Unum Life Insurance Lawsuit Filed over Denied Disability Claim

A former Ohio State University employee is suing her long-term disability insurance provider, Unum Life Insurance Company of America, for the wrongful termination of her benefits, even after she allegedly provided adequate proof of her illness. Plaintiff D. Stump alleges in the... Read More »


Black & Decker to Pay $5M in Wage and Hour Settlement

Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and a number of its subsidiaries agreed to a $4.97 million wage and hour class action settlement on Sept. 15 after the company faced allegations of denying their field technicians proper wages and neglecting to provide hundreds... Read More »


Understanding California Labor Law and Wage Violations

Employees working for employers that operate their businesses in California have additional rights under the state’s labor laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and several California state laws govern California employee rights to fair wages and decent working conditions. Employers who cut... Read More »


CVS Caremark Fails to Get Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Dismissed

One of CVS Health’s units, Caremark, is the latest company to face charges alleging unpaid overtime and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations. According to the FLSA, hourly employees (non-exempt) are entitled to overtime once they pass eight hours a day, or 40… Read More »


Contractors Hit Animation Studios with Wage Class Action Lawsuit

The alleged collusion between tech giants and extended to animation houses has spurred an all-new independent contractor wage class action lawsuit that places a special emphasis on those workers who are not considered full-time employees. Both in Silicon Valley and down the Highway… Read More »


Norfolk Southern Hit With Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawsuit

An Ohio man filed an asbestos lung cancer lawsuit against a former employer over asbestos exposure. His asbestos cancer lawsuit alleges that his former employer, Norfolk Southern Railway, exposed him and other employees to asbestos, leading to long-term health consequences. Plaintiff Jeffrey Hall... Read More »


FedEx Agrees to $2.1M Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement

FedEx Corp. has agreed to an unpaid overtime class action settlement totaling $2.1 million to settle allegations filed by current and former package handlers claiming FedEx failed to provide them and other California FedEx employees with meal break and rest periods. On September… Read More »


Canon Agrees to Illegal Background Check Class Action Settlement

Yesterday, Canon Solutions America Inc. and the lead plaintiff of an illegal background check class action lawsuit indicated they have come to a settlement agreement. This Canon class action litigation filed in New Jersey federal court alleged that the camera and imaging… Read More »


Allstate Insurance Faces Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

In 2005, Allstate Insurance changed the status all of their California-based claims adjusters from exempt (salaried) to non-exampt (hourly). However, according to a wage and hour lawsuit, instead of following California Labor laws for time recording and reporting, the company took it… Read More »