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Target Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit


By Matt O’Donnell

Target credit cardA Pennsylvania woman has sued Target in a class action lawsuit over its debt collection practices for Target credit cards, saying that false affidavits were used to go after customers who allegedly owed money on their Target-issued credit card accounts.


Plaintiff Vicki Higgins filed the class action lawsuit after she was sued in 2009 by Target National Bank, which issues the Target REDcard, in an attempt to collect an alleged credit card debt from her. That lawsuit was dropped five months later, but the woman still incurred legal fees as a result of fighting the legal action, which she says should never have happened in the first place.


Her class action lawsuit against Target claims that the notarized debt affidavit used in her case and others was rubber-stamped, and that the Target staffer listed on the document “didn’t review any records prior to allegedly executing the affidavit.” This is illegal, the class action lawsuit contends, because the affidavits are used to coerce customers, or convince courts to enforce the debt, under the false impression that the financial information contained has been reviewed by the bank.


“[Target National Bank] took the false and misleading affidavits and utilized them to secure judgments against hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of alleged debtors,” says the Target credit card class action lawsuit. This, it says, violates federal racketeering and Pennsylvania’s fair credit laws.


Higgins is seeking class action status on behalf of thousands of Target customers who, like her,  received similarly false affidavits and either paid the false debt, incurred legal costs, or had their credit ratings harmed in the process. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and a court order to stop the alleged debt collection practices. 


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Updated April 22nd, 2011


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  • Joseph Prater December 27, 2013

    I used my bank card at target in Yuba City CA on several occasions in late November until target announced the credit card scam, someone stealing my credit card number, pin number and my bank information. Do I have to sue Target on my own or is there a class action law suit to submit my name to. Your reply will be gratefully appreciated. Joe Prater

  • Onate Family (Disabled Parent & Children) January 7, 2014

    I hold a Master’s in Science; Doctorate in I/O/Neuro/Clinical Psych; in addition to multiple post-bacculareate certifications. I hold NPI certification numbers in Research (Biomedical/Applied Translational/Genomics/Chromosomal Disorders/and Myelin Project which services those affected by ALD/ALS/X-linked ALD and other mutuant forms. I make a point to introduce myself to retail managers or customer service prior to entering to advise them that they lack the acommodations necessary to shot with a wheel-chair bound 9 year old child who does not fit in the toddler seat. I encountered a horrendous experience earlier this year which resulted and documented in acute multi-system decline. The arrogance, lack of Federal and State Knowledge, Lack of EDD statues, and the cear prejudice which was excessive given my wilfill disclosure of medical health conditions affecting my appearance and slowing my gait and cerebral functioning. It is with chagrin that I write this letter having followed Target’s claim to value customer feedback porvided that it is electronic. I called the customer service line which is out of state based in Canda and therefore out-of-touch with the ADA/ADAA and 504 requirements for entities that accept public funds. Target is one of these entities since they acced WIC as monetarys source of income. I proactively called Org. County RC, Tustin Police, Irvine Police, and Irvine Developmental Disability Advisory Committee. In addition, I sent out an email to other parents (of all ages) caring for a minor or adult dependent in the home. I have never in my life been subject to the degree of humiliation that was imposed. It was prejudicial, biased, and based on the premise that I did not appear to be a trustworthy person (since I did not wear my white coat with identifying insignia for healthcare specialists). I shall save the details for the attorneys; notwithstanding, I have faced barriers trying to contact the Board ofd Directors and CEO in the US and am repeatedly told that the matter has been sent for review at the administratiVe office. My contact information (phone) is unchanged and to this date several months later I have not received any apology or plan for corrective action. My goal is not to inflict the pain parents experience daily; rather, to open lines of communication between Target Administrators/Policy Makers and improve the shoping experince for those with mobility impairments. As our society ages, this need will become tantamount and Target is grossly lacking behind. I hope to recieve a call so that the groups I represent as a Biomed/MDE Researcher will have tangible proof that employee training will be modified to include the mandated state, legal, and local statues to serve individuals with disabilities. Dr.RMO

  • Donna Woolridge January 11, 2014

    My CC# was one of the numbers that has been compromised at Target store in Myrtle Bch. SC.Who or how do I join a class action lawsuit against Target?

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