centurylink_logoTwo CenturyLink customers who’ve had enough of the company’s billing and customer service practices have responded with a consumer class action lawsuit.

Plaintiffs Craig McLeod of Alabama and Steven McCauley of Kansas claim that CenturyLink has been committing a slew of business violations against millions of its customers.

According to these two plaintiffs, CenturyLink’s offenses include billing for services never purchased, imposing improper fees, billing at higher rates than those agreed to, continuing to bill after cancellation of service, charging customers for keeping rental modems after the customers had returned them, and referring those customers to collections when they refused to pay for the returned modems.

By the plaintiffs’ estimate, the allegations in this CenturyLink class action lawsuit could entitle Class Members to as much as $12 billion in damages.

McCauley says that when he heard about a $24.99 CenturyLink plan from a friend in another state, he called CenturyLink to inquire about switching to that plan. He says he was told that plan was not available in his area, but another plan was available that would offer him 10 mbps service for $27.99.

McCauley agreed to switch to the $27.99 plan. But when his next bill came, he discovered he was being billed the full $80 non-contract price of his original plan.

On calling to complain to CenturyLink, McCauley was told the $27.99 plan did not exist and never had. The CenturyLink rep told him the only available alternative was a contract plan for $43 per month. When McCauley told the rep he wanted to switch internet providers, he was told he’d have to pay a $200 contract termination fee.

McLeod says that in April 2017, he accepted an upgrade offer from CenturyLink that should have increased the speed of his internet service from 10 to 25 mbps for only $2 more per month.

He was told he’d only need to restart his modem to get the new service, but after he did so, his service shut off completely. Two visits from CenturyLink technicians resulted in two replacement modems he was allegedly told he wouldn’t need.

When his next bill came, McLeod found he was being charged far more than the $2 he was told he would pay for faster service. The bill also showed a $35 “wiring” charge, ostensibly to cover the cost of the technicians installing modems he was previously told he would not need.

McLeod reports that when he found incorrect charges on his bill and pointed them out to the company, a CenturyLink representative told him it was his own fault that he had not discovered the charges earlier.

Other CenturyLink customers apparently got the same line of victim-blaming. This CenturyLink class action lawsuit shows a screenshot of an instant message conversation between a CenturyLink rep named Chay and a customer named Nichole, in which Chay tells Nichole:

“Nichole, I understand your frustration, but at the same time it’s also the customer’s responsibility to look at their bill. That’s why you are sent one.”

McLeod and McCauley report that thousands of other consumer complaints about CenturyLink billing have been lodged on the consumer interest website Consumer Affairs.

The plaintiffs say that to submit copies of all these complaints with their CenturyLink class action lawsuit would exceed the capacity of the court’s electronic filing system, so they include a few excerpts of these reviews in their complaint.

One reviewer reports being billed over $300 for mostly phone services after specifically purchasing only internet service for $60 per month. Another reports her monthly bill, which she was led to expect would be around $94, has consistently clocked in at over $160.

McLeod and McCauley launched this action only days after Oregon plaintiff Heather Gonisor filed her own claims on behalf of thousands of Oregon CenturyLink customers who she says were grossly overbilled with fees that the company failed to properly disclose.

The company is also in the crosshairs of a whistleblower lawsuit filed in Arizona by a former employee who says she was fired after bringing evidence of unlawful billing practices to the attention of her supervisors.

The plaintiffs are proposing to represent a plaintiff Class of persons who had experiences with CenturyLink similar to their own.

They seek an award of actual, statutory, punitive, consequential and incidental damages for themselves and for potential Class Members. They are also asking the court to award reimbursement of court costs and attorney’s fees, plus pre- and post-judgment interest on all amounts awarded.

The plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Mark J. Geragos, Ben J. Meiselas, Zack V. Muljat and Eric Hahn of Geragos & Geragos APC.

The CenturyLink Unlawful Overbilling Class Action Lawsuit is Craig McLeod and Steven McCauley v. CenturyLink Inc., et al., Case No. 2:17-cv-04504, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

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  • Karen Nielsen April 2, 2020

    How do I get on list to get a class action suit payment?

  • Angela March 29, 2020

    Are there any lawsuits against Centurylink going on in Arkansas? Shouldn’t the whole concept of being in an “exhaust” area where centurylink purposefully oversells its service and then throttles all of the customers while still overcharging be considered fraudulent practices?

  • Claudia Alvarado March 24, 2020

    I want to pay I’m texas

  • Elizabeth October 8, 2019

    I have sent all the info, no word yet. That was 2 months ago!

  • Dan October 12, 2018

    My dad called at the end of his promotion and was put on $45 price for life and bought a modem. They charged his credit card almost $200. He noticed his card getting charged $80/mo but every month he forgot to call. I called to get into a new promotion and was offered $40/mo for life and a free modem. My dad called me with anger because they told him he was not on price for life but they could switch him and offered to sell him a modem because he was leasing. He got mad because he paid for his in February. Then my experience went south. I got my bill shortly after the new promotion and it was $70. I called and was told that it was in effect and I needed to pay $70 and would see a credit next month. This month I got a bill for $193. I called and was told I was on $55 not $40 and the modem given to me was $150 and I got free shipping not free modem. I didn’t think I’d ever say I’m going back to Comcast, but now I am

  • Mark Britton March 11, 2018

    I live in Virginia when I called about disconnecting my home phone and keeping my internet service I was told it would be 30.00 this was in Jan. when they didn’t disconnect my phone I called they said it would be 35.00. Phone wasn’t disconnected for 40 more days. Got my bill now the charge is 45.00

  • Kesha March 6, 2018

    Im in nc my bill for tv and internet went from $118 to $270 no phone who can psy that and i didnt get s bill and my service was interupted not once but twice

  • Rita January 13, 2018

    I’m in Ohio how do I get in. This company has cost me hundreds of hours trying to get them to honor the contract price they suckered me into

  • Anne Woods November 21, 2017

    I want in! This company must pay for it’s illegal behaviors.

