel free to email me any questions…

  • m. nave March 21, 2013

    i contacted citimortgage when my wife became so ill she had to remain in the hospital for 2-5 years. they said we are going to modify your loan to help you and your wife.
    they said don’t make anymore full payments and wait for your modification to start. my modified payment started within 2 months, citimorgage put in negative info because i didn’t make the full payments which ruined my credit. after several months on modification (which were all made and on time) citimortgage said we are cancelling your loan and foreclosing, there are no options. in the middle of my wife in the hospital i lost our home, and i’ve been renting a room for the last 3 years. my wife is still in the hospital. 4 1/2 years so far. i’m 63 years old.

  • Kara Lee March 21, 2013

    I started about 1 1/2-2 years ago on my loan modification. I turned in everything they asked for in a timely manner. However, they kept asking for my lease agreements which i provided, but failed to tell me that to get approved i HAD to get RENEWED lease agreelments from my renters. I was denied on that basis. So I started the process again about a year ago. I have provided everything they requested in an expidited manner, however, they request the same documents over and over again….then drag the process out by sending an email each time they recieve a “new requested item” and say a decision will be made in about 30 days… Then they request something else…usually updated paystubs and/or bank statements; which I send, then they give me the 30-day email again. I have been working on this for an entire year with no rectification or conclusion from Citi.

  • Kara Lee March 21, 2013

    Also, I have noticed that they will ask for different documents depending on the method. For example; I will get an email or phone call requesting certain documents, but a mailing requested some of the same, yet other documentation. This has been very frustrating.

  • Tracy Draper March 22, 2013

    My mother has been dealing with Citimortgage since 3/2010, at which time see felt that since her income had decreased she would need to request a loan modification. She had never been late, and was told that she needed to let her account go into default in order for the company to help her. She reluctantly agreed, and once this happened was placed on a forbearance program. While in on this program she paid what was asked of her ontime, and anxiously awaited to hear if her modification had been approved. Citimortgage began there deceitful practices, paperwork is lost, modifications are still in review (almost a year later), or modication requests have been denied. I soon realized that Citimortgage didn’t have my mom’s best interest at hand, and emailed the president of Citimortgage. We soon were able to talk to someone on the “Executive Response Team.” The loan was modified, and it wasn’t a great help at all. You see, while she was in the forbearance program, and paying ontime, no one told her that the difference in the monthly mortgage that she was not paying was being reported as late to all the credit bureaus (very deceptive), and the balance of the difference would eventually be added to the balance that she already owed on her home to the tune of $15, 000 dollars!!! Now she owes more on her house, than it is actually worth due to the failing housing market. I understand that many of you would like to give up, but Citimortgage has taken enough from hard-working homeowners, that simply wanted their help to keep their credit prestine, not to destroy it. I would be more than happy to share the president of Citimortgage email address. Please feel free to email me My mother currently is retired, and is still going through nonsense with this company, but I won’t let them take advantage of my mother without giving them the fight of their lives.

  • Carolyn March 27, 2013

    Citimortgage told my husband and I on 2 different days that we did qualify for the loan modification but they gave us so much hassle about not receiving repeatedly sent documents so they foreclosed on our home. I was told so many different lies by citimortgage reps felt as if that was part of their stall tactics in order to continue with the foreclosure ale date because there were real estate agents knowing on mh door 10:00 am, the same day oc the sell. What do we do in order gojoin the class action lawsuits against them?

  • CTDunlap March 28, 2013

    It was through lies by another mortgage company got me into an interest only loan and lies from Citi rare going to end my homeownership. My story has so many of the same elements of each and every story posted on this page. Lies, lost paperwork, lies, mis-information, stress, more lies, stall tatics, different stories from every person you talk with, and foreclosure looming with a short sale offer on my home. I am hurting and frustrated and really want to see something done to stop this – if not for me, for millions of others walking behind me. I know banks are audited periodically, so why are they continually getting away with this behavior? Why?

  • Charmia Smith March 29, 2013

    I had thier mortgage until they sold it a couple years ago.had to file two bankruptcy to keep my home .very upset about that and the. Fact I am still paying almost 900 a mnth when the house original plan was not to b over 650 a mnth I am very upset. How do I get in lawsuit since I had 17000 put on back of mortgage for fees n lateness or half of mortgage being paid when I was having surgeries n was off work. My loan mod was 200 more for abt six MNTHS so I paid abt 1082 a mnth…that’s thier modification glad they sold to anth company.

  • shannon Coates March 29, 2013

    i am a single mother of two. I worked very hard building my credit and the first thing i did was buy the dream house me and my boys deserved. big yard. good neighbors. we could have a dog and other pets. we had built on a family room. they had their own rooms and bathroom.we had been there about five years. my payments were up to date. they continued to sale my loan to different companies and each time they did they charged me 10,000.00 and added it to the back of my loan. then my loan was an adjustable arm and no matter how low the interest rate was my payments continued to go up. i was able to get a fixed rate payments were high but at least they could not go up any more.then i got a phone call telling me about the great loan modifications they could do to lower my payments. they made it sound so good what could you and your kids do with that extra money. we were strapped for money so i agreed. i had to send 5000.00 and fax all this paperwork to them. then i am told because my loan was up to date i could not be considered. i had to stop my payments for at least six months and steve would be working on it for me. i held my payment and talked to steve once a week.i sent all the paper work he requested over and over again. four months in i received registered letters for me my eleven year old and my sixteen year old. the letters stated we had thirty days to get out the house was to be sold on the steps of the court house at auction. my boys are under age and they recieved registered letters saying to get out. they knew nothing about my modification or anyone named steve and he was no longer answering his phone. the 5000.00 was gone no one knew about it. i could pay the 160000.00 that was owed to save the property or get out. we were told to get out in two weeks . my boys lost pets and freinds. they were mad at me for a long time because we had to move to a shack. we were seperated for a while. living with different family members. i found out they sold our house for 55000.00 not 160000.00 i would have had to pay. i will never be able to buy a house again. citi mortgage knew my situation and they took advantage of a single mother trying to do the right thing for her family.

  • debra April 3, 2013

    is there still an open class-action lawsuit with citimortgage?i am really depressed about what i have read.i am going thru a loan modification with is like reading what we have been thru.we have been doing this loan mod. for over 6 mos.with all the stalls,faxes that never go to the specialist.then told after 5 mos. that underwriting just got the there help out there for us to turn to,to keep our home?i am praying for you all.this is not right!!!

  • n hartling April 11, 2013

    would like to also be envolved in a class action…city has ruined me financially

  • kathleen Romano April 11, 2013

    After many months back in 2009 citi finally modified our loan, butafter 1 payment we got a call very late at night saying they did it all wrong and we had to sign new papers and have them notarized that night or they would start foreclosure against us. In a panic we did this first thing the next morning without reading what they had faxed to us the night before. They had bought our mortgage from someone else who knew we could not afford what they were offering us. allwe wanted was a lower interest rate. we were supposedly aproved but at last minute apple mortgage claimed the bank would not give us the loan unless we took an additional 14,000 dollars. we were in a bind and looking back I wish we never went to apple mortgage. Since then we have filed chapter 13 but citi every so often wants out of the bankruptcy and makes threats or claims we have not been making payments which they have raised due to property taxes.This is a long story and started when I had an accident and the insurance refused to cover all my medical bills so we borrowed against the house. I wish I could go back in time and change things but I can’t. My husband is 70 years old in bad health and still working just to hang on as long as we can. SS and part time work doesn’t cover it all. I have a seizure disorder due to my accident and have recently been diagnosed with Graves disease, I found lawyers and banks could careless, at least our attorney acts that way. Thanks I needed to vent!

  • jimmie george April 12, 2013

    I have the same problems with citimortgage and I want to join the class action lawsuits against them.Please can anyone email the law firms Michigan

  • TBP April 16, 2013

    Citimortgage would not allow us a modification after i explained that my husband was self employed and that he had a decline in business, luckily we did what we had to do and paid our mortgage payment first to keep from risking forecolosure. It has taken us so long to rebuild our credit and it is ashamed that your mortgage company wants you to get behind before they will consider helping you and once you get behind there is no guarantee that they will help you. If you don’t say the right thing you will get denied for any modification, no matter if you have been a loyal customer.

