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Customer Refunds, Not a Reason to Dismiss Amazon Prime Class Action

A class action lawsuit filed against Inc. alleging deceptive practices involving its Prime membership program should not be dismissed even if customers received a refund, two of its customers say. One of the Plaintiffs,… Read More »

Cipro May Cause Liver Damage

Quinolones, such as Cipro (ciprofloxacin), have been famously prescribed for a number of bacterial infections, but have also been accused of causing liver damage, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and other injuries in patients. Cipro is typically... Read More »

Viagra Use Without a Prescription Becoming a Big Concern

Hailed as a miracle drug for men, Viagra has been under intense scrutiny after some studies showed an apparent link between Viagra and an increased risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. Though the studies are... Read More »

FedEx Agrees to $2.1M Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement

FedEx Corp. has agreed to an unpaid overtime class action settlement totaling $2.1 million to settle allegations filed by current and former package handlers claiming FedEx failed to provide them and other California FedEx employees with… Read More »

Jury Awards $73.4M in Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Bellwether Trial

In a vaginal mesh bellwether trial, which is part of a larger ongoing vaginal mesh multidistrict litigation (MDL), the jury handed down a verdict of $73.4 million in damages charges against the medical device manufacturer... Read More »


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