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Toyota Settles Steering Defect Class Action Lawsuit

Last week, a settlement agreement was reached in the class action lawsuit accusing Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. of ignoring steering defects in its Corolla models that called them to drift. Lead plaintiffs Irene Corson… Read More »

Popular Medications May Cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is one of the most devastating drug-related side effects a patient can suffer. Despite how dangerous this adverse effect is, a number of popular prescription drugs and over the counter medications... Read More »

Family Sues Nissan for Children’s Wrongful Death

The family of two children killed in a car crash is now bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against their car’s manufacturer. Kirsten and Koby D., ages 10 and 15 respectively, died when an allegedly drunk... Read More »

Supreme Court Ruling on 401k Lawsuit Raises Questions

Legal and financial experts are still reeling from a 401k Supreme Court ruling last month that determined employers have an ongoing responsibility to reevaluate and monitor the investment options provided to their workers. Based on... Read More »

Improper Credit Card Receipts Increase Risk of Identity Theft

Under federal law, no transaction receipt can include the credit or debit card expiration date or any other numbers than the last five digits on the card. However, it has recently come to the attention... Read More »


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