Frontier Communications internet billA class action lawsuit has been filed against Frontier Communications in federal court in California by a consumer who claims that the cable company charges more than the agreed to price for their internet, video, TV, & phone services.

Plaintiff Sohail Mahboubain states that Frontier has not honored the deals, discounts and promotions it offers.

Instead, the company allegedly charges consumers for services at different and much higher prices than what the customers agree to.

The plaintiff claims that customers of Frontier are not aware of these practices until they are provided with their billing statements.

In addition, Frontier does not resolve consumer complaints about the erroneous invoices, according to the plaintiff.

The Frontier class action claims that the problem started when Frontier acquired Verizon Communications Inc.’s operations in California, Texas, and Florida in April 2016. 

The plaintiff says, that prior to April 2017, he contacted Frontier to obtain telephone services, as his prior services with the company were about to expire. 

He claims that Frontier orally offered to provide him with the same services that he had with Verizon, which was a 2-year deal for high-speed internet and two telephone lines for $89.99 per month. 

The plaintiff notes that he was told by Frontier that the main telephone line would be “unlimited” and that the backup line would be billed on a per call basis. Mahboubian was allegedly told that this price would be reflected in the new billing cycle.

“Despite Defendants’ representations, Plaintiff was charged a price that was different, and much higher than what Defendants originally offered, and what Plaintiff agreed to,” the Frontier class action lawsuit asserts.

The Frontier Communications class action claims that the defendants “deliberately” switched assignment of the two telephone lines, in that the main line charges were per call and the other line was assigned to the “unlimited” price.

As a result of this practice, the plaintiff allegedly experienced costs which were above what was originally agreed to.

Once he found out that the services were higher than anticipated, the plaintiff claims that he tried to fix the problem with Frontier Communications but the defendant refused to correct the billing errors.

The plaintiff reportedly then sent a demand letter to the defendants on Feb. 15, 2018 and, as a result, Frontier asked him his account number, which he provided over email. He has not heard back from Frontier since then regarding this issue, according to the Frontier pricing class action lawsuit.

The Frontier Communications class action alleges that the Frontier’s actions are in violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law as well as the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act and has filed additional claims for unjust enrichment.

Proposed Class Members in this class action lawsuit are: “All persons residing in the United States who, between the applicable statute of limitations and the present, are current and former customers of Defendants, who were offered a particular price to avail of Defendants’ telephone and/or internet services (the ‘Services’), but who were charged a price that was different from what was promised.”

Do you use Frontier for your television, phone and internet services? Leave a message in the comments section below.

The plaintiff is represented by Robert R. Ahdoot of Ahdoot & Wolfson PC.

The Frontier Billing Class Action Lawsuit is Mahboubian v. Frontier Communications Corporation, et al., Case No. 2:20-cv-01255, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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  • Erica Easley February 25, 2020

    I’ve had frontier over a year . I was over a $20 service . I’m charged 39.95 every month . Every month I call, they say they will fix it and it’s never fixed

  • Tamara Schlotthauer February 24, 2020

    We have been with Frontier 6 years. The packages and promotion rate has changed, without notice several times. We are no lingering receiving what we signed up for.

    Please add me to this suit.

    • Maia Dreyer February 25, 2020

      Lied to by Frontier

  • SUSAN SHUMAKER February 23, 2020

    Add me please. They flat out lie to you about charges.

  • Cessr Lafon February 23, 2020

    Add me please

  • Jackie Farrow February 23, 2020

    add me.

  • laurie hamer February 22, 2020

    add me. internet sucks and their billing is all screwed up

  • Sacha Carswell February 22, 2020

    I use Frontier for phone and internet. Please add me, we had to go through the same thing of calling customer service numerous times to get the correct pricing plan because they did not honor the advertising price when we first signed up.

  • Michael Estrada February 22, 2020

    Using frontier now available be I’ve been upset about the advertising prices vs actual price I’m paying

  • alfred beauvais February 22, 2020

    i had even gone to extent of sending a letter to the president about all the false billong and price increses. i got a call from his section of people that handle complaints to him.I had several calls and the issue was never resolved . add me. I also lost money on their stock and am included in that suit

  • Joseph C. Hodges February 22, 2020

    I live in Carrollton Tx and wen from Verizon to Frontier. I have been charged twice on my bill for the same thing and charges on my bill keep changing. Please add me to the lawsuit.

