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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Enbrel Shipping Temperature

Two drug providers, an Amgen Inc. subsidiary called Caremark and CVS Health unit, were accused of failing to provide proper procedures to keep Enbrel, a drug used to treat arthritis, at the correct temperature during… Read More »

Biomet Metal Hip Lawsuit Alleges Device Failed

A metal hip implant lawsuit has been filed against orthopedic company Biomet LLC by a Virginia woman who allegedly experienced severe and painful side effects after a failed Magnum hip implant. Plaintiff Mary Ann Crampton-Humphreys... Read More » Hit With Wage-Fixing Class Action Lawsuit

Yet another tech company has become embroiled in a wage-fixing class action lawsuit that allegedly spread from Silicon Valley to Hollywood. is accused of colluding with Google regarding the hiring process for senior employees…. Read More »

Eli Lilly Fights Consolidation of Cymbalta Withdrawal Lawsuits

Eli Lilly & Co. is fighting back against a growing number of lawsuits accusing the drug maker of misleading consumers about the severity of Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms. The pharmaceutical giant is attempting to stop a motion by... Read More »

Pseudotumor Cerebri May Be Caused By Birth Control Pills

Pseudotumor cerebri, also called intracranial hypertension, is a serious medical condition that can be caused by birth control pills. Pseudotumor cerebri is a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the skull. This... Read More »


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