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Don Francisco Class Action Says Coffee Has Artificial Flavors

Gavinia & Sons Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging it misrepresents Don Francisco’s flavored coffee by not disclosing the fact that its flavored with artificial ingredients. Plaintiff Taylor Ely says he… Read More »


Vaginal Mesh Implant Lawsuit Joins MDL

More vaginal mesh implant complaints continue to be filed against Boston Scientific, alleging that the manufacturer failed to warn patients of possible surgical mesh problems. According to Texas plaintiff Mary Lee G., who recently filed… Read More »


Maserati Class Action Alleges Passive Entry System Is Defective

Maserati North America Inc. faces a class action lawsuit alleging certain Ghibli vehicles have a defect that allows the key fob to be locked inside a vehicle with no way to unlock it, creating a… Read More »

benicar stomach ache

Benicar Lawsuit Alleges Debilitating Gastrointestinal Side Effects

A Mississippi resident has joined the Benicar MDL underway in New Jersey with her recent Benicar lawsuit against Daiichi Sankyo, maker of the antihypertensive drug. Plaintiff Thalia L. is a 55 year-old woman who claims… Read More »

Coca Cola class action

Coca-Cola Fails to Dodge False Advertising Class Action

A federal judge dismissed some false advertising claims against Coca-Cola but will allow other claims in a class action lawsuit to go forward. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey S. White granted summary judgment in Coca-Cola’s favor on only… Read More »