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Morcellation Lawsuit Alleges Abdominal Tumors

A robotic hysterectomy patient is suing the manufacturer of the power morcellator used in her surgery, claiming the device spread cancer from a uterine sarcoma into her stomach region, causing her to develop seven tumors. Plaintiff... Read More »

Xarelto Lawsuit Plaintiffs File Motion for MDL Status

As the number of Xarelto lawsuits continues to grow in the United States, a group of plaintiffs are moving to consolidate these lawsuits before one judge by establishing a Xarelto multidistrict litigation (MDL). That would... Read More »

Union Carbide Can\'t Avoid Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuit

  In mid-September, Union Carbide Corp. could not dodge an asbestos lung cancer lawsuit filed in federal court by a Maryland man who alleges his wife died of asbestos lung cancer, which she allegedly contracted... Read More »

Stomach Staple Pregnancy Issue Compounded by Deaths

A 2004 stomach staple complications case involving a pregnant woman demonstrates how a botched gastric bypass surgery due to a defective stomach stapler can pose risks not only to the patient, but to a patient’s... Read More »

Benicar Lawsuit Filed by Woman With GI Disorder

A Benicar lawsuit was filed in a Montana court against Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceuticals and Forest Laboratories LLC alleging the companies disregarded the public’s safety by not disclosing the full nature and extent of the risk... Read More »


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