arrested woman forced to be strip searched at the century regional detention facility in california

The County of Los Angeles has agreed to pay a total of $53 million to settle class action allegations that women inmates were subject to degrading strip searches while entering or returning to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

The settlement represents the largest payout in the county’s history.

The Lynwood strip search settlement website notes that Class Members include those who were subjected to a strip search in a group outside of the bus garage while entering or returning from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Lynwood Jail between March 5, 2008 and Jan. 31, 2015. 

Lead plaintiffs claimed that thousands of inmates were subjected to unnecessary and violating strip searches. Plaintiff Jessica Almaraz alleged that she was strip searched a total of five times during her time at the Sheriff Department’s Century Regional Detention Facility.

According to the female inmates, women were often strip searched in groups. They say that they were forced to take off their clothes and be invasively strip searched in front of other women. Allegedly, deputies degraded them and yelled profanity during these searches.

The plaintiffs claim that this treatment violated their Fourth Amendment rights.

Eligible Class Members will be able to receive at least $200 for one strip search, while those who experienced numerous strip searches are likely to end up with thousands of dollars.

Inmates must complete and return a Claim Form to receive monetary recovery. According to the strip search class action, qualifying individuals should have received a Claim Form in the mail. Class Members may also compete a Claim Form online. 

Class Members can exclude themselves from the settlement, or object to it by June 4, 2020. Those who excluded themselves from the settlement retain their right to pursue independent litigation over the strip searches, but waive their rights to claim benefits from this settlement.

Former inmates who do nothing will receive no benefits, and waive their rights to pursue independent litigation. 

Class Members can also attend the final approval hearing on July 20, 2020, in which a judge will decide whether or not the settlement will be approved.

Who’s Eligible

Individuals who were subjected to a strip search in a group outside of the bus garage while entering or returning from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Lynwood Jail between March 5, 2008 and Jan. 31, 2015. 

Potential Award

At least $200 and up to thousands of dollars.

No Class Member who files a claim will receive less than $200 (for one search under the least bad conditions). Persons with the highest number of searches – up to 50 – will likely receive thousands of dollars.

Proof of Purchase


Claim Form

NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim.

Remember: you are submitting your claim under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. If you’re unsure if you qualify, please read the FAQ section of the Settlement Administrator’s website to ensure you meet all standards (Top Class Actions is not a Settlement Administrator). If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out our database of other open class action settlements you may be eligible for.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Mary Amador, et al. v. Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, et al., Case No. 2:10-cv-01649-SVW-JEM, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Lynwood Strip Search Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91070
Seattle, WA 98111

Class Counsel

Barrett S. Litt
Lindsay Battles


Colleen Flynn

Cynthia Anderson-Barker

Defense Counsel

Andrew Baum

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  • Marlenne May 26, 2020

    I was there in 2010 and this is one of the most humiliating experience that I had to endured. The yelling is one thing but the racist and womanizing slurs was pretty disturbing

  • Irma May 22, 2020

    All the deputies were so rude, when they searched us, they all gang up and they used profanities, it was such an ugly and embarrassing experience.

  • Candace Deponte May 22, 2020

    All these things happened to me at Twin Towers between “2001” and “2002” for 9 months as I was illegally arrested because my ex husband made up lies about me. I was sent on dry runs constantly to go to court and NEVER had a hearing. I could write a book of all the EVIL MEN AND WOMEN that work there. If they ever have a class action against Twin Towers I would like to join. He got me arrested for protecting my babies from him after he caused my new born son to die. and was trying to cause my other babies to die. I had triplets…..

  • Elisabeth May 19, 2020

    Yes, I am another Elisabeth, Spelled differently, bit still I’m one. I too went through this cruel and unusual punishment. I shudder each time I think about the one and only experience with that particular torture tactic.
    I just wanted to mention 2 things. The first is the fact that the lawyers going to bat for the ‘likes of us’ are very experienced, skilled professionals. And although we would like to think they are representing is because they feel bad for us, the truth of the matter is that they can be choosey with which cases they take. Mr Barrett Litt has fought and won the county of San Bernardino for illegal strip searches in the jails ( idk if it was all the jails or just west valley) . So he is probably certain he will win this as well. He earned over 1 million $ in the last case.
    Second, I would like to know if any of you know if the guards; the ones who committed the offences to us, have been reprimanded or fired? It did not occur to you, did it? We’ll, court is a step, but the ones who mistreated people dependant on them should be punished. They broke the law. Does a civil suit come before you can persue criminal suit?
    ~food for thought~

