Are Class Actions Coming For Texas Grid Manager ERCOT?

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Texas lawmakers are calling for investigations into the state’s power grid manager and are demanding resignations from some of its top leadership. 

As of Wednesday morning approximately 2.7 million households in Texas have woken up without electricity with little answers as to when the lights and the heat can be turned back on. 

“Millions of people without power during this arctic blast is life-threatening and unacceptable,” Texas and state senate head Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a statement. “We must get to the bottom of this to be sure we are better prepared even if an unprecedented weather event happens again.”

Texas and much of the United States are facing record-low temperatures with the winter storm that rolled through earlier this week. 

The severe weather initially left an estimated 4 million homes without power by Tuesday morning, according to the Texas Tribune, killing at least 10.

What Happened to the Texas Power Grid?

The cold front that swept across Texas brought with it two to nine inches of snow and ice, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Unlike other states, Texas power operates its own power grid managed by nonprofit Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which provides about 90 percent of Texas’ power, Vox reports. 

Most of that power comes from natural gas. When the winter storm rolled through, natural gas pipelines were clogged by ice or disabled by losing power, and demand spiked at the same time. Because the Texas grid isn’t linked to a national one, it was unable to import extra power, according to the Washington Post. 

Critics, including certain Texas leaders, claim ERCOT wasn’t prepared despite knowing the storm was coming and hasn’t invested enough in weather-proofing infrastructure. 

The surge in demand sent wholesale energy prices skyrocketing, triggering ERCOT’s computers to cut off customers to avoid paying the higher prices, according to The Washington Post. 

Neither ERCOT nor any of Texas energy providers are facing litigation over the massive outage but Top Class Actions is tracking the story for developments.

Energy Price Spike 

On Monday Texas regulators held an emergency meeting to allow ERCOT to change its pricing to reflect the increased demand, KVEO reports. 

“Energy prices should reflect scarcity of the supply. If customer load is being shed, scarcity is at its maximum, and the market price for the energy needed to serve that load should also be at its highest,” the regulators said in the order.

KVUE reports there are caps in place to ensure customers aren’t gouged with an exuberant electric bill, but regulators in other parts of the United States have faced legal actions relating to prices. 

Utility Lawsuits in the Past

The issue of unregulated, independent electric companies was the subject of a class action lawsuit filed last week in Maryland. The lead plaintiff argued Major Energy Electric Services gouges her with expensive bills and it only happened after the market was deregulated. 

Currently, an Ohio utility faces a class action lawsuit from customers alleging a bribery scheme. A judge denied FirstEnergy’s motion to have that complaint dismissed last week. Consumers in that case allege FirstEnergy paid out $1 million dollars to an organization run by an Ohio lawmaker.

Other class action lawsuits have reached settlements. 

Xcel Energy, a Colorado natural gas company, agreed to pay out $2.5 million in a complaint alleging the manipulation of gas prices last month. 

Consumers claimed the company was publishing false data and practicing so-called “wash trades.” 

Also in January, more than 40,000 Australians were represented in a class action targeting two government owned electric utility companies. The lawsuit was filed after Queensland customers saw 90 percent increases in their bills in the last five years. 

Southern California Edison faces charges of negligence in the massive wildfire that consumed much of the state starting in 2017. The numerous lawsuits are estimated to cost the utility approximately $6.2 billion in losses. 

Southern California Edison has already paid out an estimated $128 million in settlements stemming from the wildfires and mudslides already, according to VC Star. 

Are you living in Texas without power? What do you think of ERCOT’s role in the power outages? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • M February 23, 2021

    We lost power for 36 hours! Our entire home runs on electricity! it was awful. The roads were bad so we couldn’t travel anywhere. I have 3 children at home all under 11! I am so DISAPPOINTED in ERCOT.

  • Howard C Schwartz February 22, 2021

    One cannot exaggerate how many of my Dallas neighbors have suffered these past few days with loss of power and homes damaged from frozen pipes busting. We got lucky and only suffered one broken water pipe. I hope our irresponsible state politicians including Governor Abbott and the PUC/ERCOT get their asses sued or removed from government for all of their negligence. By not winterizing, recommended since 2011, we now suffer the consequences of their inaction. Governor Abbott was even brazen enough to initially shift the blame to Biden’s “green deal”. Our state needs responsible leaders, not ones whose first instinct is to shift blame and point fingers.

  • Lorri Blanton February 22, 2021

    I lost power for 3 days and GARLAND POWER AND LIGHT specifically chose my area per Mr Gooch at GP&L. temperatures were below 30 in my house, I lost over 6K in saltwater fish and all my food. I stress every time I think of the power shutting down do I need to move to another area near a Place where power CANNOT be shut down since my neighborhood is a GP&L target?

