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CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding Class Action Lawsuit

By Sarah Pierce



UPDATE: This case was consolidated with several other class action lawsuits and a settlement has been reached. See how to file a claim for the CertainTeed Siding Class Action Lawsuit Settlement to potentially receive several thousand dollars if you qualify.


A federal class action lawsuit claims that CertainTeed’s fiber cement siding has been “severely defective” since 2002, when it began making it with fly ash instead of sand to cash in on “large federal tax breaks.” The CertainTeen class action lawsuit comes nearly a year after the company reached a class action settlement over defective organic shingles. 


According to the CertainTeed fiber cement siding class action lawsuit, CertainTeed markets its WeathBoards Fiber Cement exterior siding as durable, long-lasting and appropriate for use on the home and other structures.


“However, in contrast to CertainTeed’s warranties and representations concerning their Siding board, the product is severely defective and problematic. CertainTeen WeatherBoard Fiber Cement is not impervious to moisture invasions and degradations. It cracks, warps, rots, buckles, discolors, delaminates, deteriorates and otherwise does not perform as expressly warranted and represented. Nevertheless, CertainTeed continues to sell it to the public and continues to make their false representations and warranties, despite the fact that the product has, and will eventually cause consumers enormous property damage and substantial removal and replacement costs.”


Furthermore, the CertainTeed class action lawsuit states, CertainTeed improperly rejects warranty claims on the defective siding, despite providing a limited 50-year warranty and separate 2-year warranty that it will pay to repair or replace the siding if its determined to be defective. 


The CertainTeed class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons and entities who owned, own or acquired homes, residences, buildings or other structures physically located in the U.S., on which CertainTeen WeatherBoards Fiber Cement exterior siding has been installed since 2002 to the present.


A copy of the CertainTeed WeatherBoard Fiber Cement Siding Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.


The case is Michael Patota v. CertainTeen Corporation, Case No. 1:11-mi-99999-UNA, United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. 


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  • Anonymous September 4, 2011

    We have exactly the same issue as Michael. Certaineed has offered to pay us the cost of the siding material at $4,800.00 but no labor costs. We feel this is unfair since the siding was installed only 6 years ago.
    The labor alone just to remove and haul away the defective siding will be $3,000.00. That does not include the cost of the new siding and the cost to install the new siding.

  • Anonymous January 16, 2012

    I installed this siding on 2 houses and started having clouding of the factory redwood stain and noticed a slight bowing of them within 1 snow season on the lower areas that would get covered in snow. Within a little over 2 years I had some cracks forming in some of the panels that both the owner and I thought might have been caused by kids, though there was no impact indication of any kind. More cracked panels have formed elsewhere including higher up and the warping and shrinking is evident in a lot of the siding now as well as sections of panels cracking and falling off altogether. This is not the quality work I do and even though I had originally wanted Hardie siding, my lumber and building supply here in the mountain community didn’t carry Hardie products, but Certainteed. I had always known Certainteed to be a quality company and opted to do my business locally utilizing their product. Now, I wish I never had as it will likely lead to lawsuits against me because of their misrepresented product.

  • Anonymous June 11, 2012

    I have a house built in 2009 that has this siding on it. In t he first year there were just a few cracked pieces of siding. I now have 19 pieces, probably more.

  • Anonymous December 9, 2012

    I have the same issue with a home built in 2008. I have been attempting to negotiate the costs of the labor to pull the junk they sold me off, and put new sidiing on, but they have callously refused. Anyone on this post have suggestions for a suitable resolution?

  • Diane January 2, 2013

    We built our house in 2005 and siding started splitting within 6 months. The builder contacted Certainteed. They came out and determined it was due to shrinkage. They were supposed to send us 120 sheets of siding and $1000 for labor. We have contacted several times since we never received anything. Now the entire house is totally cracked and will need to be replaced. This was told to them the last time I talked to them. Was told to take pictures and label the location of the crack. This year our basement started leaking around window and will have to redo sheet rock. I told them they already admitted shrinkage and they will take care of it. We will see!

  • Ray March 13, 2013

    We have 4 townhomes that were built in 2004 with CertainTeed siding. All 4 of the townhomes are having trouble with boards cracking. Been working with CertainTeed for aver a year to get boards under warrantee. They just give me the run-around. I’m not even sure I’d want the replacement boards – I’m pretty sure we are going to have to take down the defective CertainTeed material and replace the complete siding on all 4 units.

  • Marin March 29, 2013

    My home is 4 years old Ive had the siding replaced twice. They would only replace the broken pieces then you have to paint it. Of the course the paint doesn’t exactly match. I am now having all the siding replaced . Its going to cost $17,500. Yes im getting the best. If this class action suite put them out of business so be it.

  • Wes April 30, 2013

    We had our home built in 2004 and the siding started to shrink within 3 years. Certainteed send a person to look at it and said they’d give up 3k to replace it but won’t cover the labor.

  • Don Preuss May 2, 2013

    Purchased prefinished Certainteed siding in 2004 and now have 21 cracked pieces on one side. The offer they made me as settlement is laughable. Where do I go from here?

  • Louise May 23, 2013

    Does anyone know if this stuff ever stabilizes or does it just keep getting worse?

  • newcomb contracting July 6, 2013

    i have been installing fiber cement siding for about 13yrs and a supervisor for other companies for even longer .Fiber cement siding has had its issues for all manufactures and is still a very good product but in recent years i have had complaints and have seen most of the same problems.The government contributes to these problems by offering big incentives to these companies for the materials they use but forget about the consumer sometimes. Hopefully they won’t! In all i do believe that with proper storage proper maintenance and better (packaging) that it is still the best product out there . I certainly hope that Certainteed will take good care of its customers so as a contractor i can continue to recommend them to my customers.

