Nissan bill fee class action lawsuitA federal court has preliminarily approved a class action lawsuit settlement alleging Nissan North America concealed from consumers that it’s Pathfinder, Xterra and Frontier vehicles had defective radiators. If you bought or leased a 2005-2010 model year Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Xterra or Nissan Frontier, you may be entitled to repair reimbursements and/or an extended warranty from the class action settlement.

The Nissan radiator settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, titled In re: Nissan Radiator/Transmission Cooler Litigation, that alleges these vehicles contain a defect that permits cross-contamination of engine coolant and transmission fluid, ultimately causing the radiator and transmission to fail or need substantial repairs. The class action lawsuit further alleges that Nissan failed to disclose the alleged radiator defect to consumers despite knowing about it.

Nissan denies the allegations, but has agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement to resolve the litigation.

Class Members of the Nissan radiator class action settlement include all current and former owners or lessees of a 2005-2010 model year Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Xterra, or Nissan Frontier vehicle in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico. Fleet and governmental purchasers and lessees are not included.

Class Members are entitled to a number of benefits from the Nissan radiator defect class action settlement, including:

Authorized Repair

  • Nissan will cover repair costs over $2,500 to fix the covered radiator defect if at the time of repair your vehicle exceeds eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever is less, but has less than nine years or 90,000 miles. You will be responsible for paying only $2,500.
  • If at the time of repair, your vehicle exceeds nine years or 90,000 miles, whichever is less, but has less than 10 years or 100,000 miles, and the repairs cost more than $3,000, Nissan will cover the repair costs over $,3000. You will be responsible for paying only $3,000.


Reimbursement for Previous Repair

  • If you previously paid for repair to or replacement of a damaged vehicle component caused by the radiator defect and can provide proof of such costs, Nissan will reimburse you for related costs you paid over $2,500 if at the time of diagnosis your vehicle exceeded eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever is less, but had less than nine years or 90,000 miles.
  • Nissan will reimburse you for related costs you paid over $3,000 if at the time of diagnosis your vehicle exceeded nine years or 90,000 miles, whichever is less, but had less than 10 years or 100,000 miles.


The Nissan radiator class action lawsuit settlement benefits include an extension of Nissan’s warranty coverage in the New Vehicle Limited Warranty on the radiator assembly to 10 years/100,000 miles, whichever occurs first, subject to certain customer co-pays that vary with age/mileage above 8 years/80,000 miles. This extension covers the radiator and component parts, and includes damage, repairs, replacement and related towing resulting from this issue.

If you wish to receive a reimbursement from the Nissan class action settlement, you must submit a Claim Form and any supporting documents no later than June 7, 2013.

Claim Forms and more information on your rights in the Nissan Radiator Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at the Settlement Administrator’s website.

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  • Katherine Smith January 11, 2013

    This has just happened to me on 1/31/2012. My vehicle is currently in a transmission repair shop.I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder with 119,000 miles. I can be reached at 601-938-8140

    • Shu Varela December 12, 2014

      This just happened to me today. My vehicle is over 90,000 miles. Nissan dealership wants $8000 for repair fee.

      • luis December 16, 2014

        Same thing just happened to me warranty company won’t cover because the radiator leak into the transmission something like that and I noticed there’s a recall on both. I believe the company should take care of this. Just resolve the issue I think it’s so wrong.Nissan in Florida wants 6 thousand dollars. I believe these dealers know about these recalls I believe that they’re taking advantage of the consumers

        • CK April 22, 2015

          File a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, 888-327-4236 or, if you have not already done so the representative I spoke to indicated the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination.

          • Dan Berry December 5, 2015

            I have this problem. I will take pictures of what I find as I replace the radiator. I will include samples of the fluid in the radiator.

  • Jess January 11, 2013

    We started having this issue in October 2012…I don’t understand why we would have to pay any type of co-pay or anything out of pocket with this being Nissans fault for putting a faulty product in the vehicles to begin with. They need to take responsibility for their actions and fix our vehicles and reimburse those of use who have already put money into attempting to fix out vehicles and we should not have to pay anything else out of pocket.

  • Ryan January 12, 2013

    Regardless of the mileage Nissan should had a recall on this issue. They have know about this for years. If they do not take care of the customer that had this issue or own one these vehicles-shame on them. I would never recommend buying a Nissan period!!!

  • Mark Fishman January 12, 2013

    I definitely feel that Nissan is getting off easy. It WAS THIER design flaw of the transmission oil cooler that failed to start with. They should cover any repairs in full.
    I think more Nissan owners need to write letters to Nissan USA stating their complaints AND DISsatisfaction with Nissan. Tell them you never plan to buy another Nissan. If enough people do this they will at some point be forced to do more for the owners of their vehicles.

  • Shelley January 15, 2013

    I’ve had this problem repeatedly! First repair at 80,259 and the transmission was filled with radiator fluid then, besides the cooling system be filled with tranny fluid. I’ve already spent over $2,600 since at 94,000K my engine went from the radiator issue and fried the engine…then my tranny went about 1000 miles after that repair. So this means I could either get reimbursed $100 and still need a tranny and the assembly repair…or I could get the repairs and pay above $3,000 due to being over 90k now. Either way I’m out about $6,000 then for a car that’s rotting in my driveway. Nissan should be responsible, since all problems were due to this defect of the radiator assembly. I wasn’t even done paying for it when it began having problems!

  • dan January 16, 2013

    Is there a new rad that can be bought and installed that wont have the same problem? I have a 09 frontier with 86,000mi, i would like to avoid his problem if possible. If Nissan isnt recalling it, it would be nice if they would help out with the costs to correct this issue.

  • Laura Curtiss Palmer January 16, 2013

    Anyone with this problem – make a point to file a danger complaint to NHSTA. Not re: the money but the danger and if you had a situation, which most have been, that this happened while driving this is incredibly important. It should be related to the Power Train. This is the site to check out the investigation currently going on:

    This is where you can file a complaint.

    Though there are many duplicates at this point there are over 900 complaints on the Nissan 2005 Pathfinder alone. This doesn’t cover all the other vehicles in this lawsuit from 2005 to 2010. Safety is the reason for recalls the majority of the time so file a complaint about the situation, or even your fear of what could have happened if you were driving.

    The majority of the complaints show that the vehicles were going at least 40 mph when the failure occured.