  • William C Perry February 21, 2021

    Woke up Monday morning to power outage. Also discovered no cell phone coverage. All information we received was going outside, talking to neighbors or starting our cars to listen to news. Our first ‘rolling blackout’ was approximately 30 hours. Power came on Tuesday afternoon for about an hour and half. Called Oncor crazy amount of times and never got through. The next time power came on was Thursday afternoon for around 3 hours,inside house Temps dropped to the mid 30’s throughout this week’s ordeal. Power came back on Friday afternoon and thankfulky stayed on. We used the gas stove top burners to heat ourselves up the best we could. Used multiple layers of clothing and every blanket and towels to keep warm at night. Myself, wife, and sister are realistic and in average health. We realize this could have been so much worse and fortunately are some of the lucky ones throughout the state. I am saddened about all the harder impacted family’s and lost of life that needlessly impacted people of Texas. The worst thing here is all the decision makers be it City, county, state level and ERCOT and ONCOR will spend the rest of the year pointing fingers at eachother. Bottom line is greed and profit took prescendence over proactive winterizing equipment in their care. We, the consumers are expected to fulfill our obligations of usage. I am a second generation Texan and am completely disgusted with all of our leaders, they have failed us at the worst time while their ‘constituents’ are at our most vulnerable in relying on them. I will fight back on any power or gas spike bill for this past week. Especially power as our household was without for the majority of past week.
    I would be happy to join a class action suit, I have never contemplated in the past yet belive this is the only language decision makers understand with the hope that true action occurs to ensure this type of complete lack of communication and preparation never has to happen again.

  • Roy Cantrelle February 20, 2021

    The Texas Government is just as responsible as ERCOT, they had a report after 2011 storm that said to weatherize the grid. In 2017 they voted down a bill to weatherize the grid. They allowed ERCOT to run the grid supposedly under the supervision of the PUC.

    ERCOT is a 501c 4 non profit, not even a government agency. Their board is comprised of energy sector executives.

    Problem is Government put energy sector executives in charge of the grid. They put the fox in charge of the chicken house.

    Further when you make a claim with your energy provider for damages they deny it and point the finger at ERCOT. They are pointing their finger at their own executives saying it is my bosses fault.

    ERCOT is set up as a sacrificial lamb that the government blames and the power companies blame.

    More troubling is the Panda Energy case where ERCOT was basically given sovereign immunity.

    My biggest issue the power company says they are sorry and we are supposed to accept that even though they don’t accept sorry as payment. The government doesn’t except sorry as payment for taxes either. When it is us regular paycheck to paycheck folks they are trying to stick with the bill for all the property damage they caused.

    If they are not held financially responsible for the damage we are going to get more of the same shotty excuses and service.

  • B Manus February 20, 2021

    ERCOT along with weak Texas legislation is 100% responsible for what happened. After 6 hours of rolling blackouts, I spent 36 hours without electricity, and in an all electric house, that was not good nor fun. The inside of my home dropped to 19 degrees, my drinkable water and food all froze, solid. I even had exploding soda cans to boot. I can’t wait for my over inflated electric bill!

  • Rose Marie Rogers-Holt February 20, 2021

    I lost power early on Monday morning. I immediately called Texas Energy to ask about the situation. I was told that power would be restored in 13 to 45 minutes. I am elderly, disabled and have a sister living with me who is the same. Additionally, we are both trying to recover from covid. This situation could have been fatal for both of us. I am currently unemployed, due to the disability, so getting a hotel room was not possible. Fortunately, my nephew still had power and invited us to stay with him until power was restored. The power company was warned about the possibility of the situation recurring. The weather bureau warned them in advance, so they would be prepared. They did absolutely nothing to address the public’s needs. They take our money, spike our rates, and ignore the deficiencies…why??? GREED!!! They need to be SUED!!!

  • Tony February 20, 2021

    We lost power in Grand Prairie (Joe Pool Lake) on Monday morning. It is Saturday afternoon and we still have no power. Currently at 124 hours with no electricity. I repeat: 124 hours with no electricity.

    One way or another, executives will be held accountable.

  • Dalinda February 19, 2021

    We lost power for 64 hours straight, starting at 11:15am on Monday 2/15 temperature inside our home hit 44 degrees and never above 47 after 7am on Tuesday 2/16. One neighbor 5 house away and another one street over lost power at the same time and we’re only without for 12 hours with their power coming back at 10:30pm on Monday 2/15. Tried calling out power company Garland Power and Light at least 100 times was only able to talk to someone on Monday 2/15 at 5pm who said we’re working on it, was never able to get through again throughout our outage the system hung up every time after being on hold about 2 minutes. Someone needs to be held accountable for this fiasco this should happened in poorly managed third countries not US! Will gladly join any class action lawsuit and work diligently to recruit as many other claimants as well.

  • J A February 19, 2021

    I work in environmental compliance and I have several years of experience at natural gas plants. Every winter we have freezes and every single one of them causes equipment to fail in ways that can be prevented. No one bothers winterizing except in minor ways. This weather event was far more severe than normal, but was certainly not unforeseen.

    The TCEQ basically rubber-stamps any explanation for flaring (burning off extra gas) that results from these outages if gas companies claim it was weather. They are starting to expect more weather event preparation from gas companies but they’re hamstrung severely by a lack of personnel and funds.

  • Jason February 19, 2021

    I have a panic attack everytime the power spikes fearing being stuck in the cold and dark again.

  • Jason February 19, 2021

    We were without power for 96 hours straight. Our 72 yo neighbor was going to take his wife to a crowded shelter in the middle of a pandemic to keep warm. ONCOR directed crews to halt repairs in order to shed load in the controlled outages. The controll part was controlling repairs.

