woman unhappy with her whirlpool aqualift ovenWhirlpool Corporation has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that the company’s “AquaLift Self-Cleaning Technology” does not self-clean ovens as advertised.

Plaintiff Deanna McEachern says that in April 2015 she bought a KitchenAid AquaLift Oven manufactured by Whirlpool at a retail store in Michigan. Also, one year later, she purchased a Maytag AquaLift Oven manufactured by Whirlpool for her rental property.

The plaintiff claims that she attempted to use the AquaLift feature on the KitchenAid Oven, but it did not clean the oven and she was forced to clean the oven manually.

McEachern alleges that she contacted Whirlpool to let the company know that the AquaLift feature did not work on her oven.  The plaintiff notes that she was told by a customer service representative that “that’s how it works.”

The Whirlpool class action lawsuit argues that an appliance repairman came to the plaintiff’s home to service other appliances, she was told that AquaLift does not work to clean the oven.

“At all times since her purchase of the KitchenAid AquaLift Oven, Plaintiff’s Oven has not performed as advertised and has not ‘self-cleaned’ her Oven, thereby causing her damages. Plaintiff’s Maytag AquaLift Oven, as with every AquaLift Oven, suffers from the same ‘cleaning’ limitations as described more fully throughout this Complaint,” the Whirlpool class action lawsuit states.

The plaintiff says that Whirlpool advertises and markets its AquaLift technology as a main feature that sets it apart from competitors. 

Whirlpool sells AquaLift as “‘oven cleaning redefined,’ ‘innovation nearly 50 years in the making,’ and a ‘first-of-its kind cleaning solution that is activated with heat and water to release tough baked-on soils from the oven interior in less than 1 hour’,” according to the Whirlpool class action lawsuit.

The plaintiff claims that Whirlpool has a separate page on its website to show off the AquaLift technology and even shows a video demonstration of the supposed superiority of AquaLift.

In addition, the Whirlpool class action lawsuit states that the company provides a “Quick Reference Guide” which states that, “[h]eavily soiled ovens may require a second cleaning cycle.”

“While this language implies that AquaLift, if at least used multiple times, will remove heavy soil from all parts of the Oven cavity, Whirlpool fails to mention that AquaLift cannot clean the Oven walls and the Oven door,” the plaintiff claims.

Also, the plaintiff states that Whirlpool advertises that AquaLift can be used “frequently to clean tough baked-on soils.”

The Whirlpool class action lawsuit alleges that “Whirlpool’s entire advertising campaign for AquaLift- a key product feature- is false, deceptive, and misleading to reasonable consumers, including in Michigan, because, contrary to Whirlpool’s representations, AquaLift does not ‘self-clean’ the interior of the Ovens and, instead, requires consumers to manually clean their Ovens with cleaning products – defeating the purpose of a ‘self-cleaning’ oven.”

McEachern states that there are numerous complaints about the AquaLift system online by consumers who claim that the cleaning technology doesn’t work as advertised.

Proposed Class Members include: “All persons who purchased a Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, or Jenn-Air oven equipped with AquaLift in the state of Michigan.”

Did you purchase a Whirlpool manufactured oven with AquaLift Technology? Leave a message in the comments section below.

The plaintiff is represented by E. Powell Miller and Sharon S. Almonrode of The Miller Law Firm PC, Samuel H. Rudman, Mark S. Reich, Stuart A. Davidson, Christopher C. Gold, and Bradley Beall of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd.

The Whirlpool AquaLift Oven Class Action Lawsuit is McEachern v. Whirlpool Corporation, Case No.2:19-cv-13084, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

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  • Wendy Bohdel January 27, 2021

    I purchased a Whirlpool AquaLift oven in 2017 and specifically wanted a self cleaning oven. When I tried to clean it, it did not clean, and I must have tried the feature 20 times. I then took to pure scrubbing with the tools that came with the oven and got a little off but my hands were raw from trying and my hands and shoulders hurt a lot. When I called the place where I bought it to complain they sent a repairman out. However, the repairmen said there was nothing he could do because they’ve had many complaints and the aqualift cleaning does not work. This is truly terrible and there is nothing I can do. If a class action law suit comes to Maryland, I’ll participate!

  • Karen J Kelly January 27, 2021

    I bought an electric Whirlpool oven with aqua lift (steam clean) late in 2018 and it doesn’t do anything. I tried 3 times and still doesn’t remove any of the baked on food. It’s FALSE advertising and a bunch of lies.
    PLEASE put Michigan on the list.

  • Robert Artig January 26, 2021

    We purchased Kitchen Aid range aqua lift, November 2019, this is false advertising it does not work.
    We are both elderly and cannot bend over to clean the oven, is there a class action settlement or do we have to deal with liars directly?
    They are thieves, greedy dishonest cheats. Thank you

  • Susan January 23, 2021

    I sm stage 4 cancer that is in abdomen. Whirlpool stove was bought in 2015 but until pandemic only used a few times. Grease splattered recently & tried aqualift- used 3x in a row and nothing. Contacted Whirlpool & at 1st offered $100, soon $250 after I explained due to cancer I had issues bending. Was told oven cleaner would ruin interior but they could send me a special paste to rub on and wipe off. This isn’t self cleaning, IT’S MYSELF CLEANING. I live in Florida but hope you can still help. I HAVE 2 pictures Home Depot gave me before I bought oven showing self cleaning. There are over 180 complaints on Houzz.

  • Carol Whetstone January 22, 2021

    I purchased Whirlpool Gold Series Aqua Clean oven on 10/4/18. It will not clean black soil off of bottom or sides. The information with the oven says “Do not use oven cleaners”. I am 65 years old and in the floor on my hands and knees scrubbing manually to try to clean an oven. Never buy this product. It is very deceptive.

  • Marilyn VanRiper January 22, 2021

    I bought the Maytag gas range with aqua lift self cleaning in late 2018. What a joke and false advertising. It is not self cleaning. The salesman even told me it was self cleaning. I used the oven a few times and there were grease spatters so decided to clean the range. I did it 2x and it basically did not do anything. I didn’t even feel the water was hot. So I spent 2 days bending inside the oven trying to clean it. I am 67 years old, too old to be contorting myself to try and scrape it. This is the worst range I have ever had, and it was not inexpensive. I am stuck with it. Very unsatisfied with Maytag!

  • Barbara Jamison January 20, 2021

    We purchased a Whirlpool Gold Series Range. It was marketed with the Aqua Lift cleaning technology for the oven. It has never worked since day one and I have not found any safe alternative to clean the oven. This Range was quite expensive and not being able to get it clean is disappointing.

  • Barbara Garner January 20, 2021

    We purchased a new home with a whirlpool gas stove with aqua clean and it does NOTHING. It’s 2021…unbelievable!!! If there is a class action suit I would LOVE to participate.

  • Kellee Henning January 20, 2021

    I have A Maytag with the Aqua Clean system, it does not clean same situation as everyone else. Please include us in the suit.

  • Carmen Brady January 19, 2021

    I have a Whirlpool Gas Range with the AquaLift Self-Clean Technology and it does not work. I have done multiple cleaning cycles and it is not clean. Please add me to the lawsuit. Thank you.

  • Kelly Thomas January 19, 2021

    Yes, I have a Kitchenaid Range with Aqua Lift Self Cleaning.

  • Ursula January 17, 2021

    Whirlpool must have used a totally clean oven when they tested their aqua lift unbelievable to even print something like that. They should be embarrassed.

  • Paul Liemandt January 14, 2021

    I simply need to repeat what all others are describing, to wit, this oven and it’s aqua clean system DOES NOT WORK! I called the company and they said they would sent me a kit containing sponges, scrapers, and a special cleaning solution. When it arrived it was the same “Kit” that the company supplied at the time of purchase. It did not help with the problem.

    The company and the product accompanying literature says not to use any (traditional) oven cleaning products, for those products will damage the interior oven surfaces. So I’m left w/ no way to get my oven clean.

    I would like to be involved in any lawsuit or action to recover my damages, which I now believe include the price paid for the appliance. I feel defrauded.

