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Beanfields Class Action Says ‘All Natural’ Chips Are Falsely Advertised

A proposed class action lawsuit claims the maker of Beanfields chips falsely advertises its snack products as “all natural” when they in fact contain multiple synthetic ingredients. Plantiff Kevin LaPlatney accuses Beanfields of deceptive and… Read More

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NY Food Delivery Drivers Paid Below Minimum Wage, Plaintiff Claims

Food deliverers for a Manhattan restaurant claim they were paid below minimum wage due to time spent doing uncompensated work. These current and former delivery personnel for Lychee House Chinese Restaurant are now plaintiffs in… Read More


Sundial Brands Class Action Says Hair Products Don’t Cause Growth

A California woman has filed a putative class action lawsuit against hair care product manufacturer, Sundial Brands LLC and Nubian Heritage. Plaintiff Marianne Padilla alleges the companies unlawfully profit on and exploit consumers’ fear and… Read More

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Benicar and Gastrointestinal Injuries Linked in Another Lawsuit

An Oklahoma man recently filed a Benicar lawsuit linking Benicar and gastrointestinal injuries, alleging that Daiichi Sankyo failed to warn about the risk. The plaintiff, Thomas D., claimed damages on account of both the gastrointestinal… Read More

Starbucks Says Underfilled Drink Class Action Should Be Dismissed

Just days after escaping a similar claim in California, Starbucks now seeks the dismissal of a consumer lawsuit in Illinois federal court that accuses the company of underfilling its iced drinks. Plaintiff Steven Galanis is… Read More