    As we were when ours happened, in heavy traffic on a holiday weekend. Our 2005 Pathfinder lurched violently forward and if it wasn’t for my husband’s quick reaction it could have been very serious, if not deadly. Nissan is pathetic and disgusting in their lack of respect for your customers. Never again Nissan.

    • CK April 22, 2015

      I agree everyone that has not filed a complaint with the US Dept of Transportation, 888-327-4236 or, needs to do so, according to the representative I spoke to the issue of the ATF fluid contamination is still under investigation but more complaints and data are needed to issue a safety recall involving the radiator assembly and transmission contamination.

  • PUZ January 22, 2013

    Like #6 Dan States; Is there a new radiator that can be bought and installed to avoid the same problem? I have an 06 Pathfinder with 96K miles and would like to avoid his problem if possible. If Nissan isn’t recalling it, it would be good if they would assist with the repair to save cost in the future.

  • Lee O. January 25, 2013

    So ill say add another vehicle to the list. My 2007 nissan xterra has cross contamination as well yesterday . I’m over the 100,000 mile mark and nissan refuses to help. So again, nissan knows very well of this situation, it’s just a matter of time for each vehicle. 1st and last nissan I will ever own. Ill say that proudly too!

  • Tom L February 12, 2013

    Me too, 94,000 miles. 2 trans rebuilds by AAMCO and still not right. Terrible situation. Ive taken great care of my Xterra. I dont think we should pay anything. The co-pay is way too high, its shameful.

  • Garry Evans February 13, 2013

    I have a 05 pathfinder 71000 miles I have no problem now so I had a new radiator installed trans fluid changed and checked to the tune of five hindered fifty bucks I don’t thank I could afford wait and see I can’t afford a new car every one knows the problems with these vehicles good luck trying to sell don’t know of any other thing I could do

  • Kathleen February 14, 2013

    We filled out and returned all paper work. Wondering when we will hear anything. Nissan ruined our lives!

  • Bad0men February 15, 2013

    I too had this problem. Nissan knew of this problem! Why should we be required to pay a “co-pay” to fix something they screwed up in the first place??? You don’t make a car with the coolant able to mix with the transmission.. Come ‘on now…. That’s defective, and defective cars isn’t something we as consumers should be liable to pay to fix… Nissan screwed up, they should be responsible for the full costs.

  • Susie March 4, 2013

    My son has an Xterra with 87,000 miles. Still owes $10,000 on it and has to pay a $ 2500 co-pay for something that I feel really shouldn’t be his responsibility! The radiator/transmission situation should be fully covered by Nissan. Very disappointing!!!! Reimbursement should be a definite!!

  • Edward Atkins March 4, 2013

    I have a 2005 Frontier and this just happened this weekend. I have 112,000 miles. Can I still file a claim with the Class action suit?

    Local Nissan dealer said it will be around$6,800.00 for new radiator,new transmission,parts and labour!!!


  • Jason Dillard March 21, 2013

    I have a 2005 xterra that i took in at 81,000 sometime in 2010 and they said it was fine. At 101,000 sometime in 2011 I took it back agian and only then did thy bring up the problem with the radiator and trasmission and said i am not covered. Since the settlement i have emailed nissan and got no response to see if they will honor the exteded warranty since thier “Trained professionals” missed it the first time i knew there was something wrong even though they knew then that this was a problem. Is there anything I can do?

  • tee March 23, 2013

    I drive my 5 kids and sometimes 2 grandchildren (4 yrs and 6 mo,) in my 2005 nissan pathfinder. I purchased the vehicle in August of 2012. Here are a list of problems:
    engine coil misfire I paid for that, coolant mixing with trans fluid found that out while gettig a oil change, so i paid for a transmission flush. I took it back to the dealer they gave my car a clean bill of health. Now car lunges foward and in reverse.
    I am a full time working, kind of new single mom. I know very little about cars. I took it to the dealer several times this last time they gave my car a clean bill of health. I’m putting in back in the shop tomorrow. I am very nervous. I do not have the funds that I know its going to cost to repair. THE DEALERSHIP GOT ME !!!

    • De May 18, 2016

      I dealing with this as well . service shop working offered me 400.00 lol really

  • Carrie April 7, 2013

    I own a 2006 Pathfinder and I wish I would have knew about this mix contamination problem sooner it might have been cheaper to repair. My SUV was making a shutter/vibration feel driving between 45-55mph/1500 RPM. The morning my car turn 100k miles I took it to AAMCO and was given the bad news. Three days later and $4672 bill the transmission problem has been fixed with a rebuilt tranny and a external cooler. NISSAN should PAYBACK all the cost since THEY know what the issues are. Also, we are owners of the 2008 Nissan Sentra with a CVT with over 100k miles I hope there are no issues with these trannies.

  • joe April 10, 2013

    I have a 2005 Xterra with 89k miles! My trans is filled with radiator fluid and now I have to pay a co-pay of $2500 for a new trans. It just amazes me that Nissan will not take responsibility for their own screw up! They’re trying to recoup some cost back by their loyal customers for what’s their own fault! They should have had a recall and fixed the issue from the start. Iv’e owned 6 nissans since 1993, and this one will be my last!! They may just loose more customers to this issue, and I hope they do realize that it probably would have been more cost effective for them to fix it and apologive to their customers instead of screwing them. Wow, I’m going to have a field day with this on social media!

  • gregv April 15, 2013

    Well the transmission is done do too the faulty part from the radiator. Of course it happens after 100,000 miles 115k on mine.i was driving my eight week old baby to doctor and wont go in reverse and scarily lunging foward.had to stop everything and find someone to watch my baby while i take vehicle to shop.out about two grand so far.even if you replace radiator the failure willstill happen without a separate cooling unit.ive been a nissan owner since 1990.not anymore.too dangerous and shady for my family.

  • Rebecca April 25, 2013

    I had no idea!!! Completely stunned. Took my 2006 Pathfinder to my mechanic to have the transmission fluid changed, tune-up, etc. and described to him a downshifting in the transmission while driving. He took one look at it and gave me the bad news of the radiator fluid and transmission fluid exchange, along with the hefty price tag to repair it. I found in my vehicle paperwork the extended warranty for the radiator, but decided to do a bit of research on this issue and stumbled upon the lawsuit info, along with countless dissatisfied customers who experienced the same problem. I am not sure what to do first. Any advice from anyone out there would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Tina April 29, 2013

    Can anyone confirm replacing the radiator before the failure occurs will help? Also, as with ALL Class Action Lawsuits, the only winners are the lawyers who brokered the deal. The details of this settlement are shameful.

