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Most Allegations in Coca-Cola TCPA Text Spam Lawsuit Get Tossed

The majority of allegations in a TCPA text spam lawsuit against Coca-Cola Co. were tossed out by an Alabama federal judge earlier this month after it was discovered that the lead plaintiff had allegedly provided consent... Read More »

Wis. Man Alleges Januvia Caused His Pancreatic Cancer

A Wisconsin man filed a Januvia pancreatic cancer lawsuit against Merck & Co. alleging the type-2 diabetes drug Januvia caused his cancer. Plaintiff Joseph Guiffre is one of millions of Americans who suffer from type-2... Read More »

Aldactazide Blood Pressure Drug May Cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome

The blood pressure medication Aldactazide has been found to allegedly cause individuals to develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) according to recent medical reports and a warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Aldactazide... Read More »

Hotel Management Company Hit By Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

The value of a person’s work should never be undervalued, nor cheated out of hard earned cash. But for some people, that is exactly what their employer has done. Unpaid lunch breaks, working overtime without… Read More »

Air Bag Manufacturer May Be Linked to GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit

In the GM ignition switch recall lawsuits, a critical piece of evidence released in April may have serious implications for an upcoming step of the litigation. Several individual GM ignition switch lawsuits within the larger... Read More »


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