  • Pamela Hallenback October 31, 2017

    I have been waiting a long time for Century Link to be acknowledged for their poor customer service and dishonest behavior. I have all of my emails saved for this one. How do I submit?

  • Rita Jones July 20, 2017

    For about 4 years i have had numerous problems with CenturyLink and am on the phone sometimes an hour every month trying to get problems solved. I have auto pay set up but i get a bill before hand showing how much they will be taking out. If i find a mistake they claim they can’t stop the amt. from coing out of my account. Then i understood i had insurance on my puter that if anything happened to it it would be replaced well i found out that wasn’t true. Then my modem went out and i was told it was covered under my insurance and it was an out dated modem and should have been replaced anyway and the next thing i know i have 3 payments of $33. were going to come out of my acct. I have talked to them twice last month and was told the only way they could reduce my bill was to switch me from Dish to Direct Tv. But i keep seeing ads where they are offering internet service for a much cheaper price than i am paying them.

  • Carey Oberly July 14, 2017

    My mother lives in Washington state and I believe she has them too, can she be on this suit too?

  • Katharina Wilkerson July 14, 2017

    They lied about bundling rates and over charged on every bill. Service was poor as well. Definitely NOT the deal I was looking for.

  • Carol Spatz July 5, 2017

    Century Link also double bills on taxes watch your bills everyone! One other thing why are we paying for out of the country costumer service and this is supposed to be a U.S.A. company!

  • Faith T July 5, 2017

    We have the same problem with them it’s one thing or another, you complain about an issue and they say it will be fixed and you find out 2 months later that it’s not, I understand that we need to check our statements but you can’t constantly keep an eye on everything every month and check and recheck everything they tell you. Unfortunately we have limited options here which it looks like it will be changed soon🤞. But someone needs to do something about this.

  • margaret young July 5, 2017

    I have the same issue with them. I pay over $85.00 per month for crappy service. We only have CenturyLink in my area so we are all stuck. I work from home. If I have to upload pictures for my job, I have to go across town to a public place so that I can do my job. They tell me that it’s normal…….. I work for a phone company so I know it’s not normal. I have to call them about every month to get service that I can actually half use.

  • Patricia McFarland July 3, 2017

    They did this so much… lied about rates & bundling, and OVER-Charging with ALL the added fees nearly doubles the bills, etc. and pissed me off so now I have different companies (one for internet, one for my cell, and another for my internet phone…. all 3 together comes to LESS than I was paying for just ONE service with Century link, which, BTW doesn’t work 1/2 the time. (No smile) They ripped me off for nearly two years when I first moved here… Hey… Att & T and Pottowamie Telephone Companies do the same thing down in Oklahoma. I could pay off my house with what they OVER charged me down there for years!

    • Melanie Talboys August 16, 2017

      That was hateful, rude & pointless…as the old saying goes: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…something so simple that could make the world a much better (and more peaceful) place. I invite you & others to consider things before you “say” them. Life is challenging enough without the addition of haters, try a little love 😘

      • Mo Dormer October 10, 2017

        Um, I beg to differ. That is what a comment forum is for, BOTH positive and negative issues. Also, it is good to know if others are having some of the same issues- so you know whether it’s “just you” or if there is a problem with, say, a company’s service.

  • Micheal r kelm July 3, 2017

    I live in florida and on their auto pay … Because I do not check on how much they take out each month they raise my bill over 60 dollars a month for channels I never ordered or watch … Sports packages !!!

  • KAMY BELL MENAPACE July 3, 2017

    Been thru all the above and beyond with cl. Please post link for suit

  • Michael July 3, 2017

    I am a shareholder, the stock has done nothing.,. Now going down? come on, be honest!

  • marcie nash July 3, 2017

    I live in arkansas and I have had trouble with centurylink for years. Everything from high bills, $14 late fees, internet droppage and slow speeds even after talking with customer service and their claims that my speed had been increased. Could you please post a link to join the class action lawsuit.

  • Rhonda Stahl July 2, 2017

    I too currently have a Century Link account and after several years of up and down bills where we more often than not paid 178.00 or more a month with no HBO, Showtime or Cinemax….I finally got the most simple service recently….for 90.00 a month including internet. Ironically, I just got notified after lowering my services (and I had to talk to 5 different ppl whose names I have written down just to accomplish that)….that there has been a fraudulent bill with Century Link, but I had never seen this bill before….and I know from personal experience if you are late a month CL WILL turn off your service…which I still have, so that fraudulent crap makes no sense. Please put up a link to this class action. I would love to join as a plaintiff. I have all the bills to back up what I have claimed.

  • Robyn Garris July 2, 2017

    They need a class action for us former CenturyLink employees…led to believe we are being hired to be a customer service agent, when almost the entire training is on how to talk customers into buying more when they call already upset about hidden fees and charges. They put crazy sales quotas on the reps, and you get in trouble if you give credit on a customer’s bill more than an average of around $2. I watched employees so scared of losing their jobs that they resorted to placing extra services on customers’ accounts out of fear of not being able to feed their children. I ended up leaving because the stress of the pressure they put on all of us to sell more, more, more made me physically sick, and I refused to resort to unethical and dishonest practices. Unfortunately, that’s not true of everyone I worked with.

  • Patricia McGahee July 2, 2017

    I’m with CenturyLink in Arkansas. Please sign me up.

  • E. Miller July 2, 2017

    I have centurylink in wyoming. When I started my service I originally wanted only internet service and they talked me into phone service also, claiming itwas cheaper with phone service than without. Which it was but only for a year. My complaint about them is that they sell your new phone number to telemarketers. Thats the only calls I receive. And when I called to complain the agent saidthat yes, unless you specify when you get your service, you dont want your number sold they will do it. Now who would think to do this when they sign up? Then the agent said they could place a block on my line for a fee. Which really pissed me off. I ended up waiting until monday morning to call the business office to complain about all of this. The woman I spoke with this time actually talked me out of cancelling my service and told me they never charge to place block for telemarketers. So now we 18 months later I only receive maybe 1 telemarketing each week, but my introductory period is over and its no longer cheaper to have the phone. Gonna call and cancel it and find out why only new customers can get 20 dallar a month internet for the same I have and I get charged 70 dollars monthly. And new customers get that price locked in for 5 years. You would think on they would be a little more generous with their long term customers.