  • Concerned Citizens February 19, 2021

    For every other emergency (hurricane, tornadoes, floods, thunder storms, heat advisory, cold temp, etc.) we receive multiple warnings. Alarms, TV warnings, cell phone warnings, etc..
    For this, a warning was provided of a level 1 concern at 12:417am on Feb 15.
    Less than 1 hour later it went to level 2 and 13 minutes later it went to level 3.
    No alarms went off for my security system, cell phone, public alarm system, etc.
    It was clear that the storm was coming weeks ahead of time so there was plenty of time to take preventive measures.
    ERCOT and the Texas government chose not to take action.

    ERCOT knowing allowed everyone in Texas to suffer the results of their negligence.
    They along with Texas government officials should be held accountable for all of the deaths and damage associated to the catastrophe.
    1st degree murder charges should be filed against each as this was an avoidable event that they chose to ignore

  • Jacquelyn Sutphen February 19, 2021

    4 days and 3 night of no electricity service. Our house is complete electric. We had to pack in the dark and go to nearest hotel that wasn’t already full because our house was 40 plus degrees. Our food is spoiled in the refrigerator and freezer. We had to buy food. We had no where to cook. We are not rich. We felt homeless because nearly all of our Dallas Texas family were in the same situation. It was truly sad

  • Bibbie February 19, 2021

    We lost food in our refrigerator and our hot water heater went out I guess fe all the surges we were out ove 70plus hours :( we just called and paid for a new water heater 1,000.00 we are out now 😡

    • Bibbie February 19, 2021

      Electricity was out for 70plus hours’

  • Audrey jaisingh February 19, 2021

    My son suffered multiple asthma attacks because of the cold weather and no electricity. On top
    Of that, my daughter was sick, running a fever and I had no means to keep her comfortable. Our pipes busted, we had to leave our home and beg a friend to let us use part of their hotel room to keep from freezing. Now we have to deal with the damage of our home.

    • Bibbie February 19, 2021

      So sorry 🙏🏻You went through that !

  • Shirley February 19, 2021

    My twin boys were so cold I had to burn furniture in the fire place for warmth because one of my kids shot down and was not responding. Still traumatized

  • Kimberly February 19, 2021

    ERCOT has blood on their hands! Someone should be sent to prison for this criminal behavior. The choice of not having enough energy because it cost too much? Ask a family that lost of loved one to put a price on heat when its 13 degrees outside. Anyone involved in these decisions is a murderer in my mind, We had no power for 3 days in record cold and fortunately we made it through. We are the energy capital! Get rid of Ercot and Centerpoint!

    • Cece February 19, 2021

      The CEO makes roughly 880k a year! They chose not to pay for winterizing the system and I’m assuming it’s because they thought it was worth the risk since it might never happen. They chose to use the budget for their own salaries rather than do what was necessary to protect the public. They are a NON PROFIT! Falsely going under this program to be exempt from taxes and make money off consumers. Their is a database I use for work that is to show every single metric where each and every non profit’s money goes and ERCOTs is blank and empty. This is corrupt, this is despicable, and we need to demand they be held accountable. People are dead. Millions have lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings each.

  • Richard February 19, 2021

    We live In Tuscola TX. We lost powe for almost 48 1/2 hours. I called AEP and all you got was a recording stating blackouts are occurring and they should last 45 minutes to 2 hours. You couldn’t speak with anyone. I have 2 neighbors who had power every 2 hours for 2 hours and then it would shut off for 2 hours. They are with Taylor County COOP. They said Taylor County COOP informed them this is how the blackouts would occur. My provider told me nothing. The water got turned on 2 days ago but we don’t have water probably because of frozen pipes because we couldn’t warm our house. My mother is 78 years old and lives 10 minutes away from me and she had the same situation. Along with no water we lost food to spoilage. This was totally unacceptable and I don’t believe AEP was to totally blame. I talked to my insurance company and they said I am responsible for my deductible which is $2900 because it was a natural disaster. I told them the winter storm was a natural disaster but what caused my pipes to freeze was caused by a human. I don’t expect my insurance company to pay my deductible. I believe the company who caused the blackout to be responsible. If they would have done a real rolling blackout they should have spread it through every household for 8 hours and informed everyone of this. This way everyone would have been prepared and our community would have been prepared and probably ok with that. Unfortunately due to the arrogant attitude they didn’t. People died, pets died, people spent days in dangerous cold conditions without heat, water and food. I guarantee you none of the employees of these utilities companies and ERCOT lost electricity. I have talked to many people who live in the community who aren’t employees of utility companies who never losspower either. So this wasn’t a true rolling blackout. We were lied to. This is a total disrespect for human beings and people should be held accountable and they should also lose their jobs.

  • Susie February 19, 2021

    We had no power my fur baby and I had to warm up in car while my hubby struggled to go to work (essential ) . We’re on our way to daughter home when they had no power we had our again for several hours then it was back off again my daughter and hubby and two small children had to driven further in unsafe conditions to my brothers just to keep the babies warm and save what little food they had we to agree sue this crap company lives lost people homes destroyed food spoiled our lives were not taken into consideration now some are going without food cause it’s spoiled everywhere maybe you all should buy helicopters and food and water and bring it down to all country’s and put up the cash to personally fix people’s homes give Texans a huge break on electric bill ( as in not having to pay this month and half of next month)because we are Texas . Everything is bigger in Texas. We need dairy products due to it spoiled milk eggs bread water for drinking formula baby water homes fixed what is your company going to do ? Besides getting sued.

