Another Bank of America unemployment benefits class action has been filed.
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  • On April 6, 2021, another class action lawsuit was lodged against Bank of America in California federal court claiming a consumer could not access her unemployment benefits through the bank. Bank of America has since responded, noting that it has added customer service agents to answer phone calls and investigate claims in a statement to reporters.

Bank of America’s handling of unemployment benefits is being challenged by a growing list of plaintiffs in at least two class action lawsuits. 

A new filing out of California claims the bank isn’t protecting the unemployment benefit accounts it is in charge of and is failing to make it right for the thousands who’ve been frozen out of their money. 

Christoper Mosson is the plaintiff in the latest class action lawsuit filed against Bank of America. He’s arguing negligence and breaches of contract, among other things, after his Bank of America unemployment account was hacked and drained of all its money last year. 

The Oakland resident noticed unauthorized charges on his account in December and called Bank of America’s customer service to report the fraudulent charges, according to the complaint. 

Bank of America froze the account, leaving Mosson unable to access the remaining funds eventually returning the entire balance back to California’s unemployment department.

Mosson says Bank of America handouts debit cards to unemployment claimants that don’t have a chip, leaving them exposed to skimming and other methods hackers use to steal private financial data. 

This breaches Bank of America’s policy which promises to provide products that are safe to use, Mosson alleges in the complaint. 

Furthermore, Mosson points to Bank of America failing to uphold its liability guarantee by leaving him without any money during the ordeal. 

Mosson argues he isn’t the only person having to deal with the issue. He quotes Bank of America customer service representatives in the class action lawsuit, who admit to hearing about the issue regularly. 

“We’re actually no longer allowed to tell them a  timeframe, because we have no clue,” the representative said referring to refunds of stolen money, the complaint contends. “Every day, I talk to 30 people with the same story. I just pray for them after my shift, honestly.”

Mosson further alleges this lack of communication in the complaint. He says many Bank of America unemployment account holders were never notified of the fraud. 

Rampant fraud led Bank of America to freeze approximately 350,000 unemployment accounts beginning in October, according to this new class action lawsuit.

The issue was the topic of the state lawmakers in a hearing held Tuesday, ABC 7 News reports. 

Mosson is seeking to form a class of members who’ve had or currently have a Bank of America unemployment benefits account. 

Formally, the class action lawsuit accuses Bank of America of negligence and breach of contract, in addition to violating the Electric Funds Transfer Act and California’s Consumer Privacy Act.  

Just last week, a separate class action lawsuit with similar claims was filed against Bank of America. The named plaintiff in that case reports $400 was stolen from her unemployment benefit account. 

Another consumer who says her unemployment benefits were hacked has filed a class action lawsuit against Bank of America. In this class action, filed in California federal court in April, San Diego resident Deaniesha Lawrence claims she and others were left with “pennies” in their accounts after fraudsters made off their unemployment benefits.

This most recently filed class action lawsuit claims that Bank of America used “antiquated” technology for unemployment benefit recipients. It also notes that, even though the bank has removed the freeze it put on accounts with reports of fraud, it has not taken any action to reimburse the stolen funds. Lawernce claims that the bank “made it nearly impossible for those in need of benefits to receive their much-needed aid.”

In response to this latest class action lawsuit, a Bank of America spokesperson told Law360:

“We have added thousands of agents to answer phone calls and investigate claims for the areas of the program we are responsible for and, as a result, our average wait time for callers has dropped dramatically. While the vast majority of unemployment fraud is committed by those filing false applications, when fraudulent transactions occur on benefit cards we review those claims and restore money to legitimate recipients.”

Do you hold an account with Bank of America? Have you ever had issues with your Bank of America unemployment accounts getting hacked? Let us know in the comments below. 

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit are P. Terry Anderlini, Joseph M. Goethals, and Jackson D. Morgus of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP. 

The Bank of America Unemployment Account Hack Class Action Lawsuit is Mosson, et al. v. Bank Of America, N.A., Case No. 3:21-cv-00743 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.    

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  • Melissa Mitchell September 15, 2021

    Bank of America currently has a freeze on my funds

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  • Michelle V August 18, 2021

    I had made a transfer from my BofA EDD account to my other bank account. My other bank had declined the transfer and sent it back to my BofA account. BofA said nothing was sent back and no funds were released. My other bank even told me they accepted the funds and BofA still won’t give me back my money. It has been frustrating because $500 is suddenly missing and all they do is give me the run around. BofA is stealing my money and will not give it back.

  • Boyd July 22, 2021

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  • Brandi Mathis July 22, 2021

    My accounts were all hacked and the bank treated me like I was the criminal that did it. They closed all my accounts that I’d had for 13 years and my credit card. They then locked me out of all of my online access. I had 1500 in one account for a scholarship fund I started for my mentor that passed away. The money was transferred to that account and never touched. They told me that money would not be returned because it was under review. I called several times and over and over they told me there is no day of update and that I may have to wait to get the money or until the issue is resolved for 3-20 years!!! How can this even happen with consumers’ money? The reps were always clueless to why this was happening and called it hold harmless. That’s the dept in the bank that will not provide any update on when I can ever get that money back. I hate BOA.

    • Scott Goff August 18, 2021

      Same happened yesterday they got me for$1600.00i

  • DH July 21, 2021

    Someone just $700 out of my account 7-19-2021 so I called bank of America they told me transaction was width draw from ATM in Buena park, California same day the fund posted. I was not in California on 7-19-2021. B OF A told will take them 90 days to investigates . It’s sad that really need that money right away.

  • Sammy burns July 20, 2021

    Monday morning i called bank of america to see if my edd money had been put into my acct. And it had so i got dressed and went to the bank .Only to find out someone had already with drawed it. 900 dollars so i called the bank and they said someone had made a wihdraw from a atm in brea ca. I said how and the hell can they do that i have my card right here so you dont need a card now days I found out these cards they give us are worthless someone need to help us please include me in this class action law suit thankyou

  • Robert July 19, 2021

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  • Glenntavius Nolan July 16, 2021

    Add me

  • Tyler July 6, 2021

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  • Sophanna Mey June 30, 2021

    After reading these comments from other people that went through it banking. With and at Bank of America. I know most of the ones leaving comments here are not even close to being done with what they have to said or what they had gone through. Ok. Wow….. Every time I hear that name Bank of America. It make me wanna go on a rampage, kick and punch the wall. Rip the phone right off the wall and bang non stop over and over and over and over. Again and again and again. Until I can’t go on anymore… Like the time BOA decided to freeze my account that left me broke with no money to pay my workers because I had just opened up a business for my first time.. Ahhhhahh !!!!!! OmG please do something about these hoodlums and teach them a lesson for leaving me stuck in their parking lot or endless hours answering every single security questions correctly over and over. again and again. YOU GOTS TO BE KIDDING !!! How is that.? I had always thought that the right answer was a good thing. But this time it was far from it. So from my social security, birthday, password, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, birth certificate, and my Oregon ID which way is expired. So all of those I answered each and single one correct, and I still couldn’t get past. Oh yeah and plus my mobile app online I typed in the correct password never changed it had it the same password and for some reason they locked it up so I couldn’t access none of my phone’s I couldn’t see anything. They completely locked me out of my own account two axes my own my fund and when I did go and ran my debit card at the atm, it shows a negative balance of 29 99 million dollars. I could not believe it I was sick to the stomach sad man Angry pissed I wanted to just hurt somebody I looked at somebody and just just stop. Went and sat in the truck and started to breathe trying to calm myself down cuz I was so piss. No I have to go back and told the guys that we wouldn’t be able to work because we didn’t have enough fuel to go out and work and I wasn’t able to pay them so they decided to go somewhere else and right after I spoke with customer service again. And was told two step begin side of a branch with two forms of ID. This f****** motherfuker got to be f****** kidding because I just did that with my valid ID that I drove 6 hours to go get to verify myself I got no damn gas I need my money what else do you want from me. So when I did that I pretty much wasted my whole time just being on the phone and going to Bank of America branches after branches verifying after verifying for f****** what Bank of America you’re so f****** stupid I hope you’re reading this s*** too I’m so f****** pissed but anyway I’m sorry bud I f****** hate Bank of America I love America but I hate Bank of America. Do you know how many times they left me with no gas sitting across the street trying to think of a way to get gas to go home in my f****** work truck you know how f****** embarrassing that is. And when I asked about when was the call made about the fudge name reports or the name of person who called in you guys can give me no f****** answer you know why they couldn’t give me no f****** answer because I am the f****** primary holder of my f****** account. And who decided to come up with this fraud department that doesn’t know f****** that s*** from s*** that f****** froze my account and now it’s still f****** closing but it’s open but negative amounts please explain. I lost track of everything when I just gave up what now I don’t want to give up I just want to see them face some kind of punishment for what they did to us me whoever went through this s*** that they put you through or me or he or she these f****** punks don’t discriminate when it comes to f****** people over and I still have these emails from them but yet they can’t even unlock my mobile banking. Till this day I still cannot access my own damn account nor I don’t want to because I might end up maybe going to jail if I went back and dealt with Bank of America so I’m happy with Bank of the West now thanks a lot cuz I already hit almost rock bottom and I spend alarm trying to come up with my business and now I got no damn workers they see f****** Bank of America I couldn’t fix my f****** engine my Kirk cousins f****** Bank of America sorry for the language excuse me I f****** hate Bank of America

  • Caprice June 29, 2021

    Somewhere between the funds leaving CA EDD and the Bank of America transfer to my B of A account (which I’ve had for years) 4 out of 11 payments made in one day, were never received. I had retroactive payments due from EDD, 11 total. They show all of them as paid out on one day, only 7 of them actually were deposited in my bank account. I have spoken with Bank of America and been told to contact EDD…lol, not an easy feat. I have now spent hours on hold and minutes with agents who were rude and had no idea what was happening. One agent told me he’s never heard of anything like this. I am beyond frustrated, I am responsible for taxes on these funds, I can’t find anyone who cares or can help. The agents literally have been rude and downright mean. I can’t believe the demoralizing effect this has had, not to mention the ptsd, seriously. I cry every time I call EDD knowing that it will be a good 6 or 7 hours on hold and likely to get my call dropped. I’ve had to pay a call back service $35 just to get put on hold. This is horrible!!!

  • Andrew Seymour June 28, 2021

    Lost 1000 from my edd boa account, i had my card! How‽?????

    • Dave July 8, 2021

      same here.,.BofA today said it was pulled from a wells Fargo ATM. I am 100.miles away. I have no clue how they got my card # & pin. I’ve researched tonight. I’m at a loss…

  • Gloria Hankins June 26, 2021

    Bank of America closed my moms account , someone had deposited $25,000 of unemployment benefits into her account. It was obviously not her as she didn’t even file a claim. They took her money she had in her account , stopped her life insurance and will not speak to her about it. No letter , nothing as to why they did that . What are her options ?