  • John Hammond July 1, 2017

    I was thinking of starting my own lawsuit against Cent Linq, now I won’t have too. I rarely received the same bill 2 months in a row. Even wrote to the company never received a reply.

  • Samuel Martin July 1, 2017

    Can someone please post a link to this class action. So we can sign up too.

  • Brenda Schimpf July 1, 2017

    Is too have had many issues with their billing department. I was quoted $96 monthly and have been charged $169 ever since I switched to them. I was also charged for a modem which I did send back! I’m in MN please include

  • Shanti July 1, 2017

    I had issues as well. I cancelled my services and switched to Cox for phone and Internet. I had even prepaid my centurylink bill in advanced to ensure no issue would arise and figured they would just send me my month’s payment back as a credit. Nope that did not happen. CenturyLink decided that I wanted to keep Internet service with them even though I had Internet with Cox’s. Then they told me that my telephone number was own by them. I cancelled and switched services in September and I was still fighting with them 4 months later as they were billing me for Internet services that I did not order or want. I had spoken with so many people it was not funny. I had 6 or 7 service tickets opened and towards the end no one wanted to speak with me. They automatically went for a supervisor.

  • Merri M Jones July 1, 2017

    Absolutely happens apparently all over the United States. I am in Florida and have fought with them for months. All over the same issues mentioned. I definitely want to be part of this suite. !!

  • Woody July 1, 2017

    Sounds like the same kind of stories I went through here in NE Arkansas. Took almost a year to resolve and many calls. I just started asking for a supervisor right away.

  • Valerie Rodgers July 1, 2017

    I have head several disputes with Century Link..bait and switch, poor customer service, repair delays, etc..

  • Terri White July 1, 2017

    Century Link is the worst! I was constantly promised things at one price and was charged another, then when I called, they’d tell me the previous info was wrong. I couldn’t cancel because of their huge penalty. When I finally did cancel, I was charged an extra month of my DTV because CL claims they sent a payment in early but DTV says I’m billed one month behind. I finally had to pay it just to get rid of them.

  • Cindy Montgomery July 1, 2017

    Please add mine, as well. I’ve been fighting with this company for several years. I live in eastern North Carolina and we are VERY limited for choices. It’s terrible the fees I’ve been charged that they promised would come off the next bill and never did no matter how many times I called. They are awful.

    • Penelope Allen July 1, 2017

      I just spent a few hours on the phone with them to tell me they couldn’t fix the bill sent and it should have been 68$ and change. The bill was 119$ and change. A couple of years ago they sent a bill for almost 400$. Needless to say i ended up having to pay it

  • Nannybe July 1, 2017

    I had century link, I was the first on the hub. I got a great signal until someone signed on after me, then I got “this page is unavailable! I would have to log off wait then try to log back on. What a pain..
    I had direct TV as well, direct is billing me and century link is billing me for total with directs payment. I’m not paying twice!

  • Mark A Albright July 1, 2017

    Please add me. I had century link and my bill was never right. I would call them and they would tell me that they couldn’t do anything about the current month but would make a certain change and it would begin the next month, but when next month’s bill would come it would be higher than previous month. When I would call again they would tell me I wasn’t able to get the discounts that were offered or that person wasn’t authorized to extend those discounts. This went on for several months?

  • Connie Curts July 1, 2017

    This occurred to my 90+ year-old mother-in-law in 2010 and 2011, though I have only a few of those bills now. I am now one of the trustees to her estate.

  • tracy wilson July 1, 2017

    Add me

  • tracy wilson July 1, 2017

    Please add me I’ve been dealing with their lies and wrongful billing and not being informed of price changes

  • Harvetta Pannell-Pate July 1, 2017

    I would like to be added to the lawsuit, centurylink has been doing the same here in Adamsville Tennessee, I have been on Centurylink 19 years and they keep charter and att out cause in this little town they are grandfathered in and( the mayor, aldermen and so on,,politics) know what I mean helps them so we have to put up with them promising lower rates and never getting them, sending modems or phones when we had to send them back ages ago getting lost in the mail and being charge for them, and be renew for a contract after you contract runs out that you didn’t agree too, I could list soooo much after 19 years and to beat it all the have a DSL station on my property and didn’t pay that much and can keep it there for 99 years, I took my centurylink phone service out cause nowadays everyone use cell phones so I only use their internet service which in my area is DSL and the speed is on10 and let a strong rain comes and it goes out, and my bill just for internet alone is still over $60…. no good service and BOY help you if you need customer service cause they closed down local office so know if you have a problem you have to call their 800 number and be put on hold for an hour just to find out they put you to the wrong dept to reconnect you to another dept where you have to start all over being put on Hold …So please send me A FORM or the LINK to fill out To JOIN the Lawsuit !!

  • Shevon July 1, 2017

    Please add me to the list. Currently in Minnesota whereas centurylink is on my credit report charging me for a service I’ve never had through them and reporting deregatory allegations.

  • Caridad Hilaire July 1, 2017

    Century Link has been getting away with murder, and it is about time

    Internet speed is less

    There is a very long list of customers who have been victimized, and they are mainly Hispanic in my area.


  • Monika Iszard July 1, 2017

    Include me in this one–I have been dealing with this for far too long.

  • Renee Lemke July 1, 2017

    Add me

  • Becky Cummings July 1, 2017

    Yes add me to the list

  • David Jackson July 1, 2017

    Please add me to the lawsuit.
    I have had similar treatment from CenturyLink.