  • Ananise Scott February 21, 2020

    Please add me to this lawsuit!! They never fulfilled their promotional rates for my account!!

  • shannon hall February 21, 2020

    add me i use frontier and my bill keeps going up i only have internet and phone and pay 114 to 132 a month depends on what they want to charge me and the phone is in my daughter name

  • Michelle Bogart on behalf of Ken Korsund February 21, 2020

    We have dealt with Frontier since they took over Verizon where we live. Our relationship with them has lasted for seven years. I spend the first few months of every year or new contract, whichever comes first, fixing my bill! They do eventually get it right but before you know it, you have a new year or your contract ran out.

    We even tried briefly to defect to Spectrum and found out the hard way that our Frontier service was actually a lot more stable, despite the billing being a hassle. As a result, we can’t leave them but I would not mind if they had to answer for the stress and anxiety they have caused me and others over the years!

    Please add me to your suit. Thank you.

  • Michael February 21, 2020

    All of the above

  • Lucian Beardsley February 21, 2020

    Their idea of High Speed Internet is “5 Mets” of download. I’ve been paying for their high speed only to have the signal drop off line in the evening
    I’ve asked for higher but none is available in my rural area. So I’m paying for low speed and they say it’s high speed?
    I’ve had them for 3 years and no improvement in service and I dread even calling in case they change something and it would require hours on the phone to correct it.
    I’m temporarily in Fla where my speed is continually way over a 100 Mets. now that’s high speed.
    I have waited 3 years for telephone line outlet covers,and gave up after 2 calls and I see their truck around all the time?!

  • Beverly Oburn February 21, 2020

    Frontier billed me for months despite providing no service. Took months to get charges removed. Complaints went unresolved until I Called Corporation Commission got them involved to put an end to Frontiers Fraud. Add me; got the bulls to prove my case.

  • Natasha Jewell February 21, 2020

    I and my daughter attempted to purchase cable and internet from frontier.. They charged and then did not send equipment. The never refunded the money and then claimed a year later that I had service the whole time despite having none!

  • LaShunda Clark February 21, 2020

    Frontier has the worst and most unprofessional employees working for them! I cancelled service after taking off work for a scheduled appointment where no one showed.

  • shahid malik. February 21, 2020

    I got so fed up with frontier about their falls promotion crap and their billing dishonesty where i decided to have conversations recorded as a proof. Too many issues with this frontier company and the end result that i am no longer their customer and will never be ever again.

  • Mark Yenny February 21, 2020

    Please add me

  • Awaseah Brisk February 21, 2020

    I have the same complaint, my bill goes up all the time .please add me!

  • denis February 21, 2020

    Add me in Oregon. This company refuses to resolve blatant issues after numerous calls and follow ups.
    Theft at a corporate level.

  • mary jean vollmer February 21, 2020

    please add me to the claim They are the only service we get and the bills increase monthly,plus the internet service is unreliable at best

  • Jolene Bohanon February 21, 2020

    Frontier has stolen from me too much. Bogus company has monopolized the area I live

  • Jennie Heathcott February 21, 2020

    I’ve had frontier for 6 years and the prices have more then tripled, there has been no other service provider in my area.
    Please add me

  • catherine rerisi February 21, 2020

    please add me

  • Teresa Wallace February 20, 2020

    Add me please because they lied to me as well

  • Cleopatra katakis February 20, 2020

    Had Verizon then it turned to frontier and from then my prices kept getting hiked up even though they promised me one price the next month the bill would be higher than promised . Got to a point that I cancelled my services and jumped to spectrum cause I couldn’t stand that they would change my bill monthly without warning.please add me .ty

  • Victoria February 20, 2020


  • Brittany February 19, 2020

    Add me

  • Lauri Michele February 19, 2020

    Please add me.