  • WILMA BENSON January 11, 2021

    I bought the Whirlpool electric range with “Aqua Lift self cleaning” in Nov 2019. Didn’t use the oven till after having in for several months. Probably used it about 10 times before I decided to run the cleaning cycle. What a ridiculous system. It DOES NOT SELF CLEAN!!! After running the cycle 4 times I called the Whirlpool manufacturer. I was told nothing could be done except send out a cleaning kit or a discount to purchase another range from their website. I received the cleaning kit & used it per their instructions. So, their “self cleaning” feature is actually ME cleaning/scrubbing the oven. I used the kit, ran the cycle 3 more times. Finally got it mostly clean after Scrubbing it for an hour. It is false advertising & I want my money back. Add me to the lawsuit please.

  • Kristine Nemec January 11, 2021

    I also purchased the Aqualift gas range and the Aqualift technology never worked. I contacted Whirlpool back then, and was told the same thing, “that’s just how it works.” I wanted them to exchange the range, and they would not do that. I also would like to be part of the law suit if possible. I live in Wisconsin.

  • Kristine Nemec January 11, 2021

    I also purchased the Aqualift gas range and the Aqualift technology never worked. I contacted Whirlpool back then, and was told the same thing, “that’s just how it works.” I wanted them to exchange the range, and they would not do that. I also would like to be part of the law suit if possible.

  • Lori Fischetti January 11, 2021

    I bought a whirlpool gas stove with aqua clean and it does NOTHING. If there is a class action suit in Massachusetts I would like to participate.

  • Bridget Poulos January 6, 2021

    I bought a Whirlpool oven with aqua lift self cleaning
    The aqua lift does not work, I have to clean it manually,
    I did complain to Whirlpool but got no response at all.
    I will never buy their products again

  • Belinda Pfaff January 1, 2021

    The Whirlpool electric stove with AquaLift Self Cleaning was an upgrade when our new home was purchased. It does not clean the oven. We ran the cycle twice and spent hours scrubbing and still not clean. This is not self cleaning technology as stated in the manual. We want a real self cleaning oven to replace this one.

  • Dina Medeiros January 1, 2021

    Spent part of the last year self cleaning this oven over and over with hopes that it cleans the walls and door. I’m in Canada and beyond frustrated.

  • Maureen Drummond December 31, 2020

    I have one..it does not clean. I am in Canada..can you pint me to the firm handling in Canada. So frustrating.

    • L. D. Persaud January 4, 2021

      I bought a whirlpool electric stove with aqualift cleaning, WHIRLPOOL Model YWFE745H0FS from Best Buy. I am in Canada. It does not work at all. I spent hours manually cleaning the oven. I feel Whirlpool should return the money I paid for this stove. It’s disgusting. Even to clean the top is a chore using their instructions etc. I will never purchase another Whirlpool product and would like information on how this lawsuit ends. Or can I be a part of it?

  • William Lynch December 31, 2020

    I have one, please add me to the class action. New York location.

  • Sharon Scharrer December 27, 2020

    I have a whirlpool range with what I thought was a self clean cycle. It is aqualift system. I followed instructions. It did absolutely nothing. The oven is just as dirty before. This cycle did nothing! My manual says I cannot use oven cleaner!! How the hell am I supposed to get this oven clean. I want a new range with an every day run of the mill self clean feature. I want to joint this class action law suit. I am not in Michigan. I am in Florida.

  • Ethel December 27, 2020

    I have a KitchenAid downdraft range. Oven looks awful after only few months of use. Cleaning technology doesn’t clean. Junk.

  • Lorre Jaffe December 26, 2020

    We purchased a Kitchen Aid stove with Aquaclean and were disappointed when it failed to clean even a simple bit of burned on food. The technololgy was a contributing factor in our decision to purchase this stove and to pay as much as we did. I am now at a loss as to how to proceed. We would like to be included in this suit, if possible.

  • David G McDowell December 26, 2020

    We have repeatedly tried to clean our Whirlpool oven with the Aqua clean system following the instructions to the letter. It has not cleaned anything. After scrubbing and scrubbing nothing. Now there is discoloration spotting and stubborn stains. This is the only self cleaning oven that we have ever owned that does not clean.

    Whirlpool is guilty of misleading and false advertising and should have a recall of every Aqua clean ovens and replace them with a real self cleaning unit.

  • Joe Weisiger December 26, 2020

    I purchased a Whirlpool smart gas range with aqua lift. It does not work at all. I have spent hours on the phone with Whirlpool and they always say there is nothing wrong and this is the way it was
    designed. This is definitely FRAUD and False Advertising.

  • Hilary Stec December 22, 2020

    Is this law suit only for Michigan? I am in NC. I already left my complaint.

  • Jane Thomas December 21, 2020

    FALSE advertising is an UNDERSTATEMENT! More like BATE & SWITCH!

    With “Self-Cleaning” having been long established and trusted to clean the oven efficiently with little to no manual effort, Whirlpool fails to disclose to the public that their AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology is in fact NOT self-cleaning AT ALL.

    Yet as of today, 12/21/2020, Whirlpool’s website where it features and describes its AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology, still DOES NOT include an asterisk or a footnote, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to ALERT the consumer PRIOR to purchase, Whirlpool’s extensive list of conditions and exceptions to their AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology. This list CONTINUES to be BURIED in Whirlpool’s “User Instructions” which is enclosed INSIDE THE OVEN and NOT provided to the consumer until the unit is delivered. Had they, I would NOT have purchased it.

    On page 15 of the “User Instructions” Whirlpool FINALLY discloses a full page of all their conditions and exceptions to its AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology that in reality IS NOT “Self-Cleaning” AT ALL! For example, AquaLift’s Self-Cleaning cycle only takes 40 or 50 minutes (depending on what Whirlpool document you read). However, if you have to spend ADDITIONAL HOURS manually cleaning what the AquaLift did not clean, it is NOT “Self-Cleaning.” Furthermore, number 7, IMPORTANT: “Do not use oven cleaners. The use of chemicals, including commercial oven cleaners…may cause permanent damage to the porcelain surface of the oven interior.” How can this be when NON self-cleaning ovens have a porcelain interior and can tolerate commercial oven cleaners? Whirlpool goes on to recommend special cleaners, such as “Affresh” cleaners, some of which then have to be rinsed with distilled water. When all Whirlpool’s manual cleaning options fail, the consumer is left with either not using the oven at all; risk using a commercial cleaner; or use a dirty oven and risk a fire.

    I purchased the Whirlpool slide-in gas range on 9/14/2019, and have barely used the stove top, let alone the oven as I am busy with a whole-house remodel. Today, I noticed some baked-on oil at the very back of the oven. I followed the instructions and would have expected the AquaLift® Self-Cleaning Technology to have AT LEAST softened the oil enough to wipe it away. NOT! Furthermore, to clean it according to Whirlpool’s instructions, I have to either lean on the oven door or remove the door. All of this is UNACCEPTABLE!

    I want a NEW heat-sourced self-cleaning range as a replacement as well as the old unit taken away
    Please include me in this class action law suit against Whirlpool.

    • Brenda Pringle December 22, 2020

      I purchased a Whirlpool range with Aqualift. It does not clean at all. Is there anything we can do? Is there any other way to clean it without damaging the surface?

  • Kristi Hunter December 19, 2020

    Yes, I have a Maytag with Aqua Lift-

    • Carolyn Desrochers December 20, 2020

      I have a whirlpool with this cleaning technology and it doesn’t clean

  • Kristi Hunter December 19, 2020

    I have a Maytag with Aqua Lift-
    It doesn’t clean the oven. I am very disappointed!

  • CYNTHIA POLK December 19, 2020

    Junk. Doesn’t clean.

  • Terry Witsaman December 18, 2020

    Aqualift what a joke it should say manually clean your oven setting on your hands and knees like grandma did . I am thoroughly disappointed with it .

  • Jeannette Gray December 17, 2020

    We have had our aqualift oven for a couple of years and it is useless for cleaning. Please add me to the lawsuit.