  • Rachael Scott July 1, 2017

    I would like to be added to the law suit

  • Dianne Jordan July 1, 2017

    Add me please!

  • Michael & Amy Close July 1, 2017

    Yes, we want to be apart

  • Azure Taylor July 1, 2017

    Add me

  • Scott Yohn July 1, 2017

    Add me

  • Quincy Lamont Wilson July 1, 2017

    Add me to the lawsuit please thank you.

  • Tracy Boone July 1, 2017

    Add us please

  • William fair July 1, 2017

    Add me to centry link lawsuit

  • Gail Passaretti July 1, 2017

    Add me to your list! Century Link is the worst but here in South Gulf Cove Florida we don’t have much to choose from!

  • Pamela Dunford July 1, 2017

    Add me!

  • michael newkirk July 1, 2017

    add me to the lawsuit against century link,thanks

  • Lisa Goor July 1, 2017

    I had been with century link 9 years. Before cancelling our service was very sketchy at best. Most the time we had no serbive

  • Sharon June 30, 2017

    I have had similar experiences. Please add me to the list.

  • Stephanie June 30, 2017

    I’ve had the same experiences with century link as well. They are crooks

  • Cedric Ward June 30, 2017

    Please contact me to be added to this class action suit.
    Last year in June I contacted Century Link to see what plans they offered for internet service.
    At NO TIME did I ever contract with them for any service.
    I received a bill fro them for a service that was never connected nor requested.
    After going through all the obstacles they have to contact someone to rectify the issue, I finally
    got a call from their office that handled these matters and they eliminated the billing.
    They are crooks who rely on people paying who don’t know how to handle these issues.

  • Leticia Burruel June 30, 2017

    Omg…the complaints I’m reading are exactly word for word the experiences and conversations I’ve had with CenturyLink…and every time I try to sign up for a new promotion they tell me it’s not offered in our area. Then they charge us the max speed and we only get 8 mbps max… and somehow we get a different reason for the slow speed every time-travelling but always somehow our fault. We also were being charged for rental 9f a modem that we purchased outright. We didn’t notice for a year and never got reimbursed despite the promise of a 2 year reduction in our bill. Our bill was promised to be max $54 but we are paying $97 now….it goes up $2 every 6 months or so for “access” fees.
    I desperately want to be a part if this class action. Please tell me how. I am in Arizona.

  • Hillary Searles June 30, 2017

    I was over charger $150 plus taxes and fee. The first customer service representative stated that she would issue the refund two weeks later after receiving nothing I called back to CenturyLink and was told that I would not be getting a refund. I was then told that I could get a refund if I signed another contract with them.

  • Tyrone Hale June 30, 2017

    I got billed for things that they should have taken care of before I transferred my service and including things that weren’t upgraded to the same speeds I had before I moved. Thieves

  • Deb Cunningham June 30, 2017

    I was with Century Link also and when I discontinued the service, they wouldn’t let me return the rental equipment, and instead chose to charge me for it. The bill has now gone to the credit bureau!! I hope these guys rip the hell out of Century Link!!

  • Liz Hamling June 30, 2017

    PLEASE add mez same thing just happened to me. A Clink rep came by my house saying i could switch to 40 from 10 for the same price i was already paying. But once git the bill it was $50 more than my normal. Customer service was no help.

  • Tonya Revell June 30, 2017

    I have Centurylink in Florida. They are crooks. They wanted me to pay an outstanding bill for the previous resident before they would hook up my internet. The previous tenant had the same last name as me so I submitted the proof they asked for. Proving I lived in a completely different county during that time. Every time I call to try and get my bill reduced I have to go through the same bs. They will refuse to give me any type of special because of the oustanding bill. I live in a rural area so they are the only internet I can get here. And it is constantly going out. The wifi signal is very poor, constantly going in and out. Centurylink said its interference from other electronics. Their solution is for me to buy or lease a network extender from them. Like I said they are crooks!

  • Rebecca D Pounders June 30, 2017

    Sign me up!

  • GuytannA L Scharnhorst June 30, 2017

    I got there Internet and they talked me into bundling for a home phone for a cheaper price and three days after the date it was to work still had no phone called them and they said I would have to pay 150 and hour for a tech to fix landlines told them to cancel the land line and billed me 106 that is sitting in collection on my credit because I refuse to pay for a service I never had and they say to bad pay it

    • Frank schram June 30, 2017

      If if an attorney would like to contact me my name is Frank Schram my phone number is 360-649-1577

  • Sharon Adams June 30, 2017

    Same issues here in Dade City Fl. our package was suppose to be 50.00 a month but is billed 84.00 dont understand what this voice charge of 12.00 is then all the recovery fees and other things I dont inderstand when you talk to customer service they still make no sense

  • Darlene Johnson June 30, 2017

    I was told through centrylink that my bill would be $29.99 and they had me paying $84.00 per and I was paying it for 12 months

  • Jason witmer June 30, 2017

    They done this to us in central PA!! $400 is currently sitting in collections

  • Nancy Mordhorst June 30, 2017

    They promised we would have a certain speed and we never once came close. They then sent a new modem claiming it was the issue but it didn’t speed anything out. When I called to cancel they offered me a lower price for 6 months so I stayed. Just 3 months later the bill went back up and when I called I was told they shouldn’t have given me that agreement as it was for new customers only. On and we never came close to the promised speed.

  • Gerald Roman June 30, 2017

    Same here in FL, signed up for $27 say and then the bill came in much higher called them and they said they didn’t have that plan only plan was like the $40 something a month etc.. smh

  • Phyllis Joyce June 30, 2017

    Sign me up. They did it to me also.

  • Julie Dupré June 30, 2017

    Sign me up! SO happy to see this! I have been harrassed for years. Over 5 years ago I had CL and cancelled and was told to keep the router because it was obsolete. I was then charged a ridiculous amount and my account was given to a collection agency. I have been suffering with a reduced credit rating for years due to this fraud.

