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Snuggie Marketer to Pay $8M to Settle Deceptive Billing Allegations

This week, the Federal Trade Commission announced that Allstar Marketing Group LLC, the direct marketing company responsible for selling Snuggies and other “As Seen on TV” products, will pay $8 million as part of a… Read More »

Levaquin Lawsuit: Antibiotic Causes Permanent Nerve Damage

The antibiotic Levaquin (levofloxacin) causes sudden, serious, and potentially permanent nerve damage, according to a recent lawsuit filed in California federal court. Levaquin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that is commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections of the... Read More »

Vemma Verve False Ad Class Action Moved to AZ Federal Court

A class action lawsuit accusing beverage company Vemma Nutrition of misleadingly marketing its Vemma Verve energy drinks as “doctor formulated” was moved by a federal judge to the a federal court in the company’s home state of… Read More »

Biomet Metal-on-Metal Hip Lawsuits Joining Larger MDL

Since the mass legal action over metal-on-metal hips has been organized, some plaintiffs have begun filing their lawsuits directly into the district court managing the various metal-on-metal hip lawsuits. Metal-on-metal hip implants are a type... Read More »

Target Miscalculates Sales Tax When Coupons Used, Class Action Says

Target Corporation has been hit with a class action lawsuit in an Illinois federal court, alleging that the retailer miscalculates sales tax on purchases when coupons are used by customers. Plaintiff Chang Wong of Illinois alleges that… Read More »


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