ford truckA class action lawsuit claims that Ford F-150 vehicles possess defects in their paint and/or paint primer and in the aluminum body panels that can cause the vehicles to corrode prematurely.

The Ford F-150 paint corrosion class action lawsuit was filed by Tina Nelson who says she owns a 2014 Ford F-150 Supercrew that she purchased in 2016 for around $24,000.

Allegedly, when the vehicle had less than 40,000 miles on it, its paint began to peel severely and became corroded in the body panels including the roof, hood, and side panels.

The Ford F-150 class action lawsuit says that shortly after she discovered the damages, Nelson brought her F-150 to an authorized Ford dealership for repairs. Allegedly, the dealership determined that the problem was caused by a defect in the primer, but did not provide assistance.

The Ford representative at the dealership reportedly asked the technician if they felt that the problem was due to a defect in the paint. The technician allegedly said that it was probably a defect in the primer, which prevented the paint from adhering to it.

The Ford F-150 corrosion class action lawsuit claims that the Ford dealership did not attempt to remedy the problem, even though the vehicle was still under its 5-year Extended Corrosion Warranty. Allegedly, the Ford representatives did not provide any warranty help about the damages caused by the defects.

According to Nelson, the paint bubbling, peeling, corrosion, and damages decreased the vehicle’s resale value. Nelson goes on to say that “as more underlying structural components are uncovered” because of the corrosion and peeling, the problem worsens because more of the vehicle is exposed to the environment.

The Ford F-150 class action lawsuit states that the deficit causes financial damage to customers like Nelson not only because of the damage to the resale value of the vehicle, but because the cost of fixing the problem is significant.

Nelson says that “the money needed to even attempt to remedy the problem, is greater than simply the cost of a new paint job, because the underlying Corrosion Defect in the aluminum hood would cause any new paint to bubble and flake as well.”

The Ford corrosion class action lawsuit says that Ford knew or should have known about the defect but did not try to provide a remedy, citing numerous consumer complaints about the issue.

Nelson says that had she known that her vehicle possessed the defect, she would not have purchased it, or would have paid significantly less for it. She seeks damages on behalf of herself and all other similarly affected customers.

Have you experienced corrosion problems with your vehicle? Share your story with us in the comments below.

Nelson is represented by Robert A. Cox and Edwin E. Wallis III of Glassman Wyatt Tuttle & Cox PC; and by Myles McGuire, Evan M. Meyers, and Timothy P. Kingsbury of McGuire Law PC.

The Ford F-150 Corrosion Class Action Lawsuit is Tina Nelson v. Ford Motor Co., Case No. 2:19-cv-02712, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee, Western Division.

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  • John February 18, 2020

    Please add me it seems like Ford isn’t doing something right because my Ford is doing the same thing I don’t understand it Chevy doesn’t have this issue

  • Della Robinson February 17, 2020

    My grandson has a 2006 Ford Escape that the back half of his SUV is rusting away. The shock went through the wheel well and into the back of his SUV causing him to almost hit other drivers. Ford is well aware of this as there are hundreds of thousands of complaints and I have called Ford and the customer service went on to say they will allow the enginreers to know this. After 116 years and many thousands of complaints the customer service rep could not tell me why Ford has NOT issued a recall as of 16 years later. This needs to be dealt with before someone gets killed driving these rusted out Vehicles. I would love to sue Ford and make them accountable for the many thousands of Ford Escapes that they have made millions off of, to make them buy back these vehicles. Shame on Ford for how they are committing fraud and leading people to believe these vehicles are something they are not!

  • Greg holloway February 11, 2020

    I owned a 2013 f-150…please add me

  • Nelda L Ortega February 4, 2020

    I purchased a 2005 ford f 150 from dealer and had to get rid of it cus it was starting to get ugly with the corrosion around windshield and back window the box where the battery goes also was getting really bad and the right side passenger floor was also building corrosion took it back then to dealer and was told it was normal so after many yrs. Of having to deal with it getting worse i had to sell it. I just recently sold it in 2017

  • Lisa Gosnell February 1, 2020

    We own a F-150, it had rust in both lower cab corners,over both wheel lips on the bed,the tailgate,and one small spot on the L/side front fender. Took it last week to get fixed, it will cost $4300.00 for the rust repair bill. I’m not sure I want to put that much money into a 10 year old truck,but at the same time I don’t want to drive a rust bucket either. Knowing that more rust is to come. If I was to trade it in or sale it, the rust all over is going to reflect on the price we get. We feel like we are between a rock and a hard spot. Very disappointed in Ford.

  • Joseph M January 18, 2020

    I have a 2003 F-150 that i e taken care of just like you would do for any daily driver the rust on it is out of control and there is rust we’re you should never see an issue unless you stick it in the woods and forgot about it for 10 years so completely around my entire windshield it’s rusting and i did everything I could to get ford to remedy the problem for me I’ve patched it many times but there really not much left to keep patching it the rust got so bad that the rubber seal that you put in after installing the windshield that no longer has any meat to make a water tight seal I had to put a type of waterproof rubber tape Plummer’s use just to keep it water tight and I have friends that like in the same town as me same year truck but on friend has a Chevy the other a dodge the only have at most 25% of the rust that’s on mine lol I’m starting to think I should have purchased a different brand cause just going out to buy a new vehicle isn’t cheap and I’m not a millionaire I got daughter to take care of for another 12 years that right there is the most expensive bill even compared to rent anyone that has a daughter knows what I’m talking about to bad ford couldn’t even offer to pay just half the cost of repairs if it’s worth repairing or something towards a purchase of another vehicle and it doesn’t have to be a brand new on either hopefully Ford will think of ways To prevent these issues in there future production vehicles

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