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NHL Seeks Dismissal of Concussion Class Action Lawsuit

The NHL argues in a motion to dismiss a concussion class action lawsuit that ex-players have not filed for damages in time to avoid statutes of limitations. According to the motion, state personal injury laws… Read More »

Another Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed

Zoloft was never specifically approved for use in pregnant women, but many women were allegedly told it was safe to take while pregnant. However, it’s alleged that Pfizer knew of the dangers because early testing... Read More »

Target Moves to Dismiss Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits

On Nov. 20, Target Corp. reasserted its motion to dismiss a consolidated data breach class action lawsuit brought against the company following an breach of the retailer’s credit and debit card information in November 2013…. Read More »

Stryker to Pay $1B in Hip Implant Settlements

Following a unusual bellwether mediation, Stryker Corp. agreed to pay $1 billion to settle allegations of design defect and other claims stemming from the allegedly defective Stryker metal hip replacement product. What made the Stryker... Read More »

Delta May Pay $1.8M in Sanctions In Price Fixing Class Action

Delta Air Lines Inc. may have to pay $1.8 million to plaintiffs in a price fixing class action lawsuit after the company didn’t comply with the discovery requirements and failed to hand over all of… Read More »


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