FordA class action lawsuit filed in Texas District Court accuses Ford Motor Co. of profiting off of defective spark plugs.

Plaintiff Joshua Brewer claims in the Ford spark plug class action lawsuit that he purchased a 2006 Ford F150 that had defective sparks that cannot be readily removed when they need to be replaced. The class action lawsuit claims that when the defective spark plugs are removed, it causes damage to the spark plug and to the engine because part of the plug remains in the cylinder head.

Brewer alleges in the Ford defective spark plug class action that the defect has resulted in class members spending excessive amounts of money to change out spark plugs. Brewer says he was charged $800 to change out five spark plugs in his F150, nearly three times the normal cost of replacement.

Ford is accused in the class action lawsuit of not conducting sufficient recalls, failing to disclose known defects in the engines, failing to effectively repair or replace the engines or parts, and failing to reimburse.

The affected Ford vehicles that contain the allegedly defective Ford spark plugs include:

  • 2005-2008 Ford Mustang
  • 2004-2008 Ford F-150
  • 2005-2008 Ford F-Super Duty Expedition
  • 2006-2008 Ford Explorer
  • F-53 Ford Motorhome Chassis
  • 2007-2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
  • 2005-2008 Lincoln Navigator
  • 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT
  • 2006-2008 Mercury Mountaineer


The Ford spark plug class action lawsuit is seeking damages for out-of-pocket expenses related to the cost to replace the spark plugs, deductibles paid when repairs were covered by warranty, diminution in value of the subject vehicles, economic losses, attorney’s fees, interest and court costs. It is alleging negligence, breach of implied warranty of merchantability, breach of express warranty and unjust enrichment against Ford.

The case is Joshua Brewer v. Ford Motor Co., Case No. 1:11-cv-00222, Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division.

UPDATE: On June 5, 2015, Ford agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle the spark plug defect class action lawsuit.

UPDATE 2: Claim filing instructions for the Ford spark plug class action settlement are now available! Click here or visit for details.

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  • Anonymous July 6, 2011

    Defective Ford Spark Plug Class Action Lawsuit
    My husband has a 1999 f150 lariet that does the same thing. We stopped using dealershp because it was so expensive to use them. Is this model year a problem for anyone else and can we be included in suit? Please let me know. I will say that after the maintenance issues with this truck we will never purchase another ford again.

    • Patricia September 24, 2014

      lost of resale value

  • Anonymous July 15, 2011

    Defective Ford Spark Plug Class Action Lawsuit
    I own a 2006 Ford F-150. It has been in the shop since 6/30/11. The dealer broke 3 spark plugs. Now they want an additional $3,880.58 to repair their mistake. Open for suggestions. All I know is that I won’t be paying for someone else’s mistake.
    I have filed complaints with the following agencies:
    U.S. Department of Transportation (NHTSA)
    Federal Trade Commission – Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Better Business Bureau
    Office of the Attorney General of Florida.
    Anyone experiencing this problem should do the same.
    We need to get this thing recalled.

    • jason January 8, 2014

      Hey man how it going I have a 2006 f-150 with the same problem I just got my plugs changed an 6 of them broke in my motor I didn’t go to the dealer ship to get them changed it took me awhile to find a good mechanic to do it it cost me 1400 to get it done I’m trying to see how to join this class action suit this should be a recall the dealer ships just robb everyone plus I know 2 mechanics that use to word for ford an they quit cause they coukdnt rip people off they said they had to carry a spray bottle with them an spray things on the motor when people borough there cars an trucks in for tune ups an tell people they found something leaking an it needs to be changed so they would clean the spray off an charge people for a replacement when they didn’t do anything the also don’t change things they say the did an most of the time they never do its bullshit ford does this an I’m down to join anything to get my money back for things they didnt do an ripped me off on an one more thing there over 12 recalls on these trucks look them up

      • Jeremy October 30, 2015

        32 year Chrysler mechanic here. ASE Master. I find it extremely hard to believe that a business with probably over 10 million dollars and there reputation at stake would pull something like this. Look at the numbers, would it be worth losing the dealership license from Ford if they were caught doing this. Two good techs eh! where is the video? I call BS.

        • Tom December 15, 2015

          You’re looking for a video in his post, while I’d settle for punctuation.

      • Victoria Powell June 4, 2016

        We spent $1500, for a shop local to change our ’05 King Ranch f150 plugs. 7 of the 8 broke off in the head.I wanna know how to be a part of it too.

    • Darryl Graves April 7, 2014

      I paid about the same amount. It needs to be a recall.

  • Anonymous August 6, 2011

    Defective Ford Spark Plug Class Action Lawsuit
    My 2007 f150 4.6 liter blew up tonight. Im under warranty including an extended bumper to bumper. So ill see what happens. Imagine my surprise when i googled ‘f150 engine blowing up’ and discovered all this. I bought it used a year and a half ago. So ill see what happens. I wont make another payment if they dont cover it. I live in NJ.

    • PATRICK GUIN June 7, 2016


  • Anonymous August 19, 2011

    I took my 2005 Expedition to a Certified Auto Shop who I have used for the last 13 years for a tune up and the back spark plug broke and he could not get it out. I paid him for the tune up and had to pay Ford Dealership to take it out. This is outrageous that it has not been a recall to fix the problem. Ford is making money off of a faulty part that they know is faulty and this is not fair to the consumer.

    This has been a problem since 2004 and it still have not been resolved. Maybe we should put funds together to run a commercial in the United States asking people to respond if they are experiencing or have experienced this problem.

