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EverBank class action settlement

EverBank Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Settlement

If you were charged by EverBank or Everhome Mortgage for a lender-placed insurance policy between Jan. 1, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2015, you may be entitled to a cash payment from a class action settlement.... Read More »


Xarelto Promoted as ‘Safe’ Despite Bleeding Lawsuits

Nearly 2,000 Xarelto lawsuits have been filed by plaintiffs who allege the blood thinner caused serious internal bleeding, yet manufacturer Johnson & Johnson continues to claim that Xarelto is safe. Xarelto (generic, Rivaroxaban) is a... Read More »

Tide class action lawsuit

P&G Faces Class Action Over Empty Space in Tide Packaging

Tide Detergent is the latest target in a series of recent “slack fill” class action lawsuits that allege that manufacturers like Procter & Gamble are misleading consumers by using deceptively oversized product packaging. Three plaintiffs… Read More »


Asbestos Exposure Concerns in Congressional Office

There is asbestos trouble in Congress — and it's not a piece of contested legislation. A historic congressional office building was closed due to asbestos issues until further notice. On October 30, congressional representatives and... Read More »

Trump University Class Action Lawsuit

Trump University Deceptive Marketing Class Action Stays Alive

Last week, a federal judge upheld claims in the class action lawsuit accusing Trump University LLC of using deceptive practices to market its real estate education. Lead plaintiff Tarla Makaeff alleges in her class action… Read More »


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