  • Janet Siebert December 16, 2020

    My Whirlpool Aqua Clean Oven feature works for the floor of the oven, but does not clean the sides, the door inside, or the top of the oven.

  • Amy Brown December 16, 2020

    I purchased a Whirlpool electric oven/range on 3/11/19 and it was delivered on 4/11/19. I read the manual and have studied the Aqualift in my manual and online videos. The Aqualift process is totally useless. Though running the process many times, I have permanent soil that will never come up. I find it amazing that any testing they did prior to marketing actually worked at all. I did make one call to customer service and actually tried to get a refund or replacement with the old style heat cleaning, but I was told I needed a repair visit. That was, of course, going to be a complete waste of time. I would love to have a refund on the purchase price so I can replace it without spending the money again. There are other design issues (controls that are extremely difficult to press, etc).

  • Hilary Stec December 15, 2020

    My new house came with a new Whirlpool aqua clean oven. It is awful. I ran the cleaning cycle as shown in the manual 3 times & nothing happened. I scrubbed with all my might for 3 hours, dripping with sweat. I am short so I couldn’t reach the back or the backsides. I swore I would never use my oven again. I called Whirlpool twice & all they did was send me the cleaning pad & scrapper which did nothing. They also suggested I have someone come in to clean my oven! How absurd is that? I am forced to buy a new oven with high heat self-cleaning feature now, even though my oven is 2.5 yrs old & maybe used 30 times. In good faith I can’t even sell it to someone knowing this. Aqua clean may bet off light pie stills but not the baked-on grease. Horrible, horrible feature. I read somewhere that the cleaning feature was not tested out on grease. Imagine that craziness!
    The value of my oven is $1700.00, not a cleap one.

  • Lynette Weisenborn December 11, 2020

    Purchased a Kitchenaid stove with aqualift feature. Doesn’t work at all!!! I may as well have gotten an oven with no cleaning function

  • Shirley Whisnant December 7, 2020

    My oven h as never worked to clean anything. Such a waste of money. How do I join the lawsuit? I am in the state of Tn.

  • Shirley Whisnant December 7, 2020

    My oven h as never worked to clean anything. Such a waste of money. How do I join the lawsuit?

  • Shirley Whisnant December 7, 2020

    My oven h as never worked to clean anything. Such a waste of money.

  • MATTHEW R DWYER December 7, 2020

    I purchased the Aqualift Maytag oven and it has never been able to clean anything. Just last week the convection oven fan stopped working and it seems to be on back order for several months.

  • Pascal Laferriere December 6, 2020

    We purchased a Whirlpool Stove/Oven with Aqualift cleaning and exactly as descried, here, it does not work. We’ve just tried this for the first time and it did not clean the cavity, walls, door at all, even after running it twice. We were forced to clean manually and are not impressed.

    We live in Canada so are not sure if the lawsuit would include us?

  • Charles Hardy December 2, 2020

    I think there is an even worse problem with these–they just don’t work!
    I continually get an error message that the cooling fan speed is too low; I have to reset the machine by going to the basement and turning the power off and back on.
    Last night I was baking a cake for a relative’s birthday; I had to do this for half an hour until it Finally worked.
    I would just bite the bullet, replace the cooling fan, and badmouth KitchenAid/Whirlpool from now until the end of time–but NO ONE has that fan in stock, or can get it until mid-February.
    Obviously that cooling fan problem is widespread, they are not supporting their product and it fails the doctrine of merchantability as it is not suitable for cooking food.
    That’s unsat!
    I want in on the lawsuit, and other members should be asked if their vent fan has been preventing their $3,300 ranges from being used for the purpose for which they were advertised.

  • Diana Daly December 1, 2020

    Whirlpool has been a trusted brand name for decades. Do the right thing Whirlpool and make this right! Restore our confidence in your products!!

    Add me to the lawsuit!

  • Gail LeDuc November 29, 2020

    I have an oven with aqualift and im still waiting for the rebate I mailed in. Im ready to throw it in the Dump. It never worked from the begining.

  • Kenneth P Beghini November 28, 2020

    Aqua Lift does not work at all even for a minor cleaning. The finish of my oven is now ruined since I used conventional oven cleaners on it which is still preferable to the results you get with aqua lift.

  • Ann Smith November 23, 2020

    I purchased a whirlpool stove – gas/convection oven with Aquafinty self cleaning feature. Just tried the self cleaning feature for the first time. IT DID NOTHING!!! It did not do anything to help soften or lift the food debris!!! Absolutely disappointing and disgusting! I have spent 2 days cleaning our oven. Whirlpool needs to fix this and make this right!!!

  • Todd Jamieson November 22, 2020

    Is this still an active lawsuit? If so, is it possible to make it nationwide? Using the Aqualift feature for the first time today and, as many others have stated, it does absolutely nothing. What a scam.

  • Magi VanCleave November 18, 2020

    Yes, I own a Maytag oven with the Aquaclean function. It does nothing and the special enamel is ruined by other cleaning methods. I’m interested in the outcome of this suit.

  • John Martinage November 15, 2020

    We live in NH and also have this stove with the aqua lift poorly designed cleaning system. Please let us know how we can be part of the lawsuit

  • Bill McCoy November 14, 2020

    We have a Kitchen Aid range with Aqualift. Calling this piece of trash a “self cleaning” oven is false advertising. The only cleaning that takes place is If you clean it by hand yourself. If there is a class action suit that includes Colorado we will be glad to join.

  • Dave Stansberry November 14, 2020

    My control panel failed on a Whirlpool Gold Series Model WFE715H0ES0 which may cost 200 to 600 to replace myself or have replaced by a technician.

    I see that the control panel part WPW10340308 is out-of-stock or backordered everywhere, telling me this is a huge problem as well.

    Is there a class action law-suit for this issue?

  • RUTH A GAULT November 12, 2020

    Purchased Whirlpool range with AquaLift self cleaning oven in 2015. I have attempted several times to use the feature as instructed. My oven is a disgrace. Will the class action suit bring results, or should I go ahead and use a standard oven cleaning product?

  • Mary Ellen Hermann November 9, 2020

    How do you join the class action suit? Is it possible? I bought my oven because of KitchenAid’s reputation. I was skeptical of buying a convection oven and was told that it “cleaned like a charm”. It does not clean!!

  • Candy Alvarez November 8, 2020

    I have the whirlpool gold series Aqua lift! I have the same issues and more, my oven will be set at 350 to cook a dinner and somehow it heats up hotter than 350 because the food is burning but the temp still says 350 on screen- you open oven door and there smoke pouring out and food burnt within minutes! Then the oven will beep and the message across the board states “feature not available “ I can not get help from Lowes or whirlpool- very crappy product for what I paid – not able to use oven- and really I’m scared to due to possible fire!

  • Jillene Curtis November 2, 2020

    I have purchased a Maytag range with Aqualift technology 2 years ago, used it for the first time this year. I keep by oven very clean, had a grease bomb. I went to use the self cleaning option added the water and started cleaning cycle This is a joke , If is new technology I strongly suggest go back to the old technology.. It should be illegal to sell this range as self cleaning.. This will be last Maytag appliance I will purchase.

  • Tammy Swafford November 1, 2020

    I have had my stove for 3 years. I hate the fact the oven never looks clean even after using the aqualift. I have used cleaners on my oven and it’s ruined. I would love to join the class action suit to at least get some money back to buy me another stove.

  • Rebecca Wilde October 30, 2020

    The oven is clearly ill-designed, and the aqua lift feature is misrepresented. The oven can’t be cleaned by traditional methods, as that ruins the finish on the oven, and is not self-cleaning. The aqua-lift feature does absolutely nothing whatsoever. It consists of gently heating some water in the oven on low heat. That’s all it is. I tried it several times the first week I owned the oven, and it was a clearly ridiculous idea. The oven gets dirtier and dirtier, and no method to clean it exists. The company had to have known the feature was worthless, as it would have to have been tested and could have worked on no oven.

