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Credit Unions Overdraft Fees Raised By 14 Percent

Credit unions have been an attractive option for customers for years as they are often promised lower fees than banks. However, in recent years they have been accused of raising overdraft fees and other charges.... Read More »

Medical Informatics Hit with Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against Medical Informatics Engineering Inc. alleging the company was at fault for a recent data breach because it failed to implement adequate security measures. Lead plaintiff James Young… Read More »

Knee Surgery Infections Linked to Hospital Warming Device

The Bair Hugger warming system, a warming blanket that is used on patients during surgical procedures to regulate body temperature, has recently been connected with dangerous and potentially life-threatening complications. The system blows hot air... Read More »

Motion to Dismiss New Jersey Devils Class Action Lawsuit Denied

A motion to dismiss a proposed New Jersey Devils class action lawsuit alleging that hockey season ticket holders should be allowed to resell unused game tickets has been denied by a New Jersey federal judge…. Read More »

Disability Insurance Claim Denials Rampant at Unum, Plaintiffs Claim

Unum, the largest disability insurance company in the U.S., has reportedly caused hundreds of thousands of people with legitimate disability insurance claims to be denied insurance. This is an alleged systematic claim-denial policy that increases... Read More »


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