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EBay Wants Data Security Breach Class Action Tossed

EBay wants a data security breach class action lawsuit dismissed, saying that it’s too speculative an assertion for the lead plaintiff to say he may suffer future harm because his personal information was compromised. Plaintiff… Read More »

Avelox Side Effects Can Cause Liver Failure, Health Canada Warns

Recent safety reviews around the world have found that the widely used antibiotic Avelox, or the generic moxifloxacin, may be linked to potentially life-threatening liver damage, including liver failure. A Health Canada study warns that... Read More »

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Robocalls Dial Up TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

Early last week, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was sued in a TCPA class action lawsuit filed in Florida federal court. The lead plaintiff alleges Wal-Mart made numerous unsolicited calls to his mobile phone to persuade him to... Read More »

Benicar Case Study Shows Link to Sprue-Like Enteropathy

An increasing number of patients are suffering from Benicar side effects that point to a link between the blood-pressure medication and sprue-like enteropathy. A recent case study featured a 52-year-old woman prescribed Benicar to treat her... Read More »

Wells Fargo Fined $5M by SEC for Stockbroker Misconduct

On Sept. 22, Wells Fargo & Co. admitted to having inadequate controls established to curb and prevent stockbroker misconduct, such as illegal insider trading, and will pay a $5 million penalty charge to settle the... Read More »


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