  • Robert Johnson June 23, 2021

    Had my account drained of all but nine cents right after leaving a branch office to verify my identity. Seems like an inside job since the timing coincided with the conclusion of my interaction with the bank manager

  • Rosalba Jimenez June 22, 2021

    Please include me in this lawsuit, just yesterday someone withdrawal $1,000 from my account, I just filed a claim and was told it will take 90 Days. What I dont understand how can someone withdrawal money from my account when I have the card with me. The lady from the claim department told me that probably someone from Las Vegas hacked my account just because I told her I went there. but yet the transaction was made in Los Angeles, CA ATM??

    • Kelly Kilpatrick June 28, 2021

      Same here! My uncle and me both have had 1000 taken from the edd boa account.

  • Brenda chaveZ June 14, 2021

    Funny that I don’t have funds and I can’t log in to my online account. I’m sick and tiered of calling Bank of America to report unauthorized use of my account. I have give up hope that something will be done its 5,708 now I can’t get in to my account this is so frustrating _

  • Deeane McNeal June 6, 2021

    Hello. In November 2020, I had my BofA EDD prepaid debit card account hacked by people overseas. All the transactions happened within a 4 week period and I was never notified by BofA. I’ve never even made a transaction online. All of the transactions were done through Facebook. I had, in 4 weeks, a little over 13 thousand dollars drained out of my account. It started on November 12th. I saw this on November 24th. Called BofA to report fraud and start a fraud case. The CSR girl I talked to said she was @arting a case and I would be getting stuff in the mail in 3 days. Had 10 days to send back yada yada. Never got anything. Called back the fraud department and talked to a wonderful guy who helped me. The girl never started a case for me. My account has been frozen since and since she never started a case, the hackers were able to take even more money out. Until I was drained. I hadn’t heard or wasnt able to get ahold of anyone(continuous hangups after waiting on hold for 4 plus hours). So I gave up. It was too much for me. I lost my car because of this and I’m still about to lose my home. My husband is disabled and I’m his caretaker and we are very low income as is so this just sent me on and emotional downhill spiral. I recently, without notice again, checked my BofA app and on May 21st, my money is back and I’m unlocked. But because of this, EDD has froze my account and I havent been paid by them for 9 weeks. It’s been hell to say the least. Bad enough u have to worry about exposure and not infecting my disabled husband, now I’ve got this!! I would like to be part of this class action lawsuit as there is so much more that happened with BofA and because of their actions. Please, get ahold of me about this. Oh… and I am out of Sacramento, Ca.

  • Alanda Watts June 4, 2021

    Hi I’m in Las Vegas Nevada and the same is going on here. In November 2020 someone hacked my unemployment account and stole my money and Bank of America froze my account as well and it took until March 2021 for them to unfreeze my card and they returned the money back to unemployment and I still have not been paid. I called unemployment and was told it will take another 6-8 weeks for them to cut me a check and this was since December 22, 2020 leaving me without funds putting me in depression and putting me in distress not knowing how I’m going fiction. I’m 60 years old and having to live with my kids because I loss my husband. This is ridiculous I’ve already been victimized by the predator that took my money, now I’m waiting on one (B of A) to unemployment. What am I to do? Please help me!

  • Dominic Vanni June 3, 2021

    Yes, ME TO, funny how a,ATM transaction allowed for an odd numeric amount to BE withdrawn ($963.00)
    Must be a new B of A POLICY.
    This whole things is complete BS.
    I want to punch the decision maker in the face!

  • Elizabeth June 3, 2021

    I had this happen and would like to be part of any class action lawsuit not sure how to join any advise is appropriated

  • Misty torres June 2, 2021

    Yup definitely happened to me! 1500$ worth and Bank of America has treated me bad with attitudes on the phone. They closed my case within 2 days. Then they reopened and I sent in police report and a picture ID. They denied my claim again because my copy of the ID wasn’t clear enough. I sent it colored copies. I sent in 5 different shades of my ID and then they tell me they don’t offer provisional credit on “reopened claims” they only do that for the initial claim. But they closed the claim before they ever received the ID picture. They won’t allow emails or anything in color! My hold times are normally 2 hours or more. And the people that I do get to talk to tell me they are sorry. One of the people forgot to mute her phone while I was talking and she was in a drive through at jack n the box. I stayed quite while she ordered them I hear her tell someone “hold on I’m finna tell her I’ll submit a complaint and to have a nice day”. I’m over this

  • TC June 2, 2021

    Yes this happened to me. Went to use card to buy food for my family and declined. Got online to check on it and someone out of La Mirada at an ATM did an inquiry and then withdrew $980 of money I desperately needed to buy food. Shameful! Went through claims, said take 45 days! OMG and keep following up said they closed my case as stands. Had to call back, said you are a bank look at your atm cameras and you will see that it was not me making the fraudulent withdrawals. They said they’d open the case only to wait another 45 days. California EDD and Newsome need to step in a force BOA to pay us!

  • Ashley Cahill June 1, 2021

    I’ve been waiting for over two months for ANY sort of answer from BofA and still have nothing. The first week of March I had $5,000 withdrawn from my EDD BofA account, and only on the fifth day after five consecutive $1,000 withdrawals did my card finally get frozen, which I realized when I went to spend $20 at my local Target. My card got declined and I tried again with the same outcome, only to check my account and see it almost completely drained. I called BofA right away and they told me claims was closed for the day and to call again in the morning, so I did. I got passed around multiple people for almost 3 hours and then finally finished my call to file the claim. A few days later I get a letter in the mail saying my claim had been closed because they thought it was fraudulent– closing date being ONE day after I had initially filed. I went through all the necessary steps to unfreeze my accounts, verified my Identity with the state edd and everything, and still have nothing. I called to reopen my claim, which I was told had been done, only to have zero updates on everything. So I called again a few days ago to see what was going on, and the gentleman on the phone tells me my claim hadn’t been reopened yet and it was in the “reconsideration to reopen” process. The fact that BofA isn’t really doing anything about this, on top of the fact that it literally says they monitor and protect against this sort of stuff on more than one of their contracts/documents, is ridiculous. People like me are relying on this money to get things taken care of, and for a bank being “of the people” it certainly doesn’t feel that way.
    I would love to know how I can participate in this Class Action suit.

  • David Green June 1, 2021

    I too had money taken out of my BOFA EDD account. It was also done at a Wells Fargo atm while i was at work. Suspended the card right away on app then called BofA to report fraud and was made to feel like I did something wrong. Cancelled card and sent me a new one… however I just received a letter dated the day after i called to report fraud closing claim and blocking access to my funds remaining in my account. I have since received a deposit from EDD but have no way to access with BOFA having a block on my account. Bad enough EDD is more than 8 payments behind on my claim, when i do get a payment, someone fraudulently takes it and no help is given by BOfA. This is ridiculous…I need my money in a bad way and BOFA nor EDD seems to care at all. Please help.

  • Edric mendoza June 1, 2021

    i found out last week that the funds i have in my b of a edd account are gone. I filed a claim right away and today i received a letter dated a day after i filed my claim that says the claim has been closed and that i need to call them again to request that the claim be opened again. All in all $3006.50 were taken and now after reading all of the stories from other victims i don’t know what to do or if i would even be able to recover the money that was taken

  • Rachel May 31, 2021

    $1,000 was taken this morning at 8:57AM today 5.31.21 Whats the crazy thing I use to get text alerts and NO LONGER do I tried to update and no way to update. I called filed a claim and was told it may take up to 90 days :(

    • corey June 1, 2021

      Happened to me at 830am went to pull out money it was 0 called Bank of America at 9am I ask what happened where my funds they said I had an transaction at 830am in west Covina I live 50 miles away how can I be at 2 place at the same time I think bank of america stole the funds so I filed a claim

  • Edgar Rodriguez May 31, 2021

    On Dec 17, 2020. I received a email from Bank of America alerting me that my edd benefits was withdrawn ( 2,539.58) from my account and was transfered to another account. I called Bank of America fraud hotline to file a claim immediately that same day. I told Bank of America that transaction was unauthorized by me and that I was never aware of any of this transaction. The Operator and I were looking at my Bank of America about my statement and I saw that there was unauthorized purchases that were still pending. Bank of America never did anything but gave me a replacement card with a different debit card number with no funds. on Dec 18, 2020. I saw my statement and those purchases that were pending were approved by Bank of America. I never heard anything from the bank.

  • Cindy bryant May 30, 2021

    They mailed two cards out a month apart in Nov. And Dec. To somebody claiming to be me. My name is Cindy bryant

  • Francisco B Gaona May 30, 2021

    In February someone been used my card they made purchased things from food max. I reported it to boa. They told me that they were going to send me a new card. I never recieved it, I checked my boa bank account, and someone again used my second card. So I have to claims pending 1 for $ 908.13 and another one for $1098.58. this is since February. They are just giving me the run around. I keep being told that it should be there any daY just bee PATIENT THAT IT SHOULD BE THERE ANY DAY THAT’S BEEN SINCE FEBRUARY NOTHING YET.

  • Christopher Thomas May 28, 2021

    Yes I too have been a victim of fraud.
    Three months in a row funds where transfered with out my approval with
    bogus email account made in my name. This some how enabled them to make
    money transfers. As soon as my monies we be deposited they had it setup to automatically transfer.

  • Janet Lee May 28, 2021

    Please include me in this lawsuit! I’m out $800 from my EDD account because someone from Long Beach withdrew money out from an ATM! B of A flagged it, but never informed me when they closed my acct. I called immediately and was told to make a claim. Took 1.5 hrs to create & file the claim. Now I just received a letter stating they closed my claim & was not crediting me back the money! I was on phone again trying to have them reopen my claim.

  • Christopher Harris May 27, 2021

    add me to plz i cant even get a replacement card from them cause my strip wont swipe due to damage so im stuck with useing online trasnactions and haveing to repay friends just to get cash back

  • CORINA ZAPIEN May 24, 2021

    Add me please

    • Charles Weese May 26, 2021

      In September Bank of America froze my account and had $900 left in it for suspicion of ID fraud later went to court cleared it up and my ID was verified but it’s still refused to give me my balance back $900 can I join your class action lawsuit?

  • paul sanchez May 23, 2021

    sign me up

  • J Miller May 22, 2021

    BofA keeps giving me the run around, saying my case is still pending, and it’s been over 60 days. 1203.00 was stolen from my account and my account frozen by BofA, then reopened, but stolen funds never returned.

  • Mary Mattio May 21, 2021

    I’ve had the same thing just happen to me. On May.19,2021 I received a text message saying I only had 12.00 in my account. So I went to the app and it shows BOA FOR -340. I called boa n they told me it was a withdrawal at a boa atm. There’s NO WAY! I had my card on me. I just used it for gas. They open a claim only for me to call today the 21st for them to tell me my claim was closed. BOA doesn’t care about UE customers. Why waste our time opening claims if they just are gonna close them. BOA IS JUST AS BAD AS THE THIEVES TAKING THE MONEY. Because they are allowing it, and not doing nothing about it.