    • jason January 8, 2014

      Hey man I agree 6 out of 8 plugs broke in my motor an I had to pay 1400 to the mechanic that did the job I also wanted to say there’s over 12 recalls on these trucks that they never fixed on any of the trucks they sold people an we all need to come together an fight ford to make this rip off scandal they have stop an reibures every one that they ripped off an I’ll never buy another ford again my truck almost killed me 3 times cause of recalls but anyway I’m down for joining the suit an anything else to make them make this right

  • Anonymous August 23, 2011

    How do I get added to the class action suit against Ford for the broken spark plug issue?

    • jason January 8, 2014

      I want to know how to get added to

    • ray thompson May 15, 2014


      • Jeremy October 30, 2015

        32 year ASE master tech here. This is a 20 min repair. Easy Easy, do it yourself. Youtube videos are out there. I have done hundreds of these plug replacements and only broke two. try this!! have them do a fuel induction service first. this cleans the carbon off the ceramic part of the plug that causes the problem. Then insist they use a 3/8 inch drive impact gun to remove the plugs. This works because once the plug is broken lose it keeps on spinning till it is removed. using a hand ratchet causes the plug to constantly be broken lose and then it is stopped while the tech takes another bite to turn the ratchet again. every time he has to bust it lose is another chance to break it.

    • sylvia Duran January 30, 2015

      My f150 has a broken spark pug the dealer knew aboutw it and sold it to me with out dicloseing it I took it to the ford dealer and they wont touch it for reasons ofw not being liable for damages I took it back to the guy who sold it he has lt and now he wont answer me back he took my money and the truck am gettingw ready to file charges against this man

      • Ralph Cuttey August 29, 2015

        Is there a class action law suit for spark plugs blowing out in 4.6 Mustang GT 2004. Cusmer affairs have posted spark plug blow outs on 4.6 and 5.4 engines. Ford says the plugs are not torqued to specs. This is false, because factory installed plugs are blowing out.

  • Anonymous August 31, 2011

    I, too, today found out about this problem with changing the spark plugs. My local mechanic, who I’ve known for twenty years took out two plugs in my 2005 Ford F150 crew cab pickup. During the process it took the mechanic 1.5 hours to take out one of the plugs. In doing so broke the plug. It took him longer in taking out the second plug fortunately it didn’t break. The cost to take out two plugs has cost me thus far $340.00. I told the mechanic to stop and I’d pay him for the work he’s done thus far. A lot pricey for just two plugs. After researching it tonight, I’m in a quandry as to whether or not to sell the truck, as is. Hard to do it since it’s been helpful with me in everyday lift and being tall it’s a truck I fit in comfortably.

  • Anonymous September 9, 2011

    Having my tune up done on my 07 expedition. 7 plugs came out but one broke off and if he can’t get the plug out the head has to come off.

  • Anonymous September 25, 2011

    If there is a class action lawsuit we want to be included. We had the same experience. Two mechanics, 3 days, over 10 hours of labor to replace 8 spark plugs in my F150. It cost me over $800. I then took the truck to Ford and they told me my engine is shot because pieces of the broken spark plugs fell into the engine. They said don’t drive it, it might blow up. It;’s been sitting in the driveway since July and I still owe over $10,000 on the loan. I called Ford corporate office and all they said was sorry there’s nothing they can do. I filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation (NHTSA) 1-888-327-4236, the Better Business Bureau, National Consumer Affairs,and Office of the Attorney General of my state. They said an investigation would be conducted and that can lead to a recall. Anyone with this problem needs to do the same.

  • Anonymous October 7, 2011

    I have a 2006 F150 Supercab. I would like to know if this class auction suit is also open to people from the state of SC. The dealership here wants $750 to replace my plugs (just regular maintenance), and my independent mechanic says they can’t touch it because the plugs are defective, as Ford knows, and the plugs break off in the engine

    • jason January 8, 2014

      Hey man I just went through the same thing 6 out of 8 plugs broke in my truck I have a 06 f150 to I looking for the same info I also wanted to tell you there’s over 12 other recalls on these trucks look them up its scary um if you here how to join the suit before I do can you let me know how I get on board to an if I hear something I’ll do the same

  • Anonymous October 28, 2011

    Would like information about status of the Ford F150 lawsuit, especially information about how we can join the class action suit. Thank you!

  • Anonymous November 9, 2011

    Has anyone found out how to join this law suit yet? We have a 2005 F150 and the dealer is going to charge us 1400.00 for a tune up and they charged us 300 just to figure out what was wrong.

  • Anonymous November 10, 2011

    My 07 F150 with 5.4 is in dire need of a tuneup, local Tuffy quoted me $1200 JUST to do the plugs if they break!

  • Anonymous November 22, 2011

    I own a 2006 mark lt when I tried to get a tune up I was told 1if not all the spark plugs will break , I asked the problem , was told that yr truck was know for that problem . Now the repair cost I’m told will be substantial around 1700 and up .

  • Anonymous February 29, 2012

    I took my 2005 F150 in for 90,000 maintenance and decided to have the plugs done also, recommended at 100K. thought I could “beat” the odds. Well, I took it in 7am Friday, they had to get me a rental car for the weekend. I had 5 broken plugs. One they said would not come out and they had to get a machinist to come in on Monday to see IF they could get it out. It was removed and they wanted to charge me 350.00 for the machinist and 5 hours labor. I argued to just the 5 hours labor.
    I picked my truck up Monday night. On wednesday, I took it back it. it was running rough. I then had to replace the coil pack #8 on my spark plug as it had gone bad. they said nothing related to their work. that cost me another 230.00.There has to be a stop to this open check book for the consumer because of their design flaw. Where is the recall and cost reimbursement?

  • Anonymous April 4, 2012

    Im in the same boat with my 2006 Mark LT. I just broke off a plug.
    What is the deal with the class-action lawsuit???

