starbucks underfills lattesStarbucks intentionally underfills its lattes by 25 percent, saving the coffee giant millions while ripping-off customers at the same time, a putative class action states.

Latte drinkers Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles claim that Starbucks baristas follow a standardized recipe when it comes to making lattes. According to the plaintiffs, latte-makers are instructed to fill a pitcher with steamed milk up to an etched “fill to” line, then pour shots of espresso into a serving cup, pour the steamed milk into the serving cup, top the latte with milk foam and leave 1/4 inch of free space at the top.

However, the Starbucks class action alleges that the “fill to” lines don’t measure up to the supposed 12, 16, and 20 fluid ounce cup sizes offered to customers.

“Tall Lattes are not 12 fluid ounces, Grande Lattes are not 16 fluid ounces, and Venti Lattes are not 20 fluid ounces,” the class action states. “Starbucks cheats purchasers by providing less fluid ounces in their Lattes than represented.”

The plaintiffs say Starbucks made a conscious decision to underfill its lattes in 2009 in order to save on the cost of milk, which is one of its most expensive ingredients.

By giving baristas a “fill to” line, there is no room for deviation making every latte short by several ounces, the plaintiffs claim.

“Moreover, Starbucks refuses to fill any hot beverage up to the brim of the cup. Thus, under no circumstances will Starbucks ever serve a Grande Latte that actually meets the fluid ounces represented on the menu,” the Starbucks lawsuit states.

Strumlauf says she visits her local Starbucks in San Francisco one or two times each week spending $3.95 on a grande-size (16 fl. oz.) latte. She claims that the representation on Starbucks’ menu informs customers that the grande-sized latte would in fact contain 16 ounces. Strumlauf states that had she known the coffee drink would be less than 16 ounces she would have either paid less for it or not bought it at all.

Robles claims he too was cheated when he purchased an underfilled 16 ounce, grande-sized Starbucks Latte. The plaintiff says he relied on the representation of ounces offered by Starbucks when deciding to make his purchase not knowing the product was misrepresented.

The Starbucks lawsuit alleges that by underfilling lattes, the coffee company is in breach of express and implied warranties as well as liable for unjust enrichment.

If the class action lawsuit is approved, it will be open to all U.S. Class Members who purchased a Starbucks Latte. The plaintiffs also seek to represent a subclass of California residents who bought a latte from Starbucks.

Strumlauf and Robles are represented by L. Timothy Fisher, Julia A. Luster and Scott A. Bursor of Bursor & Fisher PA, and Gerald Healy and John Hafemann of Military Justice Attorneys PLLC.

The Starbucks Underfilled Latte Class Action Lawsuit is Siera Strumlauf, et al. v. Starbucks Corp., Case No. 3:16-cv-01306, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

UPDATE: On April 25, 2016, plaintiffs urged a California federal judge not to dismiss a class action lawsuit that accuses Starbucks Corp. of uniformly underfilling its lattes by 25 percent.

UPDATE 2: On May 26, 2016, Starbucks filed a motion with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to transfer all underfilled drinks class action lawsuits to Washington, arguing that it would be more convenient for depositions. 

UPDATE 3: On June 17, 2016, this Starbucks class action lawsuit over underfilled lattes will continue, but with fewer claims and limitations on the available relief.

UPDATE 4: On Aug. 5, 2016, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ruled that the class action lawsuits alleging Starbucks intentionally underfills lattes and other coffee drinks will not be merged into one centralized case.

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  • Shanti Pena March 17, 2016

    I am so upset about knowing this. I became a gold starbucks member about 2 years ago and have maintained that level on two starbucks cards. I only order the Venti Carmel hot drinks. This makes me very upset.

    • b March 18, 2016

      well be glad this whole thing isnt true at all! 25% is a huge exaggeration! Baristas are only instructed to leave a quarter inch of room at the top to prevent spilling, which does happen if we dont leave space!

      • jim g March 22, 2016

        You surely work for Starbucks. Everydrink I order from their baristas is always short [15-25%], and depending on my schedule I will call them out on this, but often after waiting for 5 minutes in a car, I want to get away ASAP. The 1/4 you state is FOAM FILL..

