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Nexium Antitrust Class Action Settlement

Teva and Dr. Reddy's have reached a class action settlement with direct purchasers and end-payers who charged the generic drug makers with engaging in a pay-for-delay deal to keep generic versions of Nexium off the market, in violation... Read More »

Railroad Employee Rights: What You Need To Know

Working for a railroad is a dangerous job that requires a railroad employee to work with machinery, equipment, chemicals in a wide variety of locations, in all kinds of weather 24-hours a day, 7-days a... Read More »

NuvaRing Said to Cause Pseudotumor Cerebri

Women using NuvaRing birth control may be at risk of developing pseudotumor cerebri, a condition that mimics the symptoms of a brain tumor. Birth control lawsuits may be able to help patients win compensation for... Read More »

Proposed Bill May Increase Safety Of Morcellator Devices

Inspired by numerous patients that have reported suffering and complications from medical devices such as the power morcellator, the House of Representatives recently passed an amendment to a medical research bill.  This new amendment includes... Read More »

All Natural Food Labeling Creates Consumer Confusion

The growth in the use of such label claims as "all natural' has created confusion for consumers, many of whom likely don't realize the words can be meaningless. Food companies are trying to capitalize on... Read More »


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