  • cherish lovelace February 18, 2021

    My pipes have busted. i couldnt use my daughters breathing machine for 3 days. we didnt get power from monday 3am til wensday 12am. im a mom of two. my cat is probably dying because i couldnt keep him warm enough.

  • Earnest Cottrill February 18, 2021

    A year in isolation waiting for vaccines, so close to getting them for my grandmother and mother who are the two most at risk folks in our home and that was all shattered due to Ercots negligence when we had to abandon our home and go to a friends house which was crowded with other people in the same situation as us. My grandmother almost died and my mother was looking really bad too i was basically presented with the choice of risk covid or lose them now and all of our food spoiled what a terrible situation people on our street died.
    As a veteran i am beyond angry….

    • Candice Edwards February 20, 2021

      My family suffered miserable, we were out of power for over 3 days, then the power will come on for 30 minutes. Trying to keep my 76 year old farther in law comfortable & something to eat. My brother in law gasping for air unable too take his breathing treatment. We we’re forced to make a homemade toilet in a bucket. Because the pipes we’re frozen. Living as if we we’re in a third world country. The state of Texas as well as Ercot was negligent & need too be held accountable

  • Mary Adams February 18, 2021

    76 hours without power in Texas and under a water boil but no electricity to boil water. This should never have happened. 19 degrees in my house for days is not acceptable! I am ready to sue

  • Harvey Ross February 18, 2021

    Added me also

  • Thomas Kewitt February 18, 2021

    You also need to sue power provider Oncor. They cut our power on 1:30 am Monday morning. I found out later they sent a tweet in the middle of the night that they were implementing rolling blackouts. The rolling blackouts were a complete lie!!! They picked neighborhoods and kept them offline for days. The coldest day of the year and we had no power, but across the street a storage warehouse, an empty apartment complex and an empty warehouse had power the whole time. It was so cold areas in our house dropped to 37 degrees inside!!! We were without power for 68 hours. When the Oncor lineman came to restore our neighborhood power he said there was nothing wrong with our equipment. Oncor just pulled the plug on your neighborhood.

    Everyone in the neighborhood has busted pipes,, busted water heaters, flooding, water damage. All of this was the direct result of ONCOR. The big LIE that the black outs were rolling. All of the neighborhoods around us had power. We were the only one in the dark.

    • Racheal stephens February 18, 2021

      Add me to. our power was shut off on Monday at 1:30 in the morning by ERCOT and center point Energy by choosing what areas they thought were less important to them we waited and waited for power to come back on for 3 days no food no water no Nothing to keep warm my kids kept crying to make things worse I have no vehicle I think we need to start a class Action lawsuit because they have to be held accountable for there actions babies died, animals died, elderly people died,because of their Careless and negligence and heartless actions someone please start the process

  • Jan Roper February 18, 2021

    No power for 8 days and still counting. When our home dropped to 52 degrees we decided to find a hotel. They were all booked. I have a 93 year old aunt and my 80 plus year old husband with major health issues. Plus we have a dog. We had to spend another night with no heat. Our home is all electric. Now we are in our 6 th day in a hotel. Over $100 a day. No restaurant in the hotel and because of Covid no breakfast. Can’t go anywhere to get food because everything is closed. Couldn’t go if they were open because of all the ice. There is no excuse for this to happen to anyone. I have no idea how much damage we have at our home because the roads are still to bad to go there. Power is still out as I write this. We have to pay for a place to stay. Pay for repairs. And they want to raise our rates. I don’t think so. They should have been prepared for this to happen.

  • Greg Shaw February 18, 2021

    Haven’t had any power since Saturday evening around 2300. Wife and three dogs with nowhere to go. Stores that had power had been run on, so no food. Then boil notices for water in our county… makes it pretty difficult to boil water when you have no electricity and an electric stove. Now going on 5 days consecutive with no power, not even rolling blackouts. They just shut the lights off and haven’t said anything other than “we don’t know when it’ll be back.”

    Bless these linemen working out in the freezing cold trying their hardest. ERCOT must be held responsible because this is been and example of everything BUT responsibility.

    • Ernest February 18, 2021

      We have not had power since February the 12th at 9:02 AM going on our 8th day with no electricity or water,our house is also ran on all electricity unacceptable doesn’t even start to describe the experience we have gone through the past 8 days,I thought this was 2021 not 1803. Water is scarce,we have had a freezer full of food that has gone bad. We have lost work,food and just a sense of normalcy all because of a lack of responsibility from ERCOT, We have a community full of elderly retired people and we have come together trying to help and support each other but after first three days we have no water no bread it has been really exhausting.shame on you ERCOT

  • Georgina February 18, 2021

    I live in Arlington TX with my 86 year old father with dementia & my mother with newly diagnosed heart valve disease we were without power from 5:30am Monday morning till 8:30pm last night as a result of the stress of us having to live in our living room and cook over our gas fireplace my father’s sundowning has gone in overdrive we are facing having to put him in a dementia care facility which I promised him I would not do.