  • Karen Lee Durment May 20, 2021

    11 days ago I had $503. stolen from my Bank of America EDD card account. The money was withdrawn from a Wells Fargo atm, but I am still in possession of my card!? Also, I am in a different state from where the withdraw took place.?! I asked the BOA Fraud Dept how this happened so I could avoid a repeat occurrence, but got no answer. She was Not friendly At All & spoke so fast I could hardly understand what she was saying. So sad- and so broke.

  • Ana Carolina da Silva May 19, 2021

    I have had the same problem with BOA and without notice they froze my account. I call, call, call and blame game continues. I know it’s BOA’s fault and they do not want to fix the problems. Please help me to add my name to class act law suit along more non fraudulent claimants.
    I am desperate, with no end in sight.

  • Adrienne May 18, 2021

    How does a person withdraw money from your account without my card and how do they know my pin number? Well, that is exactly what they did to me yesterday $720 dollars was taken while I was asleep at home. I literally became suspicious of my kids or their friends going in my purse while I wasn’t looking. They couldn’t have done that they still need my Pin#.

    I called B of A and started a claim and they told me it’s going to take 45 days to get this reviewed and investigated. I feel like B of A treats the EDD customers really badly. Their attitude is totally different from their non-EDD customers. My mother had an issue with her checks they were never delivered it had been over a month she worried they had been delivered already and someone must have gotten a hold of them. So I told her lets call B of A and ask them if they sent them already. They were so friendly and nice very apologetic and they told her to be expecting some new checks and they will overnight them so she will have them within 2 days. I sat there with my mouth opened In shock I couldn’t believe how nice and accommodating to her. It was like Jeckl and Hyde. When I call I get attitude and talked to them like I’m irritating them wasting their time, and they will get to me when they are ready. It’s wrong and it’s not fair I have to suffer because someone has compromised my account and stole my money. I want to be protected like the rest of their customers. Why do we have to be treated as second-hand citizens and have to wait 45 days before we get an answer if we get our money back?

  • Tarrie Lance May 15, 2021

    Same thing is happening to me for months now

  • Amanda Martinez May 12, 2021

    Hello. I have an issue with boa as well. Back in October when I went to use my card I had a negative -$1,300 balance.!!! I called EDD who told me to contact the bank, who told me to contact EDD who told me to contact the bank. After weeks when I finally got throught to a boa rep. She told me that the System needed to Update and that once it did my funds would be added to my card..that never happened…for the next few weeks I didn’t recieve my $300 dollar deposits until the -$1300 balance was paid.!!! To this day I never received that money they took.!

    • Amanda Martinez May 12, 2021

      Please tell me how I can join a lawsuit against the Bank to get my money back!

  • Stephen pryor May 11, 2021

    My account had $163 stolen and after It was reported they froze my account. It’s been five months and I’m still appealing my case with unemployment.

  • Miikka Noel May 10, 2021

    Please add me! I too am receiving Edd Unemplyment payments, and my account has been frozen. I reapplied for Unemplyment after my first claim ended. I then received a email from boa on 3/26 saying my profile had been updated. I called, and while verifying the agent said my apartment number was wrong. I go on the Edd site, and fix it because it must have been a random glitch when doing my new claim. I thought the issue was solved a few days later I received another email from boa on 4/2 that my profile had been updated. So I called again to verify my identity, so whatever freeze could be removed. Per them they can’t help I need to call Edd and get to the investigations department, and have them verify I’m benefits eligible. I call Edd they say everything is great on their end per my account. The Edd agent adds a note in my account to have the investigations department contact boa to say that I’m benefits eligible. I’ve spoken to countless agents on both sides and nothing has been remedied. I’ve emailed any and everyone I can google that’s an exec @ boa. Nothing has helped nor worked. I now see after googling I’m not alone in this sad mess.

    • Ana Carolina da Silva May 19, 2021

      The EXACT same thing happened to me; Cannot take this anymore. Nothing has helped: countless emails+messages+phone calls… Hours lost! This is an absurd!

  • Angela Mc May 8, 2021

    I had a Bank Of America business account and my account was hacked with someone putting their unemployment money in my business account. This caused my account to be closed and the balance was frozen. on March 17. Still waiting to get my funds back and my stimulus check I had wire transferred over to this account. They say they are holding it during the claim period and will deduct the claim don’t clear.

  • Diamond Corrine Lopez May 7, 2021

    December 19,2020 someone stole $2,780 dollars from my account at 3 ATM’s here in Manteca, CA. I reported it but the person that took my report and started my claim with Bank of America made a comment that it was pretty odd that I was missing money but still had my card and the ATM the card was used at was in the same city I lived in. So all thru Christmas I falsely accused 2 of my son’s of possibly robbing me. My 15 year old even got a few whoopings just in case it was him. I barely got to see my grandson because of accusing his dad. I even kicked my stepson out over this. Anyways in January I called to check the status and was told someone would contact me. February I called again…turns out the guy that filed my claim never really filed it even tho I did get the new card and had been using it for 2 months. So anyway the lady was helpful and finished filing the claim, by then I had filed a police report and let her know that. 4 days later I get the letter saying my claim was cancelled due to suspected fraud. I called them back and let them know that I was going to contact a lawyer because this “process” that they have is a joke. Fast forward to April 24, 2021 I got a letter in the mail stating that I won my claim and my account had been credited $2783 ($3 was for the 3 $1.00 transaction fees) thank God my money back! I would still like to join the class action lawsuits for compensation for Bank of America freezing my account, ruining my Christmas, causing me to falsely suspect my own family members of theft, for being negligent with my money and for decriminalization based on the way I was treated like a lower class citizen in the local bofa’s once they saw my EDD debt card. EDD fraud has gotten so bad in my town that some stores and every hotel won’t accept the EDD debt card. That is crazy!

  • Hector J De Haro May 5, 2021

    This morning, I got an email saying regarding profile information being updated. The email closed w., “This update could have originated from your state agency.” so I assumed it was fine especially since I logged in and didn’t see anything wrong. An hour later, attempting to use my card, it was denied. Logged into the app and saw that someone wire transfered my entire balance ($8K). Whoever did this left their email address, phone number, and home address…why didn’t BOA notify me of these changes? This person literally changed everything and I received NO notice. I searched the number on white pages and BINGO, the number matched with the name the email was registered under. I gave the person a call, to hopefully try to reason with them, told them how much they stole and that if they didn’t return it, i’d call the police (I did). This person asked who I was and then proceeded to say, “Ah, this is 123-45-6789 (fake social) born on 01/01/1990 (fake dob).” This person knew my social and dob. So, now I’m questioning how BOA is handling our sensitivity information! Not only are they negligent w. money but they are exposing customer’s sensitive information. I’d love to get it on this. This is insane.

  • Stephanie jones May 5, 2021

    On March 29, 2021 I was expecting my deposit in my account. And when I went to the gas station to pump gas I noticed I couldn’t pump more than $25 I didn’t check my account before I pumped gas because I assumed my money was in there. I checked online to see if I was paid and it showed status paid. I then called the bank and checked my balance because I figured the app was delayed on getting the updated information. And it said that same amountThat’s the app showed. I checked my deposit and it showed that there was a deposit on March 29 and then I checked my last 10 transactions and before the gas station was a $440 with drawl from a Bank of America located in Vista California which is 30 minutes from me. I freaked out call Bank of America notify them of this and then the agent told me to file a police report that it would help. I kind of felt stupid to go to the police department because helping the police help me when I had my card on me I felt like this is impossible like how do these people call the EDD change my identification pin or establish it and then be able to hack in and change my pin to my card to be able to withdraw cash from the ATM. So I went on the federal commission website and filed a reportBecause Bank of America closed my claim one day after I reported money stolen. They sent me a letter saying that their decision has been based on fraudulent ask that I might’ve done. And then so I just disputed their decision. And have them open my claim back up and then they send me another letter based on the information they have they close my claim or denied it again. So for the third time I called them and disputed there decision and fax them the identity theft report and I still have yet to hear from them. They’re only contacting me throughThe mail. I think this is very unfair and I need help can somebody please contact me and tell me what I should do because whore $440 was stolen from me That’s really freaky because I’m scared they’re going to try and steal more money from me again and I think it’s unfair that these people get to walk around with someone else’s money and the banks not even helping me there against me.

  • Randy May 4, 2021

    my ui account was hacked forr $440 back in september i called and submitted a claim waited a week for a new card and when i received the new card i set up a new pin and noticed it had $20 on it, hmmm. i checked the transaction history to find out that the new card has already been hacked for $420 before i opened it (no bu***hit). i called of course upset, asking how could this happen?, customer rep says they have no idea but tells me to open another claim. i did so only to have that claim closed without notice then i had to file a claim for the closed claim. smh….now fast forward to feb 12 where i receive a letter stating i have won my claim and the amount of $420 has been deposited to my account and the claim is now closed. sounds sweet but today is May 4th and the money still hasnt been placed in my account. Every claims rep says there is no time limit to when ill get my money back i just have to wait! i hate B of A

  • Kristie Holaday May 3, 2021

    My UI benefit money was stolen from my BofA acct on the 26th of April. I reported ut and filed a claim. All they said is they will be conducting an investigation. I was left with no money to live on and no one could give me a glimmer if hope in getting the money back. I received a new card but it took me all day to activitate as they said they couldnt verify my ID. I called back several days later to check on the status of my claim and they said it was closed. They told me they would have to reopen it. No one cared enough to help me understand the process or “why”. I was treated like I was annoying them by asking questions. One employee I got on the line was impossible to ubderstand! I told them, “I have no money”. Might as well be talking to a rock. I was treated lije it was up to me to prove to them that I was not the crook! Their customer service is despicable! When i told one of the reps that it was the fault of BofA for allowing a hacker to transfer money out if my acct. into the hackers acct., she was extremely rude and told ne there was nothing BofA can do. This whole situation us ruining my life. Car payment bounced; insurance payment bounced. I cant even buy gas or food.