  • D.A.Domanski April 17, 2013

    I just wanted to say that so many of us have had the same issue with CitiMortgage that it amazes me that the government won’t help, I mean the HAMP program thru the government would have been way more beneficial to all of us, but instead the crooks at citimortgage i believe lied to us all about the paperwork, and or the process so either it took too long to get in the program or you were just flat out denied due to lack of information. Now i believe this to be a down right lie, because so many of us heard the same excuse from the crooks at citimortgage. My question is this WHY WOULD THEY DENY ALL OF US THE OPPORTUNITY TO STAY IN OUR HOMES THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, BUT INSTEAD THEY WERE MORE THAN HAPPY TO GIVE US THEIR HOME MODIFICATION LOAN PROGRAM? I HAVE TO WONDER IF SOME HOW THEY ARE SCREWING US AGAIN WITH THIS SO CALLED PROGRAM OF THEIRS?? I am worried about this program i am signed into, and the reason i am signed into it is because they forced me to accept what they had to offer or just lose my home, and of course the action they took in the beginning of the process by giving me a modified loan payment while i was in the process of trying to get the modification thru the government, then after they f@#ked it all up and lied, they came back at me and wanted all the money that was in arrears due to their own modified payment procedure, of course i couldnt come up with the money so this is how they forced me to agree and sign into their program. THIS WHOLE BATTLE TOOK ME OVER A YEAR TO FINALLY GET TO WHERE I AM NOW. IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS PROCESS THEY TRIED TO FORECLOSE ON MY HOME AND THEY ARE CHARGING ME ATTORNEY FEES AND OTHER FEES, WHICH I AM REFUSING TO PAY. Thank you for reading my story.

  • ethan April 18, 2013

    Has anyone gotten any advise on how to join the class action lawsuit on this site? Seems like we are all asking but no one is telling anyone how.

  • Angela April 27, 2013

    We were told by CitiMortgage that we qualified for a government modification loan. Our payments were then lowered and began to make the lower montly payments. Then bam, we were told we did not qualify and had to pay back all the money owed, and our credit score was negatively impacted! A total SCAM!

  • James Hirschfeld May 6, 2013

    I am not on here to tell you about my story, but rather get us the representation we deserve. I am not an atorney have no affiliation witth a law firm but am sending off these complaints to the FTC, OCC, Senate Banking oversight committee, Congressional banking oversight committee, Letter to the POTUS. Oh also sending this to 60 minutes because there was a SVP whistleblower that can furnish some very useful documentation supporting all of our claims. I have been going through this for 5 yrs and I won’t rest until we get compensated and am seeking to get ppl thrown in jail as they have ruined our lives.
    anyone that has received a check from the independent foreclosure review board or had gone through the trial period and gotten paperwork for the permanent modification and had it changed after the original documents were signed, I recently have been working with a beautiful woman in Tennessee that shared some very interesting documents with me that will support all of our claims. I am in the process of getting a huge class action attorney in Florida to look at our cases. Is willing to work on a contingency basis, please if you send me emails please make sure you have detailed information times dates, ppl you spoke with and documentation or confirmation #’s ( yes thats right no money out of pocket )!
    God Bless & “the more we are, the stronger we are”
    I will not rest until we get justice!!!!
    I also have a complaint on the Pissed Consumer under

    Citimortgage deceptive lies, Class action suit – Pissed Consumer


    Apr 6, 2012 … From: Boca Raton, Florida – I have had enough . Citimortgage put me through the same BS as the rest of you through the trial modification …


    please email me at

  • debbie holladay May 11, 2013

    need help please… need to join class action lawsuit against citimorgage before they take our home….. god bless

  • M Spurgin May 15, 2013

    Wow, it is crazy how we ALL have the same story! We went through this with citimortgage as well. All the emails, faxes, etc always to be told that underwriting needs more current info. Of course we were sending current info every month! It was a complete SCAM! How do we join lawsuit too? We are in California.

  • Maria May 30, 2013

    We refinanced our current loan with Citi, not a modification, but we are having similar problems, there is money missing from our escrow account, they did not paid our homeowners insurance or property taxes on time and can not give us answers to resolve the issues they created at the time of the refinancing, Citi became our worse nightmare!!!!

  • B Shepheard June 16, 2013

    I am also the victum of CitiMortgage. To everyone out there trying to deal with their crap, all I can say is good luck. I went thru all this back in 2010. Now its 2013 and I have been foreclosed on and kicked out of my house. I did receive a check a few months back from some program for everybody that went thru a forecloser. The check was for 300. That did not even cover a power bill. I didn’t understand how they came up with that #. I had to file bankruptcy on everything and just try to start over. I know that one day they will have to answer for everything they did to people. If not on earth at least when they are judged. Good luck to all. God Bless!!

  • Sarah June 18, 2013

    I can go on and on with all the same issues that I had with CitiMortgage. They are trully the worst morgage company that I have ever dealt with. I documented most of my conservations with them and kept all of the paperwork that I had to fax them over and over again to be told I was denied a loan modification.Why are they still in business?

  • CarolG June 19, 2013

    Millberg law offices in Ca, are handling the lawsuit.

  • storminn June 24, 2013

    same story here, i feel like i,ve been suckered by citimortgage, i called this number today for help 1-800-365-7931 or check this website.
    maybe they can help you also.

  • S M MacGregor July 18, 2013

    we have been trying for 9 months, (this time) to get a modification completed. The first time several years ago, we were stalled until we no longer qualified. this time they continually delay paperwork while interest rates go up and we are no closer now than 9 months ago. I need to get information on how to join this class action suit.

  • Mr. & Mrs. P July 22, 2013

    My family has been going through **** with Citimortgage. It’s almost 6 years since we started requesting a loan mod. Same thing on the phone with them daily for almost 2 years, talking to a dozen reps saying asking for different request, got to the point that one of their corporate buildings closed down and all paper work was lost, again having to start the process over several times. This was before all the supposed laws went into affect to protect home owners. We went to several nonprofit homeowner assistant programs (applied by Bush administration) only for several of them to witness the service they were providing. With no results (the nonprofit organizations had no intention on helping, they’re only interested in getting paid through gov grants). In 2010 we were finally granted a “trial basis”, we were very happy, only to find out they had changed the terms and increased the payment by $1k due to PMIs. We were back in the same boat again but made the payments anyways while we resolved the change in $ amount. In the end we still didnt qualify for a permanent loan mod. We stopped payments and we called to see what else we could do only to find out we had an auction sale date only 3 months later. We were still living in the house at the time and were not given notice to vacate. We were forced to file bankruptcy. And we’re advised by our bankruptcy attorny to move out of the house. Considering we didn’t want to move our three children in the middle of the school year, we moved out and looked for a place to rent. We waited to hear from citi and not one peep. We continued receiving mortgage statements but disregarded them since the house was put in forclosure. What we didn’t know was when we filed BK all fourclosure proceeding came to a halt. We contacted an attorney to find out what happened? A week later (dec 2012) we were summons by the court to respond to a complaint filed by citi. Citi stated that they found errors in the 2009 loan and were sueing us for their mistake. Apperently the house cannot be fourclosed or auctioned until these mistakes are corrected. Sound like a good situation for us but not really… We were forced to pay all court filling fees as separate entities not as a married couple (even though the house in under both names) and now we are liable for citi’s attorney fees if we counter suit and continue.
    I wish we could put together a class action suit. Citi mortgage has destroyed many lives and even after doing everything they requested we still got screwed. With no help in the horizon from our U.S. government. Many homeowners ask why don’t the banks work with home owners? The answer is $. I didn’t understand it at first but after watching a documentary on the “economic collapse in the U.S.” it made alot more sense to me. Watch the documentry, everything will be more clear in peoples minds (i have absolutely no affiliation with the making or distibuting of this doc, i was just a mom with her kids at the library and checked it out) What can we do? I don’t know.
    I don’t know what is foretold in our future in regards to this lawsuit. My family is together and healthy and I’m thankful for them.

  • Vicki Curler August 2, 2013

    My story is more of the same. For the past 2+ years I have been working with Citimortgage for a loan modification. They kept telling me to hold in there and keep submitting the paperwork. In that time I was not allowed to make payments. I was 2 payment behind when I started ($2400) now 27 month later I am behind 39000 and they say i have to choose: deed in lieu, short sale, or full foreclosure. They say that because I am so far behind I do not qualify for HAMP… but I am behind that far because they prolonged the process, saying they needed all the paperwork again and again.

    I need to join the class-action suit, I live in Ohio.

  • Trinka August 9, 2013

    Citi abused HAMP and their remodification process is a scam. All “verified transactions” from my end were never received. I sent all required documentation in a timely manner in order to verify receipts of doc’s and was told to send additional docs and resend verified transmitals repeatedly. I ended up filing chapter 13 to save my home of 20 years inspite of good credit. It was a year of pure hell. I managed to meet their demands from a hospital bed at times, which took great effort. Citi was relentless in their demands of documentation they already had. I was bounced around from underwriter to underwriter and I eventually lost count. They have stolen $16,000 of my equity, I incurred $10,000+ in atty fees when I knew they had no interest in remodifying. I’m sure a few years off of my life as well. First time I voted I ran to the polls to vote for tort reform. I saw the corruption and knew our country would eventually suffer in the coming years. After this experience………… and the first time of even thinking about class action, I am in. This machine Citi has created is far more than corrupt and WE literally pay the consequences of their overlending in the last decade (+). I AM DISGUSTED.

