Midland Credit Management Inc.Midland Credit Management Inc. has reached a $4.5 million class action lawsuit settlement with consumers who say the debt collection agency illegally recorded phone calls with them. If you received a telephone call from Midland between 2006 and 2011, you may be eligible to receive debt forgiveness or a cash award of up to $1,000 from the class action settlement.

The Midland call recording settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit (Daniel Pepper v. Midland Credit Management Inc.) that alleges Midland monitored and/or recorded telephone calls it made in an effort to collect debt without always giving notification at the beginning of the call that the call may be monitored or recorded.

Midland and the other defendants deny any wrongdoing but have agreed to establish a $4.5 million class action lawsuit settlement fund to pay out Class Members and resolve the litigation.

Class Members of the Midland call recording class action settlement include anyone who received a telephone call from Midland from July 13, 2006 through February 18, 2011 while in California, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania or Washington and was not informed at the beginning of the call that the call may be monitored or recorded

Under the class action lawsuit settlement, Class Members who submit a valid and timely Claim Form and are identified in Midland’s records as owing money to Midland will receive debt forgiveness of up to $1,000 of the money owed.

Midland will also distribute cash from the $4.5 million settlement fund pro-rata to Class Members who do not owe money to Midland, up to a maximum of $1,000 each. The amount of money or debt forgiveness you can receive may be less, depending on how many valid claims are filed.

The only way to receive benefits from the Midland call recording settlement is to submit a valid Claim Form postmarked no later than May 28, 2013.

A Final Fairness Hearing is set for August 23, 2013. Benefits will not be distributed until the settlement is approved and all objections are resolved.

Claim Forms and more information on your rights in the Midland Credit Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at www.RecordingClassAction.com.

UPDATE: The two appeals of the Court approved settlement have now been dismissed. Payment of settlement benefits are anticipated to be made no later than the second quarter of 2014, according to the Settlement Administrator, so that means payments should be mailed out any day now!


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  • Wayne Lothrop May 2, 2013


    • jennell December 23, 2013

      its about time for what have the checks went out yet???

      • JJ June 13, 2014

        Personally, I think this whole lawsuit is a scam. The settlement letter says they are paying $1,000 to Midland Credit for debt that I owe them. The problem is I do not owe them any debt. I had one collection account over 7 years ago and it was paid. I no longer have the receipt. I wrote a letter of protest and since I have no proof, they are going on Midland Credit’s word which is ridiculous. Of course, they are going to say I still owe them money in order to get that 1,000 dollars. I am sure that Midland Credit is doing this to multiple other consumers. There are laws to protect people from creditiors trying to collect bills that are so old that the consumer no longer has proof that they paid. I paid them. I have received no bills from them. There is nothing on my credit report from them. They still get the 1,000. Its a scam

    • Ivey Mallory February 10, 2014

      Anyone mail out the checks. because someone said that I was dead from Midland bank. Raymond George, from spam, so I sent it back to spam, he said that he is from spam. the number he gave was 770-007-7140. but it was the wrong number. He ask for personal information but I didn’t give it.

    • GMaxwell February 19, 2014

      I rec’d a check today for $35.81 when it was suppose to be close to $1000.00… Anybody else get a check?

      • Nancy February 20, 2014

        Yes I received the same amount and was highly disappointed.

      • kim March 8, 2014

        Have you cash out the check? This is not a spam right?

    • kathleen May 5, 2014

      Thank you for your inquiry. According to our records, your claim was denied for the following reason:

      – You were not notified at the beginning of the call from Midland Credit Management that your call was being monitored and/or recorded

      Unfortunately you are not eligible to receive debt forgiveness or a cash payment in this settlement.

      Kind Regards.

      I recieved this letter and it is not true .I was notified was sent a post card claim number and now this .I guess the Attorneys are the only ones who receive claim money! Good luck

  • Wayne Lothrop May 2, 2013

    ive moved several times and my numbers have changed although im aware this HAS Happened to me . So what do We do now? I Dont know exact dates or remember the old numbers.

  • Jennifer Carter May 7, 2013

    This has happened to me several times by them but I live in A.Z….????

  • Najee May 8, 2013

    This company is the biggest extortionist of the planet.. They stole monies and harassed me for months.. Threating phone calls day and half the night.. Went into my bank accounts and took all my monies

  • tom May 8, 2013

    What if I live in a different state but received the call on my cell phone while travelling in a covered state?

  • margaret claiborne June 20, 2013

    I filed a claim in a timely manner, I have since moved from California.My new address is 2021 spring chase circle #20 Stone Mountain ,Ga.30083,however my email remains the same.

  • Donna July 4, 2013

    I have been in dispute with them for years and nearly had them paid off and suddenly they quit processing payments from my acct – when I dispute it on my credit report it locked up my report I sent a letter to WA Attorney General who sent me a copy of Midlands response from their attorney and called it good. The response was not correct nor were the $$ and they sent me a copy of a Charles Berry’s credit card statement from their collects office and signed by their corporate attorney – with his charges on my acct and now the balance has increased on my credit report. Charles are you out there -maybe we can sue Midland for sending your personal credit info to me!

  • Angel August 26, 2013


  • Daniel September 6, 2013

    do you know when we will hear from them if we get a forgiveness or a check? how long does the process take?

  • sherry October 7, 2013

    do you know when we will hear from them if we get a forgiverness or a check, how long does the process take

  • Richard L. Adams October 7, 2013

    I have received this on line claim ID:JON0028422.What else do I need to do on this?

    Richard L Adams

    29259 Hale Road
    Scappoose, OR 97056-2115

  • Anne Marie October 7, 2013

    I just recved a noticed about this in the mail. What else is there to do?

  • Hattie Mae Best October 7, 2013

    My name is Cynthia Ross the daughter of Ms. Hatttie Best I am her legal respersentives. My mother died December 11, 2009. If you need any information from me concerning the lawsuit you can contact me at 256-403-2561 or my e-mail at cynthiaross351@yahoo.com

  • Tim October 7, 2013

    What is this

  • Hattie Mae Best October 7, 2013

    I’ sorry but I forgot to put her claim ID;JON0377294.This claim number to Ms. Hattie M. Best.

  • DEWANNA Tilton October 7, 2013

    they call me all the time.they been harassed me for months.it,s about time someone done something.I got this claim ID; JON4717384 . NOW WHAT DO I DO. WANT .

  • Carlando D.Hunter October 8, 2013


  • Patrick S. October 8, 2013

    I just spoke with a representative of Gilardi & Co. and they stated that they were still awaiting final approval of the settlement from the Judge. (stated that it usually takes approx 5-6 weeks, possibly a little longer). Once that is received, payments will go out within approximately 90-days if no payment due date is set by the court. So it is safe to say, there is at least approximately 90 days or more left until you receive anything in the mail in the form of payment.

  • Kathleen M. Murphy October 9, 2013

    JON3348336-recieved my postcard is this where you claim?

  • Kathleen M. Murphy October 10, 2013

    please send me a claim form-Kathleen M. Murphy claim Id. no JON3348336 P.O. Box 44 Glidden,IOwa 51443-oo44 Thank you(I tried to call but all lines have been busy)

  • TONYA DICKERSON October 10, 2013

    ONLINE CLAIM #JON1211746

    please send me a claimform.. I tried to call but line been busy

  • Paula Moore October 10, 2013

    #22 Paula Moore
    Online Claim ID # JON3269862

    Please send me a claim-form…I tried to call but I was put on hold for a long time.

  • Paula Moore October 10, 2013

    Online Claim ID # JON3269862
    Please send me a claim form.. I tried to call but I was put on hold for a long time.


  • mary bloomfield October 10, 2013

    was on hold for to long

  • Shanta B Lawrence October 11, 2013

    Please send me a claims form claim ID # jON2156206

  • claramckinney October 11, 2013

    claim id: jon3074370

  • Christine Perkins October 11, 2013

    I have tried to call but was on hold for about 45 minutes before I had to hang up.
    Please send me a claim form for my claim.
    claim id: JON3644249.

  • Christine Perkins October 11, 2013

    Sorry I forgot to put address for claim id JON3644249
    Christine Perkins
    PO Box 4866
    Fort Eustis, VA 23604

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA October 12, 2013


  • melissa reyes October 12, 2013

    claim #Jon1813173
    please email me with any updates.

  • Anne Marie October 16, 2013

    it is so sad that I got this notification in October of 2013 and the dead line to file a claim was 5-2013. Now what?

  • Jeanpaul Lozin October 16, 2013

    Is about time, I lost my car the insurance pay for it and they still put me in credit bureau and also harassed me call me to court twice for the same car that insurance already pay (god bless)

  • patricia evans October 17, 2013


  • Marcy October 18, 2013

    I filed a claim awhile ago. I am in SD where the case was filed. I did an online case search and the case status says appeal. A few weeks ago it said post judgment. From what I understand the judge did not award any money. I am still don’t understand why the website is not being updated.

  • janell_carr October 22, 2013

    there were any appeals filed the company has agreed to pay. I got several phone calls form the harassing company that didn’t even warn me that they were a debt agency I am so glad that I don’t owe them any money I have 2 claims filed and was told by the claims administrator that I would receive up to 1000 dollars for each claim filed. I have been waiting final approval was AUGUST 13TH AND FROM THAT DAY IT SHOULD BE 60 TO NINETY DAYS ALL I DO US IGNORE THE PROCESS AND THERE IS ALWAYS A CHECK WAITING.

  • Marcy October 22, 2013

    The case didn’t even go to court until the end of Aug. How can you say it was approved Aug. 13.

  • Linda Garner October 22, 2013

    So what happened at the Fairness Hearing on Aug. 23, 2013? When will they be sending out the notices to let you know if someone is included or excluded. according to Midland, Inc.?

  • janell_carr October 23, 2013

    i spoke with the claims administrator today last month on the ninth there was a final approval hearing all went well and that the claims are being processed and waiting for the distribution date to distribute the checks it will be before the Christmas holiday. good news finally finally just have to be patient when you ignore the process the wait is a lot less.

  • Marcy October 23, 2013

    I also spoke to an administrator to get things cleared up. I was told Sept. 9th it was approved but that checks wouldn’t be sent out until first quarter which he said is Jan. I hope its before Christmas!!

  • janell_carr October 24, 2013

    thank you Marcy it is good to get good news from the claim administrator and I am also hoping that it is before Christmas good luck to all that filed a claim

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA October 24, 2013


  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA October 29, 2013


  • Marcy October 29, 2013

    This is what I mentioned in post 34. From the court records an appeal was filed in September. I just don’t understand why the claims administrators can’t tell you that. If you google San Diego court and do a case search you can follow the case. It has been in appeal status since mid Sept.

