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AmeriGas Agrees to Price-Gouging Class Action Settlement

Homeowners in Michigan who faced rising propane bills during the 2013-2014 winter, one of the worst in the state’s history, may benefit if they are current or former AmeriGas customers, following the company’s recent price-gouging… Read More »

Dreamfields Pasta $8M Settlement Receives Final Approval

A New Jersey federal judge has granted final approval to a class action settlement against Dakota Growers Pasta Company Inc., makers of Dreamfields pasta, alleging that its claims made about the pasta’s glycemic index are… Read More »

Antipsychotic Prescription Guidelines for Children Largely Ignored, Report Finds

Parents trust their children's doctor to prescribe medication appropriately, but a recent hearing on doctor practices by the Vermont State Legislature’s Mental Health Oversight Committee shows otherwise. The use of powerful antipsychotic medications like Risperdal to... Read More »

Zithromax Heart Problems Examined by Health Care Professionals

A May 2012 New England Journal of Medicine study that suggested Zithromax could cause heart problem has come under criticism. The NEJM Zithromax study consisted of an analysis of data from millions of patients. Researchers... Read More »

Tailgate Crack Defect Found in Ford Lincoln Aviator Vehicles

Several tailgate crack lawsuits have been filed against Ford Motor Co. over the past few months, alleging Lincoln Aviator vehicles were prone to crack across the tailgate or experience rear window shattering due to a... Read More »


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