  • L.M. Visvader August 12, 2013

    Having similar/all problems mentioned in the comments section and would like to join the class action against Citi.

  • L.M. Visvader August 12, 2013

    Having similar/all problems mentioned in the comments section and would like to join the class action against Citi.

  • S.Sabo August 12, 2013

    I am also part of the Citi Mortgage modification scam in the summer of 2008 I ask them for a reduction on my interest rate so I could stretch income till I was able to receive SS widows benefits after months of paper work and phone calls the answer was no due to the reduction in my household income due to the death of my husband a year and a half earlier. Citi lead me to believe that it was going to be fine, but they also said once I ran completely out of money they could help me.
    So in the summer of 2009 I did and they said the modification program was formed for people such as I. I started my modification payments in the fall of 2009 (I questioned the amount because I knew it was to low but they assured me it was correct) the answer for my modification did not come in the 90 days like they said but it tok them 13 months I told them they scammed me and now the market (I am a Real Estate Agent) had collapsed and I had no way to sell for the mortgage of the house owed. Once I said scammed they reopened it just to denied me within the 90 days again on December 23rd, 2010 . They also said they would work with me if I could give them 49 plus thousand dollars.
    My home not only houses me but my daughter and her family of 7 so I did the modification application 6 times and during that time Citi sold it to Vericrest who is a mortgage lender under Citi’s covering.
    They have done this to so many I am just one individual but they need to be held accountable for their actions.
    I did go to court and said I would not short sale due to I know of two people that got a year end 1099 when their house sold for a loss they had to pay the IRS taxes on the amount. So I said I would let them foreclose and figure it out then they never did they have me paying escrow/interest for 2 years then it goes to the original amount and interest rate which will increase my mortgage payment by at least 600. I believe but can not prove that they did not have all my paperwork.
    I am interested in the class action suit because these banks need to stop leeching on the average citizen, and as many said they shouldn’t be able to get away with this.

  • Kevin Jones August 13, 2013

    Citibank did the same things to me and my family ! Can anyone tell me how to join the class action suit on Georgia?

  • Kevin Jones August 13, 2013

    Citibank did the same things to me and my family ! Can anyone tell me how to join the class action suit on Georgia?

  • angi August 14, 2013

    What irks me is how they charge me a ‘Delinquency Expense’ when I just clicked on a button to look up if freddie mac or fannie mae owned the loan. A couple of years ago I asked them to send the paperwork packet for a harp application and they charged me ‘Delinquency Expenses’ for that too. How is that helping someone who is obviously looking for payment relief – when you charge them to just ask or inquire? If there is a class action lawsuit for that – I’m in!

  • k young August 14, 2013

    For each person who had a foreclosure, the mortgage company has filed a default claim with fha if your loan was this type and you were required to have MIP , this is why they set people up telling them that they would qualify for a modification. FHA pays the amount that was due on your loan …please call them and give your social and address of the property and they will give you the file number and the amount they paid to the mortgar company when the default claim was filed! They have been running this scam for years .

  • k young August 14, 2013 this is the federal suit against Citigroup for fraudulent insurance claims they filed with FHA. PLEASE READ , THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

  • J. Burnett August 24, 2013

    I have requested every copy of the fee schedule charged to my account due to the modification process and recognized multiple charges for inspection/foreclosure/legal/late fees that should not have been assessed during the process. I need to re-enter a class action lawsuit to have this corrected. Please contact me via email.

  • Brenda Kates September 5, 2013

    This exact thing happened to me can I get in on the lawsuit, I made every payment at the smaller amont that was given to me and 1 year later I got a foreclosure letter. I had to pay them 28,000 dollars in like 3 weeks or they were taking my house which my father gave me or I would have lost my house. They also put on my credit report that I had not made a mortgage payment in over a year and acted like the program never existed. I have been paying 7.25% interest for the last 5 years because they ruined my credit and just 2 months ago after numerous letters and calls they sent me a letter stating they made an error and hoped it do not cause any inconvience to me. I was charged late fees lawer fees that were never returned to me after requesting the refund in writing I got no response at all

  • Michael Wright September 8, 2013

    Citi”gangsters” misrepresented the loan modification of my home to me. They stole 10 years of equity and charged me unwarranted penalties.

  • jvwalker September 11, 2013

    Please tell me how I did not qualify for CitiMortgage loan modification, but I did qualify for Hardist Hit Funds from the goverment. CitiMortgage can deny there modifications, but obtain 25k from Hardest Hit Funds to bring mortgage current, then raise the current mortgage higher than what it was and put the home back in foreclosure. Is there a law againt this? I was in need of help b/c of the co-borrow passed away. i signed for the 25K to bring my mortgage current. Citi sent me a check for $1500 and raised my mortgage. I and tax dollars have been taken advantage of by a corporation? Is there help out there?

  • Debbie Saklad September 16, 2013

    We started contacting Citimortgage and Citibank around March/April 2009 after my husband had lost his job in March 2008 and our household income had dropped so dramatically that we couldn’t keep up with our bills. We wiped out our savings account, borrowed from my husband’s life insurance policy and put our house on the market. After not being able to get anywhere with Citimortgage and Citibank, I researched to get the information on the CEO of both corporations and sent an email directly to both of them pleading for help. In the end and after 4-5 months, the modification they worked out for us actually was a refinance which cost us over $2,000.00 of money we did not have and as a result of the difficulties we had with both corporations, we ended up having to sell our home. Citimortgage claimed that we didn’t qualify because the household income was 1% higher than the Obama Help for Homeowners requirements. To this day, I still don’t know how they came up with that but I got nowhere with them when I tried to check into it.

  • F Sherman September 19, 2013

    Im not sure if citi is affiliated with citi financial but if so, they have messed me around for 7 years now on a mortgage loan. i was told after 90 days to come back in and signed different paper work and when i did, it was said i did not need to . long story short the amount i borrowed 7 years ago is the same balance today. tell me something isn’t wrong with this. when you call know one knows anything.

  • G Sumlar September 22, 2013

    CitiMortgage is my mortgage company. Due to illness I fell behind in my payments and requested a loan modification. After being given the run around, they placed me on a trial plan for three months with a house note payment $94 less than what I was currently paying. My interest rate was 11% and they said they could only reduce it to 9.75%. I can never get a human on the telephone to explain why they won’t modify my loan to a reasonable rate that I can pay. I am a senior citizen and I believe that they are trying to take my house that I’ve owned for almost thirty years. I want to join the Class Action Lawsuit Against CitiMortgage. Please contact me by email.

  • ClydeMoing September 23, 2013

    I was given the run around on a trail plan. I paid the 3 months trail plan on time the n was told I had to make an extra payment which I did not have at the time.I had
    a signed agreement . I was told I had to start all over again.

  • Lisa Marie October 2, 2013

    I’d like to know if anyone is currently involved in a class action suit against Citi – I too have been arguing with them since Feb 2012 – got a trial Mod program and dropped after the 3 month period for some underwriting error. I need HELP!!

  • Maurice Tetreault October 8, 2013

    In October of 2011 my wife and I filed all the necessary paperwork for a modification on our mortgage with Citi, we never heard from them other than we needed to be behind in our payments for 6 months to apply. We did fall behind while trying to sell our home of 20 years. Low and behold in early 2012 we recieved notice that the bank was foreclosing on the property. I contacted Citi and was told by their representative that we in fact DID qualify for a modification, a supervisor @ Citi informed me that that rep had NO BUSINESS telling us that we qualified. We filed complaints with the Bank Commision and the Attorney Generals Office here in New Hampshire against Citi. The end result after talking with numerous attorneys was to contact Senator Jeanne Shaheens office and persue the matter with her help. We finally got approved with the help of the Senators office but at a cost of $15,000 and a new mortgage of 40 YEARS @ 4.65%. While this cut our monthly payment we are upside down on the property. Given the facts that have come out regarding Bank of Americas actions or lack of regarding refi’s why should I think differently about Citi. In my mind they purposely dragged their feet with regards to the governments refi programs to generate more profits. They basically took the homeowner/taxpayer to the cleaners twice, first with the bail out and then with the refi program. Sign me up in this law suit and while I am at it, the program states that if payments are made on time during the first five years the mortgage holder is to be given a $1000.00 credit per year applied directly to the principle amount owed, we have yet to see that credit. Contact by email if we have rights.

