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Lennox class action settlement

Lennox Industries Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it manufactured and sold defective evaporator coils. If you purchased at least one uncoated copper tube Lennox Aire-Flo, Armstrong Air, AirEase, Concord or Ducane brand evaporator coil, you could be eligible for benefits from the class action settlement.

The evaporator coil class action settlement will resolve allegations that Lennox manufactures and sells air conditioning and heat pump systems that contain defective evaporator coils that are susceptible to corrosion. The plaintiffs allege the evaporator coils, which are made with copper tubing, experience a chemical reaction that causes microscopic tunnels to form and causes the coils to leak refrigerant.

The Lennox evaporator coil class action lawsuit alleges Lennox knew or should have known about the evaporator coil defect, and that it should have informed customers about the defect. According to the plaintiffs, Lennox should have replaced the coils instead of the refrigerant in the unit when the evaporator coils leaked. The plaintiffs also claim that Lennox should have manufactured the evaporator coils with coated copper or aluminum tubing to decrease the risk of corrosion and leakage.

Lennox denies the allegations but has agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to avoid the risk and expense of ongoing litigation.

UPDATE: Beginning late March 2016, the Settlement Administrator will start notifying individuals who filed a Claim Form about their status. Class Members can visit the “Check Claim Status” page on the Settlement website to check on their claim.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Lennox evaporator coil settlement include “all U.S. residents who, between Oct. 29, 2007 and July 9, 2015, purchased at least one uncoated copper tube Lennox brand, Aire-Flo brand, Armstrong Air brand, AirEase brand, Concord brand, or Ducane brand evaporator coil, covered by an Original Warranty, for their personal, their family, or their household purposes, that was installed in a house, condominium unit, apartment unit, or any other residential dwelling located in the United States.”

The evaporator coils may have been purchased separately, as part of an air handler, or they may have been included as part of a packaged unit.

Potential Award

Class Members who submit timely and valid claims for the Lennox evaporator coil settlement will be eligible to receive:

  • A one-time $75 service rebate;
  • An aluminum tube or coated copper tube replacement coil after the first coil replacement;
  • Up to $550 as a retroactive reimbursement for labor and refrigerant charges for the replacement of the original coil (in the event there is more than one coil replacement); and
  • Up to $550 as reimbursement for labor and refrigerant charges for each uncoated copper tube coil replacement after the first replacement.

Note: To be eligible for benefits, the Class Member must have experienced a leak that required replacement within five years after installation.

Proof of Purchase

Class Members must provide documentation of purchase, repair, and service dates and costs, as applicable.

Claim Form Deadline


NOTE: If your original coil is replaced with a replacement coil within five years of the date of installation and on or after Dec. 4, 2015, you must submit a Claim Form within 60 days after the date on which the original coil was replaced.

Case Name

Thomas v. Lennox Industries Inc., Case No. 13-cv-07747, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Thomas v. Lennox Industries Inc.
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 43374
Providence, RI 02940-3374

Class Counsel

Jonathan Shub
Neil Glazer

Jeff Leon

Defense Counsel

Norman K. Beck

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  • Jay July 31, 2020

    I happened to be one of you. My builder installed the defected system including the defected coil in my new house in 2015. The Dealer, the builder and Lennox were involved in this scam. They all were aware of the Defect with this Coil. My advice to all of you Homeowners; Ask the Dealer who installed the system, not Lennox to replace the Coil, DO NOT PAY FOR LABOR. Again, the Coil should be replaced at the Dealer’s cost.

  • Clifford Jones July 8, 2020

    I submitted all the paperwork for my Lennox evaporator coil replacement. I did receive confirmation back stating that I was in the lawsuit. I would get updates once in a while and everything has stopped. I’ve never received my $550 or labor costs or heard anything for a very long time. Now I’m having the same problem again.

    • Terra Jenkins July 13, 2020

      Me too!