  • cheri woods May 19, 2020

    A claim should also be opened up for the women’s L.A. downtown Sybil Brand jail, CRC and CIW prisons. I am a former inmate and author who appeared as a Guest Star and Expert Panelist on numerous nationwide TV and radio talk shows on the mid 90’s.
    In my autobiography “DEATH ROW MADAM: EXPOSING SEX AND DRUGS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY” I documented the abuse suffered at the hands of prison guards by myself and other inmates during my 1987-1989 incarceration and housing in “Death Row” amongst the Manson Murderers when I was framed for pandering, by simply arranging a blind date as a Hollywood Madam. No amount of money suffices for the humiliation, trauma, depression, and PTSD caused by this inhumanity inflicted upon human beings, many who were innocent victims of a corrupt legal system.

  • Toni Walker May 10, 2020

    I hope coronavirus doesn’t affect this had another dream bout being jail there again what happened I was strip searched and yelled because hav3 seizures didn’t understand never been to jail didn’t understand was scared this settlement needs go through I have ptsd bad from it

  • Lisa McLaughlin May 4, 2020

    I have been to jail many times,but the treatment at Lynnwood isthe worst
    How is it ok for Gay women to do strip search other women,yelling I want to see inside ur vaginas,not ur assholes,don’t u dumb bitches know the differance?!!?
    I did the crime,and my time,but nobody deserves the lack of respect the Lynnwood deputies constantly show iinmates.,.
    Felons are people too???

  • Teri May 1, 2020

    I remember women lined up along the tarp covered fences, some shy and some familiar with the procedure. Some nights were so cold as we stood out there naked, I remember looking up at the sky thinking “this is the closest to freedom I’ll get for a while”, and then seeing a helicopter or airplane fly over and think “damn can they see us”? I was in fact on my period a couple of times and those times i I was instructed to still strip naked but hold a pad up to my crotch until they bent us over and looked into our vaginas with a damn flash light. I knew better to open it wide and cough hard or I’d have to keep doing it over and over. Some women didn’t get that, they were so humiliated they barely coughed or spread they’re vaginas and I remember the cops laughing and telling them they were going to keep doing it until they did it right. I remember when I was pregnant, no special treatment. I was 2nd term the 1st time in 2008 and then 9 months in 2011 and guess what… no special treatment either time. I had to sit for HOURS on those cold hard holding cells, while women were losing their sanity from being cooped up and exhausted in such… fights breaking out because women were covering with tp or using pads for pillows because they were desperate cold and tired but other women were on their period or needed to take a dump. I remember EVERY time going through that same shit… being cooped up, freezing, starving, and exhausted all the way to the “nurses chest exam” benches. Everyone emotionally disturbed or hostile from the step searches. The most dreadful part EVER of being incarcerated.

  • Cindi Haberbush May 1, 2020

    I was strip searched 4 to 5 times I really dont like to talk about it

  • Sheila Shorter May 1, 2020

    I started doing time in 1999 in twin towers when all this begun thats when this should have been addressed and corrected, but no. After doing my time in those days shit happened and again i started doing time again in 2008 up until 2015 going back and forth to cort being strip searched each time going and coming back to court while the female deputies yelling at us to take off our clothe and if anyone say anything that they’d make us put back on our clothes go back into that cold ass cell until they hear silence even though some of us was on our periods they would refuse to give us any sauntering napkins and tell us to use toilet paper and if there wasn’t any to place between our legs they’d tell us that they’d bring us some 3 to 4 hours later as the woman that was bleeding on themselves would cry plead and beg for them to bring us sanitation napkin. But by then they’d pull us out and ask us are we ready to do the strip search again with not even a murmur? So we’d plead with each other to to complain so we could get through this heriffic ordeal. Again they are yelling at use by this time we have a male audience laughing at us like we were a bunch of hookers that they came to pick out for their pleasures. Take off your shirt throw it in front of you take off your sock throw them in front of you take off your pants, skirt , dress or what ever we were wearing and place in front of you, while naked and bleeding they tell us to face the wall lift each foot one by one of course. Spread our toes step 2 steps from the wall bend at the waist take our hands spread ourselves wide open so they could loom inside of our private parts with they’re flash lights then they’d tell us to cough while blood is dripping from our vaginas onto our hands. Once that is done we had to turn around take two fingers into our mouths going around in circles from our top li to the bottom lip. Then having to raise each breast. It too all of 45 minutes to an hour before we were allowed to claim sanitation napkins and allowed to pit on our clothes just to be thrown back into that cold ass cell with out a shower and mind you they never brought the toilet paper in and again we had to beg and plead before they’d allow one of the works to bring us some. That was my experience every time id go and come back from court from 2008 to 2015was my last trip to yhat damn lynwood jail house traumatized is not the word fucked up in the head nightmares til this day i speak to my physc. And my therapist about this and how it has affected my evey day life. No should have go e through anything lime this at any time even though they didnt do anything back doing women being in twin towers im sure ass hell glad they caught up with these people. Even though years later it doesnt take away the experience or the scary degrading memories finally someone did hear us. I say thank you our voices.

