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Syngenta GMO Corn Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who's Affected U.S. farmers and agricultural companies are suing Syngenta® for selling genetically modified (GMO) corn seeds before the corn was approved by Chinese authorities for import. Since it was not approved, China is rejecting... Read More »

Zofran Pregnancy Birth Defects Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who's Affected New research links the popular anti-nausea medication Zofran (ondansetron) to an increased risk of birth defects. Zofran is sometimes prescribed to treat morning sickness during pregnancy, yet this risk is not mentioned on... Read More »

WSJ Consumer Tracking Class Action Dismissed by Judge

On Jan. 23, a proposed consumer tracking class action lawsuit filed against Dow Jones and Co. was dismissed with prejudice by the presiding Georgia federal judge, ruling that the machine numbers allegedly gathered by company… Read More »

Wife Unknowingly Exposes Husband to Testosterone Product

While it has long been advised that men using low-T therapy topical creams or gels avoid skin-to-skin contact with women or children for the first few hours after application to reduce the risk of secondary... Read More »

Foogo Thermos False Advertising Class Action Settlement

A false advertising class action settlement was reached with Thermos LLC for allegedly claiming that its Foogo reusable drinking bottles are "leak-proof," when they actually have a tendency to leak. If you purchased a Foogo stainless... Read More »


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