      • Cindy Beck March 22, 2016

        My lattes are always more than a 1/2″ away from top. And sometimes they are only 3/4 full.

      • Paul June 21, 2016

        Well I beg to differ and I’m also a former Starbucks employee. Starbucks has doing this for nearly a decade now since they got rid of their secret shoppers that used to weigh drinks exactly for this reason.

    • T T March 22, 2016

      Please Shanti…if this were true, you would have noticed your drink being shorted. and ive had a gold card for years and only buy like one drink a year. they give those things to everyone!

  • Antoinette Dillard March 17, 2016

    For the last year of odering a Venti Flat White, My cups have been filled 75%. I have had them remake my drink several times, but most of the time I am on the rush (which is why I order through the mobile site). It is beyond frustrating to pay for such an expensive coffee only to be ripped off.

    • b March 18, 2016

      talk to the manager, that isnt normal at all. flat whites are the easiest drink to overfill. The markings on the steaming pitchers do not actually compensate for the steamed milk expanding, so theres no reason why your flat white shouldnt be filled.

    • Davy May 9, 2016

      I order Flat Whites pretty much every day, basically b/c they don’t have as much froth at the top, so I get more for my money. You can tell if it’s not as heavy as usual. I don’t like to complain to them but one time I did give it back to them and told them it is not full. They did add some to it, but it still wasn’t full. I was angry b/c it seemed to happening more times than not. I read the complaints and I do agree. So I hope it helps to rectify what is wrong. The cold drinks DO cost more for whatever reason.

      • Davy May 20, 2016

        P.S. Today I got a venti flat white. I could tell it was not full, by the weight of the cup when they gave it to me. I went home. The froth was at the top BUT the drink itself was only up to the “A on the vertical STARBUCKS logo. I poured the drink into a measuring cup. 12 oz…for $5.04 Venti Latte. I want in on this lawsuit!

  • Luis Bellaflores March 18, 2016

    This is amazing. My wife and I visit our local Starbucks everyday if not every other day and Ive been complaining to her how my grande latte is never filled to the top. Im always finding myself filling up my cup with half and half. Now to see this lawsuit makes me feel so cheated of the amount of money Ive been giving Starbucks.

    • b March 18, 2016

      if we filled it all the way to the top you would spill it on yourself. 75%? Then talk to the manager about it because that isnt standard at all. were only supposed to leave a quarter inch of room and most baristas dont even leave room. Unless youre ordering XDry Cappuccinos, Im thinking youre a liar

      • Brian March 18, 2016

        I’m thinking if you really work for Starbucks they wouldn’t appreciate you calling your customers liars. With that said, I am not one that would ever initiate a lawsuit over something so petty, but I do have to say I believe there is some merit to it. I myself have experienced this, and I have pointed it to the barista and they remake it, although somewhat grudgingly. I think what the real issue is with this complaint is that it is a new practice Starbucks fairly recently put into play (like in the last 2 or 3 years). I remember the very first day I noticed my cup feeling noticeably lighter than usual, so I took the lid off and the cup was only about 2/3 full. This practice has continued to occur frequently since the first time I noticed it.

      • Paul June 21, 2016

        All you newbies Starbucks employees need to shut up because you don’t know what you’re talking about Starbucks had secret shoppers that used to weigh the drinks and they paid them just to do that they knew even with all the training Baristas May provide drinks that aren’t the correct weight because of too much foam or too much room… there can be a bunch of reasons why a drink can be underweight but it’s always at the expense of the customer.

    • Marcus Pollard March 21, 2016

      And I thought I was the only one getting shafted, it’s good to know other people are complaining about this as well.

  • Clarke Griswold March 18, 2016

    These are the same people who would also complain that it was TOO full and it spilled on them. OR its full top the top, then they have to dump 3oz out for their 17 sugars and milk. Heck, whjen I pout my own coffee at Panera or other coffee shops, I leave myself room. Id this worth suing over??? I say its a) unintentional, b) a safety concern c) you were promised a Venti in a cup that holds UP TO 16 ounces. Every beverage Ive ever gotten is not full to the brim.GROW UP

    • b March 18, 2016

      yeah this lawsuit is full of crap anyway

      • Rich March 20, 2016

        No, its not. And they will lose this one. I love Starbucks but the cups are NEVER full.

