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SeaWorld Hit with Deceptive Business Practices Class Action

On March 25, a deceptive business practices class action lawsuit was filed against SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., alleging the marine theme park mistreats its orcas and misleads SeaWorld ticketholders about the condition of its whales. This is not… Read More »

Couple Alleges Testosterone Products Caused Husband’s Strokes

A Ray City, Ga. couple is suing drug makers Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. alleging that their testosterone replacement therapy drugs caused the husband to suffer multiple strokes. Plaintiff Kenneth D. began... Read More »

Supreme Court To Review Whether DirecTV Class Action Should Face Arbitration

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that it will review a decision by a California state appellate court, which has said that a DirecTV class action lawsuit should not be sent to arbitration. The DirecTV… Read More »

Syngenta Fights Request to Move GMO Corn Lawsuit

Syngenta Corp. asked a Minnesota federal court to deny a commercial farmer’s motion to remand a GMO corn lawsuit to state court, arguing that the plaintiff’s case should remain in the federal court system. In... Read More »

Excelsior College Nursing Program Class Action Settlement

A class action settlement between Excelsior College and a group of current and former nursing students, who alleged that the college's distance learning nursing program "was devoid of any education" because it did not prepare... Read More »


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