Should You Worry When Your Parents Mention Annuities?

Investment fraud lawyers are currently looking for potential plaintiffs to bring annuity fraud lawsuits against various life insurance and annuity companies. Some of the companies that are currently being investigated for annuity fraud include ING Life & Annuity, OM Financial Life, Fidelity... Read More »

Annuity Fraud Lawsuit

Former MetLife Broker Charged with Annuity Fraud

An ex-MetLife broker faces federal charges that he committed annuity fraud, stealing thousands of dollars fromt least eight clients. The charges also state that the broker used investor funds for his and his family’s benefit. As a result, the broker has been... Read More »

Businessman behind bars feeling guilty

Annuity Fraud Investigation Leads to 5-Year Prison Sentence

A financial advisor received a five-year prison sentence last year, after he was convicted on fraud charges linked to his annuity and life insurance business. Background on Annuity Fraud Lawsuit Edward H. Kahler of Washington state was ordered to pay back over $1... Read More »

Life Insurance Policy

NY, LA Brokers Accused of Annuity Fraud by SEC

Two brokers were accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of committing fraud against numerous consumers by using variable annuities that allowed them to invest in insurance contracts that essentially bet on the lives of terminally ill policy holders. An annuity... Read More »


Supreme Court Ruling on 401k Lawsuit Raises Questions

Legal and financial experts are still reeling from a 401k Supreme Court ruling last month that determined employers have an ongoing responsibility to reevaluate and monitor the investment options provided to their workers. Based on what was said and left unsaid by... Read More »

401k retirement plan

401k Fees: What You Need to Know

Currently, a 401k class action lawsuit investigation is underway, scrutinizing the accusations that 401k providers are charging excessive and/or hidden fees that violate the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Many individuals may be unaware of their 401k fees or if... Read More »

McDonalds employee lawsuit

McDonald’s 401k Class Action Investigation Seeks Managers

McDonald's employees, particularly managers, who invested in the hamburger chain’s 401k program may be eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit. Class action lawyers are investigating whether McDonald's may have breached its fiduciary responsibility by investing McDonald's managers’ 401k plans in... Read More »

Annuity Fraud Lawsuit

Common Types of Securities Fraud

Ally Financial Inc. has allegedly practiced securities fraud. A securities class action lawsuit investigation has been launched to investigate the validity of these claims. The alleged misconduct was said to have happened between April 2014 and the present. What is Securities Fraud?... Read More »

Stock exchange

Ally Financial and Securities Fraud Closely Examined

One of America's largest financial firms is being investigated for securities fraud, alleging that they lost millions of their investors' money. Ally Financial Inc. is being investigated over allegations of misconduct of selling company stock. This investigation is open to all investors who purchased... Read More »


Ally Financial Investigation Looking into Securities Fraud

Securities fraud – also known as stock fraud and investment fraud – is the violation of securities laws by inducing investors into buying or selling stocks or commodities based on fraudulent or misrepresented information, a practice that results in the investor losing... Read More »


Risky 401K Investments May Land McDonalds In Trouble

A class action lawsuit investigation is underway, alleging that McDonald's, the world’s most popular fast food chain, breached their fiduciary duty to their Directors of Operations, District Managers and Trainers, Supervisors, and Managers by recklessly managing their employee retirement savings fund, causing these... Read More »