      • Kevin Cronin March 22, 2016

        Maybe you are full of crap, do not respond any more.

    • Linda March 20, 2016

      Why do you think it childish to fight for what’s rightfully yours? Only bullies and oppressors believe those who are wronged should not ask for justice.

    • Josh March 21, 2016

      My 16oz coke bottle is always full. It is a weights and measures requirement that the quantity represented is in the container. Maybe they should reduce the sizes by 2oz each!

    • ReVeLaTeD April 4, 2016

      all Starbucks has to do is ask. They do ask if its a regular coffee.

    • Nicole June 21, 2016

      I have never agreed with any of these lawsuits and I don’t even agree with the iced drink lawsuit. However, this one has complete merit. I live in Texas, not California where the suit was filed and Starbucks ALWAYS does this when I order a grande or venti latte. I even started ordering them with no foam (grande vanilla latte with no foam), but that doesn’t help. It sounds like you’re talking about a plain coffee, which is clearly different. I continue to go to Starbucks because I love their lattes. So to others who have said to go elsewhere, not only do I not like other places, but I also don’t have a ton choices even if I wanted them. I don’t understand why people feel this is acceptable business practice…and 25% is not an exaggeration. The percentage is high enough that I can tell its too light when they hand it to me. I always hit the drive-thru and used to suck it up because I didn’t want to hold up the line, but then I’d be mad that I didn’t speak up. I’ve stopped caring about the lines because it’s gotten that bad. I make sure I’m clear “no foam, zero foam, no foam at all”…and yes, I say all of that. When I get to the window, I have them check it before even handing it to me. They try to show me, but I just ask I there’s any foam. EVERY time, there’s foam and I politely ask them to remove it. They always do and add milk to fill the cup, but can you image if you had to do this every time for something somewhere else? It never occurred to me to file a lawsuit and the process of doing so doesn’t interest me, but finding out that this is happening to SO many people in multiple states, I have every intention of joining this class action lawsuit. This can’t be a coincidence. Call me all the names you want, be disgusted and angry that people are moving forward with this, but I challenge you to go to Starbucks for week and order a grande or venti latte and see for yourself. I guarantee that you’ll agree this particular lawsuit is a valid one.

  • Darren McKinney, American Tort Reform Association March 18, 2016

    America’s shysters and their purportedly hapless clients are a parasitic joke. They sue if their hot drinks are filled too high and thus more prone to spill and cause burns; and they sue if their hot drinks aren’t filled to the brim and thus less likely to spill and cause burns. First, fat-ass Americans won’t miss the calories in an ounce of coffee. Second, if you don’t like the portion size at Starbucks, go to Dunkin Donuts or a neighborhood diner, or make your own damn coffee at home and save a few bucks so you don’t have to spend all your time whining about how much your student loans cost. Boo-hoo. In any case, get a life and stop suing over every goddamned little thing that displeases you. You’re sickening.

  • Brian March 18, 2016

    This actually doesn’t surprise me at all. I have order Venti Mochas several times and they are under filled to the point that it’s obvious just by the weight of it when you take the cup. I have pointed it out to the baristas a couple times, and they do remake it, but generally not without rolling their eyes or some other display of disapproval.

    • Brian March 18, 2016

      In addition, I think what the real issue is with this complaint is that it is a new practice Starbucks fairly recently put into play. I remember the very first day I noticed my cup feeling noticeable lighter than usual, so I took the lid off and the cup was only about 2/3 full. I did point it out to the barista and she remade it, but this practice has continued to occur frequently since the first time I noticed it.

  • Linda Ellis March 18, 2016

    I am agree with you. For years I have been telling them the cup is to light. I paid for a venti I expect the cup to be filled. So they would fill it, but I didn’t know they were filling it with water! One day I heard someone say no water and I asked them what they meant and they told me they add water to fill it up. So from now on I always say no water. This is wrong and I am glad someone is finally doing something about it! I like Starbucks but if they are going to continue to cheat us, we should all find a different coffee shop.

