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Campbell’s Tomato Soup Class Action Lawsuit
By Kimberly Mirando

Campbell's low-sodium tomato soupA federal judge has given the green light to a class action lawsuit against Campbell Soup Co., the world’s largest soup-maker, over whether its “low-sodium” tomato soup really has less sodium.


The Campbell’s Soup class action lawsuit claims the company misled consumers into paying more for “low-sodium” tomato soup, even though it contains as much sodium as Campbell’s regular tomato soup. According to the lawsuit, Campbell’s “less sodium” claim is actually a comparison to a collection of the company’s regular soups, not to the tomato soup, but that this was not clearly labeled on the cans.


“Consumers should not have to read the back of the soup can to be sure the information on the front is truthful,” said a lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the Campbell’s tomato soup class action.


Last week U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle denied Campbell’s motion to dismiss the case, saying the plaintiffs could press claims under New Jersey’s consumer fraud act because reasonable consumers could have found Campbell’s labels misleading.


The case is Rosa Smajlaj et al v. Campbell Soup Co et al, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, No. 10-1332.


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Updated March 29th, 2011


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  • Anonymous April 3, 2011

    Campbell’s Tomato Soup Class Action Lawsuit
    i actually thought low sodium meant low sodium. we are on sodium controlled diets.

  • Anonymous April 18, 2011

    Campbell’s Tomato Soup Class Action Lawsuit

  • Linda F. Walker September 11, 2013

    Purchased the soup, thought it had less salt..

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