Claim up to $225 in the Toshiba Satellite Broken Hinge Class Action Settlement

By Sarah Pierce


Do you own a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that has (or had) a broken hinge? You may be eligible for a cash reimbursement and other credits for the repair of your laptop under a class action settlement.


The Toshiba Satellite Broken Hinge Class Action Settlement (which we break down here) resolves a lawsuit that claims certain models of Toshiba Satellite laptops have manufacturing defects that make the plastic housing surrounding the hinges, and the hinges themselves, prone to cracking. The class action settlement provides up to $225 for each repair made to fix the broken hinges. Other qualifying owners will be eligible to receive a cash payment of $50 or a $150 credit voucher for future purchases at Toshiba Direct.


If you purchased or leased a new Toshiba Satellite Notebook between April 1, 2000 and March 12, 2010 that has the following model numbers, you are eligible:


Toshiba Satellite 1000

Toshiba Satellite 1005

Toshiba Satellite 1100

Toshiba Satellite 1105

Toshiba Satellite 1110

Toshiba Satellite 1115

Toshiba Satellite 1130

Toshiba Satellite 1135

Toshiba Satellite 1200

Toshiba Satellite 1715

Toshiba Satellite 1730

Toshiba Satellite 1735

Toshiba Satellite 1750

Toshiba Satellite 1755

Toshiba Satellite 1955

Toshiba Satellite 3000

Toshiba Satellite 3005


For more information, click here or download a claim form at the Settlement Administrator Website. The deadline to file a claim is July 30, 2010.



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Updated April 21st, 2010


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  • Anonymous April 11, 2012

    well shit i guess i missed it on my old laptop and my 4 month old ones hinges just broke ….toshiba is still selling defective products

    • CA55-Buyer Remorse August 24, 2016

      I have a C55-a5310 with exactly the same problem. It amazes me that this is still an issue after Toshiba paid out so much. I will never buy another Toshiba, and regret this one.

  • Ames August 15, 2013

    Three days after the 1 yr warranty ran out on my Satellite P845-S4200 11 days ago the right hinge popped out of the screen housing popping the screen housing open. Best Buy says $300 to fix! Only used it sporadically as a backup so very little use! So Toshiba is still not admitting to manufactured defects? NO MORE Toshibas!!!!!

  • CEE January 16, 2014

    Ya…wth? I bought a Toshiba Satellite in late 2012 . It was around $300 a good deal for what I needed, but the guy at the Major Office supply store I bought it from mentioned that the satellites had problems with the hinges….I should of listened….Both sides are popped now. Still works, but for how long? And….no….I never dropped it! What a joke. I’ve had several other laptops over the years and never had a problem like this. Its a joke that Toshiba is still selling these. What gives? I’m going ask the major Office retailer that I bought this from…Why? Why would you sell something that you knew had problems.

  • Bret Cohen June 22, 2014

    My Toshiba P845-S4200 had its left rear hinge break approximately 6 months after the warranty expired. Are there any open actions with this model?

    • hassan odra August 22, 2014

      Me also, my Toshiba P845-S4200 had its left rear hinge break approximately 8 months after the warranty expired.

    • JamieP August 28, 2014

      I have a P845-S4200 with both sides broken! The worse part of it is that the replacement part is $150.00-225.00 used and new! What a bad deal! What can be done to get class-actions on this Model Line?

  • Galyna April 26, 2015

    My Toshiba p845-s4200 had its right hinge break approximately 12 months after the warranty expired

  • Caitlin June 10, 2015

    My Toshiba laptop also has a broken left hinge. I can not believe that there was a lawsuit 5 years ago and they continue to manufacture computers with the SAME problem! Shame on you Toshiba!!!!

  • Tom August 7, 2015

    I have had both plastic hinges break on my Tosiba bSatellite S-70 A. Even the big box stores can’t fix this poor design in Toshibas computers. I will never by another of their products. This was treated very gingerly. I had this POS for 18 months !!