    • Friendly Neighbourhood Barista March 31, 2016

      Hello! Starbucks Barista here. There are several reasons that your drink would be filled partially or almost completely with water. ONE: You ordered a hot chai tea latte. The chai is a concentrate, and inherently needs to be cut with water. I’ve also heard that it helps bloom the chai and bring out the flavours in it, but only with hot water, and adding hot water to a cold drink is silly, don’t you think? You can easily get it with no water, and honestly, it just removes a step for us and makes things a little bit easier not having to go over to the instahot tap. TWO: You ordered a cold brew iced coffee or an iced tea without lemonade. Both the cold brew and the iced teas are brewed extra strong, with the intention behind the cold brew can be stored more efficiently, as it takes 20 hours to produce a single batch, and iced tea being so that it tastes better when combined with lemonade. THREE: You ordered an americano. This drink is literally espresso shots and water. I’m not saying this is what you’re talking about, but if you complain about getting water in an americano… I know you have absolutely no idea what you are ordering. TL;DR: Hot chai tea lattes, iced teas without lemonade, cold brew iced coffee, and all americanos get water in them. A quick reason four is that you’ve got a green bean on bar, they have absolutely no clue what they’re doing, and they are doing it wrong. I hope that helps you understand a bit more about what’s actually happening behind those espresso machines!

  • mirian Brown March 18, 2016

    Bad very bad!!!!.

  • SJP March 19, 2016

    14 years of Venti Decaf Mochas. About 2 years ago, we noticed we were being shorted. You could tell by the weight, and then visually confirm by removing the lid. When we asked several baristas, they said it was by instruction of the store manager. Since they had raised the prices, we wanted a full cup. We have since asked for No Whip No Foam and we watch them fill it to the top. Recenty, the new baristas try to claim they don’t do foam anymore, which is also a lie. I’m not surprised someone finally filed a lawsuit.

  • Gooniegoogoo March 19, 2016

    Sounds like a bunch of hipster Millenial whining to me. Of course no drink is ever filled to the top when hot liquid is involved. Ymmv from drink to drink. Ordering tea not coffee isnalways better….and cheaper anyways.

  • Carolyn March 19, 2016

    I am frankly thrilled to see someone addressing this . I complain every time I get a latte. Same lame excuse including today when the barista said they are instructed by corporate to under fill to prevent spillage. This is not 1/4 inch. Sometimes my drink is down from the top over an inch. I at least try to get my 4 dollars worth by insisting they add more steamed milk, then I add more milk at the bar if they bother to have it out, and then another ounce of my own preferred creamer. They think the foam makes it look full but it’s not. I don’t go there often but when I do I check the beverage every time.

    • Rich March 20, 2016

      The underfilling can be addressed by using larger cups. We are getting ripped off!!!

      • Antoinette Roybal March 23, 2016

        Right bigger cups with a line inside that would meet the exact ounce we are paying for. Keep it simple …Smiles! :)

    • Laura March 22, 2016

      I’ve had to complain a few times to my local Starbucks over these issues. I’ve ordered lattes from Dunkin and have never been cheated out of my dunk. But every time I go to Starbucks 1/4 of my drink is missing when I leave the drive thru. And using the excuse that the drink could spill and burn you, it is a hot beverage, you take that risk and use common sense in handling the cup. Ripping people off is not the way to do it. And to the employee running her mouth on here, defending the company, 1- It’s bad for business. 2- I’d check with the company to be sure what you are doing can’t get you fired. As an employee in a management position for my company, we are not allowed to do what you are doing on here.

  • Linda P. C. March 19, 2016

    I have been complaining about this same issue for over 3 years now. I always make them remake it. If they think they are saving money by cheating Me I will make sure it costs them double. I pay $5.04 per venti drink and I expect a venti drink not a grande.

  • Ruth H. March 20, 2016

    Everyone here can munch my fartbox.

    • royce March 22, 2016

      That sounds worse than drinking a half full week old Starbucks Coffee that was sitting under the bug light with a light breeze blowing on it. I for one am not munching anybodies fartbox. No sir, I am not a fartbox muncher now, I have never munched fartboxes in the past and I shan’t not be munching any in the future.

    • Lora Fisher March 25, 2016


    • megan blue June 20, 2016


  • JoAnne Cain March 21, 2016

    A bad way to do business.