  • Rolando October 30, 2013

    I just received this postcard from Johnson v. Midland class Administrator stating ” notice of proposed settlement of class action and fairness hearing” my claim is JON3605046. I guess due to the late notice that I will received nothing.

  • Rebecca Stevenson October 30, 2013

    I also recieved a notice that said I have until November 6th to file my claim, however the website notes that the last day to file a claim was May 28th. Is this done in purpose. Why side out letters after the final date has passed???????

  • Dondrey L. Hopson October 30, 2013

    Claim ID: JON2171223
    Address: 6065 Wares Ferry Rd. 36117
    I also received a notice that said I have until November 6th to file my claim, however the website notes that the last day to file a claim was May 28th. The phone number is also busy every time I call. How do I get included in this settlement. Do I need to get legal representation?

  • Kelvin November 1, 2013

    My post card said Nov 6th is the deadline but I can’t find a claim pm form to file on the siteJon5363335

  • k November 6, 2013

    looks like we are screwed on this one , mine said nov 6 2013 what’s going on ?

  • Mary November 6, 2013

    The one being appealed is Pepper v. Midland. Yours maybe a different settlement from another group. Johnson v. Midland could be other states. This one had 5 states in it you may not be one of them. Find out and you may not be late after all

  • Tonya R. Blue November 6, 2013

    I receive my letter in the mail and now my deadline is today my claim number is JON0428251 Good Luck every body

  • GYEITHIA ELLIS November 7, 2013


  • Steven pope November 9, 2013

    This company calls many times throughout the week. They have verified I’m the wrong Steven Pope nanny times yet they continue to harass my family.

  • jennell November 15, 2013

    I was told that there were no appeals filed and they were processing the claims and hopefully the distribution date will be before Christmas good luck to those who filed a claim and didn’t owe money

  • ARTEZ KNOX November 15, 2013

    i wasn’t able to claim mine said nov 6th but the computer deadline says may 28th it wouldn’t let me make a claim who do I contact now

  • Mary November 20, 2013

    The Appeal in the Pepper v. Midland case was dismissed today, 11.19 in the Appelet Court in San Diego. Maybe checks will be coming providing no other appeals come up. But 2 appeals were already dismissed including the one today. Nice Christmas for us after all, that is after all the Dr. Bills gets paid. Good luck all those involved in the class.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA November 20, 2013


  • Mary November 20, 2013

    According to the Gilardi web site they are processing the claims. Sounds better than appeal.

  • The Voice November 20, 2013

    I called the Pepper vs. Midland Administrators office at (877) 283-1774, and after a lengthy 10-12 minute recorded voice message there was an option # 4 (You can most likely press the number ‘4’ on your telephone keypad at any time) for a ‘live operator’ whom I spoke to and got the following: “Still going through appeals and until those run out, there is no date for setllement check distributions” So- You can trust me, or you can call the phone number, which can be found at this website and on my comment. http://www.recordingclassaction.com/Home/ContactUs

  • Trisha November 21, 2013

    I recvd a post card in the mail and have a claim number. How do I claim it?

  • jennell November 27, 2013

    well the appeals process is over maybe a very merry Christmas or another 90 day wait just be patient and when you ignore the process the check or checks will be in the mail I had three claims with them and only two were valid I was told that I should receive a pro rated share because I paid my debt and don’t owe any money and that the two valid claims would be paid separately wow, am hoping that it is a real Santa good luck to all who filed a valid claim

  • Marcy November 28, 2013

    I spoke to them yesterday and I was told they are still waiting for the judges decision about the appeals. They said once they receive that it shouldn’t be too much longer. The lady said call back mid December for an update.

  • jennell November 30, 2013

    Marcy the 28th was Thanksgiving and the office was closed I spoke to them prior to that and was told that the appeals process ended on the 20th and just waiting for a distribution date which would be around mid December which ever is true the checks should be distributed soon Good luck to all; who filed a valid claim before the dead line

  • Marcy December 2, 2013

    Jennell if you read my post it says I spoke to them yesterday which was the 27th(Wednesday). I am just telling you that they were waiting for the judge’s ruling and then it wouldn’t be to much longer. I was asked to call back mid-Dec to see if there was a distribution date.

  • The Voice December 2, 2013

    For all we know, the checks will be a buck each. Does anyone know how much we are due?

  • Cali December 3, 2013

    I agree with The Voice! I have never received more that $7.00 from any class action settlement. I pray that it is $1000.00 a piece but don’t expect it.

    Good Luck to all of you and I pray that it come right before Christmas!!!

  • The Voice December 4, 2013

    Cali- I believe we needed to be on their phone records roster, and once proven, we were a part of it, I am really hoping that it is a grand each such as what the complaint mentioned to begin with. I almost don’t want to believe it can be possible, because with everyone always jumping on the band wagon, it gets prorated to shameless amounts per person, however, if one of the stipulations was to be on Midlands call roster, and not everyone will meet that, than most likely we will get the grand. How does everyone feel about my sentiments?

  • Mary December 4, 2013

    If you go to the SD Appeals Court and put in Docket # D064823 it comes up about the appeals. But you have to be legal savey to understand it. Here is what it says, uner Disposition it says partial disposition, because appelant did not timely pay the filing fee, the appelant as to Yurly Berets is Dismissed. Then go to Schedule action and that says Remittitur issued in reference to Yurly Berets only and it has a date of 1.21.14. Now what this all means, I don’t know, like I said you have to know law to understand it. The court also has a way of notifying you by e mail when anything happens on this case. Put your e mail in and you get updated. Hope this helps anyone, and if anyone understands law, let us know what remittitur issued means. This may help.

    • Cali December 15, 2013

      Remittitur n. 1) a judge’s order reducing a judgment awarded by a jury when the award exceeds the amount asked for by the plaintiff (person who brought the suit). 2) an appeal’s transmittal of a case back to the trial court so that the case can be retried, or an order entered consistent with the appeal’s court’s decision (such as dismissing the plaintiff’s case or awarding costs to the winning party on appeal)

      If there will be any money at all issued to us, I will be after 01/21/2014. :(

      Thanks Mary for the information!

      • Mary December 16, 2013

        Thanks for clueing me in on the legal mumbo jumbo, but my e mail is in the appeals court files to be notified when something comes up. There is a spot on the Appeals Court page for notification updates.

  • Mary December 19, 2013

    I received a notification from the Appeals Court, appeal for Yurly Berets was dismissed today, l2.19. I thought I read that the other appealant was also dismissed earlier, I maybe wrong. But if both are dismissed, settlement should be not much longer, I hope. Dr’s are hounding me.

  • Marcy December 21, 2013

    This is what happened on 12/20
    Order (Reinstating Berets Appeal, D064823) filed by Berets, Yuriy I..\nRefers to: Pepper, Daniel; Midland Credit Management INC; Encore Capital Group, Inc.

    Go to San Diego Court and do an online search with the case number 00088752 to see whats going on.

    • Mary December 22, 2013

      I saw that, one day one thing next day something changes. So the appeal is still a partial dismissal. It did sound good on the 19th. So we just wait again.

  • Bruce Koury December 28, 2013

    Any up dates yet?

  • Marcy Johnson December 30, 2013

    This was in the court record dated 12/20

    Notice of Designation of Record on Appeal and Election to Proceed by Appendix and Reporter’s Transcript (D064823) filed by Berets, Yuriy I..\nRefers to: Pepper, Daniel; Midland Credit Management INC; Encore Capital Group, Inc.

  • Donald Taylor December 30, 2013

    Any up dates yet, and how long will it take.

  • Candyce O January 3, 2014

    Ok how is it that I just recieved a claim form postcard in the mail last week, and now it says that the date has passed? How can I submit my claim or am I just SOL??

    • Mary January 5, 2014

      Different states are filing seperate suits, yours may not be in the San Diego Court. Check with the Administrator listed on the card. This one is Daniel Pepper Suit against Midland, yours may be somone else.

  • jennell January 6, 2014

    has anyone spoke with the claims administrator about the payout I have two claims that have been paid in full and waiting waiting waiting for god sake.

  • jennell January 10, 2014

    Spoke yesterday with the claims administrator and the two appeals still haven’t been resolved still waiting could take months or years don’t know

    • Mary January 10, 2014

      Today Jan. 10th the Appeals status for Yurly Berets says final. Reaspm adbandonment/ Hammer’s appealed I thought was dismissed already. If so something should be happening soon, I hope.

      • Michael January 11, 2014

        I got the update email from the court today that says the same thing: 1, Appeal Abandoned.
        2. Case Status: Final.
        Hopefully that’s the end of it.

  • Mary January 15, 2014

    I called the claims administrator and they still are saying 2 appeals not settled as of yet. I told them that the court case now says it is finalized and the girl said that they have not been notified by the court yet as to the finalization of the appeals. How long does it take for the court to let them know. UNREAL

  • Cali January 21, 2014

    Look what I’ve found:

    Daniel Pepper, et al. v. Midland Credit Management, Inc.; and Encore Capital Group, Inc.

    Mr. Keegan recently obtained final approval of a class action settlement in the case entitled Daniel Pepper, et al. v. Midland Credit Management, Inc.; and Encore Capital Group, Inc., Case No. 37-2011-00088752-CY-BT-CTL, San Diego Superior Court (Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil), alleging claims for the illegal recording of telephone calls without consent in violation of the privacy laws of California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington, for the benefit of approximately 1,675,821 Class members in the form of monetary benefits worth over $24 million and additional privacy protections.

    • Mary January 21, 2014

      The claims administrator has nolt been notified by the court yet, as per my call to them on the 15th. They don’t know it was finalized. With those figures you stated, does that mean we should all get over a Million, LOL. What site did you get these figures on, I have not seen them in the court transactions.

      • Cali January 21, 2014


        That doesn’t mean we all get a million dollars, however I do see that over a milliion people filed a claim. lol I wish they bumped it up to a million; I can use a million dollars. :) I googled pepper vs midland and looked under blogs and this was on Keegan’s website. Keegan is one of pepper’s lawyers.

        • Mary January 22, 2014

          We should all get at least 1,000 maybe more for some with that 24 Mill and minus expenses

          • Cali January 23, 2014

            I like the way you think! I sure wish you were the one of pepper’s lawyers. lol

          • Cali January 29, 2014

            This is the only way I get updates about this lawsuit, keep the info coming! Thanks everybody for sharing!

