black & decker stanley wooden hammerThe United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced that Stanley Black & Decker is recalling its Stanley Wooden Handle Nailing Hammer over a possible injury hazard.

Reportedly, the molded grip on the hammer can come loose, which can pose an injury risk to consumers.

There have been no reports of injuries involving the hammers, but one customer did report that their hammer’s grip came loose.

Customers are invited to report an incident involving the product on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.

The hammers are 16 ounces in weight, and have a wooden handle with a black, molded grip. The hammers have STANLEY printed on the side in black and on the steel hammer head. 

Model number STHT51454 is etched onto the hammer below the Stanley logo, and the TPC code 076174514544 is located on the label on the handle.

The Stanley Wooden Handle Nailing Hammer was sold exclusively at Walmart stores around the country between July 2018 and August 2019. They retailed for around $6.

The Stanley hammer recall has been covered by multiple news sources around the country, including ABC News and others. In its report on the recall, WHNT 19 News reports that around 211,000 hammers were included in the Stanley Wooden Handle Nailing Hammer recall. 

The Stanley hammers were manufactured in Taiwan and were imported by Stanley Black & Decker Inc. of Towson, Md.

Customers are advised to immediately stop using the hammers, and return them to a Walmart location. Customers are eligible for a refund in the form of a Walmart gift card worth the purchase price of the hammer.

Consumers can contact Stanley Black & Decker to learn more about the recall, either by phone, email, or on the company’s website. Stanley can be reached by phone at 866-215-1132 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

The company can be reached by email at or on their website at and clicking on Support and Safety Notices and Recalls for more information. 

The recall number for the Stanley Wooden Handle Nailing Hammer is 20-034.

The CPSC notes that this recall was conducted voluntarily by Stanley, as a part of a Fast Track Recall products. Such voluntary recalls are conducted by companies who aim to protect customers from possibly  dangerous products. The Fast Track Recall process helps to expedite the process of instituting a product recall. 

Other tools have been the subject of recalls in recent months. One such tool was the Harbor Freight Gordon Folding Knife, recalled because it failed to lock when extended. Unfortunately, this posed an injury risk, and several people were injured by the defect. 

Do you own a Stanley hammer affected by the recall? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Christopher L LaFond April 23, 2020

    I own my own construction company and I love this brand!!! I bought at least a dozen of these for my employees. I’m in potential trouble and could lose alot of money if I continue to allow my employees to 7se this product. I’m very upset and hope this problem gets fixed

  • Ashley DeVries April 23, 2020

    I bought on of these because of the brand. Disappointed to hear that I could get injured from it.

  • Aida Medeiros April 22, 2020

    Bought 2 at local Walmart. Add me please!!

  • Heather Leyva April 4, 2020

    Add me

  • CM March 30, 2020

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  • MADISON B. FISHER March 24, 2020

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  • Jan Hayden March 24, 2020

    I bought this hammer in the summer of 2019 at my local Wal-mart. Please add me to any class action pertained to it.

  • Jason Allen March 11, 2020

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  • MaryAnn Leach January 8, 2020

    I have 2 hammers that while hammering a nail the head of the hammer flew off

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  • Tracy S Blue January 7, 2020

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