  • Christopher Schoeneck October 29, 2020

    I purchased a new Whirlpool Aqua-lift self cleaning oven in July, 2019. It won’t clean the oven and I have to do so manually, which is not why I bought it.

  • Timothy D Pant October 27, 2020

    Purchased my whirlpool oven in 2019 and the self-cleaning mode does not work please add me

  • Cynthia Ackrill October 27, 2020

    I also have a Kitchenaid aqualift oven that doesn’t clean at all. I’ve been working manually for hours and it’s still dirty.

  • Kathryn Wood October 21, 2020

    I also purchased a aqua lift kitchen aid oven. It is a joke
    Doesn’t clean at all. Please add me to your large list of unhappy customers.

  • Tino Sprecher October 20, 2020

    Aqualift is a joke. Doesnt work. Paid $2,000.00 for a stove that we need to manually clean.
    Would never buy Whirlpool again.

  • Diane McMillan October 20, 2020

    I bought one in 2014. Aqualift has never worked.

  • Lori Soppe October 14, 2020

    We also purchased the Maytag version of this oven 2yrs ago – Does NOT self clean and can’t just ‘wipe off’ walls and glass. Terrible product. False advertising. I expected quality from American made.

  • Jennie Price October 13, 2020

    I purchased this for my new home 2 years ago. They self cleaning is a joke. I would like a refund!

  • Dana Orlando October 13, 2020

    My new house came with the AquaLift SelfClean oven. It’s horrible ! Please Add me to the list. Whirlpool should be ashamed.

  • Victoria Foster October 5, 2020

    I have a whirlpool aqua lift. I finally stopped using the self cleaning aqua lift method and cleans it myself. Please add me

  • Rochelle Pearson October 1, 2020

    What a rip off. Purchased a whirlpool AquaLift. Trust me, I have had a few ovens in my day. This oven never comes clean no matter how many times you run the cycle. The oven floor,walls and door are hunky. How do I participate in this litigation?

  • Jeannine Reiersen September 30, 2020

    Bought my Kitchen Aid in 2017 and the Aqualift has never been able to clean my oven. Extremely dissatisfied. I hope other states will be included in your class action.

  • Cindy September 25, 2020

    Aqualift is horrid…I just again tried to clean it…NO LUCK

  • Margaret Zysk September 23, 2020

    We have also purchased a Maytag with the Aqua System. It does NOT clean. I have tried 4 times with no luck. We have used a plastic scraper, but have not been able to get all off. I found a black plastic substance baked on which does not want to come off. I have also found it on the shelves. I thought it was our fault, but my friend has the same problem with her new Kitchenaid stove. I also am ready to get my money back.

  • RICHARD A KUHL September 22, 2020

    I purchased a Jenn Aire with AqauLift and it definitely does not work. I would like to know if I can make a claim?

  • Sue Geach September 21, 2020

    I bought an whirlpool aqua lift oven in 2013.

  • Dameka Senter September 18, 2020

    Add me I have the aqualift electric range does not clean sadly

    • maryann cazin September 19, 2020

      Please add me to the AquaLift Maytag lawsuit. I have just spent 2 days trying to clean my oven. I am 75 yrs. old and cannot handle this. Thank You

  • Cathy McGrenra September 18, 2020

    I purchased a Whirlpool Aqualift Self Cleaning Oven in 2017. The self cleaning feature has never worked! This is absolutely false advertising. Previously, I had an oven that self cleaned thoroughly. I can’t afford another oven but I definitely don’t appreciate having to manually clean the inside of an oven at 64 years old! I have seen hundreds of complaints about the Aqualift feature not working all over the internet. Disgraceful!

  • Jodonna Jimenez September 18, 2020

    I also have this oven and it does not self clean. I would like a refund.

  • David Esho September 9, 2020

    Purchased range and does not self clean, windsor, ontario, canada, feel free to contact me i would like to be in on the lawsuit as it was misleading

  • Heather Leyva September 9, 2020

    Add me

  • Melissa Bordoff September 7, 2020

    We purchased our Maytag Aqua-lift oven approximately 5 years ago. Our oven is always dirty what a disappointment to have to get on my hands and knees to clean something that just never looks clean!!! Browsing the internet to find a alternative way to clean it, I stubbed upon many, many angry customers!! I am joining them !

  • Thao and Helen Vuong September 6, 2020

    i would like to add my name to the suit. The oven is no more than a couple months old. The wall ps and door window. remains soiked and dirty after 2 cycles if Aqualift using distillrd water

  • Tom Dent August 22, 2020

    Purchased a Whirlpool Aqua Lift 9-30-2014 and the supposed Aqua Lift Self Cleaning is abysmal. Does this class action only extend to one state?

  • Suvndram Naidoo August 18, 2020

    From Ontario Canada
    Purchased Whirlpool range less than 2 years ago . Aquqlift does not work.
    How to join class action suite?

  • Suvndram Naidoo August 18, 2020

    From Ontario Canada
    Purchased Whirlpool Ceramic top range less than 2 years ago .Aquqlift does not work . How to join the class action suite?

  • Geri Alper August 15, 2020

    I purchased a Whirlpool Aqualift oven from Lowe’s several years ago. It is a piece of junk. Aqualift does not work. Oven has gone out twice, and now broiler unit is not working

  • Kevin W August 11, 2020

    Was part of the house purchase. House was brand new when purchased and builder installed this oven

  • Dan & Cindy Reyes August 9, 2020

    My husband and I purchased a Kitchenaid gas stove with the AquaLift oven cleaning tecnology on October 23, 2019. At that time, we didn’t know about the cleaning problem and the class action suit. Since then, we have not been able to get the oven clean. The AquaLift technology does not work. We love the oven and range, they very work well. We are getting older and cannot manually clean the oven that well anymore. We would never have spent est. $2500 on such an oven if we had known about the Aqualift technology doesn’t work. What can we do or how can we join the class action suit?

  • Cindy schasny August 9, 2020

    We purchased the whirlpool electric range with aqua lift technology, and it only works to clean a lightly-soiled, pre-scrubbed bottom of the oven. I could do that without running the cycle. I have to remove the water AND remaining soil AND scrub the door, window and sides. The SELF-clean in aqua lift technology means MYself…. this was not a cheap, bottom tier oven. It should work as advertised.

  • T. Harman August 8, 2020

    We also purchased a KitchenAid model KSEG700ESS2 with Aqualift Self-Clean Technology. It doesn’t work at all. The stove is just as dirty as it was prior to cleaning. What is being done about this with regards to the class action lawsuit?

  • Natalie Montgomery August 7, 2020

    I bought a KitchenAid 30-inch 4 element electric downdraft slide-in range in early 2016 (Model KSEG950ESS). I believed the hype about AcquaLift technology, but I’ve never been able to clean the sides or the back of the oven. I’ve followed the directions to the letter and even tried repeating repeating the cycle several times.

    As I am in my 80’s, it has been a nightmare to get on my hands and knees trying to remove the burned on grease. It’s been so hard on me that I’m now not using the oven at all, if I can avoid it! I have my sales receipt from Martin & Harris in San Rafael, CA.

  • Jeannie Cimiotti July 31, 2020

    AquaLift is a joke. In fact, everything Whirlpool is a joke. I bought a complete set of Whirlpool appliances roughly 18 months ago based on a salesperson’s advice. I’ll never do it again. I should have went with one of my first choices Samsung or Bosch.

  • Joanne Patrick July 18, 2020

    Maytag Aqualift modelMER8775AS
    Oven fails to self clean as instructed. Called Maytag and complain that it’s doesn’t clean after numerous tries. I was told to buy a oven cleaner. I purchased an oven cleaner after several uses my oven slowly stopped working. Call to get it repaired was told I would be charged for the dispatch and parts. I explained there is a ten year warranty on parts and labor. I was told not true. Cancelled the dispatch. Not only the oven doesn’t clean the oven door and between the glass door.
    June 29, 2020 I received an email, Individual Settlement Agreement and Release $100.00. Must be returned by October 1, 2020. I refuse to sign.

