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New Chantix Lawsuit Filed Over Suicidal Side Effects

By Sarah Pierce


Chantix suicidal thoughts side effectsA new Chantix lawsuit has been filed against Pfizer claiming the anti-smoking drug caused serious psychological problems in the Plaintiff, including suicidal thoughts and aggressive behavior. The case joins numerous other Chantix lawsuits consolidated in the Chantix multidistrict litigation (MDL) pending in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama.
The latest Chantix side effects lawsuit was filed by Arizona resident Charles Quinn, who claims he began taking Chantix in May 2009 to help him stop smoking. Soon after, however, Quinn began exhibiting aggressive behavior and experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideas — reported side effects of Chantix. In July 2009, two months after Quinn began using Chantix, the FDA ordered Pfizer to add a “black box” warning to the drug advising patients of the possibility of Chantix psychological side effects. Quinn’s Chantix attorney says his client never would have taken Chantix if he had known about the risk of serious psychological and behavioral side effects. 
Plaintiff Seeking $75,000 in Damages
Quinn began taking Chantix before the black box warning was added, which will help his chances of securing a Chantix lawsuit settlement recovery. But what about users who suffered Chantix side effects after the July 2009 warning was added? According to Chantix injury attorneys, these Chantix lawsuit Plaintiffs might have a more difficult time pleading their case, but still have a chance to secure a Chantix injury settlement.
Pfizer recently requested that the black box warning be considered an adequate warning, and that Chantix lawsuits filed by Plaintiffs who took Chantix after July 2009 have their cases dismissed from the Chantix lawsuit MDL. The judge overseeing the Chantix lawsuit MDL granted the motion to consider the black box warning adequate, but refused to dismiss lawsuits filed by Plaintiffs who took Chantix after July 2009, when the warning was added. This is good news for all victims of Chantix side effects, as it allows them to pursue litigation in the Chantix lawsuit MDL regardless of when they started taking the drug.
Legal Options for Chantix Side Effect Victims
Victims of Chantix side effects have several legal options for pursuing compensation from Pfizer. One option is to file or join a Chantix class action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit will allow them to join other Class Members in pursuing a single Chantix class action settlement from Pfizer for their injuries.
Another option is to file an individual Chantix injury lawsuit and have their case join the Chantix lawsuit MDL. The Chantix MDL consolidates lawsuits filed across the country into the jurisdiction of a single court. This allows each individual Plaintiff to retain his or her own Chantix attorney and secure an individual Chantix lawsuit settlement based on his or her specific injuries. Oftentimes, the settlement awarded in an MDL is greater than an award one would receive from a class action lawsuit settlement, which is split equally among Class Members.
Quinn’s Chantix lawsuit is seeking damages in excess of $75,000 — an amount far greater than one he would receive from a Chantix class action settlement.
If you took Chantix and suffered from behavioral or psychological side effects such as depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression or severe injury from a Chantix blackout — or you suffered other Chantix side effects such as a heart attack, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or cardiovascular problems — a Chantix injury lawyer can help. 
Get a Free Legal Review of your case by visiting the Chantix Suicide, Heart Attack, Suicide Attempt & Stevens Johnson Syndrome Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Investigation. Chantix compensation specialists are waiting to review your claims for free, and will advise you on your best course of legal action to pursue damages for your Chantix side effects.

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Updated September 26th, 2012


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