  • Prakash c Shah February 19, 2020

    add me

  • mary jean vollmer February 19, 2020

    please add ,e to the claim They are the only service we get and the bills increase monthly,plus the internet service is unreliable at best

  • Jamie Blackburn February 19, 2020

    Definately add me. Been dealing with this every since they took over verizon

  • LESLEA JEAN CONTRERAS February 19, 2020

    I had Frontier and finally just stopped service due to the billing issues with no resolve, I didn’t pay the last bill due to the continued unresolved billing errors and now I’m in collections with them. I have no intention of paying for the worthless service I received with no resolve. Please add me to the class action suit

  • Louvenia Duncan February 19, 2020

    I had Frontier from 2012-2017. There were many issues. Please add me to the lawsuit.

  • BARBARA E KELLEY February 19, 2020

    I was charged more and they made excuses as to why they charged more.
    They also charged for a program I didn’t ask for and they wouldn’t take it off are first name for it another time I talked to someone there about a problem I was having and I asked them about that and they said that I did not have to have that and they took it off but they wouldn’t reimburse me for the monthly charges for the last year that they charge me for it

  • MARY WILSON February 19, 2020

    Please add me to this suit.

  • Darlene Parks February 19, 2020

    Frontier has overcharged me too for their internet and phone services. This company should be shut down. Service sucks and their billing practices are fraudulent.

    Please add me to this class action: Mahboubian v. Frontier Communications Corporation, et al., Case No. 2:20-cv-01255. Thank you.

  • Lori W. February 19, 2020

    Frontier is the worst! Unfortunately it’s the only one in my area that offers the things I need. I have had them for years.

  • Vee February 19, 2020

    I use Frontier internet, tv, phone. Frontier is over priced. They don’t budge. If they know they are the only decent cable company in your area, they really gouge you. They know your cable options are limited. After they took over for Verizon, they raised prices, so the little discounts they offer mean nothing. Hire prices minus a small discount equals we are still paying hire prices. They even interrupt your service. There are times when their service is not working properly but they don’t give us credits for their downtime. On one occasion, I paid my bill and they still interfered with my service. They are GOUGING consumers.

    They need to be investigated

  • Steve Lanier February 19, 2020

    Frontier is a NIGHTMARE! I ordered an upgrade to my “Broadband” service and I ended up with spotty internet service that was on & off and would turn off then on constantly! Then when I called for service the guy showed up did not fix it and was told it would take 3 weeks to get to me.

    When taking the order for the speed upgrade it seems they had to remove my landline service and then add the upgrade. BUT the order taker FORGOT to add my landline and I was without phone service for 4 weeks!

    It is sad that the ONLY option we have is Frontier! I’d change in a heartbeat!

    Worthless for a regulated utility!

    Sign me up as a lead plaintiff or a co plaintiff!

  • Belinda Cox February 19, 2020

    I had Frontier 2018 and it never worked ( the service) and EVERY freaking month I had to call because the bill was higher than it was sippose to be. After a year the bill doubled and we had agreed on a 2 year contract, but it was not honored and I fought with them for months. got so sick of it I literally had to go back to seeing a therapist. They lairs, cheaps, and I am sick of them idiots!!!! They owe me me from cheating me!!!!
    Belinda Cox

  • Shellie February 19, 2020

    I have had frontier in 2017.. I had a.single line .. just literally 1 phone
    . They charged me for 2 lines internet that I couldn’t get plus they charged me for a fact number and a buisness number. They had told me the area was too saturated for wifi and that they’d comp my bill.for the rest outside of the 1 line.. they never did I fought them for 3 months and I never got it back so I didn’t pay my last bill.. frontier is not a very good company for your basic needs

  • Helen February 18, 2020

    I originally had Verizon and Frontier took over. The service was costly and inadequately provided. I had to contact Frontier Corporate Office on a number of occasions over a three year period. I initially received a few discounts, when the discounts expired they raised cost for service so high I cancelled and went to another Company. Frontier is unscrupulous!

  • Clint February 18, 2020

    Please add me

  • Julia Rettig February 18, 2020

    My bill for internet and a phone line was around $160 per month for years. I called last November to see about getting it reduced by eliminating the telephone line. The phone agent expressed great surprise at what I was being charged. She set me up with the exact same services billed now at $85 per month. How long was I being overcharged?? Does Frontier have any obligation to inform you that you have better priced packages available to you? I overpaid for years!