    • Jeremy Lindsay December 9, 2015

      All aftermarket Nissan radiators will still have the issue because the transmission cooler is routed through them. The only way around this is to bypass the radiator, flush the coolant, flush the transmission and pray that the amount of damage done by the coolant in the transmission is minimal. The fact that this many people are having the same issue and it is continuing unresolved is a direct reflection of how this manufacturer feels about the issue and the consumer. How many thousands of complaints does it take? This dates back 10 more than 10 years. Ridiculous.

  • Linda Castillo May 1, 2013

    I’m also a victim! I took my 2006 NISSAN PATHFINDER SE in for a wheel alignment, or so I thought that’s what it needed. I was in disbelief when the Nissan mechanic had the service woman tell me, he had encountered a major problem and it was going to cost me $1311.00! I had words with their mechanic demanding to know what the heck the problem was. That’s when I learned about the RADIATOR DEFECT! That same day, I took my car in to a local mechanic, who replaced the radiator, cap and flushed the transmission. Which, cost me $600.00! He also stated, “I’m sorry but I have bad news. You need a new transmission” . When I arrived home later that day. I went online and I was appalled! So many Active Class Action Lawsuits for this same exact reason! I have been going back and forth with TEAM NISSAN of OXNARD regarding this matter and have gotten nowhere!! I need HELP … Please? This is unethical!

  • Todd Gladieux May 6, 2013

    I bought a used 2005 Nissan Frontier from a nice lady in Sacramento, CA. It had 109K miles on it. After I bought it I noticed a vibration that would occur at 40 and 60 MPH. I thought it was in the wheels or something but it turned out to be a failing overdrive component in the automatic transmission due to cross contamination from the defective radiator. Before I went to get the pick up I checked online for any recalls. None were there because Nissan had never recalled the problem. When I entered ‘transmission and radiator problems’ on Nissan’s there were tons of links and a lot of pissed off consumers. So I now join the ‘over 100K and got totally screwed’ group where there appears to be no recourse with Nissan and their shitty policy for compensation. If a problem is admitted to be a problem then who gives a flying fuck how many miles are on the vehicle. It’s a fucking defective part due to faulty engineering and that is all that should matter. No co-pays and no sharing of cost. They should fix it plain and simple.

    • lisa janovich January 24, 2014

      I have a 07 Pathfinder cross contamination with the radiator Who do i contact. 4 the class action Lawsuit

  • Heather May 7, 2013

    2005 xterra with 126k miles… having to replace transmission now $4k!!!! UGHHHHH I bought my car with 87k miles .. NISSAN NEEDS TO BE RESPONSIBLE!!

  • robert May 16, 2013

    I just replace the trans and radiator at the nissan dealership. I wanted to know if there is any updated infomation? I was told at the dealer, that the 3,000.00 will be reinbursed tome. Is that true?


  • Howard May 21, 2013

    Nissan should immediatly repair the defective vehicle because they are denying me the primary use for which the vehicle was purchased new: to tow my travel trailer on long trips.I filed with class action selecting the “object “option.7 Frontier , 55 K miles and not leaks yet. I bought this vehicle at retired for the express purpose to take long travel trailer trips. Now I am fearful of going on trips for fear of remote stranding, ruined schedules and $7,000 repairs to cover hidden defects from Nissan ?? It is a affecting my social life.
    This acknowledged class defect is denying me the rihtful use for which this vehicle was purchased.
    Therfore , Nissan should pay to repair the defect now.
    Any chance the lawsuit will cover trailer towers BEFORE tthe radiator/trans leaks ??

  • wkmoon May 24, 2013

    Looks like June 7 is deadline for submitting claims for anyone who is still under 100K miles, so don’t let that date get by you! My ’06 Pathfinder is at 102,000 and getting the slippage at the point when the truck goes into Overdrive. It sounds like a lot of people, like me, did not have any signs of an issue until after 100K. Time to take it somewhere and determine the extent of the damage already done. I can’t wait to find out what 2,000 miles is going to cost me.

  • Kiz Winter May 29, 2013

    I will NEVER purchase another Nissan.. To repair mine was twice.. I have had so much trouble with my Xterra.. very disappointed with this vehicle. Being out of pocket over 5000.00 is a bit much..When the dealership stated it was nothing.. Really it will not go into reverse.. so off to a transmission shop.. who repaired it.. Never ever again will I purchase from Nissan

  • DISTGUSTED May 29, 2013

    This is no victory. This is disgusting that the number of people having issues that are obviously Nissan’s negligence makes me sick. Sick about Nissan whom I will tell everyone I can not to do business with but worse is the court not doing its job for justice. THIS SHOULD BE A RECALL. This is obviously a waist of breathe and the lack of someone stepping up from any direction makes me sick.

  • DON May 29, 2013

    My 2006 Nissan X-Terra just had the radiator fail and mix with the transmission fluid. I had 84,880 miles on it. It cost me the $2500 plus $150 in tax. I called Nissan Consumer Affairs and they read me a canned speech about the Class Action Settlement. I told their rep that Class Action suits only make attorneys rich. This is ridiculous. I would have bought another Nissan in a second before this. Now, never again. I told them that but they really don’t care. The middle class gets boned again!!!!!

  • Abdel Hernandez May 30, 2013

    I am so disgusted with Nissan right now that it is not even funny. This just happened to my Nissan Frontier, 2005 with 100,500 miles on it and guess what? I don’t qualify to “buy” the extended warranty that we shouldn’t be paying fo in the first place nor do I qualify for the settlment since it’s past the submission dateline. I feel Nissan has done a crappy job for 5 years on these models and has gotten away with it. They should stand behind their products!!! Never buying another Nissan again.

  • E. B June 16, 2013

    No matter how many miles that have been driven, Nissan should have had a recall on this issue. They have know about this for years. I took my 2005 Nissan XTerra in for repairs, even tho the dealership knew about the problems they fails to inform me on the issues, no one is looking out for the customers, it’s not all about the money but the trust from the Nissan automakers, they trying to save themselves moneys by taking the customers who purchased one of these lame vehicles, I would never buy another Nissan period!!!

