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Who’s Affected?

lemon law defective vehicle help

Did you own a vehicle that you purchased new from 2018-2020 that is still under warranty that has continuous problems and the dealer has been unable to fix it after several attempts?

If you purchased a vehicle that is still under warranty, and it has mechanical problems that the dealer has been unable to fix after several attempts, you may have a “Lemon” and you may qualify for help under the Lemon Law in your state.

This may include the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Others

Leased vehicles and used vehicles may also qualify for protection under Lemon Laws, but Lemon Laws vary from state to state.

A vehicle that has a defect or several defects that a dealer is unable to repair after a reasonable number of attempts or time and is still under warranty, may qualify for Lemon Law relief.

To be considered a lemon, a vehicle does not have to be breaking down. If a vehicle is causing continuous aggravation or has a defect that is affecting the value of the vehicle such as a defective paint job or a smell you can’t get rid of, it may qualify for relief under the Lemon Law in your state.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify for this Lemon Law investigation under the following circumstances:

  • You purchased your vehicle new;
  • Your purchased your vehicle in 2018-2020;
  • Your vehicle is still under warranty;
  • You have taken your vehicle in for repair several times; and
  • It is still having the same problem. 

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(Note: Residents of North Carolina do not qualify for this investigation.)

What is the Lemon Law?

There are Lemon Laws in every state in the country. The Lemon Law is a consumer protection law that allows someone who has a vehicle that has repeated, unfixable issues the ability to obtain a refund or a replacement for their defective vehicle.

About one percent (150,000) of new cars sold in the United States are lemons, according to Nolo. Lemons are defined as a vehicle with continuous, unfixable problems.

Learn how Lemon Laws work in the following states:

How Do I Know if I Have a ‘Lemon’?

The Lemon Laws in each state vary, but in general, a vehicle may qualify as a lemon under the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle is under warranty;
  • It has a defect that is covered by the warranty;
  • The defect manifested itself within a certain number of miles or under a certain time period;
  • The owner or lessee of the vehicle has made several attempts to have the it repaired; and
  • It still is not fixed.

A qualifying defect typically includes something that has impaired the use of the vehicle and affected the vehicle’s value or safety.

However, it’s important to note that there is a fine line between what qualifies a vehicle for Lemon Law relief and what doesn’t. Something that may seem minor may qualify for a refund or replacement. For example, vehicles have qualified for relief because they had defective paint jobs and for having a horrible smell.

A Lemon Law attorney can help you determine if your vehicle qualifies.

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What Do I Need to File a Lemon Law Claim?

It is important that you obtain and keep the repair orders for your vehicle for each time that you have take the vehicle in to be fixed.

In addition, ensure that the information that is contained on these documents is accurate. The complaints that you make about the vehicle should be written on the paperwork exactly how you have explained it to the dealer. It’s also important that the dates you brought the vehicle in and picked it up are correct. The mileage at the time of repair also needs to be accurate.

If you do not have copies of all the repair paperwork, this information should be attainable from the dealer. If not, an Lemon Law attorney can help you obtain any necessary documentation.

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What Lemon Law Relief Will I Get?

The most relief you can get if it is deteremined that your vehicle is a “lemon” is a full refund or a new car. Other terms for this are “buy back” or “repurchase.”

In most states, the car manufacturer will also have to pay your Attorney’s Fees and court costs.

If you are offered a settlement that is below what you believe you are owed, it can be challenged.

Do I Need a Lemon Law Attorney?

A manufacturer will likely take your case more seriously if you hire a Lemon Law attorney. It also communicates to the manufacturer that you are able and willing to file a Lemon Law lawsuit if the settlement you are offered is not what you want.

The Lemon Law attorneys working with Top Class Actions will not charge you anything to start working on your case. You will not pay anything unless they win your case, and most states allow consumers to obtain their attorney fees and court costs from the manufacturer so you pay nothing out of pocket.

Lemon Law New Car Defective Vehicle Help

If you have a defective vehicle that you purchased NEW from 2018-2020 that is under warranty and is still not fixed after multiple attempts, you may qualify for help under your state’s Lemon Law. 

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