  • MARILYN J ANDERSON June 30, 2017


  • CRITTER Haynes June 30, 2017

    I also was over billed monthly, was charged a early termination charge and also charged for the satellite receiver that I had returned. This is B.S. !!!

  • Wendy Martinez June 30, 2017

    Overcharged here also. I am paying for 40 gb of speed, not getting close to that fast. Rip off!

  • Jennifer Gardiner June 30, 2017

    Just switched over the same reasons.. never again.

  • Pamela June 30, 2017

    I have went round and round with several different reps over my outlandish bill and the same b.s. I was given was I’m sorry there’s nothing century link can do about the amount which they have charged me with a phone with inside wiring cost and such I had paid that all at once they supposedly didn’t show that but my bank statement did still couldn’t get connected then a bill of over $300 came in after not getting a bill for four months total bs

  • Earlene Chamblee June 30, 2017

    I’ve had issues with them also

  • Natalie Decker-Sampson June 30, 2017

    I have to geet century link when i moved to florida because of association. It was supposed to be $69 a month, with a $50 visa card for obtaining the service. First bill was over 200 and bills that followed were 150. I never got the gift card either and was told my credit wasnt good enough!!

  • Glenn Wolfe June 30, 2017

    I use to have directtv and century link offered a special tv,Internet and phone with taxes for less then $90.00. I was paying $125.00 so I was happy to change. My first bill was over $175.00 and they said I did not understand the bill. I told them to cancel service. They said it was going to cost me $375.00 because I was on contract. But they gave me $10.00 a month credit for 8 months. I don’t have them anymore. I returned modena and was still being charged for it two months after that. I know I over paid them at least $200.00

  • Ke'Londa Escalante June 30, 2017

    I currently have them and have experienced this same frustration! My bill was suppose to only be $50 a month bc I only got internet and had signed up during a “special” promotion. Of course it’s not. My bill has consistently been $116 and over. The service also sucks. Was promised one speed and when I noticed that it kept being slow I had to call and call and call, only to be told that in the area I’m in I’m on the outlying area and can only get 3mbs. I was not told that when I first signed up. I would love to join this lawsuit as well.

  • Crystal Wilson June 29, 2017

    I signed up under a promotion in February where I was to receive a $100 Visa gift card. Its almost july and still no card.

    • Diane Wilde June 29, 2017

      Same here…took months but I finally did get the damned card.

  • Shannen June 28, 2017

    I had issues with them from the beginning. I had my own internet box and let them know that. They sent one to my house and billed me for it, it took a couple times to get them to fix that, to top it off the service was crap, and my promotion price ended and was going to increase by like $50! I told them to cancel it, I got service with Comcast and centurylink kept billing me each month! I must have called them and got passed around in circles 500 times! I finally gave up and filed a claim with the BBB… they were able to reach out got my credit that was due and all other charges resolved. It just took like 4 months! Ugh.

  • Shari June 28, 2017

    I worked for CenturyLink in Idaho for a year. I was in the “Retention”, or “Save” department. It was a complete nightmare and I think I have PTSD from it. We would have to try and retain customer’s who wanted to cancel their service. Believe me when I say, I was yelled at, called names, and sworn at by customer’s every day. And they were yelling about the exact same things this lawsuit is about. And let me tell you, it is 100% true. We could offer discount’s and credits so we could save the customer and make more money.It was very competitive and we would be counseled if we fell below a certain number. Needless to say, there were many employees that would just make customer’s offers that were never heard of and promise anything to get that save. CenturyLink needs to go down!

  • brian kimber June 28, 2017

    I too have been harmed by this company add me please

  • Teena Bowser June 28, 2017

    I also had issues with Century Link cs rep informing me that although I turned my cable box in I didn’t turn it in, in their specified time frame. I was going to be charged almost $300 although I received the cable box in 2012. I went immediately to my credit union to put a notice on my account not to pay CL, in addition cancelled my payment information that CL had. No one is messing with my money, I didn’t invest over 20 yrs in the Army for some company to come and just take it.

  • Samina Barraza June 28, 2017

    Is this only in Oregon? Because I have had this issue with CenturyLink to and being charged fees that I was never told about

  • Shelley Hobbs June 28, 2017

    I, too, dealt with bait and switch with Century Link. Ended up reporting them to FCC which helped stop the inane amount they claimed I owed however never recovered the overpaid amounts from me or the ridiculous amount of time and stressing had over span of months.

  • Laura Sharp June 28, 2017

    We have had our Centrylink prices go up substantialy. We have no way around it. We do not have any other WIFI capable where I live we are stuck and the service and service department are deplorable. We have spoke with them just about every month. We do not have options. We have been mad, frustrated and stuck with this company. HELP! !!-

  • Amy Thompson June 28, 2017

    Century Link is one shady company. Month after month they would try charging me more money than initially agreed too and month after month I would argue with which ever minimum wage rep would answer my call. I repeatedly told them that I was going to report them to the better business bureau. It’s a good thing I know how to productivity argue a point or I would a lot less money in my bank account. Century Link reminds me of back alley crooks that are constantly trying to dupe you or convince you the sky is red.

  • Elizabeth June 28, 2017

    I’ve been trying to get my account cancelled with this company for over a month now. I’ve dealt with over 20 cs reps and they can’t seem to figure out how to stop the auto billing. Verrry frustrating

    • Jeremiah Novak-Noll June 28, 2017

      Contact the Century Link Corporate Office and ask to be escelated immediately. I have dealt with every situation one could think of including cut power wiring and open ditches in my yard due to malpractice with Century Link. They destroy records as well. What a shitty company.

  • Gary Nyberg June 27, 2017

    I haven’t had any account or relationship with Century Link since 2011. While preparing my 2016 IRS 1040 I printed 12 months of checking account statements — searching for deductions. I discovered that Century Link had billed me slightly different amounts for each month. The total that I was bilked? ca. $560. It seems that some people in this company’s financial operations had kept my auto-pay credit union data and reactivated it w/o my permission.

