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Viacom/Google Internet Tracking MDL Dismissed

Last week, multidistrict litigation accusing Google Inc. and Viacom Inc. of tracking minor’s internet activities was dismissed. Plaintiffs alleged in multiple class action lawsuits filed in January of 2013 that Google and Viacom violated federal… Read More »

Possible Antidote for Xarelto Bleeding Side Effects

One of the biggest problems with Xarelto bleeding is that there was no antidote that could stop the bleeding. Hundreds of Xarelto lawsuits have been filed against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson for causing severe... Read More »

Judge Trims 5-Hour Energy False Ad. Class Action

A false advertising class action lawsuit filed against the makers of 5-Hour Energy has had more allegations tossed by a California federal judge, after the plaintiffs filed an amended class action lawsuit. U.S. District Judge… Read More »

Wolfgang Puck Settles Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

A wage and hour lawsuit involving nearly 900 employees of Wolfgang Puck has concluded in a class action settlement after nearly two years of litigation. Beginning in 2012, a large group of employees from Wolfgang... Read More »

Pfizer Hit With Antitrust Class Action Over Celebrex

Pfizer was hit with an antitrust class action lawsuit, alleging that it is illegally trying to protect its Celebrex patent to delay a generic version of the arthritis medication from being sold, forcing patients and… Read More »


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