A website has been established to inform Class Members of their rights under a class action settlement ending claims that Welspun USA falsely advertised sheets as being made from “Egyptian Cotton” or “Pima Cotton.”

Welspun denies any wrongdoing, but has agreed to settle the pima cotton class action lawsuit to avoid the costs and risks of continuing litigation. The Welspun pima cotton marketing class action settlement has received preliminary approval so far.

As benefits in the Welspun class action settlement, customers may recover a range of benefits. Per the terms of the settlement deal, customers have been divided into two tiers:

Tier 1: Class Members with a proof of purchase may recover up to a maximum of $2.30 per product in the case of towels and pillowcases, up to $9.20 for all other products. There is no product limit for Tier 1 benefits.

Tier 2: Class Members with no proof of purchase may recover up to $1.15 per product for towels and pillowcases and up to $4.60 for all other products purchased. There is a $10.35 household limit for Tier 2 benefits, and only one claim per household is eligible.

In addition to the two tiers, the settlement website notes that all people who have already submitted a refund claim for products involved in the settlement can submit a claim for a voucher good for either a 10 percent one-time discount or a $5 credit on a future purchase at the online outlet specified by the voucher, whichever is greater.

The website reports that Welspun has agreed to implement marketing reforms that will ensure that they accurately market, advertise, and label the textile cotton products at issue.

The Welspun class action settlement goes on to say that the settlement amount is capped at $36 million. The amount that will be paid to Class Members depends on the number of valid claims for benefits submitted. In addition to the settlement amount, Welspun has agreed to pay costs associated with the notice and administration of the cotton textiles class action settlement.

Attorneys for the Class have requested up to 25 percent of the settlement amount ($9 million) for fees and costs. Class representatives will receive $750 each for their role in the Welspun class action settlement.

The settlement website notes that Class Members include all people who purchased Welspun home textile cotton products marketed or labeled as “Egyptian Cotton” or “Pima Cotton” in the United States or U.S. territories for personal use between Jan. 1, 2012, and July 2, 2019.

The deadline to opt out or file an objection to the Welspun class action settlement is Sept. 26, 2019. The claim period begins on Sept. 28, 2019.

A fairness hearing has been set for Oct. 28, 2019. The deadline to file a claim is Nov. 27, 2019. The claim form is not yet available.

The Class is represented by Bruce Steckler of Steckler Gresham Cochran PLLC.

The Egyptian Pima Cotton Class Action Lawsuit is Hansen-Mitchell, et al. v. Welspun USA Inc., et al., Case No. 19-L-0391, in the Circuit Court for the 20th Judicial Circuit, County of St. Clair, State of Illinois.

UPDATE: October 2019, the Welspun Egyptian – Pima Cotton class action settlement is now open.Click here to file a claim.

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