    • jennell January 27, 2014

      what Day hopefully this is all over the wait is a …….

  • chana January 31, 2014

    I filled out a claim form and someone told me that i wasnt going to get the check whenever it come out and they also told me that they didnt recive my claim form and i mailed it on time so i would like for someone to contact me asap and let me know whats going on

  • gloria January 31, 2014

    Thanks everybody for sharing!

  • Jessica February 6, 2014

    I received this e-mail today, 2/6/2014:

    Thank you for contacting us,

    No. The appeals has not been resolved. By law, the settlement benefits cannot be paid until the appeal is resolved. It is uncertain how long the resolution of the case will be delayed. Any news about the disposition of the case will be posted on the settlement website.

    • Mary February 6, 2014

      Then why does the Appeals Court say appeal for Berets is now final. Only scheduled further action by the Court is its says Oct. 2014 documents go to storage

      • Jessica February 7, 2014

        You’d have to ask them, the e-mail address is on the website (which I believe is noted above). Even though the court shows it as finished, there are many things that can still be going on off the books. The American legal process is not a quick one.

  • gloria February 6, 2014

    @ Jessica Thank you for sharing

  • jennell February 7, 2014

    just ignore the process and the check will be in the mail I tried this approach and it has never failed me.

  • The Voice February 9, 2014

    @ jennell You have a brilliant idea there. All this worrying about this case causes us to stress over it, these cases can take anywhere from 1 year to x amount of years simply because they can always bring up appeal after appeal, instead of cutting there losses, they want to fight it all the way because they have pride. They don’t care that these appeals cost money and time, and at the end of it all they would be better off not even fighting, cutting there loses. These cases get strung out as far as they do because there *is* a case to begin with and why they would even consider fighting a losing battle is a wonderment to many. If they could just stop, and pay up…

    • jennell February 10, 2014

      Voice It is said that agreed to establish a trust fund but I don’t understand is why they are appealing.

  • Marcy February 9, 2014

    If you go to the SD court website the case status still says Appeal and the last time something was posted was Jan 10th.

  • Mary February 10, 2014

    Marcy, Jan 10th it says the appeal was abandoned and now finalized. The Appealts court says on action to be done yet is send documents to storage in OCT.

  • Marcyt February 10, 2014

    I spoke to a representative today who said the appeals are still in place and they are not fully resolved. That explains why the court status still says appeal.

    • Mary February 10, 2014

      Marcy, Patrick Keegan, the Lawyer for Burets says on his web page that it is finalized.

  • Marcy February 10, 2014

    Case Number: 37-2011-00088752-CU-BT-CTL Date Filed: 04/01/2011
    Case Title: Daniel Pepper vs. Midland Credit Management INC Case Status: Appeal
    Case Category: Civil – Unlimited Location: Central
    Case Type: Business Tort Judicial Officer: Joel R. Wohlfeil
    Case Age: 893 days Department: C-73

    It was approved in Sept. and then appeals were filed. I copied the info from the SD court website and it still says appeal. Until it says final then I know they will send out $.

    • Mary February 10, 2014

      Marcy, Go to the 4th District SD Appeals Court type in D 064823 It is on that site it says final under disposition

  • Marcy February 11, 2014

    If the case was completed a month ago why don’t we have any updates!!

  • Mary February 15, 2014

    I called a clerk in the 4th District Appeals Court and he told me that the Court does not notify the Claims Administrator of any finalization. Yet, the Claims office says that the Court has not notified them as to finalization. The Lawyer Patrick Keegan’s website says it is finalizied. Only thing I can think of because the Lawyer won a greater amount than originally was determined and all has to be refigured, which may take time.

    • The Voice February 15, 2014

      Wow, talk about splitting hairs, so nobody notifies each other and yet we still wait for answers. I feel like an idiot for expecting clerks and claims admin to get their facts right and doing their jobs.

  • Dave February 16, 2014

    I have been to court with them as represented by a local lawyer (who I knew from non-legal activities). I told the lawyer and the judge that my only income is social security which only the IRS can access, but Midland keeps sending me letters and calling sometimes as much as 3 times a day – I blocked their calls but they change to another number and keep on harassing – all of this over a couple of hundred dollars that was totally interest and other charges that I refused to pay when the credit card interest soared to 19.99% (this from the same banks that were bailed out of the mortgage crisis, that they caused, and were bailed out by my and your tax dollars). They are relentless regardless of being heavily fined for their unscrupulous tactics. These people are basically lawyers who buy up bad debt for pennies and want the complete amount paid to them or they take you to court.

  • GMaxwell February 19, 2014

    Well well I just rec’d my check today and it was for …get this……. $35.81… what the F……K! I thought everyone was getting close to a $1,000.00. Anybody else get one?????

    • leigh February 20, 2014

      Yea me too what the hell that’s nothing $ 35.81. Well what did they settle for?

  • Mary February 19, 2014

    The Lawyer got the settlement for 24 Mill with 1,600,000 claiments. Even minue court costs, lawyers fee you would think more.

  • Desiree February 20, 2014

    I got mine today a hole $35.81 here too.

  • Mary February 20, 2014

    I called the claims administrator’s office, Gilardi LLP and they say they still don’t have notification of finalization as yet and they have not sent any checks out. These people who got checks may have been from another Midland class action. This site is Pepper v. Midland. You people who got checks I would like to know if you are part of the Pepper action or not. Pepper was in the San Diego court system, where were yours held. Different states have different settlements.

  • The Voice February 20, 2014

    Can the people who received checks confirm and let us know who sent the checks? And from what case/ matter?

    Thank you Mary for keeping us well informed :-)

  • Mary February 20, 2014

    You welcome, I am hoping ours comes soon, I would like to take a trip to Calif. next month for my sister’s 80th Birthday. This may be her last and I know she will not make my 75 th in July.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA February 22, 2014


    • Mary February 22, 2014

      Angel, We seem to both have the same reason. We can only hope and pray. Wishing your Mom a Happy.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA February 22, 2014


  • Frustrated in Florida February 23, 2014

    I think the most frustrating part is being in limbo. I have a judgement on my credit report from Midland from 2009 (same year we lost our house to foreclosure). After having gone through a long and frustrating divorce I desperately want to repair my credit so I can move on. I want to know if they really are going to forgive up to $1,000 worth of the debt as reported and how that is going to affect the judgement. But Midland can’t talk to me because we are represented by a lawyer as part of the class action lawsuit and you can’t find any information online or talk to someone about the settlement. They removed the option to talk to a real person on the phone number given on the settlement website.

    • Marcy February 23, 2014

      I talked to the claims administrator Fri and they said there are no updates and they are still waiting for the courts decision. I know everyone keeps saying the court has finalized everything but on the court website it still says appeal and nothing has been updated since Jan. 10th.

  • Marcy February 23, 2014

    I stand corrected!! Here is what is on the court website now. Anyone know what it means


    Proof of Service by Mail filed by Pepper, Daniel; Midland Credit Management INC.



    Order – Other (Corrected Final Order) filed by Pepper, Daniel; Midland Credit Management INC.



    Stipulation – Other – Fee Due filed by Pepper, Daniel; Midland Credit Management INC.

    Pepper, Daniel (Respondent On Appeal); Midland Credit Management INC (Respondent On Appeal)

  • The Voice February 24, 2014

    By the final paragraphs’ words ‘respondent on appeal’ alone it almost feels like Midland is dragging it out. How long do our class action lawyers intend this will go on? Wish they could give an estimate of time *sighs*

  • Marcy February 25, 2014

    All I can say is there is no final order and it’s not done. It will drag on… and on….

  • Mary February 25, 2014

    The Appeals Court site says it is Final, no further action to be taken except send the case to storage in Oct. The Trial Court sounds just like paper work stuff.

  • Frustrated in Florida February 27, 2014

    I just checked the http://www.RecordingClassAction.com website and this is what it says:

    2/18/14 UPDATE: The two appeals of the Court approved settlement have now been dismissed. Payment of settlement benefits are anticipated to be made no later than the second quarter of 2014.

    Good News?

  • Jeni February 28, 2014

    Well today i received a check from them for $35.03 with the comment “REFUND”. i wondered if this a part of the lawsuit,

    • Michael February 28, 2014

      If you Google it you will see there are at least a couple other class action lawsuits against Midland Credit LLC. It’s possible the people receiving the $35.03 are from another lawsuit. I am not finding much at all from searches regarding the $35.03 amount. Is there nothing identifying where this money is coming from on the paperwork and/or checks?

  • Mary February 28, 2014

    Yes other people posted on this site that they received like checks for 35.00 also, I wrote and asked them if it was Pepper vs. Midland or not but they never answered. Yes these could be from other states. Many states had different actions going on. This one Pepper we are still waiting, waiting, waiting. Yet the Appeals court says finalized on Jan. 10th. It’s the Trial court holding it up.

  • Michael Wade March 3, 2014

    They have finally updated the lawsuit web site.

    2/18/14 UPDATE: The two appeals of the Court approved settlement have now been dismissed. Payment of settlement benefits are anticipated to be made no later than the second quarter of 2014.

    So, I read this as they have until the end of June to send out the payments.

  • jennell March 6, 2014

    has anyone read this

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA March 6, 2014


    • jennell March 8, 2014

      Well it will be just in time for the summer

  • Joan March 8, 2014

    Has anyone cashed the check of $35.81? Has they asked to provide personal information?

  • jennell March 12, 2014

    the web states the distribution will be no later than the second quarter in 2014 that means between next month and June 30th wow just in time for the summer…

  • Mary March 12, 2014

    Yes the 2nd quarter for distribution. In the meantime if the funds are in an interest bearing account then interest would be applied to the account. Not for us I am sure.

    • The Voice March 12, 2014

      So true, Mary. So true. Your words sent a shiver down my spine.

  • jennell March 17, 2014

    does anybody know what exactly what day the checks will be mailed? somebody please find out!!!

    • Michael March 18, 2014

      I doubt you will find anyone that will give you an “exact date”. If they give out a date and then for some can’t get the checks out by then they have opened themselves up to a flood of phone calls and complaints. That’s why they say “by the end of the second quarter. That time frame gives them a lot leeway. We can hope it’s sooner than later but all we really do is sit back and wait.

