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HSBC Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

HSBC has agreed to pay $30 million in order to settle class action lawsuit allegations that the banking giant intentionally posted debit transactions on customer accounts in highest-to-lowest dollar amount in order to charge an… Read More »

wells fargo

Wells Fargo, BofA Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Background Checks

Wells Fargo Bank NA rescinded a woman’s job offer based on a background check that falsely reported information about her employment history, a New Jersey plaintiff alleges in a Fair Credit Reporting Act class action… Read More »

Apple class action lawsuit

Apple Again Seeks to End Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit

On Feb. 2, Apple Inc. asked the court for summary judgment of the class action lawsuit alleging that Apple violated antitrust laws with its original agreement to exclusively allow iPhones only on AT&T’s cellular network…. Read More »

Frau juckt die Haut

Stevens Johnson Syndrome: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is an adverse allergic drug reaction, which can result in permanent skin damage or death. A Stevens Johnson Syndrome diagnosis is an extremely rare occurrence, with fewer than  1,000 cases diagnosed per year… Read More »


BMW Faces ‘Soft Close’ Automatic Door Defect Class Action Lawsuit

BMW of North America LLC faces a putative class action lawsuit stemming over allegations that the convenience feature of the “soft close” automatic door closure is dangerous because it is lacking basic safeguards. Lead plaintiff… Read More »


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