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Supply Company Faces Asbestos Lawsuit over Worker\'s Death

The family of a man who died of lung cancer is suing the manufacturer of products he handled while working as a general laborer, claiming it failed to warn him of the potential health hazards... Read More »

Study: Infuse Bone Graft May Increase Cancer Risk

Two independent reviews have concluded that Medtronic’s Infuse Bone Graft System, intended to speed bone healing following spinal surgery, works no better than a traditional bone graft and may increase the risk of cancer, among... Read More »

Drug Makers Oppose Centralization of Xarelto Bleeding Lawsuits

Under U.S. law, the courts may group together related Xarelto lawsuits to help streamline the legal process. However, the makers of Xarelto have opposed a recent motion to centralize the various Xarelto bleeding lawsuits. Xarelto... Read More »

Unum Lawsuit Alleges Bad Faith Insurance Denial

A Unum lawsuit alleged that the Unum Life Insurance Company has participated in a bad faith insurance denial — preventing a policyholder from getting a payout on a disability benefits claim. According to the Unum... Read More »

Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Filed by Wash. Resident

A pelvic mesh lawsuit has joined the mass legal action over allegations that pelvic mesh lawsuits. Multidistrict litigation or MDL is a type of legal action where the U.S. court system combines similar lawsuits into... Read More »


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