  • Bob Gunnarsson October 9, 2013

    I was told by Hope Now in 2008 to 2009 that I was an ideal candidate for loan modification. I went through 6 months of calling to make sure that i had all my paperwork in order. When I received the paperwork for modification, I filled it out and they said I was good in all aspects of this process. I paid 2 payments under the modified loan and 12 days before i was to complete this process, a man showed up at the door and said the property was sold. My businesses relied on this property and it ruined my life for 4 years. I got a small settlement from the servicer (also citimortage) but this hasn’t helped me in getting my life back as a teacher… I did exactly what they asked of me, showed them I could make the payments easily, but they still foreclosed on me. I was only one payment behind when this process began and they auctioned my property and they never notified me that it was even up for auction. This was happening with many homes on my street (9608 Primrose Dr. Riverside, CA.)…

  • Patricia Harris October 18, 2013

    I completed one loan modification by citimortgage to which they screwed up on the dates, lost the paperwork and continued calling me asking me to send the signed copies back.. I kept explaining to them I DID SEND IT BACK IN THE PREPAID ENVELOPE YOU PROVIDED ME!!! This charade went on for a few months and the second set of paperwork was sent out, it was allegedly lost BY UPS.. The third set was once again signed and resent, but they didn’t change the dates in their computer as to when it took effect.. It still said the original date from the first set of paperwork that THEY lost..I was making my payments on time and was told that I was a month behind, that I breached the contract and Citimortgage was going to foreclose on us.. Then they called the next day stating they would do another loan modification for us..”AS A COURTESY…” The process was dragging on for 6 months, my account manager was changing weekly as I would call for a status update.. I then received notice in the mail that my mortgage was sold to Nationstar Mortgage.. WHAT?!?!? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE MODIFICATION?!?!? Ok, so we had to start all over again…. Within 30 days Nationstar did our modification and we were back on track.. A few months later, I received notice from Superior Court that we were being foreclosed on BY CITIMORTGAGE… They sold our mortgage in August, and filed the foreclosure paperwork in October!! Nationstar advised me not to do anything, they Citimortgage doesn’t have our property, our modification was completed and we’re fine.. I had to call the lawfirm representing Citimortgage and inform them that their clients were filing erroneously because they do not have our property and that I will seek legal counsel if I keep getting threatening letters of foreclosure.. IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS AND IT’S STILL IN THE COURT SYSTEM!!!! SOOOOOOOO DONE WITH THAT COMPANY!!!

  • Sara S. October 21, 2013

    Same as Patricia Harris #98. It took 3 years for our modification to finally take effect. Citi sold the mortgage to Nationstar and then it went back to Citi. Alll times we were required to redo our modification paperwork. Now there is a foreclosure on my credit and we are tens of thousands of dollars more in debt due to them adding on interest, legal fees, etc. to the back end of our mortgage. We filed a complaint with Citi as well. Please contact via email if this would be part of a class action suit or any other suit for that matter.

  • Freda October 26, 2013

    I took out a mortgage with citi in 2007 and I have made monthly payments and the loan amount has not changed at all. In fact all my payments have gone to interest only. I have requested loan modification and have been turned down. I even requested assistance through SC HELP and citi, which is now One Main Financial refused to work with SC HELP. I have requested better interest rates and lower payments and they refuse to work with me These people are banking on me losing my house of 53 years. These people are predators and liar’s, they lied about the loan terms and interest rates. Tell what else can I do because I’m afraid I can’t hold on much longer. Has any states attorney general gotten involved? HELP !

  • Debbie Saklad October 31, 2013

    I posted my issue with Citimortgage & their ‘modification’ practices on 9/16/2013. To date, there are 100 individuals/families who have been victims of Citimortgages mishandling and, somehow, this group did not get included in the class action suit against Citimortgage. We all suffered financial difficulties due to the economy, loss of jobs, etc. & were misled by Citimortgae either by having to pay a considerable amount of money to do a “refinance” not a “modification” as they called it. We all also suffered negative data to our credit reports/scores due to Citimortgage’s mishandling and some were even forced to sell their home at a loss, deal with foreclosure, etc. WE NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE ACTION ON OUR BEHALF! PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!! Thank you. Debbie Saklad

  • L.R.Goldberg November 5, 2013

    Modification loan “denied” letter from CitiMortgage dated October 3rd, from our fifth Account Representative. PROBLEM: I was told that if I made the three Fannie Mae Escrow payments the loan modification is AUTOMATIC…which was a nightmare as well since I had no idea what “loan modification terms,” I would be automatically signed up for. Dated October 4th, 2013, Notice of Foreclosure Sale from NW Trustee at 9:00am on the Courthouse steps… I received both of these MAILED items in my mailbox Saturday afternoon, OCTOBER 5th, 2013……..MY FAMILY’S HOME WAS AUCTIONED OFF (wtf!!!!!!!!?) without my knowledge or any notice, thank GOD it did not sell to anyone at auction and the house goes back to the Lender, CitiMortgage. To date, I am told we must vacate, VACATE TO WHERE..? CitiMortgage has taken every dime we have…and within the next 30 days our family home for the last 13 years. What’s more my mentally disabled husband refuses to deal with these people any longer and will not leave the houses without a fight…which …I just pray you don’t hear about us on the news…because he promises it’s going to get ugly here in our small town!

  • Donna Davis November 14, 2013

    I requested a loan modification and never did receive it. There never was any difference in what i had to pay, all my payments were going towards interest only payments. citi finance was sucking the blood out of me.

  • cindi dunn November 19, 2013

    i requested a loan modification was denied told i had to be 3-4 months behind did everything they asked and was denied again because i didn’t owe enough then i was months behind and went into a forbearace program, filed bankruptcy made payments, loan matured now they tell me I have an outstanding balance can’t get anyone to jelp me

  • Kristianne Minton November 19, 2013

    Citimortgage told me that if I did the loan mod and paid on time for 3 months I would qualify. Not only did I pay the 3 months, I paid over a year at the modifided amount never missing a payment along with faxing them countless document countless times that they claimed they never got. In the end, the did not abide by the loan mod and foreclosed on my house. I lost everything because of them

  • Eric Long November 19, 2013

    Originally denied a modification because we were current. Once behind they still wont modify.

  • donna December 6, 2013

    I caled them in 2009 to be put on a modification due to caring for my father that was dying…called every month….november 2009 I called to see if they approve it and the rep stated thats strange no letter went to you but do not worry they are going to process it as a regular …..then they foreclose on me…right after the death of my father…then a rep called in on july of 2010 stating I was right there was no letter send to you…but they are still going on with the foreclosure…when Iwas in the mod I paid them for 7 months and it was not approve with no letter or package send

  • robert nixon December 21, 2013

    can someone please tell me how to join a class action lawsuit against citi group or citi mortage for the hell they have put my wife and i through as well as the rest of us who have dealt with this bank after providing documents over and over to them only to be told they didn’t have them .we have been treated to a taste of hell dealing with these liars and thieves.. there has to be a way to join or file a lawsuit against these crooks state by state or universally. please help us find out a law firm or firms who have filed a class action against this lender .there is no way that they should get away with the trouble and misery they have put so many hard working people through. again please help us. my email is .my name is robert is it no one in the u.s. government not aware of the lies and problems these people have caused .how is it no lawyer or group of lawyers not pursuing this .how come the main stream media is letting this travesty get by. someone must be aware of this bank and what they are doing.something is wrong if so many people are complaining but no one is email is nixon is my anyone out there who can help!!!!

