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Class Action: GM Made False Claims About Cadillac CTS Safety Ratings

A group of plaintiffs are asking a Florida federal judge to certify four classes in a class action lawsuit, alleging that General Motors advertised false safety ratings for its Cadillac CTS. The four classes proposed… Read More »

Samsung Hit With Class Action Over Faulty Smart TV Remotes

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. was hit with a class action lawsuit, alleging that the remote controls that come with Samsung Smart TVs cause batteries to leak acid. Plaintiff Luis Bravo alleges in the Samsung class… Read More »

New Blood Thinners Like Xarelto May Not Live up to Marketing

  The drawbacks of early anticoagulants paved the way for a newer class of blood thinners, like Xarelto. However, Xarelto may have safety risks that could outweigh the inconveniences of older blood thinner medication. Blood... Read More »

Forensic Report Suggests Avelox Caused Near Death Stevens Johnson Syndrome Case

A forensic investigation into a 28-year-old woman who narrowly escaped dying from Stevens Johnson Syndrome after consuming drugs prescribed to treat her cough and cold has suggested that her reaction may have been caused by moxifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic... Read More »

Conflicting Viagra Melanoma Findings Trouble Physicians

Despite the recent warning about Viagra melanoma, physicians continue to prescribe the erectile dysfunction drug to men who believe they need assistance with their libido. There are a variety of reasons for this, but it is mainly... Read More »


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