    • BRENDARENEE GREEN May 1, 2020

      Yep! You nailed it Sista! Every time to court, from court and during booking. It DOES haunt me too when I’m sleeping,jolting me awake.
      They were young female deputies,showing off their dominance. I’m 55 yes old and do not initiate battle with these degenerate females but I sure would have loved to run into one of them on the street!!!

    • Tracy West May 12, 2020

      Yup tests the truth u wrote my thoughts of the exact same thing the exact same way it happen

  • Prisma Cortez April 30, 2020

    i was arrested March, 2007 coming out of a club so i was wearing a skirt w/ heels they took my shoes and threw me in a cold ass fckn room … no blanket, sweater, or sock i was almost naked, i wrapped my self with freakin toilet paper! (3-4 hrs in the waiting tables) ~ i guess there waiting on more girls so they can have a hay day, once maybe there was like 10-15 more girls they rounded us up made us strip from 18- like 90 year olds made us form a circle out in the open facing each other while there barking there orders and most of us look confused and there just threatening us, so i’m embarrassed and i’m 23 at the time i just imagined the older ladies how they felt, the way they make you feel, they degrade you and try to make you feel like your nothing from the take your tampons out throw them in the middle of the circle, lift your breast, like wtf ? squat, cough, squat cough, bend over (while you feel the heat of the flashlight in your assh***) if you flinch because of the heat of the flash light mind you this is the first time i’ve been thru this they all want to jump on you like your the biggest trafficker ever when maybe soaking wet i weight 110 and i’m 5,4.. and let’s not all forget some of these LADY CO’s are straight up DYKES they always hung together i can’t remember if it was 3 or 4 of them but ugh i try to put this in the farthest of my brain to not remember these days.. I was stripped searched about 5-6 times every time coming back from court that i ended up taking a plea deal and went to PRISON then to go thru another one of those strip searches, and coming from court was WORST you just sat in a ice freezing tank in court for like 6hrs which doesn’t seem like that if feels like weeks freezing and hungry to go back to strip searches like really when did i or how could i possibly teleported somewhere n shoved something inside me w/out anyone seeing me that the … i’m done.. just wanted to add to this thread that this has been going on since earlier that 2008. Some of us just put this bullshit behind us, tossed it in a box sealed it and threw away the key. I applaud the lawyers that have taken on this enormous giant.. if David beat Goliath, i don’t see why this settlement won’t win, corona virus or not.. the courts should reopen and this is due in July,2020 because while the courts are closed the cases and files and paper work and what ever else the court does is being done just not in court and cases are being maybe postponed but not forgotten.. 🙂

  • Leti April 29, 2020

    It was a horrible degrading experience in that bus garage. May God bless all you women that had to go though that.

  • Cynthia arrieta April 25, 2020

    Wow I thank god justice was made because all this deputies for reals acted like we were some f…. pieces of shit I hope we all get the help god bless all of us even though we made a mistake for what ever reason we got putting in a jail we deserve justice

  • Sand April 25, 2020

    Yes, what about being searched everyday after returning from work… what the hell was I gonna steel an orange juice???? (Trustees) and being thrown stuff by the deputy in charge while at work??? These officers need to stop acting like sexual predators. They yelled “if you’re on your period throw that dirty pad away and get a new one, I don’t wanna see that sh**, don’t put it on until I say so!” Ew gross!” “You guys smell! ” “Why the f*** are you crying? ! “

    • Michele Crosby April 28, 2020

      I cleaned there locker room and there nasty bloody pads allover the place tampons on the floor hair in the showers and looked like shit on towels they don’t flush the toilets after they use them and some toilet seats were left up if you know what I mean

  • Angela Lewin April 10, 2020

    I HV been in and out of Lynnwood since it opened in 2006. I’ve got some experiences to tell. I went again August 2019. The only thing that has changed is maybe they will give us hand sanitizer before they make us put our fingers in our mouths after squatting, spreading and coughing. The pregnant women must do the strip search still because of x-ray machine. Now doesnt getting x rayed alot bad for us?? The deputies don’t care this money isn’t coming out of their pocket. It’s still degrading to this day.

