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HSBC Force-Placed Settlement Receives Final Approval

A HSBC Bank USA NA force-placed class action settlement received final approval Wednesday from a Florida federal judge, in which over 250,000 homeowners claim they were overcharged due to hazard insurance policies being force-placed upon… Read More »

Quinolone Antibiotics Linked to Peripheral Neuropathy

Potent quinolone antibiotics, such as Cipro (ciproflaxin), Levaquin (loevoflaxin) and Avelox (moxifolxacin), carry the risk of dangerous side effects including peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disorder characterized by symptoms of tingling, numbness, unusual sensations, weakness, burning... Read More »

Gap, Banana Republic Sale Advertisements Under Legal Scrutiny

  A class action lawsuit investigation has been launched to find consumers who were misled by sale advertisements for Banana Republic and Gap Inc. In the U.S., advertisers are regulated under  consumer protection laws pertaining... Read More »

Benicar Lawsuit Claims Drug Causes Severe Diarrhea

  Japanese drug maker Daiichi Sankyo has been hit with another Benicar lawsuit claiming the blood pressure medication caused sprue-like enteropathy, a gastrointestinal problem that mimics the symptoms of celiac disease and causes chronic diarrhea and substantial weight loss.... Read More »

Verdict Upheld in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Asbestos Lawsuit

An Ohio appeals court has upheld a verdict in favor of a man who claims he developed Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of asbestos exposure. The defendant, Ford Motor Company, initially appealed the jury verdict... Read More »


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