ford truck with diesel engineA class action lawsuit filed by a group of Ford drivers alleges that its diesel trucks are prone to catastrophic engine failure, and that the company knew about this problem but did nothing to remedy it.

Plaintiffs Zachary J. Farlow and 14 other Ford drivers are current or former owners or lessees of the 2011 to 2018 Ford diesel vehicles that are equipped with a Power Stroke 6.7L engine and a CP4 fuel injection pump.

The plaintiffs claim that the fuel injector pump, which is manufactured by Bosch, is not equipped to handle American diesel fuel and malfunctions in a way that can cause catastrophic engine failure. Allegedly, this engine failure can occur without warning.

The Ford truck class action states that when the pump is used with American diesel fuel, the pump shoots metal shavings into the fuel injection system, an occurrence which can then lead to engine failure.

Farlow and the other drivers say that the pump works well in Europe, but doesn’t work in America, a difference that the company was aware of but did not notify consumers of.

The Ford diesel truck class action states that the auto maker did this in an attempt to sell more diesel vehicles than they would have had they properly notified consumers of the defect.

The plaintiffs say that had they known that the vehicles were fatally defective in this way, they would not have purchased the vehicle or would not have paid as much for it as they did to either lease or buy the vehicles. The Ford drivers claim that they were financially injured by Ford because of this.

Additionally, the consumers claim that Ford unjustly gained enrichment from this misrepresentation, because they profited from the sale of the vehicles in ways that they otherwise would not have had they faithfully represented the vehicles to the public.

The Ford engine defect class action states that “unfortunately for the American public, the easiest way for Ford to succeed was to cheat American consumers on usability and overall vehicle functionality by equipping class vehicles with this ticking time bomb of a fuel injection pump that dooms the modern Ford Power Stroke diesel engine system from day one.”

Allegedly, Ford’s communications with Bosch indicate that Ford knew that the pump would not work with American diesel fuel for more than a decade. The two companies partnered in 2004, and from the beginning, Ford was aware of the problem, the plaintiffs state.

To support their claim that the company knew of the problem and that they intentionally did not tell consumers about it in an attempt to not have their profits hindered, Farlow and the other consumers cite communications between Ford and Bosch that indicate that Ford was concerned about the possible financial hit to Ford if the company were to cover the problem under the vehicles’ warranty.

Farlow and the other drivers are represented by Jeff D. Friedman, Steve W. Berman, and Sean R. Matt of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP and Robert C. Hilliard and Rudy Gonzales Jr. of Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP.

The Ford Fuel Injection Pump Defect Class Action Lawsuit is Zachary J. Farlow, et al. v. Ford Motor Company, Case No. 3:18-cv-06967, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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  • Lou Weber January 26, 2020

    My 2011 F350 had complete engine failure at 99,460 miles with a broken off exhaust valve. It’s not a glow plug issue as many believe. Cost was $20k for block, fuel sys, turbo, and labor. Ford offered no help at all and won’t even discuss it with me. After a lifetime of Ford’s, I’ll likely not purchase another.

  • Robert Nickell December 31, 2019

    I have a 2011 6.7. Glow plug broke and $17k later I have a new engine. Ford offered to do nothing!

  • Orlando Munoz December 12, 2019

    I have a 2013 Ford F350 with a 6.7 engine for it I bought it with 139000 miles from the Ford dealer in Middletown New York put 7000 miles on it and the fuel system completely gave out. They want $11000 to fix it can you help

  • Jim Hoffman December 10, 2019

    I have a 2012 F450 Super Duty 6.7L Diesel. At 115,000 miles the engine started losing power, the motor started knocking, and it locked up causing a catastrophic engine failure. It has been maintained well. Was told this engine should go 450,000 miles without any issues. I am looking
    At $16 to $20,000 to have fixed. Are you able to help?

  • James December 2, 2019

    I have a 2015 that did these same thing replaced 3 motors in underived a year. Went and bought a 2017. Original motor blew at 115,000 paid for a full long block and now 6 months later dead again. I have lost so much business over this and the money I have spent on repairs is over 30,000. Please contact me.

  • Darrell Miller November 22, 2019

    I have a 2010 F-150 that motor blew without any warning. One minute it was driving just fine, the next heard a loud noise and engine shut down. In the process of replacing. Please contact.

  • Tyler C November 9, 2019

    I had a 2011 F350 6.7 – truck shuttered for about 5 seconds on the interstate, then when dead while traveling at approx. 70 mph. Lost compression in 4 cylinders and engine had to be replaced ALONG WITH def system. Total bills came out to around $15k. Please contact me.

  • Benny Anderson October 31, 2019

    How do I get involved with this Class Action Lawsuits. I have same issue. Paid $9433 fourteen months ago and now facing $8100 for same repair. There was NO sensor warning.

  • Jesse Taylor October 23, 2019

    We have a 2011 ford F350 6.7. Just blue engine on freeway with no notice….please contact

  • Ernest rogers October 21, 2019

    I have a 2017 f350 diesel. My filters are always changed and used ford diesel treatment…. mine still blew up. 9875,00. I’m paying 986 a month on truck that can blow up any time …. how do we get this covered???

  • Kevin October 11, 2019

    On my 2nd fuel issue with the 6.7 My 1st was a 2012 6.7 and now on my 2015 6.7 please someone contact me.

  • Ted Harbers April 30, 2019

    Had a 2016 Duramax and a 2016 Powerstroke with Bosch CP4 injector pump failures $7,500.00 and $9,800.00
    GM paid theirs Ford did not

  • Clayton D April 17, 2019

    We have 7 diesel trucks having major issues. One of the 7 has an engine out and they have them on back order for 4 months and still have no word. Someone please contact us by email

  • ed smith March 15, 2019

    experienced fuel pump failure on 2014 6.7 diesel .cost of repair was 10,800 has had every recomended service done by ford still no warranty

  • Dan Dugan March 9, 2019

    I just had engine failure and have to replace entire 6.7 engine 12000.00 bucks.

  • Heath smith December 12, 2018

    I own a 2015 ford transit van diesel that I had to replace the whole fuel system because it was compromised by metal shavings. They said it was because of not changing the fuel filter frequently enough do I had to pay out of pocket 6,500$ to fix it. Who don’t get a hold of to see about this class action law suit?

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