  • Louis Videc May 19, 2020

    I have a Aire-flo AC and heating unit that was installed in 2014. Last summer the AC wouldn’t work. I was informed the refrigerant leaked out. So the HVAC guy put stop leak with dye that was $400. It ran most of the summer but started to have warm air in early fall. When we attempted to run it last week, there was just hot air. My HVAC guy just told me the coil failed and its being repaired tomorrow for $1100.00. I will have over $1500 worth of repairs invested in this 5 year old unit. I was told the coil was is an Aire-Flo copper coil and manufactured in 2013. Are there any options for me?

  • John Fitzpatrick April 18, 2020

    I have a 14-month old Lennox split system (installed 12/2018). The system wouldn’t cool. I had it serviced and was told that a joint had to be rebrazed. It leaked all of its R410a and I was charged $400. Three weeks later, same problem. I was told that the issue was in a similar location. I have not paid for these services yet. I am wondering if Lennox ever redesigned the components that were the subject of these class-action lawsuits?

  • Mark March 11, 2020

    New Lennar home built 5/2016 in central Florida. Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning did the AC install. Less than 12 months after closing on our new home, the evaporator coil was bad in the Air Handler model CBX27UH-042-230-6-04. Lennar took care of the first replacement coil because we were inside of our 12 month home warranty (October 2017).

    In September 2018 the evaporator coil had to be replaced again because it was leaking again! This time Del-Air said we would be getting an all aluminum evaporator coil as a replacement. They LIED! Del-Air installed a coated copper/steel coil on October 3, 2018. This coated coil lasted until June 04, 2019 when our home wasn’t cooling properly again. This time we hired Terry Strickland from Polar Express to help us. What a mistake that was! He charged us $536 and told us our coil is leaking again without even checking it. He recommended we try a leak sealer that he charged us $149 for and also charged us $288 for the 410A to top off our unit.

    In late February, 2020, when temperatures were in the 40’s, our Lennox system would NOT heat our home! I noticed the condenser outside would not energize to run the heat pump. We called Bayonet Plumbing and AC to come check our system. We were told the condenser was shorted out. Model 14HPX-036-230-19. It tripped the breaker and would not power up. We were told it would cost $1509 just for the labor to replace the condenser! At this same time my wife was a week out of spine surgery and recovering at home. The temperature in central Florida was approaching 90 degrees and we had no AC! The tech Kassidy from Bayonet told us he put a rush on the parts. More than 24 hours passed and we didn’t hear from Bayonet at all.

    My wife and I hired Duncan’s Air Conditioning and Heating Inc to give us an estimate on a new TRANE system as well as an estimate for the condenser replacement. Duncan’s estimate for the condenser replacement was >$300 less than Bayonet’s estimate! We ultimately decided to replace the complete TRASH LENNOX unit that we’ve had nothing but problems with since buying our new home. Every AC tech that had been to our home to service the Lennox told us that Lennox units are the worst in the industry and they have absolutely nothing but PROBLEMS! Every home in our new community has a Lennox unit installed, some bigger homes have two units! Every one of them have problems.

    We are among the top 2% smart enough to replace the crappy Lennox unit with a Trane!!! The Trane comes with an all aluminum coil. Something Lennox still hasn’t figured out! We’re not happy about being completely ripped off by Lennox! We bought a new home in October 2016 and by March 2020 we had to replace the entire AC/ Heat Pump system!!!! Unbelievable Lennox!!! You ought to be ashamed of the complete FAILURE of your brand! I will go out of my way to make sure others know how poor your quality (or lack thereof) is and not to buy a Lennox. You should be paying for my new unit!!!

