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PNC Text Spam, Other Issues Beset Customers

By John Curran


PNCIt has been a rough couple of weeks for customers with various accounts at PNC bank. There have been phishing emails sent by hackers who are trying to obtain login information such user names and passwords. In recent weeks, they have also been trying to slow down the website, perhaps to increase the likelihood that people would use the website addresses in those spam emails. However, a new problem might be allegations of PNC text spam that are currently being investigated by class action lawsuit attorneys.

Many class action lawsuits are mounting against companies for sending unsolicited texts to customers or using auto-dialer machines to harass them on their cell phones. This is in contravention of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, an addendum to the CAN-SPAM legislation, which requires companies to inform consumers that enrolling in certain programs or accepting new terms of service means they will receive communications on their phones. These rules are not always followed, however, as evidenced by thousands of text spam messages sent to customers across the country.

PNC is being investigated for contacting customers with text spam when the customers did not specifically agree to receiving these messages. This can cost consumers a lot of money depending on their cell phone plans, but there is a legal remedy available via the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Penalties range from $500 per illegal text message.

Many people don’t always read the fine print of these agreements, but that does not necessarily mean they don’t have a claim. TCPA attorneys note that the warnings should be made very visible whether via the website or in any email communication, so getting a free legal consultation is an important first step in establishing whether or not to file a claim.

Many people may not be aware that legal remedies are available if they received PNC text spam, whether those messages came from PNC Bank, the company’s credit card services, or any other subsidiary. Visit the Text Spam Class Action Lawsuit Investigation to receive a free legal review of your claims. It costs you nothing but could result in payments for the waste of time and money caused by these illegal acts. Start now and find out whether or not you can join a class action lawsuit against PNC Bank.


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Updated March 6th, 2013


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