  • Anonymous April 4, 2012

    I have a 2007 ford 150 with 4.6 engine. I have taken the truck in 3 times and spent $2,200.00 plus the truck has spent 20 days in the Ford dealership for 1 blown plug. Count me in to the lawsuit.

  • Anonymous April 7, 2012

    I now have a $20,000 lawn ornament, until I come up with $$$ to replace the plugs in my 2007 Lincoln Mark LT. Estimate: $510 and will go up from there @$350 per plug, if they break. Got this vehicle 5 weeks ago, unaware of this expensive repair issue. I shouldn’t even be dealing with this since the Ford salesman assured me the truck had been tuned up when they got it in. After only 2 and a half weeks the truck started “jerking” when accelerating, especially up hills. I brought it in, and it’s the plugs. I’ve now read horror stories about these plugs that break, strip, etc., in Ford vehicles starting back in 2004, and Ford knows but has done NOTHING!! And what’s really absurd is that they can charge me hundreds of dollars more if THEY break the plugs, thousands if THEY damage the engine!! I spoke to Ford Motor Co. and was basically told….”too bad”. I never would have bought this truck if I’d known this. Count me in to the lawsuit.

  • Anonymous May 12, 2012

    Plug broke while having them installed..Expensive and time consuming to repair…

  • Anonymous July 3, 2012

    We too would like to join this lawsuit. $3000 for spark plugs – ford affilated service shop and they broke 2 – now this truck is going to be garbage and the service center says sorry not our fault it is the way it was a built! Ford Dealer service center says Sorry – it was the way it was built we did nothing wrong!!! What is the status of this lawsuit???

  • Anonymous July 24, 2012

    I to have the same problem with my 2005 ford f150 5.4

  • Anonymous August 7, 2012

    Just received the call from our mechanic… $718.18 to replace the spark plugs. He reported that seven broke and five were extremely difficult to remove; however, given all we’ve read, we feel VERY fortunate the bill isn’t more! I have been holding my breath for two days, praying we wouldn’t end up having to buy a new engine, or pay more than we’ll pay today.

    Shame on Ford for not issuing a recall for this spark plug issue, AND for the problematic cam phaser in these trucks.

    Our cam phaser began ticking last month and cost $990 to replace. Fortunately, the repair was covered under a powertrain warranty the dealer provided when we bought it, (which ran out 400 miles later!)

    Our 2004 Ford F-150 was purchased on May 7th (2012) with 64,000 miles on it. We’ve driven it less than 5,000 miles and have had to replace the cam phaser, all spark plugs (as a preventative measure after learning about the defective, 2-piece design during research for the cam phaser issue.) And, the AC compressor went out on it too!

    Tomorrow I will pay Ford $291 to do a transmission service and then I’ll walk into their sales office to plunk down $3,000 to buy Ford’s best extended warranty because my husband and I now have ZERO faith in this truck!

    Janet Cooper-Bridge

  • Anonymous August 29, 2012

    We own a 2006 f150 had coil pack changed, fuel modular. Took to 3 garage a ford dealer told would be $1,350 to $2,000 for repairs then received a call that cams and cat where bad and the bill is $5,000 would like to know more about class action law suit….

  • Anonymous September 9, 2012

    I am the owner of a 2005 Ford Expedition which started “jerking” upon exceleration, so I took it to my mechanic – which I have known for 13 years – and when he took a look at the sparkplugs, he found that one had broken off prior to his even trying to change any of the others. I too would love to get in on a lawsuit for the cost of repairs to my vehicle, which thus far have exceeded $430, just for the one. Wonder if any of the others are going to break when they are changed.

  • Anonymous September 10, 2012

    Bought my F-150 8/2011, took truck to mechanic to check it out, I was also told that the sparks plugs have the same problems that everyone on this site is talking about. He told me that it will cost lots of money to remove them and they break. And if they break I have to take it to a Ford dealer and it will cost thousand. What a joke that they are profiting of us. I hope more people join the Class Action Lawsuit.

  • Anonymous September 12, 2012

    i have a 2006 mark lt and when it had around 48,000 miles one of the spark plugs broke and the dealer spent 3 days with the truck in order to fix it. now the truck has 70,000 miles and i was getting ready to change the spark plugs when i came across all this comment about the spark plugs breaking while trying to take them off. i call the consumer line for lincoln to see if they had a recall but they said they have never heard of this happening before and she direct me to a dealership close to my house to have them do it instead. i ask the shop how much would it be for the tune up and he said it started at $450 but more than likely would go up depending how many spark plugs would break. he said that it could be as many as all 8 or as few as 2??? FORD IS AWARE OF THIS ISSUE, YET THEY DECIDE TO DO NOTHING TO FIX THEIR WRONG.

  • Anonymous September 17, 2012

    Was this case ever settled? If not, is it too late to the class action suit? I was just quoted $3500 to replace the spark plugs in my 2005 Expedition…. There is no way I can afford that right now, and so I continue driving it in town to take my kids to school. Like many of the other posts, my expedition is misfiring, and if I hit 2500 RPM or higher, the check engine light flashes for about a minute. There is no way I am leaving town in a car whose check engine light is flashing that long…especially if my kids are with me.

