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California Outside Sales Expense Reimbursement Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

Who’s Affected Is your California employer not reimbursing your expenses incurred as an outside salesperson? California has very strict rules about employee expense reimbursement for outside salespeople. This includes sales reps that work in a variety of fields such as: Telecommunications Pharmaceuticals Advertising… Read More


Asbestos Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Mississippi Widow

A widow from Mississippi has filed an asbestos wrongful death lawsuit against several companies, including Electric Boat Shipyard and Ingalls Shipbuilding, claiming they all directly caused the death of her husband from mesothelioma. Plaintiff Beatrice A., the wife of the deceased, brings… Read More


California Fights for Rights for Uber Drivers

California was the first state to initiate regulations for ride hailing company Uber in 2013, with state legislators combating the company over rights for Uber drivers. While Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors, many have argued that the drivers should be… Read More


Delivery Drivers for Plethora Solutions May Be Misclassified

Delivery drivers for Plethora Solutions, a California based delivery company, may be misclassified as contractors versus employees. This practice may violate California Labor Law and critics are looking into employee misclassification at Plethora Solutions and other courier service companies. California Labor Law… Read More

Homecare Nurse Overtime Rule

New Rule Mandates Overtime Pay for Homecare Nurses

New rules proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will help stabilize the homecare industry by extending wage and hour protections to homecare workers, including overtime pay for homecare nurses. The FLSA, often known… Read More


Planned Parenthood Settles Calif. Missed Meal Breaks Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood in California is under the microscope recently as a judge granted preliminary approval for a $1.1 million settlement to compensate workers for missed meal breaks. Missed Meal Breaks Class Action Lawsuit Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ workers claim that even though… Read More


DirecTV Pregnancy Bias Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

DirecTV has won dismissal of a proposed wrongful termination class action filed by a former customer service representative who contends that DirecTV terminated her because of her gender and pregnancy. U.S. District Judge Abdul K. Kallon granted DirecTV’s motion to dismiss the… Read More

Red Line Courier Delivery Driver Class Action

Are Delivery Drivers for On Courier 365 Misclassified Employees?

Delivery drivers for On Courier 365 may be misclassified as contractors instead of employees. Large-scale delivery companies, including Amazon and FedEx, often use smaller courier services to carry out the delivery process for in their place across the country. This is accepted… Read More


When Is an Employer Required to Pay for Travel Time?

Not every job requires the employee to travel outside their normal commute. But under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and related guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Labor, nonexempt employees are entitled to pay for travel time in certain cases… Read More