  • Carolin June 17, 2013

    My 2005 Pathfinder is at 106,000 and I just started having the problem and was in the shop on June 5 found out it was the trans problem June 8 and I missed the whole thing by 3 days and they wont do anything. This is crazy some of us dont have money like that to repair a problem that NISSAN knew about and is responsible for!!

  • Troy June 23, 2013

    This is crap! I have 116,000 on my 2006 Pathfinder and the transmission and radiator fluids are now mixed together. Really 100,000 miles only is the cut off, I have had vehicles older and worked harder than this and NEVER had an issue like this. Here it is June 23, 2013 and I have to now deal with this, what is the long term effect on the engine?

  • Shaun June 25, 2013

    I guess I was lucky did not happen until I had 150,000 miles on my car. Of course I still have a car that is worthless without a working transmission. It is amazing they will do nothing to help reimburse. They sold a defective product from the start they should cover. Of course they know there is an issue or they would not have kept increasing the warranty time. Just not long enough for me. Sad large paper weight owner .There Bose stereo still sounds great perhaps I will just sit in my driveway listening to it until the battery dies.

  • Don Tufanio July 1, 2013

    I replaced my radiator fluid at 78,000 miles on my 2005 Frontier, did not see any problem with fluid that was drained. I always inspect removed fluid for signs of contamination and wear. At 82,000 miles I noticed the differential (unrelated to the radiator problem, but relevant) making a lot of noise and vibration, so I took the truck in to Nissan. After they performed inspection, they informed me that the radiator and trans needed to b replaced. Its amazing to me that Nissan’s quality has gone down so far that almost the complete drive train needed to be replaced at 82,000 miles at a cost of $4,992.35. This is my 4th Nissan truck and it will be my last Nissan vehicle.

  • Chris July 1, 2013

    My husband and I had a 2005 Pathfinder. Same problem. We managed to get Nissan to pay for parts back in 2008 for the radiator and trans, but not labor. We are part of the Class Action Lawsuit for reimbursement and I would suggest anyone that had this happen after the mileage limit or time deadline to OPT OUT and go after them on your own! They know they are faulty parts, PERIOD. Like many….no more Nissans. Too bad because ours in the past were so good to us! to answer some of you…yes, get your paperwork in by June 7th and you should receive reimbursment if you fall into their perameters.

  • Marilia chatelain July 10, 2013

    My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder had the radiator fail and mix with the transmission fluid. I had 60 miles on it when i noticed that something wrong.the car was making a loud noises. I too it to the dealer, they took the car for a ride and was being told they could not find the issues. Three months after my car stop, dead on my way home from work. It cost me close to $ 8000 plus rental bc i needed a car to go to work. . I called Nissan Dealer and they read me a canned speech about how my guaranty has expired. Nissan should pay for their bad action.bc,This is ridiculous. Can’t wait to get my money. I deserve to be happy.

  • Jothi Kesavan July 11, 2013

    Check Engine Light came up in my 2005 Nissan Xterra at 85,000 miles. Took it to the repair shop where I make oil changes, I was told transmission broke and radiator fluid contamination. Took it to the dealer, they flat out refused the contamination, instead offers to replace both transmission and radiator for $5,500 to avoid future problems. I was not convinced. Immediately, another guy in the dealership offers to trade in for a new car. I took the car out and went to another transmission shop. Sure enough, they noticed radiation fluid contaminating the tranmission fluid. Cost was around $3,750. Because, the deadline was early Jun’2013 and now is early July, they are telling me I cannot submit the claim. I hope the court does not approve the final settlement. Nissan should recall and pay for the repairs of defective transmission/ radiator.

  • Dennis Gonzalez July 17, 2013

    I too just had to take my vehicle in for repair costing me $3000.00 this problem seems to have caused engine problems as well. Nissan could not guarantee me as to how long after this repair that my engine would survive. I still fixed it as I am still making payments.

  • donna July 27, 2013

    I submitted a form to Nissan but haven’t heard back.. 2005 pathfinder LE 84000 had the same contamination issue,,,,,,,, 4500 repair! Does anyone know when the settlement will be paid out?

  • donna July 27, 2013

    I submitted a form to Nissan but haven’t heard back.. 2005 pathfinder LE 84000 had the same contamination issue,,,,,,,, 4500 repair! Does anyone know when the settlement will be paid out?

  • Kate September 9, 2013

    I was just informed, they will begin payout in October! Everything is finalized.

  • KG September 16, 2013

    Everything is finalized? But the main website has not been updated. Thanks for the information but lets rely on the main source.

  • kathy September 21, 2013

    NIssan should be made to recall and replace or reimburse in full. mine was $1700. due to got a rebuilt radiator and was able to save transmission. so I get nothing! over 10 years or 100k mi you get nothing for those asking. If you dont owe anything bring it to a salvage yard. save your money and get what you can and buy a different brand.Nissan should be ashamed! Im driving a honda now!

  • SSJ September 24, 2013

    I found out in February that my 2008 Nissan pathfinder needed the repairs because my truck was shaking so bad when I would accelerate. I had to pay $3000 co pay because I was 27 miles away from being over 100000 miles and my repair cost were over $7000 becuase I had to get a new radiator and transmission. I did not get my vehicle back until May because the transmission was on back order. I did submit a claim form because I feel that Nissan should be responsible because these are parts that they put in the car.

  • nb September 30, 2013

    I bought a 2005 Pathfinder in 2010. July of 2010 i had to replace the transmission among other things. I cost me 3400.00. Apparently I was shafted on my purchase and although I may have been a little over the mileage, Nissan better reimburse me. I had to take a loan to fix a “new” vehicle and have hated it every since. I will never own another Nissan.

  • malissa October 10, 2013

    i have ffilled a claim and have not received reemburstment or notificaton. i had to go on website and obtain information. paperwork was filed prior to deadlines and I have not received

    i have copy of information that was mailed to class action settlement but as of 10/10/2013 have not received an update please contact me.


  • ao October 16, 2013

    We filed in November 2012, when first notified of this claim opportunity. Haven’t heard any status as of October 2013. Anyone else got any news on when people will be notified of whether or not they’ll receive reimbursement? Thanks err’body! :)

  • Monique October 21, 2013

    When you call the 877 hotline it disconnects your call when you asked to be transferred to an agent. I’ve tried emailing the lawyers listed on the website and have also received no response regarding the status of my claim. Has anyone actually received information or connected with a live person recently?

  • MC October 26, 2013

    October is almost over, anyone hear anything yet?

  • David October 27, 2013

    The website said they will payout November 1.

