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A $4.6 million settlement resolves allegations that the Obesity Research Institute deceived consumers about the effectiveness of its Lipozene weight loss pills.

Class Members include those who purchased Lipozene weight loss pills between Aug. 10, 2012 and Oct. 28, 2019 for personal use.

Lead plaintiffs accused the Obesity Research Institute and Continuity Products of falsely advertising Lipozene as a “weight-loss breakthrough” that would “get rid of pounds of body fat.”

The Lipozene class action contended that, contrary to Lipozene’s advertising claims, the supplement is neither a safe nor effective treatment for weight loss.

The product’s main ingredient, glucomannan, is allegedly not absorbed by the human body. According to the Lipozene class action lawsuit, the product is basically a fiber pill that has no value for its intended purpose.

The Lipozene class action further claimed that Obesity Research Institute and Continuity Products, are simply interlinked shell companies run by the other defendants, Henny den Uijl, and Sandra den Uijl, who have a track record of selling other “worthless supplements.”

The defendants do not admit any wrongdoing but agreed to pay up to $4.6 million to end the Lipozene weight loss class action lawsuit.

Under the settlement, Class Members can make a claim for cash for the Lipozene they purchased. In addition, the defendants have agreed to change their marketing statements about Lipozene.

Class Members with proof of purchase can get $15 per bottle, up to four units. Proof of purchase may include a credit card statement or receipts.

Those without proof of purchase can claim $7 for one unit.

To benefit from this settlement Class Members must submit a Claim Form online or by mail no later than Feb. 17, 2020.

Class Members who wish to opt out of or object to the Lipozene weight loss pills class action settlement must do so by Jan. 24, 2020.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members include “resident[s] of the United States who purchased Lipozene weight loss pills from August 10, 2012 through October 28, 2019.”

Potential Award

Up to $60.

Class Members with proof of purchase can submit a claim for $15 per bottle, up to four units. Those who are unable to provide proof can file a claim for $7 for one unit.

Proof of Purchase

Not required but Class Members with proof will receive $15 per bottle.

Claim Form

NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim.

Remember: you are submitting your claim under penalty of perjury. You are also harming other eligible Class Members by submitting a fraudulent claim. If you’re unsure if you qualify, please read the FAQ section of the Settlement Administrator’s website to ensure you meet all standards (Top Class Actions is not a Settlement Administrator). If you don’t qualify for this settlement, check out our database of other open class action settlements you may be eligible for.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Duran v. Obesity Research Institute LLC, et al., Case No. 37-2013-00048664-CU-BT-CTL, in the Superior Court for the State of California, San Diego County

Final Hearing


Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Lipozene Settlement
c/o Heffler Claims Group
PO Box 59269
Philadelphia, PA 19102-9269

Class Counsel

L. Timothy Fisher

Defense Counsel

Daniel S. Silverman

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