2017 Volkswagen CC owners may be able to benefit from a class action settlement

Volkswagen has agreed to pay $57 million to settle a VW suspension class action lawsuit claiming that the company sold defective vehicles. 

The VW suspension defect class action settlement benefits current or former owners and lessees of model year 2009 through 2017 Volkswagen CC vehicles.

The VW suspension class action lawsuit was filed by 16 customers who claimed that their Volkswagen CC vehicles possessed a suspension alignment problem that caused premature wear and tear on the tires. 

According to the drivers, Volkswagen was aware of the problem but did not attempt to fix it, and represented the vehicle as free from defects.

Allegedly, Volkswagen charged drivers out-of-pocket to fix the problem. The Volkswagen suspension class action lawsuit went on to claim that the problem could not be solved by replacing the tires, as Volkswagen recommended to consumers. 

Many of the drivers’ allegations were dismissed in September 2018, after a judge deemed several of the drivers’ arguments around limitation periods insufficient. 

In agreeing to end the suspension problems class action lawsuit in a $57 million settlement, Volkswagen has not admitted wrongdoing. Rather, the company has agreed to settle to avoid the costs of continuing to litigate.

Class Members who submit valid claims with required supporting documentation may be eligible for reimbursement for some out-of-pocket tire expenses. These expenses must have occurred within 35,000 miles of use of the replaced tire.

Class Members are limited to a maximum of $209 for each qualifying 235/45R17 replacement tire and $245 for each qualifying 235/40R18 replacement tire.

Additional reimbursement of up to $56 per rotation is also available for expenses incurred within 9,000 miles of tire replacement. Two free tire rotations from an authorized Volkswagen dealer may also be available for current owners and lessees.

The deadline to submit a claim is April 25, 2020. Customers must support their claim for compensation with supporting documentation, such as repair records, receipts, proof of payment, and proof of compliance with maintenance requirements.

The deadline for exclusion and objection is Dec. 30, 2019. The final approval hearing is scheduled for Jan. 27, 2020. 

Who’s Eligible

Current or former owners and lessees of 2009 through 2017 model year Volkswagen CC vehicles.

Potential Award

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket tire expenses which occurred within 35,000 miles of use of the replaced tire. Up to $209 for each qualifying 235/45R17 replacement tire and up to $245 for each qualifying 235/40R18 replacement tire. Additional reimbursement of up to $56 per tire rotation for expenses incurred within 9,000 miles of tire replacement.

Two free tire rotations from an authorized Volkswagen dealer.

Proof of Purchase

Supporting documentation of repair expenses (repair records, receipts, proof of payment, proof of compliance with maintenance requirements, etc.)

Claim Form

NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim.

Remember: you are submitting your claim under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. If you’re unsure if you qualify, please read the FAQ section of the Settlement Administrator’s website to ensure you meet all standards (Top Class Actions is not a Settlement Administrator). If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out our database of other open class action settlements you may be eligible for.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Wilson, et al. v. Volkswagen Group of America Inc., et al., Case No. 1:17-cv-23033, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Final Hearing


UPDATE: The VW Suspension Defect Class Action Settlement was granted final approval on January 28, 2020.  Please note that claims will not be paid until after the claim deadline passes. Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we learn more. 

Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Wilson v. Volkswagen
Claims Administrator – Epiq
P.O. Box 3266
Portland, OR 97208-3266

Class Counsel

Peter Prieto

Defense Counsel

Michael B. Gallub

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  • Patricia Kemesies April 7, 2020

    I leased a 2010 CC and literally had a tire blow our driving home from the show room. even though they finagled me into buying tire insurance after many fights they denied my claims and I was stuck paying for a new tire out of pocket. Please add me!!!

  • Marcia Moore April 6, 2020

    Had a 2012 cc and loved the car but issues and repairs and then got dirt value as a trade in as VW reputation was trashed when I bought 2016 vehicle.

  • ymapelian April 2, 2020

    Please add me

  • ymapelian April 2, 2020

    Please add me

  • Leah Deno April 2, 2020

    Add me please for the maximum amount.

  • Sharon Lavine April 1, 2020

    Add me please

  • Janita Hearn March 24, 2020

    Add me please for maximum settlement amount

  • Brittney Joseph March 6, 2020

    Add me please

  • Elizabeth Smith March 4, 2020

    I’m trying to fill up my claim form and it keeps saying error article not found. I owned a 2007 Jetta Volkswagen and all that paperwork was in my glove box which was stolen and everything inside was vandalized including my bank info which I had to change. On top of shady dealership in Stockton California never Transferred the car in my name. Even though the lease agreement was made. Resulting in me just leaving the car damage at a volts wagon dealership since I could not replace the keys since the dealership never put the car in my name

  • Robert Goudin February 27, 2020

    Add me please

  • sybil February 25, 2020

    Is it only the vw cc, i have 2015 i have had an alignment and 4 tires replaced

  • Jesus acosta solorio February 25, 2020

    Add me as well was just stranded on the side of the freeway highway 5 between la and home no available tows because no towns near where we were stranded om february 23 2020
    Bought our 2012 vw gti last year and was unaware of this recall now we have a car with no good tores sitting in the driveway

  • Darlene R Muller February 11, 2020

    I have a 2018 with this same issue…2 she of tires in 30k miles rotated and aligned as suggested…not included ad not within claim years???

  • Joe Craine February 5, 2020

    Add me please

  • Lisa R HAWKINS January 31, 2020

    Add me please

  • Cheree cunningham January 28, 2020

    Add me please

  • Helen Townsend January 28, 2020

    Brought my sons 2014 VW in Aug 2019 and already replaced tire twice.
    Please add me to lawsuit.

  • Renae January 21, 2020

    Add me please

  • Agnes January 21, 2020

    Add me please

  • George Jusino January 20, 2020

    What can ne done about the need to correct the suspension problem? Whatvthebuse of buying new tires if its just gonna keep happening?

  • Tonita January 5, 2020

    Add me

  • Toni Cooper December 30, 2019

    Add me please. Thanks

  • Dimitra Thames December 29, 2019

    My Jetta is a 2012….Ibought it 3 yrs ago, and have had to replace the tires twice, and just had to get the front alligned and was told the rear needed alligned….I have the receipt for the 2 tires that I just put on it and the front alignment, but not the 4 tires from 2 years ago…..can I be added?

  • Nicole Goudin-Carson December 26, 2019

    Add me please

  • manue December 18, 2019

    The issue still exists, faulty suspension components! VW getting off pretty easy by reimbursing cost of tires and not being forced to fix the underlying problem.!

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