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Hyundai Subframe Corrosion Class Action Settlement
By Matt O’Donnell

HyundaiHyundai has reached a class action lawsuit settlement over subframe corrosion in some of its vehicles. If you currently own or lease one of the following Hyundai vehicles in the United States, you may be able to receive a free inspection, repair or reimbursement from the Hyundai settlement:


2001-2003 Hyundai Elantra made from June 30, 2000 to May 26, 2003

2001-2003 Hyundai Santa Fe made from March 31, 2000 to June 3, 2003

1999-2004 Hyundai Sonata made from September 15, 1998 to November 20, 2003

2003 Hyundai Tiburon made from October 26, 2001 to May 27, 2003

2001-2004 Hyundai XG300/XG350 made from July 13, 2000 to November 20, 2003


The Hyundai class action lawsuit settlement will resolve claims that certain Hyundai vehicles suffered from severe corrosion on their front subframes and certain other suspension parts. The class action lawsuit claimed that the corrosion could cause the subframe or suspension components to fail, possibly leading to suspension failure, wheels falling off, loss of vehicle control and vehicle disablement.


While this lawsuit was going on, Hyundai started a recall and reimbursement program for these vehicles in states where large quantities of salt are used to de-ice roads during the winter months. The plaintiffs in the case, entitled Nicholas Cirulli and Robert D’Elia v. Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motor America, believed Hyundai’s plan was insufficient.


The Hyundai salt corrosion class action settlement will provide certain inspection and repair or replacement services, free of charge, to certain owners and lessees for possible corrosion of certain suspension components, such as front subframes, front lower control arms and rear trailing arms. The class action settlement will also reimburse owners and lessees who paid expenses in the past for replacement of specified parts due to corrosion as long as these expenses have not already been paid by Hyundai.  


To participate in the free inspection or repair program under the Hyundai corrosion settlement, you must pre-authorize the inspection via either the settlement website ( or by calling (877) 277-0012. If the court approves the settlement in April, Hyundai will begin permitting pre-authorized inspections in May 2011.


If you wish to obtain reimbursement for repairs you previously performed on your vehicle relating to the corrosion problem, you must mail your proof of repair and payment receipt along with a “model reimbursement form” found on the settlement website.


For more information about your rights in the Hyundai Salt Corrosion Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, including more details on how to determine if your car is eligible, go to


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Updated February 23rd, 2010


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  • Anonymous August 8, 2011

    Hyundai Subframe Corrosion Class Action Settlement
    My 2001 Hyundai Sonata GLS subframe is rusted out and is totally out of alignment and has ruined 2 new tires. It is structually unsafe and Hyundai is giving me the run around about fixing it.

  • Anonymous January 4, 2012

    Large pieces of rusted metal falling off areas of underside particularly in rear section and especially behind rear bumper.

  • Anonymous March 2, 2012

    I took my 2003 in for the salt corrosion on the subframe trailing arms. The one was changed but they said they couldn’t get the other one off. Now what can I do?

  • Anonymous October 19, 2012

    i replaced the control arms due to the recall, but now in 2012 after this lawsuit, my rear subframe has rusted out and basically detached. I called Hyundai and they said there is not a recall for the car. do i just junk it? Obviously there was a problem with this car.

  • Anonymous November 13, 2012

    I am now having rear subframe corrosion problems with my 2006 Sonata causing problems with the control arm. This makes the car unsafe to drive. Hyundai says “We are contacting you regarding the subframe corrosion concern on your 2006 Sonata.

    We have completed the research into your concern. We appreciate your patience during this process. We contacted the Service Manager, … stated that there was no way to determine the cause of the corrosion. He also stated that he had contacted the District Parts and Service Manager (DPSM), who manages the service departments of all of the dealerships in the region. The DPSM is the one who had authorized the offer of $500 towards the repair of the vehicle. This is the most that we can offer to you for the repair of your vehicle, as the DPSM’s decision is final.”

    Therefore, I have a 6 year old piece of junk, that is unsafe to drive, unless I wish to spend between $1350 and $2400, (the quote to repair), Then how long will it remain safe?

  • bob June 12, 2013

    with problems like these I would take the dealer you bought the car from to small claims court. it is quick and cheap. you would probably win

  • RMT October 30, 2013

    Well, I just found out my 2005 Sonata has, as stated by the manager, a rotted thru front sub-frame and this is a safety issue…nice, and my year isn’t listed on this lawsuit either which i am just seeing for the first time. Fabulous.

  • lee December 19, 2013

    What do you do once your car is said to be unsafe do drive by Hyundai and they want to buy you out? I don’t want cash I want a car. How do you come up with a price?

  • j zawacki December 30, 2013

    Ihavea2000Hyundai Electra the lower right control arm bracket rotted out from salt corrosion checked class action suit says if car was manufactured between june30 2000to jan2003 it is covered model 2001 mine was made July 11 2000 Hyundai is giving me a hard time saying my car isn’t covered . my car was made after the 2001s were being made. it’s rotted out in the same spot as the newer body stile and they still insist their not liable now I’m stuck without a car unsafe and they won’t do anything to help me isn’t there something that can be done my car was made after the newer ones started to be made what does it matter what body stile it is its made in the same factory they probably used the same crap scraps for mine as they used for the newer version. I’d didn’t think Hyundai was such a pisspoor company I guess I was wrong. There are very rude at their customer service call center also! !!!!