  • Andrew November 5, 2013

    Just spoke with a agent and she informed me that Nissan will be processing payouts starting early Nov through mid- Dec

  • Aisha Newchurch November 8, 2013

    I called 1-877-208-9275 today and while I was able to speak to a live person, she was only able to tell me that she ‘had me in the system,’ and that payments had begun to be made as of 11/1/13. She could not tell me if my claim had been ‘approved,’ and said she could not provide any other details. So…basically, I still know nothing.

  • Marisol November 16, 2013

    I’m the owner of a 2007 Xterra with 115k miles on it…I’ve been vigilant about caring for this vehicle…all scheduled maintenance has been done…I’ve not had 1 issue with this truck until my transmission began slipping this week …I thought it was going to be something simple like transmission fluid flush. Today I found out Nissan’s defective radiator ruined my transmission, torque converter & radiator….and that there is no relief for me although there is a class action lawsuit due to the defect….unbelievable…the first shop wants $3800 to repair, the Nissan dealer where I’ve had all my servicing done in the past & has been aware of the issue is trying to rape me for $5400 but offer me a $300 coupon…I am beyond angry & at a total loss…I did my part, Nissan needs to do theirs….this is my 2nd Nissan truck & my last.

  • traci November 21, 2013

    i call the 1-877 208 9275 My last name is “B’. they stated that I do have a claim but no other information is in the system as of 11/21/2013. also stated I do not have a check by my name and i have not received anything in the mail. I was told Mid Dec. if i havent received a check on something in wrighting about my claim then to wait. ic an call back after mid Dec.

    wait wait wait …….

  • Amy December 1, 2013

    My truck has 120,000 miles and been great up until now. I am having the same issue radiator fluid contaminating the transmission and transmission failure. Ugh once again people who struggle week to week can’t afford $3000 deductible, so we get NO relief. Why would there be a mileage limit? If it’s a known problem Nissan should fix it no matter how many miles is on the vehicle. I wish we could sue them again!!!!

  • KG December 19, 2013

    To think about it, most of us are not getting anywhere with this claim and has been denied for either too many miles of too low miles..BUT STILL FACE SAME ISSUES. I am beginning to think only 1% of us who filed a claim are being reimbursed. Sad to say but NISSAN has lost my trust in them. They are not doing anything but making up an excuse after another.
    I am sure theses notes are not being acknowledged at all.

  • Maria (Unhappy NIssan Consumer) December 19, 2013

    My NIssan Pathfinder 2006 broke down on me while I was on my way to drop off my kids on Jan. 2013. It was the scariest thing ever. I took my car to a nissan service department and submitted all my paperwork as soon as the incident happened and have yet to hear anything from Nissan, not a phone call, email, letter or anything. I called and they claim that have a claim number on file for me, but that they never received my paperwork. I was told that the majority of checks were already distributed and that they would continue to distribute the checks to Mid- December. Here we are past “mid-Dec” and still nothing. This is completely shady.

    Has anyone received a check already?

  • roger December 20, 2013

    I am really gettimng pissed off. i have been told i would be getting something in the mail. a check or a letter stating why my claim would be denied on november 1. then was told before december. i called again and was told mid december. it is now approaching the end of the year and i havent recieved jack shit. my truck had 67000 miles on it when transmission failed. i sent them all paperwork from nissan mechanics stating it was from cross contamination. I better not get a damn letter saying it has been denied. This DEFECT cost me 5900 dollars. Screw nissan

    • rn December 31, 2013

      i got my check finally

      • Kimberly January 13, 2014

        I’ve also received my reimbursement this past Friday. Yes, they have given me the run around as well on my Pathfinder. I was first declined but was not expecting that payment at all. I had to detail to them my mlieage and the drama I’ve been through (extensive wait on my SUV to be finished) I thank them and wish everyone success within their issues.

        • Grace February 7, 2014

          I did not receive a reimburstment! When mine broke down I assumed it won’t be covered because my warranty was up and never thought to keep receipts and than the class action happened like 6 months later.

  • Dawn Palanzo January 9, 2014

    I have a 2008 nissan pathfinder…I bought it used from a ford dealer with 35,0000 miles in it. I’ve had no problems with that truck it’s great and great in the snow. At almost 82,000 miles two weeks ago I had no heat my husband thought it was the thermostat sticking then the engine was making noises and it was ramming into the gears I had to use the manual shift by this point because once it went over 4 th gear I thought the engine was going to fall out… I looked up recalls there were none and I saw the lawsuit and read about it I said great. Called nissan left the truck there a couple of days ago and they told me it’s going to take a long gone to fix??!!! They were nice enough to give me a free rental while it’s in the shop but I have 6 people in my family the rental squeezes 5 I guess I have to put one of my kids in the trunk I mean really. In so mad I don’t have 2500 I have to take out another credit card to pay … And does it guarantee a fix ??? Has anyone had problems after it was fixed this is bs. I owe 17,000 I can’t even trade it in !!!! I only have 82,000 miles and the warranty was at 80,000 nissan seemed to know when the trucks were going to break ….. This is all so wrong

    • KN January 19, 2014

      @Dawn, I also have a 2008 Pathfinder, bought new. While idling the air turned cold, it would only heat up when driving. Oh, I have 82,000 miles now as well. Driving about 40mph I noticed the transmission doing funny things, not all the time, but here and there, like slipping a little. No jerking or anything. I had told my mom I thought the transmission was going out, then I found this site, my heart sank. I paid SO MUCH MONEY for this car, and the fact that Nissan would NOT recall those radiators is atrocious. I will NEVER buy another Nissan because of this. I realize cars need fixing after a period of time, but a known radiator leak that causes a trans to go out and possibly KILL people is unacceptable. My fluid looks ok, but I will take it tomorrow and see what’s up. I may go to my mechanic and get new radiator. I can’t afford anything, sigh.

      • Grace February 7, 2014

        agreed so much $$ i bought brand new thinking i would get years and years! My ford lasting longer! and when it did start slipping it was more than half less to fix@!

    • Rhonda November 7, 2015

      I have 2007 fronteir. Early 2015 my transmission went. I have 182.000 miles on my truck. Cost $4000 to fix. Nov 2015 transmission went again. Have my own mechanic, he had to fight for new transmission. Once got he went to put in than called to inform me it was my radiator that went bad and backed up in transmission which caused the problem. Truck in shop as I’m writing this. He is hoping they won’t know it was my radiator that caused problem. I was researching cost of radiators when I came across this law suit action. I had no idea. Still paying on my truck for another year. Whose to say the new radiator won’t do the same thing if it defective they should reemburse no matter year or mileage.

