Backblaze class action lawsuit

Backblaze Faces Class Action Over Unencrypted Hard Drives

Backblaze Inc., a leading company specializing in computer data backup and recovery, is the subject of a proposed class action lawsuit filed last Friday. The class action lawsuit alleges Backblaze puts private customer data at risk by shipping them unencrypted external storage drives…. Read More »


Credit Card Receipts and FACTA Violations

Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) of 2003, consumers are offered protection of their personal credit and debit card information on customer receipts. Printing out full account numbers and expiration dates on credit or debit card receipts issued to... Read More »

Ashley Madison data hack

Ashley Madison Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits Go to JPML

Last week, a plaintiff in one of the five class action lawsuits accusing adultery matchmaking service Ashley Madison of failing to protect users’ personal data urged the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) to consolidate the actions in Missouri federal court…. Read More »

overdraft fees

Feds Protect Credit Union Members From Overdraft Fees

Despite a federal regulation requiring disclosure of overdraft protection terms and affirmative opt-in for certain transactions, some credit union members are still taken by surprise when they get hit with overdraft fees. Overdraft fees are what credit unions charge for fronting funds... Read More »

chipotle wage and hour

Chipotle Hit With False Ad Class Action Over GMO-Free Campaign

The fast-casual Mexican food chain Chipotle has been hit with a putative $5 million class action lawsuit over allegations that the company falsely advertised that their menu was completely GMO-free. Lead plaintiff Colleen Gallagher of California is suing Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc…. Read More »

Bank of America settlement

Bank of America Late Fee Settlement Checks in the Mail

TCA viewers are reporting that they are receiving late fee class action settlement checks for as much as $200 from the Bank of America class action lawsuit. Class Members who were charged a late fee by Bank of America NA (USA) because… Read More »

Uber class action lawsuit

Uber Lawsuit: California Uber Drivers

Who's Affected Did you drive for Uber in California? You may have been misclassified as an independent contractor and could be owed money under California labor law. Uber employs more than 160,000 drivers in California, which the on-demand ride service company classifies... Read More »


Lawsuits Filed Against Syngenta Over GMO Corn Seed

The lawsuits currently filed against Syngenta claim that farmers suffered substantial economic losses when Syngenta introduced a genetically modified seed into the U.S. market prior to receiving important approvals from important US export countries like China. Syngenta's Agrisure Viptera was approved by... Read More »

vitamin supplements

New Dietary Supplement Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

A new federal lawsuit has been filed against Basic Research, the manufacturer and marketer of a weight loss supplement called Vysera-CLS. According to the lawsuit, Basic Research violated consumer protection laws and intentionally made false assertions about the effectiveness of their weight... Read More »


Ovarian Cancer Risk Increased With Baby Powder Use

Though originally developed to help baby bottoms stay dry and free from skin irritation, women quickly learned that baby powder could be an asset to their daily hygiene routine. With its ability to absorb moisture, protection against chafing, and odor control,  talcum powder... Read More »


New Testosterone Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

A new Testosterone replacement therapy lawsuit was filed in  Illinois federal court against Eli Lilly and various other testosterone manufacturing companies. The lawsuit is one of many lawsuits in the multidistrict litigation before Judge Matthew Kennelly. The testosterone lawsuit alleges that Eli... Read More »

medication side effects

Concerns About Diabetes Drug Direct-to-Consumer Ads

The growing number of reports involving side effects allegedly linked to Invokana and other diabetes medications have renewed concerns about the aggressive direct-to-consumer advertisements used by the makers of the controversial medications when they were first approved by the FDA. The first... Read More »