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Do you purchase CBD supplements between 2016-2020 in California or New York?

CBD (cannabidiol) supplements have increased in popularity in recent years after they were shown to have a variety of potential health benefits.

However, recent third-party testing has found that many CBD supplements contain barely detectable traces of CBD, and in some cases, the CBD products didn’t contain any CBD at all.

Some of these products may include the following:

  • Elixinol
  • Medterra CBD
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Green Roads CBD
  • JustCBD
  • Lord Jones
  • CBD-Medic
  • Gaia Herbs (Bluebird)
  • CBDistillery
  • NuLeaf Naturals
  • CBD American Shaman
  • Irie CBD
  • Koi
  • Freedom Wellness
  • Neuro XPF
  • Real Scientific 
  • Curaleaf
  • Herbstrong
  • Avid Hemp
  • Puur CBD
  • HempZilla
  • Platinum X

Customers who purchased such products were cheated out of what they were told they were receiving.

If you purchased one of the CBD supplements listed above in California or New York between 2016-2020, you may qualify to join this CBD supplement class action lawsuit investigation. 

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Overview: What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many active ingredients of the marijuana plant, but it is also derived from the hemp plant, which is considered a cousin of marijuana plants.

The Food and Drug Administration allowed researchers to begin studying the health benefits of CBD in late 2015.

It has been found effective in treating childhood epilepsy, and in some cases, CBD was found to stop seizures altogether.

In addition, CBD is also used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

CBD is sold in a variety of forms including:

Supplements like CBD are not regulated by the FDA.

According to Harvard Medical School, this opens up consumers to a variety of uncertainties when it comes to CBD supplements, including:

  • “The most effective therapeutic dose of CBD for any particular medical condition” has not been confirmed.
  • The supplement “may contain other (unknown) elements.”
  • You don’t “know for sure that the product you buy has active ingredients at the dose listed on the label.”

If the product doesn’t contain very much of the active ingredient, this prevents customers from experiencing any of the possible health benefits.

Does the FDA Regulate CBD Products?

The Food and Drug Admministration (FDA) has only granted approval for one CBD product, which is a prescription form of CBD that is prescribed to those who have rare, severe types of epilepsy.

According to the FDA, “it is currently illegal to market CBD by adding it to a food or labeling as a dietary supplement.”

The federal agency says that it is still working to determine the safety of CBD, but it does warn that it does have the potential to cause harm that “can happen even before you become aware of it.”

Some of the CBD side effects the FDA warns about includes:

  • Liver injury
  • Negative interaction with other drugs and medications
  • Negative interaction with alcohol
  • Damage to male fertility
  • Drowsinesss
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Mood changes

CBD Supplement Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed against CBD supplement maker Just Brands alleging that its JustCBD products don’t contain as much product per bottle as the company claims.

For example, its product JustCBD Honey Liquid Tincture says that it contains 100 mg of CBD in the bottle, but third party lab testing found that it only contains 48.92 mg of CBD per bottle, the CBD lawsuit claims.

The Just CBD Apple Rings Gummies claim to contain 250 mg of CBD but were found to contain “a non-detectable quantity of CBD.”

Supplement False Labeling

The supplement industry has a history of facing allegations that it mislabels the primary ingredients in their supplements.

For example, in 2015 the New York attorney general’s office released results of tests that were performed on several herbal supplements sold by GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart and found that a majority of them did not contain any of the herbs that were advertised on the labels, according to The New York Times. 

In place of the actual supplement, the products contained fillers such as rice powder, asparagus, houseplants, and other ingredients that contained possible allergens.

The same may be true of several CBD products.

If you purchased CBD products you in California or New York, you may qualify to join this CBD defective labeling class action lawsuit investigation. 

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