How to fix Xbox One controller drift

For gamers, accuracy is one of the most important factors when choosing an effective controller. This makes the issue of Xbox One controller drift especially significant for players. Read below to learn about how to fix Xbox One controller drift, why it’s best not to try to fix it yourself, and whether or not you may be eligible to join a class action suit regarding this issue.

What is an Xbox One?

The Xbox One was the successor to the Xbox 360. The console was released in late 2013 and was still being hailed as “the best console on the market” in 2019 by sources like US Gamer. According to the site’s overview, the Xbox One is “the best place to play third-party games” with a wide range of features including seamless party matchmaking, achievement leaderboards, and name changes.

More recently, Microsoft has released updated versions of the Xbox One called the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Each of these consoles is compatible with wireless Xbox One controllers like those cited in recent lawsuits against Microsoft.

What is the Xbox One Controller Joystick Drift?

Controller joystick drift is, basically, when an analog stick moves without any input from the user. You don’t have to be a gamer to understand how a lack of accuracy in a controller can sink a player’s hopes for an engaging round of play.

This problem is something that, in the majority of cases, can only be fixed by physically taking apart the controller; no adjusting of the console settings can address the issue. In fact, PC Mag reports that the issue may become worse over time if left unfixed.

According to the lawsuit filed against the company, Microsoft knows about this problem but refuses to pay for the fix.

Why Does My Xbox Controller Drift?

According to the suit, there are specific characteristics of the Xbox One controller which cause it to drift. The lawsuit alleges that a defect in the potentiometer, the part of the controller that controls the electrical outcomes of physical movements, may be causing the problem. The suit states that “the wiper component of the potentiometer scrapes resistive material off a curved track, resulting in unwanted electrical contact without input from the user.”

This lawsuit was brought specifically regarding Xbox Elite controllers for which the plaintiff claims to have paid $179.99 apiece. However, the suit and many news sites have noted that this is a common issue for owners of Xbox One controllers, and not just Elite controllers.

How to Fix Xbox One Controller Drift

How to fix Xbox One controller driftThere are several sources giving instructions for how to fix Xbox One controller drift. In fact, the prevalence of these types of how-to articles could be seen as a representation of how common this issue is.

However, you should note that attempting to fix the problem in ways other than those approved by the manufacturer will void your controller’s warranty. They also may not work and could cause further problems — taking apart and repairing a controller will require a certain level of electronics no-how and the tools to do so.

TechnoBezz suggests a few ways to troubleshoot your console. First, check that your controller has fresh batteries. Then, fully power down your Xbox One before unplugging the power cord. After the console is unplugged for five minutes, plug in your console and try re-syncing the controller.

Should You Join an Xbox One Class Action Lawsuit?

Knowing how to fix Xbox One controller drift may help solve the issue, but a better option may be taking civil action. The process of fixing these controllers is risky, and you may need to invest in replacement parts, tools, and fast-acting glues. If you aren’t eligible to join a suit, you may be able to have the controller professionally fixed. Nintendo Joy-Cons faced a similar lawsuit last year. In response, they made repairs of Joy-Cons free.

It is possible that Microsoft will follow in Nintendo’s footsteps. In that case, if you have already attempted a repair, your controller may no longer be fixable or eligible. You may have better luck joining a class action lawsuit against the company.

This Controller Drift Lawsuit is Case No. 2:20-cv-00640, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.

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If you bought an Xbox One controller and have had problems with stick drift, you may qualify to join this class action lawsuit investigation.

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  • Marcus Wensman-Bundy October 6, 2020

    I’ve went through three controllers in a year with this issue and I’m about sick of buying them over again when I play NBA 2k or use my home menu the right trigger causes left stick to stop in place and the left causes it to only go up…. Then in the accessories app the remapping menu doesn’t even have the triggers as on option this is rediculous

  • Sandra Hundley September 11, 2020

    Have purchased 2 “elite” controllers at about $180 each. Had problems with both. For such an expensive controller Ii expect better quality.

    • BigBadJon January 29, 2021

      These controllers are having problems for one reason and one reason only we are not in the old days when people made things to last everything now is made to break it does not just include controllers or consoles that includes Chargers charging blocks anything electronic that you can buy cell phones iPhones Androids they all break at some point they all stopped working or start acting crazy at some point and they do this because you’re only solution is to buy new ones forget about Xbox forget about lawsuits they already had us the second we bought these supposed top of the line consoles. Screw microsoft and sony for taking advantage of everyone who wants something fun to pass the time. Power to the people!!!

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