  • Neil and Kristin February 18, 2020

    Renewed contract for two years and were told thereafter that two year contracts are not available to existing customers. Call was reviewed by office of president and confirmed representative offered a two year contract, but rep from office of president would not honor the two year contact we were promised. This is illegal – a verbal contract is legally binding and they are obligated to fulfill the original terms of the contract.

  • Mary Ann De Meo February 18, 2020

    Frontier lies…They do not honor what they say….Even told them who I spoke with…date & time…
    I would appreciate it very much if u would add me to your list…

  • Shannon Vera February 18, 2020

    I have internet with them and price I was quoted was not what was charged. It doubled.

  • Lavenia February 18, 2020

    Frontier is a legal scam..i had internet installed twice and to no Avail.and got a Whopping $170.00 Bill for no installed service.

  • Rama Mody February 18, 2020

    Yes, promo prices were not honored

  • cynthia j Wilhelm February 18, 2020

    prices were not as I was quoted.

  • Frank Benton February 18, 2020

    Yes, promo prices were not honored

  • Gerri Stover February 18, 2020

    Add me

    • Andrea L Wilson February 18, 2020

      Please add me AND ONE MORE THING! Frontier actually made me pay my AT&T cell phone bill to them (I also paid it to AT&T but could not get any resolve!). Additionally, they turned me over to collections when I tried to dispute the bill- the collections people then called me and I tried to explain and they listed me as uncollectable- ruining my credit).

  • Loren Brady February 18, 2020

    In May of 2016 I started the Frontier phone, Internet and tv, at my new home, the price was not the same as I was quoted and I ended up paying well over $1,000 more than expected for the 1st year. I have all of my bills and I kept tab of everything. Very frustrated!

  • Trina Pierce February 18, 2020

    I used Frontier for many years because that was our only option. It was our landline and internet. I paid almost $100 a month and rarely ever used the phone. We were paying for 1-6 MBs. We couldn’t use more than 1 device at a time! We had technicians at our house often. The last year that we had it, they were at our house almost every week. They brought new equipment and tested our equipment. They told me that we were receiving LESS THAN 1 MB. So, I think we were being cheated all the years we had Frontier!

  • Jean Droe February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Carlos Ozuna February 18, 2020

    add me

  • Mike February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • susan odegaard turner February 18, 2020

    please add me

  • Rosita Tanza February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Jeff Harter February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Pam Sherman February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Patricia Ellison-Overholt February 18, 2020

    Please add me

  • Larry Cooley February 18, 2020

    Please add me

  • Ron M. Goldstein February 18, 2020

    We are in the same boat. They are a terrible company very deceptive.

  • Keri Doiel February 18, 2020

    We signed up for internet service promised a lower price per month,included home phone for no xtra charge and a 1 year subscription to LIFELOCK SERVICES AND our bill iss $35 more per month than we agreed to. And we don’t have any home phone service through them when we were supposed to and no life lock for a year like we are supposed to.

  • Lily Pecic February 18, 2020

    Had them from 2015-2018. Horrible people to deal with.

  • briana February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • Teresa February 18, 2020

    They constantly change the rates even when you have a contract price.

  • Lazaro February 18, 2020

    please add me

  • Elizabeth February 18, 2020

    I am a Frontier customer and am calling constantly about unresolved financial issues. The reps lie to me. And, of course I call back with the same issue. Please put me on your list.

  • Angi February 18, 2020

    Yes bill was never as promised

  • matthew chase baliles February 18, 2020

    Finally, Someone brought this to the Top Class Actions attention. I have used Frontier for Tv and for Internet. I have been cheated ridiculously with large fee’s every month, Never got my HBO free for a year, I paid $16 extra a month and Frontier would not honor this Free HBO for a year. I have been charged for over $30 in extra fees that was not told to me. I have ALL proof, Bills and page screenshots of online billing. This is Horrible and totally unfair that Frontier Never honored anything I was promised. I do want to be on this Class Action Lawsuit! Frontier should be held accountable for Mine and everyone else’s fee’s and refusals to honor verbal contracts over the phone. February 18, 2020

  • Rennwick B Daniels February 18, 2020

    Add me please

  • Colleen Dalli February 18, 2020

    add me

  • Tracy Hatchett February 18, 2020

    Please add me – also add that they removed Starz from their lineup, but never adjusted the price paid for service or added additional channels in it place. No notice was given either – channels just vanished.