    • Christine Tallarico January 17, 2014

      I can not help you, but we are 3 time victims of this “bank” My husband worked for them !!!!! The financial ruin we are in to this day is all a result of having any association with them from he beginning starting with him being hired bank in 1983 !! Husband lost his job 2 x’s in 27 years being a loyal employee & then got the royal & final treatment with our mortgage (theirs). We refied our home to build a second story (had a son, after 3 girls, no more room sharing))& of course being an employee we refied with Citi. Of course we were approved, but 4 days after the builder ripped our roof open, my husband arrived home by limousine, in tears that his job was eliminated….”REALLY !! aren’t you the same bank that approved his income & our new Mortgage ??” That was on 12/6/1998, Our new mortgage payment was due 2/1/1999. We used his entire severance to pay the new mortgage payment (there were no Mods back then)…..We struggled terribly, luckily I was working & it carried us through, not great & having to credit card food shopping, but somehow eeked along……..Then 1 1/2 yrs later they called him back at 1/2 pay which he grabbed instantly….not great but we had to heal & pull ourselves through this mess. After the rehire he was told by corporate that his pension (upon retirement) would be reduced by 1/2 because of the lapse in his employment…you really don’t worry about those things when you’re struggling to live in the day & raising 4 kids….you just say okay we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it & life moves on. We went along gradually putting this behind us, when in 2009 AGAIN tragedy strikes his department is caught in a cut back & he’s one of the casualties. EXCEPT this time I lose my job 2 weeks after his. (after 15yrs of my services) OH GOD Nightmare not the word, until you get to the part of our Modification….2009-2010. We both went through his severance & continued 1st to make the same mortgage payment until we ran out of those funds in under 7 months….At that time I applied for the Modification & we were approved. Same Horses**t, over & over. We were approved for the modification, paid it for 9 months, lost docs, repeatedly sent everything every minute, everyday…this now became my job, we ended up in foreclosure. During this time my father was very ill & passed Nov. 2010 (my story is also above this posting in answer to another poor soul) so not to repeat myself….We hired an attorney & got a modification DEC.19,2013, BUT NOT THE ORIGINAL MOD>>>>>>
      But before signing it in a last ditch effort to find out what ever happened to our original Mod. The answer we were given is that Citi couldn’t contact us, so they closed our file !! (“how did you try to contact us for more Docs ???, Well there’s no record here of how they tried to contact you….REALLY”). When our new modification came 3 days before this past Christmas I made an inquiry with Citi to the Escalation Dept. (Deandra) on what happened to the 1st Mod. & received the same answer, no one knows how they tried to contact us for the needed misplaced documents. We were advised to sign the papers & by the way I can enclose our 1st new non-helpful mortgage payment along with the signed papers, (which I did on 12/19/13, just days before Christmas & post dated the $3000.00 check for 12/31/2013, with a bright green sticky note, pointing out that the check was dated for 12/31/13).
      Upon getting ready to get last minute shopping done, food shopping for our company on Christmas Day & paying our bills, we discovered that our checking account was wiped out, had only $105.00 in it & are paralyzed to get food for the holiday or pay our bills !!!! I went to my Citi Branch asked for the manager for them to reverse this check that was not valid until 12/31, Citi cashed our check on 12/20/2013 10 days sooner than valid….Refused to reverse it….The branch manager called CitiMortgage, got to Deandra, then I was put on the phone with Deandra (the person I reached out to, to begin with), & was told by her it can’t be reversed & they do not accept post dated checks….I said “you don’t ?, Then why did you take it & not return it to us?…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>ANSWER: Because our mortgage is in arrears !!!! I am done with them getting away with robbing us, others, my children, our lives, our pension, our equity…..How are they getting away with these things over & over….I will pursue this to my grave as I am not done with these scavengers, their lies & them robbing us daily…..My husband is now working 16hrs a day 6 days a week to pay these people what we are being forced to pay so we can stay in our home with our family……And still & All I am still asking the same old question….What happened to our original modification ?? Told you can only apply for HAMP once & missed out……REALLY, do they think I didn’t send something correctly or do what was asked ? They think we didn’t qualify, what happened ?
      I walked around with my phone hanging around my neck, not to miss a call, now I just want to hang myself with it !!! This is complete & utter Horse s**t…..My husbands pension has kicked in after 27yrs of service & we will not be able to even afford a studio apartment…But that’s another story : (

  • Chere January 8, 2014

    I have been trying to get a loan modification for 6 1/2 years since my husband’s death. I contacted the mortgage company over six years ago and was told to fill out a hardship packet. Of course, my paperwork has been lost, their computers have been down, I have been switched to I don’t know how many specialists, resubmitted modification paperwork several times because they let my paperwork lapse and needed current information, paperwork has been on the desk of an underwriter……I’ve heard all the excuses and still nothing. I would like to join this class action suit, please contact me.

  • larry January 14, 2014

    Having same issues as most made 3 trial period payment. Called in to check status and was told to call their lawyer. I will be going to court today with my lawyer. This is fraud classic bait and switch. Something really need to be done. Their customer service is the worst they do not follow up with customers.

  • Billy January 23, 2014

    how do i sign up for the lawsuit

  • Teresa Large February 4, 2014

    My husband and I are going through the same thing. We got behind on our payments due to a job change with my husband. We sold our horse trailor to bring our home current. Krista Nelson with Citimortgage assured us our home would not go to foreclosure until mid August. July 31st with cash in hand Citimortgage refused payment stating our home was in foreclosure without our knowledge. We finally got a hold of there attorney got the reinstatement letter. Then we received notice that we were approved for a loan mod through fannie mae. We took the loan mod made the first payment and less then a week later were served with a lawsuit from Citimortgages attorney.

    We have hired a local attorney which is helping but i would still like to be apaert of a class action lawsuit.

  • Thomas February 7, 2014

    I am looking for help on my current loan of 6%, citimortgage says they can help but then try to charge me refinance rates to give them more money like the bailout wasn’t enough. Going on 9 years with no late or missed pymts. Contacted citi years ago after layoffs and got the blame/shuffle/incompetence game. Then they made me jump through hoops then denied then told to reapply later (multiple times). Had equity and they just wanted to take my home and sell it for the equity (since they can’t just change my rate). After numerous denials and querys’ I finally had 1 person from citi state that I had equity and that is why I don’t qualify (she didn’t want to say it and probably wasn’t supposed to but what else is the reason). I stopped asking for help due to the stress. Now 6 or 7 years later I just file a complaint with consumer financial protection bureau. Now Mark has contacted me from citi and wants me to pay for a refi. I am still not happy that I must pay all these fees to get my rate lowered especially when they received the bailout. They closed the case with CFPB and said they resolved the issue. I replied that they didn’t and filed the same as a unhappy result that did nothing for me. Now Mark from Citi is trying to get me to pay again with no offer of helping me without me paying. I am not happy and hope I can find some help and alleviation.

    Thanks to all and God bless.

  • T. Tinnon February 7, 2014

    OMG, I have lost my home because of these sons of bitches, and I had the EXACT same experience as everyone else. We bailed these bastards out, and they turn their backs to us. Karma is going to bite their asses, and I will be laughing! I told the Citi rep that I couldn’t understand how his thieving ass could sleep at night knowing he is a liar and the lowest form of scum. I want in on a 1-2 punch to those dirty bastards!

  • Mia Grabner February 17, 2014

    I need HELP! My husband was put on unpaid leave for a month in May 2013. I contacted Citimortgage immediately and they suggested a loan modification. It is now February 2014, 8 months later and I have had no less than 5 notices that we are in the last 5 days of review. I have had 5 Homeowner Support Specialists. We are two payments behind and our credit is being ruined. I cannot get past the Homeowner Support Specialist and talk to anyone else who can help me. Then I read all these posts and my heart sinks. How is Citimortgage allowed to operate like this? Are there any class action lawsuits in Virginia that we can join?

    • B February 19, 2014

      You won’t get help from Citi Mortgage. They will lie every time you talk to them and give you different information every time you talk to them. They kept telling us they would try to help us with modification and the started foreclosure. They said we could reinstate the loan if we could come up with enough money, but the Homeowner Support Specialist, Lakisha Devoe wouldn’t give us the figures and said only the attorney had that information. The attorney said that Citi Mortgage had to provide the figures. Other reps kept giving an amount, but Lakisha Devoe said that wasn’t right. The amounts that were given went up over $1800 in a week. They now claim that is all attorney fees for sending a certified letter and they have no control over what the attorney charges. Citi Mortgage will not provide anything in writing and every person you talk to says something different. They are a bunch of liers and crooks. They have no intention of helping anyone. They can add more fees if they don’t.

  • christopher heinen March 5, 2014

    Citimortgage sucks ass!!! I was shuffled around between 9 different home owner mortgage specialists from Feb, 2011 to December 22013, finally was foreclosed on by citimortgage Feb, 4th 2014. I sent my paperwork in over and over, they would constantly say that this paper work is too old and needs to be resubmittted. Always needed new copies of pay stubs or bank records. Then i would have to re apply every time a “NEW COUNCELOR” was put in charge because packet was incomplete. Now i need a house for my wife and child on the way but they have ruined my credit with foreclosure. CITIMORTGAGE can go to hell!!!!!!

  • Joyce M. Kirby March 18, 2014

    I applied for a home modification from Citimortgage in early September, 2013, because I lost my income in June of 2013. I asked for temporary help. They assured me that my request would not be a problem. After several months of going back and forth, frustration and financial depression, they did nothing to help me.I have been in my home for eight years, never missing or being late with a payment. I acted as a responsible adult by asking for help when I realized it would become a factor within the next few months. The underwriter would wait until the last week of each month to request additional information, so as to delay the modification for the following month. All of the requested information had been forwarded during previous correspondence between the loan specialist myself and the underwriter. The loan specialist was cold and non responsive to my needs. I would receive a request for documents on Thursday and a letter on Monday stating that I had been dropped from the program because I had not sent the requested documents in a timely manner. This happened at least three times during this process. When I received a request for additional information on 03/12/14, I told them that this was harassment and I needed to talk to someone that could make a decision. I received a call on 03/17/14 from a “supervisor”, that went on to tell me that she was so sorry, because the correct information had not been given to me. They did not make temporary modifications and Fanny Mae would be happy to assist me in a short sale and another option was to walk away from my home and it would not appear on my credit report. They went on to tell me how if they modified my loan, it would be a trial period to see if I could fulfill the obligation and they would report a negative comment to the credit bureau. I stated that I would take what ever was offered to ease my financial obligation temporary or long term, so that I might remain in my home. They had no intention of ever helping or assisting me, they knew that, but kept me hanging on for months looking for a solution. I pray that this lending institution receive some type of reprimand for deceiving the home buyers as they are doing.

