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As individuals make moves to self isolate, practice social distancing, and even enter into quarantines in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, people are looking for ways to make money at home.

Additionally, as restaurants, bars, and other businesses are limited or even closed, unfortunately there will be some workers looking to replace their income.

Those who are lucky enough to have regular internet access may be able to find one or many ways to make money at home to replace this lost income or embark on a new career that can be done remotely.

Ways to Start Earning Money from Home Right Now

The number one way Top Class Actions recommends making money at home is to file claims for open settlements. The TCA website lists hundreds of settlements with a variety of awards for qualified Class Members.

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Filing qualifying claims is free and can often be done online. Another upside is that, by filing a claim, Class Members help let companies know that they will be held accountable for their actions either through a class action lawsuit or by potentially paying out millions of dollars in a settlement.

Filing claims for class action settlements is easy and relatively fast, so those who have other obligations, such as childcare or another job, can look up settlements on their own schedule.

There are a number of other ways to make money at home with varying time commitments and resulting income.

One fast and relatively simple way to make money at home is to take surveys online. There are a number of paid survey websites. Not all offer cash; some reward survey takers with free products, prizes, or vouchers. A note of caution, however, if a survey site requires payment to take part, it may be a scam and should be avoided.

Those who are looking to take it easy during a period of social distancing, but still want to make extra income may be able to watch videos. Some websites, such as Swagbucks, will ask users to watch movies, previews, ads, or other videos.

Another easy way to earn money at home during spare time is to sign up to test websites. In the ever increasing online world, website developers are seeking feedback on the usability of their websites. User Testing allows individuals to earn $10 by PayPal for every 20 minute video they complete.

For those who plan to work on their fitness goals during this time of isolation, a health app called AchieveMint will turn activities, like running, walking, or food tracking into points that can later be redeemed for gift cards.

Online Businesses, Freelancing, and Remote Working

Freelancer remote working from homeFor those who have more time or are looking to replace their main source of income while staying at home, there are some more time intensive options to earn money at home.

Starting an online business, freelancing, or getting a job that can be done remotely are all some of the options available.

Online business is one way to make money from home and potentially start a career for the entrepreneurial-minded. This option is more time intensive and may take longer to pay off. However, many have taken this path and there are quite a few resources out there to help guide beginners in all the steps, from choosing a product, advertising, and shipping.

Another option for those looking to start a work from home career is to take up freelancing in their or another field. Freelancing is an attractive option to those who want or need to have a flexible schedule. Not all freelancing can be done from home, however, but freelance writers, website designers, software developers, bookkeepers, and others can work from home with the right training and equipment.

There are a number of online work sites for freelancers looking for paid projects. The quality and pay offered depends on the company offering the project, as well as the training and experience of the freelancer. In the beginning, freelancers may have to start with a lower rate to develop the experience they need to command higher rates.

A similar option is to start looking for jobs that can be done remotely. Those who start online businesses or freelance enjoy a certain degree of independence – however, the trade off is the security that comes from working as an employee, such as insurance benefits and paid time off. One way to still enjoy the ability to work from home, but also the benefits of being an employee, is to search for jobs that can be done from a remote location.

Many employers now offer remote options for a variety of positions. Additionally, with the social distancing required to combat the spread of coronavirus, employers are finding creative ways to take their businesses and employees online. Some experts say that the transition to remote working will not go back once the crisis is over, leading to even more online employment options for workers.

Jobs that feature work from home options are often listed on online job boards as “remote location.” Obviously, not all jobs can be done remotely, however, there may be a way to take experience from one type of work and translate it into a remote position, such as in a consulting role.

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