  • melvin ramseur February 4, 2014

    I bought my 2006 xtrrea in feb.20013,nobody @ the dealership mention the anything about the possibility of a transmission defect or contacted me about if i was having any trouble with my truck…now after having a defect with my transmission..( which has stop working completely,& doing research about the “transmission defect”they are saying i have to have my claim in by June 13 20013 can i do that when there was no warning from the dealership,what am i to do????!!!###

  • Grace February 7, 2014

    If nissian is asking us to pay a copay or deductable they should be required to finance the amount at 0% interest rate so that people are not taking it out of there savings. I have 2005 and have 100,100 miles and then this happened to me. If Nissian only strives for 100,000 miles I am better off buying a Honda or Toyota!

  • Tomasz K February 17, 2014

    Happened to me on weekend on the way to Las Vegas, at the time they replaced the radiator It was exactly 80,000 so they asked me to copay $2500 for transmission and AC repair. I tried to challenge that unsuccessfully so far.

  • Tomasz K February 17, 2014

    I asked Nissan to sent me written notice that my car will not be repair for free because it was 80,000 when it was serviced and they told me they cannot do it on paper.

  • Bryan Gowin February 18, 2014

    My 2008 Nissan Pathfinder came to a dead stop and overheated in July 2013. Of course this was the complained of issue with the radiator defect. I paid the $2,500 and had the radiator and transmission replaced. Now when I stop my vehicle at a stop sign or light, it takes high reving to get it to go. Took it to dealer and they are telling me the engine is bad and catalytic convertors are bad, but this is no relation to the prior defect and want $6-8,000 to replace the engine with a used engine and replace the convertors. Dealer claims it is low compression in the engine causing the issue . Anyone have experience as to whether the engine issue is related to the radiator and transmission defect issues and whether this problem should be covered?

  • Bryan Gowin February 22, 2014

    So I decided to get a second opinion on my engine and catalytic converter issues. Waiting to hear on that. The Nissan dealer does say that my radiator is leaking even thought I just had it replaced pursuant to the warranty six months ago. Also, my engine is leaking oil and timing chain is rattling, and low compression in the engine and needs replacing. Be forewarned that when you have your radiator and transmission replaced make sure you get everything else checked out thoroughly. This dealer did check everything on a 100 point inspection and said everything was okay 6 months ago, but now not so much. The dealer said that the 100 point inspection they did before was just a cursory inspection and they did not look at everything closely- bs.

  • Oscar Escobedo March 11, 2014

    I already repaired my vehicle and it was $3500 for another transmission! Unfortunately I had taken my xterra in to see if the recall was need and they said no, my VIN was not affected. Here I am, just a few thousand miles over the warranty, and it happened!

    We need a group meeting and just bombard Nissan with their terrible Customer Service!

  • Dave March 14, 2014

    my Frontier been in driveway since 10/13 cause of Radiator/Transmission Cooler Litigation this sucks cause I need to save op for a new Transmission & Radiator am I eligible for any help from Nissan

  • John March 22, 2014

    Just replaced transmission and radiator on 2006 frontier with 116000 miles, caused by radiator fluid mixing in the transmission. big chunk of money to replace, over $4200

  • devindega April 14, 2014

    My 2006 Frontier Nismo is showing all contamination signs at 105k miles. If anyone does start a class action that includes 100k + or to push a recall, please let me know.

    I HIGHLY recommend we all share these stories on Facebook. Right now, only people with the problem are seeing this, which is too late and or not enough pressure for Nissan to act. Im going to copy paste this link into my FB wall or let us know if there’s a share button somewhere. Make it heard!

  • rich April 14, 2014

    its been about 9 years after i got stuck with that p.os xterra from nissan and you can bet your ass that no one that I know will ever buy a nissan.What a joke.they will pay after we pay 3,000 dollars for somthing that was thier fault.I should have got my own lawyer,because this is not a settlement,its robbery.screw you nissan

  • Big B May 20, 2014

    Received payment today.

    • Mike M August 11, 2014

      What kind of payment did you receive? I am new to this link but have the same problems with my “07 Frontier

  • Leon June 11, 2014

    2007 Nissan Pathfinder with 91,000 miles and it cost me $3000. Doesn’t make any sense that a defective radiator manufactured by Nissan causes the problem and we pay for it. I asked the service manager are you putting in the same kind of radiator and he said”No that was defective model this is a different kind that corrected the problem”. Christ if that’s not admitting the problem what is!!!

  • Pat June 24, 2014

    2010 Frontier..Been checking my rad fluid regularly..Brought in for “Not heating while idling” problem at around 60k..told me it was stat..they replaced stat and flush…Had tran fluid changed at 44k..again @ 88k..Noticed little slips here and there over the last few yrs,let it go..Just checked rad fluid at 89,800..Dipped paper towel in..Brown shit on towel..It’s at the dealer be checked tomorrow..Def a mix problem..good for me its my work truck & Co. pays 3/4 repairs..they are going to be pissed,,but needs fixed..Gonna trade it in for a Ford 150..AlphaOmega Nissan………………………… :(

  • judy parker July 8, 2014

    I had nothing but trouble since 2004

  • Ramil Arceo July 28, 2014

    I was just diagnosed with the same problem with my 2007 Pathfinder with 130000 miles. $5600 to repair. Help!

  • Eric Jacobs August 6, 2014

    In 2/2007 after driving my 2007 Pathfinder SE Off Road with 125,000 miles for only 3 miles, it started to slip while shifting and making loud clunking sounds. I pulled off to the side of the road and saw an odd colored liquid leaking from the coolant overflow tank. I left the car and called for a ride home.

    A few hours later, I went back to the car with some coolant and water, expecting that there was some sort of coolant leak. Upon opening the radiator cap and the overflow tank, I found a sludge like pudding consistency liquid.

    The car was towed to the local repair shop and I was told that there was a leak and the coolant system and the transmission fluid had combined. They said they see this with many Nissan trucks.

    I had the radiator replaced and the the transmission flushed several times until there were no remains of the sludge in the transmission. —-Cost $1,300.00

    I drove the car for about a month without a problem at all, until while driving up my street the car lost all acceleration and had no forward or reverse gears.