  • Christine Peace February 18, 2021

    Please add me!! What ERCOT did was unacceptable! We were expecting ROLLING BLACK OUTS & instead they chose who got electricity!!! Stand up for Texas

  • Rosie Medina February 18, 2021

    I’m disabled and both myself and my husband are recouping from COVID. This rolling of power made it worse for us. We are in our mid 60’s.

    We are in Kirby Tx 78219.

  • Lacey cohen February 18, 2021

    I am very outraged right now here in Houston Texas me and my dog was without power for three days no water no grocery stores were open to get food know where to get gas to sit in the car and stay warm someone should be accountable people have lost their lives to a tragic death due to this rolling black out The way I said they didn’t care about us our lives are in jeopardy if something needs to be done about it right now and Ercot should be really be taught a lesson on the American people’s value of life I bet they power wasn’t off and knew the storm was coming did nothing to get prepared for it so the way I see it they need to be sued we want justice all of us that suffered through the storm and I hope we get it and I think we should get a national apology to be honest all the people that lost their lives due to this rolling black out how could you look at their love ones in the eyes knowing that you’re the reason why their family members are no longer here due to playing with our power

  • Taylor February 18, 2021

    Please start a class action lawsuit! I have a toddler to protect and feed. Ercot you put my family lives in risk with no where to go. This will be the ONLY WAY they’ll take us serious.

  • C. Reed February 18, 2021

    50 hours without power. My husband and I huddled with our two kids in front of a fire for two days and nights to try to keep from freezing to death. We were within two neighborhoods deemed worthy of sacrificing as part of ERCOT’s “controlled outages.” After about 40 hours, we drove to an area we knew had power to try to get some warm food, and I cried all the way home seeing business after business that wasn’t even open with all of their lights on. Why was my family near freezing to death while all around us, every fast food restaurant had power? Why did so many other neighborhoods have power the entire time, but we had none? They talked about rolling blackouts, but some had no power for days and others never lost power! They were selectively choosing whose houses were ok to ruin and who was worth allowing to die to save a dollar. I am furious!

  • Laura Andrisek February 18, 2021

    We all know how devastating and tragic this artic freeze has been. As a disabled senior who went without power for 68 hrs I want to do everything possible to ensure the people, entities involved are held responsible and accountable. If they’re not this will happen again. Sign me up!

  • Angela Calmes February 18, 2021

    I live in Oak Valley a town part of Corsicana Texas. I was out power for over 50 hours from late Sunday night to early Wednesday morning. We about froze to death. I did lose all my tropical fish because the water in my 90 gallon tank froze killing all 7 of my them. I’m livid on how they could make a call to shut people off for that long. Rolling blackouts to last 15-60 minutes my butt more like I’ll shut this person off and forget about them for a few days they’ll never notice . Well sorry people noticed. This is inhumane I had to put all 4 of my dogs in my vehicle to stay warm at times during the 50 hours. I really would like to see them pay for their incompetence. I have medical conditions that are affected by cold weather. There are a lot of people in Texas that would join this suit for sure once there is one. Someone should be held accountable.

  • Jen February 18, 2021

    Power went off Monday around 2 am and I have been without power since. No hotels in town have rooms, not that I could make it to them because of the road conditions. Have two children and four pets. Power is still off currently (over 108 hours out and counting). I’m at my wits end. Out of wood for my fireplace. Food running low. Still freezing. Roads are icy so I can’t leave. Would like to join any class action lawsuit as well. I’m in Temple Texas 76502.

  • Kelli Clower February 18, 2021

    This is crazy what happened in Texas this week because ERCOT wasn’t prepared. They left us without power for days and now I find out most homeowner’s policy’s have an exclusion that doesn’t cover power interruptions. So they expect you to stay in a home freezing and wait it out…. unreal. We have incurred 4 nights in a hotel to now not having water but we have no choice but to figure it out even though most stores are sold out of water. Not to mention food is hard to find right now as stores lost power too. Just a huge mess that could’ve been prevented.

  • Brenda Neeley-Gehrke February 18, 2021

    Miserable in San Antonio Texas.
    Me and my husband was with out power since Monday February 15th.
    We live in a 5th wheel RV which is basically a metal box! So that in itself made it feel so much more colder than if we was in a house or apartment.
    We experienced more than 72 + hours with out Electricity. The long night time hours was the worst, unable to sleep because of the EXTREME COLD.
    Both me and my husband are Disabled. My fingers and hands felt like they were frostbitten, still having numbness in both hands and fingers.
    Now to be honest there was about 4 times the Electricity did pop on but for only 30-45 SECONDS At 45 minutes intervals only 4 darn times!!
    My heart goes out to the Elderly as well as the children especially the little babies that have a hard time regulating their body temperature to begin with.
    Texas is a wonderful state, born and raised here in San Antonio. My understanding is we are the only State to have it’s on Power Grid!
    San Antonio hardly ever gets Snow and we would more then likely enjoyed it had we not be so unbelievably cold in our homes.
    This was uncalled for by this company and they need to be held responsible!!!

  • Kristina Lyons February 18, 2021

    Add me.

