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Bellwether Trial Order Set for Zoloft Birth Defects MDL

The Pennsylvania federal judge who has been overseeing federal multi district litigation (MDL) of Zoloft birth defect lawsuits since April 2012 has scheduled the first bellwether trial for early 2016. There are now 545 Zoloft lawsuits... Read More »

Maker’s Mark False Labeling Class Action Dismissed

On July 27, a false labeling class action lawsuit filed against Maker’s Mark Distillery Inc. was dismissed by the presiding California federal judge, finding that no reasonable consumer would be misled by the whiskey bottle’s… Read More »

Xarelto Dosing Under Scrutiny Amid Bleeding Concerns

Xarelto, a new generation blood thinner, is currently under closer examination for its safety following numerous reports of serious side effects. Upon its release to the market, experts claimed that Xarelto was superior to Coumadin... Read More »

Settlement Reached in eBay Buy It Now Class Action Lawsuit

Late last week, the parties in the class action lawsuit accusing eBay Inc. of unfairly taking advantage of the “Buy It Now” option proposed a settlement to end the action. Under the terms of the… Read More »

Experts Discuss Alleged Ketoacidosis SGLT2 Association

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the country’s main type 2 diabetes treatment drugs, a study was recently released that highlighted the risk of ketoacidosis. More specifically, the study indicated that there was a strong... Read More »


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