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Teacher helps two students with writing

What Can Be Done to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Youth Organizations?

Many children across the country participate in a whole slew of youth organizations, from sports teams to clubs to involvement with community centers or volunteer opportunities. These organizations are intended to provide a safe… Read More
Man holds water glass in one hand and places other hand on tummy while grimacing

Does Zantac Cause Cancer?

On the heels of recent recalls, both consumers and the medical community have been asking “does Zantac cause cancer?” and the answer is quite possibly yes. A small pharma lab in Connecticut discovered evidence… Read More
healthcare data breach hacker

Healthcare Data Breaches: What You Need to Know

When you seek medical attention, you supply the healthcare entity with a wide range of personal and financial information. Additionally, you also trust that the provider will safeguard the confidential health information documented in… Read More
Trucker on the job

Is USKO Express Underpaying Its Truck Drivers?

Recent complaints from truck drivers across the U.S., including those employed by USKO Express Inc., indicate that some trucking companies may be violating truck independent contractor rights by failing to compensate drivers for earned… Read More
Bayer, roundup lawsuit, and class action

Bayer Investors Overcome Bid to Dismiss Monsanto Roundup Class Action Lawsuit

Bayer will have to face a securities class action lawsuit from disgruntled investors after a federal judge denied the company’s request for dismissal earlier this week…. Read More
massage envy and class action settlement

$10M Massage Envy Class Action Settlement Tossed for Fees

Massage Envy saw a $10 million class action settlement that offered Class Member vouchers tossed over unfair attorney fees…. Read More
drone and class action lawsuit

Drone Company Markets Features That Are Illegal, Class Action Alleges

A drone owner says he purchased the product believing that he could fly it two miles out of his line of sight based on marketing by the manufacturers; however, he found out that doing so would be illegal, a new class action lawsuit alleges…. Read More
military uses 3M Combat Arms Earplugs

3M Combat Arms Earplugs Allegedly Defective

A growing number of veterans from across the country claim that 3M combat arms earplugs are ineffective and result in hearing damage. Army veteran Vashon B. is one of the dozens of North Carolinian… Read More
Diageo, Ron Zacapa, class action lawsuit

Diageo’s Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum Not Aged as Advertised, Class Action Lawsuit Says

Diageo North America, Inc, engaged in misleading business practices with respect to the marketing and sale of its Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum, a new class action lawsuit alleges…. Read More

Top Class Action Settlements View All

mortgage fees

PNC Mortgage Fees $662K Class Action Settlement

Californian consumers who made a mortgage payment via interactive voice response (IVR), telephone, or the internet through PNC bank may be eligible to receive compensation thanks to a recent $661,793.51 class action settlement…. Read More
McCormick salmonella, McCormick recall

McCormick All-Natural Products False Ad $3M Class Action Settlement

Consumers who purchased certain McCormick all-natural products may be eligible to claim up to $15 without proof of purchase thanks to a $3 million class action settlement resolving claims the company falsely advertised the products…. Read More

Deloitte Consulting $4.95M Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Residents of Illinois, Colorado, and Ohio who filed pandemic-related unemployment claims and were notified by certain state agencies about a 2020 data security incident may be eligible for compensation for out-of-pocket losses, documented time, or attested time thanks to a recent $4.95 million class action settlement…. Read More
Harbor Freight, chainsaw

Harbor Freight Chainsaw Settlement

Consumers who purchased certain chainsaws from Harbor Freight may be eligible to receive replacement products or up to $50 in cash or gift cards thanks to a class action settlement agreement…. Read More
ferrara candy

Ferrara Candy Slack Fill $3.7M Class Action Settlement

Consumers nationwide who purchased specific Ferrara or Nestle USA candies between Feb. 9, 2013, and Sep. 23, 2021, may be eligible to receive up to $8 without proof of purchase thanks to a recent $3.7 million class action settlement…. Read More
Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Eye Shadow Class Action Settlement

Nationwide consumers who purchased a Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Pressed Pigment Palette may be eligible for a cash refund payment of up to $30 without proof of purchase — or $87 with proof — thanks to a recent class action settlement…. Read More

Do you want to start a class action lawsuit?

Do you know of a defective product, drug, or medical device? Have you been part of a large consumer fraud or wage and hour scam? Tell us about it!

Top Class Action Investigations View All

Close up of debit card being used by merchant

Do You Qualify: Credit and Debit Card Receipt Privacy Lawsuit Claim Review

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING Scott D. Owens, P.A. Scott D. Owens, Esq. Hollywood, Florida Receipt Privacy Violations: Who’s Affected? Is your receipt worth money?  You may be entitled to money damages based on information on your… Read More

Do You Qualify: New York iTunes Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

iTunes Videos, Shows, and Music: Who’s Affected? Have you purchased any digital content from iTunes within the last three years? Do you live in New York? If you made digital content purchases on iTunes… Read More
catholic sex abuse

Do You Qualify: Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Lawsuit Investigation

Catholic Church Sex Abuse: Who’s Affected? If you or a loved one were sexually abused or assaulted by a Catholic priest or another Catholic church leader, get legal help from attorneys working with Top… Read More
woman eye problems from Elmiron

Do You Qualify: Elmiron Vision Side Effects Lawsuit Claim Review

Were you treated with Elmiron for interstitial cystitis or urinary tract infections (UTI)? Did you develop vision problems after taking Elmiron? Elmiron, a medication used to treat bladder conditions, may be associated with a rare type of macular degeneration. … Read More
auto insurance companies being investigated by law firms for failing to pay diminished value losses

Do You Qualify: Mass. Car Accident Diminished Value Compensation Lawsuit Investigation

A Washington judge has agreed to a class action settlement of $10 million against Allstate after policyholders complained that the insurance company failed to cover all losses incurred after an accident. Plaintiffs in the Allstate lawsuit claimed that their damaged cars suffered “diminished value” losses after being repaired post-accident with an uninsured motorist, which Allstate has failed to pay…. Read More

Do You Qualify: California USKO Truck Drivers Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

California USKO Truck Drivers: Who’s Affected? USKO Express Inc. may have misclassified its California truck drivers as contractors when they should have been classified as employees. If you worked as a truck driver for… Read More

Do you want to start a class action lawsuit?

Do you know of a defective product, drug, or medical device? Have you been part of a large consumer fraud or wage and hour scam? Tell us about it!

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