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 Fogel v. Farmers Insurance Settlement Notice

Award (how much your claim may be worth): The amount of money you can receive from the Farmers Insurance Exchange class action settlement will depend on the amount of premiums you and other Class Members paid during the Class Period.The estimated amount is printed on your individual Settlement Notice.

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Case(s):  Benjamin Fogel v. Farmers Group, Inc., et al., Case No. BC300142, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.


Farmers Insurance

Website of the Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Administrator (FILE YOUR CLAIM HERE):

Address to submit a claim form (REQUIRED):

To receive your cash payment from the Farmers Insurance Group class action settlement, you must submit a valid claim form either online at or postmarked to the following address no later than December 6, 2011:

Farmers Group Settlement

P.O. Box 2422
Faribault, MN 55021-9122

Phone Number to call for assistance: (888) 538-5785

Details: Farmer’s Group, Inc. has reached a $455 million class action lawsuit settlement over allegedly charging illegally high fees to its insurance Exchanges, which are owned by subscribers. The Farmers Insurance class action settlement affects anyone who subscribed to an insurance policy issued by Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange or Truck Insurance Exchange between 1999 and 2010.

The Farmers Group class action settlement will resolve allegations that the management fees that Farmers Group received to manage certain operations of the Farmers insurance Exchanges were too high and that Farmers Group made too much in profits in violation of California law. The Exchanges are insurance companies that are owned by their subscribers. The management fees that the Exchanges pay Farmers Group come out of the premiums that subscribers pay for their insurance.

Farmers Group denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle the class action lawsuit, entitled Fogel v. Farmers Group, Inc., by creating a $455 million settlement fund to pay out Class Members. Class Members of the Farmers Group settlement include anyone who, at any time between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2010, had an insurance or reinsurance policy issued by Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange or Truck Insurance Exchange.

As a Class Member, you’re entitled to a certain percentage of the Farmers class action settlement. Your payment will depend on the amount of premiums you paid during the class period as well as the amount of premiums paid by all Class Members during that time period. To receive your share of the Farmers class action settlement, you must submit a valid claim form postmarked no later than December 6, 2011.

Claim forms and more information on your rights in the Farmers Group Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at

Purchased or Leased From: January 1, 1999 through December 31, 2010

Claims must be postmarked by: 12/6/11


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Settlement Administrator(s): Rust Consulting

Class Counsel:


Thomas V. Girardi
Graham B. LippSmith
Girardi & Keese
Walter J. Engstrom
Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack
Philip K. Maxwell
Law Office of Philip K. Maxwell
Joe K. Longley
Law Office of Joe K. Longley

Defense Counsel:

Ralph C. Ferrara
Dewey & LeBoeuf, LLP

We tell you about cash you can claim EVERY WEEK! Sign up for our free newsletter.

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  • Anonymous October 8, 2012

    I no longer live at the Lakeview address how and when do i get my money

  • Ronda November 22, 2013

    I submitted a claim for this lawsuit also and have another address. I called the numbers and they are no longer any good. My cell number has been the same for a few years and I don’t know if the suit is settled yet.
    Any info would be helpful.


  • mark de prima September 3, 2014

    I submitted all the paperwork a few years back and received no word or payment. My claim number is or ID number is: 0003028469
    Can you please email me and tell me what has happened that I did not received my payment of $106?
    Thank you.
    Mark De Prima

  • chritine m cordova October 23, 2014

    I received letter regarding class action lawsuit, but have not heard about and decision made or where my claim is. Please give me an update ASAP. New name is Christine M Griego

    Thank You

  • Karen Alexander May 31, 2016

    I. Received a check to my Father, Harry S. Alexander who died 2 years ago. I cannot find a phone # to call you. I am his wife’s Power of Attorney. Please advise. Karen Alexander

  • Wilma Bowden August 18, 2016

    I received notice in the mail but have not heard anything else since, is there a list of people who were entitled to part of the payout?

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