      • jennell March 19, 2014

        Now that it is so close to distribution I ignore the process it never fails and he check is always out there

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA March 19, 2014


  • jennell April 6, 2014

    well the time is drawing near. just wanted to say good luck to all those who submitted a timely and valid claim. And also hoping that the time was worth the wait. I have two valid claims and was told the they will be paid individually. I received calls from those people who just start talking before you even know where what they were talking about, asking for some debt information WOW!

  • gloria gaston April 12, 2014

    thank you so much Jennell!!!

  • jennell April 12, 2014

    now the time has almost arrived I don’t see that anybody is chatting probably just waiting for the disbursement. This will just in time for the summer. I am probably more anxious than other claimaints. well good luck to us and all the others

  • andy April 21, 2014


    • Kaliana April 21, 2014

      How do you know checks will be mailed out this week, Andy?

      • jennell April 21, 2014

        has the claims administrator made this clear How do you know this for sure?

    • jennell April 21, 2014

      Andy where did you get tis information

    • micky ward April 29, 2014

      how did you find this info. out? been calling the 1-888 # and get nothing but busy signal.. all the way til 10 p.m. and the same first thing this a.m.

  • andy April 22, 2014


    • Michael April 22, 2014

      Wow Andy. Rage much? What did you expect? You post a statement about the check mailings without any supporting information such as who you talked to etc etc. Then you tell us not to question you. (In all caps). Then tell us we are talking “BS”. Maybe you should look in the mirror. It will be great if the checks arrive that soon. Just don’t expect us to take your information on face value without some sort of data to back it up.

    • micky ward April 29, 2014


  • Michael April 22, 2014

    Michael why do it matter he said checks r coming and who know he can be lying so easy up man….You must live off of settlement checks smh

    • Michael April 22, 2014

      Did you even read what I wrote? I was responding to Andy’s raging over being asked a fair question. My comment had nothing to do with when the checks are coming. No, I don’t live off settlement checks. This will be my first one. However, from some of the comments on here it is obvious that some people do need this money as soon as possible. That’s why I was commenting on Andy’s post giving no real specifics. All it does is set people up for let down when they don’t show up in the next few days.

  • Maecy April 22, 2014

    I just called and was told the only thing being sent out is a letter stating that you will be get debt forgiveness instead of money. This is for people who have an outstanding debt with them. She said they have until the end of June to send out checks.

  • Maecy April 22, 2014

    Maybe someone else could call and see what response they get.

  • mrswalker April 22, 2014

    If I call, can they tell me if I am the list to receive a check, because I paid them off 3 debts with midland in the time frame given.

  • Marcy April 22, 2014

    I asked and said that I am not going to receive a letter so that good for me!!

  • mrswalker April 23, 2014

    Who do you call? I called the administrator number and it was just a recording.

  • Marcy April 23, 2014

    877) 283-1774

  • mrswalker April 23, 2014

    That’s the number I called.

    • Marcy April 23, 2014

      Press the key to hear the frequently asked questions. Listen cause you can bypass the questions. After the questions it will say to press 4 to speak to someone.

  • jennell April 23, 2014

    spoke today just waiting for distribution date

  • mrswalker April 23, 2014

    Spoke to someone today and he said that debt forgiveness letters are going out today for those who owe, and those who don’t owe will receive payments by June.

  • mrswalker April 23, 2014

    415-461-0410 I called this number. That is where I got the info from Gilardi Law office, I gave them my name and address and Yes I was in the system with a valid claim

  • Kaliana April 23, 2014

    Mrs. Walker, that’s the number I always call and they seem to have a whole customer service department to answer all of our questions. :)

    Thanks Andy for the information! You really have this blog live and active again. I sure can’t wait to see what the class action settlement is going to be.

    Good Luck All!!!

    • Michael April 24, 2014

      He livened it up alright….lol.

  • gloria gaston April 24, 2014

    thank you all for the updates! (Andy Andy Andy ) ; )

  • Mary April 24, 2014

    The Lawyer’s web page says the settlement is for 24 Million and 1,600,000 (round figure) claims. Don’t no if that only includes valid claims and debt forgiveness also. But 24 Mill. is more than original I think. So I hope quite a bit of us get the thousand.

  • jane April 25, 2014

    letter today 1000 debt forgives given letter dated 4/24 California mailed from San Rafael
    questions call 18882831774

    • Kaliana April 26, 2014

      Thanks Jane! I was wondering if anybody was going to report if they received a letter or not.

  • Sherlock April 26, 2014

    Just recieved a debt forgiveness letter no check or nothing but im wondering who kept the 24 million dollars ?

  • mrswalker April 26, 2014

    Sherman, did you owe Midland?

    • Sherlock April 26, 2014

      No i didn’t own them one cent, i dunno why i didnt receive my $1000.00, something is definitely not right where can i get more info regarding this

  • Michael April 26, 2014

    I received my $1,000 debt forgiveness letter today. The problem with that is that I don’t owe them any money. My account was paid off. The letter states I have until May 9, 2014 to dispute and prove in writing that my account was paid off. Scrambling now to get the paperwork together to mail to them. Jeez, they can’t even keep their books straight.

  • Kaliana April 26, 2014

    This is bad news, but I hope my rounding is off. $24,000,000/1,600,000= $15

  • jennell April 27, 2014

    didn’t receive a debt letter because all three was paid in full I also sent the two post cards and the letters that MCM sent me to verify that that the accounts were paid in full hopefully I get the refund that was due to me.

    Does anybody know when the distribution day is? Maybe we have to wait until around the end of May then this destroying wait will be over. Well good luck to everyone who had their debt paid. And to those who will receive some of the contribution. Get back to me with the distribution date!!!!

  • Jamie April 28, 2014

    I didn’t sign up for this but I did have Midland in the past and it was paid will I received anything? Thanks

  • CINDY April 29, 2014

    All i got was a letter that my 1,000 dollars where credit to a account that was never payyed off but the letter didnt even have a account number

  • jennell April 30, 2014

    well I wonder how much longer this is going to be Doe anybody know when the distribution dates is ?? other than before June 30th????

  • jennell May 1, 2014

    Distribution Date Da!!! distribution Date Da!!!! ????????

  • jennell May 2, 2014

    Well no response I guess that it is soon.

    • Michael May 2, 2014

      Those of us who had to prove that we didn’t owe any money have until the 9th of May to do so. So figure they have to process all of those disputes first to even determine who gets a check. With 1.6 million class members even if the amount of disputes is small that’s going to take a little time. Then they have to submit the final list of names for checks and the checks have to be produced and then mailed. I think that’s why they gave themselves until the end of June.

  • Mary May 2, 2014

    No date has been set, only by the end of June. Did not get a forgiveness letter yet so I guess I will receive a check. Please be $ 1000, it is much needed.

  • Marcy May 2, 2014

    I have spoken to them and they are overwhelmed with responses from people who received letters and claim they didn’t owe money. I received one of those letters and had to send them proof that the debt was paid. I don’t think it will be anytime soon. Probably close to the end of June.

  • Mary May 3, 2014

    These people may not know or realize that some other company they owed is now in MCM hands. MCM buys up old debt from other companies to try and collect. This could be is what is happening.

  • jennell May 5, 2014

    time is all most up. Just ignore the process and the checks will be in your mail box.

  • The Voice May 5, 2014

    Gives us a lot of thinking to do about how we will spend our ‘grand’ For all we know it might turn out to be a grand- in pennies. They sure don’t make us half wait for it. It’s been torture for me because I don’t do too well with waiting, but waiting is all its ever been…

  • woody May 7, 2014

    Just wondering if anyone on here has not received a letter but owes money to mcm?

  • L Williams May 8, 2014

    I have not received a letter or any response regarding this case at all. When I do call to find out what is going on all I get is the run around. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Marcy May 8, 2014

    I had to show proof that I did not owe any money. I did receive an email saying they were reviewing my information. I know that there were many people who received a letter that did not owe money. I guess now it is just a waiting game.

  • jennell May 8, 2014

    I have not gotten a letter or any responses either. I spoke to the claims administrator and was told my three claims have been consolidated into one and that all im waiting for is the distribution. that day has not been determined yet.

  • jennell May 12, 2014

    so why don’t they send out the checks to eligible claimants. Why because the remaining monies has to be divided between the people who dint owe money. the 9th was the day to have your information in. so now lets determine how many people didn’t send back the information required times the people who did respond and how long does it take to figure out how much will be divided up to 1000.00 will be getting paid. This process takes time I just ignore the process I know tat my check or checks should be in the mail soon. I figure it should be soon because they have until June 30th to send. cant send them one by one because the monies have to be figured out first. Understandable. Send my check!!! SH……

  • gloria gaston May 14, 2014

    thank you Jennell !!!!

  • Jean May 17, 2014

    I thought I still owed money to mcm but, I guess they only keep them for so long and possibly pass the old debts on to someone else especially if you made no payments at all to them. I received no information at all so, last week I e-mailed them. They responded in 2 days saying I am part of the lawsuit and the checks will be mailed out soon. They did not say for how much.

  • Joanne May 19, 2014

    I filed 2 claims last May online and now they are telling me they never received the claims and it was probably too late,don’t know what happened but I was so dissapointed.They could have let me know, oh well more money for them.

    • Ron May 19, 2014

      you got ripped off

  • Lorraine May 19, 2014

    Alot of people who posted comments were not part of the Pepper Class, they have or had other actions involving different states. They only saw Midland and did not check any further.

  • Tom May 20, 2014

    I filed a claim on time for this and 2 months later received a letter with my address but another person’s name on stating that the claim was denied and stating if I felt the denial was in error to send additional information. I sent a copy of the letter back with my statement that my original claim was correct and that I had been sent this letter addressed to someone else at my address and to please correct their records. Have heard nothing since. I am starting to believe that Midland randomly decided to switch names and addresses and then send denials in order to avoid paying out the claims that they in fact owe.

    • Chris S July 30, 2014

      I agree

  • Michael May 20, 2014

    Even though I received my certified mail return card I decided to call today to verify they received my proof that I no longer owed Midland any money. I was told that there was no record in my file. However, she said that didn’t really mean anything because they have received so many letters to process. She told me to call back in 2 to 3 WEEKS to see if they had updated my file. That statement alone makes it appear to me that it’s going to be closer to the end of June than the beginning before the checks go out.

  • gloria May 20, 2014

    @ marcy called 1877-283 1774 spoke with mr. Kenneth .. same as Tom ( that I had been sent a letter) that I never received…. Mr. Kenneth advised me to request a copy of benefit letter/debt forgiveness letter. via info@RecordingClassAction.com
    they will review my information … I guess now it is just a waiting game.

