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Ford Focus Suspension Defect Class Action Lawsuit

By Sarah Pierce


Ford FocusFord Motor Company (NASDAQ: F) has been hit with a federal class action lawsuit that claims its 2005-2011 Ford Focus vehicles have a suspension defect that causes their tires to wear out unevenly and prematurely, leading the cars to drift dangerously on slick roads. The Ford Focus class action claims Ford knew about the suspension defect as early as 2005, but refuses to honor the vehicles’ warranties.
According to the Ford Focus class action lawsuit, Ford Focus cars from the 2005-2011 model years contain one or more design and/or manufacturing defects that affect the vehicle’s alignment and causes “catastrophic tire failure.”
The Ford Focus suspension defect not only creates an “extremely rough ride” and “exceptionally loud noise” while driving, but also presents a safety hazard and “unreasonably dangerous” driving conditions because it causes drivers to lose control on wet or snow-covered roads, the class action lawsuit states.
Ford is accused of knowing about the Ford Focus suspension defect since at least 2005, but of continually failing to repair and/or replace the defective components or the damaged tires under warranty, despite the fact that the defect manifests itself during the warranty period.
The Ford Focus suspension defect class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of anyone who purchased or leased a 2005 through 2011 Ford Focus in California and who currently resides in the United States. It is seeking damages and disgorgment of profits for Class Members, in addition to a court order requiring Ford to repair the defective suspensions in the Ford Focus vehicles.
A copy of the Ford Focus Suspension Defect Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.
The case is Margie Daniel, et al. v. Ford Motor Company, Case No. 11-cv-02890, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division.
UPDATE 2: On Sept. 23, 2016, a California federal judge certified a proposed Class of Ford Focus owners whose vehicles allegedly suffered from a rear suspension defect that caused tires to wear down prematurely.


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Updated June 29th, 2013


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  • Anonymous November 16, 2011

    I have an 09 Focus and I have had 2 new sets of tires on it – not including the ones it came with! Also, I purchased a 2005 ZX3 for my son a few years and ago and totaled it citing that the car just lost control and slammed into a telephone pole. Now I am wondering…….

  • Anonymous March 16, 2012

    We owned a 2010 focus SEL and argued with Ford for 12 months that there was a major problem. Sent approx 75 pages to Ford and finally got them to take the car back. Lost money in this hunk of junk. Dealer denied anything wrong with the car and actually lamed tires and rims several times. We. Purchased different rims from the dealer and Micheline winter tires. Same god awful vibration between 80 and 110 kms an hr. second dealer changed axle but no difference in vibration. At 1200 kms one year after purchase short of threatening legal action Ford sat down with us. Gave me $15000 for the car when book value was 16900

  • Anonymous September 27, 2012

    I am a vendor I drive over 600 miles per week. contantley buying tires and alignments noe suspinsion. please contact me 540 2397865. rebecca jarrell doss

    • pat August 17, 2014

      hi- i have a 2010 focus.i am continuosly putting tires on it. i called ford they said they had no in the process of turning them in to the lemon law.i just put all 4 tie rod ends and brackets for the stabilizer bar-lower control arm.its only going to get worse.i have 59000 miles on it.i have gone through 3 sets of tires.we were strictly ford buyers but are done now.what gets me is when they lie to me. reading the net im not alone.i need everyone owning a ford focus to report this to the bbb.or call1-877-575-3666 for the lemon law.thank you.

  • Anonymous November 2, 2012

    How do I join this class action suit?

  • Anonymous November 21, 2012

    I have a Ford Focus 2010. I just purchased new Michelin tires. I could not see the top of the head on Lincoln when I tested my old tires (on the outside part) but decided to buy new tires prior to winter. When they removed the tires we discovered that the inside of all 4 tires were VERY worn and wavy looking VERY dangerous!!! I just had an oil change at Koon Ford and they recommended I buy tires before winter but didn’t tell me about the unusual wear! They’ve never acknowledged that the tires had excessive wear on the inside when I get the 30 point check! Also, they supposedly rotated them! What can I do about this?

  • Garry February 12, 2013

    Is there a class action lawsuit that Canadians can join?

  • taylor April 12, 2013

    yeah info on this would be nice. i have a 2008 tat will be on it’s fourth set of tire at 65,000 miles. i won’t let anyone else drive this car because of how the suspension affects handling.

  • Peggy/Alabama April 18, 2013

    I have a 2011 Ford Focus SE that lives up to the name-“fix or repair daily.” I put new tires on before 30K miles. Am still having problems. Ford tells me its my tires–NOT. I’ve been fighting with them for months about the front end of the vehicle. The transmission has been repaired once and rebuilt last month. Oh, they tell me the bad noise I hear when it’s raining is humidity build up on my brakes. Come on, this noise is relatively new and I promise it was driven in the rain prior to the fall of 2012 when these problems really reared their ugly heads.I’ve been to the dealership in my hometown and in a city just over 100 miles away, and except for the trans, they all say “tires.” The issues are numerous. The car isn’t even worth what I owe on it. So much for “buying American.”