  • Anonymous September 20, 2012

    PLEASE! Can I join this class action lawsuit? I’ve been unemployed for over two years, and recently got a great full-time job in a wonderful Broadband company. My truck is the main source of transportation for me. Without it, it’s a HUGE problem. Two days ago I took my truck in for a tune-up. They checked it and told me that the spark plugs needed to be changed on my 2005 Ford F150. I received a call from the shop and was told that the last spark plug broke, part of it fell into the cylinder and they needed a special tool to take it out but I would have to pay for the tool. Today, I took a mechanic friend with me to look at my truck’s engine. The mechanic put a scope in and showed us the problem. It showed the broken piece and many small pieces in the cylinder. I was never warned about this potential problem, and never ever knew that this could happen. I’m not moving the truck, I don’t feel responsible for the damage because I didn’t cause that damage, and Ford’s manufacturer has a 100,000 mile warranty on the spark plug. My truck has about 86,000 miles. Shame on Ford Motor! They’re not in it for us. They’re in it for their profit! Shame, shame, shame on Ford Motor. Shame on their manufacturer for engineering defective parts and shame on Ford Motor for not recalling these vehicles. I refuse to pay for any damage that I did not cause. PLEASE…INCLUDE ME IN ON YOUR CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT! I’ll be calling the BBB, US Department of Transportation, National Consumers Affair, Office of the Attorney General, and Ford Motor! I will not pay for something I can’t use because Ford Motor’s manufacturer utilized defective spark plugs. How did I know that? We should turn the table around and instead of hearing them say, “Sorry….we have no control over that” we should rise against this horrible illegal act of selling vehicles with defective parts and tell them “Sorry…..but your corporation and dealership knowingly sold us a defective product…..we have no control over that”.

  • Anonymous September 29, 2012

    I am not supporting Ford but just reminding everyone that a RECALL is under the Federal Govt. as a SAFETY issue. Exploding gas tanks, faulty seat belts roll over issues etc.. A class action suit is the best way to address this, Ford cannot be forced into a RECALL for a non safety related issue.

  • Anonymous October 9, 2012

    I have spent the last 10 years running independent auto repair shops. Yes, this is a well known issue of Ford 5.4l engines. My shop has found a way to work around this problem. We actually got the information from the local Fors dealer.

    When it is time to replace the spark plugs, drive the vehicle and make sure it is at normal operating temperature. Immediately take it to the shop of your choice and have them perform a fuel system cleaning. This process normally costs around $150. This process will remove the carbon build up that is in the combustion chambers of the engine that serve to “glue” the spark plugs in. Once this service is completed, the technician will need to spray some form of lubricating spray around the spark plugs. We use Sea Foam Deep Creep. Allow the vehicle to sit over night. The following morning, take out the spark plugs, turning them very slowly and evenly. Since we have started using this procedure, we have not broke a single spark plug in these engines.

    If a spark plug does happen to break, most technicians already the requires tool to safely remove the remaining pieces. Many different manufacturers make this tool now. I know for a fact that Napa and Carquest sell the tool. Once you have the tool (about $80 or so to buy) then just simply follow the directions and remove the spark plug.

    I agree that Ford should have done some type of recall, however that is not the case. I hope that my advice can help some of the posts that I have read about trucks sitting in the driveway or even help some who still haven’t changed tear plugs yet.

    • Winsley December 27, 2013

      Thanks for the above information. I will try your procedure as I am about to replace the plugs in my 2006 ford 150.

  • Tennessee Johnston January 16, 2013

    For those of you like #26 Leslie: I too had a check engine light on my 2005 F150 and it was coughing and spitting when I hit the accelerator. Codes suggested a bad catalytic converter which I had replaced…no help. It got really bad after using Sam’s Club gas so I added Gumout Octane booster and to my surprise the truck started running like it was brand-new. After a week or two the check engine light went off! So now I add octane booster or fuel injection cleaner every oil change.

  • rd rair February 12, 2013

    I believe owning one of these vehicles
    automatically includes you in the class action
    should they come to an agreement on damages
    but the way the world is today, who knows
    I was fortunate enough to find out about all this
    while considering a newer Ford truck
    my sympathy to all, makes me sick , its just wrong
    what they have done, by doing nothing to repair
    looks like I have to go with TOYOTA :(

  • james paris February 26, 2013

    I have a 2005 f-150 ready for a spark plug change. Whoever does the job has the ability to claim X amount of plugs broke off so bring me the title or pay the bill. No thanks~! Ford screwed the public on 6.0 Diesel motors as well and got away with it. They really need to pay BIG even if it takes them OUT. The deception and greed should be a felony. James Paris

  • David February 26, 2013

    I am in the same boat as everyone else with a 2004 f150 4.6. Had cylinder #3 blow out a spark plug braking the coil pack. Took it to lasco ford in fenton mi charged 800.00 to put a incert in. Told then it could cost up too 800.00 more to change the other 7 the truck only had 60,000 miles on it at this time. Now 25,000 miles later #3 has no compression head valves and piston all have severe damage, Most likely from the debris the dealership left in the cylinder. New engine needed at 6,000 more and ford says its not there defective designed engine. DEFINITELY COUNT ME IN. THANKS

  • Steve February 27, 2013

    What has become of the case,is it still in court?

  • Vincent Rooney March 13, 2013

    I would like to be part of this class action suit. When I took my 2006 F150 in for the 100,000 change of spark plugs. It took them 3 weeks and they charged me $3000. The dealership said they were not responsible.
    What say you?

  • C. Harper March 19, 2013

    I have a 2004 f-150 crewcab 5.4 that has 109,000 and it’s running a lil rough. So I was thinking about changing the plugs my self.So I checked out Google to see any special instructions…WOW
    I guess I should consider a trade instead….as high as $3000.00 wth is that. I have all 4 of my window regulators go out.Plus my back sliding window stopped working, My outside temp gauge says its 120 degs out when its 70…My wife has a 07 fusion and has had all kinds of problems with it too…Done with Ford’s in my family and were from Louisville, Ky and we have two Ford plants here in town

  • B. HARPER March 20, 2013


  • Bob March 27, 2013

    Good god, I found out about this problem when I went online to search on the easiest way to change the plugs on my 06 F150, mine misses when I accelerate at about 40-50 now i’m thinking of just living with it,,,i’m going to go to the shop i normally take it and the dealer just to see what they say…..this really blows!!!!

