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Hyundai Sonata Defective Braking System Class Action Lawsuit Trimmed

The claims in the class action lawsuit accusing Hyundai of defective brakes and refusal to cover costs in some of its Sonata models were pared down on Tuesday by a New York federal judge. Lead… Read More »

21 Deaths Deemed Eligible for GM Ignition Switch Recall Compensation

Families of 21 victims of the GM ignition switch defect so far have been deemed eligible for compensation from General Motors. Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer specializing in dispute resolution and hired by General Motors to... Read More »

SanDisk Flash Memory Antitrust Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss

A judge has kept a flash memory antitrust class action lawsuit alive, arguing that manufacturer SanDisk did not adequately demonstrate that the plaintiffs lacked Article III standing and noted that some of their other concerns… Read More »

Medtronic Lawsuit Alleges ‘Opinion Leaders’ Illegally Promoted Infuse

A Medtronic Infuse bone graft complications lawsuit was filed by a Minnesota woman who alleges the device implanted into her was defective and illegally marketed for purposes it had not been approved for. Plaintiff Rosezena... Read More »

Sallie Mae Contractor Can’t Duck Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit

On Monday, Sallie Mae’s contractor’s motion to dismiss a call recording class action lawsuit was denied by the presiding California federal judge who rejected the defendant’s arguments that the call recording did not qualify as… Read More »


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