Truckers should be aware of laws that may be short-changing them on pay and benefits.Attorneys are investigating Dalton Trucking Inc. and other companies for alleged violations of trucker wage and hour laws.

Wage and hour law for truckers is complicated. In some states, truckers are covered by stricter regulations, while other states’ laws and federal laws may be more lax. Since many truckers operate in numerous states, it can be difficult for truckers to figure out what benefits they are entitled to and if they are being denied certain wages.

On the federal level, truckers are exempted from certain Fair Labor Standards Act statutes through the Motor Carrier Act. This means that FLSA rules about overtime and minimum wage are not applicable. This exception applies to the following people:

  • Individuals employed by a motor carrier or private motor carrier
  • Drivers, drivers’ helpers, loaders, or mechanics who do work affecting the safety of operation of motor transportation vehicles on public highways
  • Individuals not covered by the FLSA small vehicle exception

To complicate matters further, truckers are covered by FLSA and other state laws only if they are classified as employees. Truckers who are classified as independent contractors by virtue of being owner-operators are provided even fewer guaranteed benefits.

Unlike company employees, owner-operators own their trucks. Although this is usually associated with autonomy and income not typically seen with employees, owner-operators are responsible for hefty costs. Between taxes, insurance and maintenance costs, owner operators are required to foot the bill for numerous expenses. However, some truckers find that these costs are well worth it because they prefer to choose their own jobs, set their own hours, and answer only to themselves.

Deciding whether or not to become an owner-operator is a personal choice based on the pros and cons for each individual. The decision can be particularly difficult when considering the implications of being an independent contractor rather than an employee.

The confusion around trucking laws may make it challenging for truckers to figure out if they are being short-changed on wages or benefits. Experienced lawyers may be able to help truck drivers figure out if they are owed additional benefits.

Dalton Trucking Inc. Attorney Investigation

Dalton Trucking Inc. is a trucking company specializing in compressors and general oilfield trucking. According to the company’s website, Dalton Trucking has “the reputation in Texas as being the Best Compressor Movers in the industry.”

Although Dalton Trucking Inc. has not faced allegations of misconduct, attorneys are looking into the company as a potentional violator of trucker wage and hour law. Other companies being looked into include:

  • Mercer Transportation
  • Gardner Trucking Inc.
  • Heitz Trucking Inc.
  • Hendrickson Truck Lines
  • KKW Trucking Inc.
  • Matheson Inc.
  • Osterkamp Transportation
  • R & A Trucking Company
  • TCI Transportation
  • TRIUS Trucking

If you were an employee of Dalton Trucking Inc. or another trucking company and experienced wage violations, you may be able to collect compensation. Federal and California laws prevent employers from taking advantage of employees and offer maligned employees the opportunity to recover compensation.

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