  • Heath Wetzel July 6, 2013

    Every home I’ve DVD sided using Certainteed has failed within 2 years. I have installed over 300 homes using James Hardie having no problems except with the pre finished product twice where James Hardie took immediate action leaving me happy…

  • jeff July 15, 2013

    Can anyone tell me, how I can become part of the class action suit? Website? Their offer was too low, to even think about.

  • Joe C August 8, 2013

    I had their siding put on 5 years ago. It started peeling and cracking the 1st year. I have 47 cracked pieces also. They offered to give me 650 pieces to replace it but won’t cover the labor of removal and to have it put back on. If anyone knows bow to vet in this lawsuit I would love to join.

  • ron September 13, 2013

    this problem is still not over. I built a home in 2007 for a customer and the siding is falling apart. I too am trying to find outr how to join this lawsuit. Can anyone help?

    • Rick Bagemihl May 23, 2014

      There has been movement on the siding. We just moved in Dec. of 2013. The house was built in 2005. It is located in Wisconsin. There are gaps between the siding. It is a Certainteed Weather Board Cedar Lap. Should I proceed with the Claim I started and who do I call for help in getting this resolved? Is the weather board the same as the fiber cement siding?

  • ron September 13, 2013

    I just found this site for joining the class action law suit. I am waiting to hear from the lawyer there.
    LINK REMOVED BY ADMINISTRATOR – We remove links we can’t confirm as part of the class action.

  • vicki October 12, 2013

    The cement siding has begun to just fall off my house

  • Chris Tsoubanos October 20, 2013

    My house was build with CertainTeed Fiber cement siding in 2007. In 2011 a number of cracks appeared.The company sent me replacement boards which I had installed for a cost of $5700 in 2012. This summer four new cracks appeared on the replaced boards. I contacted the Certain Teed company and was informed to submit a new claim. I’m in the process of doing so.
    What should be done now/
    Thank you
    Chris Tsoubanos

  • Todd Stumberg October 23, 2013

    I replaced my siding with CertainTeed and it had severe skringage in the first two years. My installer came out and verified the skrinkage as well as the material supplier. I assumed it would be replaced at no cost. However for some reason Certainteed was notified (accoridng to CertainTeed) until after the 2 years so they would only cover the cement siding and paint. I was told I had to pay for the labor. I wasn’t aware of this lawsuit or I would have said something earlier.

  • Gabriel October 31, 2013

    I have had problems with my Certainteed Weatherboard prefinished siding. They started about a year after installation in 2010. cracking, delimitation, caulking issues and more. Many boards were replaced, but the problem is still ongoing, in fact many of the replaced boards have cracked in much the same manner as the original ones did. This has cost me a LOT of time in trying to remedy the situation. Certainteed has marketed a defective product and it seems they need to right this wrong.
    The siding I purchased was a “premium product” and it should perform in that manner. It comes with a 50 year warranty. it seems their payout structure should take this into account. Maybe 2% depreciation yearly instead of 4%….

    Also, it should be noted that Certainteed changed installation instructions between the time of my install and the most current iteration. The current iteration warns about certain installation techniques because they might lead to a home that looks like mine. The prior iteration did not mention these techniques specifically, but they did not seem to take this into account when I tried processing a claim.

  • steve jacocks October 31, 2013

    My siding has done everything the above suit has mentioned.Started having problems about a year after it was installed. Have replaced boards but still a on going problem.

  • isabelle m smith November 13, 2013

    please be advise i am currently living in a home that has fiber cement siding at the present date please let me know what steps to take for futher actions thank you i m smith

  • Darlis G. Smith November 14, 2013

    I had the siding put on right at two years ago and have yet to see any problems…but if this product is defective I want to get ahead of the problem. As the certainteed product was installed due to failure of LP product. All at my cost

  • David Collier November 20, 2013


  • Theodore Taylor November 27, 2013

    We paid a good amount of money to purchase quality siding only to have it shrink, crack and be a substandard siding. we are very unhappy with this siding and want our new house to be of quality. thats why we bought what we thought was the best product around. we are seeking to join in the class action lawsuit on this substandard product.

  • Brian Zumdahl November 30, 2013

    We installed this siding on our new house to get the look of wood believing the warranty that we would have a maintenance free home for 50 years. Boy were we wrong. Within a year the siding started cracking and shrinking on the south and west sides of our home. After many contacts with Certain Teed they replaced the siding but we had to pay all labor costs. The siding we put on has had the same problems. With in the last two years the siding on the northwest sides of the house started peeling and won’t hold the touch up stain they sent. They tell us this is our fault because we did not install the siding correctly.

  • Nguyen October 17, 2014

    I had the siding replaced with Certainteed fiber cement boards in 2010. The following year, I noticed some discoloration of the boards and the gaps between the boards were showing. The problems with the discoloration and the gaps between the boards were getting gradually worse.
    Two months ago (August 2014), I contacted the territory manager of Certainteed for VA & MD. He came to my house to inspect the damages, at first he said that he did not find anything wrong with the installer. In subsequent correspondence, he blamed the problems on the installer while denying all responsibilities by Certainteed. He indicated the a coat of primer and a new coat of paint should fix the problems, but did not offer any help. Later on he agreed to help with with the painting, and provided a painting contractor that turned out to be a bogus company. He then offered the provide another painting contractor, but I have not heard from him since!!!
    I am no expert but I don’t think a coat of primer and a coat of paint will solve my siding problems. I just don’t think Certainteed has any intention to fix the problems they created!!!

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