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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) either issued or sent out instructions on how to claim seven refund payments in February.

MoneyGram FTC Refunds

People who paid scammers using MoneyGram transfers are receiving prefilled claim forms in a $125 million settlement.

In 2009, MoneyGram reached an agreement with the FTC to make changes that would make it more difficult for scammers to use MoneyGram in defrauding consumers. But a joint law enforcement action later charged that the company had not upheld their end of the deal, leading to the $125 million settlement.

Consumers who receive a prefilled claim form should check that they agree with the loss amount shown, complete the form, and mail it back by June 1, 2021.

The form must be signed and dated, and consumers must provide their Social Security number.

Those who do not agree with the loss amount shown should follow the form’s instructions on providing documentation showing the actual loss amount.

On June 1, a portal for filing petitions will open. The deadline for filing a claim through the portal is Aug. 31, 2021.

Legitimate MoneyGram settlement claim forms should have all of the following information:

A return address of United States v. MoneyGram International Inc, P.O. Box 43549, Providence, RI 02940-3549

The remission administrator’s phone number, 844-269-2630

The official seals of the Department of Justice and the United States Postal Inspection Service

Additional information is available on the remission website or by contacting remission administrator Gilardi & Co. at 844-269-2630.

Click4Support FTC Refunds

The FTC is sending a second round of refund checks or PayPal payments to victims of an alleged tech support scam.

Click4Support and other defendants allegedly pretended to be affiliated with companies such as Apple or Microsoft, tricking people into believing malware had infected their computer and then charging them for unnecessary repairs.

The FTC issued the first round of refunds in February 2020, but because there is still money in the fund, a second round is going out.

The FTC is issuing an additional 2,755 checks and sending 19,595 PayPal payments worth more than $800,000 combined.

PayPal payment recipients have 30 days to accept the payment, while check recipients have 90 days to cash the check.

Questions regarding the Click4Support FTC refunds should be directed to refund administrator Rust Consulting at 877-389-4472.

FTC Refunds Planned for Amazon Flex Drivers

THe FTC announced in February that Amazon has agreed to a $61.7 million settlement over accusations it didn’t give Amazon Flex drivers the full amount of tips Amazon customers paid them.

Under the terms of the settlement, Amazon is required to pay the whole amount withheld from the drivers and to get the FTC the information needed to distribute those payments.

Anyone who was an Amazon Flex driver between late 2016 and August 2019 and had their tips affected by Amazon’s policy may be eligible for a refund.

No action is needed on the drivers’ part to get their payment. However, they can sign up for email alerts about the settlement.

Midway Industries FTC Refunds

Small business and organizations that paid an office supply operation using names such as Midway Industries will be receiving a second round of FTC refund checks.

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The FTC had charged that Midway Industries and other defendants duped companies and organizations into paying for light bulbs and cleaning supplies they did not order.

The FTC mailed the first round of checks in August 2019, but money remained in the fund.

The commission is now mailing an additional 17,624 checks worth a combined total of nearly $3 million to organizations that cashed their first-round check.

Anyone with questions about these refunds should contact refund administrator Epiq at 1-855-424-2580.

Student Debt Relief Group Refund Payments

People who lost money in a debt-relief scam that used business names such as Student Debt Relief Group will be receiving refunds.

The FTC is sending 19,426 people a total of $1.7 million in refunds.

The commission claimed these companies tricked consumers into believing they were affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education, charged illegal fees for free government programs, and collected monthly fees they falsely said would be credited toward student loans.

Questions regarding the Student Debt Relief Group refunds should be directed to refund administrator JND Legal Administration, 1-833-961-3421.

A1 DocPrep FTC Refunds

Consumers who paid certain companies to reduce their student loan or mortgage debt are expected to receive a claim form related to a settlement over allegedly illegal fees.

The FTC sued A1 DocPrep and other defendants, alleging they collected illegal upfront fees for debt relief services. 

Allegedly, the defendants falsely promised they would lower consumers’ monthly student loan payments, forgive student loan debt, or negotiate mortgage modifications and prevent home foreclosure.

The defendants operated using a number of different business names, such as:

  • A1 DocPrep
  • Project Uplift Students
  • Home Shield Network
  • Stream Lined Marketing
  • Project Uplift America
  • Keep Your Home USA
  • Bloom Law Group PC

Consumers who receive a claim form should complete it and return it via email or mail it to:

A1 DocPrep
FTC Refund Administrator
P.O. Box 2008
Chanhassen, MN 55317-2008

The deadline to file a claim form is March 22, 2021.

However, many people who may be eligible did not receive a claim form. According to the FTC, claim forms were only sent to people from whom the commission needed additional information.

Those who did not receive a claim form and want to ensure their contact information is correct should call refund administrator Analytics Consulting at 844-695-0454.

All questions about these refunds also should be directed to Analytics Consulting.

Digital Altitude FTC Refunds

People who lost money as a result of a business coaching scheme by Digital Altitude will be receiving a combined $4.7 million in refunds from the FTC.

According to the FTC, the defendants convinced consumers to pay tiered membership fees by promising substantial income from an online business and promising participants would receive individual business coaching from marketers.

However, the coaches were actually salespeople selling higher membership levels, the FTC said.

Anyone with questions about the Digital Altitude refunds is encouraged to contact refund administrator JND Legal Administration at 1-833-961-3292.

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