Settlement checks from a Babyganics false advertising settlement have been mailed.Top Class Actions viewers are starting to receive checks in the mail from the Babyganics false advertising settlement worth as much as $340.

Lead plaintiffs in the Babyganics class action lawsuit alleged that products touted as organic by the manufacturer, KAS Direct LLC, were falsely advertised.

The plaintiffs claimed in the Babyganics skincare lawsuit that, while the skincare line was advertised as “organic” and “mineral-based,” the products, in truth, contained synthetic ingredients.

Specifically, the plaintiffs say Babyganics products were advertised as containing minerals, such as zinc oxide. Zinc oxide sits on top of the skin to block dangerous UV light from the sun; however, the makers of Babyganics allegedly used chemical sunscreen ingredients that are absorbed by the skin.

The Babyganics skincare lawsuit claimed that consumers were misled into purchasing various items, including sunscreen, lotion, shampoo, body wash, rash cream, toothpaste, baby wipes, dish soap and laundry detergent.

If you submitted a claim in the Babyganics skincare lawsuit and are wondering where my Babyganics settlement check is, keep an eye on your mailbox. According to comments and posts on the Top Class Actions’ Facebook page, Class Members who submitted timely and valid claims for the Babyganics false advertising settlement are starting to receive checks worth as much as $340.

Under the terms of the $2.2 million Babyganics class action settlement reached in 2018, the company offered full reimbursement for products with proof of purchase and partial reimbursement for Class Members who did not retain receipts.

If you submitted a valid claim in the Babyganics class action lawsuit and are wondering, “what will my Babyganics settlement check be,” the amount will depend on whether or not you submitted proof of purchase, such as receipts.

The Babyganics false advertising settlement was limited to certain products, including the brand’s lotions, toothpaste, shampoo, diaper rash cream, and sunscreen.

Class Members in the Babyganics class action settlement included those who purchased Babyganics products labeled as “organic” for personal use between Sept. 7, 2010 and June 26, 2018. The deadline to submit a claim was Oct. 29, 2018 and the final hearing was held Nov. 30, 2018.

Final approval in the Babyganics settlement was granted on Nov. 30, 2018.

Did you get a settlement check in the Babyganics class action? Did you submit a claim and are wondering “what will my Babyganics settlement check be?” Let us know in the comments below!

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The lead plaintiffs and Class Members of the Babyganics settlement are represented by attorneys Charles J. LaDuca and Katherine Van Dyck of Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca LLP, Jason P. Sultzer of The Sultzer Law Group PC, and Melissa Wolchansky and Amy E. Boyle of Halunen Law.

The Babyganics False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit is Tanya Mayhew, et al. v. KAS Direct LLC and S.C. Johnson & Son Inc., Case No. 7:16-cv-06981, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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