Recently filed complaints highlight concerns over whether or not Canada Goose made misleading statements in its advertising. According to the animal rights group Animal Justice, Canada Goose claims to use ethical coyote fur and maintains that it kills coyotes in a humane manner. But complaints from the animal rights community charge that the coyotes suffer painful deaths in kill traps.

Concerns over animal treatment aren’t the only issues being raised about Canada Goose. While the manufacturer says that coyote fur is warmer than fake fur, consumers claim there is no evidence to support such a claim.

The Truth About Your Purchase

According to Quartz, the Toronto-based Canada Goose took down claims on its website that it sources coyote fur only from areas that are overpopulated with the animals. The website previously stated that it sourced coyote fur from regions so overpopulated with the animals that they were considered pests. A video identifying the sourcing for Canada Goose parkas was also recently deleted from the company’s website.

Animal rights activists who claimed the company had posted misleading ads say that this behavior indicates that Canada Goose’s marketing strategy overstated its claims. The changes to the website reportedly were made after a regulatory review, but Bloomberg reported that Canada Goose denied that the review had any impact on its web content or marketing strategy.

The company’s marketing strategy has already come under fire in the U.S. with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly false and misleading advertising about the treatment of the geese that provide the down for its jackets. The FTC ultimately decided that Canada Goose had taken corrective and prompt action over those marketing strategy issues and therefore did not recommend any enforcement action.

Who is Responsible?

Companies making misleading claims about how products are made can be held accountable. Today’s consumers often rely on marketing claims when making purchasing decisions, so claims of ethical treatment and sourcing are taken seriously by consumers for whom this is an important issue.

If a company is determined to have engaged in false and misleading advertising as part of its marketing strategy, it can be held accountable by the regulatory or legal bodies in each country where they do business that has a relevant law.

How Canada Goose Responded to the Complaint

Canada Goose continues to argue that the claims made against it are false. The company has received negative press around its marketing strategy promoting ethical and fair treatment of animals. Some animal rights groups, like PETA, claim to have video of the company hurting geese. Canada Goose has denied ever working with the farm featured in the PETA video.

Given the increasing interest from consumers about where products are sourced, and the conditions under which materials are gathered and used, it’s expected that other companies may end up in the spotlight if the treatment of animals doesn’t match their claims.

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