  • Fred Honeycutt September 12, 2014

    I bought the car not knowing about this problem , I looked under the right side and under the drain from the AC drops to the frame I saw from under the frame a rust hole starting to come through it’s about the size of a golf ball or bigger .
    The owner told me he had brakes oiled and all changed and never told me about that, I had found a receipt in the back panel of the drivers seat it was from a shop that did the work and in the remarks section they told him and wrote it on the paper I have he forgot was in the car stated sever subframe damage.

    I looked at the date it was month before I bought it from him he told me it was a good car which it is but I think he should told me about that I just now had found the receipt.

    What can I do if any .


  • Fred Honeycutt September 12, 2014

    I live in Tennessee

    If this helps

  • Joe Edmondson March 31, 2015

    I bought a 2000 Sonata earlier this year and just today the left lower control arm pulled completely out of the rusted frame while my daughter was driving it. Luckily she was slowing down to turn and was going very slow when this happened. I love my Hyundai cars, I have a 2012 Elantra Touring, 2006 Tiburon GT and bought the 2000 Sonata for daughter to drive. Guess I should have had better inspection before buying, but was hoping there was still a possibility of some sort of assistance from Hyundai in repairing. Are there still any ongoing claims with Hyundai on this issue?

  • Joe Edmondson March 31, 2015

    Live in Nashville Tennessee

  • Elaine April 5, 2015

    Just went to get my car inspected and the subframe was rotted need a new one.

  • Elaine Joseph April 5, 2015

    Went to get my 2002 Hyundia Elantra inspected and they told me my subframe for the back is rotted. So is the brake lines and fuel lines.

  • X hyundai tech June 18, 2015

    Your 2003 what? Sonata, Elantra, Santa fe, Tiburon, Xg300/350? You need to be more specific. First off it it was for the front lower tables, most likely you required the entire front subframe as well. If its for rear trailing arms, Im assuming you have a Santa Fe and most probably an AWD. They truly are a bitch to change but both should be replaced just the same. Any resulting damages/broken or damaged parts related to the replacement of the defective and corroded parts should be covered by Hyundai and the dealer will have to make a claim and should be compensated but still usually take a loss and this is why they try to get out of it. Ive replaced so many my head would spin. The awd rear axles are usually seized in the hubs, the main bolt on the forward section of the trailing arms never want to come out and are located dangerously close to the gas tank so the use of a torch is not recommended. It really is a bitchy, dirty and nasty job that no tech looks forward to. It also never seems to be the two wheel drive models requiring trailing arms. (some what easier of a job) So to sum it up, there were many different recalls for this issue and the codes differed depending on the model. R0058, R0059, R0060, R0061. The other easy refusal by the dealer is if your gas lines look like they leak, you will be refused due to the possibility of an explosion should the torch be required, which 95% do require. As for the person complaining of poor tire wear, The dealer I worked for never really needed to do an alignment after replacing any subframes but always had to remove and reinstall the steering wheel to obtain a centered position. they always seemed to be off to the right after the recall was performed. It never changed the original alignment. On cars like the Sonata that only required subframe replacement and to keep the existing lower control arms, many of the times, the rear bushings on these arms required replacement due to wear and coming apart. This is due to normal use and was not covered by the recall. However, the usual 3 hours quote for labor is drastically reduced due to having the part off the car during the subframe replacement. Other things to consider, if your exhaust and or flex pipe is either falling apart or noisy, you may get your car back with a louder exhaust noise than when you came in. There is nothing they can do for that, It needs to be disassembled at the front to perform the recall. I hope this helps out for the understanding of these recalls. Older hyundai cars were better built than the new ones in many ways, I feel truly sorry for anyone who owns an more recent elantra with the china 1.8l engine. Noisy knocking starts, drive normal for 10 mins, then put the car in neutral and stomp on the gas while looking out the rear window… what do you see? A huge cloud of blue oil burning smoke. The dealers never needed to keep engines in stock until these pieces of crap entered the market. You wont get past 50-60k before needing a motor. Sell it, trade it in, the 2.0l older motor was a great lil motor and totally reliable. Why change? to cheap out and come up with better fuel economy and emissions at the owners expense. Remember, after the warranty, its you buying the new motor! Good luck all. I still love my 2005 Elantra. One of the good ones!

  • Kirby September 9, 2015

    I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe I just the recall done on the front coil springs, we we’re notified of the recall after a failed inspection. Also the rear sub frame has rotted out due to corrosion (I live in Maine). I was told by the service dept. that it wasn’t covered and I would need to pay out of pocket. I’m getting ready to contact my attorney generals office and an attorney. This is a HUGE ISSUE! It looks as thousands of customers have the same problem. The other thing is the service dept. says trade it in! Well two issues with this, one the car runs perfect, and the second issue is say I trade it in then it gets sold to one of these dealers who will buy it cheap and resell it to some other sucker! I know you’d probably say we’ll they can’t sell it in that condition, well they DO! I would like to have this issue behind me so my family can use our car again. Thanks!

