Are California Uber Drivers Independent Contractors?

California Uber drivers are currently classified as independent contractors, but drivers are trying to change that through a series of legal maneuvers. While a settlement for $100 million in one case sounds like it would be end game, at least one plaintiff… Read More


Football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE, is a relatively new condition that was discovered by studying the brains of football players who suffered repetitive head trauma. The link between football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy was first discovered in 2002 when researchers… Read More


On Call Shift Problems Include Stress, Payment Issues

Technology might feel like your best friend, or it might feel like your worst enemy, especially if you’ve experienced on call shift problems. In today’s world of text messages, email on phones and cell towers hiding in jungles, it’s no wonder employers… Read More

Whistleblower Medicare

Should Whistleblowers Contact a Medicare Whistleblower Hotline?

Potential whistleblowers who want to report Medicare fraud may be worried about retaliation from their employer, and so believe that the safest way to report the fraud is through a Medicare whistleblower hotline. However, this is probably not the safest course of… Read More

Hewlett-Packard corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley

HP Class Action Claims Mass Layoffs Due to Age Bias

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. and HP Inc. have been slapped with an age discrimination class action lawsuit claiming that the tens of thousands of job cuts it has made in the last four years were to intentionally get rid of workers over the… Read More


Alorica Customer Service Representative Class Action Settlement

Alorica has agreed to settle a wage and hour class action lawsuit and FLSA collective action lawsuit for $9.25 million, resolving claims that it violated various federal and state labor laws by failing to pay adequate wages for Customer Service Representatives. Headquartered… Read More

Red Line Courier Delivery Driver Class Action

Red Line Courier Delivery Driver Files Misclassification Lawsuit

Red Line Courier Service is facing a new delivery driver misclassification class action lawsuit from a man alleging the company failed to pay him minimum wage benefits and had misclassified him as an independent contractor. The Red Line Courier delivery driver alleges… Read More

Groupon class action

Groupon Agrees to Settle Working Overtime Without Pay Claims

Groupon hasagreed to settle a class action working overtime lawsuit for $2.5 million. The e-commerce company offers a marketplace where customers can explore the discount deals of local merchants. Groupon Faces Working Overtime Class Action Lawsuit A proposed class of Groupon sales… Read More

On Call Retail Work Laws

On Call Scheduling Laws Protect Some Workers More Than Others

The practice of scheduling retail workers for call-in shifts is getting more attention from government officials out of concern that the practice may violate on call scheduling laws. Several on call scheduling laws on the books already protect employees who are sent… Read More