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Midland Credit Management Hit With Debt Collection Lawsuit

Midland Credit Management Inc. was hit with a debt collection class action lawsuit alleging that the debt collection agency used illegal practices when trying to collect a debt. New York plaintiff Levi Huebner is filing... Read More »

Tylenol Liver Failure Lawsuit Alleges Drug\'s Dangers

A Tylenol liver damage lawsuit was filed by a woman who suffered liver failure allegedly due to the popular over-the-counter medication, joining numerous other lawsuits alleging the active ingredient in Tylenol is more dangerous than... Read More »

Birth Defects Lawsuit Blames Effexor for Stillbirth

A birth defects lawsuit was filed by a Pennsylvania mother who alleges her son stillborn due to birth defects she claims were directly caused by the drug Effexor. Plaintiff Megan Wickizer was prescribed and took... Read More »

Unum Hit with Claim Denial Lawsuit by Fla. Woman

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America, accusing the disability insurance giant of unjustly stopping her disability payments even though she remains disabled. According to the Unum lawsuit,... Read More »

Levaquin Lawsuit Filed Over Nerve Damage

Johnson & Johnson is facing a Levaquin lawsuit alleging that the antibiotic causes peripheral neuropathy. The lawsuit was filed by a Maryland woman, who claims she has severe and permanent nerve damage after taking the drug. The... Read More »


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