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Stevia In The Raw ‘All Natural’ Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The manufacturer Stevia In The Raw has agreed to pay more than $1.5 million in order to settle a class action lawsuit that alleges the company deceptively labeled its product as “all natural.” If you… Read More »

red bull

Red Bull Energy Drink Class Action Settlement Payout in the Mail

Red Bull consumers who filed a claim in the class action settlement that accused the energy drink maker of false advertising are reporting that they are receiving a four-pack in the mail! According to reader… Read More »


Uber Will Pay $28.5M to Settle Safest Ride Class Action Lawsuit

Uber has agreed to pay $28.5 million to settle class action allegations that claim the ride-sharing app company charges customers for a “safe rides fee” which is unnecessary and falsely advertised. Lead plaintiff Matthew Philliben… Read More »


Kohl’s Can’t Ditch Fake Sale Class Action Lawsuit

A federal judge in Wisconsin has rejected a motion by Kohl’s Corp. to dismiss a potential class action alleging the department store used deceptive advertising techniques to inflate original item prices to fool customers into thinking… Read More »


Korean Air Passenger Class Action Settlement Checks Arriving Soon

There’s long awaited news for the airline passengers who filed a claim in the Korean Air class action settlement – Class Members should expect to receive a check and coupon code in April! According to… Read More »


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