  • CHRISTINE L SIDLO July 8, 2020

    I am sorry I bought this dual fuel, Jenn-Air oven made by Whirlpool. It turned out to be a very disappointing way to spend $3,200.00, plus tax, delivery, etc. Now they want to offer me $100.00. It’s not enough.

  • Tania Jenkins July 7, 2020

    All the above applies to me also! I live in Georgia and was sent an email offering me $100 as well… not sure about this at all! I just want another stove!!!!!

  • Yvette Livingston Brown July 1, 2020

    I purchase a KitchenAid stove with AquaLift self-clean feature on July 2, 2016. I researched KitchenAid before purchasing the stove and I also watch the video about the new feature AquaLift. I put my trust in KitchenAid and purchase the stove. I did not used the stove right away due to the hot weather. I did used it in September that’s when I realized the video was very misleading about the AquaLift . I tried to clean the oven more them three times and the soil was not remove from the sides and the bottom of the oven and I notice some rust on the side of the oven. I contact Sears about this and was told there’s nothing they can do and to contact Whirlpool. I did contact Whirlpool and was given the run around. I knew something was up when I received an email from Whirlpool. Now after all these years they want to give me a settlement of $100.

    • Cindy Gutz July 25, 2020

      $100.00 is a bunch of BS…I contacted Whirlpool yesterday and was told it is not defective and will not replace after being on the phone for 1 1/2 hrs!!! Every whirlpool appliance I have purchased in the last 11 yrs has needed repair in the 1st year. The last fridge we got from Whirlpool the ice maker did not work…came out 4 times, nothing worked finally found a wire that had been cut, probably at the factory. Finally after 4 months of this crap we contacted the Attorney General and went to Warners Stellian Corporate Headquarters, after they saw the cut wire we got a replacement. So far this one is working!!! So sick of Warners Stellian and Whirlpool!!!

  • Jaci Munoz June 29, 2020

    Purchased kitchen aid with aqua lift self cleaning in sept 2019. Complained to kitchen aid with no resolve. They sent me an email today with a $100 cash settlement offer…

    • Elisa Gustafson June 29, 2020

      I also received an email today with a $100 offer. I’m not sure if the class action lawsuit is completed? I think that if we sign this and receive the $100 we are opted out of the lawsuit. $100 is like offering a penny. I won’t sign this!! I will just wait until I hear clear information that the lawsuit is over.

  • Concetta Curnew June 26, 2020

    Purchased in NJ
    Was very skeptical.

  • Carol Anne Walter June 26, 2020

    Count me in. I wish it would just break so I’d have an excuse to buy a new oven. Not a whirlpool.

  • Belinda J June 24, 2020

    Add me to your list please. I live in FL and purchased a Whirpool Aqualift Stove/Oven in 2015. Never worked.

  • Mark Hearn June 21, 2020

    Please add us to the lawsuit. Bought a new KitchenAid stove and the aqualift feature for cleaning does not work! Very disappointed. Have spent so much time trying to clean it.

  • Jude Marleau June 19, 2020

    Add me to the list! Just bought my Whirlpool Aqualift self cleaning oven two weeks again. Used the self clean option today for the first time and it took me four attempts and a lot of scrubbing to get it clean. So very disappointed. Considering returning it.

  • Dennis Keeler June 18, 2020

    We have used the Aqualift function twice and not only does it not clean the oven, but both times the heating element has been weakened to the point where it broke, made contact with the stove and started an electrical fire inside the oven!!!! Both times it was about 3 months after using the Aqualift function. I definitely want to be a part of this class action lawsuit.

  • Rebecca Wilde June 17, 2020

    I complained shortly after purchasing the oven when I realized the feature was literally useless and read that the oven can’t be cleaned manually either.

  • J Maier June 14, 2020

    Also purchased a Whirlpool electric range with the AquaLift self cleaning technology. I was assured it works well at time of purchase. False. Would like my money returned to purchase a real self-cleaning oven like the one I had for over 20 years.
    Initially the first stove came with an unattached wire that shorted the stove out and our home electrical system. We had to hire an electrician. Had to be persistent to get a new stove replacement and too many hoops to jump through to get reimbursed for electrician.
    Don’t ask me about about Whirlpool Cambria washer!
    NO more Whirlpool for me!

  • Loretta Scherer June 6, 2020

    The aqua lift has never performed for me from the beginning. I
    Clean it by hand. LOts of scrubbing. This feature is useless. I have called maytag two or three times. They say buy a new bottom for your oven. My oven is about seven years old. I just had my second heating element put in. the first did not last two years. The repair man said don’t try to use the cleaning cycle because that burns out the element.

  • Cristina May 21, 2020

    Same complains here about the AquaLift feature being useless, false advertisement and it’s very frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeAnza Johnson May 19, 2020

    Purchased a KitchenAid AquaLift oven. I contacted the company I purchased it from to return or exchange but they refused. I am unable to clean my oven. This is ridiculous.

  • Patricia Brown May 19, 2020

    I purchased my home new and it came with a Maytag Gas Range with Aquafresh self-cleaning technology. Needless to say, the range does not self clean at all! Please provide information regarding the class action suit.

  • Susan May 17, 2020

    Would absolutely love to get in on this lawsuit. This was the first stove I had ever bought brand new. I spent a lot of money on it because I really wanted and needed a self clean oven. I cannot believe that a company would manufacture such a terrible product and that they have their sales people pushing people to buy them

    I love to cook and I cannot get my oven clean. I have a disability and the only way to get it done is to scrub and I just can’t do that.

    Whirlpool should be ashamed of themselves and they deserve to be sued. I am not a litigious person but I got ripped off and that’s not OK

  • Kathryn E Copeland May 14, 2020

    Please keep me informed if this moves forward. I would like to get my oven replaced.

  • Melinda D Smith May 13, 2020

    I may want to pursue and become active in this class action law suit. I am furious that this technology does NOT work.

  • FELICIA WEEKS May 12, 2020

    purchased April 2016 and the oven never cleaned itself. My husband is on Oxygen and I bought so I wouldn’t have to use cleaners to effect his breathing. Reached out to whirlpool and not resolve.

  • Katricia Greeno May 11, 2020

    Purchased gas whirlpool Aug 2019. The aqualift never worked. We reached out 3 times and was told to use their cleaning products and get better pans. Not happy with a dirty oven and spending hours to clean it without it ever coming clean.

  • Robert J Tomaszewski May 9, 2020

    We purchased a whirlpool oven in Oct 2019 and had it installed just before Thanksgiving 2019. I have tried 6 different cycles to no avail. The floor doesn’t come clean nor is there any visual sign the walls and door have even been touched. This was purchased in mich

  • Gayle L Johnson May 9, 2020

    I purchased a Whirlpool AquaLift Self Clean oven. It absolutely does not clean the oven. DOES NOT CLEAN THE OVEN!

  • Mac Mccreary May 9, 2020

    I bought a maytag with this tech about four years ago. I noticed this issue, however I experienced a far more concerning issue. One of the electric eyes shorted and set the plug connector on fire. This was around year two. Service comes out and rewired the stove, now I have one eye element that works and no oven or controls. Maytag tells me I must pay THEIR repairman to fix the thing or I have to buy the parts. Either way its cheaper to buy a new oven.

    What happened to quality? Whirlpool happened to quality!

  • Suzanne Vance May 4, 2020

    I bought an Aqua Lift Whirlpool stove and have been so disappointed in how much care to the stove top and how the oven doesn’t clean at all! There is no way you can clean a stove in 40 minutes and have tried cleaning it 2 to 3 times in a row!
    I have had many whirlpool appliances throughout my lifetime and I truly can say this stove doesn’t live up to the whirlpool reputation. Just want my money back and a better stove! How do I go about it…..any ideas out there!

  • Linda S May 2, 2020

    I live in Florida and would love to join a Class Action if available. I bought a KitchenAid with AquaLift which does not work to clean the oven at all. I have to manually scrub which is physically difficult and painful. We all should get our money back plus pain and suffering.

