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Class Cert. Denied in Nordstrom California Labor Lawsuit

A California judge recently denied a plaintiff’s request for class certification in an upcoming wage and hour lawsuit accusing Nordstrom Inc. of violating California labor laws. The unpaid overtime class action lawsuit alleges that Nordstrom... Read More »

Testosterone Product Lawsuit Alleges Heart Side Effect

A testosterone product lawsuit was filed against AbbVie Inc. by a Virginia man who alleges that he suffered severe testosterone side effects after using AndroGel. Plaintiff Everett M. filed this testosterone product lawsuit on March... Read More »

Md. Woman Joins Vaginal Mesh Litigation Against Ethicon

Maryland plaintiff Teressa R. is suing Ethicon Inc. for the injuries she allegedly suffered from their vaginal mesh product, the TVT-Obturator (TVT-O). Teressa claims that as a direct result of using the transvaginal mesh device, she... Read More »

Anti-Seizure Drug Side Effect May Include SJS

Lamotrigine – marketed under the brand name  Lamictal – is a prescription medication initially approved to prevent seizures for people with epilepsy. Later, the drug was approved for use against bipolar disorder. Recent reports indicate... Read More »

Studies: Increased Risk Of Uterine Cancer Post Morcellation Surgeries

Two new studies are adding to mounting evidence that surgery tools known as power morcellators can spread hidden uterine cancer. The medical devices already face scrutiny from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has... Read More »


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