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Study: Lipitor Diabetes Risk Significant In Healthy Patients

A recent Lipitor study shows healthy patients taking the cholesterol reducing medication had an 87 percent increased risk of developing diabetes. Researchers followed 26,000 patients who had no history of heart disease or diabetes and... Read More »

Propecia Lawsuit Claims Erectile Dysfunction Side Effect

A Florida man has filed a Propecia lawsuit with claims that the hair loss treatment caused him to develop erectile dysfunction. Plaintiff Kevin B. was prescribed Propecia at age 41 to help treat male pattern... Read More »

Depakote Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed by Ore. Parents

Pharmaceutical giant AbbVie Inc. is being sued in a Depakote birth defects lawsuit, alleging their anti-seizure medication Depakote has caused some women to give birth to infants suffering from severe birth defects. This is just... Read More »

Son’s Xarelto Lawsuit Claims Wrongful Death of Mother

A Louisiana man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against drug giants Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, alleging their popular blood thinner Xarelto caused the death of his mother. Plaintiff Michael B. has filed... Read More »

Michaels California Wage and Hour Lawsuit Hits Bumps

A Michaels California wage and hour lawsuit hit a bump in the road after a judge dismissed fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims from the lawsuit. Michaels was accused of hiding the amount of vacation time... Read More »


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