  • Petra March 21, 2016

    I worked for a Starbucks years ago and for the iced drinks we were instructed to fill to the line that’s like 1/3 of the cup and then fill it with ice. Rip off! If you get a hot drink let it sit a minute and when the foam settles your drink will be way below the top of the cup!!

  • T March 22, 2016

    To B that is replying and trying to make them look better – sorry, but its a rip off. I have complained about this so badly that they gave me 2 free drinks at my local SB. My husband always orders a drink with foam on the top, well foam is just that FOAM. By the time we sat to drink our drinks 1/4 of his cup was GONE. So yeah, that’s a complete and total rip off, so I order his drink with very light foam, but it is still a huge portion of his drink that isn’t even a drink at all. If you sell 20 oz. then your cup should be larger – you aren’t selling a 20oz cup with 18oz of drink. You are selling 20 oz of DRINK, so if your crap will spill, YOUR cup needs to be larger, or you drop the price to meet what Im buying.

  • Lynn March 22, 2016

    This is nuts! You want to sue this company because the cup isn’t filled completely, but if the cup is overfilled you’d then want to claim you got burned because they overfilled it. This is ridiculous. I have an idea….if you don’t like the way they prepare your lattes…just stop buying them, you don’t sue the company for it!

    • Paul June 21, 2016

      Your logic is so wrong. If we don’t like being ripped off we should 1. Not enjoy Starbucks 2. Get over it and pay for something we didn’t receive. What a child you are. Or just an elitist that likes to throw money around.

  • P. Dean March 22, 2016

    Buy Starbucks all the time this is unacceptable. Use a larger cup. DUH

  • KS March 22, 2016

    I live in Colorado, and I have experienced this in the last few months! I have several emails to managers, district managers AND regional managers, along with several pictures from different locations and dates that this has happened. All I received was denial from all management teams. I could never reach corporate. I too have been a customer with Starbucks for over 8 years, holding Gold Status year after year, spending thousands of verifiable funds with them! I knew I wasn’t imagining this shortage!

    • vm April 14, 2016

      How ironic! I am in Colorado and this 3/4 cup fill on my Grande drink has been happening consistently the last few weeks. I let them know about it last week and I was told its because they have new employees. I am sure I am not the only one on this, but I work hard and a lot of hours and Starbucks is expensive, so I expect to get what I am paying for!

  • allison_money March 22, 2016

    What would happen if you underpaid for your coffee by a few cents every time? perhaps 7% or say $.35 for each coffee? would that be Ok with Starbucks? the sign states a certain price, just as the sign says a certain amount of coffee, but is that up for negotiation? hmmm

  • Michael March 22, 2016

    yes, the 16oz is never filled I have to ask in many times to busy on the go, what other companies do this??? I am a shareholder of Starbucks! Wait until the next shareholders meeting! This is a lifestyle issue and I trusted that Starbucks will do the right thing! Get everyone 2 free cups of coffee!

  • Refuse to be a Starbuck junkie !!! March 22, 2016

    The simple solution would be for a company to make their cups LARGE enough to accomadate the need to fill the cup to hold the appropriate amount of liquid and have the level needed to accomadate the room to prevent overfilling … In other words if you are going to offer a 16 oz cup of beverage , make the cup 17oz … Of course that would cost money and we all know Starbucks is so low on the profit margin !!!! Lol

  • Janet March 22, 2016

    Sign me up

  • Melanie March 22, 2016

    Mine is under filled every time and I have complained many times.Its been like that since Iv been going to Starbucks for over 5 years now.

  • Alice March 22, 2016

    Not happy – sign me up

  • royce March 22, 2016

    While I do enjoy a Starbucks beverage every now and again, (especially on toll roads) it occurs to me that this lawsuit could bankrupt not only Starbucks but every chain restaurant that does not allow free refills. The most obvious solution is to allow free refills or to top off the beverage. After all, there is only so much coffee one can hold. It’s common to under fill beverages with plastic lids on them so they don’t leak on customers clothing. This seems a little frivolous. While technically correct it isn’t like anybody actually gives a real rip. Did the plaintiffs bother to ask the store to right this terrible wrong against society? Or did they jump right to lawsuit? It was reported that there is a fill line inside the cup, that seems to be the amount of beverage one could expect in a latte’.I know they always fill the coffee up. How else would one make room for the foam? Perhaps Starbucks could remove the oz. indication on each cup. I’m not sure this is going to do anything but bankrupt alot of small business people. This is one time I can’t get onboard.

