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Quinolone Nerve Damage Could Be Linked to Mitochondrial Toxicity

Many people have developed peripheral neuropathy after taking quinolone antibiotics including Levaquin, Avelox, and Cipro. While warnings about quinolone side effects have been strengthened, it has been recently suggested that peripheral neuropathy is part of... Read More »

Ford Airbag Recall Expands over Explosion Dangers

Ford Motor Co. is the latest U.S. automaker to expand recalls of vehicles equipped with driver-side airbags manufactured by Japanese-based Takata Corp. The expanded Ford airbag recall affects an additional 502,500 older-model Mustangs. The National Highway Traffic... Read More »

Asbestos Lung Cancer: A Primer

  Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that came into widespread use during the Industrial Revolution. The material is both fire resistant, even at industrial temperatures, and an exceptional insulator. Unfortunately, asbestos is linked to a... Read More »

Are Pfizer’s Zithromax SJS Warnings Sufficient?

Zithromax carries the risk of a rare but serious side effect called Stevens Johnson Syndrome. However, even after government regulators implored the drug's maker to update the warnings, the patient inserts might not adequately convey the... Read More »

New Study Finds Additional Potential Lipitor Risks

Even as new guidelines recommend prescribing Lipitor more widely, several studies — and hundreds of lawsuits — have alleged the drug may make some patients more likely to develop type-2 diabetes. And a new study... Read More »


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