  • Julie Chmielewski May 1, 2020

    We bought a Whirlpool range with Aqualift cleaning technology in September 2017, in California. In all the time we’ve had it and used the self-clean feature the oven has NOT gotten clean. We have had to try to clean it by hand each time. This is NOT what we paid for. FALSE ADVERTISING! How do we join this lawsuit?

  • Joanne Patrick May 1, 2020

    I have a Maytag Aqualift glass top range I brought 2014. When I brought it I was told it had a ten year warranty. Plus I brought an extension warranty. Two issues the self cleaning oven doesn’t clean. I have to go inside and clean it. The oven stopped working. I called Maytag and was quoted a price for a technician to come out to analyze the trouble time and material. I told them that there was a ten year warranty with the Maytag for parts all I kept getting was how much it’s going to cost if they send a technician out. Plus my extended warranty had expired. It’s hasnt been ten years and I’m stuck with a broken stove. Maytag needs to stop advertising they are are the best because I think they are the worst!!! I’m a senior citizen who can’t afford to buy another stove.

    • Mac Mccreary May 9, 2020

      I know exactly how you feel. I bought one in 15 or 16 with the 10 year warranty. I can no longer turn the oven on, as it can not be turned off. The oven only has one element that works, the stove top only has one element that works, and the repairman pulled the connector block off the back of the stove when it burned up and connected the plug directly to the wires.

  • Deborah M Waldman May 1, 2020

    I also purchased a Whirlpool stove with the absolutely useless Aqualift techology! Is there anything I can do to get in on a class action lawsuit?

  • wrubelcarole@yahoo.com April 30, 2020

    Has a suit been filed? How do I join in or will all ovens with Aqualift purchases be covered?

    • Jainin Wolfe May 1, 2020

      Please advise if there is a lawsuit in Canada.

  • Melissa April 27, 2020

    Is there a certain model or is it any Whirlpool Aqualift?

  • Charlene April 23, 2020

    I have owned both a whirlpool & now kitchenaid aqualift supplied when our new homes were purchased. They both did exactly the same thing…..nothing. These appliances are garbage & monetary compensation should be given to all owners. I follow directions to the letter and still end up scrubbing out the dirt and grime with either a Mr eraser or a Teflon scrub. I have done the procedure up to 4-5 x still with no results.

  • Donna Lacasse April 22, 2020

    I would like to get in on this lawsuit. The cleaner does not do anything. What model number is it for and how would I get in on the recall. Thank you

  • Zamir Jacobs April 20, 2020

    I moved into this house about a year go. Previous owner installed Whirlpool Aqualift technology oven.
    This is a useless technology when it comes to cleaning the oven. Never works and is pure frustration, please sign me up for this class action suit.

  • Kathy ALFINO April 20, 2020

    I got my new range in Feb 2020- I have tried now 4 times to clean it and iI just scrub and scrub and scrub- even the Affresh they recommend does not get it clean- It is an expensive convection range. I am very angry – how can I get on this lawsuit. I wish I had known- I was too concerned about getting a convection over a gas stove top ! ugh

  • Jo-Ellen Wlazlowski April 18, 2020

    We purchased a Whirlpool Aqualift oven in October of 2018, since then I’ve tried the Aqualift cleaning feature numerous times and the only thing I am left with is a puddle of water and an even dirtier oven. It’s so frustrating. We bought this model strictly for the AquaClena feature as it was supposed to be superior and safer than a traditional self-cleaning oven. What a disappointment. Please sign me up for the class-action lawsuit. Thank you.

  • Adrian April 18, 2020

    Does this apply to Canadian consumers too? I just found this thinking I am not following instructions properly. This thing does not clean itself. The one I had before was just leaving a small pile of ashes in the tray and it was done. This one is dirty and you need to remove the water too. Please let me know if the lawsuit is for Canadian consumers also. Thanks

  • Sharon Velenosi April 13, 2020

    What a waste of my time. I have a KItchen Aid with this useless cleaning system.
    Add my name to the lawsuit.

  • Jeffrey Flovin April 12, 2020

    We purchased a KitchenAid oven with the AquaLift cleaning feature . We attempted to use it for the first time tonight. We went through two cycles. This feature did absolutely nothing to clean the stain on the bottom of the oven. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. Thank you.

    • Robert DeMajistre April 27, 2020

      I purchased the Kitchen-Aid electric range with Aqua Clean. I followed the directions precisely. It does not work at all after multiple cycles.

  • Amy Heller April 11, 2020

    I just moved into a home with a Whirlpool AquaLift oven and the self cleaning absolutely does not work. Please sign me up for this class action suit.

  • Ani Frunza April 7, 2020

    I also have a Whirlpool 5 burners, Agualift self cleaning bought in 2017. Just used the self cleaning , useless, doesn’t work.. I am so disappointed. False advertising, paying more for useless features and the frustration,
    I would like to join the class action. Can’t find how, and where.

  • Cindy Trucco April 5, 2020

    Does nothing ! I have a kitchen aid with Aqualift and thought I was getting the latest technology . And when you call them you get a run around and are warned to not use alternative methods of cleaning . If I had known I could have at least got a self cleaning unit .

  • Judith murphy April 5, 2020

    If it’s not to late, I would like to join this class action lawsuit. Live in Maryland and spent over an hour scrubbing the oven. I have the whirlpool with Aqualift

  • Y Staum April 4, 2020


  • Naz April 4, 2020

    Same here. Bought it in Canada. Has never worked.. even after doing it 3 times consecutively.. not one thing wipes off. My old Kenmore had a 3-hour self-clean cycle but was a breeze to clean. Never expected this level of false advertising from Maytag.

  • Greg April 4, 2020

    I too have a Whirlpool With Aqualift and it most certainly does not work. I’d like to know how to get in with the class action. Thanks

  • Jane Bellows April 2, 2020

    I have the same oven and the same issue. Please let me know how to join the class action.

  • Susan Vlastelica March 21, 2020

    Whirlpool advertising is very misleading. Their advertising leads you to believe that aqua lift is a new and improved, eco friendly, way to clean your oven. It is not! No matter what you do, cleaning the dides and back of this oven has to be done by hand, and, without voiding your warranty, you cannot use any type of cleaner to get the greas spatters off. Horrible product, total waste of money.
    Please add me to the class action suit.

  • Sharon Gaouette March 18, 2020

    I agree with all these comments a total disappointment. Very frustrating. I would like to join this class action lawsuit as well. Please contact me.

  • Randy Genest & Irene Marusiak March 17, 2020

    We bought our kitchen aid stove 5 years ago in Alberta Canada and the aqua lift feature never worked on ours either. Have to manually clean the oven. How Can we join this lawsuit?

  • Mary Jones March 17, 2020

    I purchased my oven in Colorado. Everything I see above is correct. This system doesn’t clean at all. I was also surprised at grease, etc. collecting between the 2 plates of glass in the door. To get in there means dismantling the door. I find it totally unacceptable that what is billed as the top of the line product is such a piece of junk. I bought Kitchenaid believing I was getting something better. The built in microwave has issues too. I feel stuck and cheated.

  • donnalee c stadt March 11, 2020

    I contacted a class action regarding this whirlpool cleaning system. 2 yrs. ago, and have never been contacted by anyone. This cleaning system is a joke, and my oven never looks nice.

  • Carol Anne Walter March 10, 2020

    Count me in. The self cleaning does not work.

  • Michael McCluskey March 10, 2020

    This self cleaning oven is a joke, currently I am spending 4 hours cleaning the oven by hand have had the oven on 4 times for self cleaning with absolutely no positive results I’m 74 y/o my wife is blind and have no time or energy to do this nonsense. I want to join the class action lawsuit.

  • Annmarie Bunts March 9, 2020

    Mine is absolutely useless. Does not touch walls or door at all. How do I or my rental owner join suit?

  • Sabrina Klein March 9, 2020

    I also have a Maytag oven with AquaLift technology. It has never properly cleaned the oven so I need to clean it by hand. I would like more information on the class action, please.

