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Vote Now! Top Class Actions 2015 Best Legal Blog Competition

Another year, another “top legal blog” nomination! Top Class Actions is proud to announce that it has been selected to compete in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition. The nomination comes nearly a year after was voted the #1 legal blog in… Read More »


Wright Hit With Lawsuit Over Two Hip Implant Failures

A new plaintiff in the multidistrict litigation against Wright alleges failure of both his Conserve hip implants. Plaintiff Alberto F. of Los Angeles says in his metal hip implant lawsuit he received two Wright Conserve hip implants, the first in the left... Read More »


Kentucky Woman Files Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

A Kentucky woman joined the growing vaginal mesh multidistrict litigation, filing a lawsuit against Ethicon and its parent Johnson & Johnson over their TVT (transvaginal tape) product. Plaintiff Terri B. reported in her short-form complaint (which has few details) that she had... Read More »

a blood bag for infusion into a clinic. donor blood is administered.

Widow Files Xarelto Bleeding Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are facing a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that their blood thinner Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is dangerous and should not be sold. A Florida widow filed a Xarelto bleeding wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her deceased husband, Ronald H. against... Read More »


Lovaza Fish Oil Linked with Subdural Hematoma

Lovaza, a prescription omega-3 fatty acid, has recently been associated with a higher risk of bleeding, causing some patients to file Lovaza lawsuits. Lovaza is sold by GlaxoSmithKline and developed by Reliant Pharmaceuticals. GlaxoSmithKline warns that “Omega-3-acids may prolong bleeding time. Patients... Read More »


Cherokee Nation Wants Risperdal Lawsuit Back in State Court

In an ongoing lawsuit regarding the antipsychotic drug Risperdal, the Cherokee Nation, plaintiffs in the case, requested that the lawsuit be removed from the federal court and sent back to Oklahoma State Court. The Cherokee Nation filed the original Risperdal lawsuit against Johnson... Read More »


Trials Begin Over Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms

The first wave of litigation over Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms is going to trial, while thousands of other plaintiffs wait for the results. Cymbalta is manufacturer Eli Lilly’s brand name for the drug duloxetine. Since being approved by the FDA in August 2004,... Read More »


Antidepressants During Pregnancy: Benefits and Risks

A new study suggests that women who take antidepressants during pregnancy have fewer delivery complications. This is the first study of its kind to report any positive effects from maternal use of antidepressants, which part of a class of drugs called selective... Read More »

Liver male anatomy anterior x-ray view

Zithromax Popularity May Have Liver Severe Repercussions

For over decades now, Zithromax has been one of the premiere choice antibiotics and has been prescribed to millions of Americans, and it still remains at the top of the antibiotic market. First approved in 1992, Zithromax (also sold as azithromycin, Zpak,... Read More »


Zofran Studies: Morning Sickness Drug Linked to Birth Defects

About one million pregnant women are prescribed Zofran for morning sickness relief in the U.S. each year. However, the anti-nausea medication has been the subject of numerous studies after hundreds of adverse event reports have been filed with the Food and Drug... Read More »

power morcellator

Power Morcellator Poses Uterine Cancer Risks to Women

Many women undergo gynecological surgeries for a variety of health reasons. Some common gynecological surgeries performed on women include: myomectomy (removal of fibroids) hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tubes) However, according to recent... Read More »

bair hugger lawsuit

Bair Hugger Warming Blankets Linked to Bacteria Infections

After a series of injuries, product liability attorneys are ramping up investigations into possible personal injury lawsuits against manufacturer 3M's Bair Hugger warming blankets. Potential Bair Hugger lawsuits against the company will likely allege that 3M violated consumer protection laws and failed to warn... Read More »


Anticonvulsant Lamictal Associated with Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Product liability attorneys are currently looking for potential plaintiffs to bring Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawsuits against the pharmaceutical manufacturers of Lamictal. Potential drug injury lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline will likely allege that the company violated consumer protection laws and failed to warn the... Read More »