    • Vanessa Simmons June 29, 2017

      Did you check other years to see if they had been doing it all along or was this really the only year?

  • Nona Breault June 27, 2017

    I had the same land line number for about 40 years and finally terminated my account with CL two years ago. Like others, I have been over charged and when I closed my account with CL, they sent a bill to me I did not owe. My acct is in collections and credit agencies were notified…but I have refused to pay for charges that were not valid. It is a bit more complicated situation than stated here, and not the space to further elaborate….but I am glad a class action law suit has been filed against CL since it appears the company has ripped off customers for years.

  • Vanessa June 27, 2017

    I’m being sued for a modem I returned and have the delivery confirmation for. They also said I had a new contract I never agreed to when I tried to cancel my service after the original contract expired…. they have takes an “early termination” fee on top of the cost for the modem they DID get back….

  • Lynn Mack June 27, 2017

    yeah! so glad to see this and I am sure I am a member of this class action. How do they raise an amount in the first 3 months that is guaranteed for a year???

  • Nic p June 27, 2017

    They billed me for a sports package. When I pointed out the mistake- I never ordered or even watch sports. The best they could do was split the cost. So they said. Till I asked for the cancelation dept. and then things changed. Thats one story, I have more. Always expect to wait, be transferred, put on hold- for a least an hour, usually longer. They usually drop the call at least once. So unprofessional.

  • lisa June 27, 2017

    I am disabled and on a fixed income . I had applied for the discounted rate. So I could afford WiFi in my area because we leave in a rural country area . At first I got it then after a couple of months my bill was all over the place.Iwas really overcharged after a few months . So my services were suspended for a couple of days. Then when I finally got my check and paid in full. I had to do a whole new account and pay 200.00 plus bill. And this was the second time this year. It’s crazy that they don’t just charge a small reactivation to start your service back after a couple of days.They charge you to 200.00 to start a whole new account when you have one. I really thought it was unfair but when you live out in a rural area we have to get what we can so therefore I feel we do get over on. Also I feel we don’t get the speed we are paying for ether..There are so many in my area that are on it.Its slow. Now when I tried to get my mom on by the way she stay about a mile up the road from me I was told she couldn’t get on because they’re already at the capacity that they can serve out here in our area because the system was outdated.But all her neighbors have it So I’m figuring if we are at capacity that’s why it’s so slow but they’re still charging the same thing.

  • Mike in Ohio June 27, 2017

    I have CenturyLink and have experienced similiar billing problems. Every month when my bill comes my heart races as I open it b/c I know their is a 50/50 chance I will have to waste an hour of my life calling them. You get transferred from one clueless person to another -very frustrating. I believe it is their tactic to just wear people down to the point they just say ‘screw-it’ and pay the bill.

  • maf June 27, 2017

    I have some of the same problems listed plus they were billing me for someone elses bundled services. When I told them they denied it. I have had to go to the better business bureau on them and they are also charging me 50+ a month for the 19.99 service that I agreed upon. It makes me want to scream. Every supervisor, manager and customer service agent that I have spoken to speaks the same language and they are programmed to do what they do. When you call in they try to make you think you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Terrie Bearden June 27, 2017

    Century Link has charged me for 2 routers for several years. I have 1 router. It amounts to over 300$. They are “reviewing” my case to try and give my money back….they are crooks!!

  • Tom Just June 27, 2017

    Century Link does over-bill and “Bait and Switch” for basic home phone service. Every year I have to sign up for the “bundle” to keep my “promotional” price. For ten years I paid 50.00 for phone and 20.00 for internet. My bill has never been correct some months it’s in the range of 57,67,77,87,.97,107? I keep all my bills!

  • ELLEN June 27, 2017

    My daughter had them and tried to cancel their services because we were paying over 200 dollars for service. When she finally did cancel them she is receiving a outrageous bill of over 1000 dollars. Tried to return the equipment and still after 6 months waiting.

  • Linda M Hayes June 27, 2017

    Alabama is the same way I was suppose to be paying a flat rate of 27.99 and I pay over 110.00 a month because it’s the only internet that offered where I live

    • Roberta June 27, 2017

      They told me the where sending out a mailing box so I can return the modem and I never got them but I was billed for late fees and I called them 3 times and still no return box

  • Chrisanne Oliver June 27, 2017

    Had Century link in Washington and had to deal with their shady billing, bait and switch, snail speed and cheap modems that overheat and freeze. Now in Idaho it’s called Frontier but is still Centurion and I have spent the last 16 months fighting with them to bill me for the internet service I ordered and refund the monthly overcharges just to have the lie about what I ordered not existing ant the deal I got on a three year plan that was not even real! Was to get 1 yr at 19.99 then 44.00 after that I am getting 3 yrs at 44.00 then 65.00 after that. I did not want to pay. 44 cause it’s barely affordable and never even saw a plan for 65 and can not afford it (fixed income) never ordered or agreed to and still don’t. Service is constantly disconnecting and still not fixed account details never recorded and you can not get a transcript of your conversation with them or the original order. Still owe me a 100 visa card too! Prison is too good for the low life’s I am looking for new provider but am sure the same crap will happen with any of the other available providers seems they all play together.

  • Noreen J. June 27, 2017

    Did you post my comment about CL ripoffs in Colorado?

  • Susie Weiss June 27, 2017

    I want to get involved with this shit because of my issues with century link. they not only overbooked me with home telephone but also ate my deposit for cell phones and later when i questioned them about it they turned off my long distance service because I wouldn’t just let the $400 disappear. they are more than shady. criminal liability is to say the least

  • Noreen J. June 27, 2017

    I live in Colorado and was ripped off for years. Finally got rid of them and they billed me for returned modem.