  • Dave April 1, 2013

    2008 Ford Explorer 4.6L 3valve (136K miles) was missing when under load. I was hesitant to change the plugs due to potential breaking issue so I replaced the coils over plugs (COP’s)first. The vehicle no longer misses & runs great again! Bought COP’s on Ebay for $64 and replaced myself (Disconnect connector & remove 1 small bolt. So easy, even I could do it!). Ford’s shirking of responsibility for this design flaw is troubling. Back to Toyota for me! Toyota once bought my old truck back from me (for top retail value) for a manufactering defect!

  • Ellen April 30, 2013

    Just had the issue but not at 100,000 but at 84, 000. All spark plugs broke. Cost us 1700.00 to fix and without the vehicle for a week and a half as our mechanic did not know of the tool or the problem. So not all mechanics know of this situation. The whole object is to soak, soak, soak the plugs in carb fluid as long as possible to dissolve the carbon buildup. Would have cost us more if we took this to the dealer as they would have pulled the engine apart. How do I get into the class action law suit?

  • John West May 14, 2013

    I own 2007 f150 and I known about these issues I would not have brought this 40+ thousand dollar truck. I sit waiting on the outcome of this suit for going to a dealer to change plugs scares me since being on a limited income being retired. I want to be included on this lawsuit. Please advise what I need to do!

  • Denis Dinsmore May 17, 2013

    Is this still an on going suit ? Took my 2006 ford expedition in for new plugs with 91,800 miles on them, I leave with a bill of $ 617.73 and one plug installed and one broken and the other 7 new plugs sitting on my front seat ??????????? The truck run worse than it did before going into the garage. Plus we were without the truck for 10 days.

  • gary kenske May 20, 2013

    I have a 2005 ford f250 fx4 5.4l triton v8 about a month ago i took it to the dealer for plugs at 105329 miles. a wek later it started to make a knocking noise like a diesel and quit running.again back to the dealer i go.after two days of trouble shooting i was told i need a new engine for the coast of $7000.i was never informed of plugs breaking but.when they dropped the oil pan i was told parts of pistons were in the oil pan.SIGN ME UP!!

  • Tim Myers May 24, 2013

    I own a 2005 f-150 lariat bought new the original owner. have the same problem. Im afraid to take plugs out myself after starting to and had problems. I don’t have income like I did so cant afford dealer to do it. it misses really bad when you push on the gas starts to shutter really bad, it just runs rough sounds like a diesel. plus injector issues and still have the same problem with it even after dealership fixed 4 of the injectors .first time it happened the piston went thru the block they said injector stuck open. its horrible you spend 45k on a truck and have nothing but engine problems with it. if anyone has any info on this lawsuit please include me.

  • Diana Pennybaker June 4, 2013

    I have a 2006 Mecury Mountineer and I’m having all the same problems. I can’t afford it anymore. Can someone please email if this class action lawsuit is still going on. I really want to be apart of this lawsuit!!

  • Buddy Stroud July 8, 2013

    Bought my 2004 F-150 Lariat Crewcab 4×4 about 2 months ago. Engine problems ever since ! Rough idle & die at red light ,,, also rough on acceleration. Replaced VCT on drivers side and fixed idle issues but still missing & jerking on acceleration. Need to change spark plugs I guess but on Social Security (only income) and sure can’t afford to have it done !!! If it gets much worse I guess the bank will own it.

  • Kathy July 23, 2013

    Wow! Some of the same. I have an 05 Expeditition with 121,000 miles. Spent almost 10,000 in repairs: spark plug issues, replaced catalytic converters, air suspension went out and replaced with shocks, new transmission. Latest is car was shaking when slowing in idle position, then would go dead and engine light on. Ford tells me low on oil. What a joke! Just had oil changed at NTB recently. Get car back, only to happen again. Now they tell me both cams are bad and need a new engine. Cost 8,000. I am at my wits end. Filed two complaints with Ford. Does not want to take responsibility. Any advice would be helpful. Aren’t their lemon laws to protect car buyers???

  • Rex August 9, 2013

    Well – I’m on my third trip for spark plug replacement – disaster. This time 5 of the 8 are misfiring (likely cracked), the first time it was 3 of 8, the 2nd time it was 3 of 8 – all in 24 months – I have a 2007 Expedition EL.
    Guess what – that means I’m replacing some of the newer replacements!!!! Thanks FORD

    2500.00 Dollars Spent for Spark Plug replacement.Jeez.

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Joe L August 11, 2013

    Went to do a standard tune up 6 plugs came out ok with long soaking, I had to extract one and one will not come out I have been on it for 20 hours for one plug.
    Now I cannot drive my 30,000 Lincoln mark LT .I have to spend $1500-2000 to have a ford dealer take apart my whole engine to get the garbage 3 piece plug tip out of my cylinder…..I will never but a ford again cant wait to change all my van fleet around

  • Janna August 23, 2013

    Trying to get an engine coil replaced the spark plug broke into the engine and now the engine needs to be torn apart to get the broken piece out. What can be done? This is on a 2006 Lincoln mark LT

  • Dencoofmentor September 17, 2013

    I have a 2005 F-150XLT with a 5.4 Triton engine with 71,000 miles on it and have nothing wrong at the moment, but I want to prepare for the worst case. Please keep me notified if anything is settled legally so I can join your class action.

