jail pay phone operated by Global Tel*Link GTL available to prison inmatesA website has been established to inform Class Members of their rights under a class action lawsuit that accuses Global Tel*Link Corporation, Inmate Telephone Service, and DSI-ITI LLC of charging unreasonably high rates for phone calls from New Jersey prisons and jails.

The GTL class action website notes that a settlement has not been reached, but the proposed Class of affected inmates and their families has received certification.

While the website is live, it is not accepting claims yet. Top Class Actions will provide claim filing instructions as soon as they become available.

Meanwhile, viewers will receive an email notice when this article is updated with more information by using a free Top Class Actions account and clicking the “Follow Article” button at the top of the post.

Additionally, the New Jersey jail phone call rate class action lawsuit says that Class Members have two options.

The first option is to do nothing, which means the individual remains a member of the Class, and may receive benefits if the New Jersey prison class action lawsuit ends in a settlement. If Class Members choose this option, then they waive their rights to pursue separate litigation against the companies.

The second option laid out by the website notes that Class Members have the right to exclude themselves from the Class. If Class Members choose this option, they will receive no benefits but retain the right to pursue their own litigation against Global Tel*Link Corporation, Inmate Telephone Service, and DSI-ITI LLC over the issue of inmate phone call prices.

The Global Tel*Link phone call class action lawsuit website notes that the deadline for Class Members to exclude themselves from the settlement is Aug. 30, 2019.

Class Members include all people in the United States who meet the following criteria:

  • were incarcerated in a New Jersey prison or correctional institution between 2006 and 2016 and used the phone system provided by the there companies; or
  • established an advance pay account with the companies to receive telephone calls from a person incarcerated in New Jersey somewhere other than Essex County before June 2010; or
  • received calls from people incarcerated in Essex County before June 2011.

The New Jersey inmate phone calls class action lawsuit was filed by Bobbie James, Crystal Gibson, Betty King, Barbara Skladany, Mark Skladany, Milan Skladany, and Dr. John F. Crow. The plaintiffs claim that they were incarcerated in New Jersey prisons or jails, or set up accounts with the telecommunications companies to communicate with people incarcerated in New Jersey.

The individuals claim that the companies abuse their monopoly of power over phone calls made from New Jersey prisoners by charging exceedingly high rates. Allegedly, they charge more than 100 times the market rate.

The New Jersey prison phone calls class action lawsuit says inmates and their loved ones who wish to call them must open credit/debit accounts with the telecommunications companies and must make substantial payments in advance of a phone call.

Allegedly, in the cases in which the companies permit prisoners to make collect calls, they pass these high costs on to the person receiving the call.

The inmates and loved ones are represented by James E. Checchi and Lindsey Taylor of Carella Byrne Cecchi Olstein Brody & Angello PC, and by Justin Walder and James A. Plaisted of Pashman Stein Walder Hayden.

The New Jersey Inmate Phone Call Class Action Lawsuit is Bobbie James, et al. v. Global Tel*Link Corporation, et al., Case No. 2:13-cv-04989-WJM-MF, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

UPDATE: August 2020, the Global Tel Link class action settlement is now open. Click here to file a claim.

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  • Sara Barraza December 21, 2020

    Please ADD

  • F.Darby December 21, 2020

    Please add me. My child’s father was incarcerated from June 2006 to December 2017. It would be a blessing to receive it back from what they cheated struggling families out of. Thank you

  • Angela van Doorn November 3, 2020

    In California I was not only charged an insane amount per minute, but I bought their 29.99 plan and was charged 89.99 and months later was finally refunded but only refunded 19.99. They told me thats all they could refund for any purchase! Only 1 phone call was ever made with the plan and when they refunded me they removed any and all remaining time I had left on my account!

  • Carolyn York October 9, 2020

    Add me also. Had daughters in jail and it was over $1 a minute for phone time in Indiana.

  • Shamriell Brimmer October 8, 2020

    I was incarcerated just about a year ago and was in and out of jail about 13 times that year due to being on DOC. The global Tel link company are a bunch of crooks. If you didn’t have an account established it would easily cost you $10 to $15 dollars a phone call. About a $1 a minute… And of course your gonna pay it if you want to talk to your loved ones. I’m out of Washington State and I would like to be added to the lawsuit if possible. Thank you.

  • Shawn Harris August 17, 2020

    Please add me! My name is Shawn Harris and I was charged bookoo amounts back in March 2006 to Dec.2006 then again in 2008 to almost 2010 when my ex husband was incarcerated. He was incarcerated in Leaksville, Ms. Rankin co. In Jackson, Ms. Pearl River co. Jail in Millard , Ms He was incarcerated quite a bit. I know that I’m no longer with him but I’m still out that money and in October of 2006 I was hospitalized due to blood clots from the stress of all the money it cost me just to correspond.

  • william frye August 13, 2020

    they do this in oregon too.Global tel has been charging ridiculous amounts for inmates to communicate with there family for years .

  • Gloria Poole August 3, 2020

    What about Indiana, Terre Haute prison, If, I am qualified for this one than add my name to this settlement.

  • Annette Barnes August 1, 2020

    Add me I had this problems

  • DIXIE Elliott July 8, 2020

    This happened to me

  • Victoria Rios June 9, 2020

    Add me

  • Benjamin Rivera May 28, 2020

    Add me please

  • Jessica Navarro April 28, 2020

    Will other states be added to this bc I know that Gobal Tel and Tela Coin here in AR charge ridiculous amounts of money to speak to your family while incarcerated

  • sharneace April 23, 2020

    Add me

  • Jessica Greenlee April 22, 2020

    Include me in this lawsuit

  • Sandra rios April 17, 2020

    How About in California

  • Mandi March 31, 2020

    Add me

  • Sandra Douglas March 27, 2020

    Definitely add me also cause it had happened to me.

