Michaels California Wage and Hour Lawsuit Hits Bumps

A Michaels California wage and hour lawsuit hit a bump in the road after a judge dismissed fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims from the lawsuit. Michaels was accused of hiding the amount of vacation time an employee was owed, letting the time... Read More »


Motion to Dismiss Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuit Rejected

Crane Co. was accused in an asbestos lung cancer lawsuit of failing to warn users of its products that they contained asbestos. It was this alleged asbestos exposure that caused a man who used the products during employment to develop lung cancer.... Read More »


Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit Filed Against Unum

Unum Life Insurance Company of America is being sued in a bad faith insurance lawsuit by a Tennessee woman. Plaintiff Elizabeth W. alleges the insurance company refused to pay the long-term disability insurance benefits due per her employee benefits plans, and therefore violated... Read More »


Class Action: Dollar Tree Fails to Disclose Background Checks

Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against Dollar Tree Stores Inc. alleging that the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Federal Trade Commission rules when it obtained consumer reports about potential employees. Lead plaintiff Lashay Walker filed the… Read More »


Unum Lawsuit Claims Unfair Disability Insurance Denial

A registered nurse filed a bad faith insurance lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company alleging her long-term disability benefits were unjustly terminated. According to the Unum lawsuit, Carrie S. had to stop working at Baptist Health Care Systems because of her disabling... Read More »


ABM Wage and Hour Class Action Heads to Calif. Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court has granted review of an appellate decision in Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc., which reversed a near-$90 million judgment awarded in the favor of a certified Class of current and former security guards on California labor law breaks. In... Read More »


REI Faced With California Overtime Settlement

A popular sporting goods store was ordered to pay a multi-million dollar settlement to employees for violations of California overtime laws. Recreational Equipment Inc. (known as REI) was allegedly guilty of not paying employees for all time worked in addition to multiple additional... Read More »


Former CEO Sues Unum for Wrongful Claim Denial

California plaintiff Kristen L. is suing Unum Life Insurance Company of America for allegedly denying her disability benefits. Kristen claims that Unum had denied her claim under bad faith insurance circumstances, because the company did not have probable cause. Kristen had a... Read More »


PetSmart Settles Employee FLSA Lawsuit for $3.8M

PetSmart Inc. and a collective of over 300 of its operations managers have agreed to a $3.8 million settlement of a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit. Plaintiff Nicholas M. originally filed this collective action wage and hour lawsuit in September 2012, alleging... Read More »


BMW DriveNow Employees File Class Action Lawsuit

A California workers rights lawsuit has been filed through the California Private Attorneys General Act against BMW of North America in San Francisco Superior Court. The California labor lawsuit alleges that DriveNow, a premium electric car rental service operated by BMW, failed to... Read More »