    • Lupe Stella April 11, 2020

      It happened to me also it was my first time in jail so I didn’t know what to expect I can just remember women throwing up it was horrible to this day many years later I throw up very easily I look at other women and thoughts coming to mind very very uncomfortable sometimes I feel ashamed to be a woman especially grabbing your private part to be searched then being forced to put your hands in your mouth I I applaud the woman who brought this to light and hope others will not suffer these lifetime damage

  • Tyra Woodson April 10, 2020

    I was stripped searched over 30 times at Twin Towers and also, outside where all the buses came in with men and women. Have you already had a class action done for Twin Towers?

    • Crissy April 27, 2020

      What was up with the water dropping on my naked self out in the garage when it wasnt even raining outside? I’m not from LA but got picked up there to be extradited. I thought this was SOP. Not only did I feel embarrassed for having a flashlight shined into my ……. I got sick since I didnt get socks or an extra blanket for 3 days. And this was in the winter

      • Celia Douglas April 29, 2020


    • Kristin Howard May 22, 2020

      I was strip searched many times during that time. Going to court and then waiting to go to prison. Strip searched outside parking area with temp walls many times 2-3 arrests. Also received the same treatment at Sybil brand which was really bad also. You should sue them for that jail also. How do we find out how many strip searches they are saying we went through? I know they are going through our records to find the instances but what if they miss some because of multiple arrests? Would like this to be over and not drag on another 11 most after settlement.

  • J April 3, 2020

    I wonder if the final hearing will be affected by this freaking Corona Virus

    • Angela lewin April 10, 2020

      Shoot I hope Corona virus doesn’t interfere.

      • J April 11, 2020


  • Elizabeth March 28, 2020

    Wow! Thank you very much to the brave women who stood up and spoke about these disgusting strip searched every time we came back from court to enter Lynwood Jail. There was times I would question the strip searches. They were so inhuman. The smell of period blood, women in wheelchairs who also had to do the strip was so depressing to watch. Every time I went to court I was mortified to come came back to Lynwood. The lesbian deputies inside the bus garage gave me chills. I was always against to have lesbian deputies do the strip searches. The fact that we had to stand but naked outside in a bus garage was horrible. I remember deputies would leave us in the holding tanks for hours to get searched – by the time they felt like searching us – it was like 11pm. Also, the deputies would feed us after the strip searches – so imagine- We would be getting our dinner at midnight- throw us back in a tank after the strip searched – sometimes for an hour or two before getting walked to our cell. Having court was a nightmare. I would get to my cell at 1am – without a shower. I fought my case for 11 months – God help me remember how many times I was strip searched!
    May God do justice for this abuse the system has been doing and hoping it’s not happening any more. It was a very unpleasant experience!
    This is just one of the disgusting things you’ll experience in Lynwood jail.
    I am traumatized!!!

    • Elizabeth April 1, 2020

      Yes my name is also Elizabeth I understand what all these women are going through because I am one of them and I was very degraded we all were very degraded and treated badly like we were not human it’s not right for people to treat people like that regardless the situations you are in I will never forget the times we had to go to court because it was like a nightmare yes we didn’t get back to our beds till very late with no shower this is something I do not ever want to go through again something I will never forget being searched among many more women naked having to see other people being degraded for so many reasons besides myself it’s just not right hopefully this matter will be solved and this will not happen to anyone else again I also was traumatized something that I will never forget

      • Anne May 12, 2020


    • Julie April 12, 2020

      Email administrator you will get your answer regarding the times you were stripsearched

      • Leslie Turner April 30, 2020

        Yes my name is leslie turner I was in there for two years I worked often 7 days a week plus I worked two jobs and strip searching was done two times a day. But wait the raids where you are pulled out of a dead sleep to get yelled at while sitting on cement indian style almost nose to nose ! Those things that took place will never leave my mind. How the entire ordeal was horrible to say the least

