Ozone Washer System

Luxor Laundry Workers Fault Ozone Washers for Illness

A group of laundry employees at Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel and Casino have filed a federal class action lawsuit alleging that they became seriously ill with ozone poisoning after repeated toxic exposure to industrial ozone washers manufactured by Ozone Solutions. The industrial grade washing… Read More »

Whistleblower Reward

Medicaid Whistleblower Reward

Fraud committed against the Medicaid system costs billions in taxpayer dollars every year. Tracking it down and punishing it is an additional expense on its own. Fortunately, those who file a whistleblower lawsuit with good evidence of Medicaid fraud may be entitled… Read More »

Swift Transportation class action settlement

Swift Transportation $3.6M Overtime Pay Settlement Approved

A California federal judge has recently approved a $3.6 million settlement for an overtime pay class action lawsuit, which will settle a number of alleged state and federal labor violations. The wage and hour class action lawsuit was brought forward by 41… Read More »

Asbestos Exposure Risk

Pillsbury Partner Accused of Allowing Asbestos Cancer Risk

A federal indictment accuses a partner of Pillsbury Mills of improperly removing asbestos from a plant during demolition, which may have placed workers at risk of asbestos cancer. The federal indictment alleges that the partner, Joseph C., violated the Clean Air Act… Read More »

Bloomberg Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

Bloomberg Settles Wage and Hour Lawsuit for $5.5M

Bloomberg LP, the self-described global business and financial information and news leader, has settled a near $5.5 million proposed class action lawsuit filed by New York call center employees regarding wage and hour issues. The settlement was announced May 12, 2016 in… Read More »

Whistleblower Lawsuit Awards

Whistleblowers Demand 19% of Cisco’s $48M Settlement

In a recent False Claims Act whistleblower lawsuit, two whistleblowers argued for an increase in their payout, which would award them $9.1 million of the $48 million agreed upon in the settlement. Whistleblowers are typically expected to receive between 15 and 30… Read More »


Plaintiffs Seek Approval of Revised $27M Lyft Driver Settlement

A group of Lyft drivers have asked a California federal judge to preliminarily approve a $27 million class action settlement over allegations Lyft misclassified its California drivers as independent contractors. This new settlement was reached after a federal judge rejected an earlier… Read More »

businessman in black suit hiding face behind sign whistle blower

Whistleblower: Call a Hotline or Hire a Lawyer?

As an employee who has witnessed Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud against the government, should you call the government fraud hotline or call a lawyer? While both options may seem protect you from a retaliation claim, the two approaches are vastly different…. Read More »