  • Tabitha Russell May 2, 2021

    Thank you I live here in Nevada Las Vegas and I had the same thing done to me on Tuesday April 27th somebody drained all my unemployment benefits out of my account for $463 and now I filed an FBI report or the ic3 report police report and that was my rent help me

  • Jacqueline Marquess May 2, 2021

    I have called BofA since the end of November 2020 on a weekly basis over $350.00 in unauthorized charges made the end of October 2020. They refuse to give my money back. They have transferred me to numerous people, made me hold for hours, hung up on me on purpose and just disconnected me causing me to call and spend hours again being transferred to numerous people that cannot help me, will not help me, unauthorized to help me, and any excuse they can possibly muster not to return my money on what I gave proven over and over again was fraud. They say they will call me back and never do. They made me fax information to them for which they never acknowledged recieving until I called to inquire and after jumping through hoops, doing everything they gave asked of me over and over again, logging over 60 hours for 5 months now, as of 4/30/21, they tell me that there is nothing that they can do except to “keep calling back and being persistent”, this is what a manager told me. They have sent one letter in late March telling me that my claim was declined AGAIN, after being closed and reopened over 6 times for what they call “Reconsideration”. The one letter I recieved denying my claim gave reasons that did not even apply to my claim at all. It seemed to be a form denial generic to everyone and they don’t even care that it doesn’t apply to your specific claim. When I filed my claim 5 months ago California EDD froze my UI account down and made me verify my I’d which took over a month due to their faulty system and they still owe me thousands in my unemployment payments frozen in pending status. They will not respond to emails or phone calls. I am so distraught that I have considered suicide because of the instability and complete unaccountability by Bank of America as well as California EDD to resolve these issues so that I can keep a roof over my head by bare essentials for survival. I am stressed to the maximum. My health is suffering as they do nothing! PLEASE HELP ME.

  • April Brittain April 30, 2021

    I’m now dealing with the same thing I live in Longview North Carolina I dropped unemployment I had some money stolen from my account which equaled up to about $800 they have granted me the $714.65 back told me that it would be put back on my card I never got the credits I still haven’t got the credits as of today and no one can tell me why or when I will get them I would like to know what I need to do to get some help with this can someone please reach out to me thank you!

  • Ernie April 29, 2021

    Wow. I did not realize the problem was this extensive. I called Bank of America about unauthorized withdrawals from my account. They supposedly started a claim yet after three weeks I called again because I had not heard anything and I was informed that the claim was filled yet not submitted!
    In addition the claim was incomplete so I had to make sure all the information was included for a second claim.
    I have been asking to speak to a supervisor and have always gotten the run around from being forwarded to a busy line to long waits and asking if they could return my call in 1 business day.
    Today I called again and finally spoke to a “supervisor” only to have her listen to my complain for about a minute only to find out that she put herself on mute. I waited for five minutes and not a single word.
    I have been a customer of Bank of America for most of my life and I have never had such poor customer service. Not only was my account stolen, Bank of America kicked me when I needed help. Shear incompetence!!!

  • Rosa Felix April 29, 2021

    I am so frustrated with Bank of America. Someone hacked into my BofA edd account and stole $300.00 on 04/21/21. I opened a claim right away when I realized there was only a $1
    left in my account (after going to the atm). I couldn’t believe. Bof A has me running around in circles. Blocked my account. I faxed them the police report they told me to file and other documents and they said they never got them. I had to refax again today. And no one can tell me anything. Here I am without my money while not working. Please add me to your list.
    The most frustrating thing is they don’t have any answers. Just sorry…let’s see what happens with the claim.

  • William kennedy April 29, 2021

    I’m having the same problem, Of a is doing nothing . 420.00 was taken from my account in January almost 5 months something needs to be done b of a is steeling money from how many people. On the phone they give u the run around

  • Chassady dinardo April 29, 2021

    I havd had problems with bank of america fraud stuff that locked my account and held my money for 7 months i waisted 5 months on phone with edd to find out they dont even tell u whats really going on with your account they sent me tp emergancir vitals records in vancoover when i want to talk to some one higher then the tech i was speaking with to find out edd said theres a lovk on my accoubt called rst or something lime that but bof a new that the whole time

  • Crystal L Lafrance April 28, 2021

    How does some one get added to the law suit I got 2 friends that were robbed by bof a for edd cash

  • Noheel April 28, 2021

    I just gave up on this bank they stole 2000 from my account and the bank did nothing and closed my account now I am receiving emails stating that my account statement is ready on a card I don’t even have I believe the fraudsters are working in the banks and remote workers and stealing people’s identity this bank is garbage.

  • Sheila April 26, 2021

    I have a similar story..I went to bofa on Feb 1 to take out 1k when the ATM said insufficient thinking there was a mistake..I tried again only to find that indeed 1k was gone..I immediately went in to the bank to complain but was told I had to call the number on the card..I called explained what happened they reassured me It would be handle but my account would be locked for protection until I receive my new card in 3 days..received my new card but to my surprise it was lock and would take over almost to months to get my remaining funds released but with out my 1k being put when I called on March 23rd I was informed that my case was closed on Feb day after I filed my original all the times I talked with the representative they was lying to me claiming that they were working on my claim but wasn’ I had to have them reopen my claim again and wait for them to replace my money..on April 13 I still didn’t hear from them so I called and they filed a weeks later still no today April 26 once again filed another hardship..Im like why would I have to file a hardship to get my own money..basically the same run around

    • Dena April 29, 2021

      The same thing happened to me on April 26th! I filed a police report. The police told me that a card skimmer was located in the ATM at the BofA branch that I used last before my money was stolen. I filed a claim with BofA and sent them all of the police info. I called BofA claims to verify they received the reports only to be told that they failed to file my claim correctly when I called to report it the first time and they would have to start over and re file everything all over again. I received a replacement card in the mail yesterday and could not activate it through their automated system so I called them. They told me they activated the card and transferred me to another automated system to reset my PIN number. That automated system still couldn’t recognize the new card number. So I had to call back again. This time the rep told me that the original card used to commit the fraud was still active in their system and that he would need to cancel it in order to activate the new card they sent. In the middle of him doing so, he hangs up on me. I call back again and get a different person who I have to explain this whole story to again. She told me that the guy who hung up on my accidentally canceled the replacement card they just sent me and that they now have to send out another new one! In the meantime, I still have not heard back from the claims Dept regarding the status of my claim and I’m still out $1000! The last woman I spoke to at BofA claims told me that she gets claims exactly like this multiple times a day! The police told me that this isn’t the first time a credit card skimmer has been located at this particular branch! Who is responsible for making sure our money is safe while in Bank of America’s care? Why is it that they can’t even give you a time frame as to when to expect your money back?! Needless to say I am disgusted with this bank and can not understand why this has been allowed to go on for so long.

  • Lynda Elizabeth Hart April 23, 2021

    Please include me in your class action lawsuit. On Monday April 19th I woke up to a low funds alert of my Bank of America prepaid debit card. The day before I spent 4 hours on hold for a EDD specialist to release my payment, as I do every 2 weeks as they keep having countless errors on my account no agent knows how to fix and so since the extension this year I have to call in every 2 weeks and hold for 3-4 hours to get my funds paid out. When I spoke to the B of A agent she said $780..00 had been withdrawn from my account with a card and pin early in the morning. i said that isn’t possible I am holding my card and was sleeping and only I know my pin. They said an investigation would be opened and a Provisional credit would be given in 10 days (it should be given immediately). I called EDD stayed on hold for 2 hours and changed my payment method to mailing my check. I called B of A on Wednesday 4/21/21 to check status and was told my case was closed. i said great my funds have been restored? They said no. They said I changed a preference on my EDD account which led them to close out my claim. I then emailed my senator Scott Wilks and his assistant had me sign a authorization so she could look into the matter. I cannot pay my bills and cannot believe this is legal. I called B of A back and said I have never been able to take more than $500 out in a day as it exceeds my maximum daily limit so how could aa thief? She said they have skimmer machines that work around their system and they can get around the daily limit. I asked if their cameras work and she said yes. I advised it’s an open and shut case as I didn’t rob my own card, and so they can prosecute whoever did and I’d be happy to testify. After several calls they finally reopened my claim. They’re treating me badly and their agents sound like thugs. I have no confidence they will return my money and it happened at my branch B of A bank a mile away. I believe B of A stole it. Please add my name to your lawsuit. This shouldn’t happen to anyone.

  • Angela Grainger April 23, 2021

    I want in on this!

    Basically similar to everything everyone’s saying our 4 person eddBofA cardholders have been through! Just released the funds April 22 after 7 1/2 months! No sh*t!!! Last payment accessible September 13! Punk Ass’es!!
    I have an Acct on here!

    Message me!

  • Randy Aven April 21, 2021

    I called BOA back in October 2020 to let them know that somebody in England had stolen $700 from my account from a grocery store ATM in Birmingham (information was posted on my account showing where the money was taken out). I was told then to file a claim with their fraud department. It was about 6 weeks later that I received a letter letting me know my case was closed due to fraudulent action. I assumed this meant my money was refunded and all was well, but NOOOOO! A closer look at the letter indicated that they accused ME of being fraudulent with the claim!! I called them immediately having to wait almost 3 hours to speak with someone. They filed my claim again. Two months go by and NOTHING! I called again and was told by an agent that they did not flag my account for urgency or some lame excuse and would do so. That was 3 months ago and still have not heard anything! Luckily I have been working since November, but I have to pay taxes on that missing $700! It is owed to me and though I know many have lost much more, I still want what is owed to me!

  • Michelle April 21, 2021

    I too had 7300 taken August 2020. I tried to get my money back and they told EDD that my account was fraudulent and stopped my unemployment benefits. I haven’t been paid in months. Bank of America closed my account so now I cannot view passed bank statements. I am being punished for what to. me seems like Bank of America has some shady employees messing with accounts.

    • Brenda Walker April 22, 2021

      On February 21, 2021, 1 had $983 stolen off my EDD debit card when I went to buy groceries at a Lucky supermarket. When I check my EDD card when I got home I saw the missing money. The next day, Monday morning I called Bank of America. They said they are canceling my card and will send me a new one in the mail. When I got their letter in the mail it said they were closing my claim because EDD froze my account. I just found out that EDD unfrozen my account on April 1, 2021. Bank of America action like they don’t want to process my claim. Then asked did I file a police report. I told her you didn’t ask for a police report two months ago when I called. You didn’t give me a debit card with a chip on for security purposes. It is as you want my money to be stolen. They said I should get a claim form in ten days. While EDD is still holding onto my money.

  • Paris Townsend April 19, 2021

    Hi I received my first edd deposit 8000 in August 2020 sent for a replacement card because of a transactions of $3000 and something dollors off my card so I change my debt pin filed a claim it was denied before I even got of the phone I called back to let them know it’s other charges they let me know that my claim was denied already I told the bank of America representative I just put the claim literally minutes ago bA representative wasn’t aware of that . Never responded to my claims a total of 4800

    • Paris Townsensend April 19, 2021

      Hi I received my first edd deposit 8000 in August 2020 sent for a replacement card because of a transactions of $3000 and something dollors off my card so I change my debt pin filed a claim it was denied before I even got of the phone I called back to let them know it’s other charges they let me know that my claim was denied already I told the bank of America representative I just put the claim literally minutes ago bA representative wasn’t aware of that . Never responded to my claims a total of 4800 I would like to join the class actionlaw suit.