  • Juan March 19, 2014

    How can we join the law suit. Citi has given me and my wife hell fir no reason this is after our mortgage was paid off. They refuse to provide us with the account close & paid documentation now 6 years after the fact. They even told me to go back to Mexico, the irony is I was born and raised in Va.

  • Brenda Vimari Santos Rivera March 21, 2014

    CitiMortgage Loan Modification Class Action
    I have the same problems with citimortgage and I want to join the class action lawsuits against them. Please can anyone email the law firms.
    In my case since 2009 I am applying for a modification with CitiMortgage, including me approved and payment number six tells me the call that I no longer accept payments that did not sign the document package acceptance Modified documents never received from them and if I did my monthly payment. From 2010 to 2014 today Citimortgage me trying to run the property and my emotional health have wronged me I am a single mother of two children. Please help me I am from Puerto Rico and nobody here has helped me legally. thank you!

  • April April 15, 2014

    I was notified of a lawsuit against CitiMortgage but I lost the post card. How do I find out what class action filings are against CitiMortgage.

  • Jwalker April 22, 2014

    This is a nightmare. One year trying to get a modification loan w/Citimortgag and stand on lost paperwork. Then I signed 23k government funds and they raised the payment over $1100. Then did a trial for three months and told me payment would be low. Citi raised it after HUD lowered the interest from 6.5 to 4.5. They want me to sign for new mortgage which would put my mort underwater. I would not wish this on my enemy. You buy a home, make payments on time,but you get sick or co-borrower dies and you loose your home. Citi received a lot of money for my loss! I want to sign up for Citi class action or just wake up from a bad dream and pay my mortgage w/o the constant threat I’m going to be homeless b/c if I do not make higher payments. The stress is unbelievable,,!,,,,!

    • Cindy July 14, 2014

      We tried the modification with Citimortgage and was turn down it 3 times when they told us reapply for it and wouldn’t tell us why we were turned down so we went to our congressman I would suggest people try that if you have a congressman that is helping people with there mortgage situation like our congressman we wouldn’t have known had it not been for his office helping us with it but in our case its a problem with the title on our house I think I need to join the class action lawsuit too

  • Mehoganie May 14, 2014

    Citi is a real piece of work. I had been in my home for 10 years the value dropped from 165k to 45k. The payments were 1,295 a month. After going through a divorce I could not pay that. Asked them for a reduced payment and they lowered it to 850 with the modified paperwork. They modified mine or so I thought then came back a year later after making reduced payments and said that I was not approved and that I was behind $9,000. Who does that? Well after it was all said and done I called them and told them that they could take this house and shove it where the sun don’t shine. I stopped making payments and lived in the home for almost 2 years and then made them pay me to move. Best thing I could have ever done. Filed bankruptcy and kept it moving.

  • Mary Bailey May 16, 2014

    I need your help and also be included in the ACTION….

  • Jennie Miller May 28, 2014

    I cannot believe the similarities of these stories and my own. I am in the process of a modification now and it has been hell dealing with these people. I have made my 3 payments of about the same amount as before the modification and it looks like it will be even higher when they finish. Just recently I have been told I have not had insurance on my home since June of 2013. My taxes and insurance were included in my payment before. So I guess now I’ll be looking at another 2-300.00/mo. Ultimately I will be worse off than I was before the loan modification….what gives here? So I am very interested in a class action suit!

  • anonymous June 8, 2014

    These people are straight legal criminals. Their intention and tactic are to confuse, destabilize, and wear you down. Some of the rearely honest representatives will even tell you that. They deal with customers as numbers and need a complete system wide overhaul from personnel to practices. And if that cannot be achieved in short order, they need to go the way of Countrywide Bank.

  • anonymous June 23, 2014

    To go through what we went through would be the only way you would believe what CitiMortgage did to us. We did everything they asked for 2 years and were declined a loan modification, they wouldn’t accept partial payments, nothing. We had 3 buyers wanting our house but they wouldn’t allow a short sale. When savings, 401K and retirement were exhausted, they foreclosed on our house. Once foreclosed, they sold it for $15K less than what we could’ve sold it for. When any lawsuits are settled, they shouldn’t just pay people that are screaming the loudest, they need to audit their books and pay every single person foreclosed on!!
    We turned in no less than 25 copies of requests for modifications. I was told later they were subsidized by the government $2k for each modification document they received.
    I’d like to know how I can join the thousands others in this lawsuit!

  • Cathy Roberson June 26, 2014

    My daughter has also been waiting on a loan modification since Oct. 2012 and still does not have the answer. She has sent paper work in several times over and was e-mailed again today to resent all the paperwork. Is there any lawyers that will fight for the people on this issue. We need help in this mater.

  • stephanie June 27, 2014

    after many attempts at modification, eventually lost my home to foreclosure in 2008. last year, got small settlement as result of improper foreclosre. now, citimortgage is coming after me for the mortgage. anybody else have this happen…and what was the outcome??

  • Turner July 11, 2014

    How do I find out to join in the class action filings are against CitiMortgage. They foreclosed on my home and because they made the mistake, now have asked me to move back into the huse. I am not going to I am just angry, I have had depression, stress, and anxiety becuase of this. I also had to move 300 miles away.

  • mark graham July 14, 2014

    owned our home for twenty three years re-fied with cm in 08,a total nightmare from the word go. offered a mod ,went through numerous steps only to find out we didnt qualify. the letter that came said “congratulations” and you all know the rest.jumpede through countless hoops ,drained our bank account,used our daughters college money,sent cm about 15000 in efforts to stay in our home. could never talk to the same person twice. sometimes they would not even acknowlege a payment we had made! we are still reeling and are financially devestated.

  • Theresa July 14, 2014

    I am very firmilar with all of citi’s antics an crookedness. I have been dealing with them since 2007 after losing my house an everything i owned in a fire… then in ’09 they put me threw all this modification stuff an made my payments that high after i kept refusing to sign the paper work cuz they kept sending the wrong amount…they kept losing my info i would send…it was a nightmare from there on… in 2011 they forclosed on my house an sold my house but for over a yr i was working with them for a different kept telling me they were working on it an i had nothing to worry about, sale date came an as i said they sold my house an the day after they sold my house i got a letter in the mail stating that i was denied for a mod.. so i started working the phone an called an attorney that specializes in this stuff an he didnt hesitate to take the case… the biggest thing that helped me was most of my contact with the bank was by email so i had all the records an there lies… my attorney took it to court an its sumtin no one ever does cuz they always believe what the mortgage company says so yes i made history an the judge awarded me my house back…as long as you are actively working with the bank trying to get a mod they cannot sell your house it is illigal an also they have to notify you of a denial in advance so you can look for other help.this all happen a yr an a half ago an still is not attorney has been trying to work with them but there not even cooperating with my attorney so probably back to court we go an this time i will own my house..this is horrible for someone to do this to people but nothing gets passed me i am very educated on the whole process… i also filled out the paper for the lawsuit but havent heard anything yet nor what im entitled to or when it will be settled but i want to thank whoever started this its all over the news… anyone that would like my help in saving your home or more info you can email me at

  • Taj Salisbury July 23, 2014

    Someone please tell me how to get involved in the class action lawsuit against Citi mortgage?? They totally stole my home after promising to help.

  • Raymond Gregory August 9, 2014

    After the 4 years period when I prohibited from asking for rate reduction, I asked Citi to give me a VA loan and reduce my rate but they refused. I sent the company president my VA Certificate and I was told by a Citi employee they had “shredded” it. I had to retire due to age and health and could not continue to pay the 8.99% (VA rates were 2-3%) so they took my house, and I had to sell for pennies every thing I owned. For 3.5 years I wrote and called they to ask for a VA loan modification, Citi refused. I wonder if they discriminate against all Veterans. Please let me know if there is a suit I can join.

  • Brian August 12, 2014

    Glad to see so many othershave thesame problem with Citi. I would like my nameadded to the class action against Citi. Please contact me via email

  • diana August 13, 2014

    I fought with Citi for over 7 months and had 2 offers on my house to sell to prevent foreclosure but “their” appraiser priced it so high , more than I paid for it in 2008 that I was lucky to find the 2 buyers only to have Citi reject their ALL CASH offers. my home went to foreclosure that could have been avoided TWICE. They have no intention of helping anyone and the HARP is an absolute scam. Please let me know how to join this or some other class action against this predatory evil company.