  • Estherrose July 13, 2013

    I also have problems with wires being eaten by squirrels because the bottom of the car is easy access for the critters to get into. I have had wires and insulation and of my 2011 ford focus eaten thru and replaced more than 6 times. I have tried everything to prevent this but it’s becoming huge issue because my insurance is not continuing coverage. We are talking around $1700 already spent. I need a lawyer to help me with this issue. I am 83 year old woman who essentially does not have the where with all to do this alone. Please contact me on 301-740-9991 or above email address.

  • Jerry Buchanan September 10, 2013

    I have a 2009 Focus that I bought with 6500 miles on it. the first set of tires wore out at 19000 miles. Then I put used tires on it and now i have 35000 miles on it and need another set ouf tires. they wear pretty even till almost nbald but on the very inside it is worn down to there is no rubber left. I would not even get this many miles out of the tires if i did not rotate them regularly. The car rides rougher as the tires wear down and the control is also worstened the more the tires wear.Please add me to you list this is a problem that ford should fix.I am not happy about this tire problem. Jerry

  • steve miller January 1, 2014

    I share the pain. May this be of help. After many go rounds with the local Ford dealer concerning rear suspension problems consisting of tire wear and weird handling on wintry slippery roads. Summer conditions of dry and wet roads are fine. I took it to my trusted alignment guru. The aftermarket part and even the Ford fix-it parts for adjusting the rear camber would not give them the adjustment needed to get the rear wheels in line. So…they machined the drilled holes oval, got it to where they needed it and locked it down. One year and tire wear is finally normal. I am still dealing with the winter handling issues. New snows help but only for one winter. Downright scary with a car that wants to search/sway back and forth on icy roads. One consolation, I can tell when I am driving on black ice. I am planning on giving it back to my alignment guru and informing him of my latest discovery that one season snows don’t cut it. The alignment was checked in the late November and it’s spot on from where they set it earlier in the year. I refuse to buy new snow tires every year and in doing so it only masks the real problem. So far in my search I have not found any concrete fix for the handling problem, if I do I will post it here. I smell a Ford rat.

    • Bruce Jellison January 11, 2014

      I have had a Focus station wagon for about 6 years now. It consistently ruined tires on the rear in less than 20,000 miles. Long before they were ruined, usually in less than 5000 miles, the rear tires would already be damaged and the road noise would be huge. Repeated alignments were no help. The Ford dealership was less help. Mitchlin tires made the most difference and lasted the longest.

      Finally last year I looked up info on the internet and took what I found to my local mechanic. He has a really good man there who knows his stuff. He found aftermarket parts that allowed him to set the rear suspension correctly. The tires are now wearing normally. No more excessive road noise. You can actually hear the radio without turning up high. However… this did not come cheap. $700 in parts and labor. But I will save that much in tires over time and the car is much safer to drive.

      By the way, my old Ford Escort station wagon was twice the car the Focus is. It didn’t have all the interior bells and whistles, (which I do like), but the Escort had a larger and more usable cargo area, better gas mileage with similar power, and the handling was much better with less sway, better directional stability, etc.

      • steve miller January 22, 2014

        Bruce, what were the repairs done to the rear suspension of your focus wagon?

      • Mary Jane Gomes January 28, 2014

        Bruce: can you tell us what the aftermarket parts are that allowed the mechanic to set the rear suspension correctly?

  • gary February 22, 2014

    i totally agree we have literally spent thousands on our 2008 focus its time ford fesses up and returns all our money its been a unsafe car from day one i myself raced dirt cars before and asphalt these cars are on the edge of being death traps FORD GET WITH THE PROGRAM if there is a cadian lawsuit out there sign me up ********

  • scott March 13, 2014

    could anyone tell me the names of the parts I need to replace and how difficult they are to install?

  • COLEBY March 22, 2014

    2008 Focus SE, just under 78k, I have put 3 sets of 70k mile tires, and now yesterday the steering locked up and caused the car to wreck, now it is totaled. Can someone with any legal experience please let myself(and all of us3ve any legal ground to stand om.
    Thank you

  • TED DORN March 30, 2014


  • Christy Gall September 2, 2014

    I have a 2009 ford focus se, how can I get in on this class action lawsuits ?my car has the same problems

  • Mark from Michigan October 1, 2014

    I have a 2004 Focus Wagon ZTW with 154k miles on it. I am about to buy my 4th set of tires. While my tires did last longer than 05-11 models (or maybe I should say I put up with the noise longer, or just cheaper) the symptoms are the same, especially the fishtailing in the snow and noise. Apparently Ford did not improve the issue but it got progressively worse. I have heard from my local tire shop things like “oh those cheaper cars are just hard on tires”. Dealer has stated “must be something wrong in the suspension” even though any suspension item that has gone bad was replaced.

  • Kristin Miceli June 26, 2016

    We have a 2010 and have put five sets of tires on it! How can they have denied this as an issue???

  • gary wing September 3, 2016

    is there anything us canadians can do and is there actually anything happening from ford or are they ignoring the fact that they have a problem

  • Top Class Actions September 27, 2016

    UPDATE 2: On Sept. 23, 2016, a California federal judge certified a proposed Class of Ford Focus owners whose vehicles allegedly suffered from a rear suspension defect that caused tires to wear down prematurely.

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