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Ohio Woman Sues Daiichi Sankyo For Benicar Intestine Damage

Ohio plaintiff Vicki C. is suing Japanese pharmaceutical giant, Daiichi Sankyo, for the injuries she allegedly suffered from using Benicar. Vicki claims that in direct result of using Benicar, she suffered severe intestinal damage, sprue-like... Read More »

Risky 401K Investments May Land McDonalds In Trouble

A class action lawsuit investigation is underway, alleging that McDonald's, the world’s most popular fast food chain, breached their fiduciary duty to their Directors of Operations, District Managers and Trainers, Supervisors, and Managers by recklessly managing... Read More »

FCC Commissioner Calls for TCPA Clarification

An FCC commissioner has expressed empathy for the business community’s desire for clarification regarding restrictions on unsolicited contact with consumers. Early this April, Commissioner Michael O’Rielly of the Federal Communications Commission addressed the Association of National... Read More »

Ally Financial Investigation Looking into Securities Fraud

Securities fraud – also known as stock fraud and investment fraud – is the violation of securities laws by inducing investors into buying or selling stocks or commodities based on fraudulent or misrepresented information, a... Read More »

Zithromax Patients Bear Risk of Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Many patients take Zithromax for bacterial infections without experiencing adverse side effects. However, in rare cases, the popular antibiotic can lead to a serious condition known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Stevens Johnson Syndrome, or SJS,... Read More »


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