  • Carrie Collise March 8, 2020

    The worst feature known to mankind. It does very little to actually “clean ” and just leaves me a pool of warm water to stop up after. Never purchase this feature again.

  • Scott Palin March 4, 2020

    Have a Whirlpool gold series with the Aqualift system that does not work as advertised. Had to reclean manually. Between this and the problem with my Samsung ice maker what a pain.

  • Vicky Anchinsko March 2, 2020

    I live in Florida and wish to be in this lawsuit. The oven does not get clean. It was in the house we purchased unfortunately.

  • Kristen T February 23, 2020

    Bought a whirpool gas range in Nov 2016. Aqualiftdoes nothing on clean cycle.

  • G February 22, 2020

    bought maytag w/ aqualift selfclean …garbage….worst oven ever…..will never spend money with this company again.

  • Joanne Ranney February 18, 2020

    Yes I have a non functional aqualift self cleaning oven. It doesn’t even pretend to work.

  • RMJonasson February 17, 2020

    I am also having problems with the Aqua Lift Self Clean feature of my Whirlpool electric range in that it simply does not clean the oven at all!!!!

  • Trudy Furno February 13, 2020

    How can one join this class action suit? We bought our Whirlpool Gas Oven with “Self-Clean Aqua Lift” system in September of 2018. It is useless and a total joke, not to mention false advertising on Whirlpool’s part. After a letter, phone call, and emails, Whirlpool responds with form letters and the same cleaning kit which came with the oven. How rude.

  • Max Truax February 11, 2020

    My oven aqua lift cleaning is no good …I want to join classaction lawsuit. mtruax@westriv.com

  • Jackie February 5, 2020

    I too have many problems cleaning this oven. Cannot even see through the glass door because only the bottom inside of the oven comes clean! I’ve had this oven since 2012.
    How do I get in on this suit?

  • Pat Monroe February 4, 2020

    Purchased Maytag Aqualift oven in 2016. Worst oven I have ever had. Even after running clean cycle 5 times side walls don’t come clean at all. Bottom where the water sits comes somewhat clean but you still have to scrub. Running cycle does not soften anything. Have to take door off to be able to scrub it down. Just spend 5 hours trying to get oven clean on my hands and knees. Didn’t even attempt the top inside oven. I am 68 years old and this is such false advertising. How could this product gone through any testing? I am sick of having to clean this oven.

  • D Irene LeBlanc February 3, 2020

    I have a whirlpool oven with Aqua Lift Technology. I purchased it the spring of 2019. I read the information and when I cooked something and it burned on, I cleaned it. It does not clean the oven. I had to get down on my hands and knees to get it clean. I think an oven with no self cleaning would be better to buy. At least you can use oven cleaner on it. It stinks and I hate it. I used to like whirlpool. I am 71 and have purchased many appliances from them. This is the worst oven. The other thing is that the top heat elements are not regulated well. Everything boils on low heat. Forget high!! ?

  • Barbara willers January 30, 2020

    I too have an Whirlpool aqualift self clean gas stove, which when you run the clean cycle only cleans basically the bottom.

  • Dorothy Smith January 28, 2020

    Does not self clean at all! It’s a joke! The reason we purchased this range was due to the advertising of self cleaning technology.Very misleading and does not work according to manufacturer claims.We been married 40 years and have purchased several Whirlpool products and have never experienced anything like this before,we thought we were making a good purchase because of the name brand but it turns out this is the worst purchase we have ever made in our 40 years.The money we purchased this range with was HARD EARNED MONEY!!! We feel like Whirlpool has ripped us off!!! AquaLift does nothing!!! I live in Tennessee

  • Michele January 28, 2020

    How can I be apart of this lawsuit regarding my whirlpool aqua clean oven?
    It’s a piece of garbage

  • John DeSouza January 28, 2020

    Have had a Whirlpool oven with this nonsense since 2014. It’s a nice idea, but does very little to clean it.

  • Tesheba Jones January 26, 2020

    Add me

  • Brenda givens January 25, 2020

    Same problem as everyone else on here . Maytag aqualift does not work!

  • Brenda Givens January 25, 2020

    I unfortunately purchased a Maytag with aqua lift and now need to manually clean the sides and back of oven. This product does not work as advertised. No one in their right mind would go back to cleaning an oven the way we did 30 years ago.
    Since the use of chemicals may void the warranty this presents quite a challenge.
    Any suggestions on how to clean would be appreciated.

  • Debbie Tessar January 23, 2020

    I’ve got one, too. It’s a Whirlpool Model 540H0ES0. Only the bottom part where the water is, really comes clean. The rest has to be vigorously scrubbed. It’s like something out of the dark ages. I can’t remember when I last owned an oven that needed to be scrubbed. I’m 70 years old and I’m not really agile enough for the contortions involved.

  • James Huyck January 22, 2020

    I bought my Whirlpool Electric Oven, with Aqua Lift Technology in 2016 at Home Depot. We use our oven ALLOT.. and the Aqua Lift cleaning has NEVER worked correctly. Multiple cleaning cycles and it makes no difference. I end up scrubbing with dish detergent, lemon juice and a non abrasive sponge to get it the best I can.

  • Kimberly Jozwick January 22, 2020

    I live in WV, and own the WHIRLPOOL AQUA LIFT… FALSE misleading information , I agree

  • Jeff Skydell January 19, 2020

    I have had my Whirlpool slide in gas range for about four years. It has never gotten clean using the Aqualift system. Since the surface of the interior of the oven cannot be cleaned using the “old fashioned” oven cleaner, I am embarrassed to say but the oven has not been cleaned since the day it was purchase, other than using the Aqualift system. The way I figure it, when the oven gets so bad that I can no longer stand it I will go out and purchase another gas stove. I love my Whirlpool French Door refrigerator, Whirlpool above the stove Microwave Convection, and my Whirlpool dishwasher. My second kitchen has a Whirlpool double oven electric stove and regular above the stove microwave, both are excellent. Aqualift is a marketing tool based on a system that has absolutely NO ability to clean the oven.

  • Mary T January 18, 2020

    Also have whirlpool oven with aqualift self clean. The water never gets hot enough to make any steam in oven to clean. 1st self cleaning oven ever used that did not work. Will never buy whirlpool products again unless they make it right.
    In Virginia

  • Inamac January 18, 2020

    So upsetting. Cannot get oven clean. Bought whirlpool gas range in Mar 2019. $ 1957.14 is so much money for us…we are paying it off in installment for the next year. Plus the cost for the gas appliance hook up.

  • Sherrie T January 17, 2020

    I cannot believe the AquaLift Self-Cleaning system is still being sold. I purchased a Maytag with this self cleaning feature and it has not worked once. I have run the feature multiple times thinking i was doing something wrong but after reading this, it looks like the technology needs more work. I feel I wasted my hard earned money on garbage.

  • Christine Shaw January 13, 2020

    I purchased a kitchenaid KSDB900ESS 30-Inch 5 Burner Dual Fuel Convection Slide-In Range 6/03/2019 for $2550.00 ; it was delivered 07/2019 and first used for thanksgiving in a part-time home. I was told it had “self-clean” at the time of purchase. Attempted to clean the appliance through 4 cycles of Aqualift, consuming an entire day of scrubbing. Aqualift does not clean! Aqua-lift is worse than manual cleaning when you used caustic sprays, at least the oven cleaning spray worked and you were not scrubbing in that oven cavity.
    I called the dealer, Specialty Appliance, and told them I wanted to return and exchange this for an appliance with self-cleaning. They told me to call Kitchenaid. Kitchenaid said they have no recourse unless the appliance is defective. There is no return or exchange; they read the aqualift instructions to me again on the phone! Next up is calling the credit card company where I purchased it.

  • Dorothy Smith January 12, 2020

    We bought our Whirlpool stove 11-26-2019 which has the AqualLift Self-Cleaning Technology,I cleaned it for the first time this morning 1-12-2020,I read the cleaning instructions and did all the steps as stated.After the 40 minutes of cleaning I opened the door and there was no difference you could touch the inside of the oven and it wasn’t hot just warm and none of the soil had come off and I couldn’t even wipe it off. I’m really disappointed this is false advertising.We bought this stove with hard working money.I cleaned it again because I thought maybe I did something wrong but the results were the same…nothing came off. Is there anyway we could get our money back! I’m calling the Company tomorrow and complaining!

