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Foot Locker Wants Personal Information Class Action Tossed

Foot Locker Retail, Inc. wants a class action lawsuit thrown out, which alleges the retailer illegally collected and stored customer information, arguing that there is no evidence in the lawsuit that the personal information was… Read More »

FDA Panel Votes to Limit Testosterone Drug Prescriptions

A panel of drug experts on Wednesday voted 20-1 in favor of the Food and Drug Administration imposing more stringent guidelines restricting the prescription and sale of testosterone products to men who are only experiencing... Read More »

General Motors Files Motion to Delay GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits

General Motors has asked the judge overseeing the GM ignition switch lawsuits to hold off on discovery, pending the progress on another GM lawsuit, related to its 2009 bankruptcy. General Motors is currently facing GM lawsuits on several... Read More »

Lipitor Lawsuit Alleges Drug Caused Diabetes

A woman alleges that drug maker Pfizer's popular cholesterol drug, Lipitor, caused her to develop type-2 diabetes. The Lipitor diabetes lawsuit was filed jointly by plaintiff Peggy Sanders and her husband. The lawsuit alleges that Sanders... Read More »

Fibroid Removal: Knowing the Cancer Risks

Morcellation, a popular fibroid removal surgical method, has recently come under fire for allegedly spreading cancer, and many women are seeking alternative forms of treatment for fibroids. Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that develop in... Read More »


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