  • jo December 20, 2015

    2015 .hinges got stiff, pushing back of screen cover up on about one year old satellite L55. found a fix and published it on Toshiba forum. noticed many others having same problem. mentioned prior class action in post and now when I go to forum website it says I have been banned. Time for another. . Fix below. STIFF HINGE LAPTOP. I have 2014 satellite L55. hinges got stiff. unscrewed screws holding battery, removed battery and rest of screws in back cover. used piece of cardboard size of back cover and screwed screws into cardboard in same place they were in back cover just in case some were different length. using fingers spread back cover open at battery connection. cover would not come all the way off, probably hidden screw or something but I could see hinges. sprayed small amount of WD40 silicon, has flip up spout says safe for plastics, tried small amount on outside cover first and it seemed to do no harm. This did not fix. it seemed hinges and washer packed very tightly and appeared almost corroded slightly. on end of hinge shaft or pin was about 4-6 millimeter nut. Couldn’t get standard open end wrench on it due to tight quarters so used mini needle nose pliers and turned nut on each hinge counter clockwise about 1/2 turn. had to make about 8 slight partial turns to get the 1/2 turn. you can mark the top of the nut with sharpie so you can keep track of position. This helped a lot but still a little stiff so sprayed very small amount of WD 40 silicon on shaft and washers.
    This worked. loosening the nut must have let some of the silicon penetrate
    into the washers and shaft. open and closed a few times and got much smoother. Watch each hinge to see if bowing out or torquing the plastic and adjust nut so not much torqing but still stiff enough to hold lcd in place ie not flopping around. If I do this again I may see if I can find a mini wrench or millimeter ignition wrench and grind down the sides so it fits in tight quarters. didn’t take much to turn the nut. In searching saw class action lawsuit for same problem up to 2010 models.

  • Douglas Vogel April 2, 2016

    I have a c655 Toshiba Satellite that has broken hinges, but it was manufactured well after this class action settlement. Both hinges got stiff shortly after it was purchased. After warranty expired, the top of the body of the computer began to separate from the bottom. They are apparently still making a defective product.

    • Darrell Hall August 2, 2016

      I have a C655-5049 with broken hinges. Never been dropped, just poor design flaw using plastic to support the type of hinges they used. Need another lawsuit to fix Toshiba’s poor quality design and judgement to continue to make these inferior products.

  • spencer May 14, 2016

    i have a toshiba satellite C55t-A5222 it is a touchscreen as well. This morning i noticed a horrendous sound when I opened/closed it. i looked into it and my hing on the right is completely disconnected and the bottom frame piece is coming off.

  • Jae Won Lim June 21, 2016

    My Toshiba L55 also got a broken hinge after stiffness within a year. I was very careful and hardly ever closed my laptop. I never abused the laptop. Based on my previous experiences, I will never buy Toshiba ever again for their build quality and design flaw of the hinge. They will never admit that it was their design flaw. What a joke. Listen to the people on Amazon reviews on Toshiba L55. Many people complain that they all have broken hinge within months after purchase. Toshiba never admits their design defect. I have never experienced hinge problems with Dell or HP laptops, yet I have experienced three hinge problems with Toshiba, one with Sony Vaio. This constitutes another class action lawsuits for Toshiba laptops.

    • Karen July 11, 2016

      My L55 has had a left broken hinge for many months and when I got it sort of repaired they told me the right one was getting that way also. I thought this hinge issue was my fault until I found this website. I have never had this problem with any of my other laptops. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  • Anton July 19, 2016

    My Toshiba P850 had the left hinge break which I thought was just a fluke. Been using it for over 18 months this way until the right one just broke so I searched and found this is a common problem. I have been very loyal to Toshiba for many years until I see this is a common problem. This laptop never traveled and was on a desk and rarely opened and closed which leads me to believe this hinge design is very very poor. Such a simple thing for them to change and it appears nothing has been changed. This is my last Toshiba despite being very happy with them on all other accounts. Another class action is welcomed!

  • Jo August 5, 2016

    Sati lite l55. Both hinges. Less than 2 years old.

  • BG September 7, 2016

    My laptop is under warranty and Toshiba says this is not a manufacturers defect.
    The hinge on left side came off and I am unable to close it.

    It’s time to take a legal channel as this is an going problem that Toshiba is denying.

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