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Safelite Windshield Repair Customers Using Insurance May Be Paying More

According to recent news report and consumer claims, Safelite Auto Glass has made a practice of allegedly charging consumers without auto insurance less for windshield replacement while charging more to consumers who do attempt to... Read More »

Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Wins $32M

A family was awarded $32 million as the result of a birth injury lawsuit, after it was proved that two nurses were negligent during the birth of a now 5-year-old girl. The child was allegedly diagnosed with... Read More »

Viagra, ED Drugs Linked To Melanoma Skin Cancer Risk

So many men have used Viagra, and other erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis and Levitra, that the various side effects of these ED drugs have been well-documented. Now, research indicates that there is an association... Read More »

Biomet Lawsuit Alleges Dangerous Hip Implant Design

An Ohio resident has joined the mass of metal hip lawsuits against Biomet, alleging that the company manufactured a dangerously defective hip implant. This metal hip lawsuit focuses on a metal-on-metal hip joint manufactured by... Read More »

Quinolone Antibiotics May Cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Fluoroquinolones, or quinolones, are a popular group of antibiotics that are some of the most widely asked for the United States. As of now, quinolone antibiotics are also some of the most commonly reported drugs to... Read More »


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