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Regis Salon class action settlement

Regis Corp. Wage & Hour Class Action Settlement

Regis Corp. has reached a class action settlement over allegations it violated wage and hour laws by failing to pay minimum wage and overtime wages, provide meal and rest breaks, and other wage and hour violations. If… Read More »


Zithromax: Antibiotic Problems May Include Kidney Damage

Zithromax, widely known as a Z-Pak or azithromycin, is a powerful antibiotic manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. During the past few years, several complaints and studies have indicated that Zithromax antibiotic problems include a dangerous… Read More »

Unum disabiliy insurance problems

Unum May Be Denying Pharmacists’ Disability Benefits

Unum Life Insurance Company has recently been under fire for alleged bad faith insurance practices specifically involving denied disability benefits for pharmacists. Pharmacists and other policyholders who pay for disability insurance premiums hope to be… Read More »


Women Report Serious Problems With Essure Birth Control

Across America, women are reporting suffering severe Essure birth control complications, with several women already filing legal action against the manufacturer. What is Essure Birth Control? Essure is a non-hormonal permanent birth control device for women…. Read More »

asbestos lung cancer

Widow Sues GE, Others for Husband’s Asbestos Lung Cancer

A grieving widow is suing a number of manufacturing companies, for allegedly causing the death of her husband, who died from the asbestos cancer mesothelioma, which is directly caused by inhaling the toxic fibers. South… Read More »


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