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Delta Air Lines Lost Luggage Class Action Lawsuit

By Kimberly Mirando


Deltra Air LinesA federal class action lawsuit filed against Delta Air Lines claims the carrier lies about lost luggage liability limits and stiffs passengers out of government-mandated reimbursements for lost and delayed baggage to which they’re entitled.
Florida resident Susan Miller alleges in the Delta Air Lines class action lawsuit that the airline lost and delayed her luggage on a flight from Miami to Las Vegas last year. Miller says in the class action lawsuit that she had to pay over $300 to buy warm clothes and replace necessities like toiletries and medication that were in her luggage. However, when she asked Delta to reimburse her for those expenses, the airline ignored her requests. Miller is now suing Delta Air Lines on behalf of all passengers who weren’t properly reimbursed for expenses they’re contractually owed because the airline lost or delayed their bags.
“What happened to [Miller] happens every day to Delta passengers whose bags are delayed,” the class action lawsuit states. “Delta uniformly ignores its contractual obligations to reimburse passengers for expenses while their bags are delayed. Such tactics allow Delta to pocket millions and millions it would have had to pay out if it had abided by its contract with passengers.”
The crux of the Delta delayed luggage class action lawsuit is that Delta misleads passengers into believing they are only entitled to $25 to $50 in daily expenses when their bags are delayed. However, government regulations and passenger contracts require Delta to pay as much as $3,300 per passenger for delayed luggage expenses. 
“Under the contract, if passengers need warm clothes or medications, etc., they are entitled to buy those and be reimbursed by Delta, not be told that there is a limit for expenses of $25.00 a day,” the Delta Air Lines baggage class action lawsuit argues.
Miller is alleging breach of contract and consumer fraud. The case is Susan Miller v. Delta Air Lines, Inc., Case No. 22-cv-10099, Florida Southern District Court.


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Updated December 12th, 2011


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  • Anonymous December 22, 2011

    Can I have the contact information for this attorney for this class action suit? The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago on a Delta flight and I am getting the WORST runaround possible by these jokers.

    Roger Fountain
    Pitbull Consumer Advocates, Owner
    877-551-5574 (toll free)
    214-701-4531 (cell)

  • Anonymous December 23, 2011

    Same thing happened to My wife and I back in 2/07. They didn’t give us anything. when We finally got our luggage, it mysteriously appeared at the hotel. Also had customs’ notices in them from being searched.

  • Anonymous December 31, 2011

    I need information on how to sign on to this class action lawsuit. I and my family travelled with Delta Airlines to Africa and spent almost three weeks going to the airport everyday to check on our three large baggages which never arrived. We had to cut our vacation short and come back because we spent so much on clothing and toiletries.
    Upon arrival we contacted Delta about our ordeal but the baggage manager one Barbara Caranza or whatever her name was told us they are not liable since we could not produce receipts for every item in the baggages. We went to the Virginia Legal Aid Services for help, and they sent a letter to Delta reminding them of their obligation under a certain convention to which they are signatory to.
    Under the convention rules we were entled to compensation based upon the calculated weights of the baggages. Delta wrote back telling us they still have no compensation for us even though they admit receiving the three baggages into their care.

  • Anonymous January 4, 2012


    I was contacted yesterday by a NEWS REPORTER from Channel 5 FOX NEWS STATION in ATLANTA, GA!

    Anyone interested in speaking ith her, please email me at

    She is trying to gather information to do a large news story against Delta Airlines.

  • Anonymous January 4, 2012

    I was dealing with an ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT DELTA AIRLINES EMPLOYEE by the name of Donna Dowell.

    This woman needs to be fired! I have ridiculous email responses from her. This shows that they don’t take their jobs at Delat Airliens SERIOUSLY!

  • Anonymous January 4, 2012

    E. Morrison- Contact mne and I will provide you the name of the Channel 5 News reporter. It sounds like you really need some help and I totally understand what you are dealing with here. Thanks. R. Fountain

  • Anonymous May 23, 2012

    as an employee this is and has been happining for a while and yes! This has happened to me also. I believe Delta also auctions somethings off, but I personally have been turned away, or my luggage was whiched when the found it…

    The problem is also these class suits aren’t put out openly enough to get more people. I believe Delta proclaims a 2 year statue, but no matter the case once airlines accept bags it’s there responsibility. Even to take extra steps to stop LOST!

  • Anonymous August 15, 2012

    Something similar happened to my wife, son, and I. However, they called the police to escort us out of their office after we started arguing. We’d be interested in speaking with an attorney about a class action suit

  • daphna January 15, 2013

    Hi am am also very interested I am still trying to get a full reimbursement and am not succeeding. ALso dealing with Donna Dowell

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