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Tenn. Woman Files Eliquis Internal Bleeding Lawsuit

Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb are facing a new Eliquis internal bleeding lawsuit, after a woman suffered serious bleeding injuries from the medication. This Eliquis internal bleeding lawsuit alleges the pharmaceutical giants knew the risks associated… Read More


Denied Unum Disability Benefits Leads to Lawsuit

A man has recently filed a lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America, stating the insurance company prematurely halted his disability payments. Plaintiff John H. of Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit because he was denied… Read More

Pradaxa Reversal Agent

Pradaxa Reversal Agent Available in 2,200 Hospitals

Boehringer Ingelheim recently announced that Pradaxa reversal agent, Praxbind (idarucizumab), is now stocked in over 2,200 hospitals throughout the United States. Praxbind was released in late 2015, when Boehringer Ingelheim had developed a Pradaxa reversal… Read More

Carcinogens substances

Asbestos Danger Caused By Trapped Asbestos Fibers

Asbestos danger is not always present even when asbestos is. In some cases, being in close proximity to asbestos is not inherently harmful. However, in other cases, asbestos exposure can be deadly. The real asbestos… Read More


Texas Couple Joins DePuy MDL for Metal Hip Implant Failure

The DePuy Orthopaedics multidistrict litigation (MDL) gains another metal hip implant lawsuit, after a married couple alleges the company’s ASR hip implant completely failed. After getting getting the device implanted, the husband allegedly suffered metal… Read More