    This time it went to a transmission shop. A complete rebuild was required. And, it was also suggested that we add an external transmission cooler. However, I was told the transmission computer was still ok. —-Cost $3,350.00

    After receiving the car back, I drove it approx 75 miles and experienced the same loss of acceleration and no forward or reverse. Back the the transmission shop it goes.

    The transmission shop takes the entire transmission apart to learn the the transmission computer is bad now, which is located in the transmission. —-Cost $1,200.00

    Nissan is aware of the problem – It’s a design flaw. The same design is used in other trucks they make.

    I’m aware of the “Class action law suit” however, it doesn’t help anyone who has a truck with over 100,000 miles, and considering that is when the problem develops, I find Nissan’s fix ridiculous.

    I have now spent $5,850 to fix a problem that Nissan should have issued a full recall for. I will never ever buy another Nissan again. I’ve made it a point to let everyone I know to never buy a Nissan product.

    It’s truly amazing how my local Nissan dealer wanted no part of helping me.

  • belinda August 13, 2014

    2006 xterra. Same thing. Its so frustrating. We have owned 7 nissans. I was a good costumer. But now I’m just a victim

  • Isai September 28, 2014

    ¡Hola amigos!
    Siento mucho la vil y sínica jugarreta de la que hemos sido víctimas todos aquellos que creíamos a NISSAN un ente serio, responsable y comprometido con sus clientes.

    Sin embargo si alguien a podido llegar a prevenir de alguna manera este desperfecto, le agradecería infinitamente su aportación.

    ¡Saludos y éxito en sus actividades!

  • Ismael November 4, 2014

    2006 Nissan Frontier, same problem every one has, the only possitive is that at 170k miles it is still running and I will run it into the ground and never fix it. I cant not believe a law suit was filed and no one had the foresight to make it public for the other owners of this defective product, and the settlement is a joke, why would any owner have to pay a dime for a product that the manufacturer knew it had issues. We got stroked, but let’s get back at NISSAN, get the word out, every one inform their friends how we got shafted by NISSAN and make sure they never buy another piece of junk from NISSAN.
    Let’s get even with NISSAN!

  • Marianna December 7, 2014

    having the same problems with my 2006 pathfinder. I have had problem after problem with radiator/transmission. Nissan sucks and I will NEVER buy one again!!

  • Germaine December 13, 2014

    I have 48,000 miles on my Nissan Pathfinder, and this just happened to me. I am the only owner and Nissan has been the only service provider to this car. Why should I pay $3,000 co pay. It’s still a new car!

  • Germaine December 13, 2014

    We should start another class action. “Failure to inform.”

    • Lisa February 18, 2015

      I am surprised that no one has started another class action considering the problem does not present itself until after 100,000 miles. My Nissan has 120,000 on it and the problem just started this week. I bought the Pathfinder pre-owned with 80,000+ miles on it. The dealer was well aware of this problem and never told me nor replaced the radiator, which could have prevented the problem down the road. Shame on the dealer and Nissan for not recalling all of these defective radiators. From what I have read these past few days, a simple installation of an external cooling system would have prevented it.

  • ROBERT February 13, 2015

    I have an 06 Frontier 116k miles Cross contamination killed my Transmission I have third gear only guess I am SOL thanks Nissan for nothing

  • Mark February 16, 2015

    Bought my 06 xterra new, transmission went out last week, never heard of this problem before, now I am the victim of the transmission failure. I wish I would have known so I could have had it fixed, now I cant afford to replace it. Shame on nissan. This was my third and last nissan.

  • Lisa February 18, 2015

    Be sure to file a complaint with the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration at they can do something about it, if everyone who posted here complains to them about it.

  • Veronica Tamez March 6, 2015

    Same thing. Bought 2007 xterra in 2012 !!! Those Nissan big shots should have recalled all the POS vehicles affected. I will NEVER buy NISSAN and will tell everyone I know how disgusting this issue is!!! Shame on NISSAN

    • Lisa W. March 19, 2015

      Amen sister!

  • Lisa W. March 19, 2015

    I am FURIOUS! My husband and I paid hard earned money to a local dealership for our 2007 Nissan Frontier. We purchased an extended warranty. For what? Nothing. We have just driven past the 100,000 mile limit for the first class action suit (which expired 2 years ago!). I have a feeling that the original owner of the truck knew that the truck he was trading in was nearing the end of the road. Can someone tell us how to participate in the second class action suit against Nissan, please? Selling a vehicle with a known manufacturers defect is wrong.

  • AG May 4, 2015

    You can join a petition for another investigation on the Department of Transportation page, NHSTA and/or Office of Defects Investigation. There are a lot of people that are requesting a second investigation on this issue.

  • wanna May 16, 2015

    I have a 2008 pathfinder with 119000 miles. I’m have the same problem and the dealer is saying it’s my timing chain.

  • Edwin May 22, 2015

    Very little words to say after reading the frustrations of these buyers. Nissan Pathfinder 2008, car stopped entering into reverse mode today, found oil mix with antifreeze when I opened the radiator cap, only have one car, I am not prepared to handle its cost, still paying the bank for it, I have 6 members in the family to care about (most children) and require daily rides to school, got stuck in public parking, and its summer… Need to say more? Lets see what happens tomorrow when I take it to the dealer. Pray for me please…

  • Tim May 29, 2015

    Took my 2005 Xterra with 105,914 miles to a Nissan service center today as I was getting gear slippage, sudden RPM acceleration/reductions and unwanted vehicle acceleration. Their recommendation was total transmission replacement due to radiator fluid corrosion in the transmission – estimated repair cost $5,3000. It appears a $500 radiator replacement years ago could have prevented this issue. Based on what Nissan is advising and the class action lawsuit limitations it appears I am not covered… Is this a correct statement?

  • Alicia June 9, 2015

    I am among all of you who have been manipulated into purchasing a defected Nissan. (08 Pathfinder). We are on 3rd year of having it. Week after we purchased, we told them it seemed to accelerate more loudly and on its own. We took it back in, they looked under hood and said NIssans are naturally loud. Forward to about 6 months ago…still making pmts, and having been renting a car every week. Transmission and radiator are shot, all mechanics have quoted us no less than $5000, and we husband commutes 1 hr/daily to work. So, lets add this up. $5000, plus car pmt, and insurance, and rental, with 3 little babies……who has that?!! I feel to put a cap on when a person can be a part of the lawsuit is a slap in the face. My idea is if you purchase the affected year of vehicle, YOU SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF….PERIOD. I am furious, I am desperate, and at this rate, I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT OR ENDORSE NISSAN EVER AGAIN. This is absolutely been the most unfortunate and unfair purchase we have ever made. And I WANT A SOLUTION. What can/do we do? There are too many of us.