  • A.Wood October 10, 2019

    I was sent paperwork ref. Lennox coils. Evidently, the lawyers for class action lawsuit against Lennox had all my information. They mailed me. I made copies of everything (I fell into time frame for 2 times I had to replace coils due to leak)
    On American Greed , it showed how attorneys pocket a lot of the money-never paying the people they solicited only to add them to class action.
    Yes, I contacted the administrator for lawsuit- they have no record of me-not my phone number or address- etc. Yes, I’m gathering all the paperwork because I sold house last year. What law firm handled suit. Yes, I contacted several times-where does the $ go? Where is proof-its public record- is my name on lawsuit with others that never received a dime. This $ is not much considering my cost for AC companies to come out-my electric bill,and air not cooling. Lennox settled.Where are the attorneys that filed suit?

  • Ken Frank August 10, 2019

    may of 2019 my refrigerant had leaked out had a service call, it took 3 pounds, over $300. had a service check Aug. 5th was told it has lost some refrigerant since filled, it’s a York, was told there
    was a suit, and the coil would need replaced, the furnace, air was bought new 2014. how do I get
    the coils replace with the suite money.

    • V McLean October 4, 2019

      As I understand, owners of units that had issues with evap coils from October 29th 2007 until July 9, 2015 were covered and there was a window to submit for recovery.

  • Renee July 16, 2019

    Purchased my Ducane heating & cooling system in Jan 2015. Have been experiencing coolant leaks this summer (2019). Coils now need replaced. Can I file a claim?

    • LJ July 16, 2019

      I am having the same issue. Our brand new house was built by Taylor Morrison and we moved in on 1/1/2019. The a/c system was installed by Del-Air here in Orlando FL. So far I am going on my 3rd coil. This system is junk, Taylor Morrison and Del-Air both know it but don’t want to do anything about it. They both made me pay $79 for a service call and $130 for a leak check and then a new coil. I even caught the techs on my surveillance cameras discussing how they were going to say it was a different problem. Both are shady companies here in Florida, be aware!!!

  • Cheryl D Poole July 10, 2019

    I am in the same boat too. Bought a custom built home and 3 years later, we are replacing the uncoated evaporator coil. Why is this still allowed to happen after a law suit? Why are they still putting out defective parts? They definitely know this is a problem now. Over 1,400.00 to fix this with no reimbursement on labor. This doesn’t make sense. I will never buy Lennox again and will tell everyone I know to do the same.

    • Ginnie July 15, 2019

      How do I find out if my unit is subject of this evaporator coil recall the unit is 13 years old and installed in 2006

  • Chris. Connrsd June 23, 2019

    My Lennox is just under 2 yr and I’m told I need a coil replaced. $550 this Lennox company won’t be around if they can’t recognize a problem.

  • Praveen June 20, 2019

    I am experiencing the same issue. System manufactured in 2011 and installed in 2012 in my house. Now the evaporator coil is leaking as its rusted. Thanks to premium manufacturing of Lennox. I could go on for hours on on that. All the “highly rated” are pushing me to replace the system. Only small loner with no reviews are willing to order the coil and replace. But do not offer any guarantee whether that will address the issue with refrigerant leaking every two weeks. Question for people who have replaced their coils. Are you experiencing any issues after you have changed it ? I am leaning towards changing the system with Carrier unless anyone here has had better experience with coil replacement. I live in NoVa. If anyone used a contractor here and it worked out for you please share the information.


    • Larry June 25, 2019

      I had my coils replaced two years ago and the system is performing fine. I didn’t get in on the class action suit. However, my dealer took the loss after making repairs and receiving no reimbursement from Lennox. Won’t buy another Lennox product, no matter what they claim.

  • J. Godwin June 5, 2019

    I purchased a home I built in October 2016. The system is a Lennox and the evaporator coil requires replacement 2.5 years later. The part is under warranty, but the cost of the labor is at my expense. Is this lawsuit settled? A number of my neighbors have experienced the same problem.

  • Green Beverly May 7, 2019

    My home was built in 2011. In 2017 I had to replace the coil and paid about $700 to replace refrigerant
    Almost two years later I am in same situation cracks and leaks in coil and refrigerant leaking out. Same lennox unit
    Im told the cost to repair and replace would be on me. Please inform of my rights regarding this defaulty unit. And reimbursement of my costs.

