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Propecia Lawsuit Claims Sexual Side Effects Persist Indefinitely

A married couple field a Propecia lawsuit against drug maker Merck & Co., alleging that the male pattern baldness drug causes severe sexual side effects. Plaintiffs Jeff A. and Mary A. filed the Propecia lawsuit against Merck, claiming that Jeff began taking Propecia... Read More »


Zofran Birth Defects Lawsuit Filed in North Dakota

A Zofran birth defect lawsuit was recently filed in North Dakota. The lawsuit alleges that Zofran’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, violated consumer protection laws and failed to warn about dangerous potential side effects associated with taking the medication. The Zofran lawsuit claims that Zofran... Read More »

Lipitor diabetes lawsuit

MO Woman Files Lipitor Lawsuit After Developing Diabetes

A Missouri woman has filed a Lipitor lawsuit alleging that pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer Inc., negligently misrepresented its prescription cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor and that the drug can cause users to develop type-2 diabetes. According to the Lipitor diabetes lawsuit, Pfizer knew or should... Read More »


Risperdal Off-Label Marketing Leads to Civil and Criminal Penalties

Years of marketing Risperdal for off-label uses have left manufacturers Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson with a tarnished history and sizeable monetary penalties. Risperdal is the brand name for risperidone, a medication approved to treat schizophrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and... Read More »


Diflucan Latest Drug Linked to SJS Side Effects

Diflucan (Fluconazole), an anti-fungal and yeast infection medication, is the latest drug to be blamed for causing  Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Numerous medications are alleged to cause SJS, a devastating skin reaction. Diflucan was approved by the FDA in 1990, to treat... Read More »


Mother Sues Pfizer For Child’s Zoloft Birth Defects

Across America, millions of expectant mothers on prescription antidepressants are finding themselves choosing between their medications and the health of their unborn babies. Numerous cases of birth defects have been reported in correlation with Zoloft and other SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors),... Read More »

Metal Hip Implant Lawsuit

Biomet Hip Implant Lawsuit Filed by Nevada Woman

A Nevada woman filed a metal hip implant lawsuit against Biomet, Inc., alleging that its metal hip implant device is defective. Plaintiff Doris W., a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, is suing Biomet, Inc. for the injuries she allegedly sustained after having... Read More »


Pradaxa Bleeding Side Effects Cause for Concern

Pradaxa (dabigatran) is a blood-thinning drug approved by the FDA in 2010. Pradaxa was created to improve upon warfarin, the old staple for treating atrial fibrillation, a condition which can lead to strokes. However, Pradaxa’s manufacturer (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals) has been facing... Read More »


Benicar Lawsuit: Drug Caused Kidney Failure and Diarrhea

A Mississippi woman is the latest to join the growing number of Benicar lawsuits consolidated into a multidistrict litigation in New Jersey. Plaintiff Chunda C. filed a Benicar lawsuit against manufacturers Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. and Forest Pharamceuticals, Inc. alleging negligent misrepresentation and... Read More »

Xarelto Side Effects Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Xarelto Studies Point to Increased Bleeding Risk

Researchers have published two new studies regarding the controversial anticoagulant medication Xarelto, raising more concerns about the uncontrollable bleeding side effects associated with the blood thinner. Both of these recent Xarelto studies link the drug, manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, with bleeding side effects... Read More »


Power Morcellator Use Linked to Uterine Sarcoma

One in 350 women who undergo a hysterectomy or myomectomy procedure using a power morcellator will eventually be diagnosed with uterine sarcoma, according to recent studies. The threat of spreading cancer tissues through morcellation use has spurred the U.S. Food and Drug... Read More »

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Concerns About Diabetes Drug Direct-to-Consumer Ads

The growing number of reports involving side effects allegedly linked to Invokana and other diabetes medications have renewed concerns about the aggressive direct-to-consumer advertisements used by the makers of the controversial medications when they were first approved by the FDA. The first... Read More »