  • Michael Washington July 14, 2015

    Hello 2006 Nissan Frontier 93 233 00 mile I have coollin in my tranmission i am get it repair at the shop $4.300.00 dollar. i call nissan their known nothing about it no help. that my fourth nissan vehicles i had and my wife have a nissan sentra i will never get another nissan if i can get no help from nissan. i do not have that kind of money to throw away. and i am going to put the word out. Michael Washington Baltimore md. July 14, 2015.

  • RHW August 13, 2015

    Noticed a bit of a stutter in the transmission yesterday in my 06 Frontier. Checked and found the coolant level low and there was a creme yogurt-looking substance in there. After reading various accounts and about how this can get from bad to worse real fast, I wonder why the 2012 settlement was NOT considered a safety issue and therefore not worthy of a full ATF contamination recall. When I previously took vehicle to dealer shop to have transmission fluid topped off, there was no warning of this or any suggestion regarding a cheaper preventive fix. The end result it seems is that Nissan dealer will probably try to make out with a $5,000 tp $8,000. repair bill or a dirt-cheap trade-in offer. I will be taking photos of this and I will be calling the US Dept of Transportation, 888-327-4236, to complain, perhaps the Better Business Bureau.

  • Beth August 18, 2015

    I am also a victim Was at dealer on 4-2015 and asked them to check ALL fluids.. two weeks later it was contaminated…. I am furious that Nissan is not responsible and the agencies above to do not handle acting on behalf of individuals. THIS NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED. Dealership knew of risk and never let me know.

  • Jay September 7, 2015

    Hello, I have 2005 pathfinder and have the same issue as many have told. Transmission and radiator issue. Dealer gave 4500 to fix it and also said that Nissan knew about this issue. But I never recieved any info from nissan about this. Called Nissan about this issue and they are going to call me tomorrowwith details where it is covered or not. Nissan rep told me that I am out of warranty and nissan cannot cover it. Then I said I will complain to BBB and to fed consumer comm/DOT etc and will join a class action lawsuit as it is a deliberate mfg defect from nissan that nissan knew from the beginning. Lets see what he will come up with the answers tomorrow!! Jay

  • duane September 9, 2015

    09 Infiniti EX35. Lost reverse and transmission fluid is gritty. 30 days past warranty and nissan/infiniti is not wanting to fix…9300.00 price tag to fix and no one has any clue why it failed. I am wondering if I have a radiator in the nissan lawsuit?

  • claudio battisti September 22, 2015

    I have a 2008 pathfinder with 145,000. I have had no issues that I know of. I replaced the radiator just in case. Will this problem still come to light ? Is it a radiator problem or is it something else that damages the radiator ? I do feel a little vibration when I step on the gas sometimes. Please advise .Thanks

  • Lourdes October 2, 2015

    I own a 2005 nissan pathfinder both it brand new with the dealer 10 years ago now my truck is at 120 thousand miles and 2 days ago decided no really run when I step on the gas after reading this recalls iam so diassapointed nissan never send anything to let us know what was the issue with their trucks now there telling me I need I new transmission I don’t have 5000 dollars, when nissan has to be responsible for this, since the car is pay off they said nothing is cover, fuck nissan I would never buy a car from th ever.

  • chris miner October 13, 2015

    My transmission control unit is burnt the entire transmission was rust because of the radiator leaking into the lines. Was quoted 6 grand by nissan. Got a mechanic near me to do it for 2,000.00 still not fixed because tcm is 850.00 alone. Nissan should be paying me……

  • Benny Sipes December 30, 2015

    This just happened to me today I bought a used 07 Frontier 170,000 + miles

  • Anthony February 23, 2016

    Have a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder with 60-65,000 miles has been sitting in my driveway for over 1 year b/c do not have $ to replace transmission. Already cost over $900 for radiator, battery, etc.then I find out the transmission is shot. What can I do about this, with Nissan not having a recall on this.

    • Hans M. June 10, 2016

      Have a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder drIveway model. First and last Nissan. Shame on you Nissan. BTW, I read about the by-pass, and I did the by-pass. Long story short, dead transmission. I think contamination is not an instant death sentence, but a death sentence none-the-less. Don’t buy a used Nissan, even if it’s working. And those of us that have been burned know not to buy a new Nissan either. Shame on you Nissan!

  • Jen March 8, 2016

    I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder and I am now currently dealing with this problem. I am told my copay will be $3000 and that is per the lawsuit filed. I am so disgusted by this after talking with corporate. Can someone point me in the right direction as to what my next step should be? This is total negligence on Nissans part.

  • Bobby waters May 6, 2016

    This ruined my life. I couldnt afford to pay to have my 05 pathfinder fixed after this happened. The vehicle got repoed because i could not afford for to repair it. I still pay for a vehicle i do not own because of this horrible recall!! It destroyed my credit!

  • Alicia Heiserer June 17, 2016

    Well, I am one of the lucky ones. Loved my Truck, got 191,000 on her 2005 Frontier SE. Then the Transmission died just like above. So sad because replacement is now between 3,400 and 4,500 and do I put that in when I have all these miles on her? I never had a problem with the engine but I hear that they had a timing chain issue to. So Sad and this suit was over 2 years ago.

  • James Green August 24, 2016

    Is there any recourse for us that are over 150,000 miles? Mine is an 07 and it started “bumping” a few months ago, took to dealer, they drove it and said “feels fine to us”. Never mentioned anything about this issue. Recently it has gotten worse and after doing a little online research pulled the cap off coolant reservoir and found it full of transmission fluid/coolant goop. Transmission shop says 4500 plus Nissan has to reprogram the computer ($500) so will be out $5000 if fix. Surely there is something for us that were not informed of the recall? I bought truck second hand with 60,000 miles on it and loved it until this happened. Seems there are thousands of us left hanging- maybe need another suit?

  • lilia kivett tijerina September 19, 2016

    i have this same issue my Frontier is 2005 it has 120k Nissan dealer asked for 8k to repair. is there anything i can do for NISSAN to help repair it?

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