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LCD Price-Fixing Settlement Checks to Be Mailed Next Week

Class Members who filed claims for the LCD price-fixing settlement may finally receive checks in the mail as early as next week. According to the LCD price-fixing settlement website, the claims audit and verification process… Read More »

Lawsuit: Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms More Severe than Eli Lilly Warned

A Colorado resident is suing the manufacturer of Cymbalta, Eli Lilly & Co., for omitting serious and important information regarding Cymbalta withdrawal. The Cymbalta lawsuit alleges that Lilly provided inadequate instructions on how to stop using... Read More »

Kohl’s Hit with Another Disability Access Class Action Lawsuit

On Oct. 21, Kohl’s Corp. was hit with a disability access class action lawsuit filed by The Equal Rights Center (ERC) alleging the retailer’s narrow aisles and tall checkout counters prevent consumers who are wheelchair… Read More »

Antipsychotic Prescription Guidelines for Children Largely Ignored, Report Finds

Parents trust their children's doctor to prescribe medication appropriately, but a recent hearing on doctor practices by the Vermont State Legislature’s Mental Health Oversight Committee shows otherwise. The use of powerful antipsychotic medications like Risperdal to... Read More »

Target Seeks to Exclude Banks from Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit

On Wednesday, Target Corp. filed a supporting reply brief in Minnesota federal court, reiterating its argument that banks should not be a part of the data breach class action lawsuit stemming from the large theft… Read More »


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