  • Marilyn Horowitz July 29, 2018

    We just experienced a Lennox evaporator coil malfunction our house was built by Lennar and completed 1/2015. Paid the AC company $1288 for labor to replace the AC evaporator coil. What advice can you offer!!!

  • Dale Uthoff September 25, 2017

    Same here. I keep asking and get the same auto-reply that you receive – this has gone on for months. I’ll probably trash my two units (3 years old) next time they need any service because it is not economically viable to keep this Lennox junk.

  • Cathy Rowan August 24, 2017

    I have replaced the coil twice. Emailed about not receiving my rebate and this is the email I received:

    There is no set time frame set by the court on when/if you will be receiving a settlement benefit; but we are working as quickly as we can to complete adjudication.
    Thomas v. Lennox Industries Inc. Settlement Administrator

    As of this date 8/24/17 I have not received any rebate money, 1 service approved and others items are still pending for years.
    If I would have known I may never get the rebate I would have bought a different AC unit instead of having it fixed. Paid $943.00 to replace 1st coil, service call, search leak, Paid $ 813.00 to replace 2sd coil, service call, search leak,$1,756.00 to replace 2 times. I have wrote Lennox consumer affairs and Thomas v Lennox attorneys. Still have not received any rebate money. Paid $6,975. 00 for the unit.
    Were is my rebate?
    I have nothing good to say about this whole situation, its a hot mess!

    • Janine Guerrero September 27, 2017

      Hi Cathy I am also going through same thing you are you said you paid $943 for all of this I am being charged $1500 for the coil. Where do you live to make sure I am not getting screwed.

      my personal email is

  • Mary Rickard August 21, 2017

    I filed a claim in January and tried to do everything as required. I got some paperwork in the mail that repeated what I had submitted online. When I check, the website says: claim pending.

    Is there some government agency that holds accountable the law firms handling the settlements?

    • Top Class Actions August 21, 2017

      If you can’t get an answer from the settlement administrator after emailing, you can contact class counsel. Counsel is listed in the article and can be Googled for contact information.

      • Dale Uthoff September 25, 2017

        I have contacted counsel multiple times and they refer me to the Claims Administrator. Seems they are keeping the money to continue paying the lawyers. Total joke.

  • Bill August 18, 2017

    I’m purchasing a house that has a Lennox system and my inspector noted an issue with it. Had an A/C company come out to check it out and they note a bad coil. So since the house was built as new construction and the 5 year warranty is up in October, can I be a party to this class action?

  • F. Timme July 6, 2017

    This lawsuit is a joke. They had our paperwork for over a year before they sent us any documentation. We have filed that paperwork and it still shows pending since January of this year. I doubt that I’ll ever see any of my money back. I can guarantee I will never buy another Lennox. Pathetic!

    • James July 27, 2017

      This is a joke. You won’t be eligible for any reimbursement for these crappy coils unless you have replaced the coil twice. The original coil must be replaced and then if that replacement coil leaks and you replace that coil again, then you might be eligible for labor costs for one or both.

    • Cmarquez June 25, 2019

      Neither will I. My unit is 4 years old and it has a leak. The AC & Htg Company was to charge $102 to look for the leak. However the most reliable test costs $500. The coil would be replaced under warrant but I have to pay $700 for labor. I might as well buy a new unit.

    • CMarque June 25, 2019

      Neither will I. My unit is 4 years old and it has a leak. The AC & Htg Company was to charge $102 to look for the leak. However the most reliable test costs $500. The coil would be replaced under warrant but I have to pay $700 for labor. I might as well buy a new unit.

  • James L June 27, 2017

    Our evaporator coil in new home purchased 4/29/13 had to be replaced in June 2015. I submitted a claim at that time for the labor costs (not covered by warranty). I never received a response. Now, the second evaporator coil has failed after 23 months. Once again the labor charges weren’t covered. Many of my neighbors who have the same model Lennox AC have also had their evaporator coils fail, so I believe Lennox products are defective.