  • Amad Jenkins April 18, 2021

    I found out about fraud on my card and called to cancel it in the amount of 7800 dollars and they reassured me it was closed but they never did and more money was taken out the next day. When i filed my claim I was told I would get a credit i even gave the name of the manager who stole my information and filed the claims. And the BoA aTms she used and still my claim was closed until 3 different agents had to close and reopen it and told me it would take 45 days now for an investigation and a credit which I needed to take care of my daughter since I am a single dad. I have faxed over paperwork I filed and my identification verification documents and still nothing I would like to join a class action as well.

  • Natalie April 16, 2021

    I had 860 stolen January 3rd. The day it was stolen I called fraud. They issued me a new card also but I could not activate because my account was on hold and because of this fraud my edd account got frozen and I could not receive any payments. A few days after I filed the fraud claim BofA canceled my claim. When I called they told me that they could not process my claim until EDD unfroze and confirmed my identity. In March EDD finally unfroze and confirmed my identity. I immediately called BofA to reopen my fraud. A month later and nothing is resolved. They don’t care, it’s quit obvious there is some fraud internally in BofA there are to many people being frauded through these EDD cards.

  • Gilbert April 16, 2021

    I’ve had 2000 stolen from my account in 3 transactions all which were made at Bank of america atm . Reported it after I found out made police report had my card frozen with no acces to funds and all they can tell me is to contact my sponser to resolve.freeze has been lifted for a week now. Fraudulent charges
    still not resolved after November 02 2020.

  • Erica April 16, 2021

    On 4/2/21 I discovered $1,256.00 was missing from account and I immediately B of A to report the following withdraws were fraudulent since my card was in my possession and my PIN number never written down or given to anyone. On 3/27/21 $1,003.00 was withdrawn from a Wells Fargo ATM in the city I live in & on 3/28/21 $253.00 was withdrawn from a Wells Fargo ATM in the city I live in. Filed a claim with Bank of America rep. who said I will receive new debit card in 2-3 days. Next day I receive the new card and I am not able to activate it. Called Bof A and was on hold for 2 hours and was told my account was blocked and that they couldn’t do anything. Called the following day (Saturday) and was on hold for 1.5 hrs and was able to have the card activated. Asked the rep if she could give me an update as to when $1,256.00 would be credited back to my account and she said that that dept is closed but to call back on Monday. Called back on Monday and had 3 reps forms Texas belligerently scream at me and asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Supervisor picks up the phone and hangs up on me after I had been screamed at for 2 hours. Called back and rep told me claim was closed on 4/7/21 and that she would have to reopen it and it would take at least 45-90 business days to investigate and my money wouldn’t be credited back until their investigation is complete. I said that was unacceptable as I need to buy groceries for me and my children and I need to pay bills.
    Now my EDD payments are stuck in pending and was paid for one of the 2 weeks I certified for and can’t get thru to EDD. Literally called and stayed on hold from 8am-5pm and at exactly 5pm automated message said we are now closed and was disconnected. Contacted Assemblyman and they told me that it will take at least 6-8 weeks for EDD to correct. So my kids and I are literally screwed by both Bof A and EDD since we have no money to buy groceries or pay bills for the next 6-8 weeks.

  • Ky April 15, 2021

    On April 2, 21 my EDD debit card was denied when trying to buy groceries. I knew I had enough in the account to cover it. I checked my app to see the balance and my heart dropped…it showed zero balance. I immediately called Bank of America and they informed me that an ATM withdrawal on 3/30/21 in Altadena, CA was made for $980; which was my entire balance. I was working in Pasadena that day and time of the withdrawal.

    They told me to call the fraud department which I did. They froze my card and asked me to write up a statement of events to file a fraud claim & fax it to them. They said they’d issue me a new card. A new card came the next day, which I thought was really weird.
    I tried activating it but the rep instead activated the frozen account. Then I told her that was wrong and she inactivated it, plus for some reason the other card was inactivated too. I called again and they said they’d send me a new card. It’s been a week and I haven’t got the new card. I don’t know whether to send in my EDD claim for benefits because now I have no active account. I want to be able to access my future benefits.
    Plus I received a letter dated April 5th that said my fraud claim has been closed and a block (hold) has been placed on my card account. It says they will take no further action unless I contact them again..which I plan to do. I will be filing a police report and an FTC online report of the fraud. This whole ordeal is stressing me out because I don’t know how it will affect my future benefits which I need to live on and if Bank of America will refund my $980.

  • Ryan Barrios April 13, 2021

    We are going through this now. Someone took $900 from my husbands account on Easter. We reported it immediately. They said 10 business days for the credit while they investigated. Then on the 6th, the very next day, they closed the claim, for no apparent reason. The next day we got a new card so my husband went to BofA and gave them 3 identifying docs. They activated the new card but didn’t reopen the claim. The representative today stated that they now have 45 days to decide whether or not to issue the credit…it’s all a scam, meanwhile we are making arrangements and accruing fees. I just don’t get it. We were literally 200 miles away from where this money was taken. We have proof of our where about and even provided that to them. This isn’t free money. In our case this is Disability payments from EDD. I know I pay and SDI tax as does my husband, and to get his benefits replaced is such a hassle. We have spoken to 12 representatives and spend a total of 9 hours trying to resolve this. No one on the EDD side knows what they are doing. No one has answers. It’s disgusting. We’ve been hung up on. We’ve had Representatives having private conversations in the background. We’ve been on hold every single time a minimum of 42 minutes. I hope we get contacted to join a class action. We will sign up for sure.

  • Alicia Morgan April 12, 2021

    This happened to me today. I went to withdraw my funds and the money was gone. They took $1000 out of my account. I called BofA immediately to report it. The rep ordered me a new card and then transferred me to a claim rep (where I got disconnected before I ever spoke to a claims rep). I finally got through and filed the claim. But no clue if BofA will help me. From what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t look good.

  • mbuenbr April 11, 2021

    This is to follow up on my post on March 24, 2021. So after I called BofA Prepaid EED a few more times, the manager said to file a police report. After filing an online police report in my city where the theft occured, categorized as ‘Identity Theft’, I got a temporary number from the police then the next week I received the email approval notice from the police and gave me an official copy of my initial report with a new case number.
    I called BofA, they gave me an efax number to fax my police report to my BofA Claims account. The representative assured me ‘someone’ from the Closed Claims for Reconsideration Dept. will look at it. She couldn’t tell me what exactly the process is and how long it would take if I’m at all in the queue.

  • Gerardo April 11, 2021

    Same frustration here on Tuesday April 2 went to buy some groceries and card was declined. I checked my balance right away and my money was wiped out two withdraw made one of $900 made on Monday and $600 on Tuesday the same day I went to buy groceries. Called BOA right away they frozen my acct and send me to fraud department. Couple of days later I got in a letter from BOA stating that my case is closed and Amy remaining balance now can be use. I called them back and they said that they need to reopen the investigation and could take up to 45 days to resolve. I keep calling every other day and have to wait for hours and no answer still up to day no luck. Also the representatives very rude and feels like they don’t care

  • Michael Mancuso April 9, 2021

    Boa is robbing ppl BLIND!!!

  • Michael Mancuso April 9, 2021

    Iv had numerous problems with my account that goes back almost a year now of showing skimming. I have dates and transactions showing for example if I had a $500 balance then made a $27.00 purchase my balance would drop $50, $60.00. I noticed this in Dec of 20 and only went back to Oct and just brushing threw fairly quickly I noticed a good dozen transaction balances that made no sense. I spoke with a couple of reps and they said no way would boa do skim / do that. I BEG TO DIFFER!! PLEASE CONTACT ME. Unfortunately I can not afford to have my card shut down / put on hold its my life line iv been a contractor / home improvements for yrs but covid has destroyed me and now living in my rv in parking lots and my card allows me to fuel my generator so I at least have electricity but I certainly can not and will not tolerate being robbed or stolen from. THERE IS DEF VERY SHADY ACTIVITY GOING ON!!!

  • Rebecca Torres April 8, 2021

    The same thing happen to me on the this week on the 5th , $700 was taken out from a bank of America atm in Corona ca and I live in rialto ca I tried so bad, it was all h money I had for my kids and myself, I’m waiting to see what happens now,I hope someone helps

  • Jospeh Marshall April 7, 2021

    I have a claim for 22 thousand that I reported in January account was frozen then had the be verified by Edd which I have been and have started receiving paper checks from Edd and the BofA claim was finally re opened and I faxed in a police report and the thief had used an BofA atm to withdrawal money so I faxed this info in along with my Id showing that it was clearly not me at the atm. But I call Monday April 5th told I would have provisional credits by today the 7th and now they said my claim was closed April 2nd

  • Amber April 6, 2021

    I had my entire 1500 deposit taken the day it went onto my BofA EDD card. I made a report and it will take up to 45 days to return the funds. Obviously that is all the money I had access to and now I will not be able to buy groceries or pay bills this month. I would like to join the lawsuit. Please reach out.

  • Sharon Sandstrom April 6, 2021

    I am currently trying to recover $1,880 that B of A refuses to put back on my account until their investigation is complete. Initially I reported the stolen funds immediately on February 26th 2021 it took me weeks to get them to unfreeze my account only to discover I had a zero balance on the card and that all of those weeks that my account was frozen the claim was put on hold or stopped. It just got reopened and there is no expected date on when the investigation will be finalized. I no longer receive unemployment benefits and need that money desperately. The countless hours between Bank of America and EDD either giving me incorrect information or no information at all or realistic expectations has left me very frazzled and almost suicidal. It has caused Great conflict in my current marital affairs along with other family members due to the financial strain and emotional anguish. Their agreement states that they will put the money back on within 10 days and that the investigation will take up to 45 days of which we’ve both passed. I made customer service aware of this and their reply was that it was 10 days from the initial claim. They closed the initial claim the day that they froze my account so I suppose they closed it the same day that they opened it when I reported the fraud. I have been left on hold for up to an hour and a half at a time of which I hung up and passed back and forth from One customer service agent to the next just to get me off the phone. I have done what was requested of me and feel that my funds are of no importance to them and have had no success in getting an honest answer when earnestly requesting one. We are in real trouble if this is what college is turning out these days. I have never felt more unimportant and never has customer service had such a sense of disregard towards their customers. I felt like a rat on a wheel.

  • Heidi Vogel April 6, 2021

    My and my husbands account was hacked 5 times with over $8,000 taken out of our social security. Now our identities are out in cyberspace, our credit is ruined, we have no money to pay bills, and we can’t even get a loan for a penny! I want to sue BOA for negligence, fraud, identity theft, breach of contract and punitive damages.

