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Power Morcellation Lawsuits on the Rise

Hysterectomies and fibroid tumor removals are some of the most common gynecological procedures that women undergo today. Considered “minimally invasive,” these surgeries are often described to women as “routine” and rather ordinary. However, the use of... Read More »

woman with pelvic pain

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Sues Johnson & Johnson For Unjust Enrichment

A vaginal mesh lawsuit filed by an Alabama woman joins the growing multidistrict litigation centralized in West Virginia. Plaintiff Barbara C. is accusing Johnson & Johnson, as well as its subsidiary Ethicon Inc., of failing... Read More »

Porsche class action lawsuit

Porsche Halts Cayenne Diesel Sales As EPA Adds More Vehicles to Investigation

The VW emissions scandal continues to grow, with the company receiving a second notice of violation this month adding more cars to their unlawful emissions list. Porsche, in turn, is attempting to avoid more potential... Read More »


Several Plaintiffs Join in Single Xarelto Lawsuit

Fourteen different plaintiffs have joined in a single Xarelto lawsuit, alleging that Xarelto wrongfully caused their relatives’ deaths. The plaintiffs are the respective relatives of six different people who allegedly died after taking Xarelto. The plaintiffs... Read More »

Ovarian Cancer Experts Called to Testify in National Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Ovarian cancer experts are being called to testify in a St. Louis talcum powder cancer lawsuit to explain the findings of their research concerning the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. A national talcum powder lawsuit... Read More »


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