  • Henry September 21, 2015

    Hyundai repaired the front subframe.of our 2002 Sonata in 2010. Daughter had oil changed, when she picked it up, brake pedal went to floor. When I crawled under it I was horrified. All brake lines are corroded at least one of which leaked out all oil so I dont know know if the others.. The frame behind the rear most crossmember is rusted all the way thru> I can put two fingers right thru it. One strap that supports the gas tank is rusted so thin that it could be cut with cuticle scissors. Actually you could break it off with your little finger. When I called Hyundai, I was told there are no open recalls and did not mention the class action suit. I am going to drop a note to an attorney. Most likely they will find enough corrosion complaints to warrant a suit

  • Vivian October 25, 2015

    My husband and I purchased a 2003 Hyundai Sonata in 2010. A year into owning the vehicle we started having some issues with the rear-end swaying. We purchased new tires for it and it seemed to go away so we didn’t really think about it again. Then winter came and with winter, the swaying returned. He changed axles, ball joints (or bearings, I am not the mechanic) and brakes. This did nothing so we took it to Belle Tire and told them what we did and also told them we had no idea what was wrong. They took it and basically told us we needed a whole new rear-end. $1200 dollars later the issue still wasn’t fixed. They finally put new tires on it…again…and it fixed the problem for about 6 months. It started swaying again recently and the crank sensor went out on it. We went to replace the sensor and my husband noticed a belt had gone bad, the balance shaft belt. He also noticed at that time the sub-frame under the control arm on the front passenger side was cracked clean through. So, now, we have a car that we’ve put almost two thousand dollars into (and still owe $1000 of that to a credit card) that wont run and with a broken sub-frame. I regret buying this Hyundai and wish I had never seen it as a low income family, we have no idea how we are going to recover from this.

  • Avery C December 7, 2015

    My rear subframe in my 2003 Tiburon literally snapped in half AS i was driving. I was aware of how rusty and corroded it was but honestly… Your car should not snap in half. I then called my local hyundai dealership and the recall does not work on my vehicle even though it is in the right time frame. Lovely hyundai, lovely. Was lucky i was going slow..

  • William December 10, 2015

    Mapel Hill Huyndai. Kalalmazoo Mi. I knew they were going to weasel their way out of fixing the sub frame on my 02 sonata.They say the sub frame is bad but not because of the recall issue. They want $1200.00. I was sold on the kia hyndai brand.With crap like this i could have just but a ford instead.

  • Shawn January 26, 2016

    My 2005 Sonata just failed inspection today, front sub-frame rusted out. I found out there was a recall up to 2004. The 2005 model was the same as 2004. The model didn’t change till 2006. I called Hyundai and they basically gave me the run around and said there was no recall on 2005 models, they wont do anything! How can they get away with these safety issues?

  • Jim C April 23, 2016

    Both my Hyundai 2002 Sonata and 2002 XG350 had rear brake lines rusted through causing brake failures. We were fortunate that they both gave out within 4 miles of my home. My daughter was able to drive the Sonata back to the house using her emergency brake and pumping brake pedal. My XG350 rear brake lines gave out as I was driving into local Auto repair shop I had appointment for oil change. The cost was just under $500 for both repairs. This was additional to the replacement of rear Strut assemblies earlier on both vehicles. This week, I just had mechanic check car and sub-frame was rusted out. Had no choice but to authorize repair. Totaling about $1200. Now I suspect same issue with the XG350 since I am hearing rattle noises from rear. Does anyone know if this class action suit and refunds for repairs are still being covered by Hyundai, Inc?

  • Victoria Hays May 19, 2016

    It’s May 2016 and yestetday my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe right rear trailing arm collapsed due to rust, and the car fell onto the rear right tire. We were on the highway with my son in the car. Luckily I heard a scratching sound and we managed to pull over and check. The rear trailing arms were recalled and ‘fixed’ in 2009. So seven years on and they’ve rusted so badly that the car fell off its suspension frame. I’ve been in touch with Hyundai and they claim that because they complied with the recall that they will more than likely not reimburse us. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or information? Seems criminal to me.

  • Victoria Hays May 19, 2016

    We also had to replace rear brake lines due to corrosion. I found out the hard way one day out driving and no brakes whatsoever. It’s criminal behaviour putting people in danger. Ive had 3 major issues happen now, due to rust. Just thankful that on all three occasions we have managed to walk away unscathed. Doesn’t give me much confidence in driving the vehicle again though. Thanks.

  • David Ricker June 14, 2016

    2005 rotted frame can any one advise me what to do

  • Valerie July 6, 2016

    They same with me on my 2002 Hyundai Sonata my subframe rusted out but I called consumer affair and they told me to take it to Hyundai dealer which I am tomorrow and they are gonna look at it and if it’s that repair it free of charge

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