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Dr. Reddy’s Will Help Buyers in Nexium Anti-Trust Class Action

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories was removed as a defendant in a Nexium antitrust class action lawsuit that is underway as part of a settlement by agreeing to help the drug buyers at the trial against the… Read More »

Midland Credit Management Hit With Debt Collection Lawsuit

Midland Credit Management Inc. was hit with a debt collection class action lawsuit alleging that the debt collection agency used illegal practices when trying to collect a debt. New York plaintiff Levi Huebner is filing... Read More »

Rice Cooperative Faces Tainted Sushi Rice Claim

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative (FRC), a more than 700-strong grower-owned network responsible for over 20 percent of the rice crop in California, is accused of selling “flush rice,” knowingly mixing rice contaminated with black mold and... Read More »

Infuse Bone Graft System Lawsuit Runs Into Complications

A federal judge in St. Louis has ruled against a key argument in a Medtronic lawsuit. The ruling applied to the assertion that the Infuse Bone Graft System is a defective medical device. The Infuse Bone... Read More »

Asbestos Lawsuit Dismissed on Appeal

An asbestos lawsuit that alleged a worker suffered from asbestos-related ailments after installing allegedly asbestos-laden products on Navy ships decades ago was dismissed by a federal appeals court due to lack of evidence. Plaintiff Tyler... Read More »


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