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Pradaxa Settlements May Exceed Typical Drug Injury Lawsuit Settlements

By Andrea Gressman


Pradaxa injury lawsuitSome Pradaxa injury lawyers are comparing the current Pradaxa lawsuit litigation over severe internal bleeding side effects to other major pharmaceutical injury lawsuits like those against the drug Avandia. These comparisons are likely being made because Avandia lawsuits and Pradaxa lawsuits both have to do with deceptive marketing practices and other immoral act committed by the manufacturer that go beyond the typical claims of product defects and failure to warn of possible side effects that are common in most pharmaceutical lawsuits.

Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlement Claims Could Lead to Higher Compensation

Many Pradaxa injury lawyers believe that the immorality claims involved in Pradaxa injury lawsuits go beyond the typical claims of product defects and failure to warn, which will lead jurors to award much higher compensation to Pradaxa lawsuit Plaintiffs than what is usually offered in pharmaceutical liability settlements.

The possibility exists that some Pradaxa lawsuits will go to trial, establishing a trend of “Bell Weather Cases” before the manufacturer of Pradaxa can offer settlements to Pradaxa injury victims. Whatever compensation the jury awards in these “Bell Weather Cases” may affect the Pradaxa settlement amounts offered, in hopes of avoiding trial on additional Pradaxa lawsuits.

A Jury Trial Poses Risk for Pradaxa Lawsuit Settlements

There is a big risk in jury trials for all parties involved. The jury is expected to make decisions on a Pradaxa lawsuit they have little to no knowledge of. Emotions play a huge role in jury decisions, as sentiments not only affect the outcome of the case (who is favored), but also the amount in damages awarded to the winner of the case. Many Pradaxa lawsuit attorneys feel strongly, however, that Pradaxa lawsuit settlements may still be awarded if the cases go to trial.

In pharmaceutical cases where the Defendant is viewed as showing excessive greed and acting out of total disregard for those who used the product, a jury may choose to ignore any factors that may lessen compensation awards, and concentrate only on facts that have an emotional impact. Many believe that settlements in the Pradaxa lawsuit MDL may fit within this class as well.

Currently, the Pradaxa lawsuit MDL is in its initial stages and, as it stands, it is indeterminable if Plaintiff Pradaxa lawyers can prove the claims that may convince a jury to award higher than normal compensation. It is also too early to tell how the Pradaxa lawsuit MDL will change and how it will conclude.

Side Effects Pradaxa is Commonly Known For

There have been a number of Pradaxa side effects discovered since the approval of the drug only a short time ago. Some of these side effects of Pradaxa are life threatening. The following are some of the most common Pradaxa side effects:

* Severe and uncontrollable intestinal bleeding
* Gastrointestinal bleeding
* Brain hemorrhage
* Kidney bleeding
* Internal bleeding
* Heart attack
* And even death

If you have experienced Pradaxa intestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, a brain hemorrhage, kidney bleeding, internal bleeding, heart attack or if you had someone pass away from one of these Pradaxa side effects, it is important to consult a Pradaxa lawsuit attorney right away. Visit the Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Class Action Lawsuit Investigation page right away for your free legal consultation with a qualified Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer.


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Updated October 4th, 2012


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