  • Jon wade September 2, 2014

    I bought my home in 2010 made payments faithfully up until I got sick in 2012 got behind 2 months and called citimortage on a daily bases sending several paystubs and loan modification paperwork got assigned to several different loan modification specialists with in days and weeks from each other at the end of all of this my house ended up getting auctioned off right from under me and my family. I would love to be a part of the class action lawsuit if anyone has any info that would be great. Email is this company needs to pay for all the lives they destroyed!!!!!!

  • Donna Cook September 4, 2014

    Would like to join this class action lawsuit. Would someone please send me info?

  • Beverly September 10, 2014

    We are in the same boat as all of you. CitiMortgage committed fraud with us as well. We lost our home!!!! The GA Attorney General informed us that we were, in fact, included in their scam. We received a check for $1,084.00 to “help” with our loss. Nice to have but didn’t pay for the home we lost.

    HOW DO WE ALL JOIN TOGETHER TO GET HELP? Where do we turn? What lawyer would take us all on? I don’t know what to do but am willing to be a part and help head it up. My email address is:

  • Gonzalo Fernandez October 19, 2014

    I want to join the Citi Mortgage lawsuit.

  • Helen October 21, 2014

    So in 2012 my husband and I did a Citibank Loan Modification. We paid our two late payment to get caught up! We went trough the motions every thy said they could help and we would save money! Well I signed the new paper work the payment was a few hundred less! Well we are in the process of refinancing and looked over the paper work and notice in small print Citi did a (40 yr term) at 6.375 on 298,000 for a payment of 1729 principal and interest. This whole time I though it was a 30 yr loan which would make more sense at the price! The Payment in reality should have been 836.00 PI. We have missed a payment in two years and they are now charging us $688 a month for escrow, which they said was short! Our taxes at 5,500 yr! For the 1st we paid 2197.00 with all taxes paid, now we are paying 2479.00 on a 298,000 mortgage! I would like to be added to the lass action suit. We are refinancing this week at 4.376 on 296,000 and the payment is 1489 w/o taxes! I hate citi, they act like they are helping you but instead are screwing you over!!

  • Eric Jones November 17, 2014

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  • Matt P November 17, 2014

    We have bben goin ground and round with Citi over the past three months. Initially we got a notification on the website that are payments were reduced and we should receive our paperwork within 5 to 7 days. In the meantime we also got notice that our home was up for auction in 3 weeks. When we asked about it the rep said that it was another department and we weren’t approved for a lower payment but would need to pay 2000 a month higher to “catch up”. We asked about the notification on our account and she said it must have been human error. Funny after a week the notification is now gone and a new date listed. They still cant tell me if the sale of the house will stop. How do we join this lawsuit?

  • Ray B December 11, 2014

    Citimortgage, sold my house right under me and my family.:(
    To a company called “American home 4 rent” its my theory that these two company are working together.
    Citimortgage, claimed that they had stop the foreclose process, but that was not the case.

    I lived at this house for 14 yrs and citi stole all my equity I had in this house. I didn’t get a nickel!!

  • Ruger January 6, 2015

    Citi Mortgage sold my loan to Nationstar after we dismissed our chapter 13 to save it. They tacked on $25,000.

    We were never told they sold our loan refused our pament and said we were behind $8,000.00

    We had to modify with Nationstar. Also I almost lost my home again because Citi Mortgage did not put my second parcel number on my paperwork to Nationstar the assessor was in process of Foreclosing my home because taxes were not paid on it. I found out four days before foreclosure was going to happen. I want in on lass action I did a modification with Citi Mortgage,
    Now I am auditing them both of them through an Audit company and then I am Suing them for all I can get!!!!

  • Dannielle January 28, 2015

    I would like information on this law suit also. I went through the same thing. They lost my loan and never heard of me. Would not accept my $ then they wrote my loan off as bad debt. Then they sent a collection agency after me to take me to court. Now I’m paying the collection agency for this loan and and its going to citi.
    I just don’t get it. They wrote off my loan for their tax purposes and are still collecting the $$… Please someone help me! Email me at

  • Rohinee Mangar March 18, 2015

    I am in the same situation, I would like to join the law suit also, please advise.

  • Sherry Mihm April 28, 2015

    How do I join the law suit

  • Lorrie May 10, 2015

    I am writing for my sister who has signed up for this loan remodification and Citi Mortgage said that she eligible and asked for the paper work not once or twice but three times and then they took so long that she had to start all over again and now they say that her payment is higher than before. They have placed her in foreclosure and are requesting seventeen hundred dollars from her in order to keep her home and the monthly payment has doubled. I don’t know anything about mortgages but I do know that the paper work she sent in this last time included her income and I do know that she and her husband made less this past year than before so how does the payment go up? I think she needs help and if she has to join a class action against Citi Mortgage so be it count us in just let me know how we join.

  • Glenn May 25, 2015

    We too are going though the same as all of you. We have been trying to do a Mod sense Oct of 2013 here it is May 2015, where is our Gov that should be over looking these cons from Citi. We Bailed them out and the rest of the Banks with our Tax Dollars. They are suppose to be helping us out, not bring us down.

  • Marilee Millang May 27, 2015

    I too, have been screwed out of a $175,000 house due to CitiMortgage. I fought with them for 3 years over a loan remodification due to the foundation of my house needed $5,000 in repairs. I called Citi to see if they would be willing to lend me the extra funds to fix this issue since I already had a loan with them. This would have brought the total loan to around $58,000. They told me I would have to fill out loan remodification paperwork and that’s when the nightmare began. Needless to say after filling out there paperwork at least 5 times over and listening to hundreds of bullshit lies from numerous Citi representatives I ended up losing the property to Citi. I also racked up quite a hefty lawyer bill and after 3 years of the foundation not getting fixed the property was worth nothing when they finally took it back. What gets me is they still send me a monthly statement to pay just like nothing ever happened. I seriously wonder how any Citi employee can sleep at night after screwing over so many people! I myself would be so embarrassed to work for such a company!

  • Kristen Turcone June 18, 2015

    I lost my home in 2012. I was told in 2009 I needed to default on my loan to have it modified. Then they told me I could do a N/O/O modification so I rented out my house in order to try to make the payments. They low-balled my escrows so much when I closed to meet my $1200 mtg payment requirement so much that in the first year when the first escrow analysis was done, my loan payment skyrocketed upwards of $500+ p/month. I tried to modify 3 times through IBM Lender Services and Seterus, their servicers but to no avail. Then I requested a copy of the Underwriting that was done. Turns out it was not actually approved by FNMA until over 1 month AFTER I closed on the house and they inflated the values of my 401k AND fabricated an investment I never had in order to qualify my income to support the loan. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN APPROVED for this mortgage loan and I have no savings because everything I had I put into the house, not to mention the down payment that my parents gave me. I couldn’t even afford an attorney and had to show up to court to their panel of attorneys and basically give my house away. This bank has gotten away with destroying so many peoples lives and yet they still continue to be in business. Its sickening.

  • Veronica July 27, 2015

    I would love to be included in the law suit. I have tried three time to have my mortgage modified with citi had have been put through the ringer. They requested the same paperwork about fifty times and they do nothng with. Just keep requesting it nad then they turn to down They are full of IT

  • Peter Bables September 23, 2015

    Please include me on this class action because I know all these people are NOT lying, we have been through hell and back since 2010.

  • Midiala Lokpez October 16, 2015

    I also want to be included in this class action . I have tried 5 times for a loan modification and since our payments were up to date wewere told by various Citimortgage reps that we needed to be behind at least 60 days for our modification to even be considered. Now, I we are behind two months, trying to catch up and late fees accumulating. Never, Never qualified for the loan modification and I know for a fact that there are many people out there with this same situation. We need to stand together against this company Citimortgage. They steal peoples money and nothing gets done about it. I have been in an endless fight since my mortgage was turned to them back in 2004. I want someone out there to hear our prayers and to help all of us fight this mess. This is a company that should close down all together.

  • Peter Bables October 20, 2015

    Hello Midiala, Please contact me at:………….I can help you.

  • Monica October 28, 2015

    I want in on this- I just lost my home through them who would modify our loan due to a disability in the home but the forebearance plans were higher than our regular payments then they would sell the loan back and forth till we eventually lost the home and my husbands disabled! When we looked at final paperwork, 7000 is missing from a transaction before they sold it to another company! We were told nothing could be done—-how can families be treated this way

    • Monica October 28, 2015

      Also they put a PMI of 545 a month plus our regular payment and it was crazy!