  • Stan Sipko September 27, 2013

    I own a 2005 Expedition with a 5.4 engine. After a rough running issue I had to change the spark plugs. Not only did they cost me $13.50 each but the tool kits to remove the metal cup and the porcelain pieces were $150 and once I did get them changed I had to buy three coils at the tune of $130. I have many other vehicles and it makes me think twice about owning a Ford.

  • Kirsten October 7, 2013

    I have a 2007 F-150 5.4 truck. it has 96000 miles on it. changed the spark plugs originally at about 75,000 miles and got lucky because I had a really good friend/mechanic change them. They all came out, but were extremely difficult to removed. Had to change the spark plugs again at 96,000 mi., after only 20,000. same issue with the car running rough and skipping at certain rpms while accelerating gently. Turns out the spark plugs had backed themselves out and the spark was going around the plug. I pretty sure spark plugs are supposed to last more than 20,000 mi. everything else about the truck is good. spark plug issue is a pain.

    • Steve December 31, 2013

      That’s usualy due to the plugs not being properly torques when installed.

  • john west October 8, 2013

    Well July Aug 2013 was an expensive month, Spark Plugs fuel injector bad total 2700 dollars.

  • Dwain Henderson October 29, 2013

    Original owner 2007 Ford F150 Lariat Supercrew. Engine running rough and throwing code for misfire on #7 cylinder. First shop replaced coil and no change. Would not touch spark plugs due to breaking off. Called around and found a shop that specializes in Ford and they would replace the bad plug and test. That fixed the issue but since I have 81000 miles on the truck they suggested that I get a tune up and have the plugs replaced. They broke 4 off in the cylinder head and were successful at getting them out. Total bill was over 520.00 between two shops!!

  • John David Keef November 10, 2013

    Own 2004 Ford F150 have had this problem with the spark plug issue. Resulted in mechanic bills of over $2,500. I have receipts to prove it. Please feel free to contact me.

  • Rebecca Cruise December 19, 2013

    I have a 2006 Ford F150 5.4 and have had this same issue. Please let me know how I may join this suit.

  • Jay Davis December 19, 2013

    Please include me in any class action suite. I have a 2004 Ford Supercrew with 98,000 miles on it that needs plugs. I have talked to several mechanics and all are over $500.00 to change spark plugs. And that is if they do not break any! It is totally stupid to have designed an engine that has such large $$ about to just change plugs. And if anyone starts a class action on the 5.4 cam phaser issue please let me know as I want to be part of that too!!

  • Travis Reger January 13, 2014

    Took my ’06 F-150 to a local shop last Thursday Jan. 9th 2014 for a tuneup and to check my sparkplugs. The job should have been done by Friday, however due to Ford’s ridiculous plugs four out of the eight were broke off in the engine. It’s now Monday Jan. 13th, my truck is still in the shop I spoke with the mechanic at his shop today and he explained all the details of how the plugs break, why it takes so long to change them, etc… He also told me the repairs would cost almost a grand!!! I have lost money not only in the repairs but also because I work out of my pickup and have been unable to do so due to Ford’s carelessness with faulty parts. How can I join this suite? Please let me know if you have any information!

  • Abel Ortiz February 5, 2014

    I have a 2004 F150 with the same issue. Changed out the spark plugs at 75k miles cost me $700 because 1 spark broke off. I am now at 135k miles and had to change them out again, cost me another $660. I want to be included in this class aciton suite. Please send any information.

  • Jen Hologa February 12, 2014

    We own 2006 Ford Expedition and guess what same issue! We replaced catalytic converter and plugs which were a huge issue to remove I want to say around 2008. Now this week feels like trans is slipping and the same engine issues as stated above. Misfiring mechanic is replacing plugs and said he also hears an exhaust leak. NOT SATISFIED!!!!! Please include me in the class action lawsuit as well. This vehicle is an absolute LEMON!!! Also paint is peeling from hood and tailgate!! Anyone else have this issue?

  • Braden French March 7, 2014

    I have owned 2 different Navigators (I didn’t learn the 1st time) and between plugs, coils and labor, I have probably spent over $5,000 on the two trucks. I had a complete tune up (plugs, coils, etc) done a little over a year ago and now I just got P307 which is a misfire on cylinder 7. Here we go again …. How can I get included in this class action suit?

  • joshua March 7, 2014

    Took my 05 f-150 to Ford today. Would have been 450 if no plus broke 850 if all of them broke. Well 7 hours later I get the call that two of them broke and one fell into the engine. Wanted over 2000 to pull the head & remove it. So far I’ve got them talked down to 900 to pull the head. O and I won’t have my truck back for over a week. Ford dropped the ball big time on this one!

  • William Harper March 24, 2014

    Had this same problem with my 2006 Mercury Mountaineer. The plugs are poorly designed and FoMoCo knew it. After being quoted almost $900 for plugs and coils I took it upon myself to do the work. Needless to say 21 hours of soaking the plugs and small turns and three broken plugs later I managed to change all 8 myself. All I want is a damn set of plugs that work and come out easy. Whew!

  • Allen Rawl April 14, 2014

    Subject: 2002 Ford 150: For the past five years, I have been dealing with two blown spark plugs and lately, oil leaking through the boot around the plug unit, causing them to short out. Since 1977, my wife and I have owned five Toyotas, spending a whopping $880.00 (total) on all of them for repairs (other than tune ups and normal wear and tear). To date, I have spent more than three-times that much on the ’02 ford. Ford dealers refuse to take any responsibility. Does anyone know of a class-action suit that has been filed or is in the process? If not, it’s about time.

  • firstfordneveragain May 4, 2014

    I just broke 4 ystrdy with only 50,000 on my 07 and I am mad as hell. If this was a setup for consumers to pay big $$$$ its working, and it is gonna hurt ford image as number truck and I will pray that it does. I also have an exhaust leak which started a yr ago, looks like I will be taking the head off because I am not paying that money to them I am done with ford vehicles and there dealerships.