    • Marcy May 21, 2014

      I called last week and they told me that it still said I owed them money. I had already sent my proof which they received and they said I needed to email them so they could review it. This is a joke. You send them what they want and then they don’t do anything to fix it.

  • jennell May 22, 2014

    had to send proof the administrator told me that my proof is going thru the process and now the waiting is again I will be glad when the process is finished so that I can be happy and satisfied. I have two valid claims and I know that I do. I emailed the company and was told that I didn’t have a claim on file and I know that that is crap because I have been on these people like burned rice about my claims every since I filed the claims. I almost speak to someone every week to stay up on things. good night and good luck to us who filed timely and valid claims.

  • jean May 24, 2014

    I received a letter today, 05/24/14. MCM has decided that I still owe them money. They are giving me until
    06/05/14 to dispute it. Back when MCM was calling me and sending me letters, I wrote a letter of dispute to them because I had no idea what the debt was for. I have not heard a thing from MCM in many years. I looked at my credit file and there is nothing on it from them. So, I am going to let the Attorney’s know this. I probably won’t get too far since they need supporting documents. Good luck to everyone else.

  • GLORIA May 24, 2014

    I also received a letter today dated may 21,2014. ” the claim you filed has been reviewed, and it has been determined you are eligible for debt forgiveness as you are identified in MCM’s records as owing money to MCM. A credit in the amount of $1,ooo.oo has been credit to your account (s) with MCM.” (to Jennell and Marcy )…I still guess it is just a waiting game. I will keep reading all you post. Good Luck ALL!!

  • The Voice May 25, 2014

    Those who have received ‘debt forgiveness’ ; If you have absolutely no idea as to why you owed, or feel firm that you owe them NOTHING, then you ought to ask Midland to PROVIDE the documents proving that you owe, so that you either are aware; and/ or can disprove the debt owed; whatever is appropriate.

    • Toni May 25, 2014

      Midland buys and takes over debts from other companies. People may not even know that Midland now has their debt from another company. Heck I had a debt once that changed hands 4 times. Got to the point I didn’t know who had it.

  • jennell May 26, 2014

    After all this time I have been asking almost every week about my claims I emailed the claims administrator got a reply that I don’t have a claims I emailed them again told me to send claims numbers still waiting for a respond. I decided to call them they told me that the information I sent to them from MCM about me not owing money has gone to the pay team for review and to call back in two weeks I have three claims and that they would be paid individually but for some reason they were consolidated into one claiming that they were duplicate so I sent back the post card with the claim numbers the account information now im still waiting again. well it should be about another four weeks and the checks should be in the mail. In this case im not ignoring the process because my claims are timely and valid I have the proof and it is a error in their system not on my behalf. that should be corrected on their end. well again good luck to those of us who filed good claims and to those who didn’t better luck next time a least some of the debt was paid for you.

  • Marcy May 26, 2014

    I received an email on Sat from the claims administrator who said that my case is being reviewed at this time. A few weeks ago I even called Midland and had them look me up and in didn’t owe them anything. I really wonder who is looking over these emails. I thought it was strange to get an email on the weekend. I hope everyone is staying on top of their cases. I think think I might do what ThevVoice mentioned. I want proof!!

    • The Voice May 27, 2014

      You should be entitled to know what they have on you that entitles them to keep a financial gain from you and vice versa. I would only think its fair; what I would do if I were anyone on here, I would get that info, then contest it via Experian/ Equifax (credit unions) that it wasn’t your debt/ or you are unaware of such debt- they take it off if it’s even proven that it was there to begin with- Once armed with that info, you show MCM your credit record and I think you would have some leverage against them.

  • jennell May 28, 2014

    finally got a respond my claims were consolidated into a claim and it is being reviewed. just waiting for distribution

  • jean May 31, 2014

    I did email the administrator that I was disputing MCM about whatever money they say I owe. They just emailed me back and told me that MCM only provides a list of names. It does not tell them who the original debtor is or an amount owed. They gave me MCM’s phone number to call them which I plan on doing. I can’t imagine what they are going to say since I haven’t talked to them in years. You would think that MCM would have to provide proof of the debts.
    Here is MCM’s number the administrator provided incase anyone else needs it. 800-265-8825

    • Marcy June 1, 2014

      I agree with Jean. If they are sending them a list of names then how do they know how much each person owes. I called MCM about 2 weeks ago and verified with them that I don’t have an outstanding balance with them. I still had to send over the claims admin my proof. Please let us know what MCM says.

  • jennell May 31, 2014

    my claims have been reviewed and is awaiting a cash distribution sometime around June 30th

  • jennell June 2, 2014

    twenty nine days and counting this has been a long drastic wait.

    • Michael June 2, 2014

      I sure hope they can make their own deadline. Every time I call to check on my claim I am being told to call back in a week or two. They told me on Friday they are still way behind on trying to figure out who gets cash and who gets debt forgiveness. I’m concerned that even though I have a certified mail return receipt for my proof they still have no record in my file after a month that they received it or decided to accept it.

  • jean June 2, 2014

    Well, I called MCM and they told me this is a very old debt and the reason it is not on my credit file is that it is no longer valid. They said they were not allowed to discuss the details of the debt with me. At the the end of the call, he told me they already received $1000 credit towards the (invalid) debt. My letter from the attorney said I have until June 5th to dispute it. I think sometimes that things like this only happen to me.

    I wish everyone else good luck.

    • The Voice June 2, 2014

      I would seriously like for them to explain the contradiction on attaching a ‘forgiveness’ on an invalid debt. I believe that once the debt is dropped off, it can no longer be collected. As these claims have lawyers working on YOUR behalf. It is ( I would believe) THEIR obligation to work with MCM on the merit of this claim on your behalf. Since when do lawyers take on a class action lawsuit, and have the claimants talk to the defendants? That doesn’t happen in regular lawsuits, neither should it here. Did you ever ‘opt out’ of the class action lawsuit? If the answer is ‘No’ then the lawyers are under obligation to sort matters out. It would be helpful if a lawyer can confirm this and also shed some light on this.

      • jennell June 3, 2014

        No matter weather if it is invalid or old or who has the debt, the debt can still be collected.

  • Marcy June 3, 2014

    I spoke to the claim administrator yesterday. The lady to me they were so behind with disputes that it may be a few week before I will get an answer. It does help to call Midland if you are concerned about the debt.

    • jennell June 3, 2014

      good to see somebody post a comment nobody was answering the post I send. I was told a similar thing that it would be around June 30th before the checks will be mailed.

  • Toni June 6, 2014

    Called today to see if any changes are happening and the girl told me because of all the problems that distribution would be in mid summer. Could be after June 30th by that answer. Interest for another quarter for the account the money is in.

    • Michael June 6, 2014

      This is pretty much what I expected. For them to delay the payments. Every time I call they tell me they have received so many more disputes than they expected. I was wondering when they might start hinting that June 30 isn’t happening.

  • jennell June 6, 2014

    because were receiving payment.

  • jennell June 7, 2014

    I was told that June 30th is distribution and the payment wouldn’t reach us until July

  • Kaliana June 7, 2014

    If they delay the distribution date, they are required to update their website. I will be watching because I am extremely curious to how much will be distributed to us that no longer owed MCM.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA June 11, 2014


    • Gidge June 11, 2014

      Angel so sorry to hear about your Mom, I was hoping to get to California for my sister’s 80th, fortunately she is still with us. Will have to get down to see her thou as soon as I get the money to go. Maybe I can celebrate my 75 th with her in July. Hope the June 30th date stays. Again sorry Angel, may she RIP.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA June 11, 2014


  • jennell June 12, 2014

    I was hoping for an early distribution as well but as seems I will have to wait like the others SORRY to hear about your mom ANGEL.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA June 12, 2014


  • Michael June 13, 2014

    Finally some good news. Called today and was told they did receive my proof that I did not owe Midland any money and my account has been updated to show I will receive cash instead of debt reduction. On the bad news side the lady told me they have no idea at this time when the checks will be mailed. I told her some people are now saying sometime in the summer and she responded again with we have no idea when.

  • Gidge June 13, 2014

    Gilardi changed their web page, you used to be able to get a tab for case status which showed claims processing, preparing distribution, distibution and distribution completed. You don’t get this info for the last week. Site has no options.

  • jennell June 14, 2014

    spoke again and was told that they are still processing the debt letters and to call back in two weeks.

  • jennell June 20, 2014

    does anybody have the actual day for distribution besides the 30th?

    • Michael June 21, 2014

      As I said in my post on 6/13 all I could get out of them was “we have no idea” when I asked for the distribution date. Has anyone else spoken to them since then that has gotten a better answer??

  • jennell June 23, 2014

    patients is waiting~~

  • jennell June 24, 2014

    Was told to call back July 1st

  • Top Class Actions June 30, 2014

    UPDATE: The two appeals of the Court approved settlement have now been dismissed. Payment of settlement benefits are anticipated to be made no later than the second quarter of 2014, according to the Settlement Administrator, so that means payments should be mailed out any day now!

    • Michael June 30, 2014

      LOL. That’s today. Did you guys even read your own thread?

  • Marcy June 30, 2014

    I called today and as of this morning they don’t have a date.

    • lucy June 30, 2014

      what number did u call

  • jennell June 30, 2014

    told the same thing today

  • L July 1, 2014

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. I have been quoting this scripture when it comes to things like this, I stopped calling. Yes patience is a virtue but they know a date, best believe it they have their money. By the time we get our checks it will be next year. Oh by the way I never received a letter that they said I was suppose to be receiving. Trust me I feel everyone’s pain, times are hard and the extra cash could really help!!!!!!

    • Toni July 1, 2014

      People who got letters had to prove they did not owe Midland. Midland claimed they still did and was giving them debt forgiveness. If you did not get a letter and was told you had a valid calim, you are scheduled for a check. Midland buys old debts from different companies and some may not even know Midland now owns their debt. So people are still showing proof of finalization. Many people are in this category that is whats taking time.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA July 2, 2014


  • Michael July 2, 2014

    Called today and was told there is still no distribution date. I asked if she could give me a “guess” and she said no.

  • lu July 2, 2014

    hi could u please give me a numbr i co u ld call. t hank u in advance

  • Michael July 2, 2014

    1-888-283-1774. You have to listen to the FAQ’s. Use “9” to speed thru the questions and then hit “4” to talk to a live body.

  • lucy July 3, 2014

    thank u

  • jennell July 3, 2014

    Happy 4th of July!!! Guess no new updates until Monday

  • jennell July 6, 2014

    Were happily into the third quarter. This is worst than a late plane arrival.