  • Tammy February 18, 2020

    They do this because they are the only internet company in town.

    • mike February 18, 2020


  • katherine Dentler February 18, 2020

    They are a bunch of lieing stealing cheats add me please

  • V S February 18, 2020

    My bill went up to $185 and i called each month and it would change back or increase every month for years

  • Diane Dickey Shertz February 18, 2020

    My parents and I used Frontier for many years and found them to be quite sneaky with their billing and adding services. Add me! They have a terrible reputation in the town I live in. Poor service too.

  • Dianna Craft February 18, 2020

    Never have received the lower price promised

  • KrysiaK February 18, 2020

    The prices they show on the website are much lower than what they actually offer.

  • Malcolm Sperling MD February 18, 2020

    They refused to honor the date of a discount. Have jacked up prices and billed incorrectly constantly

  • Mehrin February 18, 2020

    It had a lot of issues

  • jerry tucker February 18, 2020

    add mee

  • Marge kern February 18, 2020

    We have used Frontier for almost 20 years for our phone service

  • Donald Olds February 18, 2020

    I signed up for frontier communications and after fighting with them for 3 days after their tech was supposed to come for the installation I was later informed that they had changed it to a self-install but never notified me on top of them charging me for a tech to install everything but refuse to give me a refund or bill credit for the unnecessary charges

  • Monica Pavone February 18, 2020

    Please add me. This happened to me too and I recently switched from frontier to spectrum

  • Marilyn D Smith February 18, 2020

    Add me to the list

  • Jennifer Green Godette February 18, 2020

    Please add me. I suffered through the Verizon to Frontier change in Texas.

  • Tanya R. Matthews February 18, 2020

    Put my wrong email in from earlier post

  • Mark Yenny February 18, 2020

    Add me
    These guys are Horrible!

  • Tanya R. Matthews February 18, 2020

    Please add me.. when they took over Verizon, we lost internet and phone for three days. When we FINALLY got ahold of them, the woman quoted us $147.00 a month. And at that point we added cable with them. About three more days, they finally came into hook everything up. Because the cable boxes were still under Verizon we had to wait two more days for someone to update them with a flash drive. About a week and a half later we received a bill for over $600 dollars. They claimed we had all this extra equipment, plus we have to pay in advance. We weren’t getting the internet speed as promised. My husband called and they claimed the quote wasn’t right, and if we canceled we would have to pay over $1000.00. After three more phone calls, nothing was resolved. We told them to send boxes to take their stuff back. We were done. Literally three more phone calls over two months to get boxes. We had already signed up with Brighthouse after the second week of screw ups. Before they sent the boxes another tech showed up stating their was an order for us to be hooked up. I told him not on his life would we deal with Frontier. After the first bill, within two more weeks we received another bill for over $800.00 for all kinds of services..ridiculous..

  • Kim Taylor February 18, 2020

    I have sign up with frontier and was told no deposit and then two days later I had to put a deposit down. My service blinks on and off and I had to reset it several times. all of the promos was not given to me at all…

  • ROBERT SMITH February 18, 2020

    Sign me up please

    • pat luke February 18, 2020

      yes I am in Idaho and when bill came all kinds of gov’t and charges this and that and consequently the price was higher…..very disappointed in how they do business

  • Sarah February 18, 2020

    Add me. I’ve been using them for years and their prices are all over the place without any transparency.

  • Megan February 18, 2020

    Add me

  • April Gates February 18, 2020

    Yes, they are constantly changing prices

  • Monique Salerno February 18, 2020

    Add me please

  • Maria February 18, 2020

    Dealing with the same problem, they charge whatever they want.

  • Diana Wilson February 18, 2020

    Not only did Frontier not honor the price is it told me, they refused to let me know when they didn’t show up to install my cable TV? I have a list of more than 21 false statements meaning out right lies that I have kept a record of. Sue these bastards! They have cost me so much

    What is so funny is that I actually talk to a supervisor when I gave them a bad rating and told them that somebody was going to file a “class-action suit against them” for lying. When she said that they didn’t lie, I hung up on her.

