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epilepsy anti-seizure drug

Children Prescribed Phenytoin May Be At Risk For Cerebellar Atrophy

Cerebellar atrophy is damage, degeneration or loss of nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls muscle coordination, the cerebellum, resulting in ataxia. Some cerebellar atrophy causes include: Stroke: One of the most… Read More »

blood cells xarelto bleeding

Xarelto Lawsuit Says Blood Thinner Caused Intracranial Bleed

A Georgia resident recently filed a lawsuit against Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, over Xarelto problems including internal bleeding in the brain. Plaintiff Orenn F. began taking Xarelto in August 2013, as prescribed… Read More »

Endo class action lawsuit

Endo Whistleblower Gets $4.7M in Medicaid Qui Tam Settlement

A qui tam lawsuit has ended in a settlement agreement that puts pharmaceutical manufacturer Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc. on the hook for $39 million in penalties. The whistleblower lawsuit originated from allegations that Qualitest, a subsidiary… Read More »

quinolone antibiotics

Zithromax: Death Risk May Increase with Drugs That Cause Liver Damage and SJS

It seems just like an ordinary thing — you have what you perceive to be a bacterial infection of some sort requiring antibiotics, you go to your doctor who prescribes Zithromax as the antibiotic and… Read More »

Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with an overdraft concept. Blue sky background.

New Regulations on the Way for Credit Union Overdraft Fees

Confusion over overdraft fees is nothing new. But it can mean big revenue for credit unions willing to exploit it. Overdraft protection is a service provided by credit unions that addresses transactions that would overdraw… Read More »


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