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Chrysler Can’t Shake Dodge Ram ‘Death Wobble’ Class Action Lawsuit

A California federal judge last week ruled that Chrysler Group LLC can’t escape a class action lawsuit accusing the automaker of concealing defects in some Dodge Ram pickup trucks that cause them to suddenly lose steering… Read More »

Lincoln, Mercury, Ford Sudden Acceleration Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who's Affected Ford Motor Co. has been hit with multiple class action lawsuits accusing the automaker of concealing a dangerous design defect in over 30 Ford models that cause them to accelerate suddenly and unintentionally. If you... Read More »

Wal-Mart Hit With False Ad. Class Action Over Pomegranate Cranberry Juice

Wal-Mart falsely labels its Pomegranate-Cranberry Juice, deceiving customers into believing that pomegranate and cranberry juice are the primary juices in the product, a class action lawsuit alleges. Plaintiff Cheryl Hulse of Florida alleges in her… Read More »

CDC Study Finds Risk of Clomid Birth Defects

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a research study which found a link between the drug Clomid and a constellation of birth defects. Though the authors of the Clomid birth defect study... Read More »

Food Lion Job Applicants Reach $3M Background Check Class Action Settlement

A group of job applicants say they support the almost $3 million class action settlement reached with Food Lion, LLC and its parent company Delhaize America, LLC over allegedly illegal background check procedures by the… Read More »


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