    In researching frontier I found out that they have the worst customer service ratings in the cable industry.

    Frontier but FiOS and I have no TV service for two weeks until I got another cable company to come in and set a different system up. Frontier then refused to give me back my $400 deposit that I had given FiOS. So I called State of Florida State Attorney generals office and file a formal complaint…. And in three weeks I was able to get my $400 back.

    One of the problems was that when Frontier bought the cable system from FiOS, they didn’t buy the software… So of course it didn’t work. And this stupid company is still having many problems in many areas. They need to be sued until they file bankruptcy and either sell the company or go out of business.

    I was not smart when I thought that after two years frontier would have solve their problems and advertise the lower rate for cable and TV Internet service. They lied when they said it cost about $50 less per month then they were competitor. When I got my first bill, it was over $200 instead of $120! My bill is still at $150 which is ridiculous and not what I agreed to.

    Thank you for suing them.

  • Debra Dove February 18, 2020

    sign me up please, have had frontier for years, always wondered why new people were offered better rates than the ones that had been with them for years.

  • April Huston February 18, 2020

    I have yet to receive the $100 gift card I was promised by Frontier for signing up as well. And I have always had to call and battle with them about pricing.

  • Thelma Gadsden February 18, 2020

    Price Keeps Going Up…Changed 1yrs Ago Price 134.00 Now 162.00…Ca

  • chris shaeffer February 18, 2020

    Add me please

  • Karen February 18, 2020

    I was also overcharged!

  • San Arnold February 18, 2020

    Frontier doesn’t honor their promotions and change your billing amounts without any advanced notification PRIOR to the promotion end date that was agreed to. They purposely change the END dates for promotion for bundle items which increase whenever their is an increase in that category. The END date of promotional discounts is also changed without notice. When asked how they can change something that was an agreed upon price and promotion with specific time periods, I was told they are allowed to change their prices at anytime per their terms of service. Therefore, their promotions aren’t really legitimate offers that they intend on keeping at the time that they make them to the consumer.

  • Lisa Orozco February 18, 2020

    I never received my $400 gift card as well. I called numerous times regarding this and they just continue to say it will come and that was 3 years ago! When I call for an issue with my internet and they send someone out to my house they try and charge for the man to come out but on the phone they say there is no charge since I pay the extra fee. I end up telling them nevermind because I cant afford thew fee so my internet rarely works but where I live Frontier is my only option.

  • Kanessa Walls February 18, 2020

    Please add me.

  • theresa mcbreairty February 18, 2020

    prices keep going up …

  • Earline Williams February 18, 2020

    I was also with Verizon then Frontier, I am still owed a $400.00 gift card that I was promised by Verizon for renewing with them. I had no idea that Frontier was acquiring Verizon. Neither company wanted to honor the Promo. Sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peggy Pertuset February 18, 2020

    Still have it – please add me. Prices change unexpectedly.

  • Alain Michael February 18, 2020

    Add me please

  • Julie Keiser February 18, 2020

    I have had multiple issues with Frontier not honoring price or promos offered for sign up. I was a customer of Verizon then was switched to Frontier.

  • Mark Kaplan February 18, 2020

    I have Frontier FIOS. Used to be Verizon, now Frontier.

  • Elaine February 18, 2020

    Very typical of them. They are now on my credit report.

  • Oona Garrette February 18, 2020

    I had Frontier for a couple years and just about every month I had to battle them regarding the price of my bill they would have different fees and price changes every time.
    Please add me

  • A Zobi February 18, 2020

    They did the same to me when i started and then increased the price. Filed with BBB nothing happened.

  • Lynn Goettel February 18, 2020

    I ordered new service with Frontier 4/19 for my new house- leaving service at my old house where my daughter and friend were staying. After being promised a price, Frontier changed the amount without my knowledge. It was under auto pay. I filed a FCC complaint to no avail. All FCC did was forward my complaint back to Frontier which did not honor the price nor did I get my money back .