  • christine harnar March 21, 2020

    What about California

    • POA to Dr. Allen July 6, 2020

      We need one for California and Mississippi. They took almost $10,000 from the doctor who was falsely imprisoned and charged almost $38.00 a call on my house phone and less on the business cell phone.

  • Deanna M Cottle March 14, 2020

    Definately add me please!!!

  • Brittney Joseph March 9, 2020

    Add me

  • Erik Wissing March 8, 2020

    Add me

  • Sarah marley February 28, 2020

    I haven’t heard anything besides the post card I received in the mail do I have to notify anyone or has anything been sent or settled in court

  • Teri Weller February 7, 2020

    What about the California rates? Any class action?

    • Brandi Ellis February 16, 2020

      Add me please

  • Patricia Wilson January 11, 2020

    I was a Global Tel Link subscriber when my daughter was in 3 different Facilities within New Jersey. Add me to the Lawsuit.

  • Wanda Banner November 28, 2019

    Add me

  • George P Guadagno November 8, 2019

    What about other states? Global tel is scamming people across the country from what I am aware of. I know two others for sure. Would any attorney like to pursue them in different venues? My family and I family have been a victim to their outrageous (to say the least) charges.

  • lolita rodriguez November 6, 2019

    add me

  • Nikki Sykes October 30, 2019

    Add Me Please My Ex- Husband was in prison & they use Global Tel×Link Phone Service

  • Margaret A Burriss October 29, 2019

    Can provide proof of service. Recieving calls and making them!

  • Dedra Delaine October 15, 2019

    Please add me to this. I never received the notice but I have proof of services

  • Lisa Robinson October 15, 2019

    Add me I did not receive the class action lawsuit information but can prove i used their services

  • Zykira Gray October 11, 2019

    Add me

  • Chrystal Pfortmiller October 8, 2019

    please add me

  • george Robert taylor October 2, 2019

    they are doing the same in oregon can we get a law suit n in the feds same thing

  • Meagan Reed September 17, 2019


  • Lavina August 26, 2019

    Add me

  • george Robert taylor August 26, 2019

    they are doing the same thing in oregon jails and preisons can we sue n it cost 8.00$ to put money on the phone account

  • Robert Goudin August 21, 2019

    Please add me

  • robin m dease August 20, 2019

    add me my husband was in mamoth county in 2008 and also had globel telling account in pa’thru the years up until now

  • Laura Regula August 15, 2019

    Add me New Jersey and Florida

    • Eboni Kelley August 26, 2019

      Had this same problem in Mississippi with this service..Add me

  • Alberta Black August 14, 2019

    Add me to the Global Tel Link Suit…

  • John E Crawford August 13, 2019

    add me to law suit.

  • Donald Crews August 7, 2019

    Please add

  • David Garcia August 6, 2019

    Can we start a lawsuit involving Global Tel-Link with calls to and from California Prisons and/or Los Angeles County Jail. Also the cost to purchase commissary for jailed inmates here in California at the Los Angeles county jail. Over one dollar $1.00 for a 10 cent top ramen soup to mention one atrocity charge.

    • Ewanda Thompson August 13, 2019

      I was incarcerated spending$ 1.00 for ramen noodle soups and also for Global Tel Link phone calls in Bucks County and Delaware County Prison

  • Anna August 6, 2019

    All states shoud be included. Im in North Carolina.and I had to go through this last year!

  • Monica kaczmarzewski July 21, 2019

    I didntvreceive anything regarding the class action suit and I most definitely lost alot of money. How do I get involved?

  • Natalie Thomas July 18, 2019

    They ripped me off for 100 something dollars and said there are no refunds

  • Tammy (again) July 18, 2019

    I am in Missouri , .. I have heard from other secures customers , they actually had a out of state phone number created, Cause the rates are cheaper..

  • Tammy July 18, 2019


  • Kermette Chisdter July 12, 2019

    Yes cause I had load so much for securus and jpay with all them fees I should be able to file taxes from them cause they got so much money from me for sending money to both of my son’s I mean it’s ridiculous how much they charge for the phone n to send money.

  • CSanders July 12, 2019

    I have spent more money on phone calls and jpay fees then actually sending money and receiving phone calls in the State of North Carolina.I pay 3.22 for a 15 minute phone call thats collect if i add money for him to call home they take anywhere from 4.65 to 6.65 depending on how much is added to account.Jpay is the same way.Its a total rip off for us who cared about out loved ones away from home

    • Vicky Campbell August 3, 2019

      I pay $ 7,00 for a 15 minute phone call from my nephew every time he calls from jail here in Kentucky

  • Melissa July 11, 2019

    Im paying 2.60 for my husband and hes only an hour away in the same state ohio

  • tikeisha July 11, 2019

    add me

  • Kat July 11, 2019

    I’ve been wanting to start a suit against them for Washington State Penitentiary. They recently raised the cost of phone calls once again. Over 4 years I’ve probably spent close to $40,000 on phone calls with my husband because I have no other choice than GTL. Jpay charges 0.90 for a 30 minute call in the facilities where they offer phone service, where as GTL charges $2.92 for a 20 minute call. It’s highway robbery. There has to be some way to negotiate lower rates.

    • Jeri Rhea Moore July 13, 2019

      My question is why this law suit is apparently limited to the state of New Jersey. I am also a Washington state resident who knows the high rate high cost of highway robbery that all the jails and prisons in this state charge through the GLT company. It’s complete exploitation of those who have no control if they want to have contact with their loved ones. This phone company should be liable in all states that use their services and exploit people at ridiculous costs.

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