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Class Action Says Costco Flushable Wipes Plug Plumbing

Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed in New York federal court against the wholesale goods company Costco Wholesale Corp. alleging that its “flushable” toilet wipe product tends to clog up bathroom plumbing. Lead… Read More »

Study: Lipitor Diabetes Risk Significant In Healthy Patients

A recent Lipitor study shows healthy patients taking the cholesterol reducing medication had an 87 percent increased risk of developing diabetes. Researchers followed 26,000 patients who had no history of heart disease or diabetes and... Read More »

Sigma to Pay $4.9M to Settle Pipe Fitting Price-Fixing Class Action

On May 22, Sigma Corp. agreed to a $4.9 million price-fixing class action settlement in New Jersey federal court, resolving allegations by a group of direct purchasers who allege that Sigma and two other companies… Read More »

Eliquis May Pose Serious Risk of Irreversible Internal Bleeding

Recently, anticoagulants (blood thinners) such as Pradaxa and Xarelto have made headlines as the basis of lawsuits brought by individuals who claim to have suffered internal bleeding caused by these allegedly dangerous drugs. Another blood... Read More »

Judge Grants Final Approval to Capital One Overdraft Fee Class Action

An almost $32 million class action settlement between Capital One Bank NA over allegedly illegal overdraft fees was given final approval by a Florida federal judge, saying that the amount of money Class Members will… Read More »


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