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mac class action settlement

MAC Agrees to $365K ZIP Code Privacy Class Action Settlement

MAC Cosmetics Inc. has agreed to settle a proposed ZIP code privacy class action lawsuit by paying $365,000 to customers who had their ZIP code requested and recorded during a sales transaction. Lead plaintiff Lauren… Read More »


Payday Loan Lenders Target The Working Poor

Payday loan companies are being accused of preying on economically vulnerable customers, charging interest rates that can exceed 400 percent and trap borrowers into continuing debt. According to the Federal Trade Commission, payday loans work... Read More »

Boeing class action settlement

Boeing Settles Retirement Class Action Lawsuit

Last week, a settlement agreement was reached in the class action lawsuit over allegedly excessive fees and hidden costs charged by Boeing Co. for their 401(k) retirement fund. A group of retirement fund investors and… Read More »

uber driver class action lawsuit

Uber Drivers Argue For Class Action Status in Employment Lawsuit

A lawsuit by Uber drivers seeking to be deemed employees could proceed as a California class action lawsuit, depending on the outcome of a recent court hearing in San Francisco. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen... Read More »


Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed in North Dakota

A Zofran birth defect lawsuit was recently filed in North Dakota. The lawsuit alleges that Zofran’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, violated consumer protection laws and failed to warn about dangerous potential side effects associated with taking the... Read More »


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