  • Ken May 17, 2014

    Well it has happened to me. I was due for the 100k mile tune up and service. Bought my F-150 Lariet crew new in 05 always service by the dealer and received great service until this time. Truck ran great but after reading about all the horror stories about the plugs from people doing it themselves. Took the truck in had the tune up dealer called and said I now had a miss after charging me $560. How can you take a vehicle in that is running good and get one back that hardly runs. They wanted to pull the head I kept the truck over the weekend only live a few blocks from the dealer decided to take it in and have it done. I drive by the dealership every day and several times a day for work , I kept seeing my truck setting in the same place next to the service shop. Finally after a week I got in touch with the supervisor that oversees both the Dodge and Ford service centers. Now it has almost been another week and it now sets inside the shop and no word from Ford. I should have gone with my first instincts not to get another Ford after dealing with the transmission problems of an 87 Aerostar. By the way the window regulators need to be added to the lawsuit I have all four of mine, just driving along and slowly in my case the window will slowly start lowering..

  • Nicole benoit June 13, 2014

    Same issue here..2007 mercury mountaineer having misfire issues. No mechanics want to touch it bc of spark plug issue. Dealer wants to charge $860 for a tune up. Please send any info if this suit is still on.

  • Ginny June 18, 2014

    Took my Ford Explorer in today for a tune up. 7 out of 8 spark plugs broke off . Had to pay extra hours of labor to get them removed. Left the mechanics and my engine malfunction light came on, is idling real rough now and is surging while driving.

  • George Pay July 5, 2014

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else with my 2006 Mountaineer. I was quoted around $450 for new plugs plus an extra $50 per plug that breaks. I’ve looked around and nobody wants to touch this truck or they are charging a ton. I’m going to have to go to the dealer with threat of lawsuit in hand, because my truck sputters every time I get on the highway. I need it fixed asap. My 6r whatever (german designed) transmission went out first and now the plugs issue, all with less than 100k miles. If a lawyer is looking for a client, count me in.

  • Michelle Battistini July 5, 2014

    Just finished replacing all 8 spark plugs.. 5 of which broke.. almost 1100 to remove and replace. I am pissed.. have loved ford and at one time had 4 of them in our driveway I am so disappointed in Ford and their denial that a problem exists! If there wasn’t a problem WHY change the design! Maybe my trust has been misplaced in choosing and buying American! I would like to join the class action suit if it’s still open.

  • Robert D. Moore Jr. August 4, 2014

    Just spent $754.00 and change. For plugs. Ford says not thier problem. Can I still join the Class? I realize not the dealers fault but, Service writer says a couple plugs are bad. Would I like them fixed, be about $126.00. So I just said, sure go ahead and take care of it. Whe I go to pick my truck up, he hands me an invoice for the above amount. He then explains about the bad design and all. Had he from the get go told me the problem and explain, I could have swollowed that, and my beef woulkd of been just with Ford. But now I realize they are all frofiting from this bad design, Ford and the network of dealers service departments. That’s just plain B.S.!

  • Johanna September 26, 2014

    In the same boat with our 2007 Ford Expedition. Has anyone found out what happened with the law suit?

  • charles October 4, 2014

    we were told it would be around $500 to change out plugs but after reading about all the trouble and cost afraid to get them done as we don’t have the extra money to pay if the motor get damaged and cant buy a different vehicle we would like information on lawsuit also

  • William November 16, 2014

    Any word? Include me. 3k due to Ford’s poor design. Total hose job by Ford to consumers.

  • Les November 18, 2014

    Similar to other poster these issues now have me nervous to take 06 expedition in for tune up. Had horrible experience with previous Ford Explorer but decided to give the maker another shot. Inexcusable that no accountability is taken by Ford.

  • Tina Shires November 26, 2014

    My 2006 Lincoln navigator, bought brand new has less than 98000 miles and had been running rough and hesitating. Two different shops noted spark plugs needing replaced. Cost was nearly 3000 first visit. Second visit 2 months later was quoted estimate of a potential 1 to 2 thousand depending on time and findings. Second estimate came from another shop. Now it has begun running too poorly to risk. I contacted Lincoln dealership where purchased and they said it is common for 2006 and need to bring it to a Lincoln dealership. I slowly do everything it to a Lincoln dealership close by and after examination, learn it needs new engine. I still owe 13000 dollars on the vehicle! I’ve taken good care of my suv and love it. I wanted so much to pay it off and keep it for years to come. The mechanics all remarked how much trouble the spark plugs were to remove and why it was so costly. Several were replaced but not all…Could not afford It! Was hoping the $3000. Would hold it off for a while. This should not have happened for such a vehicle costing $65000! So I use buy a new engine or take the losses and finance a new one???A recent divorce has affected my credit and finances so that this is impossible. WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU OFFER?

  • deyra juarez November 26, 2014

    Tenia.una camioneta lincon navigator se quemo sola afuera de mi casa, llame los bomberos hise todo lo k me pidió la FORD en su momento eso paso mes de junio 2014 a la semana me llego un papel donde querían información mande todo por todas formas hasta el dis de hoy nov 26 2014 no obtengo absoluta respuesta de ellos y llamo una ves por semans lo unico k me dicen el caso lo tiene manager ayer marque de nuevo y me dijeron k esperara 45 dias abiles( osea mas de 2 meses) no se que hacer alquilen me podia decir k hago…???

