Hydroxycut products

Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it made false and misleading statements in its labeling and advertising regarding the effectiveness of its Hydroxycut dietary supplement products. If you purchased certain Hydroxycut products between July 20, 2008 and March 19, 2014, you could be eligible for a full refund.

Who’s Eligible

You are a Class Member of the Iovate Hydroxycut settlement if you purchased for human consumption, and not for re-sale, one or more bottles of certain Hydroxycut products in the United States from July 20, 2008 until March 19, 2014.

The specific Hydroxycut products included in the class action settlement are:

  • Pro Clinical Hydroxycut
  • Hydroxycut Max for Women
  • Hydroxycut Advanced
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore X
  • Hydroxycut Acai
  • Hydroxycut Herbal and Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Fiberfull Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut 24
  • Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Weight Loss Shot
  • Hydroxycut Max Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Max Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed
  • Hydroxycut Max Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Cleanse,
  • Hydroxycut Complete Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Premium Cleanse
  • Hydroxycut Green Tea
  • Hydroxycut Gummies
  • Hydroxycut Herbal
  • Hydroxycut Hoodia
  • Hydroxycut CLA
  • Hydroxycut Shape
  • Hydroxycut Sprinkles
  • Hydroxycut Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Advanced Drink Mix
  • Hydroxycut Bar
  • Hydroxycut RTD
  • Hydroxycut Green Coffee
Potential Award

Full refunds are available to Class Members who provide purchase receipts documenting their purchase of eligible Hydroxycut products.

Iovate has also agreed to create a Settlement Fund of $550,000 to pay Class Members who do not have a purchase receipt. Class Members who do not have a purchase receipt will be entitled to a maximum refund of two bottles of Hydroxycut purchased.

Proof of Purchase

None required. However, Class Members who have receipts from their purchase of the Iovate Hydroxycut products are eligible to receive full refunds. Class Members without proof of purchase will be eligible for a maximum refund for only two bottles of Hydroxycut purchased.

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Garcia v. Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc., Case No. 1402915, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Santa Barbara

Case Summary

The Iovate Hydroxycut class action lawsuit was initially filed in 2012 by a plaintiff who says he relied on allegedly false and misleading statements on labeling and in advertisements regarding the effectiveness of Hydroxycut products, and that such statements violate state consumer protection laws, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act and warranties related to Hydroxycut. According to the Hydroxycut lawsuit, Iovate was unjustly enriched as a result of these allegedly false and misleading statements.

Iovate denies the allegations but agreed to settle the Hydroxycut class action lawsuit to avoid the expense and distraction of litigation.

Final Hearing


UPDATE:  The Final Approval Hearing was moved from August 20 to November 12, 2014. As of December 2, no documents were filed with the Court regarding the outcome of this hearing. TopClassActions.com will continue to provide updates on the Hydroxycut class action settlement as we learn about them. Please check back and/or sign up for our free weekly newsletter to receive updates. 

Settlement Website
Claims Administrator

Hydroxycut Settlement
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 10057
Dublin, OH 43017-6657

Class Counsel

Michael L. Kelly

Gregory S. Weston

Ronald A. Marron

Defense Counsel

Scott J. Ferrell
Tyler J. Woods
David W. Reid

UPDATE: On July 8, 2015, viewers began reporting they were receiving checks in the mail from the Hydroxycut class action settlement. Congratulations to everyone who submitted claims and got PAID!

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  • Brian May 17, 2014

    Claim form will not load properly so it can be printed.

  • phillyrhys@gmail.com May 26, 2014

    This Happens After Trying to Submit

    An Error Has Occurred

    An unexpected error occurred on the last operation. The website administrator has been notified.

  • Linda Sam May 26, 2014

    An error had occurred is the message I received when I submitted the claim form.

  • Justin May 27, 2014

    Still not working properly. Could not submit.

  • Wakeelah May 28, 2014

    What if I’ve already filed a claim the first time this came up? Does anyone know if I would have to file it all over again?

  • nate June 3, 2014

    you may have to refile, like I did,,, just to make sure it went through.

