Uber class action lawsuit

Uber Lawsuit: California Uber Drivers

Who's Affected Did you drive for Uber in California? You may have been misclassified as an independent contractor and could be owed money under California labor law. Uber employs more than 160,000 drivers in California, which the on-demand ride service company classifies... Read More »

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On-Call Work in California May Violate Wage and Hour Laws

The rules for paying hourly employees in California for on call work can be confusing, especially since they differ from federal regulations. A common on call scenario might be this: A maintenance worker who works a regular day shift during the course... Read More »


Hospital Workers Fight to Certify California Wage Lawsuit

Over 1,000 California nurses and patient care employees have motioned to revive their denied certification bid in a putative proposed meal and rest break class action lawsuit claiming various violations of the wage and hour laws of the California Labor Code. In... Read More »

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Understanding California Wage and Hour Laws

California has wage and hour laws that are different than standard federal laws. Here is a quick look at the basic information necessary to determine whether or not you have experienced California wage and hour violations. California Minimum Wage The federal minimum... Read More »


Mesothelioma Lawsuit Filed Over 1960s Asbestos Exposure

A couple from California has filed an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit over asbestos-related disease they attribute to the husband’s shipbuilding work in the 1960s. Plaintiff Richard J. says he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2014. He now alleges his mesothelioma originated with... Read More »

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Calif. Launches On Call Employment Practices Investigation

As California becomes the example for the country to follow in its employment regulations, the state has now implemented regulations to protect on call workers. An investigation has been launched into the employment practices of scheduling on call workers, which could be... Read More »

Overtime word on clocks flying by to illustrate time passing as you perform extra or additional work late at your job

Calif. Overtime Laws: What Employees Should Know

  In the state of California, any nonexempt employee aged 18 years or older (or a 16 or 17 year old minor who is not required to attend school and who is not legally prohibited in engaging in work) is entitled to... Read More »

california wage and hour class action
valet overtime pay

Bohemian Club Sued in CA Wage and Hour Class Action

Two California valets employed by the Bohemian Club have filed a wage and hour class action lawsuit, claiming they and other valets have been denied overtime pay and meal breaks or rest periods. Plaintiffs Gabriel Martin and Jacob Horvat filed this California... Read More »

retail clerk on-call

California Retailers Investigated For On-Call Shifts

Major California retail chains are facing scrutiny over allegedly requiring employees to take on-call shifts, meaning workers must be available to show up for work but they might not end up getting paid for the on-call hours. While a good deal for... Read More »


Plaintiff from California Challenges Unum Claim Denial

A woman from California has brought a disability insurance lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America, claiming they improperly denied her benefits. Plaintiff Leticia O. worked as an engineer for the City of Fontana, Calif. from 2000 to 2013. As a... Read More »

chipotle wage and hour

Chipotle Workers File Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

Tens of thousands of employees at Chipotle Mexican Grills around the U.S. have joined an employee class action lawsuit against their employer for, among other things, failing to appropriately compensate overtime, include rest breaks, and meet minimum wage standards. A court in... Read More »