  • HelloPinkSunshine March 22, 2016

    My mom and I started ordering our Grandes in a Venti cup. That way we were getting all the room we needed for our extras. Also when I order my Customized frap with 5 shots and 7 pumps w/ soy, it has to fit into a TresVenti cup and then sometimes they put even the rest into another small cup. This should be done. NOTHING should be thrown away. I paid for it.

  • Mscoulter March 22, 2016

    It isn’t just Starbucks doing this though they set the trend. It is so prevalent that I now will say to a coffee vendor that I would like a cappucino or latte, but not if you are going to serve me a cup of foam. If they say that is how they make it I walk away, but that is because I have been burned so many times at Starbucks and others. BTW, cappucino is supposed to be much darker than a latte and have little or no foam. Most vendors these days make them incorrectly. I look forward to becoming part of this lawsuit.

    • affecionado March 30, 2016

      Cappuccino is by definition heavy foam. It’s darker because there’s less milk, not more coffee. Literally, look it up. The MAIN difference between a latte and cappuccino is that lattes are mostly milk and cappuccinos are mostly foam.

  • Your not butt hurt American March 22, 2016

    Every coffee shop I’ve ever visited has never filled the coffee cup all the way to the top. At least not since that little old lady spilled her hot chocolate from McDonald’s on herself and she sued them. People have too much time on their hands to bitch and complain. Make your own damn coffee if you’re gonna bitch. You don’t see me suing McDonalds for my Big Mac not looking like the picture on the menu. And no, I don’t work at Starbucks either.

  • Angela March 22, 2016

    Ah, but the problem isn’t how full the cup is. The problem is that they are advertising a certain amount, i.e. 20 ounces or whatever. If they advertise 20 ounces for a certain price, then I should get 20 ounces, not 18 or 16 or whatever. If I’m a regular customer and buy a coffee each day on my way to work, that’s 5 cups of coffee. If I’m shorted 4 ounces each day (4×5) that’s 20 ounces or the equivalent of a drink. If that drink is $5, it becomes $20 a month or $240.00 a year. Its not the single short cup, its the accumulation of short cups, and that’s costly. The solution is to sell the ounces advertised, very simple.

    • Antoinette Roybal March 23, 2016

      I hear ya Angela. They should have lines inside the cup to know exactly where to fill.

  • Vincent March 22, 2016

    How do we sign up??? Also there are many other cases here that do not indicate how we can sign up for them???

  • Fonsi March 22, 2016

    I have been gold member for several years and when I realized that my cup when holding was feeling light,I new it right away, that they don’t fill the cup all the way so, since the foam doesn’t taste at all and stays on the lead when drinking, I order my lattes with no foam and, they fill it up all the way.

  • Barbarita Reiter March 23, 2016

    This is absolutely true. I complained to Starbucks on 3 occasions after this happened and then stopped going there when it continued.

  • Clara March 23, 2016

    I stopped going to starbucks because of this……………

  • Nikki Myles March 23, 2016

    I’m so upset, although I have mentioned to the bartistas before in regards to under filling my drinks and causing my drinks to have a distinctive taste.

  • Antoinette Roybal March 23, 2016

    Wow, I have complained to Starbucks about this often. I called to ask why my grande was filled a little over half way. I said i paid for a grande not a tall. They apologized and said i could come back and get a new one.I am a member too (still waiting for my gold card ..months now) and i have to constantly check my drink. Its a pain, most times i am in the drive thru and have to hurry.

  • Mike smith March 24, 2016

    I buy the extra shots of expresso with my drink. Plus buy 1 a day. I will never shop there again. Rip off

  • Sharon Jourdan March 28, 2016

    I go to Starbucks twice a week and get lattes or iced drinks wow what a rip off!

  • Krystal April 4, 2016

    I normally order Carmel Macchiatos. I have noticed this problem for about two years. I have them remake approximately 8 out of 10 drinks. The Baristas hate me. But I figure that I am spending $6.95 for a quad venti Carmel macchiato, so they should not short it 4 inches. I noticed it is multiple locations. Does not matter if I say light or no foam!!!! This has been a very heated issue for me for awhile. Glad I am not the only one raising havoc about it!!!

