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Ohio Couple Files Xarelto Lawsuit

Ohio plaintiffs William and Virginia B. recently filed a Xarelto lawsuit after William suffered from severe injuries as a result of taking Xarelto. This Xarelto lawsuit is just one of hundreds that Janssen Pharmaceuticals and... Read More »

Exploding Oil Train Accident Leads to FELA Lawsuit

A FELA lawsuit was filed against Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) after an employee suffered injuries caused by a workplace accident. The plaintiff, an employee of BNSF, suffered damages including post-traumatic stress disorder after escaping... Read More »

Eliquis Antidote Shows Good Results in New Study

  Three pharmaceutical companies working together on a possible antidote for Eliquis bleeding have announced the results of a study on the efficacy and safety of that antidote. Portola Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and Pfizer,... Read More »

Study Hints at Possible Cause of Lipitor Diabetes

It’s been known for a while that statin medications like Lipitor may be related to an increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes. A new study shows that increase may have something in common with the... Read More »

Anti-Convulsant Drug Dilantin Carries Risk of SJS

Dilantin is an anticonvulsant medication that is used to treat seizures that may occur during or after brain or nervous system surgery, particularly in people who have epilepsy. However, recently Dilantin has been linked to... Read More »


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