  • Me June 5, 2014

    I can’t even print the claim form….called a week ago to have one mailed to me….nothing yet

  • Brian June 11, 2014

    Well I have tried to file online….that didn’t work. I tried to print out a claim form….that doesn’t work. I called left my address on the automated system to have a claim form mailed….nothing. I called spoke to a person to have them mail me a claim form…never showed up. I mailed a letter yesterday asking for a claim form maybe that will work? Kinda doubt it.

  • Fatima June 18, 2014

    Good replies in return of this query wkth firm arguments and describing everything onn the
    topic of that.

  • EDWARD June 24, 2014

    Unable To Submit Allways Says An Error Has Occurred

  • Brian June 25, 2014

    Finally received a claim form today

  • Maria Curran July 8, 2014

    I read about 2/3mths ago, that settlement was finally made on Eperian, about people getting bad credit reports/ or claim bankruptcy in past, and hurt them. or wrong credit info. I was involved with this and I would like some info, if started sending people money yet??? This thing started in Nov 2009. Can you tell me something, ph#, email something so I know if am going to get some cash.

    Thanks Maria

  • tom July 9, 2014

    Hi All,
    I received a claim form in the mail from a settlement company in Boston for Hydroxycut, not from GCG. Anyone else get that claim?

    • mary July 9, 2014

      Yes, Tom I received that claim form, about two weeks ago, I fill out and sent it back.

  • Jen July 28, 2014

    I also filled that second claim form out and now they sent a “notice of deficiency”. That form said one could claim up to 3 products without proof of purcahse- anyone else remember that? And now they are saying NO. What is going on here? Anyone know?

  • NATE July 28, 2014

    I received one from Boston as well, I filled it out, and mailed if off.lol

  • Fran July 31, 2014

    Unable to download form. Way to go!

  • Marlene July 31, 2014

    funny it says on the paperword that they reached a different settlement . Funny but it states on page 4 of the instructions that :”to receive cash or product unit(s) , you must complete and return a “Current Eligible Claim Form” NO LATER THEN January 13, 2015.
    Thought they closed it on July 30th?
    So looks like those of us who were waiting are going to wait even longer.
    Final hearing is scheduled for OCtober 15th 2014, at 10:00 am to decide whether to approve the selttlement.
    then it goes on to say the following : “If Judge Moskowitz approves the settlement, there may be appeals. The appeal process can take time, perhaps more then a year. Please be patient.”

    so it looks like those of us that have filed a claim (i still have 3 bottles in my cabinet) will have to wait even longer! :*(

    • Karen November 25, 2014

      Marlene, there are 2 different settlements for Hydroxycut – 1 is for purchases prior to 2009, the other goes up to a more current date…there’s a revised settlement, and I’m not sure which one it replaces .There are 2 different settlement websites from 2 different administrators. That’s what I’ve seen online so far… If I am wrong, anyone, please correct me!

      • linda November 25, 2014

        no you are not wrong.i am not understanding what is going on.what the hell happen to the first one.i am going to call tomorrow to see why this is happening.i will post update later okay.

  • cjd1467 September 18, 2014

    Update from website:

    The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing at 9:30 a.m. on November 12, 2014, at Department 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, California 93121-1107.

  • Patricia September 30, 2014

    Why is this lawsuit still in the open section of Top Class: the put in a claim form has closed?

  • belindawillis October 15, 2014

    alreadyfiledclaimthefirsttimethiscameup? does anyoneknowif iwouldhavetofile itall over again?

  • belindawillis October 15, 2014

    alreadyfiledclaimthefirsttimethiscameup? does anyoneknowif iwouldhavetofile itall over again?so

    • Jim October 18, 2014

      No, you don’t have to refile.

      • jennell November 1, 2014

        Yes I made a claim about a year ago and since the settlement was re approved the information that was submitted was lost I called and asked if I have a claim on file and she told me no so I refiled and now I have a claim on file.

        • Bob November 11, 2014


          • jennell November 20, 2014

            why Bob I have been so loyal to your responses

  • Brandi Willyard November 21, 2014

    November 12, 2014
    at 9:30 a.m. Fairness Hearing here is the pdf link (http://www.hcproclinicalsettlement.com/docs/stip.pdf ) of the court doc. that say it’s going to paid out to it’s claimiant based upon final judgment decision within 90 days of the “Final Hearing” which I’m guessing is this one right here. So, can someone a little more knowledgeable about court talk take a look at this and see when we might be getting our checks? Soon since it’s over a couple weeks ago or within like 80 more days? Plus, you can get more info if Googled Hydroxycut Fairness Hearing. If you can’t find the link provided then go to ( http://www.hcproclinicalsettlement.com/index ) And look under court documents to see final hearing court document and if you can read court mumbo jumbo, then please let us know the outcome….. THX!!

