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Air Bag Manufacturer May Be Linked to GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

In the GM ignition switch recall lawsuits, a critical piece of evidence released in April may have serious implications for an upcoming step of the litigation. Several individual GM ignition switch lawsuits within the larger... Read More »

FTC Alleges AndroGel Prices Were Inflated

The Federal Trade Commission has initiated legal action against the makers of three "Low-T" drugs, alleging that the drug companies have conspired to delay generic versions of their drugs from hitting the market. This comes... Read More »

Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuit Alleges ‘Thought Leaders’ Promoted Device

A Minnesota man filed an Infuse bone graft lawsuit against the makers of the medical implant, Medtronic Inc., alleging that the Infuse Bone Graft System is both dangerous and illegally over-promoted. Plaintiff Michael Ashby had... Read More »

Most Allegations in Coca-Cola TCPA Text Spam Lawsuit Get Tossed

The majority of allegations in a TCPA text spam lawsuit against Coca-Cola Co. were tossed out by an Alabama federal judge earlier this month after it was discovered that the lead plaintiff had allegedly provided consent... Read More »

Wis. Man Alleges Januvia Caused His Pancreatic Cancer

A Wisconsin man filed a Januvia pancreatic cancer lawsuit against Merck & Co. alleging the type-2 diabetes drug Januvia caused his cancer. Plaintiff Joseph Guiffre is one of millions of Americans who suffer from type-2... Read More »


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