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uber driver class action lawsuit

Uber Drivers Argue For Class Action Status in Employment Lawsuit

A lawsuit by Uber drivers seeking to be deemed employees could proceed as a California class action lawsuit, depending on the outcome of a recent court hearing in San Francisco. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen... Read More »


Asbestos Lawsuit: VA Abandoned Vet Needing Medical Help

A Florida widow has filed an asbestos lawsuit against the U.S. government after actions by the Department of Veterans Affairs allegedly caused the wrongful death of her husband. Plaintiff Kathleen S. on behalf of Estate... Read More »

Xarelto Side Effects Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Xarelto Studies Point to Increased Bleeding Risk

Researchers have published two new studies regarding the controversial anticoagulant medication Xarelto, raising more concerns about the uncontrollable bleeding side effects associated with the blood thinner. Both of these recent Xarelto studies link the drug, manufactured... Read More »


Pradaxa Bleeding Side Effects Cause for Concern

Pradaxa (dabigatran) is a blood-thinning drug approved by the FDA in 2010. Pradaxa was created to improve upon warfarin, the old staple for treating atrial fibrillation, a condition which can lead to strokes. However, Pradaxa’s... Read More »


Payday Loan Lenders Target The Working Poor

Payday loan companies are being accused of preying on economically vulnerable customers, charging interest rates that can exceed 400 percent and trap borrowers into continuing debt. According to the Federal Trade Commission, payday loans work... Read More »


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