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It's Just Lunch date at restaurant

It’s Just Lunch has agreed to a settlement worth up to $60 million to resolve claims that their matchmaking services were overpriced for poor outcomes.

The settlement will benefit consumers who signed a membership contract and joined It’s Just Lunch on or after Oct. 15, 2001 and consumers who joined It’s Just Lunch in New York and paid more than $1,000 for a year’s worth of services.

Plaintiffs in the It’s Just Lunch class action lawsuit claimed that matches made through It’s Just Lunch were not effective because they were not made by matching professionals and failed to take dating preferences into account. Despite this, consumers were allegedly overcharged for the services.

In March 2016, It’s Just Lunch agreed to resolve the class action claims against them. However, instead of giving final approval to the settlement, U.S. District Judge Sidney H. Stein modified the Classes included in the settlement.

The company claimed that a nationwide Class and New York Class couldn’t effectively be used to determine damages. Judge Stein decided not to drop the Classes and instead modified the Classes in the It’s Just Lunch class action settlement to include specific state residents.

Under the revised settlement, consumers will be able to claim a voucher for It’s Just Lunch services worth an estimated value of $450 or a cash payment of at least $14.44. Additionally, consumers who paid more than $1,000 for a year’s worth of services in New York will be able to recover an additional $200 cash payment.

In order to benefit from the settlement, Class Members need to file a valid Claim Form by Dec. 10, 2019. The deadline for exclusion and objection is Nov. 25, 2019. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for Dec. 10, 2019.

Who’s Eligible

New York consumers who signed a membership contract with It’s Just Lunch on or after Oct. 15, 2001 and paid more than $1,000 for a year’s worth of services. All other states have varying earliest qualifying dates, click here for the full list.

Potential Award

A cash payment of at least $14.44 or a voucher for It’s Just Lunch services worth an estimated value of $450.

An additional $200 cash payment is available for eligible New York consumers.

Proof of Purchase


Claim Form

NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim.

Remember: you are submitting your claim under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. If you’re unsure if you qualify, please read the FAQ section of the Settlement Administrator’s website to ensure you meet all standards (Top Class Actions is not a Settlement Administrator). If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out our database of other open class action settlements you may be eligible for.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Rodriguez, et al. v. It’s Just Lunch, et al., Case No. 1:07-cv-9227, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Rodriguez, et al. v. It’s Just Lunch, et al.
c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 58850
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8850

Class Counsel

John Balestriere

Defense Counsel

Peter T. Shapiro

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  • Julie Kirshner December 29, 2019

    I believe I spent over $1000 and went on one date. Please contact me. Does the closing date mean I no longer qualify?

  • Andrea Walton December 13, 2019

    Add me

  • gwendolyn December 5, 2019

    Please add me to the list

  • Adina December 4, 2019

    Is this only for people in New YorkM

  • Moneekia Hill December 3, 2019

    Please add me

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