  • Zachary A Honea February 18, 2021

    Was out of power from Sunday around 2300 to Wednesday about 1530. Some bs. Add me please

  • Angenicki Wright February 18, 2021

    Add me please

  • Dixon and Ginny Bennett February 18, 2021

    We were without power for over 50 hours and our downstairs dropped into the low 40’s (upstairs in the mid-40’s). Because we have corgis, parrots, parakeets, a canary, tropical fish and my wife raises rare ferns and palms in our 50′ greenhouse (that has built in heaters) it was impossible for us to leave the house. We already know that we have lost all of our tropical fish and are holding our breath about the thousands of dollars of rare plants my wife has been raising for years. We know we have an unusual circumstance but we have paid our bills for years and should expect to receive the services we have paid for. Ercot has gone far beyond being irresponsible. What they have done should be considered criminal. In addition, if because of the nature of Ercot, Texas can’t purchase power from other states the situation must be reversed immediately. It is time for the citizens of our State to put the kind of necessary pressure on our governor and other politicians to correct this situation. If they fail to act immediately we should all raise up and throw them out of office. Ercot should not be shielded from liability. My wife and I are eager to join any class action suit launched against Ercot.

  • Kevin February 18, 2021

    I had no power for at least 61 hours in the 76180 zip. I have a huge sob story involving my mother whom I care for and her myriad of health issues and the struggles we faced with the uncertainty of the first day.

    By day 2 it was becoming obvious that hoping for power to be restored was useless. I ended up taking her to the hospital because she was far from being well at that point.

    Please let’s do something to ensure that privatization of profits and socialization of risks doesn’t become the status quo. Bottom line is, this wasn’t a hurricane. By and large there were no high winds and downned branches preventing the distribution of electricity. There were decisions made both before and during the disaster that led to my struggles as well as the millions of other fellow Texans also impacted.

    They need to be penalized for making the wrong decisions and we would also appreciate any compensation that comes from it.

    Furthermore, I intend to hold all politicians to account. Talk is cheap. We demand actions or your comfy chairs shall be in jeopardy! Know this!

  • Angela Hilker February 18, 2021

    I am an operational manager at a major airline. The power outage forced me to drive into work on Monday and then drive to Shreveport to find a hotel because we were w/out power for over 24 hours. I have two small children in my care, 1 and 2, that of course did not understand what was going on. A 7 hour car trip on snow/ice with two small kids is never ideal, but with no choice in the matter, we had to endure it. Had to leave the dogs at home in a 45 degree house. Heard the power finally came back on 52 hours later. So I now have 3 nights hotel times 2 rooms, gas, out of work for 3 days and a refrigerator/freezer full of food that will have to be thrown out. This is the most ridiculous thing for something that could have been avoided. If the supreme court provides immunity, they should be ashamed of themselves. How many people have to suffer and die because of the carelessness by ERCOT. I sure hope there is a class action suit. I will be one of the first on the list!!!

  • DavidK February 18, 2021

    I live in Carrollton, TX and experienced lengthy periods without power during this round of severe weather. Beginning Monday we were without power for approx 20 of the first 24 hours. After that we were 2 hours with power and 8 hours without power on the average. My property has experienced significant damage. I have friends in Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, Corinth and Ft Worth who never lost power a single time. These supposed ‘rolling blackouts’ are a lie, and inequitable. And I know there are people who are worse off than me. The power company determines who gets power and who doesn’t based upon what criteria I can’t imagine. These people, entities, and politicians should be held accountable. Serve them with a lawsuit or nothing will ever change.

  • Mauricio Prieto Jofre February 18, 2021

    Add me

    • Sarah E Hare February 18, 2021

      Increasing prices for energy in a waether emergency is criminal when people could die without it. So is cutting off power for those who “used too much”. I was lucky enough to never loose power during the storm. I hosted a friend and her family who are going on 92hrs without power and still not returned as of this posting when much of the area has power now. Rediculous. Litigation and investigation needs to be brought against the energy grid managers. Pricing needs to be regulated to remain constant during emergencies/severe weather and that includes heat waves. Especially during an ongoing pandemic when unemployment is at an all time high. This situation is just disgusting.

  • Darrell Watkins February 18, 2021

    We were without power for 38 hours, permitting inside house temperatures to dip to 41 degrees. The two dogs, cat and I had to live in our van to keep everyone safe. I was caused economic harm by paying for other resources to make up for electric company short-sightedness and lack of customer service. I have prescribed medical devices. Thank gosh the van has a 110-Volt inverter. I expect better from Oncor and Ercot, and the price-extortion of Governor Greg Abbott that restored electricity 2 hours later sends a damning message about our State of affairs in Texas.

  • Erika Bass February 18, 2021

    Hi – I have started a next door posting about the current events in TX and have received over 200+ comments in the past 48 hours. Me and my neighbors are all personally impacted. As we do more research and put information together, there are things ‘not fully adding up’ and a lot of the information we receive is political posturing. We are interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit with ERCOT for their inability to effectively manage supply and demand, which impacted over 4.3 million people in TX. I’ve heard of people who have died, been hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning, and there will be extensive economic damage from these storms, particularly those with no power. I am interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit not seeking money, but accountability and justice for what we experienced. This happened in 2011 and in 1989, and no changes have been implemented to winterize power facility plants since. Let’s fix this for the TX winter storm 203X.