  • Marcy July 6, 2014

    I spoke to them Wed and the lady told me their waiting for the court to give them a distribution date which she be no later than the end of the month. I also got an email response and was told sometime in the 3rd quarter.

    • Lori July 7, 2014

      Why should the court decide as to distribution. They only heard the case. Distribution should be claims administrator.

  • jennell July 7, 2014

    any updates for the distribution

  • Ann July 7, 2014

    I just spoke to a woman today and I asked if they have reached a date for checks to mailed out and said said no I than asked will it be in the next 3 months she said she didn’t no I said well I should have it within 6 months and she said call back at the end of the month and they should no more .I just gave my name and address she knew the zip I asked her the amount also and she didn’t know that either .

  • jennell July 9, 2014

    Ann that is the same information that I keep receiving. Told to check again next week for a definite date as to when distribution will be. Soon the check will be in the mail. don’t worry the process sucks!!!

  • L W July 12, 2014

    As my attorney said to me that it seems like it is a hoax because it does not take this long to distribute the funds. He is going to call them himself and see what they say.

  • Marcy July 14, 2014

    I spoke to them on Thursday last week. They told me that they had so many responses to people who felt they didn’t owe them money that they have to have to complete those issues before any checks will be sent out.

    • jennell July 16, 2014


  • jennell July 22, 2014

    No haven’t called haven’t gotten a check yet are there any good updates anymore!!!

  • jennell July 24, 2014

    spoke again today and was told that they were waiting any minute for the distribution approval to distribute the checks

  • Michael July 29, 2014

    Has anyone been able to get thru to them on the phone in the past few days? All I get is a busy signal no matter when I call.

    • Toni July 29, 2014

      I called Thurs of last week and was told looking better for end of this month for distribution. I don’t call the no. on the site I call Gilardi’s Office direct. That no. is 415-461-0410 and ask for Claims administrator. If they ask which case just say Pepper Midland.

      • Michael July 29, 2014

        Thank you Toni. I just called them. I was told they are still waiting for permission from the court to mail the checks. She said they are not expecting that until mid August. She told me to call back in two weeks for an update. She also said that the exact amount of the checks will not be known until they are printed. In time for Christmas maybe? lol

        • Toni July 29, 2014

          I never had anyone tell me they are waiting for the court to approve. The court only hears the case, I doubt if they are in charge of distribution. They heard the 2 appeals and were dismissed, so the court part should be finished.

          • Michael July 29, 2014

            Toni. I don’t understand it either. But if you scroll up and look at Marcy’s July 6th post you will see they told her the same thing. Only thing I can think of is maybe with all the disputes they had they had to go back to the court and ask for an extension and now need permission to distribute? I’m not a lawyer, that’s just my guess.

  • LaShani July 29, 2014

    This is a hoax I called and spoke with them on several occasions and never was told that my claim was rejected until now. The reason they gave me was because I stated online that I checked yes that I was notified that my call was being recorded. THAT IS A LIE, WHEN I RECEIVED A CALL FROM MIDLAND THEY NEVER SAID THAT THE CALL WAS BEING MONITORED. This is some stuff, I called Gilardi and Company, spoke to the claim administratiors office. Wow that is all I can say is wow. This is a hoax!!!!!!

  • Jean July 30, 2014

    They are finding any excuse not to pay. I mentioned a while back that, all of a sudden they said I owed MCM money and I had until a certain date to show proof that this was not a valid debt. MCM received the $1000 a week before that date. So, I did e-mail the Attorney saying I did not understand why they received the money already and they never e-mailed me back. I called MCM and said I want to see how the $1000 was applied to please mail me out something. He said they can’t. Mcm is collecting the money because they may have had your name on an old list. In my case, MCM said they had no proof of this debt even though I asked for that information from them many years ago. I was told my name was on an old list and the debt was no longer valid.To everyone that is starting to think this is a hoax, I think you are correct.

    • The Voice July 30, 2014

      The court system has already agreed the amount of money to be distributed. Nobody can hold on to that money. But the waiting game is something else. I would like to read/ see a straightforward answer as to why this is taking so long from those in charge.

      • Me July 30, 2014

        I received this email, Thursday, July 24, 2014:

        “In regards to your inquiry about payment, we currently anticipate that settlement checks to eligible class members will be distributed by the end of July. We do not have your amount at this time. We appreciate your patience as accurate claims processing and review can take a significant amount of time.”

  • Jessica July 30, 2014

    To those saying this is a hoax, it is not. A hoax would be a lawsuit filed for an obvious malicious intent. They are just a poorly organized team and MCM is horribly organized as well, not to mention that they do not want to cooperate in the least. It has just simply become a huge mess. I am one that was told I would be given a forgiveness when in fact I owed them nothing and even after showing them that I owed them nothing many times, they would not contact me back, and they wanted information from MCM, which of course MCM would not provide. They simply were not expecting what happened and they need a lot of time to try to figure things out. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t know that they have much of a clue as to what’s going on anymore. When I would finally get responses to my e-mailed documents I would be told things like ‘respond to this e-mail on 5/16’ and I’d have received that e-mail on 5/17, they were copying and pasting responses, losing documents, and in general having no clue how their own legal processes should work. My rambling aside, no one is trying to screw you out of your money maliciously, they simply are not organized and they are overwhelmed.

    • Chris S July 30, 2014

      Good response Jessica I agree

  • Chris S July 30, 2014

    These people saying this is a hoax are idiots. Sometimes these cases and claims take a while but I’ve already called and I’m approved to receive the cash settlement. Just have to be patient

    • Michael July 30, 2014

      I agree with you and Jessica. I don’t think they had any idea what a mess this was going to be and like Jessica said I’m sure Midland is not helping them at all. I am just happy that they accepted my proof that they needed to pay me and not Midland. I guess I’m lucky in that respect. Hopefully we will know more in a couple weeks.

    • La Shani July 30, 2014

      Excuse me Mr. Chris I am NOT an IDIOT, if you read what I type last night and see why I said it was a hoax, please read: This is a hoax I called and spoke with them on several occasions and never was told that my claim was rejected until now. The reason they gave me was because I stated online that I checked yes that I was notified that my call was being recorded. THAT IS A LIE, WHEN I RECEIVED A CALL FROM MIDLAND THEY NEVER SAID THAT THE CALL WAS BEING MONITORED. This is some stuff, I called Gilardi and Company, spoke to the claim administratiors office. Wow that is all I can say is wow. This is a hoax!!!!!!

      • Chris S July 31, 2014

        You’re an idiot like I said go back to school smh

        • Anti-Chris the ignorant IDIOT July 31, 2014

          Chris you are an idiot, low class jerk. You don’t need to be an @&$ stop acting like a ignorant jerk. Maybe you need to go back to school because apparently you did not learn how to respect people. All she was doing to speak on what she is going through. Boy grow up and become a man!!!!!!

          • Chris S August 1, 2014

            STFU whoever you are I’m educated with a degree, I read and comprehend stuff, but apparently you and this other person doesn’t. You idiots are calling this a hoax because you still owe money and that makes you look foolish for making that statement… You should do your research before you make stupid comments on here

  • eric July 30, 2014

    Well for those saying iys a hoax, when I get my check for whatever amount im sure to post a pic, if possible, and show u how much a hoax it is, im sure your just mad cuz you aint gwtting nothing from them.

    • J July 31, 2014

      Eric don’t be so hard on them. Some should just be thankful for debt forgiveness. Others should be patient and whatever the amount I will be glad when it is in the mail box..

    • Kali July 31, 2014

      lol… Eric, I will post a pic of mines too. Smh

  • The Voice August 1, 2014

    I don’t think anyone here is ignorant or an idiot. We are all humans, we have emotions and feelings about this case and how it’s being handled. Please lets not disparage others and lets remember that we are all here waiting on this together.

  • Ann August 5, 2014

    I had spoke to someone today ,and asked what was going on and he told me they are more or less over whelmed the first thing they are in the process of doing is debt forgiveness than will issue the checks I asked the amount he told me they still didn’t know and as for the time line he told me several weeks for refunds .,I asked before Christmas and he just chuckled so I don’t really have no idea for refund dates but I do know it will be several weeks .

  • Marcy August 7, 2014

    I spoke to them today and I was told that no date will be issued until they deal with all of those that needed to show proof they no longer had the debt. I was one who received that letter and sent in my proof. I received an email from Gilardi about my case and was told I did not owe them money. I am not quite sure what happened but that information was never changed and I have had to argue with many and resubmit my proof and even had to be assigned a case worker. I am glad I have emails documenting all of this. This has been going on since May and it’s still not fixed. I can only imagine how long others issues will take. All I can say is with all my proof and emails I still have a case that has not been fixed. I hope others have had better luck. I think that they think that some will just give up and stop trying. I call every week and get the same message as it is still being worked on and to call back in 2 weeks.

  • jennell August 10, 2014

    spoke to them and was told that they submitted to the courts for distribution and that it was submitted last month and it should take about another week for them to respond and distribute the checks

    • Toni August 11, 2014

      Jennell, when did you speak to them. I called them this past Thurs. and I as told that the items givin to the courts were the debt forgiveness. They were going over them to see if accepted for debt forginess or not. So hoping you got your answer on Fri. I like yours better than mine.

      • jennell August 11, 2014

        Yes that was the day I talked to them and spoke to them today and they stated that they were waiting for the court to give them the green light call back in about two weeks

  • Toni August 13, 2014

    Now if you look at the Pepper V. Midland webpage, a new date today, now says distribution no later then the end of 3rd quarter We are talking end of Sept. now.

  • jennell August 13, 2014

    YEAH YEAH YEAH I was told the same thing today from the claims administrator

  • WENDY August 21, 2014

    Has anyone heard anything recently? I sent in proof that I owed Midland no money and had not heard back from anyone since June, and this is the reply I received: Your dispute has been received and is currently being processed. We do not have a date for distribution of the monetary settlement at this time. Feel free to check back with our office in 2-3 weeks for another update.

    • jennell August 21, 2014

      Same response I received Wendy. Jus waiting for the disbursement

  • Michael August 28, 2014

    I called to get an update. Same story. Still working on disputes and checks will be out by the end of September. What was interesting was when I asked if an amount had been determined yet the guy I was talking to hesitated and almost acted like he knew and wanted to tell me but then when back to the “has not been determined” response we always get. Maybe it was nothing but he just didn’t act like they usually do when I ask that question.