  • ,Barbara Ralph. Jan.4,2020 January 4, 2020

    I thought I was doing something wrong. I bought my kitchen aid in Oct 2019 and now learn that this technology has never worked. Didn’t realize a well known company could get away with such lies, or would want to.

  • Carol Anne Walter January 3, 2020

    Aqua lift does not clean. Misleading advertising at it’s best.

  • Michael Byrne January 3, 2020

    I have a Whirlpool Stove with Aqualift and it does not self clean at all. You have to scrub it manually. Reason I purchased was due to the advertising of self cleaning technology. Very misleading and does not work according to manufacturer claims. Very frustrating pain in the ass.

  • Patricia O'Dea December 30, 2019

    I, too, purchased an Aqualift self-cleaning oven from Whirlpool., which never cleaned… not once. I am left with a big black burned on crust on the bottom of the oven. I even tried scraping it, and it won’t budge. My oven always looks uncared for. No amount of elbow-grease will remove it. Even the sides are difficult to clean. I paid a lot for this range and I would like to join the class-action suit to recoup some of that. No one should pay for a product with false advertising.

  • Becky Kubale December 27, 2019

    So upset that I bought my Kitchen Aid oven with aqua lift technology. It’s horrible. I don’t even try to use it anymore. I keep my oven spotless and I clean it now by taking off the door and scrubbing it by hand. I thought the name brand meant it would be a quality stove. I can’t afford a new stove so I’m stuck with this one. I’ve changed the way I cook now. I won’t make certain dishes that might dirty my oven because I don’t want to have to deal with the clean up. Please help all of us that live in other states. I’m in Wisconsin.

  • Carrie Bennett December 22, 2019

    I live in Iowa – how can I get in on this or another law suit this oven is awful- does not clean at all and it was not cheap

  • Patty Belt December 21, 2019

    I have a whirlpool aqua lift stove and it does nothing but heat water in the bottom of the oven. I have to clean it manually! I am 75 years old and too old to be scrubbing an oven. I would not have bought a stove with Aqua Lift Technology had I known the facts about it. They advertised the technology and I was so impressed by the advertising, that I bought what they were advertising. It is one of the most disappointing things that I have purchased. Their advertising was false!

  • Linda Quigg December 19, 2019

    I have a kitchen aide professional oven with aqua lift technology. It doesn’t work at all. Can I join a class action suite. I live in NY.

  • Karen Maycher December 17, 2019

    We also purchased the KitchenAid oven this year. Aqua lift does not work at all.
    Why are these units still being sold?

  • Lewis Mekbel December 17, 2019

    We also bought the oven with this ‘new” technology and it doesn’t work as described by Whirlpool.

  • Michele December 17, 2019

    We bought the whirlpool electric range with aqualift. It does not clean at all. How can I file a claim.

  • Shari Robins December 15, 2019

    Same complaints as others. I am in North Carolina how can Ingerman in this class action lawsuit

  • Katie Bruno December 5, 2019

    I have one of these useless things but I am in the state of Ohio, can I participate in the class action suit?

  • Brian Classen December 3, 2019

    We have an entire KitchenAid set of appliances and now feel we have to replace them all because this oven’s “cleaning” system does not clean. I like the other appliances but we want them to match, but we will never buy another oven with so-called “aqualift” technology. It simply does not work. I thought my wife was just being picky, but when I tried to clean it 4 times myself, I was convinced that our new oven was always going to look worse inside than our old one. It’s about time this technology was discontinued to avoid ripping off a lot more consumers.

  • Tim Dolletzki November 30, 2019

    How do you get in class action Suit for failure of Aqualift cleaning system. It is Terrible!! Do Not Buy!!!

  • Christine Smith November 26, 2019

    I bought this Whirlpool Aqualift self cleaning oven in 2014 for our new house. Needless to say, it has not self cleaned and I have multiple chronic problems that hurts like crazy because I have dealt with it not cleaning and I have scrubbed for nothing. I am going to have to resort to the old fashioned overnight cleaner. So what if the surface goes away? It isn’t doing what it is supposed to do anyway.

  • Hilary Moyes November 25, 2019

    Absolutely awful product. Purchased 6.4 cubic foot electric oven; the Aqua lift is misleading, at the very least. I have just been on the phone to Whirlpool, whose solution is to send me a cleaning kit. I’ve had shoulder surgery, and I’m on my knees scrubbing an oven like it’s 1975. I’m a very tidy cook; this product does not do even the basics of cleaning. Oven door is smudged, an basic spills not coming off. Do not buy this product!

  • Sharon DePrizio November 25, 2019

    Purchased the Maytag range in 2013. Nothing but a disaster to clean. Had to use a razor blade to remove a baked on spill that happened yesterday. I think all the finish on the oven bottom is now gone. Include me in the CAL as well.

  • Lynne Finney November 23, 2019

    I live in Indiana and purchased at King Great Buys. Not a great buy at all
    How do I get included in this class action?

  • Heidi Jones November 20, 2019

    Purchased our oven for our new house in 2015. The Whirlpool AquaLift Self Clean oven does nothing of the such! To top it off, the manufacturer manual does not recommend standard oven cleaning products. Huge disappointment and huge waste of money!

  • R. Parody November 15, 2019

    Yup! Bought one in March 2013 from Lowe’s & the Aqualift “technology” never worked as advertised. Finally replace it in January with a real self cleaning oven.

    • Kendall Hawkins November 17, 2019

      How do I become part of this class action suit? I’ve had a HORRIBLE experience with this range, and the aqualift feature just put the icing on the cake! Thanks in advance!

  • Deborah Warren November 12, 2019

    It was a farce. Did not clean at all!

  • Connie Gilbert November 10, 2019

    It does not clean at all!!

  • Marion Wong November 9, 2019

    Yes, I purchased one. How do I join this lawsuit?

  • Mary November 4, 2019

    Yes I bought one, does not clean at all.

  • judy E vito October 30, 2019

    I’m very disappointed with the maytag gas stove with aqualift technology. It doesn’t clean well at all. I received no useful information when speaking to the company. I wasted my money on this stove.

  • Mary Friedman October 29, 2019

    I bought a dual-fuel KitchenAid stove with Aqualift SELF CLEANING electric oven last November.
    The oven has only been used for seven months. I used the self -cleaning cycle as directed repeatedly and found it ineffective. I often have repeated the cycle three times in a row without the oven getting clean. I am 68 years old and a loyal Kitchen Aid consumer. I bought his dual fuel oven thinking Kitchen Aid was a good brand. I did not spend over $2000 for a SELF-CLEANING oven to have to get down on my hands and knees and scrub it. the most annoying problem is that the OVEN SMOKES now because the soil which is at the top of the oven cannot even be SCRUBBED off because the broiler coil is in the way. This is totally unacceptable.

  • connie brandenburg October 28, 2019

    Yes we bought a range

  • TASHA LARSON October 28, 2019

    Yes I am very disappointed in my whirlpool maytag range especially the aqua lift technology model number w10400397 B

  • Sherrie Castillo October 25, 2019

    I purchased a Whirlpool gas stove in 2014. One of its selling points to me was the “self cleaning ” oven with AQUALIFT Technology…. It is useless !!! Whirlpool should be ashamed !!! It is damn near impossible to clean oven and oven Door ….
    I spent alot of money for this stove and over the years have purchased many Whirlpool products… Never again.

  • William R Brown October 24, 2019

    My Whirlpool stove was installed in January of 2017 and it included an oven cleaning kit and instructions in its use. The Whirlpool instruction sheet is numbered W10747155A. I followed the instructions and found that the cleaning technology had no effect on my oven. It had to be cleaned manually which is difficult because of it’s depth.

  • lisa Marie miller October 23, 2019

    Yesi did

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