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Benicar Diarrhea Fatality Leads to First Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Daiichi

The first wrongful death lawsuit filed over Benicar diarrhea complications has been filed in New Jersey. The Benicar lawsuit accuses the manufacturing company, Daiichi Sankyo, of negligently marketing an unreasonably dangerous and exposing consumers to... Read More »

Zithromax Study Explores Possible Negative Side Effects

A recent Zithromax study explores the connection between the popular antibiotic Zithromax (called Z-Pak or ZMax) and possible side effects such as a heart attack or other cardiac event, and the number of Zithromax lawsuits... Read More »

Quinolone Stevens Johnson Syndrome Treatment Potentially Found in Immunoglobulin

In a recent edition of the Annals Academy of Medicine Singapore Journal, a Letter to the Editor was published, which summarized how Quinolone Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) victims  may be able to seek immunoglobulin treatment... Read More »

Ford Facing Class Action Over Mercury Mountaineer Tailgate

Ford Motor Co. is facing multiple class action lawsuits pertaining to the tailgates in their SUVs, such as the Mercury Mountaineer, alleging that the automaker allegedly knew that the tailgates were prone to cracking but... Read More »

Viagra Melanoma Researchers Say More Research Is Needed

Researchers published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association supplement Internal Medicine in June, suggesting that Viagra can increase a person's risk of developing melanoma, though researchers are reluctant to make more concrete assertions. According... Read More »


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