  • jennell August 29, 2014

    I spoke to them and as said in the last post they are hesitant about the amounts and pausing through questions and not really sure themselves. but is still stating that the distribution is to be sometime around the end of September

    • Jessica August 29, 2014

      Chances are they don’t actually know. Until everything is actually processed they won’t know the amount. They have to have a final amount of payees to have an amount being paid.

  • jennell September 1, 2014

    good luck to all of us who filed a valid and timely claim. I hope that all of us will be calmed down by the time the check is in the mail. Good night everyone I’m going to get myself a good old fashion ice cream cone Can’t wait

  • J September 16, 2014

    the time is drawing near or the third quarter payout Janell Hope you enjoy the funds and get some… sleep these administrators just go on and on and have people worrying but you don’t have to worry anymore because you’re approved. I will chat again later to see that you have took at least a good nap.

  • Michael September 18, 2014

    I called today for an update. Was told they are still waiting on permission to distribute the checks from the court. I asked if they had an amount yet. She laughed and said no I told her last time I called I was told they should be out by the end of September. She stated for me to call back in two weeks for an update. Two weeks from today is October 2nd. Take from that what you want.

    • Patrick September 18, 2014

      Not saying to hold your breath, but if all is correct from what they’ve been telling everyone it lines up. If checks are distributed the end of Sept (up til the very last day of the month), having you call back on Oct 2nd, they should be able to give you your amount being that they’ve told everyone they won’t know amounts at the service center until after checks have been approved and distributed. Just putting two and two together.

  • jennell September 18, 2014

    Man Oh Man!!

    • Toni September 22, 2014

      I called today and a girl told me they are waiting for the Lawyers and that distribution has changed form end of this month to end of year. She sounded confused, so I hope she was wrong.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA September 23, 2014


  • Toni September 24, 2014

    On Oct. 31st at 2:30 in the SD Superior Court is a status hearing on this case. Hopefully this is the final verdict for distribution to start.

    • Michael September 24, 2014

      Oh Boy !!

  • Jennell September 25, 2014

    I spoke to the administrator yesterday and was told that the distribution will be later this year.

    • Toni September 26, 2014

      If money is in an interest acct. then another quarter of interest should be added.

  • J September 26, 2014

    Enough said!!!

  • Kali September 30, 2014

    Apparently, they are pushing the distribution back until the 4th qtr of this year. I hate to say it, but the way they keep pushing the date back, this almost does seem like a hoax. I hope not, but… It just might be. I promise if the check is less than $10, im donating it to the Salvation Army. lol

  • mrs.walker September 30, 2014

    I got a check for $2.98 from a class action lawsuit that I did not know I was apart of. Lol

  • Kali September 30, 2014

    lol… Most class action settlements don’t be much!

  • George October 1, 2014

    Its been a joke to go on this long,

  • Warren October 1, 2014

    I’ve been waiting for my 1,000 dollar check for 5 months now and nothing seems to me that they are playing a joke on us. hopefully they send it this month lets pray.

    • Michael October 2, 2014

      If you look way back in this thread you will see posts from people who were hoping to have their money for Christmas 2013. Pretty sad how our court systems work. Some civil cases can take years to resolve.

  • Michael October 2, 2014

    I called for an update since they told me to call back today. Basically the same answer. “We are waiting for the order from the court to distribute the checks”. I asked if the October 31 status hearing had anything to do with it and I got the same answer as above. The lady I talked to sounded like she really wanted to get this over with as much as we do.

  • Fred October 3, 2014

    I went through all the papers and basically the people that still owed them get a grand in relief but those of us that don’t owe them will get roughly $91 , how is that fair? And we will be very lucky to have it by Christmas.

    • Toni October 3, 2014

      The Pepper Settlement is talking like 4 Million dollars, but on the Patrick Keegan web site, he is the Lawyer for us, it says he settled for 24 Million. I don’t know what this means, but which is correct. I like 24 better than 4. I am not a Lawyer and don’t know Legalize lingo butm if it if for than original which are we obligated to be counted into 4 or 24. Plus, don’t forget if these funds are in an interest bearing account we have been waiting over 4 quarters already. So who gets the interest.

      • Fred October 4, 2014

        In the legal papers there is a complete breakdown of the distro, The lawyers get 4.5 million of that , lots of the millions go to giving the $1000 relief for people that still owe , The 4 million is what gets distro to us , The est amount was like $91 each which is totally bogus and unfair.

  • jennell October 6, 2014

    Why Back out now. 1000 is One grand

    • Kali October 14, 2014

      Wow! Unbelievable and about time! Thanks, Lori!

  • Lori October 13, 2014

    Update today on the Pepper Midland Settlement site, all settlements have been resolved and checks will be sent on or before Oct. 24th Finally we won’t have to wait until end of year after all.

    • The Voice October 14, 2014

      That’s wonderful!

  • Fred L October 14, 2014

    This has gone on for years now , The checks were suppose to go out last year,
    I’ll believe it when I see it,
    Hope its enough at least for a steak dinner , but I’m not holding my breath

    • Mary October 16, 2014

      I called the claims administrator’s office today, Oct. 16th and a woman confirmed the Pepper settlement web site saying checks will be going out by Oct. 24th or earlier. Sounds good, yippee and finally. Waiting for it last xmas, this xmas sounds better.

  • Fred L October 17, 2014

    Going through the docs here is what it is

    It says all of us get to split up a million , out of a 22 million dollar settlement ,

    That comes out to $93
    Meanwhile if you still owed Midland you got a thousand dollars taken off what you owe,
    Methinks we are getting the shaft,

  • Warren October 17, 2014

    Cant wait to get my $1,000.00 check in the mail its been a long wait and the holidays are just around the corner. lets keep praying that they will arrive soon.

    • Jennell October 18, 2014

      get the envelope please

  • gloria October 20, 2014

    welcome back Jennell. If you look way back in this thread you will see posts from people who were hoping to have their money for Christmas 2013.

    • jennell October 21, 2014

      Thank you Gloria it is good to be back.. Now get the envelopes and head for the post office

      • Gidge October 21, 2014

        I called today and they are still saying checks in the mail Friday the 24th. This year LOL

  • Ann October 23, 2014

    I also read on Pepper settlement web site Oct. 24th the checks will be mailed wondering how much I will get it says up to 1000,well see soon I hope.

  • Patrick Sheeder October 23, 2014

    Don’t count on your check being mailed tomorrow. Council has no advised Gilardi to send out letters to those that have been rejected will now have a chance to dispute with Gilardi until approximately November 13th. In short, don’t expect a check for quite a while. Late December, early January. It’s rather ridiculous. If people would read, there was a window to dispute rejections initially if you received a rejection. How do I know, I was initially rejected and disputed it before May 2013 (if I remember correctly). Don’t shoot the messenger, don’t believe me… call. I spoke with Sebastian from Gilardi.

    • Patrick Sheeder October 23, 2014


    • highly disappointed October 24, 2014

      Unfortunately, Patrick is right!

  • Highly pissed and disappointed October 24, 2014

    Unfortunately, Patrick is right!. The checks won’t be distributed this month or next month due to waiting for counsel’s review. This has to be the most unorganized and skeptical class action lawsuit I’ve ever been apart of. I bet the lawyers been got paid because if they didn’t, the money would of been in, approved, appeals would’ve been dismissed, and distributions checks would’ve been mailed out LAST YEAR.

  • Fred L October 24, 2014

    This is getting out of control , Maybe its time we opened a class action against these
    bumbling lawyers , These checks should have mailed last year ,

    • Jennell October 24, 2014

      no checks end of the year

      • Idc anymore October 24, 2014

        Ikr, Fred! lol that would be funny! This lawsuit is nightmare! So appropriate for the season.

  • Marcy October 24, 2014

    I was one who has gone back and forth with them. I received a letter then disputed it and was told in writing (email from Gilardi) that I did not owe any money and I would receive a check instead. Called them back in July for an update and was told I would get debt forgiveness. I have been asked 3 times since then to send them my letter so and each time they receive they say their taking it counsel. I received an email just last week telling me this and asking for the letter. I know they don’t have it to together and I knew we weren’t getting checks. I can only imagine what a mess they have caused because mine has been going on since the first letter I received.

    • Idc anymore October 24, 2014

      Wow, I know you’re frustrated going back and fourth with them. When I wrote the comment earlier I was fed up and had a migraine at the time. It just would’ve been better if they didn’t put a time limit on the date the checks will be distributed.

      If I were you Marcy, I would’ve been upset that the checks were being distributed, before resolving your appeal. I wonder how many of you are out there. Smh.

  • Jennell October 25, 2014

    give them time the administrator is probably letting them know the truth and if so it is probably going to take some time to prove that to them

  • marilyn October 25, 2014

    Three times they’ve posted a time frame on the Pepper vs Midland website and 3 times they’ve lied. They are no longer credible and I highly doubt anyone is getting any money.

    • Chris October 26, 2014

      I agree with you Marilyn

  • Marcy October 27, 2014

    I have emailed them wanting a response about my situation and I still can’t get anything. I don’t get it. They email me wanting to see the email I received from Gilardi and then I get no response(4th time they have asked for it). I think its a big game but funny thing is I’m not giving up. I hope it gets resolved for everyone!!

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA October 28, 2014


    • GLORIA November 18, 2014


    • GLORIA November 18, 2014


  • jennell November 1, 2014

    what happen at the hearing

    • Mary November 2, 2014

      I don’t know it was 2:30 Friday afternoon, I guess we have to wait for the court to post on the ROA section. This is where all postings from court are.

      • jennell November 3, 2014

        Keep me posted. I will be checking again for any posts myself.

  • Warren November 5, 2014

    Any word if the checks have been send out its taking forever any the holidays are coming up i need my $1000.00 asap.

    • jennell November 7, 2014

      only was told that the anticipated pay out is for the end of the year

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA November 12, 2014


    • Jennell November 14, 2014

      me to it has been long enough

  • Toni November 17, 2014

    End of year, sounds like another quarters bank interest accrued, if in that type of account.

    • jennell November 18, 2014

      any updates as to what happen at the hearing maybe your right just have to wait to the end of the year and see.

  • GLORIA November 18, 2014


  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA November 18, 2014


  • Mary November 19, 2014

    Same here Angel, been waiting a long time. Happy and safe Holidays for all. Can we all say AMEN.

    • Jennell November 19, 2014

      maybe Santa will have a safe landing happy holidays and good luck to you on filing a timely and valid claim ho ho ho

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA November 19, 2014


  • jennell December 1, 2014

    Any Day now!!!!

