Chase Bank Agrees to $12M Unpaid Overtime Settlement

JP Morgan Chase Bank agreed to a $12 million settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging its bank tellers were not paid for overtime they worked. The unpaid overtime class action lawsuit, originally filed in California federal court in 2011, accuses Chase... Read More »


Unum Hit With Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

An Illinois woman filed a disability insurance lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company for allegedly withholding her long-term disability benefits. Plaintiff Cynthia Maria Uqdah claims that Unum used bad faith insurance tactics to deny her long-term disability benefits after she repeatedly applied for them,... Read More »


JP Morgan to Pay $2.4M to Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

JPMorgan Chase will pay $2.4 million to resolve a federal unpaid overtime class action lawsuit filed against the bank on behalf of salaried commercial real estate appraisers in California that it allegedly misclassified as exempt employees who were not eligible to collect... Read More »


Unum Disability Insurance Lawsuit Filed by Ohio Woman

A Unum insurance claim denial lawsuit was filed by an Ohio woman, alleging Unum wrongfully denied her disability insurance claim. Plaintiff Veronica Roederer is seeking compensation covering the months of Unum disability insurance she was denied since becoming disabled in February 2013.... Read More »


Potential Mesothelioma Treatment Found in Blood Pressure Drug

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is generally associated with inhalation or ingestion of carcinogenic fibers such as those found in asbestos. Most victims of mesothelioma are people who worked in industries that brought them into daily contact with... Read More »


Class Cert. Denied for Chase Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

The plaintiffs of a Chase unpaid overtime class action lawsuit, which alleges Chase Investment Service Corp. misclassified groups of employees and unlawfully withheld pay for overtime worked, were denied Class certification by the presiding California federal judge. According to U.S. District Judge S.... Read More »

0 Hit With Wage-Fixing Class Action Lawsuit

Yet another tech company has become embroiled in a wage-fixing class action lawsuit that allegedly spread from Silicon Valley to Hollywood. is accused of colluding with Google regarding the hiring process for senior employees. Lead plaintiff Robert Arriaga alleges that a… Read More »


Unum Lawsuit Alleges Bad Faith, Conflict of Interest

A Unum claim denial lawsuit was filed by an Arizona resident who alleges her claim was wrongfully denied and Unum had a conflict of interest in refusing to pay the claim. Plaintiff Andreia Correia accuses Unum of a bad faith insurance denial.... Read More »


Dollar General $4M Background Checks Settlement Reached

A Virginia federal court is being asked to give preliminary approval for a $4 million class action settlement with Dollar General retail stores as well as class certification and approval for how the settlement will be administered in a class action lawsuit… Read More »


Cigarette Smoking and Asbestos Exposure: What Are Your Risks?

Cigarette smokers exposed to asbestos have a 50 to 84 times greater likelihood of developing lung cancer, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). “The longer you are exposed to asbestos, and the higher the amount of the... Read More »


Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Filed Against Bed Bath & Beyond

For at least four years, retailer Bed Bath & Beyond has forced its hourly, non-exempt employees in California to work “off the clock” without pay while pressuring them to do bag checks and other duties, according to a class action lawsuit filed... Read More »


California Overtime Law: What Employees Need to Know

Many Californians are unaware that they are entitled to overtime pay, falling for the long-held myth that all people who are paid a salary are not entitled to overtime pay like hourly workers. Salaried employees are entitled to overtime pay in California unless... Read More »