  • Lekita November 16, 2015

    Same thing is happening to my mom as well. She filed for BK 12 years ago and they still won’t take the lien off the house and is now making her payments sky high and is throwing idile threats of foreclosure is she doesn’t compile. My mom is a senior citizen too…what to do?

  • Greg Taylor November 24, 2015

    My wife and I have been with Citi since 2006–received a letter in 15 business days stating our loan is no longer serviced by Citi but is now being serviced Fannie. The Home Loan Modification process was very disheartening to say the least and the HARP representatives/experts displayed no type of business acumen and professional. How do we obtain the necessary information to be included in the class action lawsuit?

  • Annmarie November 28, 2015

    Please include me in the loan modification scam with citi mortgage. Citi mortgage apparently modified my loan, they increased it and charged me closing cost buildt into my “new” modified loan. Than foreclosed on it a few months later claiming the modification was never done. I bought my house in April of 2008 at an already inflated price right as the market fell out.

  • Stephanie December 10, 2015

    Have had same issues and now having issues with short sale process. Citi is horrible and needs to be held accountable. Please contact me !

  • Annonymous December 28, 2015

    We had this modification, said it was a certain amount , we paid that amount then a few years later said that we were paying the wrong amount and we owed $12,000 at that time, we had to sell our home, buy back within a year later for double the amount and when my husband lost his job again, we were so upside down we lost our home. I would like to get in this civil action lawsuit, if they did not do that to us, we would still have our beautiful home. We are renting now because of their erroneous business tactics. Thank you!

  • david bryan January 3, 2016

    i had a15 year mortgage at $756 a month .they did a loan modafication witch added $10,000 on my loan and now i am paying $600 a month for 40 years .where did they help. they took advantage of me .

  • marni January 7, 2016

    I have been paying my modification since 2009. They just changes the terms and said they are allowed to do so, without my permission. My interest payment was to be 5% max and they raised it to 5.38%. What attorney is working on the class action law suit? I need it!!!!

  • scott January 12, 2016

    I am with citimortage and they have modified my loan as well and constantly selling the loan, they have me upside down with the remodifacation they did have the time I don’t even know who has the loan and then always being told behind on it , I have made payments every two weeks and getting now where, need help fighting citimortage

  • Darrell February 12, 2016

    Please include me in the loan modification scam with citi mortgage. Citi mortgage apparently modified my loan, they increased it and charged me closing cost buildt into my “new” modified loan. They now raise the rate ever 5 years.

  • Ronald ross February 27, 2016

    I am having problems with Citi lying to me all the time, that they don t have my paper work after I sent 5 times

  • Kay Clark March 22, 2016

    CITIMORTGAGE HAS DONE THE SAME TO ME!! I am a disabled hard worker my whole life, until recently, that has been ripped off!!!! Took over a 1 1/2 years asking for the same information, over and over. The whole time I was making my payments, but they were not applying it to my loan, CitiMortgage was placing it into a non allocated fund. Which they would take lawyer fees and several other fees until I was served with foreclosure papers when my mortgage counselor said they would not do. This making me to be forced to sign agreements or lose my home. Convenient since value of my home is over $80,000 but only owed 32,000. But when all said and done, they tacked over $12,000 to the balance of my loan. Asked many many times fore an itemized statement of account. Bad service??? or Planned service??? Since then, I have not been able to refinance because they reported me to credit bureaus making my credit poor. no one will modify my 8% interest loan because of a year of CitiMortgage reporting bad. Is there any help out there??? If so, please direct me in the right direction to solve this.

  • Eddy April 5, 2016

    First I would like to know why Citi Mortgage can get away with the way the di businesse. We went through a financial hardship. We were not eligible to refinance so out next choice a modification. I will say what a mistakwe. 3 years later and still sending them documents. Every time they change a processor on us we start over. This last year we have had 6 different processors. So we have started over 6 times. They have had sales dates and we have been able to have them stopped because our file is complete. Oh, but then we start all over again with a new file, new sale date. At one point, the day before a sale date we were told the file was incomplete. We knew they had everything so it was escalated and he sale was stopped. Now we are waiting to hear on a repayment plan. How much our payments will be on the late fees attorney fees. This is so wrong. They don’t care to help anyone. This process should be able to be completed in 6 months. We are told all it is is a call center for the ones helping customers with a modification. The modification denial letter stated one source they used was the letter stating the income of child support. We have been married 29 years and no child support has ever exchanged hands. Also they income they have listed for us is about 20,000 more a year than we have ever made.

  • Sahil April 6, 2016

    I am not surprised , I worked as contractor in Citi for few years and its the worst bank in every practice. Unfortunatly I had a mortgage through them which was written off couple of months back. I am in short sale process right now and need a letter from them that it was written off, they are forcing me talk to litigation attorney and when I asked for a confirmation letter he put me on hold and after 10 mins someone else picked up as if she was picking up first that ass hole tranferred me back to main line..

  • Margaret A. Leonard April 14, 2016

    I have a long story about CITI Mortgage also. My house went into foreclosure after owning my home 14years. filled for modification February 2008. That started this whole nightmare. 4 modifications, 4 trips to court, Attorney fees, I repurchased my home with another payment of over $3,000.00 paid to CITI just to lower my interest rate. My estimated cost to save my home was at least $20,000.00 It was 2 1/2 years off total blood sweat & tears. I am very interested in a law suit.

  • Ryan C Hernandez April 18, 2016

    Hello I am legally blind and Citimortgage has been taking advantage of me since 2010 I lost my job at that time tried to get help No help my mother had a stroke a year later i left my house rented i been late a few times during my hardship times i skipped a payment and then made them up on time i pay my bills on the 16th and they record the payments late all the time i make it before 5PM and hey still report to the credit bureaus my mother survived the stroke and was diagnosed with Cancer i tried again to get some help and they refused I am still making my payments on time they conduct inspections i lost some tenants because they came to the house scared them telling them i was behind and my home was going to get repossessed I got another tenant a year and a half later after i had made my payments to catch up they again came to inspect the house because they did not read the notes that both payments had been arranged and they failed to look in the system to see the payment so they scared my tenants they refused to pay tent it took me months to get ride of them they destroyed my house to the point that it wasuninhabitable i had to stay in an apartment for almost a year to get all the stuff i needed to get done to the house it got infested with Scorpions and cockroches so i had to get ride of that plague It has been a nightmare and they have taken advantage and they keep adding late fees after late fees they waived a late fee back in 2013 for a mistake they lost my check and i was penalized they have came at me dozens of times for the same fee I need help please i file complaints and i get ignored or they send fake reports and no agency really looks at my screen shot

  • Pamela May 23, 2016

    Reading these comments verifies we all aren’t crazy, but true victims of big business who knows none of us can afford the legal fees to fight them for our homes. Paperwork doesn’t matter, all of our payments don’t matter, all of our documentation doesn’t matter. We are screwed, they know it, and we just need to accept the fact we are the little dog in their illegal dog fighting operation. Their employees have to know the fraud they are forced to inflict upon innocent folks just trying to save their home. It’s not a house, it a home. They don’t care. I, too, am about to lose my home to citimortgage and now Ditech who will not allow me to make a payment on my account since they purchased my mortgage from citi. If you are reading this post, pray, pray, pray. Because that is all you have until they change the locks on your house. Take to Facebook and all other social media outlets and tell your story. We can be power in numbers. Be clear that it is obvious the employees of citimortgage know exactly what they are instructed to do: defraud thousands of their homes. The housing market is coming back up so they are looking at making money selling our homes in foreclosure. What can you do? Nothing. We all showed our hands when we requested modifications, most of us due to sickness. Me? I gave a kidney to save my husband’s life. This is our price for choosing life. We have lost it all, now we are soon to be put out on the streets by a financial institution who intentionally defrauds their customers because they/we believed there were programs to assist us in our great time of need. No, I’m sorry to inform anyone with citimortgage that you have been taken advantage of with your greatest asset. There is no one to help us. They are more powerful and our small town attorneys do not compare to their sharks. Brace for impact, you will lose your home. They have set you up by ruining your credit so you cannot refi anywhere else.

  • Robert June 29, 2016

    Citibank has no intention of helping anyone and the HARP is an absolute scam. Please let me know how to join this or some other class action against this predatory lender. I want to see this lending institution receive some type of reprimand for deceiving the home owners as they have done. After reading all these comments it actually verifies and certifies the we all have been victimized by CitiMortgage.
    This bank has gotten away with destroying so many peoples lives and yet they still continue to be in business. This lender needs to pay for all the lives they have destroyed. I want to join the Class Action Lawsuit Against CitiMortgage. Please contact me by email.

  • Mmichelle Alexander August 12, 2016


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