    • Top Class Actions December 2, 2014

      Brandi, please see our comment below. Nothing has been filed with the Court indicating if the settlement was approved or not. Until it is approved as final, checks will not be issued.

  • Top Class Actions December 2, 2014

    UPDATE:  The Final Approval Hearing was moved from August 20 to November 12, 2014. As of December 2, no documents were filed with the Court regarding the outcome of this hearing. TopClassActions.com will continue to provide updates on the Hydroxycut class action settlement as we learn about them. Please check back and/or sign up for our free weekly newsletter to receive updates. 

    • linda December 11, 2014

      next court date JANUARY 14, 2015

  • Betty January 3, 2015

    This Hydroxycut class action lawsuit is very confusing because they have not settled the first one .I do not know if I need to file a second claim. Will doing so cancel the first claim? Someone please answer this question. Thanks for any and all answers.

  • Kim January 4, 2015

    The claim-online doesn’t work. Error message said: Error: The total number of Product Bundle Awards chosen in Section 3 must equal the amount of the total number of Product Bundle Awards selected in Section 2.

    How do you fix this?

  • Maxie Priest January 23, 2015

    Now that childrens hour with little Kelrok is over we can now get serious about information

  • Carol Schupp February 11, 2015

    When will the settlement check be sent out? Thanks for a reply.

  • Jennell March 6, 2015

    any good news

    • my lovely jennell March 11, 2015

      Its been awfully quiet, can’t even find any current court documents =(

  • Linda March 17, 2015

    Anything yet? This is gonna go on forever

  • Susan March 30, 2015

    Talked with someone on the phone. After researching for about 10 minutes the final hearing was held Jan 14th 2015 but nothing has been heard about the outcome. She said to check website for answers. I told her that I am on the website and the last court doc is August 2014. I did ask how often to they update the website and she said there are no specific times. I guess that was helpful ?

  • Jennell April 27, 2015

    the doc read that payments are going out in ninety days

    • Jill April 30, 2015

      What Documents? H E L P. Ive been looking for 30 mins I cant find any.

    • Stephanie May 1, 2015

      Where did you read that? I looked on their website but I do not understand the court documents. Thanks!

  • Jennell madison April 30, 2015

    I applied to 80 class actions. Is that too much?

  • 's good news May 10, 2015

    checks will be arriving some time this month finally

    • Tony May 11, 2015

      Says who? Admin write me said 60-90 days

    • TONY May 11, 2015


  • Tim May 21, 2015

    Perjury is a felony. Have fun in prison!

  • locca May 26, 2015

    youre such a jerk

  • sharp301 June 2, 2015

    Received an email today that checks were sent out end of last week. Did anyone receive anything?

    • BOB June 2, 2015

      are you sure you recvd that email from the administrator? how could that be, if the settlement haven’t recvd FINAL approval yet. I hope you are right,but I don’t believe you recvd that email. so can you please keep it real

      • Tracie June 3, 2015

        Bob…. Shut up. This one has received final approval, learn how to read. It’s the other one that hasn’t been approved. Idiot!

  • Randi June 2, 2015

    Nothing in Chgo.

  • Randi June 5, 2015

    Hi Betty Jo. Still nothing in CHgo. How much were they for?

  • Tony June 10, 2015

    I just received this from the Hydroxycut Settlement Administrator @ hydroxycutsettlement@bostonfinancial.com The Settlement payment have not been sent out.

    The Court has granted final approval of the settlement but is currently considering an appeal of an objection. The appeal process can take time but must be resolved in order for any claimant in the matter to get a payment. Please check the website for updated information, which will be posted there as it becomes available.

    If you find you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-850-1033 Mon-Fri 9:00AM-6:00PM EST or by email at hydroxycutsettlement@bostonfinancial.com.

