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Samsung Can’t Arbitrate Galaxy S4 Class Action, Federal Judge Says

Samsung Telecommunications America LLC will not be able to arbitrate a class action lawsuit, alleging that the tech giant made false claims about the speed of its Galaxy S4 smartphones. The California federal judge, who… Read More »

Google Agrees to Mediation in Privacy Class Action Lawsuit

Last Thursday, Google Inc. agreed to enter into mediation regarding claims brought against the company in the Google privacy class action lawsuit, despite the fact that a great number of the privacy violations claims were… Read More »

Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit Alleges ‘Thought Leaders’ Promoted Device

A Minnesota man filed an Infuse bone graft lawsuit against the makers of the medical implant, Medtronic Inc., alleging that the Infuse Bone Graft System is both dangerous and illegally over-promoted. Plaintiff Michael Ashby had... Read More »

Pro Tribulus Testosterone Supplement False Ad Class Action Trimmed

A California federal judge trimmed claims in a class action lawsuit alleging Infinitelabs LLC, a supplement company, mislabeled and falsely advertised its testosterone booster, Pro Tribulus. In a testosterone product class action lawsuit filed on September 3… Read More »

Air Bag Manufacturer May Be Linked to GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

In the GM ignition switch recall lawsuits, a critical piece of evidence released in April may have serious implications for an upcoming step of the litigation. Several individual GM ignition switch lawsuits within the larger... Read More »


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