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Neurontin Use While Pregnant May Increase Birth Defect Risk

The anticonvulsant medication Neurontin, used to treat chronic nerve pain, has been linked to numerous congenital birth defects. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer designed Neurontin to treat epileptic seizures and to relieve nerve pain caused by multiple... Read More »

Pradaxa Antidote on the Horizon

A new Pradaxa reversibility agent was recently submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval. Many believe this could be a major game changer in the market for the newer generation of blood... Read More »

Minn. Farmer Wants His Syngenta Corn Seed Suit Remanded

Syngenta is facing multiple GMO corn lawsuits that allege the major corn seed supplier caused a substantial loss to corn farmers by tainting the U.S. corn seed supply with a genetically modified seed that had not yet acquired... Read More »

‘All Natural’ Beauty Care Products May Not Be All Natural

Market researchers Kline & Company have found that all natural beauty product sales have increased over the past year. Their research found that all natural personal care products increased in sales by almost 10 percent... Read More »

SJS Among Ciprofloxacin Side Effects

The antibiotic ciprofloxacin may, in rare cases, lead to a debilitating skin condition known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Ciprofloxacin is sold under the brand names Cipro and Proquin. It’s also the active ingredient in Ciloxan... Read More »


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