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 1, 2014


  • Fred December 4, 2014

    I talked to Gilardi this morning, She told me they are prepping the checks now , Still no firm date on the mailing though , She said to call back after 2 weeks if we don’t see anything on the website , maybe about 5 thousand of us need to call,

  • Manuel December 4, 2014

    PEOPLE stop counting your chick’s before they are hatched. 95 percent of you guys will get a fraction of the 1000. It’s says up to* not guarantee you that much. I’m sorry for being a debit downer but got tired of people thinking they were going to have a massive payout.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 4, 2014


  • jennell December 5, 2014

    Santa promised $1000 and im waiting and going to be nice.

  • Ann December 5, 2014

    I also read up to $1000. I know I wont get $1000 if we ever do get it .I paid my account in full some time ago but it wasn’t $1000.What ever it may be its something I guess .But $1000 would be nice !!! :)

    • Jennell December 5, 2014

      just spoke and was told that the distribution will be this month

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 5, 2014


  • jennell December 5, 2014

    maybe others should call to see what responses that they come up with

    • Fred December 6, 2014

      When I called the other day they told me that all the
      disputes are settled and done , she told me they
      are just finishing up the little bit of paperwork and
      printing the checks ,

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 9, 2014


  • Warren December 10, 2014

    Im still praying my $1000.00 check gets here before christmas

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 10, 2014


  • jennell December 10, 2014

    spoke again but it sound like that this is soon she told me that the checks have not went out yet I asked her how much was the checks she say she cant see that but it should be around the end of the month

    • Toni December 12, 2014

      Jennell, Did she say the checks were printed. Because they told me previously that they don’t know the amount until checks are printed.

      • jennell December 13, 2014

        she did not state whether or not the checks were printed, she just said that they have not gone out yet and she does not know the amounts , but maybe by the end of the year

  • Mary` December 12, 2014

    I called today and a woman said they are pushing for the 19th. Cutting it close for xmas.

    • Jennell December 12, 2014

      gold job this has been long enough maybe there is a real Santa this time

      • jennell December 13, 2014

        No Gold!! But, good job Mary at least were getting closer to the mailbox

  • Ann December 18, 2014

    I spoke to a women earlier today and asked if check’s were going to be mailed out Fri. 19th she told me she was unaware of anything going out yet. And I can call back in 2 weeks if I wanted to .I hope she is wrong but not looking like they have everything done yet. Here is the # 877) 283-1774 than press 1 more F&Q than 9 to skip after each question than 4 to speak to a live person .Hope some one gets more answers than me .

  • Michael December 19, 2014

    Just got off the phone with Shaniqua at the lawyers office. Good news or bad news depending on your expectations I guess. I was told the checks were issued today (12/19/14) in the amount of $175.85. The checks will be mailed on Monday 12/22/14. It’s finally over.

    • The Voice December 19, 2014

      Is this representing everyone’s amount ($175.85)? Or is this just your amount? There was an understanding in the beginning that everyone’s amount would be different according to how severe these phone calls were, and whether or not the person actually did owe money to Midland (award up to $1,000). I didn’t owe money. I have had the same phone number for a little over 20 years now, so they were wrong calling my number to begin with. If it’s $175.85 for one and all, I suppose that the time it took to get here may have consumed our awards due to the other issues that have happened in between, other than that, it isn’t over until the fat dollar sings.

      • Jennell December 19, 2014

        B.S. how can that be

      • Michael December 19, 2014

        I don’t ever remember reading where the money payout would be on a sliding scale based on “how severe” the phone calls were. I read that any monies left after the attorneys were paid were to be equally divided among the class members. Who is to say your calls were any more “severe” than mine or Jennell’s? That would be almost impossible to determine. An equal distribution would be the only fair way to do it.

  • Jennell December 19, 2014

    just spoke with the claims administration and the envelope have 175.85 mailed ttoday or Monday.

    • Michael December 19, 2014

      That’s great they told you maybe today on the mailing. At least that way pretty much anyone in the country would have a good chance of having it before Christmas day.

  • Chris December 19, 2014

    I just spoke with them 2 mins ago my amount is for $175.85 and it’s being mailed out today from San Diego

  • Chris December 19, 2014

    It’s 175.85 each for each person it’s not rocket science people lol

  • Chris December 19, 2014

    People need to stop complaining that’s it’s not the full $1000 it’s $175.85 more than what you had before be grateful

  • Fred L December 19, 2014

    In the original papers it projected $90 , If we are getting $175 I don’t have a problem with it.
    If they go out today , Most of us should have them Monday or Tuesday,

  • The Voice December 19, 2014

    No need to be argumentative here, especially when I’m trying to help. I remember my postcard from Midland saying ‘up to $1,000’ award or an offset on ‘any debt’. Does anyone else remember that? Most people here were expecting their grand- but then came the tsunami of people claiming they owed nothing and were given an offset on their supposed debt to which many complained and then the administrators had to sort through all that and then ages later a ‘grand’ result! Woot!

    • Chris December 20, 2014

      You just said UP to 1000 not 1000 so you answered your own question and no one is being argumentive just informing people

  • Ann December 20, 2014

    I was not expecting $1000.I paid about 800 to them .I do remember it saying up to 1000 .And if they would of put it in some interest account we would of maybe got a few dollars more. But 175.00 is better than nothing .Well hope we get it this week .But they have come down to the day of it being mailed out and they change there minds and make us wait like they did in Oct. I never counted on it to pay bills so when it comes it comes .Happy Holidays all .

  • Fred L December 20, 2014

    The original postcard and the deal at the top of the page says a grand, But these class action
    deals never work that way, Whatever money is left after the lawyers get their cut is carved up to the class. If you read though the court docs they originally thought the class payout would be about $93 so if we get $175 its just an added bonus,

  • Mary December 20, 2014

    A lady told me yesterday that we are all getting the same amount. Would love the 1000, but like others have said, this is a plus 175 more than we had. So I say thank you, and everyone have a Merry and safe Christmas, New years. and Hanukkah. I have something else to be thankful for, my Sister after 6 Chemo treatments is in Remission. So these Holidays will be welcomed in my family.

  • Jennell December 20, 2014

    maybe by next Thursday things will be done over by the mail box happy holidays every one this has been one of the longest Santas ever

  • GLORIA December 20, 2014

    Happy Holiday to everyone!!!! Jennell hope to hear from you soon . you have been so helpful to this journey.

  • Kaliana December 20, 2014

    I’m happy to announce that I received my $175.85 today in San Diego, CA!!!! Yep, it’s finally over!!!

    Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

    • Mary December 21, 2014

      This means the rest of us should get the check Mon or Tues. Yes finally, Kallana and yes by all means have a Happy and safe Holidays to all.

      • Kaliana December 21, 2014

        Yes Mary, I’m sure most of you will get in on Monday, but you all that live in rural areas should get it by Tuesday!!! I promise it was right on time!

    • The Voice December 22, 2014

      That’s wonderful to hear. Did it come in the form of a letter, or a short postcard? People might see the post card and bin it by mistake thinking its junk. Thank you for your warm wishes :-)

      • Jennell December 22, 2014

        just wondering myself

      • Kaliana December 24, 2014

        Sorry it took me so long to respond, but it’s a full size check. It’s attached to a letter and at the bottom of the letter it’s a detachable check. Hopefully, you got it already. Take care!

  • Jennell December 22, 2014

    just wondering myself the same thing

  • Jennell December 22, 2014

    just received my payment for the distribution here in los Angeles California $175.85 merry Christmas and happy holidays to all who filed a timely and valid claim.

    • The Voice December 22, 2014

      Postcard or Letter?

      • Jennell December 22, 2014

        don’t know yet still at work

  • mrswalker December 22, 2014

    It’s a paper check. My husband and I both got one today

  • mrswalker December 22, 2014


  • Michael December 22, 2014

    Received mine in Los Angeles today. Regular check inside a business size envelope. Everyone have a Merry Christmas !!

  • Mary December 22, 2014

    Got mine today in Oregon, Merry Christmas all.

  • Warren December 26, 2014

    I haven’t received mined yet im still waiting

  • The Voice December 26, 2014

    For those who are still waiting for their checks after a reasonable waiting period (a week?); Please call the administrators and let them know before it is too late; to get a replacement check sent out.

  • linda December 26, 2014

    I did not receive one and just e-mailed them to make sure I am even on this list. I disputed this debt from the beginning. I called Mcm a couple of months ago and they have my dispute letter on file from many years ago. They said the debt is no longer valid and they had no supporting documents for this debt. So, I will see what kind of response I get from the Attorney. It is just annoying to think they are going to get $1000 for something they cannot prove I owe. If I am not going to get anything, I would rather see it go to a charitable organization or something.

    • Mike December 27, 2014

      The same thing happened to me. They said my debt was no longer in their office but, they gave them the $1000 anyway even though I disputed it. I thought I was going to get a check, that is what I was initially told but, they changed their mind. Oh well, better luck next time.

    • WENDY December 30, 2014

      Have you heard back from them? I also emailed them as I did not receive a check and twice sent proof that I did not have a debt with Midland. I have not heard back from the email I sent.

      • linda December 31, 2014

        No, I did not receive an e-mail back yet. I hope they are looking into it. The other times I e-mailed them, it did take about 5 days or so for a reply back. I live in PA and should have got a check by now if they sent one. As soon as I hear something, I will let you know what they said.

  • ANGEL IN CALIFORNIA December 29, 2014


  • WENDY January 6, 2015

    I have not heard back from them either. What I am thinking of doing now, is contacting Midland. I do not have a balance with them, I was given a $1000.00 credit so that means $1000.00 was applied to my account, so to me that means Midland has to refund the money to me!!! Not going to hurt to try!!

  • Linda G Towner January 15, 2016

    I received a postcard saying I needed to fill out a claim form regarding this matter by April 12,2016.

  • Linda G Towner January 15, 2016

    I received a postcard saying I need to fill out a claim form before April 12, 2016. Thank You

  • Ange Arviso January 26, 2016

    I too have received a card saying I need to fill out a claim form regarding this matter by April 12 2016 Thanks

  • Amelia July 4, 2016

    Midland garnished my check..They took a lot out for 3 paychecks. About a month later, I get an e-mail from payroll that I am getting the money back from them. They didn’t know anything, and either did I. Now, about a week ago, I get court papers from Midland, that they are taking me to court for the same amount that was taken out the last time. Im getting a lawyer because I cant go through all that again.

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