  • Krystal April 4, 2016

    I can also tell when they hand to me if it is lighter, and I hand it right back.

  • peter April 7, 2016

    This definitely happens!! I, unfortunately, have experienced this at different Starbucks around the world. I will say that from my experience this is the rule rather than the exception. If, in fact, baristas are being instructed to leave a large space at the top to prevent spillage, than the cup should be made larger to allow for this safety measure, while still allowing for the appropriate volume of beverage.

  • Shelly G. April 24, 2016

    I like the flavor of starbucks coffee and it was my go to pick me up before I worked a 12 hour night shift at a hospital. Hospital coffee is the worst! Sometimes I would get a cappacino or latte that was so light it felt like they just put in foamed milk only. For that reason I stopped tipping the baristas.

  • Top Class Actions April 27, 2016

    UPDATE: On April 25, 2016, plaintiffs urged a California federal judge not to dismiss a class action lawsuit that accuses Starbucks Corp. of uniformly underfilling its lattes by 25 percent.

  • Cydnee May 2, 2016

    How do I get in on this??? Ive purchased an iced chai everday for the past 9 years!!!

  • Patricia powers May 8, 2016

    So I wasn’t alone in getting more and more angry about my under filled Starbucks coffees! I actually took a photo of my venti latte when I opened it recently, thinking maybe I should complain somehow. I have the photo showing how little was in the cup. Shame on them!

  • Richard Montoya May 11, 2016

    I’d actually like to be a part of this lawsuit I have been complaining to Starbucks for many years about my iced coffee and also my lock is always overdo the phone even want to ask for the phone it’s ridiculous what they do

  • Jenny C May 17, 2016


  • James May 17, 2016

    I’m definitely in. This is outrageous what greed does to folks who’s already rich beyond our wildest dreams.

  • Carol May 17, 2016

    Their other drinks have several inches of whip cream to fill cup up. Where do you go to join in law suit

  • Top Class Actions May 31, 2016

    UPDATE 2: On May 26, 2016, Starbucks filed a motion with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to transfer all underfilled drinks class action lawsuits to Washington, arguing that it would be more convenient for depositions. 

  • Paul June 21, 2016

    I am a former Starbucks supervisor and we used to have secret shoppers who would weigh the drinks including other thing, checking taste,temp, time to order. That all stopped around 9 years ago and was replaced by a consumer survey on the receipt; which was totally inadequate cause customers don’t know what to look for. Then they did away with the survey too. Is this claim true YES! STARBUCKS has knowingly allowed service to drop.

  • Top Class Actions June 21, 2016

    UPDATE 3: On June 17, 2016, this Starbucks class action lawsuit over underfilled lattes will continue, but with fewer claims and limitations on the available relief.

  • Cece Zapar June 26, 2016

    I went to Starbucks in Downers Grove, IL ordering a large ice with little ice as I dont like much ice. I caught them adding water to my drink. When I ask the girl what the liquid was that they were adding she stated it was only water because the ice tea is so strong. I told her that is the way I liked it. She wouldnt redo the ice tea. Not going there anymore.

  • Sue June 29, 2016

    This must definitely be a new practice by the BUX… sounds like a legit complaint! If and when I see my employees do this at my coffee shop they clearly know they did it wrong and need to top it off. If filling drinks 100% full is possible by a small independent shop like mine that locally sources milk (definitely the most expensive ingredient) than this should be no problem for a TITAN like Starbucks. Definitely a calculated move on their part!

  • Maria Catala July 17, 2016

    This is the norm now unless I order no foam. I have taken pictures and posted, they seem to not care. Typically the foam is 1-1/2 inches. I measure with my figure and always get above my middle knuckle. I’ll continue to take pictures. I’d be happy to join in this, $4.85 peddling for 3/4 the ounces is a rip off.

  • Top Class Actions August 9, 2016

    UPDATE 4: On Aug. 5, 2016, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ruled that the class action lawsuits alleging Starbucks intentionally underfills lattes and other coffee drinks will not be merged into one centralized case.

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