  • James Ebalo April 3, 2021

    I’m still trying to recover the $400 taken from my edd bofa account. My account, which I cannot access, has been closed since February, with no end in sight. I shouldn’t have reported the fraudulent transaction and jus took a be$400 loss cuz my account would have still act. I keep getting the run around when ever I talk to customer service

  • Jo April 3, 2021

    Same frustrating situation here. $600 stolen from an ATM in LA when I was in San Fran. Said they would review the atm surveillance video, but that it would “look better” for me if I filed a police report as if I was the criminal. It’s been over a month, I still have none of my money back, the new card they sent me can’t be activated bc of fraud, and my edd account is still locked. I’ve called 50+ times and never am able to speak to anyone.

  • Patricia Booth April 1, 2021

    I just found this..OMG, I have called Bank of America a hundred times. My card says, CLOSED. I had moneys in there from my unemployment and continue to certify every week. My portal is showing moneys in there but I can not check my balance so I have no idea if there has been money stolen. Bank of America tells me to get in touch with my sponsor which is SC unemployment, they see nothing wrong. Please if any of you have resolved this please let me know what to do. Im about to lose everything. TIA

  • Mark April 1, 2021

    I lost $ 3,000 on my EDD BOA card.

    You can’t legally join the lawsuit here. Contact the law firm representing the case to join.

  • Tarries lance April 1, 2021

    Currently having the same issue
    What do I do?

  • Rashell baca April 1, 2021

    I had 300.00 taken out of my account then they froze my account. It barely got unfroze march 31 2021. It was frozen on jan 24 2021. I called b of a and they had hung up on me or gave me the run around. They also kept saying call your sponsor. Then edd said it wasnt their problem. Just a back and forth ordeal.

    • Patricia April 1, 2021

      Im sorry to bother you, but did you ever get the Bank of America card un frozen? I have had mine frozen for over a month. I just found this out about Bank of America and what you have in your comments is exactly what they have told me. Please let me know of any info that might help me get my funds. Thank you so much. Patricia

  • Ajhane March 31, 2021

    Please add my information as well I have approved claims yet to be deposited it’s been 2 months

  • Ben Kemper March 31, 2021

    Please send me information on how I may join this law suit. I had money stolen off my card and Bank of America and EDD are doing nothing about it. I have filed a police report. Thank you

  • Penelope May March 26, 2021

    Please send me information on how I may join this law suite. I have had money stolen off my card and Bank of America is doing nothing about it. I have even filed a police report. Thank you very much.

  • Lori Chase March 26, 2021

    Please add my Name as well, it sounds like the very same hell I have been thrust how can this be happening to do many of us and no one is doing anything about it. I have spent hundreds of hours on hold with EDD, and Bank of America .each pointing the finger at the other because of this Unemployment mess I found myself at 60 years old Homeless living in my card with 2 cats since November I am now sick from sleeping in the cold and have literally list everything. Now they are saying for the 3rd time to once again versify my identity. Just more BS, I continued to recertify every 2 weeks since October and haven’t received a dime but my UI Online account says that I have been paid its criminal. People are suffering, and no one cares…………

    • Mark April 1, 2021

      Contacting lawmaker or news media works faster. It took me 5 months.

  • mbuenbr March 24, 2021

    After one month my EDD BofA account was just reopened again and my newly replaced EDD Pre paid card was finally activated, I was transferred to Claims Dept. to resolve my Closed Claim of $2,803 stolen funds. The Claims representative said I was liable for the stolen funds. She did not give me a reason. I said my claims was automatically closed the next day after I reported it. I continued –how can this be as there was never an investigation started. EDD has verified my ID and send everything to BofA EDD prepaid cards. I also added I have a maximum one time ATM withdrawal on my EDD prepaid card of $700, so how could I ever withdraw $1000 at a atm BofA per transaction?
    I said if I don’t get that credit back into my account, I will contact my local Assemblyman in Alameda and my attorney. The representative changed her tune and told me after she’ll forward to another department that I am not liable now and that I should hear back in 3 days. So we’ll see by March 26 or March 28, how the claims dept handles my case.

  • Justin Horan March 23, 2021

    On 3/13/2021 aproximately $1,003.00 was withdrawn from my BofA EDD account from a Wells Fargo atm, obviously without my permission, I didn’t even know you could take that much out at once. $1,000 Withdrawl + $3 atm fee. Which in itself makes no sense as there’s a BofA atm 100 feet away, why pay $3 to use a different bank’s atm. Filed a Fraud claim, have yet to hear back from BofA on the matter
    I’ll join a class action suit against greedy Bank of America any day of the week, just tell me where to sign

  • Leah mastros March 17, 2021

    I was hacked and found 3 atm withdrawals that I did not make. Alerted BOA , they sent new card. new card worked 3 times before they froze my card and I am unable to access my money! Now I can’t put gas in my car or pay rent….. no one seems to be able to give me any help…. land lord doesn’t want to hear it…..and I can’t blame him….BOA does seem to care

  • Tina Bonato March 16, 2021

    My account had fraud about 3500, in June ,Bank gave me back the money then B OF A .,froze my account, told me Edd did it , I called and Edd did not do it .. BofA then took all my money saying I owed them . My account then went negative.

    • Leah mastros March 17, 2021


  • Cindy bryant March 14, 2021

    I never received a card so I called up there and they told me that they mailed one in November 2020 and whoever got it must of lost it and received another one on December 29 the 2020 and I don’t know how much they got it n my name, so whatever I need to do just let me know please and thank you so much for your time.

  • Traci March 13, 2021

    I was fraded $1,003 dollars from my EDD account at Bank of America as well as 3.5 miilion other people. I filed a frad claim last year and still have not received my money back. Bank of America has denied me 2x’s with no explanation!! Bullshit!!

  • Nicole ivy March 12, 2021

    There were fraudulent charges in the amount of $1,819.06 on my BOA EDD debit card sometime back in July or August of 2020, resulting in a credit bring applied to my account in the same amount of $1,819.06 on August 3, 2020. On September 8, 2020 I received a letter dated September 3, 2020 informing me that the credit was made permanent. On October 4, 2020 I went to use my debit card to get gas expecting to be able to access my remaining funds from my recently deposited EDD payment, only to discover my card had been frozen . I immediately contacted Bank of America prepaid card services to find out the problem, and they informed me that the problem stemmed from my sponsor, which would be EDD, and to contact them. I spent several days making numerous back-and-forth calls between Bank of America and EDD, both of them telling me that the problem was the other’s fault and that they could not find any problem with my account on their end. I checked my online banking again to find that there had been several deductions from my balance, totaling the amount of the original credit I received in August of $1,819.06 . After I had been assured by Bank of America my credit was permanent, they took it upon themselves to deduct their credit back from my account, with no warning or explanation. That left me with a negative balance for nearly the entire amount of the credit that my subsequence payments from EDD went toward paying off over several of the following weeks . Since October 4 when the money was deducted from my account, I have called Bank of America prepaid card services easily over 50 times and every time I was told something different from the employees, I have been promised several times throughout the last couple of months that the issue was going to be resolved and to be watching for the money to return back to my account, only for nothing to ever happen . After seeing no results by the beginning of March, I contacted one of the state representative’s offices and spoke with someone named Jeff Sparks ,who in turn reached out to his contact at Bank of America in an effort to resolve my issue. After several months of not hearing a word back from the escalation department, I speak with Jeff Sparks one time and suddenly I am contacted by the escalation team at Bank of America and told basically that there was nothing they could do for me, that the claim had been closed. I pointed out that I had received a letter assuring me that the credit was permanent and they directly when against what they had told me and still got nowhere. In the meantime throughout this whole process, I have been kicked out of where I was living due to being unable to pay my rent and my portion of the utilities, there were several weeks where I was struggling to even have money to eat or to put gas in my car.

  • Adrienne Duplesis March 11, 2021

    They closed my account after 283 dollars was stolen from another state while I was in the hospital. Please add me to any claims. They said I have to talk to unemployment??? Why they didn’t steal the money or close my account without notifying me. Now I’m left with no money and hoops to jump through.

  • Carolyn Wilson March 10, 2021

    Please add me. Thieves stole thousands of dollars from my account and then Bank of America froze my account denying me access to my own money.

  • Dawn Lugo March 9, 2021

    Can I get the information of the attorney that is handling this law suit, please. I had $1365 taken from mine. I wish everyone luck in getting their $$ back. This is straight fucking bullshit.

  • Anthony B rodgers March 9, 2021

    My account been frozen sense 09152020 for edd to check my identity everything back to normal with edd but bank card still frozen with money in the account as of 03092021

  • Carl Fair March 9, 2021

    $2,600 was stolen from my BOA unemployment debit card. Because of this stuff my card has been deactivated since December. I have been going through living hell because of this please help me

  • Lillie Penny March 9, 2021

    Acct closed since 1/23/21 after I opened claim and reported stolen funds boa called edd Edd closed card 1/25/21 I verified on 1/28/21 sent release of fund form boa sent 4 freeze tracker account still closed as of 3/9/21 no help either side. Please add to lawsuit

  • Shinet Allen March 8, 2021

    Today I found a transfer of$700 from my b of a edd account and it most definitely was NOT authorized by me. I called the number on my card and found out that someone had hacked my account, changed my account that I transfer money to and requested the transfer. At first the person I spoke with kept insisting that I had changed the info and initiated the transfer. I had to insist several times that it was not me, before I was finally transferred to the claims department. I explained that I absolutely need that money for my son and I to survive and repeatedly asked both associates with whom I spoke, how long before the money would be available for me. Every time I asked, I did not receive an answer. They either deflected my question with their own question or ignored my question completely and changed the subject. I also had to remind the associate to send me a new card so the same thing wouldn’t happen again. I honestly don’t even know if that will fix the problem. Ugh I hate bank of America!!!

  • James Paulsen March 5, 2021

    Add me to please.

  • Brenda March 4, 2021

    Remember people the first one that deserves this ANGER is the lowlife criminal that did this .

    In every city in every state lowlife criminals operate .

    They buy the magnetic card copier off of Amazon it even comes with like 20 blank plastic cards with blank writable magnetic strips on them !

    And just like you burn a CD that’s exactly what these machines do !

    Moral of the story ….

    A few points

    TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW DO NOT SLIDE CARDS WITHOUT INSPECTING ITS SURROUNDINGS a camera in a liquor store can pick up your pin entered and or a false front is inserted over reader copies your strip

    If you have a bank account with BofA or anyone else SET UP DIRECT DEPOSIT so your benefit goes from EDD straight to your account eliminating that risk of ATM theft

    That card is not a day at Disneyland !
    It’s meant for REAL NEEDS not a hundred trips to the local liquor store for lottery tickets and booze !







    THIS THEFT IS NO LONGER GOING TO BE CONSIDERED misdemeanors it’s getting shut down and going federal so you better make damn sure you are doing the right things because claims will be least of worries when they start doing real arrests !

  • Evelyn March 4, 2021

    My account was hacked and someone transferred $3500 out of my account. B of A has been giving me the run around since February. Please add me.