  • Barbara Yahya June 27, 2017

    I have CenturyLink when trying to lower my bill they told me if I got a Tablet from Verizon they would lower my internet bill by $50 and the tablet would run $10 per month for , so I singed up because I would still be saving $40 per month . But what they did was lowered my internet speed which of course was at a much lower rate and now I was tied up to a 2 year contract with Verizon with the tablet and with my job I had to had to up my internet speed and now @ a higher price and then I needed a landline , was told it would run about $56 per month for the phone and internet and my bill runs 93 and now up to $ 114 per month I called them every month they would make adjustment but every moth it was the same. I live in a small town and century link is the only internet provider that is not satellite . My job does not allow satellite . A person should not have to spend every month trying to get there bill start . Add me to this class action suite .

  • charles a hughes June 27, 2017

    How do you get added to this suit against Centurylink?

    • Karen Gott June 27, 2017

      I was Centurn Link customer. Both home land line and Internet service, until I moved and was then able to switch to another server. How do I be part of this class action lawsuit?

  • T.T June 27, 2017

    I’m in Mississippi and the same things happened here! It was even worse because at the time Comcast or ATT were available in the city I was in, so we had no other options until we moved.

  • RENEE M GOULD ULLERY June 27, 2017

    Finally they screwed me in Colorado and Arizona for years

  • Jayne H. June 27, 2017

    I live in IA and CenturyLink CSR always tells me on thing then documents another. It took multiple calls and time spent on hold until my bill was straightened out and the rate was only good for 12 months. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get internet and the correct amount billed. Please add me to this lawsuit.

  • Corey I June 27, 2017

    It’s about time. I’ve been a customer for years and have ALWAYS questioned their billing practices/inability to account for charges, and just plain terrible service.

  • Tina Reynolds June 27, 2017

    Please add me I have complained about not getting what I am paying for to Century Link several times, it just falls on deaf ears. My service never works.

  • Alan Robinson June 27, 2017

    Arizona residence and we as well have been victimized by Century Link…Our current billing over $190.00 per month despite a number of phone calls to Century Link Customer Service..please add us to all communication in this regard

  • Barbara A Chilldres-Mitchell June 27, 2017

    Please add me.

  • Barbara Mitchell June 27, 2017

    Please add me. Century link also cost me a mark on my credit because they had a promotion on a new phone that I signed up for and they said I had 14 days to try out the phone and to keep it or return it. I returned it before the 14 days and then they changed it to 3 days. Then they charged me $350.00 early disconnection fee. I only called 1 number and sent it back. My bills were never right, I was with them for 13 years, and had to fight about my bill all the time, they would fix it for awhile and then the extra charges would start all over again.

  • Lydia Wolfe June 27, 2017

    please add me

  • Helen Dobrauc June 27, 2017

    Please add me

  • Desiree Peters June 27, 2017

    Please add me

  • Maggie Freitag June 27, 2017

    Please add me to this law suit. We have had chronic problems with our Century link service for years. There were times that we had no service for several days and were still billed for services that we did not get. We complained to Century link about this and they reduced the bill by $20/month for a year. There has been service Techs out here working on our problem and they say it is a chronic issue in our neighborhood. They come fix the issue and we are ok for a while until the next customer complains and they switch the cables around to appease that customer. There we are back to having terrible service again. We have complained about not getting what we are paying for to Century Link several times, it just falls on deaf ears.
    Then we were told that the faster service was available in our area and would fix our buffering issues for just a few dollars more per month 12Mbps to 20Mbps. We still have the same speed on our service, there has been no change in speed. Our phone service has been awful, anytime it rains we have buzzing on the line or it does not work at all. But we still have to pay for it.

  • dawn bryan June 27, 2017

    How can I be included in this, My service never worked as a new customer and canceled the service and returned the modem to be billed 48.50 for service that was never on. And a fee of 55.00 for tec install. And My service was going to be 20 mega bytes for $45.00 and then told I could only have 10 for the same price. Cancelled in store the same way I signed up.

  • Amanda E Hill June 27, 2017

    Please add me

  • Jerrilyn June 27, 2017

    I agree with EVERYONE who is leaving comments. This company is horrible, deceptive and shouldn’t be allowed to provide service PERIOD! I can’t wait to find another service for both phone and internet for me and my mother. I WANT IN!!!!

  • Sherry Young June 27, 2017

    I would like to join this class action but don’t see a link for a form to do so. How can we join?

  • Miss M June 27, 2017

    Worst Internet service and phone service ever and outrages fees

  • Beverly M Grayson June 27, 2017

    Please add me cause i went through the same with them.

    • Darlene Armenta June 27, 2017

      They don’t add you. You have to fill out the paperwork online yourself.

      • Amy Wieden June 27, 2017

        Do you know where that form is located? I don’t see a link either.

  • Emily June 27, 2017

    Can’t wait to end my contract with century link.. Work service ever

  • S. Vasquez June 27, 2017

    I’ll send you my bills to help and release all my account information. After a year of fighting with them (which involved me cursing a lot of them out and I’m pretty sure my file with them looks really scary) I ended up getting 3 months free and my quoted rate. I will happily help with this case, I dont even want to join for money, I just want them to face consequences of being horrible.

  • Shawne June 27, 2017

    How does one get listed as part of this to provide evidence?

  • Steve Crawford June 27, 2017

    Oh yes, I went around and around with Century Link the same way. Most of their customer service reps seemed to be trained to be assholes to the customer. I finally got ahold of one that fixed all the issues. I will jump on this lawsuit as soon as its out!

  • Grace Howard June 27, 2017

    I’ve had more problems with CenturyLink than I can relate in a day. They are almost as bad as Comcast!

  • Susan June 27, 2017

    My husband and I bought a new home and the builder had pre-wired the home for internet services; CenturyLink. When we contacted the company to set up our service, we were offered a package that included all movie channels and the Red Zone. When football season started shortly after we moved in we had the first 3 weeks of the Red Zone and the movie channels then poof, GONE! When we called CenturyLink we were told we didn’t sign up for “that package” and we were told to get what we had we needed to spend an extra $80/mo plus the Red Zone fee. Total bait and switch! Of course there were no notes of whom we spoke with at the beginning to set up our service. And, to add insult to injury, the service is shotty. Can’t wait to finish the year “requirement” so we can get out of Century Link. Worst company ever!

