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Class Action: Guess Outlet Stores Offers ‘Sham’ Prices

Guess, Inc. was hit with a class action lawsuit by a California woman, alleging that the retailer puts fake prices on the clothing it sells at its outlet stores to give customers the impression that… Read More »

Honda Repossessed Vehicles in PA Without Proper Notification, a Class Action Says

American Honda Finance Corp. was hit with a class action lawsuit in a Pennsylvania state court for allegedly not giving proper notification to customers that their vehicles were going to be repossessed. Plaintiff Robert Jeffers… Read More »

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Is Linked to Antibiotic Levaquin

Levaquin (levofloxacin), a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used to treat severe bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections, skin infections and respiratory tract infections, is associated with several serious, if not life-threatening, adverse events including Stevens Johnson Syndrome... Read More »

Common Painkillers May Aggravate Eliquis Side Effects

Eliquis, one of the new generation of anticoagulant medications, is controversial over increasing the risk of internal bleeding. One report shows that risk is aggravated by taking common over-the-counter pain medications. The report was published... Read More »

Debt Collecting Lawsuit Claims FDCPA Violations Over Disputed Cell Phone Bill

A Tennessee man has filed an unfair debt collection lawsuit and TCPA lawsuit against three debt collection agencies with allegations of relentless harassment over a cell phone bill. Midland Credit Management, Inc., Mildand Funding LLC... Read More »


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