  • Christina Shearard February 27, 2021

    Add me

    • Lori Lefebvre March 2, 2021

      My boa Edd account was closed December 13 with 800 ba. l for suspected. Edd verified my identity in jan. and notified boa to reopen account countless calls with boa saying “they received nothing from Edd, or “it’s a process that takes time, or, you must call Edd” or, ” it is not under our control”, or boa didn’t close your account Edd did”, or a request for form is being submitted, it will take 10 days, etc etc. Then I got a letter from them in Feb that stated to call a number to get account reopened, when I called they had no idea of any letter stating that, denied it, told me it was wrong, or I misread it. Edd now sends paapwr checks but I cannot get anywhere with BOA. I call twice a day every day and get a different answer each time, or they transfer me the Edd helpline. I don’t know if the money is still in account because no one can see the account since it was closed. I’m so frustrated and have no recourse
      Edd says they can’t do anything but send paper checks and boa says they can’t do anything

  • Edie Weeks February 25, 2021

    Please add me. I never received my initial card from Bank of America and I finally called and they said that a card had never been issued to me and they would sent me out a new one. When I got the new card I activated it and it showed that nearly $2,200 had been taken out of my account from different b of a ATMs that are about 50 miles away from where I live. When I called b of a they said they they would file a fraud claim and then they froze my account . I then got a letter from b of a saying my fraud claim had been closed. When I called the bank about the letter they gave me this catch-22 situation in that my account was frozen therefore they couldn’t do any investigation . I asked them how I get my account unfrozen and they said well you have to do a fraud investigation and so then I asked them well how do I get a fraud investigation of my account when its froze and they had no answer it’s extremely frustrating.

  • Rashell m baca February 24, 2021

    I had 300.00 taken out the same day my money was deposited. It was withdrawn at chase bank in ny and i am in california. They sent me another card and that card was closed. I called b of a and they put a freeze tracker as they call it. Edd wanted me to identify myself. I did that. The information was supposed to be in by feb 08. The still say its processing thats all they tell me at edd. B of a says i have to call my sponsor and they have to fix it.
    Add me to your class action

  • alejandra gutierrez February 24, 2021

    I have the same issue on feb 15 2021 they took 1000 dlls from my account the same day that was deposit that money and I put a claim and know boa is telling my account is closed and I have to call Edd because they froze my account and Edd don’t answer any calls so how I supposed to get this fix this is so frustrating

  • M. Garcia February 24, 2021

    $420 was taken out of my account an actual ATM withdrawl, I contacted Bank of America right away and they seen the transaction was in a different city at the same time i was trying to get money out so they froze the account and said that i will recieve a letter in the mail in 10 days about the claim and they would send a new card. I recieved my new card and tried to activate it but the whole account is now closed. I called them and they told me they had no record of any claim for fraud. I have called many many times after just to be put on hold to look up then they hang up. I still have not recieved any letter and still have no access to my account or any info on my money that was taken. Please add me to this lawsuit! Thank you

  • Gina Miller February 24, 2021

    I have a Bank of America Unemployment Benefit Card. I check my transactions to make sure I am not being charged unknown charges. So far so good.

  • J. Lamartin February 23, 2021

    It is true! There is an unemployment Bank of America debit bank card hack going on and they are trying to keep under quiet. This February 2021, I found $300 missing from my account and when I called them to let them know. There was a remaining balance of $25 but they closed the account and canceled the card and issued another card which was also closed. I informed Maryland unemployment and they locked me out of my benefits. I had to get my congressman’s office involved. This is a big one folks which needs to be exposed. You won’t be able to talk to anyone at unemployment – the system will hang-up on you. When you email unemployment, you will get a standard your email back saying they received your message. An investigation was started by BOA. Then weeks later, they sent a letter sort of implying that I committed the fraud. They said you could call as request evidence documents and gave a number to call which is the same number where depending on who you get, they will make you wait for a very long time then hang-up or a live person who can request the documentation of and will listen then hang-up. Next, I will report this to Consumer Protection Agency which also handles the banks and file a police report.

    • Deanna Wahl March 8, 2021

      I have had excessive overdrafts and missing payroll deposits since may 2020 indentity theft fradulently closed my account with money couldnt access the money still being deposited and unable to access my hsa money to pay my medical bills please contact mr asap Thank you

  • Kenneth Andrew langley February 23, 2021

    Please add me to this lawsuit as well. They froze my account several times after trying to purchase items from Walmart. But I would go to am atm and it let me pull out money. Then freezes again after trying to buy items somewhere else then when I call to have them unfreeze my card they said it was and it didn’t work . Then they said I need to do this this and this to provide proof of my identity to unfreeze my account and they will not accept any documents they asked for and received . Thank you.

  • Iliana v ramirez February 23, 2021

    Add me. Bank of America froze my account because i reported someone took out $2000, i don’t know how they did it because i always had my card with me but i have a gut feeling that this information was stolen at a gas station when i tried to pump gas. Bottom line is that i get punish for what happened even though it was their fault due to their incompetent security.

  • Juanita Edwards February 17, 2021

    I used my card from bank of america at a store the big 5 came home the next day 3,000 was gone left with 4.25 cents that quick add my name to this lawsuit I still haven’t gotten my money back it’s sad Bank of America needs to be investigated add my name to this lawsuit

  • RONALD HOLLINGSWORTH February 16, 2021

    Please add me.

  • CHAKIRA HOLLINGSWORTH February 16, 2021

    Please add me.

  • PATRICIA SMITH February 16, 2021

    Please add me.

  • Phebie Hollingsworth February 16, 2021

    Please add me.

  • TYRA HOLLINGSWORTH February 16, 2021

    Please add me.

  • Everettie White February 13, 2021

    Add me. My Bank of America account was hacked and someone spent 1200 dollars out of my account and it was a hassle to get them to pay me back but they did. Then they froze my account and still can’t get my money. And before that I tried to transfer $5000 from my Bank of America account to my PayPal account and they locked my account and I had to go into the bank to get verified for them to unlock my account and they did but I never got my $5000 back! They kept saying I have to get ahold of PayPal for them to send the money back but my money never made it to PayPal. They locked my account because they don’t partner with PayPal so I have $5000 floating in the air somewhere

  • Ashlee Craft February 13, 2021

    Add me plz Bank of America I had froze my account back In sept and I still cant get into my account and I can’t get from Bank of America or edd

    • Ashlee Craft February 13, 2021

      Not to mention they locked my scout every other day

  • Angela V February 13, 2021

    I had $4778.00 supposedly deposited by unemployment but I never received it. I can’t get any help from the Unemploymet office. It wasn’t sent to my bank, and there was never a deposit to the debit card. I wonder if it was sent to BofA but never actually documented.

  • L Prok February 11, 2021

    Include me!!!

  • Mary Edwards February 11, 2021

    Unemployment benefits, my EDD Bank of America debit card was compromised on December 14th 2020, I called to stop the card. Few days later I received a letter, telling that investigation has started. Also received a new debit card, still today it’s still blocked. It’s been more than 45 days since my call, NEVER gave my money back that was stolen. They have a problem, look inside.

  • Jessica veith February 10, 2021

    I had the same thing happen to me got 400 doll a rs tookdn out my acct now im assed out of 400 doll a rs

  • Paul parkins February 10, 2021

    That happened that happened to me as well. And when I call them to get my account unfrozen they refer me to the azui call center who then to call the bank. Its a never ending circle that keeps me locked out of my account and money.

  • Linda February 10, 2021

    I had money stolen from my account too. let me know if I can join this lawsuit.

  • Marcus Aldridge February 10, 2021

    Add Me

  • Jessica L Carpenter February 10, 2021

    Over $200 was stolen from my unemployment bank of America account. I have proof of when I contacted them.on each charge
    Even recorded the conversations I had with customer service. They never returned any of the money !!

    • Rebecca A Quirin February 10, 2021

      Hello Jessica, the same happened to me too, they NEVER RETURN A CALL !! I even emailed them at the corporate office and I assume I was passed along to asomeone else, because I never received a reply email either.
      Rebecca Quirin

  • Donna February 10, 2021

    I have been declined at Walmart two separate occasions. My card was froze after swiping. My benefits card declined. I was unable to purchase my items. I knew there was plenty funds to purchase the groceries and gifts I had for my family. I was denied money from the atm my card was froze on Christmas Eve and not a dime had been on my card since. I am losing everythingthing I own so fast it’s terrifying. I spent hours what turned into days on the phone trying to reach BOA. What a joke every rep told me something different. Something fraud but not my fault. Something fraud and they can’t do nothing. I never did get a straight story from anyone. They don’t offer a option to speak to fraud right away as typically I have been able to imediately reach a live rep in the even of a lost or stolen card situation or fraud in my cause. Either way I did not feel protected having BOA in charge of my card from day one. They are a mess and it’s on my dime. I never did resolve anything in this situation. I am losing everything I worked for and BOA has no compassionate for Americans out here relying on what little DOL is hanging over our heads. I worked for butt off my whole life. I am a woman in construction. I deserve unemployment and sadly my what little it is, I need it and if your gonna be the middle man(BOA), I’d suggest get it together and be accountable for your actions. It’s illegal in so many ways I don’t know what case I really want to be a part of because this is only the beginning of class actions that’s gonna be filed I have a feeling. I don’t appreciate my life being played with. I was already a check or two away from losing it all, post pandemic. Unemployment has done a fine job in helping me lose all I got and to not even be able to count on one of the most well known banks in our country. Makes me sick. Honestly I will not get what I deserve for the pain and suffering alone this bank has caused but if it assures accountably that BOA needs to hold. I would like to he a part of this claim.

  • Yolanda Allen February 9, 2021

    Yes bank of america flag my account because I have more the one account

  • Ashley F February 9, 2021

    my benefit expiration date changed from 12/26/20 to 04/10/21 and they didnt let me know at all! I cant even certify for another 2 months!!!

  • FELICIA R REDDICK February 9, 2021

    add me in

  • Michelle Helton February 9, 2021

    Add me

  • jessica S gardner February 9, 2021


  • Arian Gerami February 9, 2021

    Hi please add me . Dealing with the same problem

    • Yolanda Allen February 9, 2021

      Add me

  • Carol A Turnbull February 9, 2021

    Have been getting cards from Bank of America for months with other people’s names but my address sent them back to address.

  • Curtis Adam Holcomb February 9, 2021

    Add me please

  • PRAKASH C SHAH February 9, 2021

    add me

  • CHRIS GOLDEN February 9, 2021

    please add me

  • COLLEEN DALLI February 9, 2021

    add me

  • Jim Zarembo February 9, 2021

    Please add me Bank of America froze my account for no reason. I had to go 2 months without any income. They could not give me a reason or a date that my account would be unfrozen. I had over $900 withdrawn from my account by unknown persons.