    • Carolyn LaBarbera February 18, 2021

      Erica Bass, I agree with you.

      It’s time to sue ERCOT. That’s the only way to get their attention to fix the problems. I’m ready to join a class action suit. I’m sick & tired of the wealthy & powerful disregarding the best interest of the average citizens. A class action lawsuit is the only way to force those in power to do the right thing for all of us.
      How do I see your next door posting?

  • Rick Owens February 18, 2021

    I had multiple properties incur damage from the sustained loss of power. We were told rolling blackouts were to be expected, that we would get power about 15 minutes per hour. This of course never happened and with the sustained outages, the homes got much colder than expected causing multiple pipes to bust inside. Had I known the outages would be sustained, we would have shut off water to the homes completely to avoid freezing pipes inside!

  • Heather Leyva February 18, 2021

    Add me

    • Z Z February 18, 2021

      For 72 hours our power was on and off, mostly off. It would come on for a few hours in the afternoon and then shut off again before 7pm. It was horrible. We had no heat. The thermometer I brought in our bedroom read 35°! In our bedroom! The 3 of us and our pets huddled under blankets, which is what saved us from freezing. The electricity has been on now for 16 hours straight but I don’t want to get my hopes up that it’s going to stay on. There’s another winter storm warning….

  • Michele February 18, 2021

    I was without power for 48+ hours and then it came on and went out again. This was a new and ahocking experience for me because I am a new resident of Texas.

  • Julie Childers February 18, 2021

    A SERIOUS investigation and disciplinary action into ERCOT’s devastating actions during such severe and unprecedented weather let alone, while in the midst of a pandemic needs to be made. Even during our worst hurricanes things weren’t mishandled to this great of an extent. Resignations need to happen. ERCOT is DIRECTLY responsible for the lives lost, and the significant amount of property damage that many homeowners are now having to deal with. Some of these are elderly people, or people laid off due to Covid, others have withstood heavy losses of family members, and then to deal with the severe lack of responsibility of ERCOT on TOP of everything is a complete disgrace. ERCOT’s actions, or lack of, should be considered criminal in nature. It’s unforgivable. There are not enough excuses in the world to justify what they have done.

  • Bobbie February 18, 2021

    Been without power for over 72 hrs. Lost freezer plus full of food. Lived in Midwest for years and never lost power in this kind of weather. There were ways and time for ERCOT to prepare they were just too worried about their bottom line. This is unacceptable.

  • Kristin Ames February 18, 2021

    I was without power 36 hours and am now without water. ERCOT should be sued. Not only were individual families suffering from cold and no water in their homes, businesses lost millions of dollars in revenue being forced to close without power. It’s against the law to keep pets in cold temperatures with no relief; it should be against the law to keep people in cold temperatures as well. BTW, ERCOT is not a non-profit. They’re making money from their negligence.

  • Beverly Black February 18, 2021

    Sign me up! The excuses given by Ercot are totally unacceptable! They KNEW in enough time to prevent or, at least, lower the impact on the grid. Every one of the management team needs to be held accountable, including, if not solely, the CEO. How DARE they expect to increase the prices to help fix their shortcomings? Take the expense out of their bonuses and millions in salaries! COUNT ME IN!

  • marc February 18, 2021

    Currently more than 72 hours without power and counting. 1 mile from downtown austin where empty office bldgs are lit up like vegas. one pipe burst i’m aware of and probably more damage to come. Missed 2 shifts and counting of telework this week.
    Totally unacceptable and a severe penalty should be paid.

  • LBJ February 18, 2021

    I was informed that because my residence is on a commercial property and there are only commercial businesses within a certain radius ( I live on-site, in an apartment attached to the office, at a self storage property.) my electricity is not considered a priority at all like residential neighborhoods are. Unfair and unorthodox treatment based on my location. Despite making it known that there is in fact a residence in their “lowest priority zone” I still did not get power back when the neighborhoods in the area did. I went as far as disconnecting all power to the commercial part of the property so that when power is restored I am doing my part to conserve energy. I finally have power back however it is limited because my furnace, oven/stove and hot water heater will not come on. There is just enough power to run my portable heater, TV and coffee maker. I can’t even use my toaster oven. This is awful and discriminatory.

  • Katelynn February 17, 2021

    I lost my cold blooded pets. If they did not prepare by weatherizing to save $(even though they are non-profit) and we all knew the storm was coming, they should have at least given us a heads up. My family had to give a propane heater to a neighbor with a newborn that we would have otherwise used to keep the reptiles warm.
    I have gone through hurricanes and fires and loosing material items is nothing to me. I grew up without baby pics, but in none of those disasters did we lose animals. Upon warning we prioritize and prepare. This weather and the lost power for over 50 hrs for some of us have costed us greatly

  • Jeff Erlanson February 17, 2021

    My wife and I went 40 hours or so without electricity. Rolling blackouts can’t exactly be called rolling blackouts when power comes on for 3 minutes then goes off for hours on end. ERCOT should be held responsible and their penance should be severe to remind them of their responsibilities to the people in the state of Texas. Families having to go without power or heat during unprecedented temperatures is unacceptable. The failure of the grid due to poor planning and lack of proper maintenance is one thing, but the absolute failure and poorly executed rolling blackouts is something else. I would most certainly back a lawsuit, whether for monetary gain or reform, but something has to change. They’ve had 30 years to get it right since the storm in 1989 and they haven’t figured it out yet, perhaps with more severe repercussions they’ll be incentivized to figure it out before the next storm cripples their grid again.