  • Kara June 17, 2017

    Turned my air on this month to discover it was not cooling, service tech came out said I was low on coolant by over a pound and that my evaporator coil was rusted and leaking. I purchased my house brand new 6/26/15, not even two years ago. I just sent an email to the admin today and I’m filing a claim. Waiting to hear back.

  • Clyde June 10, 2017

    I didn’t receive the notice, but it doesn’t matter in my case as I’m one year out at six years. This five year requirement doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s already warrantied for five years. So what the heck did this class action suit actually accomplish? They took them to court and through hard nose, tough and bitter negotiations they (whoever “they” are, vulture lawyers sounds like) got Lennox to agree to honor their existing five year warranty? Wooo Whooo, really knocked it out of the park you Legal Beagle idiots.

    • Kara June 17, 2017

      The 5 year warranty only covers parts not labor and the labor is not cheap. That’s the point. The labor after all is said and done is over $500.

  • CC May 17, 2017

    From what I’m reading, you have 5 years from the date of installation to file a claim. I had a Lennox a/c unit installed August 2013. Unlike some of you, I did not make it to four years. Today, May 17, 2017, I just had the company that installed my a/c unit, come out because my house was not cooling off. I had turned it on for the first time this year on May 14, 2017. They replaced the refrigerant along with adding some dye to the refrigerant for $169, instead of replacing the coil. I did receive the class-action settlement paper. I was told by the person that came out, if the house does not cool, they will come back out and check the dye that was included with the refrigerant to see if there is a leak. If the coil is bad, they will replace and it is covered under warranty. I guess this is going to be a waiting game for me. I hope it doesn’t take too long for the a/c unit to show it’s true colors before it gets too hot out. Also, this is the address all questions should go to concerning claims, I will be back to report on this situation and the outcome. Good luck everyone.

  • kl May 16, 2017

    I submitted my claim last August (2016). I too have sent in the same information multiple times and over the past year. I now received a letter in the mail – a paper version of the same claim information I have filled out online. I too have emailed the administrator and received a snarky email reply telling me I may or may not get any money from this. Has anyone received anything?

  • Marilyn May 3, 2017

    I just submitted my claim. My air conditioner is leaking. Installed in 2014 should not be having problems this soon. I am upset that I have to pay for the labor.

    • Veronica June 15, 2017

      Just yesterday identified a leak. Also having to pay high labor costs. And no one seems to know what the defective coil will be replaced with. Frustrated.

  • Richard Davidson April 4, 2017

    I have had same problems. Got notice of class action, filed claim, received claim number. Heard nothing, then got word from service company that my coil was defective and needed to be replaced with $750 labor. Checked website and found that my claim had been denied, without explanation. Is this a scam? Will think twice before I buy Lennox again.

    • Eric E May 2, 2017

      I am having the same problem. I have submitted my documents 3 times with the exact information requested and my claim is listed as deficient.

  • R. Davidson April 4, 2017

    I have had same problems. Got notice of class action, filed claim, received claim number. Heard nothing, then got word from service company that my coil was defective and needed to be replaced with $750 labor. Checked website and found that my claim had been denied, without explanation. Is this a scam? Will think twice before I buy Lennox again.

  • Yvonne Stag February 9, 2017

    Same problem 2 years old.with 10 year warranty package expensive. Went out in the middle of Tucson smer. Followed instructions,nothing so far,just pending. I’m frustrated and can no longer pay out of pocket. Yvonne Stag

  • Robert Chapel January 30, 2017

    I first received notice of the Lennox class action lawsuit back in August of 2015. I had experienced the same problem with my A/C Coil leaking. At the time I had no idea of the problems associated with the Lennox coils, so while still under warranty, I had the coil replaced, but had to pay $700 labor. When I found out about the lawsuit, I sent in all the requested documentation and waited. After months of checking the status and always saying “Pending’ , I finally got an answer on October 2016. The status now said, ‘Denied’. It then went on to say a ‘letter will be mailed to you explaining the reasons why’. It’s now the end of January 2017 and still no letter. Once again, the attorneys are the only beneficiaries from this lawsuit.