  • Doncella jenkins February 9, 2021

    Please add me

  • Clemente Solis Jr February 9, 2021

    This exact thing has happened to me! I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for my money to be returned. My claim has been denied several times even though the ATM charges were from the UK! PLEASE ADD ME!

  • Cua yang February 9, 2021

    Hi, please add me. I have a B of A account for unemployment in California. I would like to be part of this class action.

  • Eric Anes February 9, 2021

    Add me

  • Joann Maxwell February 9, 2021

    Please add me. I did not loose any money but my personal info was probably stolen since I do have an account with B of A just for my unemployment. Luckily my account only has $20 in it.

  • Hilary Mosher February 9, 2021

    Please add me. My California B of A unemployment account received 5 fraudulent charges from DoorDash until I caught it. Then when I reported it to B of A, they shut down my card and said they would issue a new card in two days(there is no actual Bank of America bank in my whole county!). After a month, when I contacted them they said “oops! We forgot to issue you your new card! We’ll do it now!” During that time I was not only out the fraudulent charges ($300.) but also could not gain access to any of my unemployment benefits, and I only get $167. per week! I nearly lost my home!

  • Quarbeth Nyaulingo February 9, 2021

    Add me

  • Tina Bonato February 9, 2021

    Please add me.. the same thing happened to me

  • Amy D February 9, 2021

    Add me. I called to get a payment stopped while it was still pending and was told it was on me to get ahold of the business to get it refunded.

  • Giovanni Stewart February 9, 2021

    Please add me . I frozen out of my unemployment benefits. For months I haven’t had access to my funds . I did everything they said but I still have no access . Please help us in this dilemma.

  • Patricia Kelley February 9, 2021

    Please add me.

  • Austin Arrowood February 7, 2021

    On the evening of 01/27/2021 I went to check my available balance on my debit card and noticed my card was locked due to suspicious activity. My account showed out of state/unathorized transactions that had occured just hours before. ATM withdraws & other unexpected/irregular actions. This card was physically in my possession the entire time, how was someone else using it at an ATM out of state? I opened a claim the following day first thing when they opened and reported all the unathorized charges. One day later my claim was closed and the funds have never been reimbursed. No investigation was even pursued. These Bank of America cards are supposed to be protected by the “Zero Liability” policy, I guess that’s just a lie they are allowed to get away with.

  • Eve February 6, 2021

    I also have an EDD account, and I have been waiting for Bank of America to refund/credit money back to my EDD account. I have been waiting since September 2020.

    I am glad this has been brought to the surface. I even filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and nothing has been done as of yet. As a result of filing with the CFPB, I received an email from a woman from Bank of America complaints, stating she wanted to solve the problem. I have called her 5 times, she has not contacted me back. This situation just happened in the last two weeks. They should also be made to pay penalties to each customer whose money was not refunded in a timely manner. Shame on them – their deception continues..please add me.

  • Sherry Moreno February 4, 2021

    Bank of America was notified that my son’s debit card had large purchases via the Internet without his consent. He called the bank and notified them. they did not return the stolen funds and basically insinuated his report was fraudulent.

  • Christopher jones February 4, 2021

    I had deposit of 19030 into my account then my statement said 19015 was spent but that’s not true I can prove with all my transactions that only 15000 was spent and bank of America says they dont know where my money is and nothing they can do about it.

  • Robert layne February 4, 2021

    I had 200 taken from my account….i was suppose to recieve 1000 when i checked 200 was taken …..i live in kentucky…..

  • Renee Mccrosky February 3, 2021

    I had same thing happen to me back around Christmas. My unemployment posted to my card. I used it at a couple places tried to get cash back from card it was declined. Checked online i had money so i tried again it froze my card due to some fraudulent claims or something. It took me forever to get it working again. I’m glad the state of my made us find another way to deposit our unemployment. I couldn’t get to my money to pay bills or buy food or anything. It put me in a huge bind.

  • Renee February 3, 2021

    Today, my Bank of America checking account was frozen. My second unemployment payment hit my account at 1am. I made a walmart grocery purchase at 5am and my debit card worked. At 9am I tried to pay for something online and my card was declined. I tried to do several website purchases just to see if it was one particular website malfunctioning. I then checked the mobile app and all of my unemployment money was there but it showed the first attempt to purchase something was declined. I called customer service who referred me to 9 different departments. Every department that I talked to said that my account is fine and my card should work. I tried transaction after transaction while agent was still on the phone and every one was declined. Nobody knew why my purchases were being denied. One lady told me that I am at risk of account closure. Then the next agent assured me that the info about account closure was incorrect. I then went to the bank to find out what is going on and the teller said that my account is partially frozen. I told her that I had so much trouble and no answers that I just want to withdraw my unemployment money and close the account. I proceeded to insert my card into the machine at teller booth and she said even my withdrawals are being declined and she has never seen anything like that happen. The teller then takes my card in my ID to someone in the back who calls other divisions to find out what’s going on. She is back there for about 25 minutes and comes out and tells me she’s figured it out. So, I migrate you figured out my problem what was it? She said that there was a couple of items on my account that needed my verification and that I was all set to use my debit card that I can withdraw money from the counter. Since the calendar line was super busy and I had already been there for about 45 minutes I asked the lady if I can just withdraw cash from her and she says that she can’t give me cash because she has no cash for me to go outside to withdraw the money from the ATM. She volunteered to go with me to the ATM on site informed her that the same issue happened with everybody else I talk to these all said that the card works and it doesn’t. We walk out to the ATM in the freezing cold and I insert my card but my PIN number in she’s watching my transaction she tells me how much money I should take out and it declines me again. She seemed pretty shocked as was I. She said she would make a couple of other phone calls and give me a call later that I could go because I had to leave anyway. She called me back and said she had someone on the line that knew exactly what the issue was and was going to help me. I spoke with a man from the fraud department who verified my identity and purchases and he said that he had the input a couple of things to make the card work again and that he was sure that the car would work now. I assured him that the card probably would not work because everyone has told me the same exact thing that they don’t know what’s going on everything looks good except for the fact that my account is partially frozen 2 everything except for deposits. Imagine that they only going to take deposits for me but want to keep my unemployment money. After I left the Bank of America Center I came home and was on the phone for an additional hour and a half with a lady who said that she could reset my card reset everything and it would all be okay an hour later she told me I should receive a new debit card in the mail so now I’m without a debit card and I asked her about the zelle transfers I said that’s not card related is account number related so it should work right? She says oh yeah zelle work go ahead and try it and I said are you sure it won’t set off red flags and I’m sending money to myself on another account and she said no it will not. I decided to log into my Bank of America app and try to transfer $170 from Bank of America to my zelle account and for about 5 minutes the money was deducted out of my balance approved upon review of course and then my balance went back to the same as it was before I started the zelle transfer. So everyone that I spoke to on the phone and at the bank today completely lied to me or was oblivious to what is really going on. It’s not just my bank card that is frozen it’s my entire bank account and they have made it to where it looks normal looks like everything is working properly and the only one that’s going to know that it doesn’t work is me when I try to use it. I was confused and wondering why this is happening how come out of 10 people total that I’ve talked to no one can understand this issue that I’m going through all the years the Bank of America has been in service and no one knows what’s going on and tells me that everything is fine. I decided to search Bank of America freezing accounts and holding unemployment money and sure enough there has been so many complaints and class action lawsuits filed do to Bank of America freezing 300 and some odd number of accounts because they suspect unemployment fraud. First of all it’s not their duty to check everyone’s unemployment that is up to the unemployment commission. Secondly it would have been extremely nice for Bank of America or the unemployment office to notify me Ivette my account is being investigated for fraud. I have nothing to do with fraud I’m confused, broke now, lost don’t know who to turn to and I keep having panic attacks because I feel like someone’s out to get me. I suffer from severe anxiety anyway and this situation has intensified it a hundredfold. these people that are employed by Bank of America are made to pretend like they don’t know what’s going on when in fact they’re playing the game and making you feel stupid. This is not fair I have done nothing wrong and I would like my funds released in my bank account closed because I will never do business with Bank of America ever again. You cannot hold someone’s money and tell them that you don’t know why they can’t get it out it doesn’t make sense at all. I guess it just doesn’t matter because I’m sure in the eyes of the uppers at the banks I am just simply a sheep. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to or even when my money will be released. I am getting ready to change my direct deposit to the account that is offered by the unemployment office and hopefully they won’t freeze that account as well.

  • Cathy Thompson February 2, 2021

    Please send information for this breach

  • Anne February 2, 2021

    I think at least $600 of mine is missing. I would like to be sent a claim form or an address in which to file. Thanks.

  • Arnetta LeAnese Hill February 2, 2021

    I am currently going through this they reopened my card yesterday as of 2/1/2021 5:00 pm PST and im waiting for my funds which pays for me a hotel room biweekly so now im currently sleep by the train tracks until the return my payment

  • Clornelius Patterson February 2, 2021

    add me please

  • LAURAN F HOPPER February 2, 2021

    Add me please!!

  • Robert Farias February 2, 2021

    I had money taken from my account multiple times. Over $3000 has been taken. I have tried contacting bank of America and they say they have nothing to do with the account and payments. I have also contacted EDd and had no resolve either. I have to pay taxes and have a 1099 claiming I received all this money and I didn’t.

  • Michelle martinez February 2, 2021

    Yes I’m one of the ones that’s account got frozen….I’ve been waiting since October 2020 for this claim to be completed. Instead of completing their investigation they closed the claim in which I had to have it reopened November19,2020 I reopened my claim I would call everydAy letting them know how important it was for them to hurry up with their investigation I had rent to pay along with other bills.. all they kept t telling me was that I needed to be patient and wait….now its February my claim was completed and I still haven’t received my credit back in my account . Thus is ridiculous 6,330 was taken out of my account and then to top it off they put my account in negative of standings for 6,330 so everytime I verified and the edd paid me the bank kept and deducted it from the 6,330. So now that my claim was granted their telling me that the extra 4,000 they kept if of mine I won’t be getting that back. It’s not fair so I basically lose out on that other 4,000 dollars.

  • Alisa Patterson February 2, 2021

    add me please had this bank and closed my account because I had money in my account then they said I didn’t and took 580.00 from and put a bunch of fees on my account.

  • Rachel February 2, 2021

    WOW! So much for protecting the bank consumer when the bank couldnt keep their customers money safe. Shame on them!!

  • Ryan e February 1, 2021

    My identity has been verified for months and I am currently receiving paper checks but I’m still not able to access the funds on my frozen Bank of America. I have called them hundreds of times and have spent hours on the phone even put them on a phone conference with edd to price I’m all cleared and still nothing.

  • Carol Hayes February 1, 2021

    My BOA EDD debit card was hacked in Sept. 2020. BOA replaced the $2940.00 that was stolen and 1 week later debited my account in the same amount. Since my account was now in the negative I did not have access to my UIB money until my account was in the positive. I did not have access to my UIB money for 4 months.

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