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Motion to Dismiss New Jersey Devils Class Action Lawsuit Denied

A motion to dismiss a proposed New Jersey Devils class action lawsuit alleging that hockey season ticket holders should be allowed to resell unused game tickets has been denied by a New Jersey federal judge…. Read More »

Disability Insurance Claim Denials Rampant at Unum, Plaintiffs Claim

Unum, the largest disability insurance company in the U.S., has reportedly caused hundreds of thousands of people with legitimate disability insurance claims to be denied insurance. This is an alleged systematic claim-denial policy that increases... Read More »

FTD Reaches Settlement to Resolve Flower Substitution Class Action Inc. has reached a class action settlement in an effort to resolve allegations that the online flower company substitutes lesser quality flowers in its floral arrangements under a policy that it keeps under wraps…. Read More »

Zithromax Stevens Johnson Syndrome Sparks Lawsuits

Zithromax (generic: azithromycin), manufactured by Pfizer, is an antibiotic for bacterial infections. Adults and children may take this medicine for different reasons – adults may take it to fight respiratory infections or sexually transmitted diseases,... Read More »

Class Action: Sushi Restaurant Sells ‘White Tuna’ That Is Another Fish

  A California sushi restaurant was hit with a class action lawsuit, alleging that the “white tuna” it sells is actually a fish called “escolar,” which causes diarrhea and other digestive issues. Plaintiff Cynthia Erickson… Read More »


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