    • J April 12, 2020

      Email administrator ,they will let you know how many times your were stripsearched 2-3 business days

      • Leslie Turner April 30, 2020

        May I find out as well please

        • J May 4, 2020

          Amador v. Baca Outreach Administrator

    • mishelle b April 19, 2020

      Yes I went threw everything ur saying u hit everything on the nose or if a woman didn’t speak English and didn’t understand what they were saying to do they degraded them and talk so mean to them broke my heart they treated us like animals had us bare foot in a bus garage smh with bloody tampons and pads thrown to the middle while they laugh

      • J May 4, 2020

        Email, Amador v. Baca Outreach Administrator give you will need dob your full name address etc . When you email Administrator they will reply asking you that info have all your info ready than ask them your question ,, how many times you were searched ,,or any question they will reply bout 3 business days ,,,thank you have a good one ,friends

  • Julie March 19, 2020

    I want to thank the women that were brave enough to speak up without these women none of this would of came to light and the attorneys helping us victims of abuse ,thank you

  • Pj February 27, 2020

    Same insulting degrading behavior happens at riverside county WOMANS jail. While strip searching the guards spray air freshener and yell you woman are nasty you all fucking stink…

  • grace summer February 17, 2020

    i ll never forget that smell and the cold floor and that plastic bin where we have to throw our clothes and next to it our gown and it was a small room and made us all line up close to each other while the deputies would yell in our faces made us bend over and open wide our lips and made us cough several times.

    • N/,a March 16, 2020

      I remember the smell of period blood and feeling violated when they told me to spread my butt cheeks I remember seeing a woman with a both her breast removed. I was 19 the first time I was arrested in 2003 the La county sheriff’s have always treated the inmates like trash talking abusively downgraded woman God bless the people who were brave enough to speak up.May we all get the justice we deserve. I remember the men sherrifs putting me inside a holding cell and they all took turns looking at my private parts they told me I would be released if I compiled.

    • Tanya April 3, 2020

      Its still happening I was just incarcerated last march and the garage is still were we get put I I went back and forth to court 4 to 5 days in a row strip search each time in the garage cold late guards talking shit but I am grateful it is out now I hope that this changes cause those gauges take there authority to a whole other level thank you to the person who stepped up and the attorneys fighting for us may god bless us all

  • Chrisy Rivera February 14, 2020

    I remember one time their was another inmate in line with us going into the strip search area and she hand no arms. Literally no arms but those deputies were so cruel and messed up to that girl they humiliated her by making her strip down in front of everyone so that they could see how she was going to do it with no arms. They stood there and laughed I couldn’t believe it.

  • Kat February 13, 2020

    I to remember the strip search in the Lynwood jail facility it was horrific I said it back then that that sort of treatment should be illegal it was unreal so uncivilized humiliating inhumane and degrading I could not believe how the justice system was allowing us as US citizens to be in such manner you could not pay enough money to physiologically damage myself and other people they treated us women like animals they made all of us line up against the wall strip down weather you were on your menstrual or not bend over and cough how sickening is that then once we bent over and coughed we had to pick up each garment one by one as instructed while we were checked for contraband once I had to bend over three times because I did not spread my lips wide enough and once I did spread my lips wide bent over and coughed I was rush up against the wall by the deputys with them twisting my arm and wrist yelling at me it was a lesbian white women who dressed like a stud and one black woman after that I requested to speak to the Sargent because I felt super violated

  • Julia Carrillo February 6, 2020

    I get chills down my spine when I think about those days, I have nightmares about the times I was stripsearched. I’ve never felt this deep humiliating way I was there 2008 for a few months ,coming back from court was another ugly feeling knowing we were going to be treated like trash

    • Ramona malone "Jack" April 29, 2020

      I was 18 with my first charge . Crammed into a bus garage . Male guard standing in the door way watching us . Female guards acting as off they were gonna puke as they stripped all of us down and humiliated all of us . Screaming at us . Threatening us . …. That day was just the start of many as I went to court n back . … Not to mention the raid on our pod 3200 . When the female guards searching me proceeded to put her hands down my pants as she was searching me n pause with her hand in my pants as she joked n cut up with another guard next to us . . . We need real justice .