  • deyra juarez November 26, 2014

    Mi lincon navigator era 2002

  • dalia December 7, 2014

    ayer llevamos nuestra ford expedition a que le cambiaran los spark plugs,cuando llegamos dijeron los mecanicos que solo se tomaria 3 horas para arreglarlo, pues esto se convirtio en 7 horas y los mecanicos entraban y salian y no nos desian nada, hasta que les preguntamos y nos dijero que se tomaria dias, que una parte se habia quebrado que el costo seria mucho mas ahora estoy preocupada creo que es una injusticia jamas me bolvere a comprar un carro ford.

  • Brian December 7, 2014

    Same problem here. Ford told us they would probably break and to be ready for 800.00 + repair. Well sure enough they broke and we had to pay. Not even a week later check engine light goes on. Before I can bring it in to be looked at it goes off. Now what? Waiting to see if it stays off. Any information on how to join this class action law suit?

  • Michael Reagan April 15, 2015

    I have had the same issue on my 2008 F-150 I would like to be added to the lawsuit. I spoke to Ford about the issue and of course they deny any wrong doing, and basically told me it was my problem and that I did not maintain the truck right WTF I am ritual every 3,000 miles to do a oil change and Air filter change and check all other fluid levels.

  • Top Class Actions June 9, 2015

    UPDATE: On June 5, 2015, Ford agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle the spark plug defect class action lawsuit.

    • Matt Bruce June 26, 2015

      I just saw this and had to pay $900 about 3 months ago for this exact issue. How can I get involved with this or is it too late?

  • Brenda July 4, 2015

    I just paid $840 for same issue. I have a 2004 F150. Is it too late to be added to the suit?

  • Mel Sal July 25, 2015

    Same problem 2008 ford F 150. fords response is heartless. I have 3 children and live in the mountains with no means to fix this over priced problem. At first I was relieved to hear it was just a spark plug and not my engine. Now this problem has become my biggest headache. how can I get help with this???????? from NM state.

  • Pat August 1, 2015

    I have worked on engines for over 50 years. I became an engineer to solve issues I saw working on the vehicles. I broke 1 out of seven plugs when I took them out (DYI) of my 2008 F150. I borrowed a tool to remove the broken plug. I got in a hurry with the last one.

    I was lucky. A pin had to be glued to the broken ceramic piece to pull it out. It took 5 tries to make that work. Then the metal piece left in the head had to be tapped so a pulling tool could be threaded into the broken part to pull it out. If I had pushed it through the head, the head would require removal to get it out. It was the left rear plug facing the vehicle.

    But it did take me 2 days to finally get it out, extremely poor design. The engineer that thought this was a good idea should have been fired. Or was it a mangement decision?

    Ford has these tools. They are probably overcharging to do this simple removal job. They wouldn’t need a machinist! I do all of my own work because I don’t trust the dealerships or most mechanics.

    I owned a 1999 Expedition that came from the factory with a misfire under load issue. I found out changing the plugs on it that the left rear spark plug wire was not properly seated. It ruined the spark plug wire and top of the spark plug. My brother bought it as some kind of \Executive Driven Vehicle \ or something like that.The dealer could not find that simple problem.

  • SEAN August 11, 2015


  • Tim October 22, 2015

    2006 Lincoln Mark LT, Purchased a puller tool $80.00 to remove this type (broken) plug for the Triton engine, purchased replacement plugs and remove existing plugs, broke 2 and removed with tool, installed replacement plugs with no other issues. This takes approx. 6 hours and the plugs cost about 15.00 each. Approx. $600.00 to $800.00 time and material for a shop. Broken plug only takes an extra 5 min. Engine does not require disassembly to remove broken plugs the base of the plug is tapered to prevent it from being pushed into the engine.

    • Unknown May 6, 2016

      2006 Mark lt 2nd owner here, engine cutting out (so I thought) took it to local mechanic have been using for inspections and other minor issues with various used cars over the years. He broke 2 plugs, called me and said he can’t fix, recommended a new private garage that had recently opened. Now myself not knowing about the recall, and thinking I would save money by not going to the dealer, had every darn plug replaced and the caps for almost $800. I’m still sending my receipt in, I’ll settle for half!

  • Top Class Actions November 3, 2015

    UPDATE 2: Claim filing instructions for the Ford spark plug class action settlement are now available! Click here or visit for details.

  • mary February 18, 2016

    who do I contact about this?! I recieved a notice in the mail about a class action suit. lost the form!! please help regarding my f150

  • donna chuffo April 22, 2016

    we filled out the claim forms and mailed them in and we have not had any reply is there anyplace that shows the names of all the people who are in the class action payments befort he time runs out

  • Scott Rong August 26, 2016

    What about the 4.6 liter 3 valve Mustang Engines, they have the long sparkplugs that break off leaving the lower jacket stuck to the head thanks to carbon build up….I see the claim is allowing just for the 5.4 liter 3 valve engines, but in the beginning the Ford Mustang was part of the Action Suit, now its not, that’s not right, Mustang owners need to be able to file claim too, since they have the same issue as the 5.4 liter engines. Its a defect from Ford and it needs to be noticed and corrected, the correct sparkplugs to be placed in the 4.6 liter cost $130 for 8 and they come from Germany since no American made company can make a good enough sparkplug to not break….Come on….let the Mustang Owners from 2005 to 2008 have a right to claim as well…..

  • Joyce Macconnell September 7, 2016

    Husbands 2002 Ford King Ranch 150 is now having spark plug problems but it seems 2002 is not in the settlement ? or should we try and claim

  • JS September 12, 2016

    Class action suit does not include 2008 Ford Explorer XLT (4.6L)? Why not? Lots of reports of this problem on this model. Any info?

  • George Haas September 21, 2016

    Hey when am going to be getting my money? I am down and out Veteran! I really think this is taking way to long as i paid the 1200.00 in February of 2014 i need something now. george haas
    (906) 360-6170

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