  • Yvonne November 19, 2016

    The website (same one you have above) that I used to go to check my claim is no longer available. I submitted by claim back in March. Emailed them in July and got a message back saying they are processing claims. Now the website is gone? What the heck is going on?

  • Rich October 7, 2016

    I see lots of comments, but no answers. Don’t know how to answer question 8 or 9 on the claim form. Installer says there is only a part number for the coil, not a model number and serial number. Who can you contact about this? This is regarding Lennox coil lawsuit.

    • Top Class Actions October 8, 2016

      You should contact the settlement administrator with any questions about the claim process. The article includes settlement administrator contact information, and there is an email address available. We wish you the best of luck in getting your questions answered!

      • Walter March 17, 2017

        I contacted the settlement administrator several times. No response

  • Kelly September 6, 2016

    I have had two evaporator coils replaced prior to 2015. I have filed all the paperwork required but I can’t get any answers from the settlement administrator. I emailed them for status but I get back cryptic emails that never answer the question that I asked. I have also just emailed the attorney on the case with copies of all the emails. Any ideas on how long it takes to get reimbursed for the Freon and labor costs associated with replaced coils? This is so frustrating.

    • Chantel September 28, 2016

      We are just starting with this process. I am hoping we do everything right. We have a claim number and have been quoted anywhere from $700-$1400 for labor/Freon to replace the warranted evaporator coil. Would be interested too as to how long it takes to get reimbursed and does the claim only reimburse part of the labor cost? it looks like we will still be out of pocket a significant amount even with the reimbursement.

  • Barbara Lawrence August 26, 2016

    I moved into a custom built home on September 1, 2009. Two and a half years later I had constant trouble in the summer with the air conditioner not cooling and temperature in house would keep going up. I had 2 companies in and they would put freon in and then problem just happened again. Then I had a company finally do a test and there was a leakage. That company said I would need to contact the installer, that warranty was only honored by that company. The company was Modern Comfort. The reason I didn’t call them before was because theeir prices were ridiculous. I paid $475 labor and have done all the paperwork, with much research because replacement was done 7/12. Some of the records Modern Comfort had were vague. Yet to submit your claim for this lawsuit, you had to have so much VERY detailed information. I’m sure they made it that way so you’d just give up. Well I’m not and I deserve at least the $475. I still don’t understand by the website what to do now. Supposedly it has been reviewed, but what they say doesn’t make sense. There is no phone number to talk to anyone and no email address, they must have cut it off because of so many claims. It’s just so unfair, irritated is not the word.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JERRY WERTMAN July 24, 2016

    Hi my name is JERRY WERTMAN 8830 DEER ROAD SLATINGTON PA There coming monday to replace my LENNOX coil MY NUMBER IS 610 704 5965 ONLY LITTLE LESS THEN 5 YEARS OLD 1300 bucks to replace I need answers NOW

  • Barbara I Thomason June 25, 2016

    Is there any recourse for those of us that have this issue and did not discover it until after the 2/1/2016 deadline. What are we supposed to do? Repair man just left and determined this is my issue. Purchased new house Jan. 2010 with Lennox Air Conditioner. Already spent $400 for Freon to be added and repair has not even started yet. I am being left out because my problem did not show up until now? I am a senior citizen this is a lot of money for me with retirement just around the corner. Have to get it fixed and figure out how to pay for it. Feel like I am in a no win situation.

  • Mike Perconte June 6, 2016

    looks like im in the same boat; evaporator core leaking. I have the tech looking at it now and it doesnt look good. This is the first im hering of a lawsuit to settle; no letter or notification. From what i had read so far, im out of luck because i didnt file before Feb 2, 1016. WTF!! My unit is less than 4 years old and expensive.