  • Petra Huber February 18, 2020

    I currently have frontier and their prices keep going up and up! Please add me

  • Timothy Barnes February 18, 2020

    Please add me

  • Sari Fitzgerald February 18, 2020

    Frontier is the worst. I had service with them of telephone and internet. I moved into a trailer and specifically asked if I could have only internet service. I was told I could. I had service for several months when I noticed a phone line being charged to me. I did not even have an outlet for a phone. I did not even know what the number was, and never used it. I was finally able to convince Frontier of this and get it removed. But I had paid for the phone line for months.

  • Andre Monostori February 18, 2020

    When Frontier bought Verizon in California they were terrible. No service for weeks etc…It was a joke….Frontier is right there with Spectrum on the bait and switches…

  • Jon Els February 17, 2020

    I’m in Ohio and I have been misled on numerous occasions by Frontier. At one point I had reached over $5,000 in charges. Each month I would call and they would say that’s not right, I’ll take care of that and next month the bill would be double until it reached over $5,000. I then finally got a plan where it was approximately 75 a month included unlimited. But they would still charge me for calls. I called in Dec. and she said she could lower it to $39.99 plus taxes and it would be around $47. Jan the bill was $47. This month is is back to 90.05 and even their records show I did not use the line one time. I just called and supervisor said that’s right 39.99 and 50.06 in taxes and fees. I said I wanted to disconnect line because that’s not what I agreed to. She said that will be $390 early disconnect fee plus the 90.05. Can you make this class action national because I would like to join. This is a fraudulent scheme.

  • Ramona perham February 15, 2020

    Just an FIY, no proof but i moved over here in 2007, frontier had a special with tv internet and phone sighed up to get a 200 dollar visa, never got it kept calling them they said there was not such special going on of course after they came and hooked me up, finally gave up waited my 2 years and got rid of there service, and it was not good service at that, internet kept going out sometimes for 3 or 4 days, channels would not load, no phone signal they were really the worst i have had. no proof but had to let somebody know. also at that time I sent them proof of the special and they still denied it, really bad customer service.

  • Barbara cho February 14, 2020

    Frontier decieved our household. Many mnay timea and still are harassing my mother and claiming she did not return equipment but they sure cash every check we send there way a d that gets delivered to them. There are many more customers in my area who are furious with frintier lying to all of us.

  • Heath Fleener February 12, 2020

    Oh I have about a full year of horror stories of Frontier messing with my service prices and promo prices. I was quoted $189.09/ month For everything they offered and when my bill came it was like $700.00/ month. That was just the beginning.

  • February 12, 2020

    We were told an intro into rate of 25 per month per website special when we called to get the package it was not available ended up with a 40 dollar plus package

  • Sharon T. Lloyd February 11, 2020

    Please add me. They charged me an early termination fee for switching over to them when they took over for Verizon. They inflated my bill so high I couldn’t afford it. They refused to honor Verizon’s prices. They do not alert you when your contract is up. Instead they charge you outrageous fees.

  • Rachael R White February 11, 2020

    Prices are always misleading.

  • Alexander February 11, 2020

    Add me to the class action lawsuit my name is Alexander Fletcher Jr

    • Alexander February 11, 2020

      They told me I would get high speed internet and basic cable for 89.99 a month for 2 years but when they sent my bill it was over $200

  • Ruth Bell February 11, 2020

    I was offered a promotion and they couldn’t give me the service they promised. Then when I called customer service to cancel, they told me if I stayed they would send me a $50 Visa gift card so I stayed and never received it. I couldn’t take the horrible service and ended up cancelling after 5 months.

  • Carlo Marinuzzi Jr February 11, 2020

    FRONTIER, when they bought the services of the customers from ATT in Connecticut, about 7 years ago or so, had to lock in the rates for a period of years. As a customer of FRONTIER all this time, they over expanded, and buried themselves into a large hole. A hole so big, that early in March 2020, they will have no choice, but to file for bankruptcy.Anyone who has been a loyal customer with them, basically gets the shaft, as displayed in their bills. Bills, you have to look online for, and pay if you desire. I’m not sure what their strategy and their intentions are, but it will be a large miracle, if they stay above water.A reverse stock split within the last couple of years, tanked. Shareholders got seriously hurt.Their actions, speak louder than words, and their customers are running away, and very far too. It is, what it is. Thanks you.

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