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Uber Appeals Class Certification in Wage and Hour Class Action

Uber Technologies Inc. has appealed a court decision to grant class certification to a group of drivers that claim they should be considered employees rather than independent contractors. Attorneys for Uber allege that U.S District Judge Edward Chen did not take into... Read More »

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Adventist Health Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit for Over $118M

Healthcare provider Adventist Health System has agreed to a $118.7 million settlement to resolve a whistleblower lawsuit alleging the provider overcompensated doctors for referrals. Florida-based Adventist Health System is a nonprofit, faith-based health care provider that operates 44 hospital campuses in ten... Read More »

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On-Call Scheduling May Hurt Employees and Families

 In a recent class action investigation, some California retail workers have been allegedly violating California labor laws by misusing on-call work schedules. Employees have complained that on-call schedules force them to be available for shifts that might never happen and never get paid... Read More »

intec wage and hour class action lawsuit

Intec Communications Hit With Unpaid Overtime Class Action

An unpaid overtime class action lawsuit was recently filed in federal court by the employees of a Texas Cable Company. The wage and hour class action lawsuit alleges that the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by refusing to pay overtime wages and... Read More »

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California Truckers Reach $20.5M Wage And Hour Class Settlement

A California wage and hour class action settlement was reached between California truck drivers and Schneider National Carriers Inc. to resolve allegations that the trucking company was depriving employees of meal and rest breaks. According to reports, 6,000 California truck drivers employed by Schneider... Read More »


Calif. Employment Dept. Rules Uber Driver Is Not Contractor

Uber, the popular app-based ride-hailing company, has lost another legal battle in the ongoing debate over whether or not its drivers should be considered employees or independent contractors. Officials at California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) recently determined that a former Southern California Uber driver qualified as an... Read More »


More Major Retailers Ending On Call Work

The current employment tide seems to be moving away from on call work in large companies. While only a few companies have committed to this shift, there are hopes that with these big companies leading the way, there may be a better... Read More »

Student Transportation of America

School Transportation Class Action Settlement

School bus transportation providers Student Transportation of America Inc., Santa Barbara Transportation Corp., A&B Bus Co. and Mission School Transportation Inc. have reached a class action settlement agreement over claims they violated California wage and hour laws. If you worked for the defendants... Read More »

convergys class action settlement

Convergys Unpaid Overtime Class Action Settlement

A class action settlement has been reached in an unpaid overtime class action lawsuit against Convergys Corp. If you are a current or former hourly Remote Agent for Convergys Corp., you may be entitled to a compensation via the Convergys unpaid overtime... Read More »

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Uber Allegedly Misclassifies Drivers As Contractors

Uber, the popular ride-share company, has recently come under scrutiny for its wage and hour practices. According to news reports and recently filed California Uber class action lawsuits, the company has made a habit of classifying Uber drivers as contractors instead of... Read More »

Gap class action lawsuit

Gap Ends On Call Scheduling Shifts

A controversial form of work scheduling known as “on call” or “call in” scheduling, used by many large retailers, has recently been the subject of scrutiny in several on call lawsuits prompted by an aggressive inquiry from New York’s attorney general. This investigation is... Read More »

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FAA Whistleblowers Warn About Multiple Flight Safety Risks

Some startling allegations under the False Claims Act are being made by FAA whistleblowers. Five air traffic controllers are exposing the dangers of flying, which include a high risk of planes colliding or having accidents. The Office of Special Counsel recently announced... Read More »


Ecolab Reached $7.5M Overtime Pay Class Action Settlement

Ecolab reached $7.5 million class action settlement to resolve allegations that the company owes employees overtime pay. The Ecolab overtime class action lawsuit consisted of 580 Class Members in total. According to the plaintiff Nick Cancilla, Ecolab, a water, hygiene and energy technology company,... Read More »