  • Joy Gilliam June 27, 2017

    I called Direct TV and was transferred Centurylink.I didn’t even know this until they showed up. They offered 13 mbs here at my home. I was not able to connect to my TV at the same time as as my laptop or my daughters or the other way around. I was having to call 5 times a week, sometimes they would send someone out some times they would do a reset on the phone. It would work fine for a small amount of time and I would have to call again vicious cycle. This last time they sent someone out he told me that I would never get over 3 mbs because I live in an older neighborhood. When I called Cust Serv they said I was informed that I would get between 3 and 13 mbs (which was never mentioned). I asked them to cancel my service they told me I had a contract and could not cancel, which I also didnt agree to. There wasn’t supposed to be a contract that is why I called, and 13 mbs. I was totally deceived from the start and they are still billing me. I would very much like to file against them as well.

  • Virginia Riker June 27, 2017

    I live in Santa Fe, NM and have had the worst experience with Century Link. They made me send in my modem/wifi equipment when I experienced a disconnect for a few days. They assured me my modem was testing (remotely?) as being broken. So, I bought a new one from them. When it arrived it had the exact same problem. They finally sent a guy out and it turns out that a line was down one block from my house. He fixed it and my connection worked again. When I moved last month, I finally had to tell them I was leaving the country.. in order to get them to close my account. I only wanted to move a few blocks away and wanted to close my account, rather than commit to their “offer”… because I did not trust the offer to be as they said it was. They had lied and ripped me off before. They kept switching me from one person to another and I was told that I would have to call back the day before I moved… which was not when I wanted the service to stop! When I said I was leaving the country, they took the shut off order. I had been on the phone with them for over 2 hours!! So… at my new place I went with Xfinity instead and pay a little more but, it’s worth it.

  • Larry Nowell June 27, 2017

    I too, have gone thru the same mess since starting in Sept 2015, even till now June 2 017. Originally was to be $55/Mo. with TV/Internet, then added for equipment. Finally agreed to a Mo. of $90.89 +tx $94.00. Bill ended up around $104/Mo. Not one bill is the same, gradually,it climbed to $116 Mo. I like the TV viewing, internet ok, but billing sucks. Tried to get it lowered, as on fixed income. No luck!! about ready to go back to cable. Not many choices in a small community to choose from. They need to be reigned in somehow. Tkx

    • Van June 27, 2017

      They promised me free home phone and a lower rate than I got on my bill. They lied. I called and told them it was supposed to be free and my phone bill was also to high.the rep. told me they had been having trouble with the sales staff making promises that were not true.

    • Van June 27, 2017

      I have to check my bill constantly because they add fees and services in unaware of.I have to call them almost monthly to get this fixed.terrible business.

  • Laurel Stephenson June 27, 2017

    When I signed up for Century Link, I was also told the inexpensive deal was not in my area. So I signed up for just the High Speed Modem, and the gentleman told me that once I paid for their modem, set up auto-pay, my bill would be $16.99 a month. I has yet to be that amount, as I get charged $28.99 a month. And he told me I could set up my auto-pay for the third of the month, since I am on a fixed income, and prefer my bills come out at the same time. I only received an email on the third to tell me they will be taking my payment out on the 27th, or there about. I called to inquire about my bill not being what I was told, and the woman was almost rude telling me that I signed up for $28.99. I stopped my auto pay to correct the date, and now my bill is $44.99, for reasons I do not know. Thank you, Laurel

  • Cmili June 27, 2017

    I lived in AZ and had a Century Link account. I closed it out with a zero balance as I was moving out of state. Two years later, June 2017, I am checking my credit ratings and see a Century Link account in collection for $171, that I have never seen a bill for. I have no idea what it is for. I have reported this to the credit bureau, but have not heard back yet.
    Any advice is welcomed.

  • ronald fiereck June 27, 2017

    century link is constantly over billing for my services and when i call and after waiting on the phone for at least a half hour then go thru the billing errors and finding they made another mistake and agreeing to refund the money on the next bill the refund never shows up and i need to go thru the hole process again. this is just one of the many problems i have endured in trying to deal with century link. i am sure one of the problems is that century link feels they have a captive market and feel they can get by with all the crap they make their customers put up with. i would be more than happy to join this class action.

  • Lori Angelo June 27, 2017

    They got me too! Unfortunately, where I live, Century Link is the ONLY phone/Internet service available. I too called regarding the “special” and was charged a different price after I signed up. I have since added a land line….cringing to see my bill!!

  • lee June 27, 2017

    I now have Blue Span wireless and love it. I am in Az

  • lee June 27, 2017

    They should be shut down. They are the very worst to deal with and they are slick about using their you should have checked your bill. Do they think it is ok to bill a person $130.00 extra whom is on social security because they upped the plan cost they should automatically contact you and see if you are willing for this new charge. I thought a contract was locked in but these slicksters have pulled this too many times
    Now karma takes over.

  • Joanne Crout June 23, 2017

    I had a similar experience with these shyters. As part of a promo with direct tv that I accepted. When I call Century Link they claimed they knew nothing about it. I spent HOURS on the phone between direct tv and century link. I was very persistent and they finally agreed to give me the offer. My bil went up rbery month. When I agreed to a contract with them and set up installation I had to pay the installer at my house an outrageous fee and that was never part of the discussion. There are so many increases I finally was able to break the contract under small print I found after I upgraded….another outrageous fee paid at my house and the guy switched out a box and plugged it in. Another charge that was not discussed ahead of time. They kept billing me, I raised hell and they finally refunded the money. The hours on the phone amounted to days before I was shut of them.

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