    • S. B February 18, 2021

      It cut off while working from home and we are suppose to use our PTO for time out because of situation. I am stressed. My family is stress mentally and physically etc. pipes burst. A lot. Does anyone know what the best lawyers for this situation?

  • Michelle C. February 17, 2021

    ERCOT this Febuary Winter front 2021 was unacceptable and unprofessional on your part. ERCOT should have prepared for any and all possibilities of weather changes ahead of time. For goodness sake, it’s Texas, where anything is possible! My own family had to sleep in their truck for warmth. My neighbors rented a hotel. My kids and I hunkered in bed praying for warmth. Main objective is… Many folks were without electricity and water throughout Texas due to this company’s lack of preparedness. Sign me up for a lawsuit against ERCOT.

  • Savannah Gardiner February 17, 2021

    The rollout was disproportionate. We have been with out power 3 days as well as burst pipe no water. We had to live in our car with our 14month old son basically this event labeled us as homeless in actuality. The meteorologist gave good weather predictions in days prior to the storm and people in the high positions with power failed Texas in many levels which all is severe. None of anyones situation is minor. We all have been through enough. Sign me up to be apart of the EROT classic action law suit. I hope a great firm picks this up for the state of Texas residents

  • Savannah Gardiner February 17, 2021

    The rollout was disproportionate. We have been with out power 3 days as well as burst pipe no water. We had to live in our car with our 14month old son basically this event labeled us as homeless in actuality. The meteorologist gave good weather predictions in days prior to the storm and people in the high positions with power failed Texas in many levels which all is severe. None of anyones situation is minor. We all have been through enough.

  • Tammy Morris February 17, 2021

    Been without lights since Monday morning in this arctic blast they came back on for 3 hours this morning from 2:30a-5:30a WE WERE SLEEP so it was all for nothing no alerts or warnings this is such a disbelief & disheartening

  • Lacey Wojcik February 17, 2021

    Only because of the power outages lasting for so long did so many of our pipes bust. Renting a generator for a week just to keep my kids warm all because of negligence. Ercot needs to be held liable for EVERY HOME DAMAGED BY THIER GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

    This is beyond unacceptable.

  • Shane Messing February 17, 2021

    60 hours without electricity and over $8,000 in pool equipment repairs all because of gross negligence.

    • Michel February 17, 2021

      Same here, almost 48 hours without electricity and the pool equipment are destroyed.

  • Asprey Richard February 17, 2021

    I have water damage from a burst pipe which only froze due to power being cut off for 30 hours.

    This was not a damaging storm with high winds or lots of ice bringing down powerlines.

    It got a little cold and we had a light dusting of snow.

    The reasons for the power outages were all preventable by Ercott and obviously they were negligent in thier planning.

    Aside from the cold and inconvenience I am now going to be expected to pay a higher energy bill but the immediate issue is going to be the thousands of dollars that the insurance company is going to require me to pay because of the deductible on my policy.

    At least my deductible should be covered. Why is it my responsibility ??

  • Concerned Consumer February 17, 2021

    An investigation and compensation are definitely necessary. A non-profit organization with close to $1B in annual revenue ought to have basic redundancy, business continuity, and disaster plans in place that require member partners to test regularly. When residents have to huddle in their homes during a winter storm in TX because inside temperatures range from below freezing to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the same storm doesn’t pose the same seriousness in virtually all other states, then there is gross negligence in planning and testing the power grid. Given the cost of electricity and gas consumers pay each month, freezing temperatures inside the home are unacceptable. How incredibly inconsiderate and disrespectful can a non-profit that controls the energy supply and manages demand for its consumers be without being held accountable?

  • Wayne Bransford February 17, 2021

    Been without electricity since Monday 230 a.m. ERCOT is definitely responsible.

  • Charlie VanMetre February 17, 2021

    I think ERCOT is responsible for this power outage we are experiencing in Texas and should be held accountable. I support the class action lawsuit against them

    • Laura Borrego February 17, 2021

      They are most certainly responsible and it is preposterous to think we should pay higher prices when most needed wasn’t even being provided. Our family went 28 hours straight without power and we have children in our home, ERCOT shame on you !

  • Robbert F February 17, 2021

    They’ll pay for this.

  • Charles Cofer February 17, 2021

    Still no power for over 48 hours, was originally told it would out 5 hours. Just found out maybe it will be another 24 plus. Ive already lost $300 in groceries and fear like so many of my friends and neighbors that pipes are goin to burst. Sign me up.

  • Heather Leyva February 17, 2021

    Hope so. Oncor’s “rolling outage” that was supposed to last 15-45 minutes lasted 36 hours. Sign me up.

  • Julie February 17, 2021

    Yes. Our power was out. When we need it most.

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