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Drivers Seek Supreme Court Ruling in Breathalyzer Class Action

Earlier this month, two plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit alleging that Draeger Safety Diagnostics Inc. manufactured a defective blood alcohol testing device asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their case. The breathalyzer class… Read More »

Remington Rifle Defective Trigger Class Action Settlement

Remington Arms Company LLC reached a class action settlement with class members who allege that several of its rifles have defective triggers, which have caused accidental discharges and even death. If you own a rifle... Read More »

Joan Rivers’ Daughter Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to recent news reports, Melissa Rivers, the late Joan Rivers' daughter, claims her mother’s death was “100 percent preventable” and alleges that the doctors attending her mother caused her death due to gross negligence... Read More »

Zofran Lawsuit: Parents Claim Drug Caused Child’s Heart Defect

A California couple has filed a lawsuit alleging the anti-nausea medication Zofran caused life-threatening birth defects of their child. The San Francisco parents state in the Zofran birth defect lawsuit that their child was born... Read More »

Caribbean Cruise Line TCPA Lawsuit Dropped for Now

A TCPA lawsuit against Caribbean Cruise Line has been dismissed. However, the plaintiffs have been granted one last chance to amend the case in order to persuade the court of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act... Read More »


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