  • John Friel June 1, 2016


    There are some of us that qualified for this but we did not find the leak until after the 2/1/2016 deadline. What are we supposed to do. We have the same issue, are we getting left out because it did not show up until now? I have the 10 year Lennox Extended Limited Warranty that was left on site at time of installation.

    • Sheila Janca June 3, 2016

      Same happened here. Receiving no help.

  • Nancy Holl April 17, 2016

    I just had the coil replaced yesterday on my Lennox unit which is just under two years old. My service rep asked if I received a letter from Lennox about this matter, which I did not. Am I still eligible to file a claim? I just spent $1200 on labor.

  • Rodney Daly April 12, 2016

    There are some of us that qualified for this but we did not find the leak until after the 2/1/2016 deadline. What are we supposed to do. We have the same issue, are we getting left out because it did not show up until now?

  • Ryan St. John April 5, 2016

    Today is 4/5/2016. My service company and installer of my Lennox Evaporative cooler just informed me of the issue. He said there is rust on my coils. I never received information regarding this lawsuit and spent over 7k on my AC and Air Handler systems. I would like a number where I can actually speak to someone to get information as i was informed that the replacement is going to run over $1300. They also said it is not their problem so they will not help. Is there a number i can call where i can speak with a live person not some robot prompting me to speak after a beep?

    • William Childress April 11, 2016

      My wife just read your comment, and our coil is also leaking. Luckily we had the maintenance fellow check our system out and thats how we found out about it, and thats also how we found out about the class action suit against Lennox for the coils. I think the company we paid 8k for the unit should have let us know about the lawsuit and given the heads up, so we could have made a claim. We knew absolutely nothing about it, and I am pissed. And now reading about it, that February 2016 was the deadline for making a claim, I also need a number to speak to a person, because that is not right. I already spoke to the installer and since the unit is under warranty, the part is covered, but the labor will cost $650. As soon as I get that part, I will make a claim against the company that sold us the ac for not letting us know something. Our warranty expires next month. Let me know how you came out. My email is

    • Sheila Janca June 3, 2016

      It appears they do not answer questions from the looks of this. We just found out yesterday we are getting screwed over also…we had our unit checked out but was not informed the coil was rusted and corroded… and now it is busted and needs replaced and we are stuck paying every bit of it.

      • Susan June 6, 2016

        We just found out today we have the same problem. We were never notified either. Repairs will cost us over 1,000 out of our pocket too. ??

        • Ralph Reece August 29, 2016

          Same thing. Mine is to be replaced Wed. 8/31/2016 for $1400.00. Included in new David Weekly home bought 10/31/2013.

  • Top Class Actions April 4, 2016

    UPDATE: Beginning late March 2016, the Settlement Administrator will start notifying individuals who filed a Claim Form about their status. Class Members can visit the “Check Claim Status” page on the Settlement website to check on their claim.

  • Michael Close February 18, 2016

    After submitting required documents….I can receive NO reply as to whether my claim is legitimate.

  • B J Bartholomew January 19, 2016

    I purchased a new home with a brand new Lenox air cond. Ive had the coil replaced twice in 5 years. How do I prove original purchase if it was included in the price of the home? Thank you for your response.

  • Bob8899 January 11, 2016

    This is exactly what happened with my Heil system. The evaporator coil leaked after two years requiring replacement. The cost of the coil was covered under the warranty, but they get you on the labor and refrigerant cost. Maybe we can get a lawsuit against Heil.

  • Roanne Barrkn January 4, 2016

    I am filling out the claim form. The coil was replaced under warrantee, but I paid for service twice and coolent. How do I answer question 8 and 9 on form, since I did not actually purchase anything. Thank you,Roanne Barron

  • sergio babich December 18, 2015

    we had a lenox air cond. installed in our Palm Beach F L Condo 2/26/15.How do we know if ist defective ,We have a 10 year Warantee on parts +2 on Labor please respond thank you

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