    Thank you,

    Hydroxycut Settlement Administrator

  • Connie Lane June 10, 2015

    Lookin for a check

  • Stephanie June 10, 2015

    Has anyone heard anything or received a check? Nothing is updated on the website and I didn’t receive an email like someone on here did. I filed this claim over a year ago and just am looking for more info. Thanks!

    • dabbie June 26, 2015

      website has been updated JULY 6, 2015 when checks are mailed,good luck everyone that filed.

      • dabbie June 26, 2015

        I am talking about (hydroxycut weight lost settlement, not hydroxycut preclinical settlement,this one still have not recvd final approval yet.

  • jennell June 11, 2015

    have the checks went out yet

    • dabbie June 25, 2015


  • Jennell June 27, 2015

    Just read the july 6th finally finally finally

  • Shelby June 29, 2015

    July 6th checks should be in the mail….check your account see how much and when you’ll get it yay!!!

  • dabbie June 29, 2015


  • JACH July 2, 2015

    I checked my account, what does IGO stand for?

    • dabbie July 2, 2015

      1-877-850-1033 VOICE MAIL HAVE BEEN UPDATED.

      • Maybe just Maybe July 4, 2015

        called this morning, payments have been distributed, it didnt say what day checks were mailed though. Press 1 then 4 to hear the benefits….$32.50 cash per unit purchased up to 3 units. Maybe next week…

        • dd July 4, 2015

          checks are coming from thee other hydroxylcut settlement.

          • john July 4, 2015

            checks was mailed out june 30, according to a letter my daughter recvd. 97.56 is what u will be receiving if chosen 3 units,good luck and happy 4 of july.

  • Jason July 3, 2015

    I logged in to check my status. What does IGO stand for?

    • kay July 6, 2015

      I hope it means IN GOOD ORDER because I have the same IGO status. Im wondering if anyones account shows their check number and amount because it looks like most comments posted here that include an amount claimed to get the amount from a letter or by calling the administrator. I dont see anyone who said they saw it on their account info on the admins website. So that gives me hope that our claims were in good order. I will post immediately if i get my check

  • dd July 4, 2015

    checks that have gone out are for the other hydroxycut settlement site.

  • jennell July 6, 2015

    spoke to the claims administrator The amount of my claim is $97.56 and will be mailed this week.1 877-850-1033

  • Jason July 6, 2015

    Spoke with admin today. I am receiving a check. IGO stands for In Good Order. She said this week. She thought they would be mailed tomorrow.

  • Sharey July 6, 2015

    I’m confused, the phone number that is listed here I am not able to get a hold of anyone to check my status. I also went to the hydroxy cut website to try and check my claim there and had no luck of finding where to out my information in. I also tried the press 1 than 4 and it got me no where. Can someone let me know ow how they are checking their status on the website or phone?

    • kay July 6, 2015

      So you know, these comments are posted under this settlement, but this is a different settlement for hydroxycut…Here is a link to the one we are all referring to just in case you havent seen it…its for all hydroxycut products sold between 2006-2009

  • Jason July 6, 2015

    Sharey, I called the number listed here. After i pressed 1, I immediately pressed 0. Then it got me to a live agent.

  • Jennell July 7, 2015

    Dont. Know what hydroxicut it is from but the checks were dated for today and sent out today

    • Robert Harris July 10, 2015

      So sad that this CHISTER (Jennell) does not even know what Lawsuits she get checks from now thats what you call PATHETIC ! If you go to any Lawsuit that is above $30 or $40 you better trust and believe she in it !!!

  • kay July 8, 2015

    Got my check today in Philadelphia, PA!!!! I went for the cash option for 2 bottles and for the 3rd one I requested 1 product, so my check is for $65.05…….GOOD LUCK TO ALL WAITING FOR A CHECK!

  • Susan July 8, 2015

    So I called the number that was listed in here and spoke the admin rep. I gave my name and claim number but mine is actually from the HCProClinicalSettlement.com which is the one I am on. They gave me the number to that settlement which is 877-823-7321, The claim number I have is for that one. I was told they dont have any further information even about the final hearing. I believe this is the one I called before.

