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Do you have a complaint about a product, service or company? Were you injured by a defective drug or medical device? You may be eligible to participate in a free investigation and pursue compensation for your injuries. Join an investigation today!

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Compensation

Who’s Affected Are you a retired NFL football player who suffered from a concussion or head injury while playing for an NFL team? An NFL concussion settlement was reached, which could provide up to… Read More

force-placed homeowners insurance is costly

California Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who’s Affected Were you hit with force-placed insurance in California? A class action lawsuit investigation has been launched into what appears to be an industry-wide practice of banks and lenders overcharging homeowners for “force-placed… Read More
student loan debt is owed

Investigation of Illegal Private Student Loan Collection Efforts After Bankruptcy

Who’s Affected Many types of private student loans are automatically discharged (erased) in bankruptcy.  This means that if you have a certain kind of student loan and have been through bankruptcy since 2005, you… Read More
Merrill Lynch strategic return notes

Merrill Lynch Strategic Return Notes Lawsuit Investigation

Who’s Affected Did you purchase Strategic Return Notes from Merrill Lynch? The Securities and Exchange Commission recently fined Merrill Lynch $10 million for misrepresenting the cost of certain investment funds called Strategic Return Notes… Read More
store credit cards and deferred interest

0% Interest Promotions & Store Debit Card or Gas Station Debit Card Fees

Who’s Affected Did you participate in a 0% interest promotion on a store-branded credit card and were charged an interest fee? Or were you unexpectedly charged a Returned Payment Fee or overdraft fee on… Read More

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