NJ Stockbroker Charged With Stockbroker Fraud

A New Jersey stockbroker has been accused of stockbroker fraud, allegedly taking more than $100,000 of investor money and spending it on himself. The stockbroker, Evan Kochav, allegedly used the money for sports tickets, personal travel and shopping, and even gambling expenses... Read More »


Beware of Financial Advisor Fraud

Financial advisor fraud is a growing concern among Americans. Many people do not realize there are steps to take to avoid becoming a victim of financial advisor fraud. First, you should monitor your financial accounts to avoid financial advisor fraud. Many fraudsters... Read More »


Five Signs Your Financial Advisor is Scamming You

For many people, the only way to attain financial security is through a long period of saving and investing. With investing, the goal is to have your money work for you. Investing is scary to many, which leads some to a financial advisor... Read More »


Alleged Stockbroker Misconduct Leads to Arrests

Eight people have been arrested for investment scams related to pumping and dumping penny stocks through the internet. The eight allegedly made more than $30 million on some of the sales they made, and defrauded a total of $290 million from thousands of... Read More »


Stockbroker Misconduct, Financial Advisor Fraud Lawsuit Investigation

Who's Affected Have you lost money in the past several years investing with your stockbroker or financial advisor? Do you believe that your stockbroker or financial advisor has made unsuitable investment recommendations to you that have caused you to suffer significant investment... Read More »


UBS Mutual Fund Class Action Alleges Financial Mishandling

A group of investors in Puerto Rico allege that a major financial services firm took advantage of investment loopholes, engaged in shady activity, and failed in its fiduciary duty, according to a UBS mutual fund class action lawsuit. Legal requirements in the… Read More »


Elder Financial Abuse Examined

One of the biggest social epidemics in the United States is the trend of elders being taken advantage of for financial gain.  Classified as financial elder abuse, senior citizens often find themselves the targets of exploitation because of their weakened physical and… Read More »


Annuity Fraud Makes 2014 IRS Dirty Dozen List

The Internal Revenue Service issued its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams, cautioning taxpayers to protect themselves against a wide range of schemes this tax season. “Taxpayers should be on the lookout for tax scams using the IRS name,” said IRS… Read More »


Annuity Fraud Case Comes With a Dark Twist

Life insurance and annuity fraud scams can take a wide range of forms, but one recent case is particularly dark. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received a complaint that two brokers intentionally defrauded customers by luring people to invest in contracts… Read More »


Federal Judge Trims Annuity Fraud Allegations against ING

A California federal judge on March 4 dismissed several claims against ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Co. for allegedly selling life insurance contracts to senior citizens that did not pay out as promised. The judge found that the purchasers could only… Read More »


da Vinci Robot Injuries Were Hid from FDA, Class Action Lawsuit Says

Intuitive Surgical Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit from shareholders who allege the company made misleading statements concerning its flagship product, the da Vinci Surgical System, including “concerted efforts to conceal da Vinci’s internally-known defects and the injuries caused… Read More »


Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Angie’s List of Insider Trading

Lead plaintiffs Eva and Harold Baron have filed a class action lawsuit against Angie’s List, alleging that company executives inflated it share price by making false and misleading statements about growth and revenue and eventually selling their own stocks for more than… Read More »