    • Lee July 14, 2015

      The same thing happen to me I’m confused

  • Brat July 9, 2015

    $97.57 Today SC

  • Jason July 9, 2015

    97.57 recvd. IL today

  • Greg July 9, 2015


  • Greg July 9, 2015

    97.57 IN IL,THANKS!!!

  • Greg July 9, 2015

    97.57 in Il today,Thanks!!

  • Greg July 9, 2015

    97.57 in Il

  • Greg July 9, 2015

    97.57 in IL…..

  • Sharon July 9, 2015

    97.57 in Houston today!!!

  • maritza July 9, 2015

    Got my check 65 05 today 😊 good luck to all,Houston, texas

  • Chris Richardson July 9, 2015

    $97.57 in PA. Thanks!

  • Emma July 9, 2015

    $97.57 in NC, Thanks TCA

  • ranita_girl1981@yahoo.com July 9, 2015

    32.52 in CA. Thank you TCA!

  • EJ July 9, 2015

    $97.57 in OH

  • Andi Wear July 9, 2015

    I filed a claim but went into the account part and it says there are no claims filed… does that mean i didn’t file a claim or i didn’t set up and account?

    • john July 9, 2015


      • john July 9, 2015

        97.57 (Louisiana)

  • Top Class Actions July 10, 2015

    UPDATE: On July 8, 2015, viewers began reporting they were receiving checks in the mail from the Hydroxycut class action settlement. Congratulations to everyone who submitted claims and got PAID!

  • Sandy July 10, 2015

    People are posting to the wrong Hydroxycut Settlement. I got a check yesterday for $97.57 too, from the other Hydroxycut Diet Supplement Settlement. This one is the Pro Clinical Settlement, which is yet to be paid out.

    • carla July 13, 2015

      I called the preclinical admin. today to check my claim status,i was told that this hydroxycut settlement did not get approval of the court,this settlement was dismissed,have anyone else that talked with someone recently to know of this to be true?

      • Pau July 27, 2015

        U should have your check by now. Mine came on July 15.

    • Iwa July 16, 2015

      I hope so, I got the same response when I called. I send the claim form and receipts so it would be odd if I wasn’t approved.

  • Onero July 11, 2015

    Received my check yesterday for $32.50

  • Pau July 27, 2015

    Check $97.57 July 15.

  • Jennell August 1, 2015

    I read that the preclinical hydroxicut Settlement did not get approved and was dismissed by the courts

  • Willaim August 4, 2015

    got two checks yesterday – 33 and 97. cant remember the details of this for the life of me, is it safe to cash both?

  • Crystal August 5, 2015

    hey I called 1-877-823-7321 and no body got any checks. It was not approved thru the courts for any payout. So who said they got a check needs to recheck because no one got one for this claim.

    • ReplyingToAnIdiot August 6, 2015

      As annoying as you come off with your post, I wouldn’t be surprised they just told you that to get you off the phone. Don’t tell people to “recheck” what we clearly have in hand. Not our fault you probably didn’t properly fill out the form, and missed out.

      • Molly August 7, 2015

        Hey, ReplyingToAnIdiot: Unfortunately for you, Crystal is right. Why don`t you just take two seconds to look at `what you clearly have in hand` and realize that the settlement that was distributed is a different hydroxycut case (Hydroxycut Diet Supplement Settlement). I know reading can be challenging, but I believe in you, buddy!

  • STEVE August 8, 2015

    i got a check yesterday 97.xx dated 7/30 ///////north dakota …..sweet

  • dd September 5, 2015

    I would like to give a shout out to hydroxycut proclinical. I heard the checks are coming in the mail like yesterday.

  • dd September 8, 2015

    I called and checked on hydroxycut proclinical still no checks have been issued.so from what I read on another site. they stated Garcia vs lovate checks are coming. they pretty much lied.

    • wanda September 11, 2015


  • STEPHANIE September 29, 2015

    Any update on this settlement? I know the other one got approved but it wasn’t this one.

  • Nacy October 26, 2015

    I receive Pills in mail today

  • Di October 27, 2015

    I also received 3 bottles of the hydroxycut pills in the mail yesterday..

  • Bob October 29, 2015

    Me too if this is the correct lawsuit there have been so many

  • Dana M November 10, 2015

    I received 3 bottles in the mail 10/27 in Ohio … I thought I would get a check

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