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Apple E-Book Class Action Settlement Gets Final Approval

A New York federal judge has awarded final approval to a $450 million class action settlement over allegations Apple Inc. conspired with publishing companies to raise the prices of e-books. The Apple e-book class action… Read More »

Concerning Xolair Side Effects Revealed in FDA Warning

The FDA issued a warning on Sept. 26, 2014 concerning Xolair side effects. According to a recent study, Xolair, an asthma injection, can increase the risk of heart attack, mini-strokes, and cerebrovascular events. The warning... Read More »

Judge Cuts Down Honeywell Humidifier Class Action Lawsuit

A federal judge has denied in part a motion to dismiss a Honeywell humidifier class action lawsuit, deciding that at this stage the majority of the contractual claims of the plaintiff are plausible on their… Read More »

Levaquin and Cipro Linked to Peripheral Neuropathy

Antibiotics are promoted as safe and effective, but side effects have been linked to a risk of peripheral neuropathy, which may leave users with a form of permanent nerve damage that attacks the peripheral nervous... Read More »

NBTY Glucosamine Supplement Settlement Reversed by 7th Circuit

On Nov. 19, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a $6.5 million glucosamine supplement class action settlement proposed by defending company NBTY Inc., ruling the proposed settlement amount is “selfish” and will only provide… Read More »


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