Doctors Were Not Warned Invokana Induced Heart Attack, Lawsuit States

A couple has filed a lawsuit against Janssen pharmaceuticals and parent company Johnson & Johnson as well as Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. alleging the companies’ drug Invokana induced heart attack, ketoacidosis and other physical conditions. Plaintiffs Crystal and Lee E. allege that… Read More


Eliquis Bleeding Problems

Eliquis, a popular blood thinner medication, may lead to a variety of severe or even fatal Eliquis bleeding problems, according to a growing number of injured plaintiffs. What is Eliquis? Eliquis (generic name apixaban) is a blood thinning drug manufactured and distributed… Read More

Xarelto bleeding lawsuit

Siblings Files Xarelto Death Lawsuit on Behalf of Late Mother

Two California siblings  have filed a Xarelto death lawsuit after losing their mother, alleging her use of Xarelto led to serious internal bleeding and eventual death. The siblings, Linda D. and Steven P., filed this lawsuit after their mother Mary P. allegedly… Read More


Zithromax Liver Side Effects May Include Need for Organ Transplant

No one visiting the doctor for a simple earache, urinary tract infection, STI or other run-of-the-mill bacterial infection expects that he or she will end up needing a liver transplant. However, some patients using Zithromax may be unpleasantly surprised. For some patients taking… Read More

Taxotere Hair Loss

Taxotere Lawsuit Claims Permanent Hair Loss from Chemo

Sanofi Aventis is facing a new Taxotere lawsuit from a South Carolina woman and her husband, alleging permanent hair loss from chemo after using the drug for treatment. Plaintiff Linda and Larry G. allege that the company failed to warn them against permanent… Read More


Side Effects of Risperdal Can Include Breast Growth in Males

The psychiatric drug Risperdal has been at the focus of millions of dollars worth of civil litigation and regulatory enforcement efforts. First approved by the FDA in 19993, Risperdal is now approved as a treatment for schizophrenia, the manic episodes associated with… Read More


Plaintiffs Continue to Allege Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Complications

Despite settling a large number of Pradaxa lawsuits, drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelhiem is expected to face a second wave of claims over Pradaxa internal bleeding complications. Pradaxa, known generically as dabigatran, is the first of a new generation of anticoagulant medications that… Read More


Studies Document Cases of Dilantin Cerebellar Ataxia

Dilantin, also known as phenytoin, is one of the oldest and most frequently prescribed anti-convulsants used to treat seizures. But even with its long track record, Dilantin is not without its side effects, some of which can be fairly serious. Published research… Read More

Benicar Joint Report

Benicar Joint Report: MDL Plaintiffs To Seek Partial Summary Judgment

Attorneys representing over 1,700 Benicar plaintiffs have filed a Benicar joint report notifying the Court to anticipate the filing of a motion for partial summary judgment that drug maker Daiichi Sankyo failed to warn about the gastrointestinal risks of the blood pressure medication…. Read More

Invega Breast Pain

Growing Concern Over Use of Invega and Breast Pain

The medical community and patients are becomingly increasingly concerned about the purported link between Invega and a number of serious side effects, including Invega and breast pain. Invega (also known as paliperidone) is a popular antipsychotic developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary… Read More


Prilosec Lawsuit Filed Against AstraZeneca

A woman has filed a Prilosec a lawsuit against AstraZeneca following complications that she experienced after using the heartburn medication. Plaintiff Jackie K. used Prilosec for the treatment of peptic disorders, which encompass gastroesophageal reflux disease, more commonly known as GERD, nonsteroidal… Read More

Cipro SJS Syndrome

What is Cipro SJS Syndrome?

Some antibiotics, like Cipro, have been linked to the condition Stevens Johnson Syndrome or SJS. Cipro SJS Syndrome can be fatal if not treated properly. Cipro is part of the fluoroquinolone antibiotic drug family that includes Zithromax and Lamictal. The U.S. Food… Read More

Rolling red dice on a casino table

Abilify Compulsive Gambling Lawsuit Filed by Calif. Woman

A California woman has filed an Abilify compulsive gambling lawsuit against the makers of the drug, Bristol-Myers Squibb. She claims that Abilify caused her compulsive gambling habit. Abilify Compulsive Gambling Lawsuit Filed Plaintiff Christina P. began taking Abilify in April 2010 and,… Read More