  • Candice February 4, 2020

    They were very rude made you do the unexpected.. When getting off that bus stripping was a disgrace and treating us like animals.. I pray that i never have to be put back in such situation.. We all as women are human and goes through tough times in our lives but having us all or most of us on our menstrual in the cold and even the heat was humiliating.. Lord i pray you fix the staff/workers that was and is on duty during such difficult times..

    • Julia Carrillo February 6, 2020

      I get chills down my spine when I think about those days, I have nightmares about the times I was stripsearched. I’ve never felt this deep humiliating way I was there 2008 for a few months ,coming back from court was another ugly feeling knowing we were going to be treated like trash

  • Julia Carrillo January 30, 2020

    Filthy floor we had no privacy while being asked to get naked there wasn’t no walls the deputy’s would block the door with a laundry cart /bin made us stick our finger in our mouth after taking clothing off and shoes spread our private area it was disgusting sticking finger in mouth menstrual mess cold conditions standing naked the deputy’s used verbal abuse verbal behavior degrading and traumatic, I hope nobody ever goes through that bad disgusting experience

    • Tiahna Vince March 16, 2020

      Just nothing to say it’s a shame how u can treat a human being for making a mistake in life the way they treated us was no words to express nothing but hurt pain never would I treat my worst enemy like that I can’t even say no more it to much to bare !!

  • Antionette Armstrong January 29, 2020

    I was searched a number of times in 2013… it was degrading and it was done by lesbian women jailers

    • Jane Hudnell February 27, 2020

      I can tell you now that I am an older woman. I was strip searched with a large group of women every time I came back from court. One time I was placed in a small cell in the medical unit because I had a physical injury. There was a young woman who just had a miscarriage in the cell. There was blood all over the side of the toilet. She told me the guards took her down to the showers washed her off. Then put her naked body wrapped in a blanket and just left her in cell laying on the bunk. Three days later. The blood was never ever cleaned up. The woman was suffering. The guards did not take her to the hospital. I tried to help her. Then I was relocated to another place in jail. There were male sheriffs who sat at the desk in our pod who had clear view of the showers. I was fighting my case because I had been physically hurt from an ex boyfriend. I was yelled at constantly by the Sheriffs male and female. Especially during strip searching us.

      • Brenda March 1, 2020

        I was horrified by the way the women deputies barked out orders to us women on just how to we should be taking our clothing off, and God forbid if you did it out of order we’d have to be sent back to a holding cell and do it all over again. When it came time for us hold up a our breast I didn’t bother lifting mine because mine didn’t hang and the deputy asked why I didn’t do what she ordered everyone alse to do. My response was that I didn’t have too much to lift. I was sent back to a holding tank and was the last person to be given a bed for that.

  • Melody Aya Friel January 28, 2020

    Both times I was arrested I was with a group of women and we all had to undress. Not that bad truly but to spread ourselves and cough, then be told about how our bodies looked was shamefully embarrassing! I’m glad to see this action is taking place!! I was put through this revealing and humiliating group strip search a couple times both arrests in 2011!

  • Dan ziferstein January 6, 2020

    Send me a form

  • k December 23, 2019

    doesnt the same tyoe of strip searching happen at pretty much ALL county prisons? i’ve experienced it in Philadelohia Prison Systems and we were strip searched in groups as we entered the female facility RCF. we were cursed at and degraded as if nobody there made mistakes but we were all evil women. it was awful because the vast majority of COs appear to be miserable and give the imoression they hate their jobs. very few have any compassion, i only came across one prison employee that treated me like a human being and who didnt disrespect me because of my unfortunate position. As i was released the sergeant who did my mandatory ‘Exit interview’ (followong my medical discharge) was very sweet and spoke to me as if she were speaking to anyone else and she did wished me well on my way out. it was something i aporeciated so muhc, and i didnt expect to have the pleasant conversation we had. back to the strip searches…it is a policy to strip search all inmates if they go INTO a visit as well as on the way OUT of a visit, so you know that each visit from family friend or legal team comes with at least 2 strip searches. they turn our visits, something to look forward, ino something we dread.

    • Mrs. P January 29, 2020

      No this does not happen in all county jails. I’ve been to jail in Oakland it didn’t happen, I’ve been to jail in Orange county and this didn’t happen, over been to jail in Van nuys and it didn’t happen, over also been to jail in Merced and it didn’t happen. Only time this degrading type of shit happened has been in Lynwood from my personal experiences.

      • Anon February 15, 2020

        You have sure been to jail a lot.

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